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Happy Monday!(?) Today was my 2 month check in with the doc after starting blood pressure meds. I was hoping to not have to stay on them, but alas, unless I quit smoking, he doesn't seem to even consider the possibility. However, I have lost 23 lbs since I was there in March, and he was delighted with that. Woo hoo! Gotta go back in another 2 months, and I don't think I can pull off another 20 by then, but I am absolutely shooting for Onederland by then! There you have it. I usually don't make absolute goals like that, so hopefully putting it in writing makes it stick.

Mel, now you've got 3 months to level out somewhere new before the next cycle battle, right? It should be all good! I sort of look at it that way monthly- I don't get worked up about the scale before and during, and the first WI AFTER is the one that counts!

Arabella, congrats on your loss! And a woo hoo, too! I'm sure you're onto something with the eating at the table thing. I always eat breakfast in front of the computer, but that's not my problem time. If I could eat dinner at the table, that would probably be a very good thing. I'm almost always in front of the TV then. Hmmmmm... As for unemployment, yes I should be able to sign up, but it may not even be worth the hassle. I only work 24 hours a week right now, so UE would be a rather pitiful amount. I really have to get my butt in gear and find a new job! Groan...

Susie, we've got the same crappy weather here- not very inspiring. Also, I have the same problem with protein. I wouldn't call myself a vegetarian, cause I sure love a good burger a couple times a year, but I don't like to touch raw meat and I wouldn't even consider eating meat that has a bone or gristle attached. Ick! Boneless skinless chicken is about all I can manage here and there, much to DH's annoyance! LOL! Anyway, yeah, protein's a problem. I do rather enjoy light string cheese every day for a snack at work, but some days that's all I get, aside from whatever's in my soy milk. I do like eggs, too, but rarely make them. Guess we both need to work on that!

Puppy walk time. Have a great week, everyone!
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STILL here!!! It just got suddenly very dark and went from pitter-pattering to cats and dogs. I was intending to walk over to hot yoga for 8 a.m. but I guess I'll drive and get my walk in when -- surely to God -- it's not raining quite so hard at some point? O/w, I guess it'll be me and my

My new spring coat arrived yesterday. It's this colour -- I really wanted something bright and spring-y and this is. Also polished enough to wear with anything. Waterproof and breathable. Looks like I'm going to get lots of opportunity to wear it, too.

Auntie g, I feel for you on having to look for a job. Ugh. Much as I complain about mine, it just about pays the bills. Why couldn't we have been born rich instead of beautiful?

Susie, here's a site with a list of protein sources for vegetarians. You should be able to sneak some in here and there. I wouldn't worry too much about the combinations, just eat a variety. If you plan a few days and get enough protein, I bet you'll find you feel better and lose weight more easily. I find it almost impossible to stay OP when I'm not getting enough protein.

K, I'd better get ready to head out... Let's make this a good one!

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Susie- I did end up getting a freezer and I LOVE it!

Arabella- Congrats on the loss I am so jealous!! Have fun at hot yoga and yay for a new coat (though I wish it wasnt raining so much!).

Auntie- Losing 23 pounds since March is awesome! Keep up the great work!

I am 193.2 today..I am so confused bc I have been OP. I am at the end of my period and I was losing during and gaining now I guess I am one of the few that lose during their period but gain after? Ahhh seeing 190.6 made me feel so good Its a real blow to my confidence.
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Morning Girls, I am still around just having some trouble getting back OP after my trip to a little down about that but I know I will turn it around eventually...

Plus I have been stressing over the house thing, but dh and I decided to not put it up this summer and do it next summer, we want to be in a better place financially and plus we are just not finding anything we want, not going to leave the comfort of my nice, new, big home for something I dont that has taken a load off of me, and him ...

We are having rain here today too ...pretty gloomy ...

Mel - try to keep your chin up, I have been there lately, it is frustrating but just keep doing well and eventually it will break and start heading back down...and really some women do gain weight from different bc pills so that might not be the one for you ...

Arabella - my friend alsways wants me to try hot yoga but I sweat just sitting so I dont want to get that hot...makes me sick to my stomach to thinjk about it, haha

Auntie G- WTG on the weight loss, you are doing a great job !!! Proud of you...

Hi Liz and Susie !!!

Everyone have a great day !!

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It is still raining! and on top of it, it is now only in the 50's F. I like the idea of a bright color spring coat that Arabella has. I'm thinking about buying me some of the rain boots that I'm seeing everyone wearing..they come in fun colors and "prints". I think they are called Welles? As soon as I buy a pair I bet it stops raining!

I was hoping to get back to working out this week but it isn't easy to do this week and I just don't feel like pushing myself. My work workout partner is now back from busines travel and a vac so we made a pack to get back to it next week for sure.

This "self-talk" I'm doing when I want to eat and I know it's not from hunger seems to be working. It's like now that I acknowled the fact that I'm eating to find some sort of comfort I then think "oh no your not!" and I figure out how to get through it. This is HUGE for me as I am a emotional eater.

Auntie: 23 lbs since March--that's just awesome!

Arabella: Thanks for the protein site. I found it very helpful. I really liked the plan that they showed to get in enough protein. I'm doing that in small amounts and it showed me how to kick it up.

Mel: I always lost during my period and the week after I always showed a gain. I actually still do that, even though I don't have periods anymore due to a hystercomey of the uterus only. I still have my ovaries so I still go through the cycle. Hang in there Auntie said, you have 3 months ahead of you where things will be settled and you can work on the real number regarding your weight...this up and down thing was due to TOM and you won't have one now for another 3 months.

Carri: Hopefully now that you have the house decision settled you can get back on plan. I know you can turn it around.

Liz: How are you doing?

Food for May 16, 2011
B=Greek yogurt, 1 boiled egg, 1 cookie
L=peanut butter sandwich, snack size chips, watermelon
Snack=1/2 cup almonds
D=Sweet potato and apple casserole, green beens, grilled peach salsa with some tortillia chips (DH had pork roast--this is the way we eat a lot of meals..he has the meat and sides and I have the sides).
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One Day at a Time...
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Carri- Thanks so much for the advice it really means a lot! I really hope its not the pills bc I love this every 3 month stuff esp since I have never had break through bleeding with it. I will just have to really stay strict with the diet and see what happens, I go back in June to the OB for my annual and if its not better by then I may switch.

Susie-I am so glad I am not the only one that this happens too, thank you for your kind words they helped me calm down. I need to kick butt for the next 3 months!!

TOM is officially over tmw (thank goodness) so if there is another gain I guess that is where I will be starting from.
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Mel - Glad to hear TOM is over - I'm sure you'll start heading back down now. I haven't been on the pill in a long time, but those hormones definitely will affect different people in different ways, so looking into alternatives if they keep giving you issues sounds like a good plan.

Carri - Sorry to hear you're having a hard time getting back on, but you can do it! We've also shelved our moving plans for at least a year, until we know that my job situation is stabilized (hopefully stabilized by then!). It is a weight off for now, especially since things feel so weird right now not knowing how things will turn out fo rme.

auntie g - 23 lbs is awesome!! I was big on date goals for my weight loss, it worked for me so maybe it will help you too. In any event you'll be in onederland soon!!

Arabella - Man I am so sick of the rain too - I need a good rain jacket too, sounds like yours is really nice! At least everything is green outside but I'd like some sunshine to go with it.

Susie - Good for you on the self-talk! I find it so helpful. Yesterday's menu sounds really yummy! Oh and get out and buy a pair of those boots if you think that will make it stop raining!

Things are good with me, just working and waiting for news...the big news is coming down May 26th it looks like. I've already called employment insurance to make sure I qualify (since I just came off a mat leave, I need my minimum hours in to qualify again) - and I do, so that's a weight off. The unemployment payment is small, but enough to supplement DH's income that we'd be OK until I find something else if it happens. I'm trying to be positive, but practical. Other than that just playing with maintenance, so far so good...I'm actually still losing a little bit, I'm floating between 134-136 right now. Things have been so busy, as with everybody I'm sure!

Anyhow ladies, I am going to make a new post since we're at 515 - so meet me over at The Onederland Express, #5!!!
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