I’ve moved :)


Personal training

All right. Here’s what I wrote on the 100lb club board:

This afternoon I went for my first session with the personal trainer. He had me doing all this weird stuff on balls, half-balls, with balls and with dumbbells in front of this enormous mirror.

It’s to check your posture, he said.

I grimaced and looked at myself.

Dangit, my arms are disgusting. My upper arms have stretchmarks. And when I sit on that ball, my saddlebags just ruin the picture even more (not that they’re pretty when I’m standing up, mind). For a brief and all-too-fleeting moment I pictured the line of my arms and thighs without the extra blubber that would stand me in good stead in the North Atlantic…and then PUFF there I was again, a beached whale trying to do weird things with a 2kg ball whilst trying to keep my balance on a ball-type thing.

And hip/thigh fat is the last to go, isn’t it? Being womanly and evolution being convinced that I need padding to successfully give birth. News flash, evolution: the guys have moved on. The thigh fat is a turn-off, not just to them, but to me. Get with the freakin’ program.

Trying to see it positively, however…I guess it’s an nsv that I’ve now started with a personal trainer. Which doesn’t do much to erase that awful image from my mind, but all right.

Ok, that was my brain dump/whinge for the day. Back to your regular scheduled programming.

Because I think evolution is dumb (but let’s leave the whole Creationist debate out of this one, kthxbai), perhaps I should fill in the part about all the padding being utterly useless if I won’t be having any kids because the thigh flab just makes me pugly (phenomenally ugly 😉 ). UGH.

Other than that, personal training was fun! And it means I’ve exercised on two continuous days – I’ll keep going til Friday, and then Saturday is my day off.

My legs are going to be svelte and gorgeous, dammit!

Ups and downs

Ugh, life took me through the wringer and back last week. Nothing directly related to weight loss…but these things are all connected and it’s no wonder that the scale was impassively steadfast this morning.

Yet today has turned out to be a good day. A conversation with an old friend cheered me up somewhat and helped put some things into perspective. And then I got home, had an early dinner…and went for a RUN! Woo!

Not only did I go for a RUN, but I also stuck it out. I run intervals (c25k, w5d1), and today’s session was three intervals of 5 minutes each. In the middle of the third interval a nasty case of stitch came – which I ran through and didn’t stop for until my podcast said I could. I was so proud of myself!

Eating plans

I’ve found that I often just don’t have the energy to make good, healthy meal plans for every day. The imagination needed is a bit overwhelming, what with everything else going on in my life right now.

So I wondered to myself: how about if at least for dinner (evening meal) you have a fixed rota of what you each each day? Then at least I won’t have to spend time each day or week thinking “What shall I eat?” It’s all simply sorted out. Around that I can fit in breakfast and lunch.

This then is what I’m beginning. And here’s a brain dump:

Monday: pasta with mince/meatballs and sauce. Maybe with vegetables added in the sauce too?

Tuesay: salad (Florianne salad).

Wednesday: soup with small bread roll. And maybe a teeny bit of butter on the roll.

Thursday: vegetables and potatoes, maybe with a sauce.

Friday: steamed fish with veggies and rice.

Saturday: ???

Sunday: ???

Any ideas?

The beginning of the journey

Ok, so here I am 🙂

I’m salsa, and I need to lose lots of weight, so I joined up on 3fc-forums. And then I saw there were blogs here, and thought, why not?