5 Low Calorie Desserts

There are plenty of ideas on how to create low calorie desserts if you are watching your waistline, without necessarily skimping on taste or texture. Many ready-made low-calorie desserts on the market tend to add more sugar to their products to compensate of the loss in flavor that can happen when the fat content is reduced. This will mean that the dessert is technically ‘low in fat’, but higher in sugars that can easily turn to fat if not metabolized by the body.

Making your own low calories desserts can be easy and fun, and even traditional recipes can be transformed into a lo-cal version by simply tweaking a few of the ingredients.

1. Carrot and Nut Cake

Carrot cake traditionally has a lovely creamy frosting on top that can negate the nutritional values of the carrots and nuts themselves, due to it’s high sugar and fat content. But, to create a low calorie version, use a sugar substitute instead of refined sugar, fat-free milk, reduced fat cream cheese and pumpkin pie spice to keep the texture creamy, but with around only 120 calories per slice.

2. Strawberry Dessert

This is possibly one of the easiest desserts to make and comes in at a minuscule 45 calories per serving. Simply dissolve some strawberry gelatin in hot water before adding crushed, fresh strawberries and lemon juice. Adding some low-calorie whip will provide a touch of creaminess to the mixture. Allow to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

3. Mixed Berry Pudding

This is another very simple way to create a delicious cake-style dessert that is bursting with flavor and the natural sweetness of fruit. By mixing together simple ingredients including fat free milk, a little sugar, flour, baking powder, vanilla essence and 3 cups of fresh berries, these baked goodies will taste as good as they smell coming out of the oven, and with just 140 calories per serving, they can be eaten without guilt!>

4. Mint Chocolate Pudding

The combination of mint and chocolate will satisfy the sweet tooth and refresh the palate after a meal with these little gems. Making them is simplicity in itself, as all that is needed is to combine a sugar-free instant chocolate pudding mix with 2 cups of fat-free milk, a little mint extract and some low calorie whip topping. Layer in small glasses and chill in the fridge, and you have a wonderfully tasty finish to your meal, with only 54 calories per serving.

5. Apple Crumble

This old family favorite is given a low-calorie makeover by using a sugar substitute such as Splenda, rolled oats in place of biscuit, and plenty of apple pie spice with a dash of lemon juice to add flavor without upping the calorie count. Serve the crumble with a frozen, low-cal whipped dessert topping, and you will have a hearty, satisfying pudding that contains just 140 calories per serving.


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