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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Readytobethin..You so ROCK, 24 pounds in what, a month??? That is soooo awesome. 2.5 lbs today? That's great! I'll be right there with you soon.

As for the ketosis..they told me that I should be between trace and small. If you're in ketosis then your body is burning it's own fat stores for fuel (that's what your body prefers to do and what is best health wise, according to everything I've read). I think the square on the bottle is the second from the left (not the faintest, negative, but the next one over). I usually measure between that and small, except today I was negative b/c of my off program day! .

Update on I placed an order with them tonight. I know I'll need to get some more HNS from my center but I saved almost $40 by purchasing online. If you spend more than $70 shipping is free, and if you spend more than $150 you get 10% off your total order. Their drinks are all $9.95 right now and the chocolate mini crisps are $8.95 until March 6. I got 15 boxes of drinks and creamies (including one of the mini crisps) and I spent $137. If you figure the boxes are 5 for $55 and my tax is 7% I would have spent $176.55. I'll get 5 more boxes at the center this week to save money buying in bulk but I'll buy the flavors the website doesn't have (peach-mango, pink-lemonade, pineapple). I'll let you know how it goes.
Have a great day!

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