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08-01-2008, 09:01 AM
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group relating to the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

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08-01-2008, 09:48 AM
Good morning to you coaches

Today I think I am almost normal. 95% I'd say. :carrot: Glad that bug's passed on by. I have to go in, spend a few hours at the school in the ceramic room, then home to get the rental car for this weekend's markets. Crossing my fingers it's a lucrative weekend. I am actively trying to gather $ to pay for my courses at the end of this month. Need about $1200. Would be great if I could get enough for next semester too, (an additional $1500), but I think that's too much to hope for... but you never know. I will still aim for the Big Prize. Why not?

I'm going to commit to do one simple thing Nadine asked of me last week. Today and over the weekend I will eat a lean protein with whatever else I am having. Proper portions. Try to eat my snacks and my meals... not sure I am totally ready for that as I write this. But I am going to log my food as well. She emailed me the blank foodlog I followed for her last week. I'll commit to doing that again. I'll need to plan for a few meals I think, well, minimally make sure I have protein sources to draw from. That's the basic thing.

I found 2lbs overnight btw. 258 today. Funny how that goes. Still less than 260 though. I'll take it.

sciencequeen Many of us have spent more than a day on chapters that were challenging for us. Sometimes a week. Sometimes we spend days and move on anyway, not wanting it to be a means to sabotage ourselves and our progress. It's good. Have a great day today :)

BillBlueEyes You know, the last few times I ate food that was a poor choice it was because I was in the store, rushing, behind on something, looking to get "a snack" and it was price that convinced me. 49 cents for a four-square bar of pure extra cocoa chocolate. "I can have that." I said to myself. Then I notice, one is dark chocolate, one milk. "Oh I can have both. Not even a dollar." When a low price is coupled with "Gee I've never had that. Wonder what that tastes like?" Oh almost impossible to resist. I NEVER think of the calories. NEVER think of where this fits in a healthy life/foodplan. NEVER think of the consequences. It's a big hurdle for me to overcome. Planning is the solution. Only one question to ask then "Is it on my plan?" Yes or no? Not a money issue. Not a novelty issue. Just a plain old yes or no answer. It strikes me that this is what you are talking about, in that we can't rely on our willpower (response: use Beck strategies) to get us through these very tempting-on-more-than-one-level situations. Criteria=price? check. novelty? check. desire? check. easy and quick to eat? check. All systems go! Yikes.

hbuchwald Kudos for getting that exercise in and for staying on plan and for planning at all! Awesome! You ARE doing it... keep it going. You'll get through your busy time coming up and it sounds like so much fun. Enjoy.

08-01-2008, 11:17 AM
Good Morning :sunny:

Onebyone~ you need better locks on your doors!!! Keep those little buggers from making their way back in :D

I got on the treadmill last night!!! Yah me!! :running: Eating is good, I need to work on slowing down tho.

Im getting my face back too!! I have what I call a "sugar mask" that puffy, tired look. Its almost all gone! :cb: For other people its very similar to how you look after eating way too much salt.

The plan today is to get half a day in here at the shop, get some grocery shopping done this afternoon, then its home to dig out the flagstone out of the front walk way. We are having someone come and dig everything up and weed the garden (we killed the natural weed killers...ants) Whoda thunk it!? I just dont have the time or the energy to do we traded weeding for truck lettering :lol: works for me!

Have a great day everyone!

08-01-2008, 11:34 AM
Good morning all :)

I must admit I've been lurking lately as I really don't feel I have much to say! I think a little of it is cabin fever. We're on this summer's 39th day of 100 degree+ temperatures and while I guess I could go to a pool, it's just too darn hot!

I've been eating on plan and working out. Trying to get as much Jazzercise in as possible before school starts again and my schedule gets turned upside down.

Sorry for so much lurking. You all help me each and every day!

08-01-2008, 11:37 AM
OP yesterday without any struggle. Even got my water in. Lost some appetite yesterday, but found it about 10 pm. With taking off to go to PT, work busy and missed lunch.

Physical therapy assessment: Water walking with arms extended requires very strong forearms. Inadequate strength in my wrists to keep them extended was putting excess load on my elbows (ideally should be mostly on shoulders). Both elbows sore, but left one so inflammed I can not even hold a cup of coffee in that hand. Initially, PT wanted me to rest it entirely. :(

After some thought she agreed I needed to keep up my exercise program. So, she decided I should 1) Cut arm exercise time in half (do my legs, but "float my arms on noodle" for half the workout. 2) For other half, position arms/hands into running position which would force resistance load more onto shoulders. Other instructions were not to lift anything with left arm and make sure ergonomics OK at work.

Tried it last night. Too crowded in pool to use noodle, but figured how to just float arms. Less pain today. But, I could tell that exercise did not require as much exertion. OH WELL, arms will recover, and I will stay on an exercise program even though I am tempted to let this stop me (a past behavior pattern).

DH back tonight! At lake this weekend with younger couple. I am planning to entertain them in my diet world...veggies, fruit, low fat protein. Ah, the legacy of "Sue Antoinette"! Can I stick to it...and feel good about it?

RobinW-Yup, gotta take it one day at a time most days. Occasionally, one hour or one minute at a time. Proud of you for recovering your program! Big pat on the back!

QuilterInVA-Thanks for the heads up on the new Beck book. Too bad its ship date is so far away.

Kuhljeanie-I think you are on solid ground that if your hunger is this high/persistent then your body does need some more calories....not many, but 100-200 of some protein would be a guess. I would wonder if you don't do that, the body will drop your BMR.

onebyone-Glad you are back...hopefully to 100% very soon! Good luck with the market this weekend. Hope you land a BIG PRIZE!

Hbuchwald-Glad to hear you are ON! Kudos for making plans to stay ON during your upcoming travels. You can do it! :carrot:Water walking (or treading) can be quite a work out, but hope you do find that bike so you will get some training time in during your travels.

BillBlueEyes-Big credit for halting all those sabotagers and just keeping on with the walk. Wow-pineapple for $2...just paid $6 for one (yes it was a treat). I can sing number 10, but don't know the group. Never was good with names, but love music. I like the "that isn't about me" response. Better for the psyche than "poor me, its unfair". Think I am going to snarf that line for myself.

sciencequeen-I frequently reread days and have taken "extra days" just to work on areas that I know will need bolstering. You can drop that 1/2 size...very realistic. I am finding my nonscale goals more important than the scale. Functional things are mattering more to me than numbers. For protein, I am using shaved turkey. I have gotten pretty good at knowing what it takes to weigh 1 oz. It is low calorie, no prep but good protein. Nuts are also great, but I have to watch the fat content and my tendency to not eat stop eating them. I am trying to get used to soy "nuts".

Hope you have a great Friday. If the Lake internet is wacko--may not post until Monday.

08-01-2008, 11:44 AM
feeling better today (adios, TOM!) although still hungry. last weekend was so cake-crazy i never got around to grocery shopping. since we're moving in a few weeks, DH and i thought we'd just work through some of the food in the pantry/deep freeze. this is all well and good - except i'm missing my grilled amish chicken breasts that i throw in and on everything. so, apparently, today is Make Time for Grilled Chicken day.

had someone else at work comment on my weight loss yesterday. it's nice - but it would be nicer if i were in fact losing weight. amazing that i can get so much smaller without actually dropping pounds! i'm comfortably in a size 14, a little smaller than i was before i got pregnant. so, credit moi. really want to push past that 181-183 pound mark, though. it's been 3 or 4 months.

i have a beloved friend who is coming to realize that his worrying and anxiety are affecting his quality of life. we did a little internet searching, and came across this syndrome called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). describes his situation absolutely perfectly. the most successful treatment is - drumroll please - CBT! he doesn't have the means for therapy, so we ordered a CBT workbook for GAD it and i'm officially his "worry coach." :) figured we'd start with the ARC - he's writing down all the advantages of a life without constantly worrying about everything. the biggest challenge for him appears to be "believe it." what a great side benefit of my doing this program. i really hope it helps him! and i'm also realizing that working through it with him will be a huge benefit to me in my process as well. just nice and serendipidous.

another big win for thin me yesterday - DH stayed up in dayton, and i've noticed that nights i'm alone tend to be big ole bad eating nights for me with sweets and salty greasy stuff. so last night, i really focused on eating to satiety, and had a measured portion of healthy acai sorbet as dessert, since i really wanted something sweet. managed to get away with it for under 100 calories. go me! i was also going to practice some sugar work for the bridal shower roses due in a couple of weeks, but hey, i'm not superwoman. instead, i zoned out on the couch - but not eating. small victory!

eating both lunch and dinner out today. it's not conducive to losing weight (i'm starting to suspect i'm a little salt-sensitive) but it's great for practicing my beck skills (leaving food on my plate, etc.) so that's what i'm going to focus on.

robin, isn't it great to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see? :wave: i'm more and more convinced that one's actual weight isn't really the determining factor. and onebyone power to the protein! i'm pulling for you working nadine's plan! heidi, have an absolutely fabulous time at the beach. i'll be stuck in cincinnati, packing up four years of house. i'm envious as ****. :) sciencequeen, i feel ya! i didn't pack up the maternity clothes until a few months ago (DS is almost a year and a half). we're trying to figure out the timing of #2 and the prospect of working my way back from pregnancy again is daunting. my hat's off to you! sue, good luck with the crafting and feeling fit! really appreciate your words of encouragement. i do believe that eventually i'll get sick of this weird in-between state (can't bring myself to binge, can't bring myself to eat clean) but it appears to be part of my process, and apparently pretty normal for other folks as well. it may be by fits and starts, but i'm getting there. thanks for the encouragement! shrinkin, kudos on yet ANOTHER on plan day - and for recognizing and counteracting a sabotaging though so amazingly quickly! appreciate the input on BMR and i think you're correct. freer, lurk away. i sometime feel bad if i don't have the time to write out a novel and personals. there's a thinking mistake there...:) bill, how interesting that they all come at you at once. they're definitely doing you a favor by making themselves so obvious, though, don't you think? last gasp of a dying breed?

happy friday y'all

08-02-2008, 03:53 AM
Hi all. I'm new to the beck Diet Solution. Started reading it at the beginning of summer, became really interested but then as usual let it go. but it's been in the back of my mind all along so now I'm going to really read it and follow it. (Just convincing myself...positive thoughts)

08-02-2008, 07:00 AM
:welcome: M (goodnuff) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post on, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck? And how did you find our discussion group here?

08-02-2008, 07:38 AM
Hello coaches & welcome goodnuff:carrot:

Getting myself ready to get ready for the market. I can't believe I woke up still feeling queasy. I ate "normal" yesterday and it may have been too much too soon. In fact I still feel full from dinner last night. I think today I will make sure to get all my water in, plus some extra and stick to some whole natural foods. Nothing canned, frozen, or processed. A good day to attempt this as I will be at the market where that is the whole point!

Hrmph. Today I was supposed to be setting up house in the cottage by the ocean in Nova Scotia. We had to cancel our holiday this year. *inserting big sigh right here*. I met a woman who was visiting for the first time from England at the art show last week. I was moved to give her one of my mini happy fish to wear. She told me she was going to Nova Scotia with her son and her trip sounded just like the one we were going to do. So I gifted her with a mini fish, pinned it to her backpack, and told her if she got to the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival on Sunday Aug 3rd, she had to write me a full report with pictures. At least my fish is out there taking it in.
That's the closest I am getting this year.

Better go. DH is up and in the shower. He has to bring me to the market as I have to dismantle the market display this afternoon and I need him to be there to help get everything in the car in one go. He's no company until after 1pm. I've learned this the hard way;) He looks wide awake, but he's not.
A true night owl.

Gotta go.

Have a nice summery Saturday.

08-02-2008, 07:59 AM
Diet Coaches – Yikes, we sorta got ahead of ourselves here in the fruit after dinner department. Had to choose between watermelon, fresh pineapple, mango, fresh apricots, Gala Apples, fresh figs, seedless green grapes, and cantaloupe - all ripe in my refrigerator NOW. Definitely a case of over buying. But, didn't have them all, as initially seemed like a good idea. Had one apricot, 1/2 a fig, and watermelon. CREDIT moi. Feel a little guilty that this is considered a problem in my life.

Yep, shrinkin, CD#11 was Love (Can Make You Happy) by Mercy.

CD#12 of the 13 CD’s for $1: Sloopy lives in a very bad part of town
And everybody there tries to put my Sloopy down
Sloopy I don't care what your daddy do
'Cause you know Sloopy girl I'm in love with you
And so I'm singing...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...
Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on
Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for pulling off the evening alone without over-eating. What a neat situation working with your friend using CBT based on your Beck experience. It is pretty amazing to shift from guilt and not possible to this strategy will work. Good luck with that. Are you thinking of another career?

onebyone – Yay that the bug has passed. Will keep my fingers crossed also for your sales this weekend. Just loved your discussion of the buying the chocolate bars for only 49 cents each, and your summary: "Criteria=price? check. novelty? check. desire? check. easy and quick to eat? check. All systems go! Yikes." You certainly captured me there. All systems go!, LOL. Methinks I gotta figure out a way to get a second opinion at that point.

Robin (RobinW) - Liked your: "you need better locks on your doors!!!" Another zillion dollars to be made with the miracle Robin's No Weight Gain Door Locks, LOL. Good luck with your flagstones.

shrinkin - Ouch for sore elbows - that's an unintuitive cause. Hope you can keep with your water walking. Glad that you're adopting the Sue-Antoinette style of entertaining, maybe she's started a new trend.

freer - Ouch for all those hot days. Kudos for eating on plan and keeping up with your Jazzercise. Glad you make yourself visible so we can send you our positive vibes and get the benefit of knowing that you're working the program along with us.

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – You quoted such a great line from Beck, "In fact, some people who struggle to lose weight experience hunger and cravings as emergencies: I must eat now!" That was an insight for me, also. Hunger is NOT an emergency, can you imagine? Neat that you're putting extra days into this one. Kudos for working it out that you "need to balance my nutrition better."

M (goodnuff) – Kudos giving yourself positive thoughts - that's a very Beck approach to getting started. Looking forward to hearing your progress as you begin reading the book. Are you reading the book or the workbook?

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Give yourself credit." Beck, pg 24.

08-02-2008, 11:16 AM
Good Morning :)

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I started feeling a bit too wonky, and I know its from my eating. I ended up having an unplanned healthy snack before bed. It was my chocolate peanut butter pudding (cottage cheese/pb/coca/oatmeal/sweetener) I think this did the trick, because Im feeling better this morning. Sleep was horrible last night too....even with the a/c on I was really restless.

I decided to switch over my diet to weight watchers, keeping it lower in carbs. I like that we are told to pick 2 diets with Beck. It helps me keep from feeling guilty about it.

Bill~ I love fresh fruit! Pineapple I can only eat cooked...fresh cut from the plant itself gives me big huge honkin pimples!! :lol: Sometimes getting all the fruit eaten before it goes bad can be a challenge. Make a compote if it over rippens and use it for toast or bagels :)

onebyone~ sorry to hear about your summer trip being cancelled!

Well, its 10:14 am and our gardener/weeders were suppose to be here by 9 :( Looks like I may have to do the weeding myself after all. :cry: I just dont wanna!!

Off to get some grocery shopping done....have a great day everyone!!

08-02-2008, 01:47 PM
Thank you for the super nice welcome!:)
I think I came across mention of Beck on the sparkpeople website. It sounded just like what I needed. I'm positive to everyone but myself and I have sabotaged myself so many times. I know I need a "from the ground up" approach and have known for a long time that I need to fix my insides (emotions) before I can fix my outside.
I found 3FC's by looking for an on-line support group specifically for Beck dieters that was active daily and here you guys are! My tendency is to be a lurker but that hasn't helped me in the past so my goal is to be more active in the posts.
Again, thank you for the welcome.

08-02-2008, 01:55 PM

Disc #12 tune-got the title, the beat and more stanzas going in my head -but will never remember the group.

Did take a one day hiatus from being on program yesterday-follow my basic program but added some (a bit many) very lovely glasses of wine-Had fun, laughed and slept like a log. Don't think it is the wine but the instant relaxation which I get from it. Still working on trying to get that peaceful relaxed feeling without food and wine-Much improved but still have occassional slip ups. Back to program today.

Prior to last night I have been plagued with very poor sleep-too few hours and very disturbed when sleeping-anyone have any success with supplements in in this area?

RobinW-have no guilty in changing diets-I view eating on program as a life long plan-( just get to add a bit more food during maintainance) important to find what works the best for you. Wishing you a good night sleep!!

BBE-sometimes I make granitas with fruit using stuvia(nonsugar sweetener) if it starts to get too ripe-enjoy the bounty.

Onebyone-Great story about sending such good thoughts with the woman going to Novia Scotia- May money, time and vacation location soon come to you. We have 6 selling days during August -am hopefully nervous about them.

Welcome goodnuff!! this is a great spot to work on Beck

Jean-Great that you are coaching your friend about anxiety using CBT-give your review about the material-Anxiety plays a big role in my off program eating. Enjoy your complements for a slimming body-could it be you are getting more muscles which truly weigh more than fat?

shrinkin-good luck with company-always a food challenge-go for taking care of yourself! Give yourself much credit for maintaining the pattern of doing exercising even if you have to modify it-For me the consistancy of the pattern is so important to I don't fall into the "I am too busy" excuse.

Freer-Yuck about those +100 day-Find that kind of heat very tiring-glad you posting and credit to you for being on program and exercising inspite of feeling blah.

Heidi-glad you are feeling more successful with your food-While we are slow loser we deserve so much credit for losing weight and maintaining it over time!! Would love to lose it quicker-it just isn't in my genetic code but we are beating back those fat cells-just one cell at a time. Have a great vacation.


08-02-2008, 02:37 PM
Hi there "peeps",
Things are going well here actually. I have been "OP" for 2 days and plan to do the same today. I am down a few lbs (thanks to TOM gone and water drinking and eating a normal amount). I will go on a big ol bike ride today and then we begin the huge line of "events" that lead us to the wedding and then getting on that plane on Monday morning.

I will be thinking of you all, my coaches (envisioning little angels on my counter the sabotaging devil on my other shoulder)...

Have a wonderful week coaches!

08-02-2008, 07:37 PM
Hello All,

Welcome goodnuff. I'm new here too. This is a great supportive group of people that will help you a lot.

Quilter for occasional sleep problems I like to take a benadryl or two at bedtime or, if I wake up around 1 a.m. or so I sometimes take just one at that time.

I went to a restuarant yesterday for my weekly planned off-plan meal. I overate and noticed that I did this because I was thinking that this was my one meal a week to 'go wild.' Any suggestions for this sabotaging thought? I am certain that restaurants will be one of my bigger challenges.

Today my husband and I were out and about and went to a taco restaurant for lunch. This was not on my plan so instead of ordering my usual 3 tacos I ordered 2. I will plan a lighter dinner tonight and end up only a couple of hundred calories over plan for the day.

I don't feel 'out of control' but I have a question about this behavior. Did this 'break' any Beck rules? I guess I'm wondering how you make room for spontanaety while doing Beck. Or, is this a slippery slope to sabotaging thoughts?

Thanks coaches, and have a great evening.

08-02-2008, 10:19 PM
Good evening, y'all.

Freer, when I go to a restaurant, I ask for a to-go box to be brought when my meal is served. I immediately pack up half of it, then eat the rest. This lets me have a decent portion of the meal and not overeat. I find eating spontaneously to be a slippery slope to weight gain. There isn't much you can get at a taco restaurant that will contribute to weight loss. That's the price you pay, as Beck says many times. It takes planning for us to lose weight and maintain the loss.

Goodnuff, Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you.

Thanks to the rest of you for your insights and keeping me going on the straight and narrow.

I had an endoscopy yesterday (severe GERD) and I now have been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus and they took several biopsies. This condition has no cure and is considered pre-cancerous, hence the biopsies. If everything comes back okay, I'll be scoped every 6 months to keep an eye on it. Meantime I'm on 2 Nexium twice a day to the get the GERD under control. Now I have to do some experimenting to incorporate new changes to my diet the doctor wants me to try. The hardest one will be giving up tomatoes, coffee and tea - also chocolate, carbonated beverages, and peppermint. It's going to be 7-10 days to get the biopsy back. I also have a mild case of gastritis but that will be easy to cure. The whole thing is a downer but I am not going to let it get me off track.

Have a good evening!

08-03-2008, 01:24 AM
Quick check in:
RobinW: I love the term "sugar mask"-I really know what you mean!
shrinkin: Yowch on the arm pain thing-I am so glad you have ways to adapt and make things less painful and still get a workout in!
BillBlueEyes: salivating at the thought of all those fruits!!! I love summer for that!!! I know the overbuying concept well-it is so easy to buy all that fresh stuff that is inexpensive at the farmer's market with great intentions-so hard to get it all into our bodies in time.
kkuhljeanie: funny that you say that about the comments about weight loss during a non losing time. I have gotten a few of those as well lately. When I have been on a losing streak in the past, I have gotten borderline obsessive on "who will notice the I have lost weight today?".....then, when nobody does, I get wiggy and wonder if I look fatter. Nobody would comment on my weight GAIN... I am trying to live in the current real world where people are very focused on noticing others' bodies and take a nice compliment but not depend on that stuff for my satisfaction or feeling of success in taking good care of myself. Sort of long winded but so clear to me-hopefully to you too. :)
Sue: is a granita a blended fruit drink? Great way to use up overripe fruit-I waste it too often. How would one make a compote RobinW? Great ideas!

Babysitter forgot about babysitting and was out of town today so no big bike ride for me today. :( I was seriously bummed out. We are packing though and had some good family time here-we leave the doggies with their former owners beginning tomorrow for our trip.

Wish me luck at the wedding. I do solemnly swear that I will eat sitting down and look over the spread before choosing a protein, a starch as many veggies and fruits as I can. Will have a bite of dd's cake....

Goodnight all!

08-03-2008, 08:09 AM
Good morning everyone. I'm new to Beck, just on day 5 in the workbook. Actually I should be on 6 but I don't think I aced 5 so I want to do it again. I'm really having a challenging time with eating everything sitting down and focusing on my meal. I've been reading this thread for a few days now to figure out how you all work this into your Beck work.

A little about me - I've been successfully losing weight since last October. I think I've finally created some eating habits that I can live with. I also have become an exercise addict - something I never thought would happen! Now I'm at goal and I find I'm losing my focus when it comes to food. I'm slipping back into some of my old habits of compulsive, mindless eating. Thanks to LadybugNessa I heard about and began researching Beck. I think this is just what I'm looking for to make the changes I need to continue my healthier lifestyle. I'm terrified of sliding back to where I was.

Bil - I've been enjoying those lyrics :)

thanks for being here!

08-03-2008, 08:22 AM
Diet Coaches – Thanks for the good suggestions for dealing with too much fruit. Methinks I've spotted a problem here; even while I'm doing good stuff with not overeating, I also have to solve the over buying for a sane life. For example, I had my peanut butter, banana, and pecan sandwich on cranberry bread! That was one wonky sandwich, but the cranberry bread is a previous favorite for afternoon snack that has been replaced with pita bread that is better for dipping into hummus. But still bought a loaf of cranberry bread that is getting old, so had to eat some. I either have to control my buying or give up the notion everything that comes into the house must be consumed. Maybe Beck's next book will include an exercise for throwing away food from the refrigerator, LOL.

Yep, Sue (CoastalSue), CD#12 was Hang On Sloopy by The McCoys.

CD#13 of the 13 CD’s for $1: The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Ouch for "very poor sleep." Sorry, I'm not the go-to person for help in that area. Kudos for remaining basically on plan. Hope the air is remaining clear enough for your swimming.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for staying on plan. Ouch for abandoned by babysitter. Sending supportive thought for remembering your strategies for the wedding feast. Gotta love that visual image, "envisioning little angels on my counter the sabotaging devil on my other shoulder." Hope you have a relaxing vacation.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for horrible sleep and feeling "wonky." (That phrase so clearly conveys the feeling, LOL.) Kudos for switching diets to get what you need.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Big, BIG Kudos for "but I am not going to let it get me off track." Ouch for the diagnosis and the new eating restrictions. Sending all my best supportive thoughts as you face this.

freer - Kudos for being so aware of your eating and accurately recording it. It works for me to plan to eat more at an occasional restaurant meal than I do at home. I have this in my plan, just as Beck suggests. I allocate 25 to 50 percent extra for restaurant meals and events, and I allocate up to 100 percent extra for a once-a-year rare event. My take is that the Beck strategies plan for extras just to avoid the notion of deserved out of bounds eating events. "Spontaneity" is a mixed challenge, because life offers spontaneous eating opportunities every day, verily every hour. Beck strategies offer an earing plan to replace the notion of spontaneous food choices. A joyful and busy life is full of opportunities that require a change of plans, and for these we need to choose how to eat on plan in a different situation. If two tacos fit your eating plan, then you are right on target. If it didn't, then there's room for you to figure out what Taco Bell offers that does. My take is that to lose weight or maintain weight we have to spontaneously say NO CHOICE to many eating opportunities.

You sound like you're on the right track with your thinking about this stuff. Gook luck in working this out to fit your lifestyle.

M (goodnuff) – Yep, posting is such a great way to keep from stuffing it all. Great that you already have in your mind the link between eating and emotions. You can use some of the Beck strategies to work toward breaking that link.

CyndiM - Congrats for an admirable loss since October. Kudos for getting some eating habits and exercise in place. Glad you're starting Beck to get these strategies internalized. Your history is similar to mine; I lost my weight then found Beck as I was trying to find a way to be sure I had a new way of life. Looking forward to sharing your journed through the Beck Program days.

Readers – "You don’t know how to do all these things – or how to get yourself to continuously do these things – but you will." Beck, pg 24.

08-03-2008, 08:58 AM
Good morning all,

Quilter thank you for the restaurant advice. I'd heard of your to go box technique before but just have not had the guts to actually do it. I also struggle with the fact that this is my one 'free' meal and so I 'should' be able to have all of it. I will keep your thoughts in mind. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You seem like a very disciplined person who will know to do what is right for your health. I envy that about you.

hbuchwald I love your comment about "who will notice my weight loss today." I have not yet lost enough to warrant that sort of comment but I have done that in the past. With your help, I can now recognize that as just another sabotaging thought. "Well if no one is noticing my weight loss I may as well just start eating again!"

CyndiM Welcome! I admire your weight loss, but most of all I admire the fact that you are recognizing old patterns returning. Very impressive. I hope that Beck will be just what you need.

Bill Thank you for those thoughts. I had to read this sentence several times:

Plan for extras just to avoid the notion of deserved out of bounds eating events.

That is my problem with my once a week off-plan meal. I see it as a deserved out of bounds event. I think I need to get to where it is more in this unknown grey area that would be considered a sort-of-off-plan meal where I eat a little more than normal (25%). This would take me out of my black and white I'm either on or I'm off my diet mentality. This will be much more of a challenge for me. Much to ponder!

Also, thank you for the thoughts on spontaneity. You are right. It is a slippery slope. One of the biggest parts of Beck is planning what you eat.

One way I could have handled that unplanned restaurant better would have been to say that I'll join you, but I'll eat my planned lunch at home.

Or, I could have ordered a salad and been able to eat there. In fact, while I was waiting for my food to be ready, I saw a couple of really healthy looking salads pass by me (this was not a Taco Bell). Imagine! There were thin people in that very restaurant making wise eating choices! That's how thin people do it!

While I've been off all summer, my first few weeks of Beck have been with little interference from spontaneity. With school starting soon, I can see that this challenge will present itself more and more so I need to flex that resistance muscle.

You guys are great. Have a wonderful day.

08-03-2008, 09:04 AM
:welcome: CyndiM :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these back in October, :wel3fc:

Neat that you found out about Beck from LadybugNessa.

08-03-2008, 10:51 AM
Good Morning :)

Quilter~ Im very sorry to hear that all this stuff is pre-cancerous, but Im thrilled that they are keeping a close eye on you.

hbuchwald~ Have fun at the wedding! Usually when I make a compote its with all the extra rhubarb I have in my garden. I mix about 1/2 rhubarb & 1/2 strawberries all chopped into a med/large pot. Filled pretty much to the top. Turn the stove burner on low, and let it start to cook down. I dont add any water at all. As it cooks down the water is released from the plant and you will find there is lots in your pot. I'll add splenda sometimes, or I'll take a packet of strawberry jello and toss that in...mix very well. Once its nice and cooked down the way I like it, I put it all into 2cup size ziploc storage containers and put them in the freezer. I love this stuff on toast or bagels :T Any other fruits you use, just peel the skins off first, fill your pot and cook it down. Its really super simple, and very tastey :D Peaches done this way with peach jello mixed thru is absolutely delicious!! I use the sugar free jello!

Yesterday while I was typing to you all, the folks that were going to come and weed our garden called, and said they would be here today instead. Its almost 10am and they arent here yet :( They are determined to get me out there arent they?!

Food wasnt very good yesterday, and the wine got a bit out of control :dizzy: But it was fun :lol:

Does anyone have a link to where I can find the Beck Tapes Ive seen some of you talk about?

Not alot of plans today, I'll climb up on the treadmill, and maybe get some backyard gardening done (that hasnt gotten away from me).

Have a great sunday everyone!

08-03-2008, 04:31 PM
I read and did up to day one in the workbook in late spring but because it's been a few months I'm going to start right from the beginning.
When it comes to choosing two diets I don't even know where to start. For me it has to be something realistic and attainable. I don't want want to eat pre-packeged foods for the rest of my life so I don't really want to lose weight that way. I can't afford Jenny Craig or LA Weight Loss anyway! The You on a Diet approach makes a lot of sense to me. Currently I'm a terrible eater 95% of the time, so there is a ton of room for improvement. What diets are you following? I am sooo open for suggestions.

08-04-2008, 07:46 AM
Diet Coaches – Watched the Red Sox beat Oakland at Fenway Park. A fun day. Big news for me is that I ate NOTHING from the concessions. Had lunch before I left and had snacks and water in my back pack. CREDIT moi. That's a big deal for me because at the previous game in June I had a Fenway Frank, ice cream, peanuts, AND sugar infused pop corn. Ugh. Game was delayed to let a thunderstorm pass, but we were sufficiently hung over that we didn’t leave our seats. Got to see an amazing performance by the ground crew with their giant tarp and synchronized pulling by some 14 guys at once. The crowd was excited about cheering for our new player, Jason Bay, and was excited about a third win after a bad string of previous games.

Question for English Mavens: Does the sentence above correctly convey that a roof over hung our seats preventing us from getting wet?

OK, CD#13 was The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.

Robin (RobinW) - Your weeders remind me of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, LOL. I laughed at that same comic strip year after year after year. Hope they show up since you worked to get a plan.

The audio CD of the book, The Beck Diet Solution, is available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking here ( Do an Amazon search for "Judith Beck" and the CD is about the fifth choice. I don't know if there is a cassette tape version, if that's what you really meant.

freer - Big Kudos for confronting the "black and white mentality." And Kudos for devising an eating plan that allows for more calories when eating out. Your other ideas for dealing with spontaneous eating out sound like they'd work also. Good luck figuring this out for when school starts.

M (goodnuff) – Neat that you chose to get back into Beck. Kudos that you are aware that your diet choice must fit your real life situation and that you "don't want want to eat pre-packaged foods for the rest of my life." You on a Diet could work for you, as could many of the others. Most sane diets cover the issues of watching portion sizes, planned eating for meals, planned eating between meals, and a planned response to eating out and special events. My take is that Beck stresses that planning is key; removing ourselves from deciding what to eat at the moment seriously helps to make serving ourselves an unemotional task. Then eating what we served ourselves becomes a challenge that we can meet. You can succeed without the pay-per-visit plans if you actively choose to use this group as your diet coach and put some effort into posting. You're making a good start - keep going.

CyndiM – We cross posted yesterday when I was wrestling with a flaky Internet connection, so I'm not sure that you saw that I responded to you with the update to complete my posting. Yep, it's a big shock to confront sitting down to eat and focusing on eating. My experience with was that it did make a difference when I thought about my food and recognized what I was eating. That helped drive me to make better choices and helped me to recognize that I was sufficiently full.

Readers – "With the Beck Diet Solution, you’ll learn one new skill each day. ..." Beck, pg 24.

08-04-2008, 10:45 AM
happy monday, everyone!

busy busy weekend for me...went to the ohio state fair, a cookout, ran 9 miles, planned how we're going to get through the next three weeks. i've got to pack up the entire house and we need to clean the other house (it's a MESS), and i've got two big cake orders. absolute insanity. my hope is that once we've crossed this bridge, things will really and truly settle down. my cake limit is 2-3 a month total, and so far have no orders beyond august. no more moving, no more nothing. we're not going to think about trying for #2 until after we're good and settled in a single house.

want to post three credits to moi from the weekend:
1. i was too busy this weekend to find the time to do my long run, and anyway it was far too hot and muggy. so i did it anyway, and i went to the gym and ran on a treadmill air conditioning. no excuses!
2. i went to a cookout and passed on all the chips and junk. i ate one hamburger, and had one small brownie. stayed well within my calories. go me.
3. i went to the freaking ohio state fair and had a plain grilled chicken breast on a bun, no chips or funnel cakes or fried snickers bars, just some strawberries off a strawberry shortcake for dessert. stayed well within my calories for the day. yay me!

fridge is now well-stocked with csa veggies, chicken and fish. we're still working our way through the pantry foods to pare down before the move, and it's a little tricky to do that and stay on plan, but we're making headway. also, weighed in yesterday and i'm down 2 lbs. i'll check again tomorrow but believe that i might be getting past that ugly 3 mth plateau. nice.

welcome all the new peeps! hope you find exactly what you need here!

getting slaughtered at work - wish i had more time (sigh) but i'm thinking about y'all!


08-04-2008, 11:52 AM
Good Morning!
kuhljeanie: Wow! what an inspiration to newbies. I was impressed at #1, sticking to your plan to run and finding a way to do it when it's hot and muggy but then you had to go and pass up food at a cookout and stay within calories at a State Fair. I've never heard of such a thing! Kudos!

CyindiM: Way to recognize that you need to stay on top of your weight loss to maintain it. I don't know about everyone else but I've been there, losing all that weight only to gain it plus some back. It makes me terribly sad to think about it and to watch it happen to other people. Congratulations on your weight loss and your maintenance.

I had a hike to the beach with my friend, my daughter and our dogs planned but my daughter sprained her ankle this weekend. Of course she was with her friends all weekend and just decides now to tell me. Trying to find some crutches for her but so far no luck. I figure if we can get crutches we can still go to the dog park which would still include a little walk. Was planning to get a little Beck reading in at the beach but I will find another time today to do that.

Hope everyone has a great day!

08-04-2008, 01:10 PM
They came...they weeded!!!!Yah!!!!!!!! I have my front garden back :cb: :cb: It was well worth the trade off we did for it. I'll do the lettering for their truck probably this week. back (its getting busy)

08-04-2008, 02:03 PM
Hi, coaches!

Well, a so-so weekend for me. Calories over plan both days, but only by about 300 calories each day. I made almost all healthy choices though (except for the two glasses of wine each day). Old me would have said:"See, I just cant do weekends on plan. I might as well give up (all or nothing thinking and negative fortune telling)." New Beck me says: "Credit for the Sue Antoinette approach to menu planning and having good food choices available (gave up the old idea that others would think negatively if I did not have some chips/ice cream/brownies, etc). Although I did not stay strictly on plan, I was not too far off and much better than if I weren't trying. If I keep trying new approaches to my thinking and actions, I will find one that works even better."

Downfalls this weekend: 1) Cheese and crackers at snack with inadequate restraint because of poor withstanding of hunger. [We returned from the water late afternoon and I was really hungry. Should have withstood the hunger and started cooking while others had cheese. Oh Well.] 2) Even though the menu was well planned, did not record my food until after I had eaten it (I ususally enter it as soon as planned.) So, had a little too much food, even though almost all healthy choices. Hmmm...that seems an easy one to address the next time. Yes, BBE, planning is the key.3) Failed to say "NO CHOICE" to that second glass of wine.

Right elbow back to normal, left elbow still with troubles. Physical therapy again this Thursday. Got in more than planned exercise over the weekend. We were in the water most of the time both days. Hard to really do my routine without full arm capability, but did enough work out that I am having mild quad/hamstring soreness, and I can feel it in my back muscles.

Goodnuff-Ouch for your daughter's ankle. Hope you can get the crutches quickly and salvage your plans. Medical supply shop should have them. I am going to look at You on a Diet. Don't know much about that. I am a calorie counter using ( My average target is 1200 calories (but I allow myself to be anywhere between 100-1400). It is not as hard as it may sound. I love the flexibility, and so far, it is working for me.
Kuhljeanie-Many credits to you!!:carrot: You are really humming along now! Hope the two pounds is real...but if tomorrow is a know it has got to be real soon!

BBE-What fun at Fenway! And you outdid yourself at staying on your plan. Kudos to you! Thanks for the Beck audio CD info. Wonder how many use it and the book. Is the CD an abbreviated version? Not an English Maven...but at first, I thought you were "hung over" and must have had some "real treats" in that back pack. :D

RobinW-Thanks for the advice on fruit compote. I have been struggling with fruit going bad...especially peaches. Glad the weeders made it and your garden is back! I am confident your diet change will work for you....or that you will keep switching to meet your goals.

freer-Credits to you for working on the thinking that is behind your actions. ["It is important for you to learn to recognize your unique sabotaging thoughts and to respond to them effectively." Beck, pg 192]. I think this is more important than being on plan for one day because changing thinking will impact behavior for many days into the future. For some spontaneity/flexibility, I have set my target as a range rather than an absolute. For me, I believe this is truer to my life reality and still reflects a healthy way to diet. It also allows me to avoid the failure mentality that totally derails good behavior. Although limiting spontaneity is best, I think we each have to figure out a way to deal with spontaneity because unplanned events happen.

CyndiM-:wave:Welcome to the Beck board. Kudos for working on maintenance just as much as losing. Hope you will share some of the things that worked for you.

hbuchwald-Best wishes for the wedding! Hope you have a great OP time!

QuilterinVA-Sorry to hear about the Barrett's esophagus. My mother has had that, and although it is a bother to deal with, it did not really change her quality of life (she is 82 now). Dietary restriction will be tough....but you have already proven you can do whatever it takes to be healthy. We will be routing for you!:cp: Big credits for not letting it get you off track!

coastalsue-I can identify with "enjoying some lovely wine". Glad you are back OP! Sorry to hear about the sleep disturbance. No good solution for you other than if it is chronic/life debilitating, talk to your phyisician. You could have a physical reason for poor sleep (sleep apnea, restless legs, etc). Sleep studies would determine whether this is true or not. What are granitas?

onebyone-hope the market went well this weekend. Aorry to hear that you missed your Nova Scotia vacation. Sounds like a serious "OH WELL" needed for that one.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

08-04-2008, 04:28 PM
Well coaches I am :mad: at myself.

I should have said Oh well but I didn't. I ate for emotional reasons. I think unexpected aches and pains are a trigger for me. I think they trigger me emotionally and I eat to take those feelings away or to distract myself from the feelings I am having about a possibly hurt foot. The top of my right foot is sore again. I was massaging it last night and then it just started to burn. I iced it, elevated it, rested it, and it hurts today too. I see my trainer tomorrow morning for the first full workout she's put together for me (done at half speed she said) and now I have to wonder if my foot will be able to take it. On top of this I was seized by pessimism about my ability to make enough $ for school or, indeed, for my life as a whole. (I had a good Saturday then a Sunday that didn't cover expenses for the day and sewtme back for the weekend. One step forward &etc.) I am wondering if I should abandon altogether making art (feeling like a drama queen here. sorry) ... chicken and the egg ... do I feel bad because I hurt and I am cranky thinking of giving up art, or do I feel bad because I just ate a bag of chips and a bag of cookies and I, physically, feel cruddy and emotionally and mentally feel equally cruddy for my actions... what came first? The food or the feelings? The food keeps the negative feelings going I must say.

My binge is over. It stopped there.

Sorry I'm posting about this coaches. I hope someday I'll have some real progress to report. I suppose the best that I can find to say is that I am not bingeing now. It's passed. And I think I'll go up and ice my foot again. Will it to heal for tomorrow at 9am. I sometimes do something really "bad" or self-destructive when I am on the brink of major change. It's like a last know the binge right before the diet begins. Actually that is where I am at exactly. I had in my head that after I meet with Nadine (my trainer) and get my complete workout under my belt, that I then had to start full force and get with the program, meaning track the food, do the exercise, and do everything perfectly and completely. Leave the past behind. Of course this is in addition to my already busy and demanding life, that I am also berating myself for not doing well enough. Coaches I really needed that vacation. I'm trying to wear my big girl panties, but feeling more like curling up in some corner and hiding. Not feeling grown up at all. *pout*

Okay. I'll snap out of it. Sorry for the self-indulgent emotional crap. It's why I post, to get it out and not be a reason to eat (even more) over it. Thanks for bearing with me.

08-04-2008, 09:47 PM
Good evening all :wave:

I repeated Day 5 yesterday and stayed focused while eating. I'm still slipping on the eating while standing but do catch myself now, so improvement noted.
Today was the best day in several for me. I did have an extra healthy afternoon snack and that seemed to hold off the urge to binge. I'll try that again tomorrow. I hate the binge impulse and I hate being out of control. I really think Beck is what I need to move past this finally, so am going to keep working hard at it.

Bill - Thanks for the welcome and the feedback. I noticed that you mentioned too much fruit and I wonder about that myself. After being strictly South Beach for so many months I have been a bit of a piggy about fresh fruit. I haven't worried too much about it because I know that I won't do that when it's out of season but it does reinforce my tendency to eat more that I really need/want at any one time. hmmmm

Goodnuff - Yeah, I've done the lose and regain thing before. I actually celebrated a loss with a hot fudge sundae once. I really thought I could lose and then go back to eating the way I had been. This time I know better. I used South Beach primarily but added calorie counting, a focus on whole foods, watched the fat and fiber (less of the first, more of the second), logged absolutely everything I ate and drank, and built an exercise program. Guess it's my own hybrid program but it has worked well for me so far. Now I need to get my thinking in line!
Did you get your walk to the dog park in?

Thanks to everyone for the welcomes! I"m still reading and getting the hang of this but will have more to say later I'm sure!

08-04-2008, 10:40 PM
Can I come back? I had a lot of external things going on at the end of july that made life flooeey at best. I'm back on plan with eating (SBD Hi Cyn) and exercise I'm determined to work the program!

08-05-2008, 06:07 AM
Diet Coaches – A contractor had a contractor-type reasons for not showing up yesterday. The painter who is doing some minor touch up work on the trim said, with a straight face, "The weather will be better tomorrow." Wonder if they go to school to learn how to construe such logic. I, of course, heard, "A more costly job was available, but I'm otherwise bored tomorrow so might drop by." Was a simple day for me. Went to the farmers' market during lunch hour. Bought lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. CREDIT moi. Focusing on fresh foods helps me to see the rather mediocre foods that I overate to gain my weight as simply not my thing anymore.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - WOW. Kudos for staying on plan in so many situations in one weekend. Good for me to hear your story of doing your long run despite "busy, hot, and muggy." Big Kudos for eating on plan at the Ohio state fair - a fair brings up so many childhood memories that adult behavior is difficult for me. Nevertheless, not sure that you get full Kudos for turning down the fried Snickers bar. Do they remove the wrapper first?, LOL. Read your sentence, "my hope is that once we've crossed this bridge, things will really and truly settle down." hmmmm... OK... Just wondering if the YES word is contributing here, LOL.

onebyone – Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch. Kudos for recognizing that you have a gaggle of emotional issues flocking about in your one brain simultaneously; hard to sort out. Sounds like one negative thought was able to hunt around and flare up all potential negative thoughts. A lot to deal with at once. Methinks Beck would, rather cold heartedly, suggest start with NO CHOICE and then deal with the alligators - closest one first. My take would be to take that foot with you to your session with Nadine. She sounds like she has the skills to lead you through a reduced workout without stressing that foot. And you'd get that powerful feedback of demonstrating your unusual body flexibility. It's awful to face negative thoughts about such major life decisions like earning your living as an artist. Apparently every artist (except Picasso and Dali) faces that one. Don't cut off your ear, use your Beck strategies for staying on plan, keep talking this through, make decisions for today. Sending supportive thoughts for a difficult time.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for having your gardens back. Poof to my image of Lucy and the football, LOL.

Kierie (KO) - Yay that no longer is "life flooeey at best." "Flooeey" ranks right up there with RobinW's "wonky" for conveys-the-message words. Kudos for being on plan with eating and exercise. Yep, you're always welcome here.

shrinkin - Just love it that you are executing the "Sue Antoinette approach to menu planning and having good food choices available." I'm picking up stuff for dinner tonight for a family gathering, and think I'll follow your lead - they don't need stacks of cheeses and crackers just because I think that they'll think that I should have brought them. Thanks for that. Kudos for your clarity in reviewing your weekend.

M (goodnuff) – Ouch for your daughter's sprained ankle. And Ouch for losing your walk to the beach. Hope you found a way to get that walk.

CyndiM – Kudos for giving yourself credit and Kudos for focusing on the stuff that you observe about your own eating style. Glad to know that I'm not alone in the too-much-fruit department. I hear you that being drawn to overeat healthy food is still overeating.

Readers – "… By the end of six weeks, you’ll have learned everything you need to continue losing weight and to be on your way to keeping it off – permanently. " Beck, pg 24.

08-05-2008, 08:28 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm getting ready to catch the bus to the gym. My appt is at 9am with Nadine the trainer. I will be there and do whatever she says. My foot feels good this morning. had it iced and resting all night. Went to bed early.
I am about to eat my light breakfast and go. Will report back when I am done. I'm skipping going into the school today. It's movie day this afternoon and I have two orders to begin work on so the ceramic room can wait a day.

And the result of my binge yesterday is seeing the scale come in at 263 this morning. Salt salt salt.

Gotta go.

08-05-2008, 08:40 AM
Good morning coaches!

A fine day yesterday until afer desire back, trolling back, eating while bored and tired back. :(...Yikes, over calories again by about 200. I have to give myself credit for recording my food and for the most part, healthy choices....BUT I have to get myself back on track starting this very minute. I will have a full OP day today. Need to read my ARC...out of the habit over the weekend. Got to say NO CHOICE to food desire.

Today is exercise the pool without excuse. No ifs, ands or buts.

Today is Day 27: Master the Seven Questions Technique. This looks like an important lesson and one that is going to take a while. I could have stayed another day on Day 26:Recognizing Thinking Mistakes, but decided to bookmark it and move on with a plan to reread it many times in the future.

BBE-Guess those contractors think they (like the weather forecasters) can fool us! LOL! Credit for your "easy day". Wonder if I will get to the point that I view making good choices as EASY? Sure hope so.

KO-Welcome back! I am a newbie in the interim. Kudos for getting your program back together. How long have you been doing Beck?

CyndiM-Greetings! Kudos for working on the focus while eating, eating slow and not standing. I believe each of these are important and easily overlooked. It is easy for me to rationalize overeating if I am making healthy choices. Thanks for pointing out that sabotaging thought!

onebyone-Whoa! There are so many thoughts racing around in your post. It would be easy to be overwhelmed. It is hard for me to respond because we are all different, but if it were me would start by giving myself some big credits for dealing with the issues head on. And credit for stopping the binge! You know you are not going to let the foot keep you from your trainer appointment. Your foot will make your training slower going than you had hoped/planned but whatever you do will be better than doing nothing. Little steps count! I know you, like me, are fairly early in the Beck program. But, she does have a day for Emotional Eating (day 33). It might help to read that now...not skipping whatever day you are on today, but just adding it to your read today. You can always reread it when you get to Day 33. Hope both of our days are better today! Hang in there!

I think I responded to everyone else in my late post yesterday. Happy Tuesday to all coaches and readers!

08-05-2008, 11:01 AM
tuesday everyone!

onebyone, i'm right there. a whole bunch of yuck coming up at the same time and feeding on itself. it's about leaving my beloved old house for a yicky one in dayton that needs a ton of work, my overwhelmed DH having trouble with sleeping and his stomach, sorting through some tricky finances, figuring out how to get the old house leased, and the ticking of my biological clock. and having two huge cake orders coming up in the next three weeks. i just realized this morning that i need to start making arrangements to close out my accounts with my ISP and cable, etc. change of address. we're selling a ton of stuff on eBay and i inadvertently listed something that was supposed to be local pickup only as free shipping. so we're losing money sending these stupid plastic chairs to utah. aaaargggh! I WANT CHOCOLATE!!! I WANT CHOCOLATE!

i know chocolate ain't gonna make any of it go away, though. which sucks. option B is to hide under the covers, which also isn't going to help it much. what i really need to do is put together a prioritized list and just start knocking it out, one foot in front of the other. i know i can do it. if i can run 13 miles in a row, i can do this. it may not be pleasant but i'll get through it and i'm pretty sure i'll feel much better when it's over. one thing i do know is that overeating on a bunch of crap won't help. so as loud as that voice is screaming at me to go to the cafeteria and pick up some doughnuts, i won't.

thanks everyone for listening...i feel a little better. onebyone, don't sweat the water gain. in the long run it matters not one hill of beans. the thing that matters is that you're on your way to train and you're going to feel so much better afterwards! i'm already thinking about my workout planned for this afternoon and how much better i'll feel afterwards. if i didn't have a lunch meeting, i'd run off right now.

08-05-2008, 07:05 PM
Afternoon coaches

I went to the gym. Did my workout. 10 exercises. All are challenging. I don't understand why it was so daunting, now that it's over of course. It's very obvious that I will sabotage myself if I focus on weightloss. I plainly cannot envision myself losing weight. I can't. BUT I can see myself doing this workout, focusing on getting the workouts in, getting up to the recommended reps, or more. Lots to strive for there. I can see myself not needing BP pills anymore, being healthier, more fit. I just want my body to do whatever it needs to naturally, just let the goal number go, the goal size go, just not focus there. And if I want to seriously begin this process I will have to look at the food and the behaviour around the food. I don't have to be perfect, I just have to do it.

kuhljeanie Whoa... you are really busy! Thanks for the thoughts. I have the same thought telling me to get doughnuts. I haven't done it. It's been with me for two days and I still hear it. ;P phhhht donut thought!
Hope you worked out. It does feel good.

shrinkin Thanks for your response to my post this morning. Since I got home my thinking seems to be much clearer. Must have been the workout and seeing myself actually do it. It feels good to have followed through. And though it may not seem so at times, I have worked through the book. I am now looking for the book again, so I am always glad to be reminded of what dr. beck has written about. It reminds me of why I need to find that book!

BillBlueEyes Such sanity. I have to thank you for your ever thoughtful responses. Things do look better now. I think fear just grips me sometimes and it skews every outlook in every direction at times...course being exhausted and working 6-7 days a week is not conducive to taking time and thinking things through and good decision making. It's why we have books to read and reflect on, and places to write posts, and friends to listen and respond. All perfect attributes of this Beck forum. Thanks. I will figure it out.

08-05-2008, 08:00 PM
Onebyone-Sorry about my suggestion to you about adding to your daily read when you have already done it once...or maybe more? :?: Chalk it up to my being a newbie! ;)

From some post earlier this month, I got the impression that only CoastalSue, BBE and QuilterInVA were long time Beckies. Would be interesting to know how long each of the Coaches have been doing Beck. ??

08-05-2008, 08:25 PM
Hi All,

Just a quick hello. The scale has not been moving much lately. I'm working on identifying the sabotaging thoughts. Credit: ME.

shrinkin, good question about the coaches! I've just been doing Beck for less than a month.

08-06-2008, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches – Tried the Sue-Antoinette style of entertaining when I brought the food for a family gathering (thanks Whole Foods): red peppers and hummus, cheese and crackers, two types of cold salmon plus five types of roasted vegetables, huge mixed green salad from the farmer's market with edible flowers, white beans and tomatoes with rosemary vinaigrette that I made, and watermelon. All the red peppers were gobbled up, including by the kids, and the food was admired and enjoyed. Even I ate wisely from the spread. CREDIT moi. Thanks Sue (CoastalSue) and shrinkin for showing me that it could be done and that I didn't have to add all the stuff that I thought they would think I should have brought.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch that moving means canceling your Internet connections; kinda awful thought that you might be in limbo for a period - however brief. One idea: Sprint has an "everywhere" service that works with a gadget stuck in your laptop's USB port (essentially a cell phone/modem). They have a 30 day free trial period (so I'm told). I tried it out when a relative was in their trial period; works great. Kudos for standing down the desire for "CHOCOLATE!!!"

onebyone – Big Kudos for facing down fear and going to your gym session with your trainer. Yay that it worked out so well. Thanks for the demo showing that we can't stop fear, but we can still go forward.

shrinkin - Ouch for "bored and tired." they can be deadly. Look forward to hearing how you do with day 27: Master the Seven Questions Technique. That seems so much like the core technique, yet I've only used it once. Even though it helped, I haven't used it again. Can you think of a way that we can use each other to help work through that technique? I feel like I'm ignoring something potentially useful. Not surprised that you plan to revisit Thinking Mistakes. I do keep using that one, both for my eating and exercising as well as stuff outside of Beck.

freer - Kudos for working on Sabotaging Thoughts. It always surprises me how they slip in under my radar and I have to go ferret them out.

Readers – "You’ll probably find that dieting and weight loss follow a predictable cycle: During the first week or two, you might find that dieting is relatively easy. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-06-2008, 08:36 AM
Good morning coaches!

Well, an almost OP day yesterday...but not what you might think. Only got in 900 calories yesterday (target range is 1000-1400). I was very good all day saving 200 calories for snack after dinner. Went to swim after dinner and sooo not hungry plus tired, I skipped eating. Old me might have indulged in something really tasty even though tired thinking I "deserved it"and had calories left. Water intake on plan.

Had very good pool workout with at least first 20 min straight aerobic, but surprisingly challenging considering how long I have been doing this....4 weeks tomorrow. Body sore this am. Just looked back at my record. 18 exercise sessions in the past 4 weeks. Who woulda thought that I could pull that off? Credit MOI. Someone said to me last month (actually several of you great coaches have said this) day at a time. Those exercise sessions certainly accrued with "one day at a time" thinking. Tomorrow is weigh in and that igetting ready is Day 28 task. I expect the scale to be same or slightly up....have to get the brain ready for that. I will pull out that nonscale goal tomorrow.

Just learned we are lilkely to have house guests this weekend (friends coming to deal with an extended family member's serious illness), so we will be hospitable. I was looking forward to catching up on some life chores and shopping....but will just have to wait. Sue Antoinette will be called upon again. Also are going to a neighbors party this weekend. BIG CHALLENGE for me there. Have to get mentally ready.

BBE-Interesting that you have not used the Seven Questions method, but you have gotten very good at mastering sabotaging thouughts which is one point of the exercise. Her other point is that when you are "under the gun" with a thought and can't come up with a reasoned approach, you fall back on the short commands, like NO CHOICE. Methinks you have that one down pretty well too.

I did not get very far with the seven question work yesterday. For one thing, I have not been recording my sabotaging thougts in writing. So, I will need to either go back thru 3FC posts or write those for a few days to really do the exercise. [Should not take too long to acquire these as poor thinking happens often]. Maybe we can put a couple up on the board...or one a day and then, we could use the seven questions independently and share some responses. QuilterInVA mentioned that she has mastered this and uses it....wish she were on the board to share with us. I know she has some health issues. QuilterInVA...are you out there? Anyone else use this method?? Other thoughts on this?

freer-agree with the challenge of sabotaging thoughts. Not sure what day you are on...but if we start this work on the seven questions (day 27), hope you will join in the fun.

kuhljeanie-Kudos for resisting that choclate urge. Your resistance muscle is flexing! Moving is SOOO stressful and doubly so when you are leaving a place you love for one needing work. I have moved cross country 5 or 6 times in past 20 years. You are right about the list making. When I hit the panic feeling, the lists come out. ...mine and one for DH. Also, drop off the list things that really dont have to happen right away...limits the panic. Cut yourself some slack for not doing list items perfectly. It will be over soon...and you can do it!:carrot:

onebyone-kudos on focusing on that workout. Getting lined up with a trainer is huge...and you have done it!

Great Wednesday to everyone!

08-06-2008, 08:50 AM

Just finished my reasonable breakfast and am getting ready to leave for work at the school. Hope to be back home by 1 or so. Much to do going into the 2nd of 3 art shows this Saturday (rain day: Sunday). Have to get and stay organized and focused.

Feeling good today. Hopeful. It's always worth it to face your fear and do it, even if I am a mess leading up to the event. Hoping to have a reasonable food day today and to begin to map out a foodplan for myself this evening, taking into account the things Nadine wants me to do ie. always have a small amount of protein with everything I eat.

BillBlueEyes Sounds like your gathering was really successful! You never know what people will love eh? Imagine kids and red peppers! Without trying it, you'd never have known. Yay for being brave and trying something new!

freer Hang in there. The scale will move in the right direction if you don't undo your good work due to frustration! Sabotaging thoughts are a key to why we don't stay on plan long enough to get the good stuff. All the best!

shrinkin No biggie about assuming I am a newbie. I started in February, finished the book in April, started backsliding when the first bout of work stress flared up in late April. I've been dealing with weight issues for decades. I suspect it'll take a few go-rounds with Beck strategies before they get as ingrained in me as all my bad habits and thoughts. The important thing is to keep circling back when you find you are off track. Each time round a bit more sticks and becomes habit. At least that's my experience.

BTW there are archives of this group that are easily accessible in the first post of the month. If you check out the past month's posts you'll see who's been around and for how long... it's good reading too. I may go back and read some myself.

Have a good Wednesday coaches!

08-06-2008, 02:41 PM
happy wednesday, coaches! not much new going through a fair amount of my list last night, and am really grateful to the internet for making it easier to change my address with all the various vendors and suppliers who make my lifestyle possible. ;) just to clarify, bill - i'm just cancelling the ISP at the house where we won't be living. DH is upgrading from dial-up to broadband at the dayton house, and i'll still have it at work (which is mainly when i post anyway - :s:) was feeling generally overwhelmed yesterday, and when i didn't give in to the chocolate fiend i sort of sat with myself for a little bit. realized i need to honor the fact that i'm feeling some sadness leaving a house i've loved very much - and behind it there's some grief for closing out a time in my life that's not been reality for a while. when i bought it, i lived in it with a childhood girlfriend who was recouping from a divorce, and we had SO MUCH fun doing our single girl thing together. she's remarried since, and i also found my man and had a baby, and the house and neighborhood doesn't work anymore. i love my family to bits, but that doesn't mean i'm not sad about it too. i talked to dh about it last night. he's amazingly sweet - told me we didn't have to move if i don't want to. aw! :hug: we do have to, and i want to. it's better for everyone involved. i just wasn't prepared for a tough time letting go of the part of my life that this house represents, even though it's been over for a long time. funny, huh? i wonder if i would have gotten there (and had a really good talk with dh as a result) if i'd gone with my first inclination, which was to drown my discomfort in chocolate and bread. i'm guessing a no on that. chalk up another win in the name of the good doctor. :)

thanks everyone for the support! it's so easy for me to forget that i don't have to do everything perfectly, right this minute. i don't have a tenant lined up yet, so it's not like we've got a "real" deadline on clearing and cleaning everything up. i needed the reminder, shrinkin! i like the idea of re-reading the old posts. i've been around for a while too now (since late january) and it'd probably be interesting to see where i was when i started. i do remember that my first post was on day 12 - i was sick to my stomach with hunger and wanted to make sure i was doing it "right." yep, that's me all over. :) bill, wonderful report back on your menu. just a great reminder that we can change the tenor of the conversation we have with ourselves over what we really need to do versus what we perceive as others' expectations. shrinkin, enjoy invoking sue antoinette! i like that! onebyone, absolutely thrilled to hear that the workout was not nearly as bad as you were thinking it would be. makes it that much easier to stick with! i'm starting to understand that exercise makes me feel better than overeating. (gasp.) it sounds so simple - but it's like i'm finally REALLY getting it. when i'm feeling sad or stressed, my first impulse is shifting to wanting to exercise instead of eat, because one makes me feel better, and the other makes me feel worse, and keeps me stuck. i'm not 100% there yet, but it seems absolutely likely given the path i'm currently on that it's just a matter of time until i get there. even more amazing that my current stress seems to be supporting my CBT work and vice versa, instead of being an excuse to overeat, like it used to be.

welcome back KO!

back to it...the gym is calling and i have a massage tonight. really needing it these days!

p.s. weighed myself again today, and i'm still down those two pounds. one more day and i'll shift my signature line. wheeee!

08-06-2008, 03:09 PM
Good Afternoon!

Well I went through my reasons to lose weight that I made in the spring, added a few more and posted them. I have one copy on my bathroom mirror and one next to my seat on the couch with little reminders on the tv to turn it off and read my reasons. I'm a bigger couch postato than I'd like to admit.

I made a revised version of my reasons for my locker at work. No one at work needs to know the nityy gritty details of my being overweight. I do worry about the ones I have at home being read by my visitors or my daughters' friends, but than i also think maybe it will prevent someone else from over-eating and being a couch potato.:s:

We ended up going to the dog park the other day and my friend and I walked down to the creek to let our dogs swim. It's a pretty good size hill to get there and going up was no fun. Kudos to me because I knew it was there, dreaded it but did it anyway!

Who is this Sue Antoinette you talk about? I'm sure if I went far enough back in the posts I'd figure it out.

Off to pick up my BP meds, yet another motivation to keep on reading and doing.


08-06-2008, 05:57 PM
Good day All,

Well when Beck said we should celebrate each 1/2 pound loss, I now really understand what she means. After going up and down for days, I finally hit a new low by 1/2 pound. :carrot: Sheesh! I am choosing to look at it this way. It is good to flex my frustration muscle and still see that I need to stay on plan even if the scale isn't moving. A 1/2 pound reward like today could be just around the corner. Credit: Me for not giving in to those sabotaging thoughts because they definitely were there.

I too would be interested in a practice of the seven question technique. I'm not really doing Beck day by day, as I've been listening to the audio book. I go back to the parts that hold meaning as I get confronted with them.

Some friends invited me to lunch at the last minute and before saying I was going to go, I told them I had to check something and I'd call them back. I really needed the social interaction so I went to the restaurant's website to look at their menu. After seeing some good food options I accepted their invitation.

I was able to find a nice light lunch option (1/2 turkey sandwich and a cup of tortilla soup) so that I knew what I was going to get ahead of time. It worked out GREAT. It was a very interesting experience to not OVEReat at a restaurant. Is this how thin people do this???? Very interesting! I need more experiences like this. Credit: Me.

goodnuff Good job on setting yourself up for success by putting those notes everywhere.

Have a great day, everyone.

08-07-2008, 07:34 AM
Diet Coaches – Did my weekly attack on paper work clutter. Another bin of paper to be recycled. CREDIT moi. Went to the gym later than usual and hit the peak after work crowd; had to find a cramped little space behind a piece of construction equipment to do my squats and sit ups. Kinda encouraging to see so many people working out - just as well they wouldn't do it in the real estate that I wished to use, LOL.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for the sad feelings over leaving the old house. All changes are a loss, and all losses must be grieved right through the documented five stages of grief - which are tough and painful. Sorry that it's hurting at the moment while you work through it. Kudos for confronting the issues by conversation with you DH. And thanks for the focus, "we can change the tenor of the conversation we have with ourselves over what we really need to do versus what we perceive as others' expectations" - I needed to hear that.

onebyone – Yay for "Hopeful" - a happy sounding feeling for a person with a busy agenda preparing for the art shows this weekend. Good luck.

shrinkin - Congrats that today marks 4 weeks into your journey. Kudos for 18 exercise sessions in that span. Re: "900 calories" - hmmm... just checking that you're in accord with your dietitian or doctor on eating that low; the common belief around here is that 1200 calories is the minimum required for a days nutrition. Sending positive thoughts for your "BIG CHALLENGE" neighbors party this weekend.

freer - Congrats on the 1/2 pound. Kudos for your rapid re-planning so that you could accept the invitation to lunch. Spontaneity was recently discussed here, and you just demonstrated a great way to be spontaneous and stay on plan.

M (goodnuff) – Kudos for climbing the hill and double Kudos for planning the walk when you knew the hill was there. "Sue Antoinette" is Sue (CoastalSue) as recognized after her stellar demonstration of how to hostess while remaining on plan, per:Was able to remain on program during our dinner- made a very good low fat meat, multi veggies meal- no butter, no bread, no dessert- yet the guests were very gracious and positive-In the past I felt I "had" to include all those high carb things to be a good hostess-then I would be so tempted and would overindulge in them. Big step for me to go from "let them eat cake" to "let them eat veggies".

Sue (CoastalSue) - Gotta love the new Sue Antoinette, "let them eat veggies!"

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-07-2008, 09:05 AM
Good morning coaches,

An OP day for me for calories and water. Not a planned exercise day. Some unplanned exercise (parked further away to have to walk futher and walked to a meeting rather than drove). Big victory at dinner (thanks to freer for help). DH and I did not plan for dinner so ate out. (yup bad planning could derail me). Went online and picked out a restaurant...Bonefish grill and selected my meal ahead of time. Split some ahi tuna with DH for appetizer. Had grilled sea bass and steamed veggies for dinner. Used a strategy to limit wine intake by telling myself to only have water until the entrees arrived. It worked! So OP and eating can be done!

Weigh in change. OH WELL. I can tell I have more muscle and have lost inches. Belt is down two notches (on the last one!). Nonscale goal of jacket fitting status: close, but not quite. Can now button 2 of 3 buttons, so it is wearable, but not truly fitting. Not much to go though.

BBE-Kudos on that clutter attack! Bravo for continuing on with your workout even though gym crowded. Understand your concern about my calories. However, not sure that eating when not hungry is ever a good idea. Internist suggested 1000 calories a day would be OK. I have seen the absolute minimum 1200 cals around on the internet, but it is not based on any real data. Biggest concern for me personally is to avoid resetting my BMR lower which for me, seems to take about 3 days. So, I don't do protracted low calories. Thanks for the positive vibes for the weekend. I will need them. Have volunteered to take appetizer to neighbors party and have decided to take shrimp cocktail. Thinking about taking a veggie tray too. Still interested in Seven Questions?

freer-Congrats on the 1/2 pound! It all counts and the lilttle steps add up. Thanks for your post yesterday pm about your lunch planning. I happened to pick it up on my email just before dinner dilemma. Inspired me to be good too!

onebyone-Sending positive thoughts to you for your food plan and getting ready for shows! Agree that it takes time and repetition for changing our behaviors. Persistence and patience! Hard lessons for me.

kuhljeanie-Glad to hear that your head is together and you are making great strides on the move! Give yourself some pats on the back! Keep on dodging the chocolate and the bread.

goodnuff-Way to go with your postings of ARC and kudos for taking on that long hill!

Busy day today at work, physical therapy day, and it is a pool day.

Thinking positive thoughts for all Beckies!

08-07-2008, 01:34 PM

I get here then I get distracted. :(

Im doing good, but I need to reset my alarm on my phone to remind me to read my cards.

Thanks for the link Bill, for the book on cd! I tried to find it on itunes, because I would love to just be able to download it.

My daughter is cooking tonight. (she's 11) I dont remember how this all came about, but it should be interesting :lol:

oh.......and I discovered mouse droppings this morning! I am NOT impressed!! I hate those little buggers!! We just got rid of the ant problem, weed problem, now the mice have found us. So I will be heading to home depot this afternoon for traps, and that foam filler stuff to plug any and all holes I can find. If we cant get rid of them, hubby will be living by himself! I should go get a bunch of big plastic containers keep them out of the cereal and whatnot :mad:

.......having printing issues today too. Big ugly bands of color that arent suppose to be there.

This is one of those days I need to chant "oh well" and just deal with it without food.

Wish me luck!

Have a great day everyone.

08-07-2008, 03:01 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches

Went to the school this morning. Spent minimal time there, came home to get to work, and find that I just don't want to do any work. I've avoided it now for an hour. Called a friend, and now am posting here.

I have been okay foodwise. Not great but okay. Tonight is an unknown challenge. We are going to a Britannia Beach Sunset Culinary Evening. This is a beach/park/community centre we can walk to in about 20 minutes. It's one of my favorite places on earth so I am always happy to go there. From what I understand, chefs from across the city and the students at the local culinary school are putting together an evening of sample dishes that guests can try for $2.00/serving of whatever you want. Mango lobster, lime coconut shrimp, a carving table area, drinks, desserts. It starts at 6:30pm goes to 9:30pm. This is the second of two events for the year so I feel fortunate to have heard about it. The weather looks promising too. So far no rain. So I'm excited about this food event. Will keep Beck priniciples in mind and will report back that I did well.

Okay better go and get some work in. Will check in tonight.

08-08-2008, 06:01 AM
Diet Coaches – Was sent to buy a Jalape๑o Pepper. First store had none - now that was odd. Duh!!! Read the papers. Salmonella scare about Jalape๑o Peppers from Mexico. Found one at the second store. Bought it; DW cooked with it; I'm typing this morning. Either wasn't a problem pepper or was sufficiently cooked. For being alive, CREDIT moi. For making a choice with large risks and small up sides. Oh Well.

onebyone – Your "Culinary Evening" sounds fun. Have a mango lobster for me. Only $2 an item seems pretty low; seems like one could overeat before they felt the financial pinch.

Robin (RobinW) - Can't wait to hear the results from, "My daughter is cooking tonight. (she's 11) " You remind me that the bulk grains section of Whole Foods suggests placing purchases in the freezer for a few day to prevent the larvae from growing. LOL, sorta, I guess. I suppose larvae contain protein.

shrinkin - Yay for an OP day. Big Kudos for the restaurant success - OP at a restaurant is so encouraging. Yep, I am "still interested in Seven Questions." How do you suggest we go about this?

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ...
Cravings set in or intensify. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-08-2008, 08:24 AM
Morning coaches!

My eyes are not yet fully open. My way of making time for my plan included getting up an hour earlier to get my posting done, get food plan done, read Beck and cook breakfast. The body was not ready today!:^:

Yesterday an OP day with an unexpected wrinkle. Company confirmed they are coming this weekend. I decided my anxiety over need to clothes shop in spite of company had to be addressed. [I have to buy two formal dresses for weddings this fall and had not started looking. Formal wears comes in second to swmsuits in dread shopping category] So, took myself out looking last night and got in some unplanned exercise walking the mall. No luck on dresses though. With limited time, stopped at Panera for something to eat before driving to the pool. Made what I thought would be an OK choice (1/2 chicken sandwich and 1/2 strawberry non-fat poppy seed salad). Looked it up on line when I got home. 1/2 sandwich has an amazing 400 CALORIES! Glad I had 1/2.,,,CREDIT! Salad was a redeeming 90 cals. So, overall meal OK and stayed OP. Sandwiches at Panera look pretty calorie dense in general.

Pool work out so-so. Had the lane next to the wall and had to share with "the splasher". [I call him that because he is a very big guy, wears full snorkel gear and flippers and slaps the water hard in both hand and leg stroke.] Decided I just had to hang in there no matter what. Made it a contest of wills over who would give up first. He won, but I did get in 40 min of solid, if unenjoyable workout. So, guess we both won! Credit MOI for going after shopping and enduring. :swim:

BBE-Glad you had a "good" Jalapeno pepper and that you are still with us. EEW for that larva comment. Not sure on the 7 have an idea? I haven't had a sabotaging thought in a couple of days...amazing. Or maybe I just did not ID them!

Onebyone-Culinary Evening sounds great....but oh so challenging to stay OP. Hope you had that lobster as well as other healthy goodies! Looking forward to your report. Wondering when your next workout session is.

RobinW-Glad to hear you are doing well with your program! Great that your DD is cooking! It reminds me of when I let my younger one have the kitchen and plan and cook a meal. Well, she choose to do 4 different kinds of potatoes for dinner. [Guess that tells you what food groups the kids learned at an early age.] It was hard to keep from laughing when we got to the table and saw all those potatoes as the only dinner selections. But, she was soooo proud of having done it, we tried to compliment her without laughing. Happy to report she later learned more diversity in her culinary approach. She is now 26 years old and is a good cook. Surprised about the mice. We usually get them as the weather gets cooler and they come in from the cold. Traps should do the job.,,,but I share the YUCK factor.

It is going to be an OP Friday. I can feel it! Sending :goodvibes to all!

08-08-2008, 10:22 AM
Good morning Coaches,

shrinkin So proud of you and your restaurant experience. Happy I could help inspire. This area is definitely one of my trickiest and most challenging. Luckily it doesn't come up too often. I suppose if I were the type to eat out everyday I'd get more practice. Since I became a new second-career teacher, I'm happy, at least from the lunch aspect, not to have to make a restaurant choice every day at lunch. Bringing your own lunch is so much more controlled and less caloric!

Yesterday my husband left to be out of town from Th-Sun. In the past this was a recipe for disaster. (If no one's around it doesn't count, right?) Late last night I had a HUGE crunchy craving. He wasn't around. Soooooo tempting. The craving went on and on. I kept keeping my morning weigh-in in mind and the fact that I've come so far. One month of Beck under my belt. I haven't binged for all that time. I'm down 8 pounds. My friends, it was HARD.

The good news is, I must've gotten through it because I woke up on the couch with the tv on! A new anti-craving technique - SLEEP THROUGH THE CRAVING! :D What was really strange was that when I woke up, I had that old feeling as if I had given into the craving. It's just that familar. That's how often I give in that my mind assumed I had. And I hadn't! When I moved to my bed for the night I was able to get to sleep easily, knowing I had stuck to my plan. Usually, I'd have trouble sleeping because I'd be beating myself up over going off plan. Anyway, Credit: ME for getting through my trickiest craving situation in a month.

This morning was my weekly weigh-in day and I lost a wopping ZERO for the week. All week OP and 5 hours of exercise. Quite frustrating. I will try to look at it as, OH WELL, but I lost 8 pounds in a month.

I went back and read the link that onebyone referred me to a few weeks back on the dreaded scale. I suspect sodium may be the culprit since I have been having soup everyday for lunch and using a boxed mix as the basis for my dinners (i.e., Zatarains, Taste of Thai). I figure even if the sodium is holding water on me, eventually the scale has to go down as I'm allegedly losing fat.

I am doing my best to recognize my sabotaging thoughts. So far so good.

08-08-2008, 11:36 AM
Good Morning

With all the rushing around this morning, I forgot to eat breakfast :( I was sitting here wondering why I was hungry already......then I realized it is because I hadnt eaten yet.

This morning consisted of checking all the traps, and only one sticky trap had all the peanut butter eaten off of it, with lots of little mouse prints, and half the glue chewed away in the middle. Im thinking the sticky traps DIDNT work!!!! Hubby and I moved all the traps around this morning....found more droppings next to that particular sticky trap, but none anywhere else. So we have a few snapper type traps behind the stove. Usually when it gets cold we start to see signs too, but they usually stay in the basement, and I usually get one or 2 per fall, and then nothing. The weather here has gotten much cooler, it has been getting down into the low 60's at night. But I didnt think that was cold enough. :( I just hate knowing they are moving around in my house.

K, eating........not too shabby!! I blended up a couple different cottage cheese "puddings/smoothies" for the next couple days.....looks like I"ll be eating my 3pm cottage cheese snack for breaky :D Exercise isnt happening, but I'll get back on that.

Bill~ even without the salmonella scare, I wouldnt touch those peppers! :D Can't handle the heat. :lol:

freer~ I love "sleep thru the craving"!!! Great idea!!

shrinkin~ great job on 1/2 the sandwich and salad! Sometimes going to the websites to find the calorie counts is enough to keep me away from the goodies. It is a very rare time I'll have any cakes or whatnot from starbucks. When I do....I share it with hubby.

My daughter's cooking adventures turned out great. She wanted to make some fish that we get at sam's club, noodles and corn. Everything was mostly to be boiled and the fish just went in the toaster oven for 25 min. Nice and easy. She did very well, but didnt like how hot everything got :lol: She wants to cook again tonight. But without so much of mom's help this time. I think she wants to make tacos. :lol:

I better get to work........have a great day everyone.

08-08-2008, 12:35 PM
happy friday everyone!

i'm doing fine with beck, but tired. the argument in my head yesterday over going to the gym (had a headache from being overtired) was over fairly quickly, and ended up being a very good workout that made me feel better. just a little more reinforcement that exercise is far better than overeating in picking me up when i need it! i've been so hungry all the time, i stopped at chipotle for lunch and managed to get out of there for 600 calories. i nailed my calorie deficit for the day (and then some, even with dinner at the baseball game), so credit moi! it's getting to be more habitual, and i find myself thinking about my advantage: i gravitate naturally towards the healthiest food choices. getting there, bit by bit. another NSV: today, i am comfortably wearing the smallest pair of jeans i own. when i bought them, they just fit - by the time they were hemmed i couldn't wear them anymore.:^: a couple of years and a baby later, i can!

thanks for the support, bill! it's not an ouch, though. i'm finally at a point where i can live with my feelings, whatever they are. it's liberating to know that i can be sad and it's okay, it's appropriate, and it's temporary. i know i can handle these things as they come up. i'm really getting it - if i use food to anesthetize myself from my feelings, in addition to the physical damage the food does, i've put up a barrier to understanding my own experience. which is a kind of sleepwalking through life. i should do less emotional sleeping and more ACTUAL sleeping. (still working on that!) glad to hear you survived your dinner. :) we got a bunch of hot peppers from our CSA; what a blessing to have local produce grown by people we know!

shrinkin, i just love the way you took what could have been an excuse to not swim and turned it into a contest. a bit competitive, huh? ;) i've also been shocked to discover the caloric content of chain-restaurant food. did you know that a roly poly veggie wrap has 600 calories? how the heck can you get that many calories into a wrap filled with raw sprouts and peppers???

hello onebyone! wondering how your culinary adventure went last night. did you set up some guidelines for yourself before you went? that seems to help me a lot when i don't know what's going to be available.

freer, what a fabulous technique! i'm guessing that 75% of my cravings are due (at least in part) to being tired, so sleeping through it serves two ends. NICE! i've had a similar experience to yours - phantom remorse. we ate at golden corral, and i fought tooth and nail and managed to get out of there without a single bite of anything fried or sugary. i totally stayed on plan. by the time i got home. i was feeling disappointed in myself because of the way i traditionally pigged out there. funny, huh? 8 lbs in a month is absolutely outstanding. congratulations!

hiya robin! we used to have mouse problems too. now we have cats fighting all night...not sure which is worse...

have a wonderful weekend! i'll be baking tomorrow to try and get ahead of the curve with the packing, etc. wish me luck!

08-08-2008, 12:40 PM
i use food to anesthetize myself from my feelings, in addition to the physical damage the food does, i've put up a barrier to understanding my own experience. which is a kind of sleepwalking through life. i should do less emotional sleeping and more ACTUAL sleeping.

I dont think Ive ever seen in print exactly how Ive been feeling, and what it does to me. Thanks for that kuhljeanie! Congrats on the skinny jeans too!! :cb:

08-08-2008, 01:00 PM
:dancer: Some victory dances going on here for Freer and those 8 pounds and Kuhljeanie and those skinny jeans!! :dancer:

08-09-2008, 05:58 AM
Diet Coaches – With darkening skies and a little thunder in the distance, the obvious Sabotaging Thought appeared: "Better skip gym today, I could get wet!" I just love it. I have Gore-Tex rain gear, stacks of umbrellas, and only 3 blocks to walk home where the dry clothes live. Just DO it worked. I went. CREDIT moi. Deluge of a thunderstorm after I got home. We've had strong thunderstorms nearly every day for a couple of weeks - unusual for around here. Getting a little damp.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Oooohh ... I also like that one, "food to anesthetize myself from my feelings ... is a kind of sleepwalking through life." Kudos for taking it all on.

Robin (RobinW) - Pondering your "I forgot to eat breakfast." Just doesn't happen to me - my coffee and breakfast are number one when I get up. Good luck with your mice. I'm jealous of your live in chef - that could turn out to be a good thing.

shrinkin - Great Panera choice. Kudos for enduring the shopping without resorting to food as consolation. And Kudos for continuing to swim beside "the splasher." Love the four types of potatoes meal, LOL. Still trying to think of a way to work together on the seven questions technique.

freer - I am so LOL at "A new anti-craving technique - SLEEP THROUGH THE CRAVING!" Kudos for standing that down. Big Kudos for using Oh Well when you were disappointed at zero pounds lost.

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ...
Life intervenes.. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-09-2008, 09:27 AM
Mornin' coaches!

On target yesterday for calories. Upper end of range though because I had a second glass of wine last night. :( One with dinner and one with guests. Enjoying the taste of alcohol is a real weakness for me. It is not that I can't not have it...but I JUST LIKE THE FLAVOR. Good that I stayed in calorie range, but I really should use the cals for food...not a second glass. Methinks this is going to continue to be a battle for a long time. Wasn't an exercise day and other than walking to get mail, no unplanned exercise.

Made plans for neighborhood party tonight. Taking shrimp cocktail and a veggie tray. Got DH to go by produce shop with me and to committ to making the cocktail sauce for me. My behavior plan is to have lots of veggies and shrimp before dinner and not have any alcohol until I have entree. [That is going to be very tough because I like a nice glass of wine in hand...will think WATER, WATER]. It is an outdoor barbecue, so entree will be a plain burger, no bread. Suspect there will be a salad and that will be my other dinner item. This will be a very tough event because all of the neighbors are bringing dishes and they generally are food pushers. Need to reread that day of Beck today. My recall of that is "No, thank you." and "No, it looks deliciouis, but I am fine." Probably some more nuggets from that day that I need to take with me. Old me would have used the thought that I "don't want to disappoint them". Now, I am going to focus on not wanting to disappoint myself. Gotta flex my resistance muscle!

House guests insisting on taking us out to lunch today. Wow...interferes with both am shopping plans and trying to get to pool before party starts at 4:30. Also, need to figure out how to get thru that one OP. Hmmm...maybe I can get on line and find a spot that has a good menu. Can get DH to help me steer the conversation toward that idea. He is really in my corner on working on my diet/health.

BBE-Happy the rain held off until after your gym trip...but happier that you went in spite of the ominous skies! WTG! :bravo:

Also seem to remember your recent enjoyment of walking in rain. But, maybe not the thunderstorms. Wonder if your sabotaging thought would have worked for seven questions approach?

freer-Big credits for conquering the craving! Share your pain with DH travelling and the temptation to go to mental place that knocks off plan. Glad you are on the lookout for those sabotaging thoughts! When my DH travels, I have thought "I can just do some fast food because it's not worth cooking." "I should have something special (aka off plan and fattening) because he probably is going out for great dinner." "It is unfair that I am not with him." His most recent trip, I countered with. "I am worth whatever I have to do to stay OP...including cooking for one, shopping for one....whatever it takes I will do. I want to succeed in being healthier and I want to feel proud when DH gets back." "I WILL DO IT." You are probably building muscle that also may impact the scale. Do you have a Nonscale goal?

RobinW-Sorry to hear it is Mouse:1, Robin and DH-0. But confident you will be victorious! Credit for healthy snacks! Like BBE, I could not skip breakfast.

kuhljeanie-"I gravitate naturally towards the healthies food choices". I like that. Pat on the back for getting thru lunch out at only 600 cals. Proud of you for that. Credit again today for those skinny jeans. Having exercise as a desirable "go-to" must be great. Wonder if I will ever get to that point.

House guests up for breakfast. Gotta get on the run! Hope to report an OP day...but it is going to be a big challenge day! Positive thoughts for all of us!

08-09-2008, 11:36 AM
Good Morning

The mouse saga snap trap was minus its pb this morning and no mouse inside it :( But thankfully they didnt seem to come up to the main floor of the least I didnt see any poop up here.

My daughter made a stir fry last night for supper. With the same fish from last night as our protein. She is a very good little chopper!!!! All the broccoli was in nice little bit sized pieces. I think I'll get her to chop all the veggies for the soup today :D She also wants to make tacos tonight! We figured out why she wants to cook. She figures if she cooks we wont have chicken :lol: We eat alot of chicken and she gets really tired of it :lol3: So if I keep serving chicken, she'll keep cookin' HA Mom's got her figured out!! :lol:

Food wasnt so good yesterday, dd and I had a little discussion about bringing goodies into the house. She knows I need to loose weight, and having all those treats in the house make it very hard for me. She understands a bit better now. Me trying to be the good mom and letting her have this or that, caused me to eat this or that. I think we have a plan, and she's up for it.

Bill~ great going getting to the gym in the rain!! :cb:

shrinkin~ ooohh, I understand the wine issue :( I like it too much too. I tend to eat too much when I drink.

Well, yesterdays breakfast time was filled with checking mouse traps, refilling and setting them, rushing to get lunches made with everyone standing around waiting for me so we could leave for the shop. Usually I have my shake when Im making lunches....but I was too flustered yesterday morning.

Todays plan.....I think dd and I are going to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

Last night we watched Penelope!! Did anyone see it!? That is one of the best kids movies Ive seen in ages. Even my dd loved it!!

Alright, Im off to do something......I dont know what yet, but something (Im off) :D

Have a great day everyone!!

08-09-2008, 02:00 PM
Hi Coaches,

Just a quick hello. Going to a restaurant tonight so I'll have another chance to practice 'good' behavior. There are 2 possible restaurants and I've chosen something from each off of their online menus. Wish me luck!

shrinkin I do not have a non-scale goal. What are some examples of one? I must have missed this in Beck. Or not gotten to it yet.

Have a great day everyone!

08-10-2008, 07:59 AM
Diet Coaches – Berrio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil was on sale - just when we emptied our 3 liter can. Boy does that feel good - that has the same appeal to me as FREE food, but it's on plan, LOL. Only bought one extra 3-liters, rather than a basement full which would have bugged my DW immensely. CREDIT moi.

Robin (RobinW) - Pulling up my chair to watch the continuing saga of the mice; this is good. I suppose it would be polite for me to offer my hope that you settle this quickly, without disguising how much fun it is listening to the tale, LOL. Kudos for taking your DD through the learning stages of cooking.

shrinkin - Neat that you're flexing your Sue Antoinette with "Old me would have used the thought that I "don't want to disappoint them". Now, I am going to focus on not wanting to disappoint myself." Re Seven Questions Technique: hmmm... looking for a situation that stumps me - not wanting to do exercise doesn't confuse me - it's good enough for me to recognize the appeal of relaxing rather than taking action. My one excursion into 7 Questions was about my draw to FREE foods. I couldn't figure out why I was so drawn - even though I didn't have much money as a kid, that was so many years age. I ended up recognizing the appeal of FREE as a kid wasn't about money, and made the Response Card: "Eating FREE food gave me beat-the-system joy as a child. My adult joy is making the system work. I’m a doofus when I forget the difference." For me, the appeal of FREE food is similar to the joy of getting an extra candy bar from a vending machine when two fell instead of one. The Response Card has helped me a bit, although the initial draw remains strong.

freer - Kudos for doing your homework on the restaurants. Hope it's a fun time.

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ...
Your schedule gets busy. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-10-2008, 09:31 AM
It's a victory day today. OP yesterday in spite of all of its hurdles!

Ended up not having lunch out with guests. They wanted to plan to meet and eat lunch at 11:00 am (we finished breakfast at 8 and I had planned to dress shop from 10 to noon). The 11 am time was planned because they knew that their family member was going to surgery at 10:30 and they could leave hopsital, meet us and be back well before he came back from surgery. They also wanted to bring their almost 4 year old grandson with them. I had picked out two restaurants that serve great seafood so I could stay OP. Neither one likely to be great for a tired 4 year old. I just said, "This is not going to work for me." So, suggested they spend time with their extended family for lunch, and that we would catch up with them later. Or that DH would meet them but I would not. DH was NOT HAPPY with me. But, I had internally asked myself was it fair for me to totally interrupt my plans for guests that really weren't here to see us. We had not planned this visit. Even though we know them well and like them, they have never visited us to see us. Always only when they need a place to stay for a family event in town. So, should I have gone to a fast food restaurant at 11 am just so I would not disappoint them? Old me would have done it. New me, said "I don't think so." At any rate, DH got over it, they probably didn't really mind it. Had an OP lunch at home after shopping!

Found a dress for the September wedding! :woohoo:It was on sale and fit almost perfectly. (Hard to believe). Slightly snug at waist, but that gives motivation to keep on eating healthy and exercising. Now have to find one for stepson's wedding in November. More time for that, so a little less pressure.

Great pool work out yesterday. Squeezed it in between lunch and getting ready for 4:30 pm arrival at party. Credit MOI. Would have been easy to say "I'm too busy."

Pi่ce de r้sistance of the day was party behavior! Stayed with the plan for no wine until entree. Must of had 5 glasses of water with lemon or lime. Hostess really could not believe it, but she got used to it after about the 4th time "Aren't you ready for a glass of wine yet?" My taking the veggies and shrimp worked well too. Everyone liked them, but even more importantly, I had really wiped out some of my appetite by the time burgers were served. Ended up having only plain burger, no bun, small serving of fruit salad, more veggies. Desert was an incredible tort cake made up a neighbor. I declined, but instead had another 2 oz of wine. Everyone was raving about the desert. "Are you sure you don't want some?" "It looks delicious, but no thank you."

BBE-Way to resist the basement full of Olive Oil..LOL. Kudos for dealing with FREE FOOD and beating the system! I must have missed the fact that Seven Questions was for things that stump you. I need to reread that day. I thought it was just to organize thinking about sabotaging thoughts...not necessarily only those that stump you.

freer-non scale goal is only mentioned on Day 10, I think. Basically, it is something that allows you guage your progress that is not a direct link to weight. In my case, it is fitting into a jacket that was too small. Non scale goal is not essential, but it does help when the numbers disappoint to have a second yard stick.

RobinW-You must have some very clever mice! LOL on the "chicken plan" to keep daughter cooking. Kudos for getting her on your side on eating healthy.

Got to run. DH has breakfast ready and guests are waiting.

Great Sunday to all!

08-10-2008, 10:18 AM
Good Morning coaches

Had a great art show yesterday. I was very pleased with my sales and the reactions of people to my work. The rain held off until 3:30 and this caused the hobbyists, not used to selling outdoors in the rain like us, to scramble and pull down their tents and displays and DRIVE THEIR VEHICLES(!) onto the public park pathways while customers with baby strollers, cyclists, and people were still strolling by on the same pathways to see the art that was still on display! Hello :?: Where were the organizers? If I was an organizer, I'd have been taken digital pictures of the offending liscense plates, submitting them to the city, and having the city mail them a fine. I am sure it is against some city by-law to drive into a public park! Wow. Just was so amazed at this behaviour. When you fill out the application form for the show they make you promise, in big bold letters, not to drive onto the park. They also make you promise to stay until the end of the show, 5 pm. People. It's incredible. And once one starts, it's like dominoes and the rest just follow. I continued to sell well into the rain and right up to 5. Silly. And quite dangerous for those people trying to get out first.

Today I am preparing for the start of my foodplan that I will follow for the next 8 weeks. I am trying the Crack the Fat-Loss Code plan. 8 weeks of instructions to follow, designed by a woman ho was a marathon runner and body builder with all the degrees you'd want. I am willing to give it a go. I like a structured boost sometimes. It takes all the confusion out of it for me and I like being told what to do for a little while. I am going to give this a real go. The first week is very low carb to get the body to start using fat for fuel. Strict. She says after that nothing is restricted but it is conted and fit into specific patterns...

What this really says to me is that PLANNING is involved. I know from personal experience that when I plan ahead and prepare my food I am successful. So my plan is to follow the first week and then start at the gym a week from Monday. I'm expecting to feel crappy for the first few days--sugar withdrawal and all that. Will do one major thing at a time.

So I feel good. I have a plan and am moving forward. Now to find my Beck book! Sheesh!

Have a good Sunday everyone.

08-10-2008, 12:14 PM
Good morning coaches,

Well I am having a full blown attack of sabotaging thoughts so I thought I better get on here and write! Help! :)

This morning I am still at 7 lbs. lost. I went back and counted and I hit 7 lbs. lost 10 days ago! Now in the interest of complete objectivity (which my mind is not willing to listen to right now) I hit my lowest weight - 8 lbs. lost - 4 days ago. But really I've been between 7-8 lbs. lost for 10 days. I've been OP with the exception of 1 off-plan planned meal per week. I've been doing aerobics 5 hours a week. I even have taken 2 doses of an over-the-counter diuretic. Nothing. What is wrong?! :cry:

I know, I know, Beck says to wait 2 weigh-ins of 0 lbs. lost before changing things. By that calculation I have until this coming Friday. But this is getting under my skin and I don't want to eat over it. Any ideas? Can anyone share any similar experiences? Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :cry:

kuhl I meant to congratulate you on wearing your skinny jeans. :carrot: I'm sure that is quite a rush! Like most people who diet a lot, I must have every size in my closet. I look forward to that day.

shrinkin High five for that impressive party behavior! I'm sure it will give you more muscle for the next time a social occasion comes up.

onebyone Great to hear you are going to do some food planning. It's really the best way. Have you ever used There's a free online version, but I ended up buying their software for my desktop. Makes it easy.

08-10-2008, 12:37 PM
Morning all...I am back from vacation. I did have a wonderful one...spent time with my brother and neice. Then we wend to dh's family and did alot and had fun. After that we went to dd and sil's . I did gain a little but that is okay as we did eat out alot. I knew that I would gain some but did not gain as much as I thought I would. I am so ready to get back to some kinda routine until school starts. Well need to go and unpack. Will try to check in later.

08-10-2008, 12:47 PM
I find when I lose a lot at first, it may slow down to almost a standstill on the scale. If you have lost 7-8 pounds over a month, that is pretty much right on target (1.5-2 pounds a week). But, particularly with exercise, the body is likely redistributing the weight, more of it is muscle (which is heavier than fat). So, scale can hit a steady spot for a while.

Highly recommend you focus on some nonscale goals/measuring tools. I, too, have a closet full of sizes so it is easy to find something in three categories: snug but close, a little further to go (2-4 inches too small), and dreaming for someday. With the first category being clothes that are very close, I can usually wear them and watch them getting looser. Progress on nonscale goals helps me withstand the disappointment of scale numbers that may not reflect my real success. Go any clothes fitting looser after those 7-8 pounds? Got some that you can get into but not quite wear?

Other nonscale goals that deserves big credits are number of days on food plan over a given time period (you pick it...a week, two weeks, a month) and number of days of good exercise over time period. These are totally under my control (at least I like to think they are), wherease scale is an "out of my control number" that in my mind is simply unreliable.

If you persist, the scale will has to! Only issue is how long it takes. When I am discouraged, I just try to take it a day at a time.

I also read my ARC when discouraged...reminds me of why it matters.

Hope some of this helps you get thru this rough spot!

08-10-2008, 01:00 PM
OK, shrinkin, I will walk into that closet of clothes and find something snug to use as my non-scale goal. I guess you're right - 7-8 lbs. for a month is good.

Did you ever have this happen to you for this length of time?

Thank you so much for your words of advice.

08-10-2008, 05:11 PM
Hi, Freer,

Yes, my scale has been disappointing too. Weight this week on weigh in day, no change. Went back and looked at my fitday records. My weight today is the same number as 9 days ago. Difference is that nine days ago, I was happy because it was a relatively low number. Now, it is a relatively high number (In past three days, I have seen 1-1.5 pounds less than today's weight. So, I know wt is going down, it is just very slow). Seems pointless to get alarmed over a single number.

If you weigh every day, you will get a better idea of your personal pattern. I hear many people are relatively static, then lose 3-4 pounds, then go static, then lose a big amount again. People like me, bounce all around, but the trend downward is still apparent. Most important is to not let the scale convince you to give up.

Not sure if you have the book or the workbook...
"Be confident. Overall, your weight will go down, but it's unlikely to go down every week." ...Day 21, Beck page 175. Really great chapter!

Also, some good responses to sabotaging thoughts about scale on page 249:

"Reaching a plateau is a normal part of losing weight. I'm feeling discourged now becuse I put in a lot of effort. But this is supposed to happen from time to time." and ...

"I have a choice now. I can dwell on how unfair it seems that the scale didn't go lower. Or I can focus on how much weight I've lost up to this point and give myself credit fror all of the changes I've made in my thinking and behavior so far.

IMO, losing pounds is most impacted by diet and losing inches is most impacted by exercise. So, if lack of scale motion continues look at your diet carefully, but don't panic.

:crossed: Hoping we both have a loss on our next weight in day...but not letting that stop us!

Onebyone...glad you had a great art show spite of the rain!

angelmomma210-Horray for you not gaining as much as you thought while vacationing! Welcome back to 3FC...I am a newbie during your absence. Look forward to you sharing with us.

08-10-2008, 07:02 PM
Good afternoon!

Stuck on day 2.

I want to make sure I pick plans that are right for me. I think the commitment of it scares me. I know there are a few sites that have free menu plans and that they can be tweaked to match your preferences. Picking one means planning and I'm not good at that. I've been eating whatever and whenever for so long. I have not ever followed an actual diet plan, I went to WW but I never ate within my points. When I lost weight last time I followed the principles of WW loosely and exercised.

Being "on a diet" scares me. I don't want to feel like I can't have something if I want it. For example a cake was brought in for one of my co-workers for her birthday. Everyone was remarking how delicious it was and one of my friends sat in the break room lamenting on how she shouldn't have a piece...but it looks so good. But she hadn't followed her diet (LAWL) very good the last few days......but the pieces were small. etc., etc. She ended up having some and talking about wanting to have a Culver's cheeseburger and fries for the last 2 days. It just frustrated me because she seemed so tortured by it and I don't want to feel like that. Then I went to see my sister and mom and throughout the day they talked about the various things they've eaten recently and how "bad" they were for eating them. I hate that mentality. I thought it about myself so much in the past that I’ve actually convinced myself now that it's okay to eat whatever I want because I WANT "it". Well, I've managed to "WANT" myself up to over 300 pounds.

This is going to be hard! How many times do you have to read a response card before you believe it?

It’s been so helpful to read that everyone here struggles at times and it hasn’t killed any of you yet.
It doesn’t stop me from thinking that I may be the first casualty of dieting though!

Freer: I judged my success on a scale once. The result was gaining back the 45 pounds I lost and then another 20. An employee of the gym that I worked out at had suggested that I pay attention to my NSV. Unfortunately I didn’t listen. In the 3 months that the scale needle didn’t move I had gone down from a size 22 to an 18 and those were getting baggy, had lost inches all over, and had increased the speed on the treadmill by 1.5 miles/hour. But when I couldn’t get the scale number to go down I quit. DON’T GIVE UP!!! The scale will eventually reflect your success but NSV’s will keep you going until it does.

08-10-2008, 07:41 PM
OK shrinkin, I've got my non-scale goal. I measured my waist and am going to shoot for 1 inch less. Typically when I lose weight, my waist is the first to go, so I'm setting myself up for success.

I do not have the Beck book. I have the audio book and the workbook. I have glanced at the workbook, but mostly it's the audio book that I am using. The only problem with the audio book is that there is no table of contents! Doesn't seem like an issue, but when you want to go review a passage, it's somewhere across 4 cds and probably 120 tracks. I think I am going to go through the workbook and write the cd track next to the matching page. That way I can refer back to things more easily. This is definitely a book you go back to again and again.

Also, thank you so much for letting me know of your 9 day struggle! Sounds familiar and really really makes me feel better. Congratulations on the amount you've lost so far! Very impressive. You said you are a newbie here. How long have you been doing Beck?

goodnuff I can certainly identify with where you are at. I've done every diet which makes me just like just about anyone on this board, eh? :D I don't take well to really really structured things like WW. All that talk of points etc. makes me want to rebel - and I do. I'm just basically following a low calorie diet. The key here is pure Beck - plan your menu and write it down. Still and all, you need to be ready to do this.

My thought would be to read on past day 2. Beck really has some profound thought processes that are unlike anything I've ever read before. The biggie for me is that eating is not an emergency. Also her thoughts on cravings and 'it's not fair.' I just have never seen these thought processes broken down like this. Maybe as you read you'll discover the same.

I think it's great that she doesn't start you on a diet right away. So while you're stuck on day 2 and you're still afraid to diet, have no fear. The diet won't start for days while you begin to wrap your head around these concepts.

Thanks also for your input on those numbers on the scale. What is NSV?

Have a great evening, coaches.

08-10-2008, 10:26 PM
...Or perhaps, not so much. First of all, a gracious Beckie good day to all...

I have been embroiled in the Project from **** for the last month, but it has resolved itself at least for the present. The big d--- road block is gone; there is much that could still go wrong in the next 3 weeks, but for now, I am calm. I have not taken a single day off this summer, not one, and that is soooooooo not me. All this in the way of 'splainin' (which I know is not required on this thread) my reading quite often, but not posting. I have been reading; someone has to keep an eye on BillBE..;);)

I can't stay still after reading your post, Goodnuff. Beck says choose 2 diets, so you must do that. One that would "allow" you to choose any food you like is Weight Watchers points; calorie counting would give you the same freedom of choice. My suggestion after reading your concern about commitment and the "forbidden" food dilemma is to simply choose your first diet as "moderation", or "cutting back". It is so simple. Just eat less. Choose and eat exactly what you want, just quit before you are full. If you are hungry 3 hours after you have eaten, then you are doing it right. If you wake up hungry for breakfast, you are doing it right.

I lost 80 #s doing exactly that. I gained the 20 back by getting into that diet mentality mode again, but over the course of a year a half, many years ago, I lost 5#s a month, month after month, but just eating less. By eating slowly and passionately.......just less. And I enjoyed my food so much more. Nothing tastes as good as food does when you are hungry!

I said it a 1000 times. Life is to short to eat crappy food. Eat whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, you want, just quit before you are full. Stay calm and choose what you want. If you choose a Big Mac and it doesn't taste good, throw it away and get DQ....whatever. I have never had a Big Mac in my life, but I remember getting something to go that was aweful and just chucking it and getting something else. It won't happen often, and as Beck says, hunger is not an emergency, so just get something else.

Please consider it; you could get started that way, anyway.

Hello to all.

08-11-2008, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches – Lunch included an heirloom tomato on toasted pita bread with a drizzle of olive oil and basil from our patio. Dinner included DW's tomatoes diced with only olive oil and a little salt. August is my month to be fixated on tomatoes and olive oil. For appreciating the taste and quality of summer's fresh foods, CREDIT moi. Celebrating my one year anniversary on 3FC - but next month is the big celebration of one year on the Beck threads.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving toward the west coast. Hope the selling went well this weekend.

MaryBlu - Hello, Hello. Hope that being "broiled in the Project from ****" allowed you to tend your gardens. (Did you ever notice that the imagery of folks from Minnesota often refers to warmth, LOL) You must be reaping your harvest about now. Good to know that you're still out there even when not posting.

onebyone – Yay for the great sales and for encountering the people who appreciate your art. Amazing story of idjits driving on the sidewalks during the open hours of a fair. Kinda embarrassing to be a fellow homo sapien when the herd mentality is pointed out. Need a Beck type thought here, like, Rain is Not an Emergency, LOL. Wishing you well on the next leg of you journey on the "Crack the Fat-Loss Code plan." Methinks you've summed up Beck pretty well with: I know from personal experience that when I plan ahead and prepare my food I am successful.

angelmomma210 - Welcome back from vacation. Love reading both the joy of the adventures and the desire to get back to the routine.

shrinkin - Congrats on the dress - sounds like you lifted a big burden from your shoulders. BIG Kudos for choosing not to have lunch with your house guests. That's a big deal to honor your needs and to acknowledge the reality that you weren't giving up a joyful occasion, but a stressful occasion with a little seething resentment that could possibly end with everyone wishing they hadn't gone. OK, you tweaked me into rereading day 27: Master the Seven Questions Technique. Now to figure out how to work that together. ... to be continued.

freer - Congrats on the 7 pounds lost. RE "What is wrong?!" I can't improve on the advice from shrinkin. Neat that you've set yourself a Non Scale Victory (NSV) to direct your focus away from the scales. I've also experienced disappointing scale readings. For me, it works to plot the scale readings daily so that the trend is visible even through the reading plateaus. Keep the faith - you're winning.

M (goodnuff) – hmmmm... seems smart to dawdle a bit to address your reasons for not wanting to make a choice because, as MaryBlu suggests, there are plans that avoid the constraints that you anticipate as difficult. Personally, I lost my weight on my own plan with the attributes she suggests as "moderation." Then, after recognizing that a brief dawdle is a wise move to avoid getting into a bad place, it's useful to acknowledge that moving forward is your goal here, and to make two of the choices, using the limited knowledge that you have. Changes can be made later, as you can read from yesterday's postings, changes are being made by people with months of Beck experience. Good luck. Let us know what you choose. Would you care to share with us your major items on your Advantages Response Card?

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ...
You feel emotionally stressed. ... " Beck, pg 24.

08-11-2008, 08:49 AM
Happy Monday, Coaches!

This weekend was a PB (personal best) for me. On plan again yesterday in spite of special occasion, our 12th wedding anniversary, DH took me out for a dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. Based on internet menu, I picked a seafood restaurant. Had ahi tuna with some cucumber salad for appetizer and wild sockeye salmon for entree. It was wonderful! Entree had some mashed potatoes in the mix (menu did not reveal this). Tasted them (great flavor), but then left them all on the plate. Desert: had mixed berries while watching DH have their signature desert, twice baked apple pie and ice cream (argh....that was hard, second time in 48 hours watching others have great desert). Wine report: Hard to say for sure as DH insisted on getting a bottle. He says I only had 1.5 glasses. I was interdigitating water pretty aggressively; stopping the waitress from filling mine when she did his. CREDIT MOI for the no potatoes, desert choice and wine control!

Went to pool late afternoon and got in 35 min of hard exercise. Elbow still a problem and starting to have knee flare. Wearing an elbow brace when not in pool. PT again this week on Thursday. Not very enouraging so far. Recovery is going very slow.

Posted a lot yesterday (in part to keep from eating and keep my head into being OP). It is hard to misbehave when encouraging others to stay on plan.

BBE-Mmmm, love the sound of that olive oil and tomatoes. I envy your DW's great tomatoes. Our local ones have been almost nonexistent this year from the flooding this spring and summer. Happy anniversary! Like you, I am missing those posts from CoastalSue.

MaryBlu-Been missing you too. Happy to know that you are out there and will chip in some quick comments as you get a chance. Glad to hear that the "road block is gone". Will be thinking of you and knowing that you will be coming back more often when this period of stress is over.

goodnuff-I cant add much to the great advice about moderation from a couple of the best coaches on the board. Personally, I do calorie counting on line and like freer, use It works for me, but I know counting is not everyone's ideal way.

Regarding how many times reading a response card before you believe it. Not sure about that, maybe it depends on which card. If it is the ARC, I believed it right away because I only wrote my true thoughts. If it is one of the others that we all have to practice, could take some time. Would like to hear more from you on that because I think getting cards that work reflects getting thoughts that work. I do think the emphasis is on Practice, and Persistence, not on Perfection. You have succeed in past based on your post yesterday, you can do it again. Keep posting back, it is how we are all making progress in our thinking.

freer-glad you have a nonscale goal and will be generating some NSV. I like picking one that is "low hanging fruit". Sucess does seem to breed success. I don't use a tape measure with confidence (not ever sure it is in quite the same place). I do have a leather belt that I use to watch the waist go down. Not as satisfying as a number, but I can count on it.
Re how long on Beck: Today is day 33 for this round of Beck and I have lost from 215.5 to current of 204.5. I did start Beck plan earlier this year. I lost from 221.5 to about 208, but never found a coach (hadn't found 3fc, but had websearched and called several local psychologists without success). At same time, I developed problems with both elbows with pool exercise; I did not get help but stopped exercising. Scale went static, and I got discouraged and quit! Went off plan and gained back to 215 before I turned myself around again. So, you can see why even though I am doing well at moment, I see the demons of not persisting. I also know the value of the board and the coaches here! I am determined to keep on keeping on this time. That is why my avatar is the blue rabbit. It makes me think of the battery commercial...keeps going and going and going. Silly, but I think of it when I log on here. Much of what I wrote to you yesterday was me talking to both of us. :)

Onebyone-hope you are out there having a great Monday!

08-11-2008, 10:39 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Well I did it. Planned my food for the day. Big credit to me for doing this. I've resisted it for months and regained 10lbs for my stubbborn efforts to avoid this. For me, planning works like nothing else. Right now I don't want to think about food so writing it out relieves me of that. It's on plan, I just have to make it/get it/eat it and try to follow the schedule of food. The bigger change for me is that I am trying to eat smaller meals more often. Both criteria will be new for me re: smaller and more often. I tend towards the less often/way too long between meals and then the giant meal at the end of the hours without food. I'm ready though. Ready to try it.

This is a good week for me to do this. I can't go to the school until the evening as there is a class in the ceramic studio all week. I stay away when that's the case, going in only after the class is over for the day, and I can put that off for a day or two. I am just at home getting ready for the Women's Art Festival this Sunday. Really looking forward to that show. It's always good.

And next week I start my workout at the new gym. So things are falling into place after floundering for so long. And that, coaches, is what is interesting. You spin and spin your wheels, thinking nothing's changing, nothing's happening, why can't I get this, and then all of a sudden you are doing things you never thought you could do. DON'T EVER GIVE UP! It takes what it takes and if you have to try this and try that before you find what works, so? So what? There are so many ways to do this, to get healthy and get fit and lose weight. What's most important is consistency and making a plan that works for you. Figure yourself out, what personality you are, what you like and can work with/live with and then find something that fits you, not the other way around. And you know, if it doesn't work out, you are allowed to change it YOU HAVEN'T FAILED you just need something else. Go get it!

shrinkin Wow you are doing so well! Mucho Creditos to you! I absolutely 100% agree with you about success breeding success. We professional dieters have had so many negative experiences with diets and losing and gaining weight, something that should be "so simple" and to see ourselves never reach the goal or be able to hang onto that goal when we finally reach it can be very very soul destroying. Really hits the self esteem where it hurts. So we need successes badly! I am sure it's why credits in the BECk program come up very fast in her program. It's about success and seeing that we are doing it. And even if we are off our programs, we can still do things, small things, daily to be proud of. And from here, we can grow into what we want to be. You are proof of that! Awesome.

BillBlueEyes I have never thought of drizzling olive oil on a tomato. Wow. I know I have eaten tomatoes with oil on them, but never thought of doing this simple thing. Although I did make a pasta with olive oil garlic and diced tomatoes... Funny. My tomatoes are trying to grow in the poor light of my backyard. They are shaded by a pine tree. I, at least, have been spared the nightly raids of the garden by the black squirrels here. Whenever I walk out to the bus I can see a squirrel, cucumber or squash in his little hands, munching away on top of a fence. It's good to be a squirrel at this time of the year. My biggest heartbreak was when I had an allottment garden and I went out there one afternoon to visit with my beloved watermelons. I was growing a rare yellow variety that took forever to set (heirlooms take forever!) and there it was. One of two, plucked from the vine at half size, tossed into the furough with one bite taken out of it. This was the work of a groundhog, who taste-tested every item in the garden that year, but it was the melon that broke my heart.

maryblu Glad to hear your hellish work event is in a lull. I am in for some of that in a week or two myself. And how is your garden? What are you harvesting?

freer An NSV is a "non-scale victory" like getting those jeans done up comfortably... or for me, fitting easily into that hated wooden arm chair that I can't right now. I would have thrown that thing out except for the fact that it is a good indicator of my size. I hate not being able to fit into a chair! Ugh! It will be a huge NSV to sit in it, then I'll take a picture and out it goes! Decluttering you know?! Ha! ;)

goodnuff Hi! How are you today? You've got some really good wisdom here from the other coaches. I just want to encourage you to move forward in the book as well. Don't get stuck. You don't need to. We don't actually follow a foodplan until Day 15. And we are 100% allowed to "do it our way". No one makes you follow a diet of any kind. I think that cutting back is an excellent do-able place to start. Even something as simple as "no second helpings". Make that your foodplan. I was successful too with allowing myself everything I wanted, I just couldn't have second helpings. And it was three meals and 2 snacks. So there has to be an end to my food. No grazing. I have had meals of chips or cookies. So? It's not great, but it's what was needed somedays. So? Who cares? I guarantee you won't do that for that long. You will get sick of it. Oh and I did have a strict "no foods in a bag" rule. All food made it to a plate. Eventually I craved green things and fruit. When you can have whatever you want to have, eventually you feel comfortable enough to choose what you really want and/or your body starts to tell you what it needs. You need to get into the book and move along. I was deeply sensitized to anyone telling me what to do/what to eat. I took as a personal offense and what I decided to do was to be willing to erect structures around my food. I would not allow anyone to tell me anything about the food, but I could have a foodplan that said" no second helpings this week." Or "this week I will eat everything on a plate". Or this week "I am drinking 8 glasses of water everyday". Make one change, one habit, one healthful act and make that "your foodplan". When you get that done and see yourself succeed on your new foodplan, you'll feel good and want to do more, see what else you can do.

You can trust yourself to work this out. You will. As one of your coaches, I absolutely know that. Keep in touch, even and especially if you get stuck.

angelmomma210 Welcome back! Glad to see you again... looking forward to your posts.

RobinW How's the mouse battle going? Hope you're winning! I have ants and am slowly dealing with that. Hate seeing them when I least expect it. makes me wonder where else they are... hope you have a great day!

All the best on this wonderful August Monday to all the lurkers who read this.

08-11-2008, 12:00 PM
Good Morning :rain:

We caught one!!!!! Yah!!!! Hubby found him yesterday morning. I went out saturday and bought some better traps. These ones, the mouse has to actually step on the trigger to get to the pb! For what ever reason, they ate too gently on the others to trigger the little leaver. So far, no new evidence, and all empty traps still full of pb. Maybe it was only one wayward mouse in my house (I can hope cant I !?!?!)

I bought a big huge tomato the other too Bill, I just love sliced tomatoes on my tuna sandwiches. Adds moisture, without the fat. I dont have tomatoes yet in my garden, but I have flowers! :cb: I have LOTS of flowers on my zucchini plants, and a few peppers on my pepper plants. I didnt plant much this year, but hopefully next year I'll be a little more on the ball.

shrinkin~ sounds like you did awesome!!!! Great going!

onebyone~ looks like you are heading in the right direction. Great going!!

Have a great day everyone!

08-11-2008, 11:10 PM
and to RobinW, a sad note of country mouse caught is not an isolated an average year, I get 20, and lots more a bad year, I get lots more...and lots more only hope is to keep them in fear for their lives and in the basement and not on the main floor. I am allergic to cats, but am seriously considering a "ratter"type dawg. ...I am afraid for more comiserations, we may be reduced to PM-ing.!!!!

For those of us living and loving the Beck life, and that is all of us.........for we have had an awakening of sorts.....I am loving harvests of Cherry Tomatoes, and full-sized tomatoes of cool Minnesota varieties, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Beets, ALL the herbs (Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Basil, Thyme, Rosmary, Cilantro, Sage, Chives, Mint) Cucumbers, Squash, Zuchhini, our omnipresent raspberries, and coming soon, Sweet Corn!! Thank goodness SO is a vegetable gardener, or I would have nothing to report but an endless menu of flowers in bloom. ............. We all have our priorities. :):)

Love and encouragement to all........nothing is lost if we keep going!

08-12-2008, 02:05 AM
I want to say thank you for everyones input. I found it very helpful. I'm going to take the advice on moderation, and a few others and my first choice diet is going to be called The M.O.D Diet (My Own Diet). There are several things i can do that will help me lose weight so I'm going to start with a few and add more as I go.
Good night,

08-12-2008, 05:20 AM
Diet Coaches – Apparently, I'm the last to know about ONQI, but I just read about it in, of all places, National Geographic. A good summary from Wikipdia:ONQI

The Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center has developed an "Overall Nutritional Quality Index" to take into account both the healthy and unhealthy aspects of food. ONQI will rate every food in supermarkets on a scale of 1 to 100. The system has been marketed extensively on the web and in conventional print media and is soliciting licensees. The website indicates that the ONQI will be available "through thousands of retail grocery stores – on product packaging and point-of-purchase displays" in the second half of 2008, but as of February 2008, the website lists scores for only twenty-four foods. ONQI is intended to be an aid for consumers by "decoding" label information to allow consumers to make nutrition choices based on a sophisticated algorithm developed by a group of well known scientists and academics.Mixed feelings here. Feel OK with ONQI scores of , but a bit annoyed that peanut butter only gets 25, and dark chocolate only gets 10. Oh Well.

MaryBlu - WOW, that's an abundant harvest. My congrats to your choice in DH. You've tweaked my interest, what is a "ratter" type dawg? And thanks for reminding me of a core aspect of nature, mice breed mice.

onebyone – My sympathy for losing your prized melon to a groundhog - that's a sad story. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos for planning your meals for the day. You are so moving forward. And thanks for reminding me of a core aspect of Beck - "success breeds success."

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for the single mouse. Perhaps your mice are nutritionally conscious, so a blueberry would be four times more effective as bait than the peanut butter, LOL. (OK, I should just get over it.)

shrinkin - Happy Anniversary for a dozen years. Double Kudos for twice skipping desserts in your face. And thanks for "interdigitating" - I had to go look it up, LOL.

M (goodnuff) – Yay for the "M.O.D. Diet." Kudos for marching forward.

Readers – "… Then things likely become somewhat more difficult. ...
And you might come up with any number of reasons to stray from your diet. ... " [B] Beck, pg 24.

08-12-2008, 08:40 AM
Well, coaches, I fell off the bandwagon yesterday. Fine until afternoon when decided I "deserved some chocolate" for all good behavior and would only have a taste. I did pretty well in that I only had 2 on the tiny dark chocaltes (probably an inch long each and total calories of 85). They didn't really taste like what I remembered. Not really that good. Thought I could probably absorb these into my day without being over calories. Dinner Ok, but after dinner, recorded chocolate, and of course, was 84 calories over my plan. Still, no big deal. But then, I felt empty on some level, wanted something satisfying. Went for some pecans which normally, I love. First handful...not so good. Second handful...not so good. No taste enjoyment even. Asked myself, what I am looking for from this food? Whatever it was, it was not happening. Tried two or three walnuts. Still not happening. Finally, decided I should just quit. I kept seeing that picture in Beck book of the stack of calorie damage (shaped like a tiered cake). Kept trying to convince myself I had not blown it, that I could still work on my health. Feelings of failure crept in. Overtaken by sense that it is too hard to do the kind of eternal vigilance necessary. Went to bed upset with self and the world.

This am, looked at the cake picture of calorie slips (Beck pg 167). Total damage when slip entered this am: 375 calories over limit. Relieved to see that my 347 calories was still on the first "rung". So, maybe not the disaster it seemed last night. I will read Day 20 "Get Back on Track" in addition to Day 34 "Solve Problems". Still troubled by lack of understanding of what was the trigger. I was not emotional and was not bored. Could it just be an overwhelming "I deserve this because I was so good over the weekend?" Can I just be falsely remembering that food tasted better than it really does? So just food desire. Still not sure. Will try to reflect on it today.

Not an exercise day, but was a painful elbow day. That is another source of my discouragement. Also, work not going well. Have to deliver a completed proposal by last week of September, and I have essentially not started. Can't seem to get organized and moving on it. I start and then shift focus. Big stress in my life....and the clock is ticking.

BBE-I had heard of the Index only because one of the diet websites had something similar. I found myself saying "says who"? to the numbers. The extreme foods are easy, but the ones in the middle? Not clear how they decide it. Thought of you last pm when had a very tasty tomato. It is hit and miss here for tomato quality, but we hit upon a very good one.

goodnuf-Sounds like you have the beginnings of a great program! Taking a couple of ideas to start you off and planning to add more. That is exactly how it is done! :bravo:

MaryBlu-Envy that big garden. We live in the woods, so garden not a personal option. Thanks for the "nothing is lost if we keep going!" Needed that today.

RobinW-So, the score has evened. Robin and DH:1, Mice:1. We had a single mouse at our lake house last year. I was shocked after we caught the one, the damage stopped. It was chewing on blankets, towels, etc because there was no food in the house. Amazing that a single mouse can do so much. So, yes you can hope...but keep on setting the traps.

onebyone-Bravo for you and your foodplan! :cp: Credit for picking a good week to get started. Setting up for early success is a good idea. I like your comment: "And even if we are off our programs, we can still do things, samll things, daily to be proud of. And from here, we can grow into what we want to be." Pride spurring personal growth...great thought.

Onward to today! Got to be a better day today than yesterday!

08-12-2008, 09:57 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Well I completed day one of my plan and am now into day two. Had my breakfast, am about to plan the next 4-5 meals. It wasn't too hard getting in 5 meals. Did not make 6 meals. Not enough hours in my day! haha! (need to have 3-4hrs between meals ideally).

I had the measuring cups out, the weight scale on the counter, my measuring spoon hanging off the cupboard doorknob at easy reach. I'm doing it. 100%. I haven't chosen an easy plan. In fact, in my carb-depleted mind it looks pretty complicated, but as I move forward I'll see what it is really like by doing it. Am not judging this book by it's cover... the proof is in the pudding...
Many cliches apply!

I did not need to use No Choice at all yesterday. I just *know* I have no choice right now, for this week, no for the next 6 days. It's critical to stay on plan. My reward, and I cannot believe I am saying this, is to get to the gym next week! I am so looking forward to it! How did that happen?

Today I see the admissions person at the school to arrange my last year of school with her. Mostly it's to nail down my special project and its requirements and "what the heck am I doing for it?" kind of conversations. I have spoken with one teacher about working with him, last years painting teacher, and also have been emailing with a book arts teacher. Have not had a chance to see her in person yet. we have to do one large final project that is presented at graduation. I want a "blow their socks off" kind of project. I am secretly hoping to get a scholarship to another school for it, or maybe have it be the start of a bigger project that I could apply for a grant to continue it. This is what is pre-occupying me. The painting teacher doesn't have a degree and couldn't care less about that stuff. I didn't know that. So he has little wisdom for me in that realm, but my advisor today does know about all that. I am going to pick her brain on what I should be focused on to try to achieve those goals. Hopefully she'll be helpful. No one can actually tell you anything definitive when it comes to this stuff, but I hope to get a more solid idea of what scale the work should be, and whether making a large 16 x 20 book is more "crafty" than "arty". I need to be as High Art as I can be and that, for me, is tough. I like kitsch. I like funny. I like oddball. But I want to move further to see what I can do.

Oh my. Sorry to subject you guys to all this thinking out loud. For today I am on track and planning my food and my day and, it seems, my next year until next June's graduation.

Gotta go! Will be back later.

08-12-2008, 03:24 PM
Good afternoon, y'all! I'm happy to report that my health problems are lessening and I'm finally starting to feel better. And I lost another pound.

I congratulate all of you on the great job you are doing. I really think Beck helps us with all areas of our life if we learn it well.

Have any of you tried I really like it for tracking my food. It has a huge database and is very easy to use and best of all it is free.

I have been enjoying the bountiful fruits and vegetables that are in season now.

Have a good evening.

08-12-2008, 09:34 PM
Good evening, coaches,

onebyone I love the NSV of your chair! You helped me add one more to my advantage list. Fitting into smaller chairs! How horrible is it to go to a concert or event and they have those cheesy little folding chairs and I spill over into the next seat. Yuck!

quilter Welcome back! I've been wondering how you've been. You've been missed.

goodnuff Congrats on choosing a diet that will work for you. I love the name too! Great progress for you.

shrinkin Sorry to hear about the slip. I feel your pain, as you'll see below. Sounds like you're doing what needs to be done to get back on track.

First the good news. The scale finally moved! Phew! :carrot: I am hoping that I will learn from this bout of panic over the scale. As I weigh every day I am creating a weight history that will eventually show patterns that I can learn to trust without panic. Thanks to all of you coaches who really helped me through that one.

The bad news is that I ate off of plan today. Some thoughts on the road leading to this. I started off the day great! Finally hitting a new low on the scale.

No sabotaging thoughts all day until late afternoon. I was having a hard time with my hunger. It didn't seem like it was coming and going, ebbing and flowing, as usual. The dealing with hunger part of Beck has been a cornerstone to my success. When the hunger persisted, I became panicked. Not sure if panicked is the word, but it frightened me on some level.

When it came time for dinner I was alone (hubby is gone for the evening) and adjusted my dinner plans, adding more of the main course in exchange for some of my after dinner fruit. (eating unplanned food - mistake) This made my day's total more than planned but still not over my plan high of 1600 calories. (I give myself 1400-1600 calories per day)

I took a phone call in the middle of eating. I was so hungry that I continued to eat while on the phone. (mindlessly)

After eating I still had cravings. And since I am here alone (DANGER: nobody watching) I went and popped a bag of popcorn. Not on plan at all. It was like my mind was drowning out all of the tools I've been practicing and I didn't care! Then, worse still, I popped ANOTHER bag of popcorn and ate it.

I am really amazed at how I can just let my mind go into eating auto pilot. I didn't WANT to hear what the new me had to say. I'm especially vulnerable when I'm alone and I hadn't prepared sufficiently to set myself up for on plan eating in this circumstance.

I pondered not telling you, my coaches but then thought, wait, that would be just hiding this behavior. It needs to come out into the light. And so here I am. I am now going to listen to a few pertinent passages from the book. I WILL be back on track tomorrow. This I promise you.

08-12-2008, 09:48 PM
Im here :wave: struggling, but still checking with all of you.

No new mice, but we had a plumbing emergency the other day. Turns out we will need a new bathroom floor, and a new dining room ceiling. :( ...its soaked thru.

The silver lining in all this........Ive been bugging my husband for 8 yrs to get the toilet fixed.....his procrastination has gotten me a new bathroom :) I just dont like the money that is going to be involved in all this. Oh well :D

So this is one of those stress triggers (money) and Im trying very very hard to keep from eating the stress away. Is it better that I bought some wine? No probably not. Is it better than a box of hohos and a bag of chips....I think so. The lesser of 2 evils. I need to work on this more :sorry:

Its been busy at the shop and we've been spending our evenings in home depot and lowes. Fun-Wow :dz: So I havent really had much time to post. But I read what you are all doing everyday.

Im off to enjoy the rest of my evening.

08-12-2008, 10:09 PM
Happy summer eve to is a gloriously beautiful summer evening here.

goodnuff, I love your diet title! May M.O.D. serve you as well as it sounds. I do think that your being in control without the restrictions of most diets will serve you well for some long as you are patient and not glued to the scale and just stay content with a monthly net loss..whatever that may be, I think you won't need to suffer or feel deprived. I do know that if I wake up hungry for breakfast, that is a very good indicator I have been eating well and sensibly.

BillBE, I, too had not heard of ONQI; it sounds so like Nutripoints. I do accept that concept of a #..Nutripoints assigns points to a food based on nutritional value bang for the calorie buck, and lack of bad for ya stuff, like fat and sodium. It seems somehow "fair" to me..that even skinny people should eat healthy food......even if they can get away with the junk and the calories, we all need the healthy nutrional stuff.

As for the "ratter" type dawg; there are specific breeds that were bred to dig out rats. That makes me nervous, though, as I have visions of a dawg digging in my flower beds after whatever their prey of the moment is. Still tempting, as I not only have a mouse problem, but a Red Squirrel problem. They seem determined to chew up the wiring in my car. *sigh....the challenges of country living v. city life challenges.

Speaking of which, BillBE, have you chosen replacement trees for your Norway Maples yet? May I suggest the Autumn Blaze or the Sienna Glen Maple? It is a cross between a Silver Maple (thus fast growing) and a Red Maple (thus good fall color). Since both are hardy here in my Zone 3..stretched by moi to Zone 4, I know they would be hardy for you. I can tell you, I have had 3 in for the past 4 years and they have grown very fast; their fall color is handsome if not as early or as spectacular as all the native Sugar Maples I have.

onebyone, I have been speed reading posts, so I missed your post about the Ground Hog getting your melon. Will have to watch for that, as we have muskmelons up on the garden hill with the Sweet Corn, away from the scrutiny of our dear Karen, the wonder dawg. I am not sure she will be quite the protector of our property bounds that Bear was. It was his job to keep out all things 4 legged...and actually two-legged, as he took a dim view of Wild Turkeys passing through. ..

Keep the faith, all.. you never know what Beck trusism will strike you just right for the moment.

08-13-2008, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches – It's been a tad chilly these past few days, odd for August. Found a container of leftover dahl (as in curried lentils, not Roald) deep in the back of the fridge, maybe two weeks old. Apparently, that stuff lasts forever. After weeks of loving my cold lunches, I had the heated dahl to stave off the chill in my office. Nice. Speaking of which, it's been years since I read James and the Giant Peach. Oh Well.

MaryBlu - Thanks for the recommendation of the Sienna Glen Maple; passed that along to DW who will, of course, examine its status as local native. We're big on native these days as our area is so overwhelmed with Fragmites, Purple Loosestrife, and Norway Maples. Currently, River Birch is on DW's "short list." Will let you know.

onebyone – Kudos for having your tools at the ready, and Kudos for internalizing NO CHOICE. Good luck finding that project with "blow their socks off" yet "arty."

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for the plumbing leak. Yay for the new bathroom. Ouch for its cost. Kudos for staying sane and not trying to use food to salve the pain.

shrinkin - Ouch for the painful elbow. Double Ouch for the proposal hanging over your head - sending you good vibes to do one small thing to get started. Kudos for keeping your perspective for mildly overeating and for working on next time. Speaking of tomatoes: tomato salad last night was made with DW's own "purple" variety - unbelievably tasty. Makes me feel the end of summer approaching.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Congrats, Congrats, Congrats for health improvements, feeling better, and losing the pound. Love to hear another person raveling in the bountiful fruits and vegetables in season.

freer - Congrats on the scale movement. Big Kudos for facing the planning issue and the circumstances that led to eating off plan. Getting right back on track is so neat.

Readers – "If you just keep practicing the skills described in this program, however, you’ll do fine. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-13-2008, 09:21 AM
Good morning, coaches!

Yesterday on plan for calories. Worked a home made Bobli pizza into my limit yesterday. It was great with fresh mushrooms and onion and Canadian Bacon. Just a small amount of Wisconsin part skim mozarella and parmesan. I am not a pizza fanatatic, but it was a nice change.

I am also thinking that long term diet is going to have to include some level of foods that were formerly enjoyed. Yes, maybe even chocolate. Issue is really one of control and moderation? Have to think some more about that. As we have observed, thin people eat these, but they stay in control.

Went to pool early am yesterday before work. What a difference! Shared a lane with a great swimmer. He was incredibly smooth both arm stroke and feet. Water hardly seemed to move, but he sure did. Nice to see....and easy to workout in same lane. May have to consider switching to am swimming.

BBE-I missed out on James and the Giant Peach. From Google input, sounds like it is not quite my reading genre. :) Are those tomatoes really
purple? We can feel a change in summer here too. Already cool in the house in the morning even with the windows closed. Thanks for your good vibes on the proposal. I need all the encouragement of this task. I understand the role stress plays in my healthy behaviors and need to lower my stress level. Even DH has noted this to me in recent days. Like the quote for today..."keep practicing the skills." Applies to my recent history. A slip just means one needs more practice. Label it, move on and practice again.

MaryBlu-Sienna Glen Maple sounds lovely, but then so does BBE's river birch. I love trees. We probably have a thousand trees on the property, but we keep having to take out elms at the rate of 4 or 5 a year. Dutch Elm Disease just keeps getting them. We grieve as they come down. The oaks, hickories and maples are all healthy though.

RobinW-Sorry to hear of the plumbing problem, but kudos for finding something good about it! Pat on the back for not giving in to eating in the face of stress. Maybe it was only one mouse? :D Time will tell.

freer-Horray, the scale moved! But, bigger HORRAY that you have adjusted your thinking about the scale. Relying on it really will play with your brain. I don't get too excited about being off my food plan, if my intake still matches my limit. Not sure if that is right or not, but I cut myself that much slack. Otherwise, my brain goes to that all or none place which is bad for me. Kudos for noticing the mindless phone eating and the need to be more vigilant practicing control in the absence of spouse. Beck teaches the first step to dealing with a challenge is to label it. You are doing great!

QuilterInVA-Glad you are back and that health is better. :cp::cp: We have missed you on the board. Looked at dailyplate. It looks very nice, but right now, can't find the time to enter my past data from fitday.

Onebyone-Big credits to you for planning your food and your next year's work. Best wishes on getting that special project planned and done! Neat that you are looking forward to the gym as a reward.

Got to run. Breakfast and DH await. Happy Wednesday to all!

08-13-2008, 11:44 AM
Hello Coaches

BillBlueEyes It's chilly here too. We're going down to 9C tonight! Into the single digits. Ugh. It's overcast and thunderstorms are in the forecast again. I actually don't mind that. Makes me think I could live on the west coast afterall, in Vancouver. And I am happy to hear Roald Dahl in not in your fridge in tiny containers being heated up at the office. Methinks your posts would stop very quickly... That would be no good, for me, for you, or for R.Dahl!

maryblu Red squirrels are rare here. I have heard they are the smartest of all the squirrels. We have an abundance of black squirrels and some grey ones. When I first moved here I fed the squirrels. I love to watch them. One day one of them chewed through the screen door. I was upstairs and kept hearing the sounds of peanut shells cracking open. Came down, saw the squirrel, caught him red-handed, little paws in the peanut bag by the door. I yelled "You don't live here squirrel!" (which always makes me laugh...) and he looked up at me, froze for a second and went out the way he came in, through the hole in the screen (now duct-taped up). I still didn't stop feeding them until one day I went to the screen door and Kitty X was laying right at the door on the porch outside and a squirrel jumped onto her head trying to get to the door first for food. The cat went nuts, I thought "I've created a monster", and I no longer, sadly, feed squirrels. My sympathies for having a squirrel chew your wires in your car!

RobinW Sorry to hear of your money stress. I relate to that bigtime. It's great you realize that "food will not solve this". I am learning that too.

freer Oh I know how you feel to see yourself eating stuff you know is off plan, and to push aside everything you know about how to stop doing those things. I've done that a million times. I wonder if you are like me... when I struggle and finally get to my goal, like you when you finally broke your plateau, well that's exactly when I eat. I don't know if it's from relief that I got my wish, or anger that it-took-so-long-I'll-show-you, or just celebrating that I reached a goal. I never know but I do know this is always a danger time for me. Your experience echoes my own. I know you are back on track already... just put it behind you and move on.

QuilterInVA Happy to hear you're feeling better :) Glad you're back.

I experienced some of that wake-up-at-3-am-stressed-out stuff last night. Funny. Didn't feel like that when I went to bed. I think I am balancing everything just so and can manage all the things I need to do right now, just barely, and yesterday at my admissions meeting for my last year of school two things happened. I found out who my new ceramic studio boss will be. I met him once. Apparently he is a "prima donna" used to be treated well... and he may expect of me more than I am supposed to do. Actually, any change in that job right now is unnerving. With a full course load and markets on Saturday and Sunday until Halloween...those first two months will be tough, and with the new guy I'll probably be facing a few confrontations. At least I am anticipating that in my "worst case scenario" moments, found always at 3am. Of course it may be just great. I'm tucking that issue away until I actually have to deal with him right after Labour Day.

AND boy. Are artists senstive. Wow. I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to get a handle on a great project and wanting to have it lead me into a scholarship or funding or something and so I asked my painting treacher who had no wisdom for me. So yesterday I mentioned this to my admissions advisor, who has an MFA and boy. Apparently wanting to "go further" leads right into the conversation of "success in the world out there as an artist after school" and THAT is a minefield! I knew she was having a tough time. Galleries locally are not interested in her work. She told me that when the Ottawa Art Gallery sees her coming they lock the doors. She is extremely hurt and feeling rejected and cause her art is very personal, it always is, she is deeply hurt. I know, we are supposed to have thick skins. I know we're supposed to keep trying. I know but if your work is judged unsaleable by several outside forces? Very hard. Especially cause when you make these kinds of things you make them cause you love them, and it is hard to make anything else. BUT what goes with this is that there is no guarantee anyone has to ever want/like/love/value your work. Somehow you just have to keep going anyway. Believe in yourself. I am too influenced by market forces as I sell directly to the public and really try to please them and also please me. It's a constant compromise. Anyway, she was almost in tears by the time I left. She didn't want me to even think about "what's next" or to try to add that into the mix as I was working on my project this year. It was a minefield my friends. Yikes! And I think this also soaked deep into me and popped up at 3am. Nothing like seeds of doubt you can't do anything about to tie you into a knot.

And on the bright side, and something I can do something about:D, I stayed OP yesterday even with my foray out into the world. Today is the start of Day 3 Week 1 of an 8 week program. Yay! Almost halfway through week 1. I bought food for myself yesterday. Ate at 3-4hr intervals, small meals, wrote it all down and said NO to the urgings to have sugar. They just popped up. I know that I never want to do this week 1 thing again. I don't have it in me to do it twice. I know that. So it is critical for me to stick with it. NO CHOICE for real. And I find myself eating everything sitting down again. It's just what I've been doing. Very happy to see some of these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!

Everyone, enjoy your day.

08-13-2008, 11:53 AM
Hello Coaches

BillBlueEyes It's chilly here too. We're going down to 9C tonight! Into the single digits. Ugh. It's overcast and thunderstorms are in the forecast again. I actually don't mind that. Makes me think I could live on the west coast afterall, in Vancouver. And I am happy to hear Roald Dahl in not in your fridge in tiny containers being heated up at the office. Methinks your posts would stop very quickly... That would be no good, for me, for you, or for R.Dahl!

maryblu Red squirrels are rare here. I have heard they are the smartest of all the squirrels. We have an abundance of black squirrels and some grey ones. When I first moved here I fed the squirrels. I love to watch them. One day one of them chewed through the screen door. I was upstairs and kept hearing the sounds of peanut shells cracking open. Came down, saw the squirrel, caught him red-handed, little paws in the peanut bag by the door. I yelled "You don't live here squirrel!" (which always makes me laugh...) and he looked up at me, froze for a second and went out the way he came in, through the hole in the screen (now duct-taped up). I still didn't stop feeding them until one day I went to the screen door and Kitty X was laying right at the door on the porch outside and a squirrel jumped onto her head trying to get to the door first for food. The cat went nuts, I thought "I've created a monster", and I no longer, sadly, feed squirrels. My sympathies for having a squirrel chew your wires in your car!

RobinW Sorry to hear of your money stress. I relate to that bigtime. It's great you realize that "food will not solve this". I am learning that too.

freer Oh I know how you feel to see yourself eating stuff you know is off plan, and to push aside everything you know about how to stop doing those things. I've done that a million times. I wonder if you are like me... when I struggle and finally get to my goal, like you when you finally broke your plateau, well that's exactly when I eat. I don't know if it's from relief that I got my wish, or anger that it-took-so-long-I'll-show-you, or just celebrating that I reached a goal. I never know but I do know this is always a danger time for me. Your experience echoes my own. I know you are back on track already... just put it behind you and move on.

QuilterInVA Happy to hear you're feeling better :) Glad you're back.

I experienced some of that wake-up-at-3-am-stressed-out stuff last night. Funny. Didn't feel like that when I went to bed. I think I am balancing everything just so and can manage all the things I need to do right now, just barely, and yesterday at my admissions meeting for my last year of school two things happened. I found out who my new ceramic studio boss will be. I met him once. Apparently he is a "prima donna" used to be treated well... and he may expect of me more than I am supposed to do. Actually, any change in that job right now is unnerving. With a full course load and markets on Saturday and Sunday until Halloween...those first two months will be tough, and with the new guy I'll probably be facing a few confrontations. At least I am anticipating that in my "worst case scenario" moments, found always at 3am. Of course it may be just great. I'm tucking that issue away until I actually have to deal with him right after Labour Day.

AND boy. Are artists senstive. Wow. I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to get a handle on a great project and wanting to have it lead me into a scholarship or funding or something and so I asked my painting treacher who had no wisdom for me. So yesterday I mentioned this to my admissions advisor, who has an MFA and boy. Apparently wanting to "go further" leads right into the conversation of "success in the world out there as an artist after school" and THAT is a minefield! I knew she was having a tough time. Galleries locally are not interested in her work. She told me that when the Ottawa Art Gallery sees her coming they lock the doors. She is extremely hurt and feeling rejected and cause her art is very personal, it always is, she is deeply hurt. I know, we are supposed to have thick skins. I know we're supposed to keep trying. I know but if your work is judged unsaleable by several outside forces? Very hard. Especially cause when you make these kinds of things you make them cause you love them, and it is hard to make anything else. BUT what goes with this is that there is no guarantee anyone has to ever want/like/love/value your work. Somehow you just have to keep going anyway. Believe in yourself. I am too influenced by market forces as I sell directly to the public and really try to please them and also please me. It's a constant compromise. Anyway, she was almost in tears by the time I left. She didn't want me to even think about "what's next" or to try to add that into the mix as I was working on my project this year. It was a minefield my friends. Yikes! And I think this also soaked deep into me and popped up at 3am. Nothing like seeds of doubt you can't do anything about to tie you into a knot.

And on the bright side, and something I can do something about:D, I stayed OP yesterday even with my foray out into the world. Today is the start of Day 3 Week 1 of an 8 week program. Yay! Almost halfway through week 1. I bought food for myself yesterday. Ate at 3-4hr intervals, small meals, wrote it all down and said NO to the urgings to have sugar. They just popped up. I know that I never want to do this week 1 thing again. I don't have it in me to do it twice. I know that. So it is critical for me to stick with it. NO CHOICE for real. And I find myself eating everything sitting down again. It's just what I've been doing. Very happy to see some of these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!

Everyone, enjoy your day.

08-13-2008, 03:46 PM
Good afternoon, y'all! Cool and overcast today - makes me think of fall.

Freer - Congratulations on getting the scale going down again. I know those feelings of being alone and able to eat with no one knowing. Been there and done that myself. I was terrified after my husband died that I'd be eating all the time but I actually do better now because I have no excuse to have the wrong foods in my house and I don't have to cook foods on his renal diet anymore.

Robin - sending good vibes your way to help you avoid eating your stress. That can be a hard one. Won't it be nice to have a new bathroom, though!

BBE - Don't you know were experiencing global warming? That's why I'm sitting here in my office with a sweater on in August!

Shrinkin - I allow myself a fabulous dessert on Sunday - half the time I don't eat it but I can if I have a good week. These days I'd rather have some air-popped popcorn; sweets have lost their appeal. Even the daily food pyramid allows some discretionary calories everyday for stuff like that.

Onebyone - Congratulations on your day OP yesterday. The more you do it the easier it will become. I have a friend whose sister is an artist. It isn't easy but it's doeable. Then again, think about some of the great masters - unfortunately they weren't appreciated in their own day but now their works fetch millions.

I credit moi today for saying NO CHOICE to a hot pretzel to go with my morning decaf at WaWa. I was actually reaching for it and NO CHOICE flashed up in my brain and I walked on. I must actually be learning something!

I'm going to Curves this afternoon. Getting back into exercise is something I need to do.

Have a great evening!

08-13-2008, 09:39 PM
Hello Coaches,

BBE you are so lucky to have a chill in the air! We are approaching our 50th day of 100 + degrees this summer. This is the 3rd most ever recorded here. Note to Quilter: the global warming is in full swing down here. :)

Well I'm happy to report that I jumped right back on plan today. It was actually easy because my day was really busy. I've been in the classroom setting it up. Since I just moved into a new room, this entails unpacking 40 boxes. I'm through probably all but 5, but those 5 will be the 'evil' ones. You know, similar to that catch-all kitchen drawer of yours times 5.

Just wanted to check in...have a great evening.

08-13-2008, 11:34 PM
Well, all, I am having survivor survivor guilt......our weather has been perfect. Enough looks like early July; everything is still bright green.

Highs in the low 80s. We haven't had one day over 90 here, not one.

Just came up from a blissful swim. *sigh..

The farm girl is me is holding my breath with my farmer friends....just a few days and the wheat will be in.....corn could still get nailed by hail. ..just a waiting game.

Produce is away tomatoes like crazy.

Onebyone...still laughing at the best squirrel story EVER!

BillBE, River Birch is definitely on my short list, too. Just thought you were wanting to replace shade; that is never a quick process.

Not much Beck wisdom to share tonight; just too darned relaxed. :D

08-14-2008, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches – Have been skipping my lunch time walks recently due to scheduled meetings. That's not good; they improve for my attitude for the whole day. Need to work harder to get back to taking those. But on the positive side, another notch of progress in my fight with paper clutter. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the major sort and labeling phase. CREDIT moi.

MaryBlu - Yay for a blissful swim, and Double Yay for "Produce is away tomatoes like crazy." Yep, DW wants shade as well as all the other positive attributes of all the great trees. I jokingly suggested that she wants a tall Hosta, which really annoyed her.

onebyone – Kudos for "these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!" LOL, at Roald Dahl in little containers in my fridge - that's so Roald Dahl type imagery that appeals to kids. Ouch for having to be counselor to your admissions adviser; hope you find the right person to help you choose you killer project.

onebyone – Kudos for "these basic Beck strategies kicking-in again!" LOL, at Roald Dahl in little containers in my fridge - that's so Roald Dahl type imagery that appeals to kids. Ouch for having to be counselor to your admissions adviser; hope you find the right person to help you choose you killer project.

shrinkin - Yep, the purple tomatoes have a slight cast of purple (not the DEEP purple of purple bell peppers or eggplant). Kudos for another day on plan. Good thought to begin the process of including favorite foods before they become cravings. Dark chocolate is good for the soul. Perhaps even healthy, despite an ONQI of only 10. OK, so I'm not over it yet.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Yep, I know that sweater in the office in August thing; I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt today - in AUGUST, for crying out loud. Kudos for leaving the pretzel at WaWa. By the by, I love the name WaWa. People who shop there come to think of the name as a reasonable word, yet the first time I saw it I cracked up laughing.

freer - Ouch for the heat in Texas - the Boston Globe recently reported the long string of hot days in Austin. Just WOW. Kudos for "right back on plan." LOL at your "evil" boxes.

Readers – "… Dieting will become easier. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-14-2008, 06:53 AM

I forgot to comment on what you said:

I wonder if you are like me... when I struggle and finally get to my goal, like you when you finally broke your plateau, well that's exactly when I eat. I don't know if it's from relief that I got my wish, or anger that it-took-so-long-I'll-show-you, or just celebrating that I reached a goal. I never know but I do know this is always a danger time for me.

This is a really great insight to yet another reason I may have eaten off plan and there must be something to it. I say this because had I not finally broken the plateau, I would never have eaten. I will think more on this because that is ringing some sort of bell for me. Great stuff.

BBE I live in Austin. Would love to read the Boston Globe article, then again, I could probably write that article - I've LIVED it! :)

08-14-2008, 08:20 AM

On plan yesterday for calories. Did not watch water intake. Weigh in day today: down 2 pounds, offsets last week's no change. Average weekly change for 4 weeks: 1.12 pounds. No scheduled or unplanned exercise yesterday. Pool day and PT today. Still icing elbows without much change. BBE, Kudos on another round of clutter control! Hope you get that lunch walk soon. Adding back some favorite foods would be heavenly, but not sure that I cna handle it. QuilterInVA, Like your idea about the once a week fab desert. Not sure that I am ready for that, but when getting close to maintenance, might be a good plan. Kudos for getting back to Curves!

Hope everyone has a successfull OP Thursday.

08-14-2008, 08:56 AM
Well it's Thursday. So glad. One more day of this first week of my food plan behind me. It's not that bad. I'm getting through it, making the most of it.

I had a tough day yesterday with sugar cravings all morning and into the afternoon. I didn't act on them. I just stuck to my plan (the consequences of going off my plan only to have to re-start it are just too dire to risk it. NO CHOICE I am staying OP. Today too.) I've been eating better than usual and drinking my water. lots of this stuff --->:broc: dancing around in me and my fridge waiting to be eaten. The hard part is the planning, but it's starting to get easier. I tell you this is a 180 degree turn around for me. I am eating small meals 5x a day--6x if the day is longer than usual. Never stuffed full and never hungry. Dare I say it? Eating in moderation could I be doing that? Hmmm. Since I've never done that I wouldn't know what that feels like... maybe this is what it feels like? haha! Feels good today. My "normal" way of eating is eat big breakfast, don't eat for a long time cause you're too busy, oh! Starving! Eat lots (I am starving) don't eat for a long time... Eat lots! (Starving!). That's my normal pattern. So this is quite foreign. I guess that's why it feels like a lot of work. I am learning something new and that takes focus and attention. Anyway, I am still at it. Day 4 of an 8 week experiment with this food plan. Beck will get me through.

Gotta run. Will check in this afternoon.

08-14-2008, 11:25 AM
:wave: Im here........checking in. :D

08-14-2008, 05:34 PM
Good afternoon!

Day 3 down, starting day4.

I didn't realize how often I eat standing up. I knew I ate all of my meals in front of a tv and knew that wasn't ideal. So yesterday was supposed to be day4 but I realized that whenever I made something to eat I took my first bite on the way to sit down. Did it at lunch today too, but I'm more mindful of it and I guess that's when change comes in in.

We were supposed to be gone to a cottage with my Girl Scout troop but 2 of the 4 girls couldn't go so we postponed it. Bummer! So instead yesterday I was reading blogs from 3FC and was inspired to find out what my weight has done over the years. Yikes! My lowest was 120 in 9th grade. 165 when I got pregnant my senior year. 225 when I delivered. I'm not sure but I think I got down to 199 but by 1993 I weighed 235. Lost 17 pounds that same year on Jenny Craig. Weighed 246 in 1995. 260 in 1997. Lost 30 pounds in 6 months using Phen-Fen. In 2000 I was back up to 256.5. December of 2001 I wieghed 275. In 2 months I lost 21 pounds using phentermine, WW and working out. Stopped the phentermine but kept working out and WW and lost another 14 by July, 2002. Maintained that until November. No matter what I did the scale wouldn't budge. Back up to 252 when 2002 ended. And it's been a steady gain since. To my highest weight of 310. I hadn't realized how much I yo-yo'd until I read through all of my journals and wrote it down. The sad thing is that at every single one of those weights i felt fat, even at 120. The best i felt was when I lost 35 pounds in 2002. I know I felt so good because I was exercising regularly. Well that is all behind me now. today is a new day. Forward march!

Well my daughter is bugging me to use the computer so i'll try to check in later.

08-14-2008, 11:05 PM
Good evening! Just a quick check in tonight. I had a great day - went to Curves after work - ate healthy meals and logged them on The Daily Plate. Feeling successful tonight!

08-15-2008, 06:36 AM
Diet Coaches – Missed walking during lunch time again. Oh Well. But had a great walk after dinner while there was still light. CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving west. Think of you every time I see pictures of that other swimmer - the one who eats 12000 calories per day and is all muscle.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving west. Hope you still have some summer left before the rush of starting a new school year.

onebyone – Kudos for the fourth day on your new journey. Yep, planning is the hard part for me, too.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Wishing you waves of business to help pay for that new bathroom.

shrinkin - Congrats on the continued scale drop over four weeks. Good luck with those elbows.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Kudos for Curves and all the right stuff for another successful day.

freer - Austin is my favorite spot in Texas. Your football stadium is as large as downtown Boston, LOL. And it's terrific that you keep Lake Austin and Zilker Park so close to the center of the city. You people know how to live.

M (goodnuff) – Boy do you ever remind me how SHOCKED I was to discover how often I would take my first bite on the way to the table. I agree with your thought that becoming aware is the first step to change.

Readers – "…Cravings and hunger will diminish. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-15-2008, 08:32 AM
Morning coaches!

Another OP day yesterday. Successful pool workout. PT visit with some good news. Head of program has agreed for my therapist to work out a training program for me, if my Doctor agrees. Normally, the trainers do this, but with all of my joint issues, physical therapist would be ideal for me. Elbow problem with water walking as recent evidence. Who would have thought it? Hopefully, inernist will agree when I see her again in early October.

Yesterday was Beck Day 36:"Believe It". Made a list of my new mental tools from last few weeks for future use. Still need practice in lots of areas, but food desire and stress eating ID'ed as areas needing more focus. Looking forward to Today's chapter: "Reduce Stress".

onebyone-Betting that day 5 goes just as well for you!
RobinW-Hope things are smoothing out in your world. Mouse report? Have you picked out your new bathroom floor?
goodnuff-OH WELL, about all that PAST. You are learning some new skills now that will make things different for you.
QuilterINVA-WTG on getting back into your routine now that your health is better. Any more quilting stories to share?
BBE-Kudos for getting that after dinner walk into sunset! Hope lunch time trot works out for you soon.
MaryBlu-Smiling here for your great weather and your swim. We are supposed to be having some highs in low 80s and full sun this weekend.
freer-Slipping after victory is one of my downfalls too. Made it on my list of "tools" for future: "Persist, especially when victorious!"

Lake House with DH only this weekend. Should be relaxing, but easy to get in water time for exercise. Catch up with you early next week.

08-15-2008, 09:54 AM
Good morning,

Just a quick check-in....

BBE I'm so glad you've visited and enjoyed our city! My husband and I are originally from Chicago and we love it here. We wouldn't live anywhere else in Texas. I see you're in the Boston area. Talk about a great city!

shrinkin Thank you for that quote: "Persist, especially when victorious!" This morning was my weigh-in and I've hit a new low (11 lbs. lost) so I needed to hear this again. I will definitely keep an eye out for a 'victory slip' today.

08-15-2008, 10:54 AM
Hello everyone, my name is Amy, I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. I have just started working through the Beck workbook and am only on day 1.
I hope this is the right place to post, not sure....Anyway I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. Before I continue can someone confirm that I am posting in the right area?

08-15-2008, 11:26 AM
Hello coaches

freer :congrat: on your all time low. I too slip when victorious... make sure you plan some kind of non-food reward for yourself... awesome.

shrinkin That's great news that a physio will help you get your exercise in. So great you've got help to get you moving in a way that won't hurt you, just help you. I was talking to a friend last night who's put her back out. I thought she was on vacation somewhere but she's been in agony. I think she needs to work out to strengthen her core, and thereby the back too, (but I'm no pro..could be way wrong on this) but I do know that once you're in pain, it's a challenge to make sure you move properly so as not to hurt yourself by accident. And it really makes you want to not even try... to sit still. How frustrating is that? VERY. You are one tough bird to keep going. With an attitude like that, you'll reach all your goals for sure. Kudos!

BillBlueEyes It's good you didn't allow yourself the excuse of not doing your walk because you couldn't do it at noon. You made it fit your day. I'll remember this as I move forward into regular exercise as well. My schedule will be super-full very soon but this gym is in the mall I walk through to get to school 5x a week No excuse that I can't get there at all. None. I am aiming to get into the habit of going to the gym before school starts in two weeks. I have a free week to start me off on that. It's all good. Kudos to you.

QuilterInVA Yay! Happy to hear you're on track!

goodnuff It really is startling to see what we've done with our bodies. I have a similar history to yours. I never did weight loss drugs but I did get "vitamin B" injections into my abdomen fat and my butt fat and my outer thigh fat (the sites alternated because areas would build up with scarring and bruising over the 6 months I did this) all for the low low price of $420 a month. Wow. The things we've done. I've known people who did gastric bypass and regained their weight. They just stretched out their tiny tummy eating ice cream and milk shakes and such. Very dangerous. Others who had their ears stapled, a very popular acupressure fad from the late 70's. Starvers, bingers. incredible what we will try. Weightloss is really very boring: eat right, exercise, repeat. And yeah, I also have a real habit of eating standing up and on the way to sitting down. Very surprising to me too. That's why this Beck book is so great. She gives us many actions we can do to set us up for success in weightloss. Yay!
You're doing great.

RobinW Hi! TGIF!:carrot: Have a great day!

Well so far so good on this foodplan. I am sticking to it and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this first week. My really challenging days are ahead of me: Saturday at the Farmers' Market and Sunday on the road to an art show, then the day at the art show, then home. Long, tiring days, and the last days of the first week I never want to repeat. I may write out my weight loss advantages list and tape it to the inside of the top of the tin box I bring with me to shows. It has blank credit card slips and the little book I write sales and/or orders in. The box is critical to me so it's always near me, and if the Advantages list is on the lid there's no "forgetting" why/what I am doing this for...and how far I have come. It's much more than just 5 days worth of effort to be here at this point. All the searching, the angsting, the trying and giving up, then Nadine and the gym and... I start at the gym on Monday. Try and do that routine she made for me on Monday. hooboy. Will do my best with that. And I'll get to.... :swim: GO FOR A SWIM!!! And a sauna. I :val1: love :val1:love :val1: love the sauna. Starting at this gym is really my reward and that's so great. Such a change. I'm feeling good today. Hope everyone who reads this is too.

08-15-2008, 11:32 AM
Amy! :welcome3:

Hello everyone, my name is Amy, I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. I have just started working through the Beck workbook and am only on day 1.
I hope this is the right place to post, not sure....Anyway I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. Before I continue can someone confirm that I am posting in the right area?
You are absolutely in the right place. We are all either working through the Beck exercises or have already completed the book and are working at making all the exercises second nature... We use each other as support and encouragement and as coaches like Dr. Beck suggests. Glad to have you here.

08-15-2008, 11:55 AM
:welcome2: to the Beck board! You are absolutely in the right place. Great group of coaches here. Some with long term experience, some of us are a few weeks in and others just starting. Everyone contributes.

There is so much in the Beck plan. Many of us (including me) are new enough we are still needing practice. I am on day 36, but when I get to Day 42, I think I am going to restart at day 1 again. So, I will be very glad to have you posting about those early days.

You fit right in!:hug:

08-15-2008, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone :-) I am eager to get started. I actually had already started ww, with the South Beach Diet for back up. I am so grateful to have a place for support! I look forward to getting to know you guys better.
Thanks again for the welcome!

08-15-2008, 01:30 PM
Hi there everyone,
Back from our trip-we had a great time and I did really well with food and exercise and having FUN. Celebrating that dd and her cousins are old enough to "disappear" and have creative fun without constant parental intervention. In fact, any parental contact was when one of us would check on them or try to play with them. It was much more relaxing than 2 years ago when we did the very same trip.

So now, we both have colds, I am making plans for the weekend triathlon and my car is in the shop for BIG$$$$ repairs :( Head gaskets and then they keep calling with things that they have found. STRESSFUL but I keep reminding myself that it is cheaper than buying a new car and that I haven't had a car payment in a few years. Subaru is kicking in $750 toward the repair even though it isn't under warranty anymore since they have such issues with this. NICE!

We are experiencing a heatwave for us... it is in the 90's-tomorrow is supposed to be 99. I know that Mary is lol about me even commenting that this is "hot weather" but it is for us moderate climate peeps! :)

Not much else to report-I scanned the last few days and missed a few things like onebyone: what foodplan are you doing? What does "M.O.D." stand for?

So impressed that people are doing so well and checking in with the group no matter what. Off to pack up dd for overnight at grandpa's house so mommy can ride 12.4 miles on a bike despite a minimal training program to prepare (our goal is to finish the race but I still don't want to embarrass myself or my team!).

I will be stopping at the veggie market in my travels today for tomatoes-my mouth waters when you all talk about them-will find some good crusty bread and fresh basil to do the bruschetta thing like BBE does-YUM, I am salivating at the thought!!!

08-15-2008, 04:18 PM
Good afternoon.

What a crappy day...literally. Woke up, with a crampy belly, to sewer back up in the basement. Why couldn't I have had stomach issues yesterday? TMI probably. The sewer guy is here now. I had the same problem in March and a different company removed some roots, an icecream pail full. This guy sounds like he's sawing down there. It's painful to be a single, female, homeowner. I've had 4 different plumbers for 4 diffeernt jobs the first three either did awful jobs or were rude. Hope this guy is better.

BBE: I hope your schedule clears soon so you can get back to your lunchtime routine. Kudos for not letting it be a roadblock.

freer: congrats on your loss. That's GREAT!!!!

one-by-oneGoodluck on your busy weekend. Great idea to tape your advantage cards somewhere you'll see them often, when you are not at home.
hisbelovedWELCOME!!! I'm fairly new here myself and everyone is so supportive.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the bill will be smaller than I expect.

08-15-2008, 05:13 PM
Hi coaches

hbuchwald Is your triathalon this weekend? Wow. You go girl!:bike:

M.O.D. stands for "my own diet" I believe. A new member, goodnuff has chosen this for herself! Smart eh?! And I am following the "Crack the Fat Loss Code" diet by Wendy Chant. She was an athlete and this foodplan is supposed to protect your muscle mass as you lose weight. It's also supposed to help you break through plateaus (not a problem I have just yet). I've found an active board for this plan and have been posting there for support and it turns out there are lots of details the book overlooks buit the DVD does not. It is a hard first week. The goal is to deplete glycogen stores in your muscles/body to force the body to go use your fat for fuel= low carb approach. The first few days were awful as low caarbing always is. The next 7 weeks are spent carb cycling, with the promise of 2 "free food" days per week in maintenance... and the assurance that this way of eating can be forever. There's big hype about losing lots during the 8 wks but I don't care about that I just want to find a way to lose the fat and keep the muscle. I am willing to give it an 8 week go. It seems very complicated though:( Luckily I have a board to ask questions on and to read what they are doing... also, luckily, I understand why we are asked to do what we are doing. There actually is a big picture on this plan. But I can ahrdly judge if it works. Ask me in three more weeks when I am well past the low carb phase that pretty much guarantees weightloss for anyone.

The real miracle here is that I have found the willingness to try again. I wasn't sure if I'd get that again. I hung around here and put one foot in front of the other and wrote the crappiness out and things changed. but they always change... So if anyone out there is reading this feeling they'll never get "it" back, the willingness to try whatever plan you are thinking about, trust me. If I got it back, you will too. Don't leave before the miracle happens is what they say in another program... it's true.

goodnuff I hope all your plumbing problems are finally solved. What a horrible event! I am sure the last thing you feel like doing is eating but be on guard for when the stress is over... remember food will not solve this.
How does that saying go? "If I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have TWO problems." Hope your weeked is way better.

So I am here posting cause I felt SO:devil:TEMPTED walking past the stand where I used to get a muffin/coffee deal. They have these incredible chocolate and white icing covered huge cinnamon buns that I love. I saw them. Well, I didn't just "see" them...I looked for them and then took a great big deep long look :eek: and then I really wanted one.
Eye candy in the truest form.
I think I was trying to eat them with my eyes! haha! Well folks, kudos moi cause I walked away, diet cola in hand. I think this was one of those danger times cause I met with the new ceramic teacher and I instantly adored him. Really interesting great guy. Cannot wait to see what he has his classes make. Would love to be in a class with him. So all my fretting is gone, poof! And what I thought would be a problem is not and the relief! I cannot tell you the relief... and then I wanted the cinnamon bun. Wish I had my beck book! Can anyone tell me what would apply from the beck book to this? Gotta find that book. NO CHOICE seems to always apply and I used it here, boy did I use it.

Another factor in this was that I was way too long getting food into me. I ma eating every 3 hours ideally, 4 at the most and this was already well into 4 hours. I was hungry. And as a result I made too much food for my meal and I ate a few spoonfuls of second helpings and double serving of cheese 2 oz instead of 1. Not devasting in any way shape or form or even OP but I can see how these factors: relief of stress and waiting too long to eat caused the craving/obsession with the bun and then over making/eating once I was at home. There is a cause and effect.

08-15-2008, 10:51 PM
I am so pleased about our new team of Beckies, and pleased to see posts from old friends as well.

Heidi, not laughing at your post about temp. I had so puckishly posted two or three nights ago about our great weather and my friend with the wheat crop to harvest...waiting......not to exhale......but for it not to hail....... ....yeah........rrrrright. I was driving home last night and heard on MPR that there was a storm right in her area....severe thunderstorm and hail.......thought her this morning........and ......yes.......her wheat crop was major hail damaged. She and DH were going to harvest it this coming Monday......and it got nailed last night...*sigh..

Bill BE, heard about rare tornado warning in NYC today......didn't get up to Boston, though, ???

Hope to hear everyone is doing well and working the my Beck team.

08-16-2008, 01:49 AM
Hi there coaches,
Maryblu: that is so unfortunate for your friend with the wheat crops-I hope that more is salvagable than they think now...

onebyone: Your words inspire me-thanks for sharing your path! Very impressive that you won in the staring contest between yourself and that cinnamon roll-WOW!!! Thanks for clarifying "my own diet' and also the plan that you are on. I look forward to continue reading about your experience with it!

Tomorrow our team goes to check in for the triathlon-I will park my bike in the transition area and we will scope out the course and collect freebies at a little expo. FUN! I THINK I can ride 12.4 miles over I-90 with a bunch of other people doing the same.... I can ride 12.4 miles on the trails around here and in my neighborhood.... I will really believe that it will transfer when I see it! It will be a real rush when I finish (wrote "if" and deleted and replaced with "when")...

Starting to gear up for school starting and a lot of busyness. I want to keep the calm in my head even amidst chaos when school starts. Journaling helps and so does purging a bunch of "stuff" (thanks BBE for sharing your success with this-it really does help me feel more in control of my life when I organize and get rid of what is not needed).

Goodnight coaches!

08-16-2008, 05:54 AM
:welcome: Amy (HisBeloved) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post on, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck? And how did you find our discussion group here?

08-16-2008, 06:53 AM
Good Morning Beckster Coaches

Can only write a few sentences. The car is packed and I ahve to get ot the amrekt extra early (by 6:30am) so I can set my booth in the crafts building back up. I had to remove all contents for the Garlic Festival last weekend at the amrekt since I wasn't participating and went to Art in the Park instead. It's not hard, just tedious. Alas.

Just ate my breakfast and have planned my food for the market: veggie omlette at 8:30, cheese and sliced turkey at 11/11:30. And next meal to be had at home. I, of course, weigh everyday and I am up .6. I also found others telling what they have lost at the exact same point of the plan as me and they have lost double what my scale says. Wish I didn't know this. I tell myself" it's not a race. It's an 8 week tryout and you aren't even done 1/8th yet so no comparing." Do I feel better? yes. Am I eating better? yes. Is there any weightloss? yes. No problem.

Gotta run. Looks like a hot humid sunny day for today. Yikes! Better grab my fan...

Have a great Saturday. Will check in when I get home to keep me OP while I am there. See ya!

08-16-2008, 06:58 AM
Diet Coaches – Small successes: DW placed a HUGE bowl of pasta salad on the table for dinner. I served myself a normal portion. Ate it. And, to my delight, didn't feel a strong Desire for seconds just because it was sitting there. CREDIT moi. And Yay for the small changes in lifestyle that make it feel like this Beck stuff is working.

MaryBlu - Ouch for hail on your friends wheat crop - I share the hope that some is salvageable. Nope, tornadoes didn't make it to Boston, but we continue to have daily severe thundershowers. They're rather brief, with lots of thundering warnings, and torrential rain fall each time. We're a bit damp around here.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Welcome back from your East Coast vacation with Big Kudos for eating on plan in the land of Clam Chowder and butter on your lobsters. Ouch for both colds and car repairs. LOL as my mouth drools as I read your comment on previous discussion of tomatoes. However, it's kinda nice to be drooling about a vegetable. Good luck on your triathlon.

onebyone – Kudos for staring down the cinnamon bun. Double Kudos for the insights about your eating and longings. Continue to be enthralled with your new journey. Sending my best supportive thoughts as you march forward.

shrinkin - Neato for day 36: Believe It. That remains a big one for me as I feel that I exaggerate the danger of the slippery slope. I read my one-line version of the Believe It manifesto every day, not being clear whether my exaggerated fear is what's making Beck work for me or is holding me back. Kudos for working your physical therapist and internist to get what you need.

freer - Congrats on the new low. And good luck standing down the "victory slip." Yep, Boston is one fine city; I love it here.

M (goodnuff) – Ouch for the travails of dealing with plumbers for emergencies. Sending supportive thoughts as well as sympathy for fighting it as a single homeowner. For what it's worth, my experience with plumbers as a married homeowner isn't that great, but differing in that I get to vent to DW at the frustration with both work quality and attitude. For non-emergency work, I've had better success - but always, ALWAYS at a dear price. I may make plumbing my retirement profession just to stoke my greed, LOL.

Amy (HisBeloved) – Yep, you are posting in the right area. I wandered 100 yards into North Carolina last summer via a short hike along the Appalachian Trail from Tennessee. Need to get back and see more of NC.

Readers – "… You’ll learn better ways to deal with stress. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-16-2008, 09:11 AM
Thanks again for the welcomes. I actually stumbled upon a book review for the BDS on amazon, and saw so many overwhelmingly positive reviews I figured i'd give it a shot. I then did a search on google and found this support board. I had visited this site in the past while on WW.
I actually stopped weighing myself two years ago, because if the number wasnt where I wanted it to be it would send me into a deep depression for at least a week straight. I used an old scale a friend gave me until I could find mine (packed away from a move) Well I weighed myself this morning and I actually weigh 5 pounds more than my friends old scale said, so I am struggling a bit with discouragement, self loathing etc...I have gained 15 pounds since the last time I weighed myself a year or two ago.
I am about to sit down and complete my day two entry now.
I will check in later!
Thanks again for the welcome!

08-16-2008, 11:19 AM
Good morning, y'all.

Amy - so glad to have you join us. Instead of beating yourself up for gaining weight, give yourself credit for doing something about it. Weigh yourself on the same scale, wearing (or not) the same thing, at close to the same time every day. Don't expect a loss everyday and some days you might even see a gain. It's what you lose over the course of a week that counts. We're here to help you.

BBE - Credit you for passing up on a second helping of pasta salad. I can't have pasta salad or potato salad in the house or I pick at it until it's gone. So I only have it if I'm at someone's house.

Goodnuff - I know where you are coming from. I'm a widow. I got me a home repair manual and so far I've managed to change the float in the toilet so it quit leaking, changed out an electrical outlet that was caput, and when the hot water heater sprang a leak I was able to hook up the hose and get it emptied and the water turned off until the plumber came. My next job will be a new ceramic tile floor in the downstairs bathroom.

OneByOne - NEVER compare your weight loss to someone else. Each body is unique. You could have the same starting weight and eat exactly the same food and do the same exercise as someone else and not lose the same amount. You seem to think the weight should fall off rapidly - that is not healthy. The weight didn't come on overnight and it won't go that fast either. Focus on making lifestyle changes and a diet you can live with forever and the weight will come down.

Well, I'm off to Curves. Have a good day!

08-16-2008, 06:57 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches.

QuilterInVA Thanks for your concern.:hug: I do know bodies are different and work differently. It's in my nature to be competitive. That's why comments like " I did this/lost this/won this" can always "get" me. I notice that, and acknowledge that it gets me because I want that too ie. it is important to me. That's all. And I have to keep working toward getting whatever it is that's been triggered... And then it rolls off me. Waste of energy to dwell on that for sure! And yes, I have been dieting for years and am on the path to a lifelong change. It all takes time and effort. We each get there in our way, uniquely, like our bodies! Enjoy Curves today...

HisBeloved Sorry your weight has gone up since you last checked, but it's a new day and a new start and you have to start somewhere... this is a great place to do that!

BillBlueEyes Thanks for the good wishes. It must be helping. Had to ignore many and varied things in the grocery store, especially as I was shopping while hungry AND plagued by feelings of "entitlement" as I "worked so hard, got up so early ....." blah blah blah. Said no to everything but what is on my foodplan for the day (and THIS is why planning in advance is soooo good for me). Some tricky behaviour did sneak in as I did eat to more than "satisfied" and close to "really full" but stopped short. I believe this deserves 1/2 Kudo as I did stop:?: Anyway will adjust for it when I sense how I feel for my next meal in 1.5 hrs. I am actually really enjoying this WOE of the many mini meals. It's work for sure getting used to this, but it is exactly the thing I have been angling to try, and to see myself doing it is really great. Kudos moi for this.

hbuchwald I too am gearing up for back to school. But it gets easier to plan with so many obligations. Your time is really accounted for. Structure is built in. It's more about finding the time and the energy to get everything done! Can't wait to hear about your triathalon experience!

maryblu Wow.Sorry to hear your friend had hail damage. Farming is precarious business. The farmers at the market are always talking weather. this year wiht all the rain it's been really tough for them to get the haying done. It needs to dry in the sun and if you cut it and it rains it will rot...and then they have to buy it. It sounds like such a simple thing, to dry out hay, (literally to make hay while the sun shines) and it's not. Quite the risky venture farming is. We need to do whatever we can to support these folks.

So, I'm back from the market. Such an early start. I stuck to my plan and ate my small meals at the proper intervals and what was neat was that my body was actually hungry at the 3 hr interval. Ideally it's 5 or 6 mini meals over the course of a day. My body was actually craving food and I checked and it was almost exactly 3 hours since I had last eaten. Wow. I didn't get to eat until another 1 1/2 hours later so I ended up eating a large meal and not a mini meal, but that's okay. I still ate the proper foods and did not have foods offplan today. This morning I got an omelette at the market and it came with a croissant. I had to say no to the croissant and the slice of pineapple. And I did. Kudos moi. I have to get to work now. Working on more stock for tomorrow's out of town show. Hope I can get it all done. I'll sleep when the show is over... or in the car on the way there and back!

Bye for now.

08-17-2008, 08:11 AM
Diet Coaches – For lunch I finished off three leftovers that weren't a meal in themselves but were nearing their life expectancies in the fridge. For tending to my environment, CREDIT moi. Good long walk in the afternoon that included walking right past Whole Foods without going in to graze upon their FREE samples. CREDIT moi for making that choice. Just reminds me that refusing FREE samples right under my nose is MUCH harder than just not going near the samples. That's so blatantly what Beck suggests, and, just as blatantly, what I seem to be ever so slow in getting into my intuitive thinking. Oh Well.

onebyone – Big Kudos for refusing the croissant - especially if it was already paid for and therefore FREE. Semidos for stopping short of "really full".

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Continued Kudos for your continued trips to Curves. I know that notion of only having something at someone else's house to avoid the nibble-it-till-done syndrome.

Amy (HisBeloved) – Ouch for the disappointment in the scale reading. Switching scales always gives a jump in weight - can be either up or down. Dealing with the disappointment of scale readings consumes several of the days in the 42 day Beck program. Oh Well. You can begin your journey with that reading on that scale. Neat that you're doing day 2: Pick Two Reasonable Diets. Are you doing Weight Watcher again? What's your second?

Readers – "… Your thinking will change. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-17-2008, 10:21 PM
Evening coaches!

BillBlueEyes Many kudos to you for not indulging that "it's-free-so-it-doesn't-cost-me-anything" thinking fallacy. We both know if we aren't supposed to have it, it doesn't matter what the price... it'll cost us peace of mind, calories, self-loathing and doubt in ourselves. Not worth the freebie. Kudos for walking too.

I am happy to report I stayed on plan today while away at a show credit moi. The show was way down from last year and other years. I just kept busy working on some new stuff instead of stuffing myself over the slow sales. I did get a nice pair of earrings to celebrate staying OP all this week and planning ahead. I think that could be a foodplan in itself: the "plan your food food plan". It really works to keep me OP.

Well tomorrow I go to the gym. Don't know if i'll go before or after a few hours at the school. Probably after so i don't have to feel the pressure of hurrying to get there or having to cut it short.

iAnd it sure was quiet here today. I think people are busy getting some summer fun in before we head into back-to-school and the fall... it's all coming up so fast!

08-18-2008, 06:48 AM
Diet Coaches – One small thing: At fellowship hour a late arrival to the snacks table was a tin of super quality, individually wrapped, raspberry filled, dark chocolates. I pounced on one. Yummy. The big deal is that I had already passed on plates of home made cookies, so I had the "one treat" of my "food food plan" in reserve. CREDIT moi. And, I pounced on one, not two or three. CREDIT moi again. It seems that when I'm living the image I have of myself, it's easy to stay there and to revel in its rewards. Likewise, when not living the image, it's very easy to continue off-image and just kick myself again for failing. That feels like such an important thought for me, although it's just my version of "It's easier to stay on plan than to get on plan."

onebyone – LOL at the PYFFP diet ("plan your food food plan.") hmmm... not sure that zillions can be made here with that acronym, but I like the thought. Kudos for staying busy arting rather than eating during your slow fair. Big Kudos for continuing to plan, plan, plan. Good luck at the gym.

Yep, a tad quite. My intuition tells me that half of the Matadors went to the beach to put in a strong swim in waning August. And half took an early hot air balloon ride over their favorite savanna. The other half found a cheap round trip to Paris to buy their fall clothes and try the new restaurants on the Left Bank. And the last half climbed the local mountain to meditate during a cloudless sunrise. Perhaps my intuition tells me this because I spent my weekend doing chores that must be done before the end of August and, for lack of planning, I was desperately attending.

Readers – "… In fact, you’ll get to the point where you’ll react differently when you see food you know you shouldn’t eat. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-18-2008, 09:02 AM
Yes, I will be doing ww again flex plan, with the core plan as back up. wW has always worked for me now it is just a matter of working on some of the emotional ties to food. I think the BDS will be a wonderful companion to ww.
I am working on day four today in my workbook. I am not actually reading the book just working through the workbook.
So far so good, I am feeling hopeful.

08-18-2008, 11:37 AM
Hi there coaches,
I did IT! I rode the 12.4 miles and did a LOT better than I thought I would also. I stayed on my bike the whole time (there was a spot where they said not to feel badly if you have to get off and walk it since it is uphill, switchbacks, and SINGLE file...). It wasn't as bad as the image in my head was and I was able to ride. After I convinced myself that I could actually finish the course, the competitive side of me kicked in...I started to go for it a bit more. I told my team that I estimated that I could do it in an hour and I did it in 45 min. Yahoo! We all did much better than we expected and plan to do it again next year. What a rush and what an inspirational event. There were women of all shapes and sizes and ages doing the triathlon-many doing all three legs. It was a "goosebump" kind of day. There was a huge team of cancer survivors as well. I loved the whole vibe of everyone being so supportive and the event being doable for elite athletes to get their needs met as well as newbies like me! Must bring dd to it next year for the visual of all kinds of bodies in spandex (and other stuff but mostly spandex) feeling so great about their accomplishments and no judgements about looks, etc...

So I have my steel cut oats on the stove cooking now and will wake dd up soon to pick up million dollar car... :) We will play a bit and I will get into my classroom to begin getting set up.

I went over my ARCs today, am planning my food and some exercise and will be sitting when I eat and will eat slowly...the structure of school is BEGINNING to sound appealing now... still enjoying what I have left of summer though-til the very end!!!

Have a great day coaches!

08-18-2008, 12:05 PM
Off plan for calories by around 400 both Sat and Sunday, both occuring after dinner with food desire kicking in. :( Food did not satisfy....thought I wanted chocolate, but didn't taste good. OH WELL for disappointment with self. Maybe though I am learning that food is really not that satisfying.

Back on track this am and determined to stay that way all day. Back to taking it one day at a time.

More water exercise that usual both Sat and Sunday. Credits for that! At least an hour each day...maybe more as I stopped watching the clock. :swim:

Sunset boat ride last night was awesome. Water quiet, no boats out...just us, the birds and the sky. Inspiring.

BBE, onebyone, and HisBeloved- :high: to each of you for your OP day yesterday!

BBE-thought of you on Saturday when I picked up some spectacular golden cherry tomoatoes....and Wisconsin corn finally in!!
Hbuchwald-:woohoo:for your great bike ride. :bike2:You rock!

Work at hand and must go!

08-18-2008, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon coaches

shrinkin Way to go on the swimming! And yeah, sometimes it doesn't matter what I eat it just doesn't do it for me either. There's a saying this reminds me of one bite is too many and a million are not enough. Have a great OP day!

hbuchwald Sounds like the wheels on your wagon are moving forward full speed again! SO THRILLED to hear how well your triathalon went! Mucho kudos for finishing and for discovering you're in better shape than you thought! Awesome sister! Awesome.:hug:

HisBeloved I also just used the work book. It was everything I needed.
The two WW plans are good ones. Glad to see you're moving forward. It really doesn't matter what foodplan you do if you self-sabotage yourself at every turn. So glad Beck is around to help us stick to our plans, whatever they may be.

BillBlueEyes "… In fact, you’ll get to the point where you’ll react differently when you see food you know you shouldn’t eat. …" Beck, pg 24 and "It's easier to stay on plan than to get on plan."
Yeah I think the whole business of kicking yourself when you're down as in "I went off plan-idiot how did that happen/why did I do that?-and then the OH WELL (inappropriate use of Beck here haha!) I already wrecked it/can't do it/always fail so I may as well have more of food X or why not go and get food Y that I've been thinking about hmmm...?.... is really critical to get a handle on. Situations like yours illustrate that we can be different around food as the quote from Beck says. It is true, we will react differently to food we know we shouldn't eat. I no longer feel mad I can't have it, like a tantrum, feeling deprived. I no longer want to "show them" or feel sad. Food hasn't been so tightly connected to my emotional self lately. I don't know if this will last, food and I have a long history together, but for this past week it was different. And I shopped differently. Many varied veggies and planning for veggies mostly. All new. I feel a littleout in left field but that's good. If you keep doing the same thing you get the same results and I am looking for something different. I hope you get some summer fun in too! BTW are there beaches to go to in the Boston area? What do Bostonians love to do, or where do they love to go in the summer??

What a sticky day out there today. It was really hot with the sun but the sun's gone now and a severe weather warning for thunderstorms flashed on the tv.
It's the usual.

So. I got through week one, am happy to be in week 2 of this plan. The food variety increased three fold. I managed to lose some weight this past week and these are two reasons for a woohoo dance. I look like this when I do it--->:carrot: ...

I was going to get to the gym today but we got back home from the show late, the car was still packed this morning, I had to straighten out my new foodplan for today, as it changes today, and I made a grocery list so I have what I need for the week and wanted to get that done before the car went back at 2pm. Oh and I had to get to the school for 9am to meet someone who was helping me repair a table in the studio. Rush there, rush back. No gym and not sure what my food should be like around exercising. I have info on that from nadine the trainer and within the foodplan so I need to read up before I go TOMORROW. Busy. Always busy.

08-18-2008, 04:57 PM
...sort of. insofar as packing, cleaning out a wrecked house, and hauling boxes and boxes of garbage and clutter for amvets is similar to fall shopping on the west bank, then yep! that's what i was doing. ;)

it's been a rough one. the house up in dayton was an absolute disaster. dh had a major meltdown while cleaning up the house - finally confronting some nasty, long-term shenpa scratching in his own, inimitable way. he's completely sworn off his vice because it doesn't work for him anymore, but he's been demoralized and feeling extremely disappointed in himself. it has become abundantly clear to me that feeling demoralized and disappointed are so very powerful and so very unhelpful. it's clearer to me when it's me feeling demoralized and disappointed that i just need to let it go and move on.

during this past week, i spent every waking moment working, and barely thought about food until i realized i was starving. once i'd start eating though, i'd get almost bored with it and as soon as i could i'd stop to get back to what i was doing. so even without any meal planning or cooking, and a lot of off-plan food, i still broke even weight-wise. it's nice to know that i can take periodic breaks from dieting when i need to focus on something else, and come right back to it undamaged. did yoga today but i'm on a running hiatus until my aggravated sciatica calms down.

still have many miles to go before i rest. i had a cake order due yesterday for a shower (picture attached - those are edible flowers. the original design included leaves, but ran out of time) and a wedding cake due next sunday. and then, folks, i'm taking a cake break for a month or two. i just need the time to close out the cincinnati house, and it's hard enough working just the regular 40 hours. most of the week off was spent cleaning the new house, and the old one is woefully not packed up. still feel like i'm nowhere near coming up for air. desperately needing to slow down. i've got to be close.

big shout out to everyone!!!

08-19-2008, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches – Little things: Noticed that I no longer pop the last chunk of banana in my mouth when I slice it on my granola. I had done that for years and years. With dreamy white beans for dinner, I didn't have the usual corn chips just because I wasn't that hungry. Hard for me to imagine that I would alter the amount of food I'm eating just because I'm not that hungry. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - WhoooHoooo!!!! Kudos for completing your race and Big Kudos for knuckling down and making such good time. Just loving the image of bodies of all shapes in spandex and not feeling self conscious. LOL that the structure of school is "BEGINNING" to sound appealing.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Sending supportive thoughts for your DH to process through his journey there. Ouch for the aggravated sciatica. Double Ouch for being busy even by Jean's standards. Kinda interesting that when you're hyper focused you're bored with eating. Kudos for staying even. Have you seen this wedding cake picture? Click on The Ugly Cake Story in

onebyone – Kudos for just marching through the days of your new plan, one by one. Maybe this is the whole enchilada, "Food hasn't been so tightly connected to my emotional self lately." Gotta believe you're onto something there.

shrinkin - Your sunset boat ride sounds lovely. ... drooling ... "golden cherry tomoatoes" [ /font=Homer Simpson ] Really interesting that the chocolate you ate by Desire wasn't that satisfying.

Amy (HisBeloved) – Ah yes, day 4: Give Yourself Credit. Amazing to me that that was difficult; amazing that I had to force myself to do it; and, most amazing to me, that it helps me to accept the positive steps I take each day, which just encourages me to go on. Good stuff you're on.

Readers – "… Instead of saying I wish I could eat this, and feeling sad, or It’s unfair that I can’t eat this, and feeling unhappy, you’ll automatically say, I’m so glad I’m not eating that. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-19-2008, 08:38 AM
Good morning, coaches!

Yesterday on plan for calories. Credit for that. However, felt overfull after dinner. So, clearly needed to stop eating sooner. Did not eat slow enough as evidenced by finishing long before DH did (he is not a slow eater). So need to work on that Beck principle some more. Waited too late to eat and then inhaled food. Have a big project running late at work, leading to working late and then eating late. Bad scene. :(

Groceries are low so must get to produce shop today and it is a pool workout day today too. Planning in advance to give myself credit when I get those done today.

With falling off the wagon over the weekend and work pressure, feel vulnerable today. BBE and onebyone, you are right about easier to stay OP that get back on track. Have to focus on positive behavior.

BBE-Wow, stoping before you eat "the usual". Big credits for that! Requires both thinking ahead and then control.

kuhljeanie-You have come a long way since your last post. Amazing that you are sill making cakes in the middle of the move. Happy that your move stress is staying under control and not leading to food frenzy. Sorry to hear the running hiatus is needed, but hoping you will be better soon.

onebyone-Happy to hear your mental work has led to behavior changes that have resulted in WooHoo Dance. WTG! Many credits to you!

Greetings to QuilterInVA, RobinW, HisBeloved, MaryBlu, freer, goodnuff, and CoastalSue...and all other Beck followers out there!

Sending vibes for a great OP Tuesday to all!

08-19-2008, 09:44 AM
Hello coaches

kuhljeanie Oh the shenpa... forgot all about that rascal! (hello to Euseubius[(I believe that was her name] How are you?) You are busy. I am happy to hear you are taking a break from your side business. Good. Moving and moving from a place you like to another place you're not so keen on is hard. We did that. It's always lots of work to move and to work full time on top of are working all the time. And yep, you're in the middle. before you know it all your work will be done. Hang in there chum:hug:

BillBlueEyesHard for me to imagine that I would alter the amount of food I'm eating just because I'm not that hungry. I agree it is hard to imagine altering the amount of food you're eating just cause you're not that hungry. This is incrdible for two reasons : 1) you're altering your food by eating less :eek: (why wouldn't you eat everything you're allowed automatically...? sheesh! and 2) you're not that hungry. Wow. many many years were spent in my life doing just this, eating too much cause I could and never stopping no matter how full. These are major shifts. Big Kudos to you.

Methinks "thinking like a thin person" would include this act. I have been amazed to find myself actually hungry at meals. Imagine. Getting a message from my body that goes "sproing!" in my brain, like a "hey take notice, you're hungry!". It's caught me off guard several times this past week. THAT was incredible to me. AND what was more, I then ate because it was also time for me to eat. Imagine. The two actually went together? Very very hopeful this is going to really work for me. So so grateful for getting this far.

With falling off the wagon over the weekend and work pressure, feel vulnerable today. If you are feeling vulnerable today (or wiggly as I like to call it) then take special care of yourself. Slow down and make sure you tell yourself positive things. Make sure you know that the past is gone, and you do not have to be the way you were before. You can change and the changes you are making ARE WORKING. List them, mentally or better yet on paper. What really works for me is simple distraction. I get busy. If I dwell on stuff I can always find a negative if I look for it. I choose not to look. It's unfair to myself. I am not on a even keel and I am tipping toward negativity...that's not fair and not the time to re-assess my progress/my plan/whatever! My job is to be good and kind to myself. We are not perfect. That you recognized some things to do as in stop eating sooner is great! KUDOS! Next time, you'll do better. AND YOU ARE DOING GREAT. have a fantastic swim...btw is the splasher still around?

And so coaches
I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale to see... that I hadn't gained my weight back! :carrot: Funny. I didn't do a thing to put weight on. Just felt like "it wasn't real"... need to go work on Believe It some more;) "… Instead of saying I wish I could eat this, and feeling sad, or It’s unfair that I can’t eat this, and feeling unhappy, you’ll automatically say, I’m so glad I’m not eating that. …" Beck, pg 24. This quote from the Beck book that BillBlueEyes quoted for today got me thinking... I am not sure I have ever said that to myself. "I'm so glad I'm not eating that." I think I've said it more as a past tense "I'm so glad I didn't eat that," or future tense "I hope I won't eat that."Her sentence implies that in the moment of being faced with Food X that you will, in that moment, automatically have the thought that you are glad you are not eating it. Hmmmm. I have quite a ways to go. I don't think I've ever watched someone have something I wanted and feel that way but is she saying I won't even want it anymore? I think so. The desire will be gone. Well, maybe sometimes. I cannot imagine this to be the rule rather than the exception... as I said, lots of work to be done. Maybe the next time I am in a situation like that where I have to refuse the food I could practice this thought. Make myself say it to myself. I'll see if I can remember to do that.

Today is a "day off", meaning I am not going anywhere to do work but will work a bit at home. The ceramic room floor at the school is dirty no doubt, and I could unload and reload the kiln, but I don't think I am going there this morning. I have two really really late orders to complete and it's movie day. DH and I both really look forward to cheap movie day. And since it's summer I can get away with my $4.20 admission and a $2.60 coffee as the coffee kiosk is open before 6pm during the summer months. So... need not be tempted by popcorn as I feel equally decadent about having a coffee with me in the theatre...still a novelty to me. Actually, as DH enjoys his popcorn and possibly his hotdog I will practice saying " I’m so glad I’m not eating that." and see what happens. I'll especially do this if I end up wanting his food. I hope the movie is good and I don't even care about food!

Everyone enjoy this Tuesday in mid-August!

Hello to all those reading and not posting.... hope you're well and good!

And sorry for the enormous posts I am doing of late. Thanks for getting this far.

08-19-2008, 12:14 PM
Thanks, onebyone, for your note. I am taking some credit for getting to pool and getting lunch in advance at the grocery store. Yup, got those berries and cherry tomatoes and turkey stored in my office frig so I can be OP today. Splasher appears to swim in the evenings, so going in the morning has an added bonus. The morning crowd are all pretty good athletes. Makes it more intimidating [credit for getting over that], but nicer at the same time.

BBE...forgot to ask this am...Do you really dream of white beans? ;) Never heard anyone say that. Maybe you really are different from your Beck experience! If I ever get to saying that, you will know I have made it! LOL!

08-19-2008, 08:55 PM
Hello Coaches!

I'm still here lurking, but it's just that school is starting and my world has turned upside down! :)

I had a few loose days this past weekend but I'm back on plan for the second day. I am really appreciating all of your vulnerable thoughts onebyone and I am loving all of the great responses.

I'm off to go back into the whirlwind, but just wanted to check in.

You guys are the greatest!

08-20-2008, 07:06 AM
Diet Coaches – An over scheduled day meant that I would have to take an hour off work to get home in time to get in a walk as well as pick up some take-out, but I did. CREDIT moi. Picked up burritos from our favorite place where they taste so much better because the young staff continuously jabbers in rapid-fire Spanish. For years I got the large, with beef; now, I get the regular, with grilled veggies. That's what I want. Kinda nice. CREDIT moi.

onebyone – Big Kudos for being hungry at mealtime, for then eating, and for noting that the two go together. It does seem odd that we are re-learning this as grown ups, but just amazing that we are learning it. Thanks for your comments about the quote from Beck - it made me think about it. I'll look to see if I get the thought: "I'm glad I'm not eating that," whether automatically or not. Neat that your are regular with your "cheap movie day" date with your DH.

shrinkin - Kudos for so carefully observing your eating: work stress -> eating late -> eating fast -> eating more. It has been new to me to observe my eating as if it were something that I was responsible for. LOL at your: "dream about white beans?" DW loves to make dreamy white beans because they're so easy: canned white beans, LOTS of garlic, some olive oil, heated with rosemary and sage. The baked beans I remember from childhood as sooooo good were loaded with molasses. Really liking that I'm drifting away from recipes that contain a lot of sugars.

freer - Kudos for "back on plan." Gotta believe that getting back on plan is about the greatest skill to have.

Readers – "… Instead At some point, you’ll shift from, I hate depriving myself, to I’m happy I didn’t overeat!. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-20-2008, 09:03 AM
Coaches: Right at the high end of calories yesterday. :( because I had after dinner unplanned eating. Lemon cookies. Stopped after two with still more in the house.

We have been overrun with "goodies" in the past week as thank you gifts from Lake House guests. I had thrown out/given away all (including a chocolate pecan pie, caramels, fudge, and candy), except the lemon cookies and the Baklava which DH wanted to keep. Last pm, became adamant with DH that they are going out today...either to work or to the trash. Although I gave in some, I still deserve credit for moving all of that out of my life (said reluctantly). The rest goes today, one way or another. "Better to waste food in the trash than waste it on your body."

Big credit to me for taking time to go to store and good healthy eating alternatives yesterday. Even indulged in some prepared fruit and veggies in order to have something OP for lunch yesterday.

Did 45 min in the pool which is about 5 more than my "standard". Dilemma about am versus pm water activity. In past, going to pool after dinner put a crimp on eating after dinner. Going in the am assures that I go and enjoy it more, but leaves evenings to food troll. Must develop another strategy for food trolling prevention.

BBE-Kudos for sorting out the priority to put your health in front of other activities. Reminds me of the "Creating time and Energy" day earlier in Beck. Now that I have identified the problem pattern, I have to sort out strategies to deal with my work pressure. Also sounds like a "creating time and energy" challenge. Still not able to picture drooling over white beans. :D

freer-Keep withstanding the whirlwind! WTG for your second day OP!

onebyone-Enjoy your "day off" and movie date. Looking forward to your report of " I’m so glad I’m not eating that" trial.

Great Wednesday to all!

08-20-2008, 09:53 AM
I'm off to the school and I slept in so just a quick wave hello to everyone. I'm posting to say "I am choosing to be OP today" and will be back later to properly send you coaches a real note.

Ciao for now!

08-20-2008, 10:19 AM
good morning my coaches,

experiencing some significant stress in managing how i support DH during an extremely difficult and painful time for him. i absolutely have to take care of myself too - the move has been tough on me as well, and i've got a much longer commute now. still have a whole house to pack up and find a place for all that STUFF. and i'm really worried about DH - he need a lot of support these days, and it's hard finding a balance. oh yeah, the kid needs me too. we thought it was the move stressing him out, which it could have been, but maybe it was the new tooth that showed up two days after the move. probably both... :?: and my first "real" wedding cake order for a bride i didn't know until she became my customer, to be delivered sunday morning. feeling some pressure on that front too, although i'm about 80% confident i can turn out a cake worthy of being the most beautiful dessert someone serves in her life. aargh.

i was so grateful to get on the treadmill yesterday, meant to stay at a walk but felt good so i broke into a run until the sciatica kicked in. was really hurting last night. starting to feel a little panic - what do i do to manage my stress without exercise now? i can feel the little niggling desire for crappy food as a replacement. i won't go there, but am struggling with stress management with an injury. will try walking again with a firm NO CHOICE to run. how insanely ironic is that?

without the bandwidth for meal planning, shopping, or cooking, i'm going to borrow maryblu's approach to eat what i want (or what is readily available) and make a point of stopping before i get full. this seems like the most reasonable way to handle my current situation without falling too far.

coaches, does that sound right? i'm running out of ideas, and i don't foresee things dramatically improving overnight. i may have to make peace with the fact that for the time being, not overeating and walking may have to be good enough.

08-20-2008, 11:44 AM
I havent been doing very good with checking in with my coaches :( I understand when I do, I do better. I understand when I read my cards daily, I do better.

I will do better.

08-20-2008, 04:56 PM
kuhljeanie-feeling your pain, literally as I, too, am time stressed at moment. Perhaps you can strive just to maintain (rather than lose) by choosing food well when you can and limiting portions always. Forgiving self when not perfect. Stressing out over not dieting and less exercise may just make things worse. Strive for reasonableness not perfection.

I also understand the desire to keep exercising. Problem is exacerbated by the fact that it may not hurt DURING the exercise, only AFTER the exercise. Try to convince yourself that the quickest path back to running, is to NOT RUN for a while. With my elbow tendonitis, I am supposed to limit my arm motion....but it is hard to get my heart rate up. So, I have overdone it many times and now my elbows are still a problem. Had I restricted more effectively, I would probably be over it by now. I have learned the hard way that you may have to cut back in order to move forward. Hang in there. You will get better.

RobinW-Kudos for coming back and for noticing what makes you successful! Good to hear from you!!

Onebyone-Counting on hearing more from you...later!

Back to the grind!

08-20-2008, 05:52 PM
Good afternoon, y'all. Just a quick greeting. I tore my mensius so have been living on pain meds for 3 days. The plus side is I don't feel like eating. The big downside is surgery maybe looming on the horizon to repair it. Meantime, a thigh to ankle brace that is driving me crazy.

08-20-2008, 08:03 PM
Hi coaches

I'm really emotional today. Just up and down and all over. I think I may be on the verge of being burnt out. Not sure. I NEED to get my two orders done done done. It's driving me nuts, this procrastination of mine. Ugh.
And that goes for cleaning up my house. I'm just not doing some things that need to get done and it's procrastination and being too busy and then too tired and then every other excuse. So. The only way to deal with this stuff is to do it, face it, start getting it done. It's making me feel bad enough now to do something about it. Guess that's good?!

Foodwise I've had a rough day. Woke up late, rushed to get ready, had minimal time and HAVE to eat. Checked the foodplan, couldn't do it, had to substitute things, did that, grabbed my snack for meal 2, rushed off. Worked at the school, decided to go to my friend's for a break and to de-stress over coffee with her and lost track of time and found myself feeling woozy and went "ah! food! must eat" and was two hours offtrack. So I ate. Came home and discovered before I knew it it was time again to eat, and I almost missed a deadline: 3pm. Must eat my second starch by 3pm. (My foodplan is precise for a reason and complicated right now cause it's new. It'll be better soon.) The point is, while I was frazzelled by everything and feeling low, I did not think to turn to easier (offplan) food or to say "forget it, it's too hard". I may have had a bit too much just now for my afternoon snack (still working this foodplan out like I said), but none of this is making me panic. What's interesting is on the walk home from the bus I found myself thinking that here I am, finally eating the way I want, getting good green things into me daily, eating in the proper proportions and I feel really down:kickcan:. My weight is lower than it's been in a month and steadily going down and it's not enough in itself to make me feel happy today. A diet, and being thinner, is not the solution to life's problems just as food is not the solution to life's problems. It's dealing with the issues that is the solution. It's very plain to me how you can use food to push what bothers you aside. No wonder I did that for decades off and on. OH WELL this too shall pass. As far as problems go, mine are easy compared to some of the folks I know. It's something to feel good about for sure.

QuilterInVA Whoa. So sorry to hear of your tear. :( Ouch. And the brace. I can imagine that would be rough. How long are you in it? Hang in there...

shrinkin You, me, and kuhljeanie are all feeling time stress. Ugh.
And you're right, sometimes we have to drop back and just tread water. Maintenance I believe it's called...maintaining our weight as we are right now. For me, that's an accomplishment as great as losing it... under stress I have almost always gained, turning to food to help me in the moment and then having to deal with the consequences later. Not this time. Probably why I am extra :tantrum: cranky. Take care of your elbow:)

RobinW :wave: Hi Robin. Nice to see you checking in. How are things? Still busy in the shop? BTW are you still working through the book? What day are you on? ...can't recall if you've finished it like me...? hmmmm...

kuhljeanie It would be very sane for you to take the pressure off of yourself where you can. Beck does say we are to have two foodplans/diets. Maybe this should be your optional one? Choose one, or a few, baseline behaviours and be done with it. You're following Beck by doing that. Relax. So sorry to hear your DH is having a tough time and you don't have the extra energy for him with everything you need to do too. That's tough. What can I say? Put one foot in front of the other and keep going... the only way out is through as they say... Let's both promise to have a bit of a vacation okay? You me and anyone else reading this who needs one (shrinkin'? RobinW?QuilterInVA?): hands up! Too bad we couldn't have a Beck Girls Days Out. If I could go anywhere I'd go here Sigh... all the best:hug:

BillBlueEyes (You're invited to Beck Girls Day Out too btw)
Hi! Kudos on getting the food you wanted and not using the stress to get the large size! Great. And wanting veggies. Imagine. I never did get to practice the "I'm so glad I am not eating that" as I brought my lunch in a tupperware container to the movie in my backpack. The movie was great (Tropic Thunder) and I happily ate my steak, potatoes and cucumbers and sipped my movie coffee and diet coke. When not preoccupied by the movie and my great lunch I was occupied by thoughts of my ex-boyfriend sitting right in front of us in the next row. He never recognizes me anymore. I've gained much weight since we dated... I got us out of the theatre before DH noticed him. They didn't like each other!

Everyone, have a good evening. We're doing great. As Dr. Beck says BELIEVE IT.

08-21-2008, 01:16 AM
I am here...not much to say...not doing great foodwise or exercisewise. It is like I am exhaling after big family trip and triathlon... not in a healthy way though. Oh yeah, school is starting too and dd is beginning kindergarten-lots to get ready for.

I have to say to kuhljeanie: I love how you are thinking about what you can realistically do-eating what you want and paying close attention to your level of hunger and "just walking" until you are able to do more may be the best you can do right now. YOu have a LOT on your plate to begin with and then add on moving and dh's need for extra support right now... yowsah. Hugs to you...

Billblueeyes: I had a burrito (from Anna's???? I think that was the name)while at my mom's in Boston and it was DELICIOUS...I am sure that there are lots of great places there for that great authentic food.... you continue to inspire me with your words about how your life has changed-it is really cool how you notice these things and remember how things used to be. I wonder if you will ever forget how things used to be-wish that I was closer to feeling like that...

scootin' my wagon along....:)

08-21-2008, 06:13 AM
Diet Coaches – Quite surprised that as I went looking to see if I would have the "I’m so glad I’m not eating that" thought, it happened. Passed a sidewalk table with three patrons each with a plate of food, and in the middle of the table was a HUMONGOUS platter of french fries covered with chili. And I had the thought, "I’m so glad I’m not eating that."

Took a vacation day to deal with some pressing stuff, including my dentist grinding away to make a crown to replace some fillings that are long past their useful life. For taking care of the things in my life that call, CREDIT moi. For being just a little bit more gentle than usual beating up on myself that most things I need to tend to could have been done months ago: CREDIT moi.

So now to deal with being behind at the office for taking a vacation day.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Amazing ... kindergarten already. What dramatic change to face. Sending supportive thoughts for recovery from the family trip. Love the image of you "scootin' my wagon along." Thanks for the kind words. I hope to always remember what my continuously grazing life was like so that I can accept the amount of effort it takes to plan and prepare healthy foods.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Yep, the MaryBlu approach is a good Plan #2 for you right now; it's also the Intuitive Eating approach. Make choices; stop when mildly full. Parcel out your energies by survival priorities. Forgive yourself for having such a hard time being only one human being at a time. Kudos for fighting through this. Sending my best positive energies to you, DH, and El Nino during a stressful time.

onebyone – Yep, there's some stressed Yeti Matadors around here. So kind of you to book us all into milano to unwind. Sedona is one of my favorite spots on the planet. Ouch for the pain of procrastination - do I ever know about that. And Double Ouch for the possible melodrama of your ex spoiling a delightful evening at the movies. Kudos for continuing on your course, with your neat loss. It's great that you're making enough progress to have to confront that weight loss alone won't make you happy. Kudos for facing that directly. Thanks for the reminder, Believe It!

Robin (RobinW) - Such simple clarity; "when I read my cards daily, I do better." Kudos for staying the course.

shrinkin - Kudos for putting your foot down on the goodies in the house and Kudos for stocking up on "good healthy eating alternatives". Good luck in your quest to "develop another strategy for food trolling prevention." And good luck on your project; around here it's getting close to September.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Ouch for the brace and pending surgery. Kudos for hanging in there.

Readers – "... Just take it one day at a time, as this book suggests. …" Beck, pg 24.

08-21-2008, 08:57 AM

Had just about finished my post and suddenly...lost it all off the screen. this the way to start the day? A quick recap:

OP yesterday for food, water, read ARC twice and a couple of chapters in Beck! :yay::yay:

Pool day today, PT this am. Work on main project derailed yesterday by other unexpected mandatory activities. Deadline date does not move, so more behind. Working on keeping that stress level in check. Credit to me for staying OP in spite of stress!

BBE-Kudos for taking care of yourself physically and even more credit for your mental care...priceless! Will keep "I’m so glad I’m not eating that." in the front of my brain. Hope to use it on next visual food challenge.

Heide-Start of school is stressful! Thinking of you as DD heads for first day of K. Hope she already thinks she will like it.

Onebyone-Your food plan is tough, especially when on the run! Sedona would be great and Miiamo...AWESOME! We can dream. Keep your chin up!

QuilterInVA-Oh, NO! Torn meniscus can be really painful and take some time to heal. Will hope PT can do the job without surgery. Will keep positive thoughts for you. Hope you keep checking in.

:wave:to Kuhljeanie and RobinW-hope to hear from you again today, but if not, keep the faith!

Great Thursday to all!

08-21-2008, 09:30 AM
Good morning coaches

hbuchwald Hi there! Love that you're scootin' along on your wagon. Low key, casual, just getting' there. And so you are. You should savor the past events. They were big. Ebb and flow. It's all good. I think you're gathering your energy for when you really need it: kindergarten, the fall, pushing forward again. Have a great day today...

BillBlueEyes Interesting. When you wrote about thinking "I'm glad I'm not eating that" and then said it was to a plate of frenchfries with chili, I just went "mmmmmm". I would like to be eating that EVEN THOUGH I just re-read my foodplan literature to help re-inforce my chosen program and I totally understand why fat is limited on this plan and know what it would do (stall me) if I had too much and yet... mmmmmm to huge (still want HUGE) amount of fries (yum to fried food) and chili (take it or leave it!) But, you know, I'm just on Day 11. You're into year 2 or something... I hope my outlook shifts as much as yours has! Page 24 seems to be as profound as page 23 was!

shrinkin We can only do so much every day: at work, at home, for you in the pool with that elbow, for me with being worn out. We do have to give ourselves a break sometimes. And yeah, BIG CREDITS to you for staying OP in spite of the stress...

Readers – "... Just take it one day at a time, as this book suggests. …" Beck, pg 24. This quote from the book could not say it any better could it? Thanks BBE.

Woke up feeling much much better. Perhpas I was tired? Wow. Me and tired do not play well together. Tired always wins.

I haven't written about the gym cause I haven't started yet. Reason? I didn't have time to get my things together Sunday night after we got home from the show--I just fell into bed exhausted, was up and out early Monday so didn't do it then, and I am just not mentally ready. I feel like once i start I will not be stopping, and right now I have only a one week pass and need to have my financial house in order so there is no break after the one free week and that is not my current state. Will wait until after tuition is dealt with at the end of this week, early next week.... then I'll feel free to make a $ committment on a gym. My financial life sucks. Hate it that I am not a multi-millionaire like my sister sometimes... sigh.

Off to tend to duties inthe kiln room, about a 90 minute job, and then back home to tend to what I've put off. First my small business stuff and then getting a few extra bags of garbage together for the garbage man tomorrow morning. Today I am going to do some of the stuff I've been procrastinating about. Bet I feel good after it's done.

Hello to all who read and don't post :wave:

08-21-2008, 03:38 PM
hello my coaches,

thank you so much for the kind words of support! they mean a lot to me. i'm so grateful to have this place and you all in my life. things won't be like this forever - they always change! - and i'm looking forward to being there for y'all at that point, the way you've been there for me.

sciatica is still really bad. i'm foregoing even walking in the hopes that the disk calms down. it's also tough to avoid the temptation to use food as narcotic to blunt the edges, but that annoying little voice in my head keeps reminding me that it doesn't actually work anyway, so just BACK AWAY FROM THE DOUGHNUTS. i've been mostly successful, but not entirely. oh well!

off to do what i can this afternoon before heading back to the old house to continue gathering things so i won't have to pack and move them later. i'm hoping that i can take a big chunk out of our moving bill by getting our things up to dayton one carload at a time.

once again, thanks! may we meet soon on some white sands beach for mai tais. :)

08-22-2008, 06:55 AM
Diet Coaches – Was feeling the stress of dealing with a contractor who had one more creative reason for not being here. So, rather than eat, I made a late night run to the supermarket to buy blueberries. CREDIT moi. As the season wanes, they keep arriving from further up north. These are from "Canada" (unstated where in Canada) - that's not a good sign for blueberry availability. When they're from Nova Scotia specifically, then the end is near.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch that the back pain continues. It's tough to have to forgo your exercise when you need it, but love the humor in your response, "so just BACK AWAY FROM THE DOUGHNUTS." Great example to us all to move forward, "one carload at a time."

onebyone – Kudos for attacking the procrastinated stuff. LOL at your response, "I just went "mmmmmm" to my description of food porn. Marching, marching, marching along. Good stuff.

shrinkin - Ouch for the stress, but Kudos for staying on plan rather than trying to use food to make it go away.

Bev – Wanted to send you a welcome but it seems that your post disappeared. It would be great to have you join us. Neat that you're on day 3: Give yourself credit. That's been a tough one for me all my life, so I've started working it hard with my Beck journey. I make it a point to give myself credit for something each day to my Diet Coaches here on 3FC - it's getting easier. Would you mind reposting so everyone can see you?

Readers – “ … You’ll get there!" Beck, pg 24.

08-22-2008, 08:13 AM
Hi everyone.
Glad to have found this group.
I am a 41 year old mom of 2. I need to lose about 15 pounds and this time I want to make permanent changes. I have yoyoed anywhere from 160 to 110 (for about one minute on WW many yrs ago lol!) for years. I have purchased a calorie monitor and am focusing on basic calories in/out and eating non-processed, balanced diet. I had read about Beck on and decided to buy it. I am on day 2 today. My backup plan will be WW flex. I am excited to be has everyone done with making permanent changes to your thinking? It seems I can be my biggest enemy and sabateur!

08-22-2008, 08:39 AM

Just past high end of calories yesterday, but credit for not any worse than that. Had a protein bar after dinner last night as "trolling food". Unplanned eating again...:( but good choice of unplannned in midst of stress :). Is this just fooling myself?

Credit for going to pool yesterday in midst of "I just don't have time" feelings. PT session with good report :), but one elbow really painful this am :(, so guess PT and I were overly optimistic yesterday. Tryng to control sense of defeat with this as I was very good about controlling activity all week. It is just a long road to healing.

No work on major project yesterday. Other important tasks intervened all day. Have to work all weekend too on a different responsibility. Stress mounts.

Will keep the faith on making good choices for foods and limiting portions. Convinced that working at it is worth it instead of "I can't because..." Pre-Beck me would have thrown in the towel by now.

Forgot to type in my weight report yesterday when I had to retype my post. No change for the week. No surprise based on eating behavior. Good news is that was the highest weight of the week and I was bouncing lower. So, not too worried about the ole scale. Have not evaluated any NS goals lately.

BBE-Kudos for that blueberry run. Don't want to think about the end of blueberries. One of my diet staples along with tomatoes.

kuhljeanie-Sorry to hear the Sciatica is worse. No experience with back and leg issues, but hoping this is only a transient setback? Sending positive thoughts to you on dealing with it. Suspect move activity very tough with ever present back/leg pain and concern to not over do. Backing away from the doughnuts is one form of exercise. ;) Between your offer for mai tai and onebyone and spa, I am feeling better!

onebyone-Thanks for the words of encouragement! Decluttering life is a great stress reliever, so hope you did get those bags of "business stuff" out the door. Kudos for making gym plans smartly. Living in one's financial reality is healthy stress prevention.

Bev-briefly saw your post too last night. I am just finished with the 42 days and thinking of restarting again. So, hope you will post back!

08-22-2008, 08:44 AM
:welcome2:Glad to have you! You are in the right place for working on the mental approach to food, exercise and trying to live healthier.

I am a relative newbie...about 6 weeks in to using Beck approach. There are a few on the board that have been at this awhile, so they will have to address your question about permanent changes. I am still at the taking it one day at a time stage. :D

08-22-2008, 09:42 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I've discovered that of all the protein sources, lean sausages make me crave more lean sausages. I think I will seriously limit the lean sausage. Many other protein sources to choose from. Credit moi for knowing I have a choice and that I believe I can make a change and stick to it. Lots of sticking-to-it going on with me lately. I remain OP, day 12 of 57 now. My cravings are almost non-existant. Sausages notwithstanding. I am eating 5 small meals a day, many veggies and I get some fruit tomorrow! Yay! In fact it's called a carb-up day so that means I get to have pizza, pasta, all those heavy carbs for one meal after 3pm tomorrow. And fruit during the day and the evening. That's what I want more than the pasta or pizza...and even that I am not dying to have. If it's the having a bit of protein at everymeal that's doing it, well, it's working, I have never felt so calm around food ever. And I get the hunger signal now. I'm really shocked. It's very very hopeful for doing this on a long term basis. Of course we'll see if I can get it together to stay on plan during school. If I can manage that then I do believe I have actually found a WOE for me.

shrinkin When you wrote
Pre-Beck me would have thrown in the towel by now.
I immediately thought "Me too." I would never have stuck it through so many diet changes that I started and stopped. Would never have kept myself open to finding what may work for me or believing that I would one day "get it" again ie. the willingness to stay on plan, the hope that something would work for me that I could live with. I would have felt that I wasn't doing anything, why bother, forget it, it won't work...all those things. But Beck has ingrained in me that we can always do something. We are not failures. To keep going keep trying and accept ourselves and stay hopeful. And without the coaches here nudging me along, keeping me in the game? Oh you guys are worth your weight in gold. Thanks.

momof2gr8kids:welcome3: Happy you found us! To answer your question I've been through the book once, started in February I think. Beck has had a real effect on my thinking. It's definitley made me more aware of my own eating pitfalls and my thinking around food and food choices. I am no longer so hard on myself and I now have strategies that pop into my head when I am faced with food situations. Just follow the book (I used the workbook only) do the exercises thoroughly, an day by day it'll grow on you too. It's very helpful. Happy you're here.

BillBlueEyes Canadian blueberries. I hope you got some from Sudbury, my home town! (That's in Northern Ontario.) Happy to hear Nova Scotia has blueberries as I keep thinking I want to move there after school is done next year. Still in the thinking stages on that one;) Sorry for the hassle of the contractors who do not seem to need the work eh? Good for you for not eating over it.

kuhljeanie Wow this has got to be the worst time for you to have a sciatica flareup. Ouch, bigtime ouch. My sympathies. Well, all I can think is your body wants to stop and rest. It's forcing you to take it easy. My body will give me a cold or something to get me to slow down. I was stopped by that stomach flu for 6 days a couple of weeks back. No fun. Don't turn to food! DO NOT DO IT. Talk it out, write it out, post it out. Eating is nothing about "getting it out" it is all about "pushing it down". Your frustration with your life will mix with the food you've shoved down and when it comes out it'll be double strength self-loathing and recrimination. Lordy! Don't do that girl!
Just get through it, everyday you're getting through it, you always do the best you can, you can trust that, and one day soon, this phase will be over.:hug:

I'm sending a big hello, hope you're doing well to you guys: hbuchwald, RobinW, QuilterInVA, freer, sciencequeen, goodnuff, coastalsue, CyndiM, KO, angelmomma210, maryblu, HisBeloved, and anyone else who's read and not posted ever! TGIF have a good weekend :)

08-22-2008, 10:00 AM
Thanks for the welcomes. I am doing the workbook and I also bought the audiobook, which I listen to in the car on my way to work in the morning. I have a question about the response cards/index any of you have suggestions how to keep them handy, but not get them all torn up in your purse? I bought bright neon index cards so they are easy to find...but I can see them getting torn up easily in my messy purse.

Any other tips?

08-22-2008, 11:32 AM
Good Morning :)

Thanks everyone :hug: Things have been ruff, but Im muddling thru.

Onebyone....I did finish the book (reading) but I havent finished working thru it. This is one of the things Ive been struggling with. Keeping my days organized and just getting to the job of loosing weight is proving to be very difficult. As a side note home town is sault ste marie ontario! We were practically neighbours!! We used to buy blueberries from the ppl selling out of the back of their trucks on the sides of the highway!

I read the book, I have the work book and I am going to purchase the audio cds (so that I can at least listen to them at the shop while Im working) But like Dr. Beck says ......make the time and commit to it. Because it is a job that needs tending to and needs to get done.

I plan to start back at day one, but how do you do that with so much going on in your life?

I need to Just get on with IT
I need to set time aside each and every day for this. Which means I need to get up earlier in the day to make time for it. I am sooooooooo not a morning person!
I need to schedule my evenings so that I can get my workouts in, and still work on marketing and networking inbetween.

I know what I need to do........I just need to be in the right frame of mind.

I'll check back later. Things have been a bit busy lately.

08-22-2008, 02:26 PM
RobinW wrote:
As a side note home town is sault ste marie ontario! We were practically neighbours!! We used to buy blueberries from the ppl selling out of the back of their trucks on the sides of the highway!
Wow we really were practically neighbours! I really like the Soo.
So a couple of northern ontario girls... we can do this! If we can survive those winters... we can do this...and just like we did that, one day at a time:)
I know what it's like to be super busy with a lot of stuff to get to all the time. Just remember, if you aren't healthy and happy, you aren't able in the long run to do everything you need to do. You really do need to make some time, have an official timeout for yourself. And until you get to the place where you can move forward, just do what you can and eventually, you will do more. Just don't give up. It really does work... it's just not "magic" is all;)
All the best to you today!

momof2gr8kids I don't have much advice over what else to use besides the index cards. I look forward to others answering you. It may help me too! Many people seem to get a lot from the audio version. I wish I had that but don't.

Okay back to my day...

08-22-2008, 03:43 PM
Just checking in I have been on vacation and am now home sick. I have been taking the phentermine from my diet doctor and working on the Beck,especially listening to the cds in the car.In 5 weeks I am down 10 pounds,the medication gives me the extra jump to really get going with my diet and exercise but the Beck is what really changes the thinking for lasting weight loss.I have just finished listening to all the cds and am starting them over.

08-22-2008, 09:28 PM
Hello all...still here! School starts Monday and I've been setting up my classroom for the last 2 weeks. I'm trying to keep up, albeit lurking. But thanks for all of the great advice and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It always helps me.

I may not be writing a lot in the next few weeks as school starts, but I will continue to keep up with reading. I've been back OP all week.

Have a great weekend.

08-23-2008, 01:22 AM
Good night!

I'm now on Day 8. I think this is the day that makes the most sense to me. i have a lot of wasted time. this helped me realize that and to figure out how to put time into me. I made a meal plan for today and stuck to it, WTG (way to go). I'm actually kind of shocked, but mostly impressed with myself. i put all of it in my sparkpeople nutrition tracker and am pleased that I was only 53 calories over. Low on carbs and high, really high on fiber. 59 grams of fat, but that is the one nutrient it doesn't give me a goal for. I'm sure I must have done something wrong on the tracker. But 59 doesn't sound too bad to me!

I'm sending bubble bath vibes to everyone who is stressed and/or injured. It's my favorite way to relax and I can not wait to fit, comfortably, in the tub to do it again.

I have my health insurance risk assessment next you think I can lose 50 pounds by then?:shrug:

08-23-2008, 05:51 AM
:welcome: momof2gr8kids :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined 3FC, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck? And how did you find our discussion group here?

08-23-2008, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches – It's timely for me that several folks are working the issues of making choices in use of their time. There are days that I can fill responding to all the little routine demands on my time and lose focus on my own big picture. Glad that others are working that. I took two hours off work yesterday to negotiate with contractors until we got things back on track. For making choices that matched my priorities, CREDIT moi.

Robin (RobinW) - Oh yes, the hard time is when we're just "muddling thru." Good luck in organizing time; I find it so easy to fall into the habit of chasing so many little things that that leave me not time for more important ones.

wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for being sick. Kudos for staying on plan and for finishing all the Beck CDs.

onebyone – Neat that you've identified lean sausages as a food that makes you want more. Reminds me that I was impressed with a book (whose name escapes me) arguing that sugar, fat, and salt are all addictive. The scientific arguments seemed light, but I resonated with the idea that each of them has the property that consuming it made me want more. Kudos for your twelfth day on your new plan. Just marching along.

shrinkin - Ouch for the elbow - best supportive thoughts for your path to healing. Methinks it's fair to note that, even though you ate off plan, you still made a responsible choice. That's a very different behavior than the binge type of thinking that can bring us down. So, Kudos for remaining responsible and Double Kudos for posting for your Diet Coaches.

freer - Good luck getting ready for the hoards of student about to descend on the schools. And good luck staying on plan during the whirlwind. What level do you teach?

M (goodnuff) – Kudos that you "made a meal plan for today and stuck to it." And Double Kudos for giving yourself credit. LOL at "sending bubble bath vibes" - now that's a soothing thought. Good luck with day 8: Create Time and Energy. I'm still working that one.

momof2gr8kids – Kudos for promptly picking your diets on day 2: Pick Two Reasonable Diets. Neat question, "how has everyone done with making permanent changes to your thinking?" A new one for me is that every time I see food, I don't think about eating it. Previously I couldn't walk through a street fair without wanting every vendors foods. My new thought is, "That's not about me."

Readers – "the solution at a glance

• Cognitive Therapy is a psychological treatment that will help you successfully lose excess weight and keep it off. …" Beck, pg 25.

08-23-2008, 08:58 AM

On target yesterday for calories. In part, because I worked very late and did not have time to eat. Managed to stay in control after arriving home about 9 pm. Only ate until comfortably full. Have to work today and need to go to pool before going in to office.

Reminder to self: When stress is lower, need to work on unplanned exercise and on what changes I need to make in exercise routine for fall (will not be able to Lake swim on weekends).

BBE-I am thinking that one way of limiting damage from unplanned eating is to make it protein. Seems it is less addictive/attractive and desire tends to turn off fairly quickly. I am right there with you on the responding to little demands problem. It is more comfortable to do that than taking on some of the big items. Yesterday was a day of distraction for me, few of which met my priorities. "Making choices that matched my priorities..." I am trying to focus on that thought today. Hanging on to my diet and exercise priority has been easier than in the past, but I am still taking it one day at a time and fearing the slippery slope.

goodnuff-Kudos on getting meal plans made and making them work for you. Yup, it is all about time and planning. Credit too for recording calories! For fat, general rule of thumb is not more than 30% of calories from fat and not more than 10% from saturated fat. Not sure what your calorie intake is, but 59 grams would be 531 calories from fat.

freer-Glad you posting back!:) Congrats on being OP all week!

wendylan-Woohoo for the 10 pounds! :yay: Good to hear you have finished the CDs. I am trying to psych up for restarting the book.

RobinW-Finding time and energy for this can be tough. Getting up earlier was the only solution for me to make time, and for the most part, that has worked. Also, have had to take a dose of "making time for the priorities that matter". Keep on plugging away.

momof2gr8kids-I have the index cards, but don't use them much. I also rarely carry a purse. So, not much help there. I have adapted my ARC and the nuggets from two of other cards onto a small printed sheet that I cut to fit my ID badge holder. So, they are with me at work for little breaks....or if I start to fall off plan.

onebyone-kudos for recognizing suasage is a problem for you. I must admit I have it every morning. My desire is limited by knowing I will have it the next day. Other protein source I use in the mornings is smoked salmon. Agree with you about the coaches here being golden! Happy you are doing so well!:carrot:

Sending good thoughts to all and especially to QuilterINVA, hbuchwald, coastalsue, maryblu and HIsBeloved and any of the other Beckies out there reading!

08-23-2008, 11:24 AM
I was thinking of a way to effectively implement the ARC for purse is a black hole with a strap! Yesterday, I did make up the index cards, but I also put my reasons for losing weight on a recurring reminder on my Outlook calendar. I made it a daily recurring appointment with no end, and set a reminder to come up every day at 7:00 am. When I signed into my work email this am from home, it came up, just like I set it to. I also figured out that at that time, I can read it and 'snooze' the reminder indefinitely throughout the day, so it will pop up every hour, or even every 15 minutes if I'm having a particularly hard day that day. I think this will work well for me. If I'm away from the pc, I have my cell phone/pda synched with my pc, so it has the same little reminders!

BillBlueEyesI found out about Beck from the WW discussion boards over on their site. I've been a 3fc member for quite awhile.

08-23-2008, 11:39 AM
Good morning all!

Just wanted to check in before I head off into the black hole of time which is my classroom! :) BBE I teach 2nd grade, thanks for asking.

As a result of this crazy schedule, my exercise has taken a hit, but the good news is that my physical activity has increased exponentially due to the physical job that is teaching! Every night I come home and my body and muscles ACHE!

I am giving myself a little leeway in the exercise category these first few weeks of school, as the job at this stage is so physically taxing. Since I am hooked on Jazzercise I have no doubts I'll get back to a more regular schedule in a week or so. Coaches, don't be afraid to call me on it! ;)

Have a great day, all.

08-23-2008, 05:36 PM
Hello coaches. I'm back from a busy market day. yay! Was happy with my sales today. Hope tomorrow will be the same ;)

Foodwise today is week 2 day 6 and a "carb up day" meaning I get to have many things not on the regular menu. Fruit, pasta, pizza, fries...basically the goal is get carbs into me after having either depleted them in week one and then limited them in week 2. Now we are fooling the body by giving it lots of carbs. There's science and all that behind this but the bottom line is I had fruit today. I had a lot of fruit today. :o I bought a pint of local plums and when I was closing the trunk of the car I smashed the bag in the trunk's hood. Sheesh. So I ate them anyway. They'd get smushed when I chewed them right? right. yummy! Then I had a pint of blueberries and two peaches. I just had all my fruit at once. I did feel stuffed, and we're supposed to avoid that, but it's fruit! I don't regret one blueberry (from Abbotsford BC for those who care about these things :) ). Dinner is pizza and DH is thrilled to be ordering pizza. Tomorrow back to normal.
I think I love this foodplan....
So a bit of a wobble there but it's over. OH WELL.

wendylan Congrats on the 10lbs down. That's great! Happy to see your plan is working for you. Nice to hear from you again! Hope you're feeeling better today.

freer Great news that you've been OP. Awesome! Good luck getting your classrooom together. When does school start for you?

goodnuff Thanks for the :bubbles: bubblebath wish. I may just do that today... Congratulations on having a day OP. That's how we move forward my friend. Yay! As for fat intake, my foodplan wants me to limit my saturated fat intake to 20gr a day = cheese, butter, cream, fatty meat, mayonnaise, salad dressings... But we are to have 2 servings of olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil (and "essential fatty acid supplement" I think these are omega 3 supplements) everyday. I think these are numbers to work toward. shrinkin' also gave you excellent advice!

BillBlueEyes Kudos on getting a handle on the contractors. They can be slippery those contractors... I can tell you are parting with your procrastinating ways. If we make the decision to tend to what needs to be done, we are doing it and not procrastinating via getting other, less pressing/more fun things done. Though, when I am in "creative tension", getting ready for a big show and the deadline is approaching, I often find that the housecleaning looks awfully attractive... Need to really work on these tendencies in myself!

shrinkin Excellent work getting the exercise in and eating until comfortably full within your plan. Kudos. I am planning on getting to the gym on Monday. My tuition is covered and I can move forward, using the free pass for the coming week, and then starting a 6 month membership. I will think of your dedication when I know I will second guess this plan to go on Monday come Monday morning...;)

momof2gr8kidsWhat a great solution you came up with for your ARC cards! And good going for planning ahead for the day when you won't feel like doing this... we all get those. You are planning to succeed. Awesome.

Bye for now

08-23-2008, 07:14 PM
Hi there,
Reading everyone's posts and enjoying/getting inspired as always. You guys ROCK. Today's strategy for me to stay on plan is to WRITE down every food that I desire....maybe even try to write about the experience of eating it and remembering the last time I ate it. This could be torture but many foods are not as satisfying after I eat it and lead to that grazing binging...

Getting lots of other stuff done around here for home and classroom (and child and dogs and house)....
that bubblebath sounds GREAT... maybe I will indulge myself in that.

Just swinging by..... I need to jumpstart myself out of some serious sabotaging thinking (I deserve to eat this for reasons xyz, I have been eating crap for a few days now, what is one more, etc....). Will process that-sometimes I try to look at my reasons for losing weight and think, "awww... this won't matter that much" or even worse, "who am I fooling? This is just another weight loss/weight gain cycle and I am on the gaining part now".

Off to get my journal and the bubblebath.. :) Thanks coaches....

08-23-2008, 08:05 PM
Good evening! I've been catching up on the last few days. I've been having a hard time the last few days. I have depression and it took a nosedive after I hurt my knee. Unfortunately, I found I can binge on healthy food, too. I can't go to Curves and that is one thing that helps my depression. So I had my friend go to the library and get me a couple of chair aerobics tapes. They are great for people who have trouble with legs. It's a decent workout so I'll do that. I also took myself in hand and got my menus planned for next week. The pity party has ended!

08-23-2008, 09:37 PM
Wow I'm back. I had my dinner and I continued to eat well past being full. When I posted before that it was over, well, it wasn't. Not only that but the old standby of "well you already wrecked it, may as well keep going you can't have this food tomorrow anyway" kicked in and I ate all my dinner and it was 3x too much for me. I would have had to throw the food away and I couldn't do it. I ate it instead. I did not work several Beck strategies.

Still, 2 meals in 13 days. It's okay. It really is over now and I have learned once more to PLAN these days too. I mean really plan them.

:( live and re-learn.

08-24-2008, 08:04 AM
Diet Coaches – Long day, that included the mason finishing the area between the sidewalk and the front steps. He did good work. CREDIT moi for surviving without using food to deal with feelings.

Also, a little thing: I cut the meat off a rotisserie chicken to make sandwiches and a meal of some sort, without taking a single bite. That's a big deal for me because I've always done food prep as one-piece-for-me one-piece-for-the-pot. Better yet, it wasn't through arch willpower, it was just simple Beck thinking: That's not about my eating. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for attacking your Sabotaging Thoughts. Good luck getting ready for your fall schedule. Is middle school as physically taxing as freer reports about second grade?

onebyone – Yep, I'm glad to know that your pint of blueberries came from Abbotsford BC since I track that. Poor little guys had to travel a long way including up and over the magnificent Canadian Rockies to get to Ontario. Drooling here, that was a lot of fruit!! Continued Kudos for staying the course on your food plan. LOL at "live and re-learn." Ouch - ain't it so.

shrinkin - Kudos for planning your "unplanned eating." Protein seems like a reasonable notion since it satisfies you and avoids Desire for more and more. The next step might be to add that to your plan, so that it moves from "unplanned eating" to "planned extras." Then it would be similar to Beck's extra 20 percent when eating out.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Ouch that your knee continues to knock out your routine. Kudos for the "chair aerobics tapes." It's good for me to be reminded that recognizing the current situation allows one to think of what to do next.

freer - LOL at "the black hole of time which is my classroom!" Seems smart to cut some slack on your Jazzercise while you are getting so much exercise managing a 2nd grade classroom. I salute you for doing that job.

momof2gr8kids – LOL at "black hole with a strap." That's a great idea to make your Advantages Response Card "a recurring reminder on my Outlook calendar."

Readers – "… the solution at a glance

• The way you think about food, eating, and dieting affects your behavior and how you feel emotionally. …" Beck, pg 25.

08-24-2008, 08:59 AM
Good Sunday Morning Coaches

I'm feeling a little chastened by my food behaviour yesterday. Many areas left to work on. It felt like a "food emergency" in that I hadn't had food x in so long so I felt I had to get "as much as I could" all at once. What an old feeling for me that is. As a small kid I would go shopping with my grandparents and when we got home it was food free for all. I would just eat enormous amounts of everything I wanted, and I wanted most of it, my grandmother lived to please me with food and loved to see me eat it, and within 3 days the "good stuff" was always gone. Days long past, emotional behaviour alive and kickin:dancer:

Well, it wasn't an emergency then and it isn't an emergency now. In fact I now get two carbup days in a week, Wed and Sat and can feel free to move these around as needed to cover special events. It's a flexible plan this carb cycling just have to put in the weeks (and the work) to get to see the whole picture, hence the 8 week structure. And on the board I post on for this food plan there were plenty of others who did exactly what I did yesterday on their first attempt at upping their carbs! I am in good company. We'll see who continues. This is exactly the kind of thing that can make some folks throw in the towel with self-loathing, self-defeatist thinking (can't do this right, always do it, will never work, and etc. You know what I mean). Well this plan has a plan for what to do if you overindulge and that's what I am doing today. It's a one day fix and then back to normal. Awesome. AND I am planning out my day today and will have my gym clothes and my workout routine ready to go for the morning. I already have my reason to go downtown and therefore will be walking through the mall where my gym is. I'm going to do what I can and start there.

Today is heavily overcast with the threat of rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. I am due to set up outside in a park for another art in the park (with live music too!) from noon to 8pm today. Yikes! Rain and thunder and lightning is forecast exactly for the afternoon. Not sure what to do. Will consult with my friend who's also supposed to go. And this is what happens. I had a good start to the weekend yesterday $-wise, now today it could have continued but chances are we'll be rained out...maybe. It's the maybe that keeps you going. I've had some great days in the rain. I only need a few customers, or the right ONE to make my day.

Everyone have a great day and if you went offtrack like me, don't make a big deal about it, just hop back on the wagon. It's waitiing for you. That's what I am going to do today. *spinning wagon wheels:bike2:* see ya yesterday...*looking in rearview mirror at yesterday falling away....

08-24-2008, 09:19 AM
Morning coaches!
Yesterday a so-so day. About 200 calories over plan. Contributed to by having extra glass of wine and adding 1 oz cheese and half dozen walnuts to my snack of blueberries. Not sure where I am mentally with this. Methinks I need to go back to reading Beck. Will start today with chapter 1. Still think that food desire is my biggest problem. Certainly, filling that desire with better choices helps, but it is easy to overdo even on healthy choices.

Credit for pool work out yeeterday. My routine has been weekend lake water activities and pool during the week. Not being at the lake this weekend and having to work, would have been easy to say "not today".

BBE-Congrats on the new mason work...and the stress management that did not include food! Mmmm, rotisserie chicken...easy to want to nibble. Credit for flexing resistance muscle!

onebyone-Sorry to hear about the slip yesterday. Kudos for already thinking through it. You will do better today.

QuilterInVA-Happy that you already knew about those chair workout videos! Ouch for pity party. Sending you positive thoughts for the knee and for dealing with it. Joint problems seem to be a roller coaster both physically and mentally.

hbuchwald-Kudos for working on plan to prevent "grazing binging"! Yup, those sabotaging thoughts allow one to "fool self". Credit to you for IDing them and turning your thinking round.

freer-Kudos for getting that physical life work done! Feeling the accomplishments must be great...."good kind" of tired going on?

momof2gr8kids-Love that solution to the ARC!

Off to the pool before work again today. Not really in the mood...but since when does that matter?

Happy Sunday to all!

08-24-2008, 10:31 PM
Hi coaches

Getting ready for bed soon but wanted to check in. I had a tough time today with maintaining my foodplan. I was STARVING. I weighed and measured and brought my food with me to the show but none of it was enough. Maybe it was the heat and the humidity and all the activity and the being there and the show being slow (coastalsue how did your shows go??) We just can't get two good days of sales in a row this year. Rats. Anyway food that was supposed to last me 6 hours was eaten in three. I was so hungry and woozy and a bit nauseous. Yuck. I think the overindulging yesterday was harder on me than I knew. Anyway I stuck to it and that's all that matters. It really makes me think there really are reasons to stick to this foodplan as it was set up. Today was tough and I am exhausted. Tomorrow I am going to the gym in the afternnoon and I will do what I can, even if that is just a swim, but I will begin moving my body tomorrow.

08-24-2008, 11:07 PM
Hello Coaches,

Just wanted to send a quick note before the first day of school tomorrow! Yikes! I have the jitters.

I have my food planned and after a weekend that was a little looser eating-wise than I would have wanted, I got back to a stricter plan today. I even managed to get to Jazzercise, which really keeps me grounded.

I need to remember how much calmer I feel when I know I am staying OP for long periods of time. It's like this giant weight is off of me. I really have spent so much time thinking about losing weight. It's great to actually DO something about it. I need to remember this feeling and keep it close to the top of my mind.

onebyone Sad to hear you have struggled recently. I really appreciate you sharing your struggle with us. I like how you summarized your slip by saying it was 2 meals in 13 days. I need to think that way sometimes because I think the sabotaging thoughts then can lead me to a worse outcome. Kudos for white-knuckling it today and staying on plan.

Good night all. I may not post much for a little while but I'll definitely be lurking! :dizzy:

08-25-2008, 12:00 AM
Good afternoon!

Two days done and working on day 3 of planning my meals. I'm not as concerned with how many calories just eating what I had planned. It's working good. Waiting to go for a walk with my friend and our dogs.

Quilter:[B]Hope you are seeing some light in yor life. For lack of better words I'll just say Depression SUCKS! I've been dealing with it for as long as I can remember and nothing sets it off like an injury. Sending all positive thoughts.

[B]BBE:Not eating the chicken is impressive. Right now I'm trying to limit my food prep munching to fruits and veggies.

onebyoneWell, it wasn't an emergency then and it isn't an emergency nowHow true that is. I try to remember that not every meal has to be like Thanksgiving, i don't have to leave the table stuuffed every time I eat.

Going for my walk now.
__________________________________________________ ______________
Forgot to send this before my walk.
Went for a walk and then my friend wanted me to go to look at benches for her backyard. We went out of town to do this and we decided to eat supper out. bad idea, wasn't planning on it but could have chosen anywhere as she would agree to anything. I chose to go to a restaurant I've heard only good things about. Lots of healthy choices but I chose a 7 ounce tenderloin, 4 deep fried shrimp and a baked potato with sour cream. They serve fresh, hot mini loaves of bread with butter and soup or salad as a first course. They are well known for their cream of broccoli soup so I had that. Then we topped it off with a snickers chimichanga.
Snickers Chimichanga
A treat you’ll want again and again!
An extra large Snickers bar wrapped in
a flour tortilla and deep-fried. Topped with
hot fudge, real whipped cream, and a scoop
of real ice cream <----- that's directly from the menu.
Ok so rather than beat myself up...I only ate half of my potato and we shared the dessert, WTG!!!

08-25-2008, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches – Had a neat taste treat. DS brought over the first Ground Cherry I've ever eaten - smaller than a grape, in a papery husk, neat taste "between a tomato and a pineapple." Described with a picture here: Dinner outside on the patio; gotta love the feeling in the air during the last week of summer - even with the pain of knowing that summer will end. Ate an unplanned cookie with no good reason. Oh Well. Only ate one without Sabotaging Thoughts like might as well finish off that platter. For that, CREDIT moi.

onebyone – Now that would be a great song title, Goodbye Yesterday. Ouch for the weak sales. Kudos for standing down the feelings of hunger with "Hunger is not an emergency." You continue to stay the course on your new path. Cheering you on from here as you start your gym sessions. LOL at "emotional behaviour alive and kickin."

shrinkin - Big Kudos for avoiding "not today" when you had enough stress to justify it. Interesting that you designate Desire as your big problem - even though you are now serving it with healthy choices. Stubborn thing that Desire is. Are there any behaviors that you can think of that avoid it by, say, not being able to see the food?

freer - Having a visual image of you marching into battle against an army of zillions of seven year olds armed only with the knowledge that the school day will end at three o'clock, and that you win if you're still standing. Wondering how the course of history would have changed if General Douglas MacArthur had ever "managed to get to Jazzercise" to prepare for battle.

M (goodnuff) – Neat that you are specifically working on eating what you planned. Methinks that is the big step in moving away from the continuous Desire for food. That "Snickers Chimichanga" sounds like pure evil, LOL. Kudos for moderation when eating out.

Readers – "… the solution at a glance

• Certain ways of thinking make it difficult to follow a diet and to maintain weight loss. …" Beck, pg 25.

08-25-2008, 07:24 AM
bbe Your Jazzercise comment is hilarious! I'm picturing General MacArthur and his 'jazz hands!'

Truth be told, I HATE the name Jazzercise. It's sooooooo '80s! Does not match the fun and intensity of the class. They need to change that name. In the meantime, I shall picture the dear General bending and stretching before a workout as I try and make my way through this first day of school.:D

08-25-2008, 08:48 AM
Good morning, coaches!

A great Sunday to report. Stayed entirely on food plan. Plan included making Sunday a no-alcohol day. That was not easy as DH had an unusually heavier day with a beer at lunch, scotch while grilling and of course, wine with dinner. I had a sparkling water at lunch, lemonade while visiting with him at the grill and ice water for dinner. Credit MOI for each of those choices.

Found myself saying..."WHAT?" Want WHAT? Desire WHAT? Choice is up to you...more calories today or maybe a half pound less body fat." Felt more empowered rather than cheated.

Missed my pool work out, but only because the Y does not open early on Sunday (I did not know they had such limited Sunday hours). I had to be at work at 9. Will make that up this morning before work.

Went for unscheduled exercise aka 1 mile walk with DH just before dinner yesterday. Relatively slow pace, but I am still taking credit for it.

Reread first two chapters of Beck yesterday during window of time would have been at pool. "Overeating is a temporary problem you can solve." Note she does not say you must or should...just that you can if you choose. It's all about choices and priorities.

Other reason for successful evening was that I kept myself busy even though DH was watching Olympics on TV. Finished the laundry and then...decluttered my financial world. Balanced checking account, reconciled credit cards and threw away a drawer of old docs. Double WooHoo for that! However, :( to realize my current financial status with many expenses coming up (weddings and out of town travel), but better to know the reality as I am living in it. OH WELL.

freer-sending positive vibes for a great first day at school!

BBE-Credit for stopping with one cookie! Awesome. Never seen a Ground Cherry, but guess if I do, I might just try one. They look very good. I am already grieving loss of summer too.

goodnuff-Kudos on the walk. Yup, eating out is very tough. You will reach a chapter about it that will be very helpful. Like your "Not every meal has to be like Thanksgiving."

onebyone-Kudos for sticking with your plan in spite of not feeling well. Wonder if some of the yuck feeling was lack of fluids. Looking forward to your happy report of gym day, even if just a swim.

Back to major project grind today at work. Deadline approaches and I am not likely to be ready. Dealing with it the best I can.

Happy Monday to all posters and readers!

08-25-2008, 11:12 AM
morning my coaches,

was an extraordinarily tough weekend. dh is suffering terribly, and last night i started feeling like there's not much more i can do for him, apart from being there and listening. it's hard to see it and not be able to do anything. i'm also so exhausted myself - but it's going to stop. spent the day saturday watching el nino so dh and dbil (do you say dear brother in law? i have the best bil in the world) could collapse several storage sheds into fewer sheds. each shed we can get out of saves us over $100 a month. we've been wasting money on this for months, unable to find the time to work on the sheds. didn't start doing the cake stuff until 7:00, but i thought no problem, i'd planned it out and had a bunch of prep work done, so i'd knock it out in a few hours. WRONG. everything went south. found new ways to ruin buttercream - i mixed bad in with good before realizing it, so had to throw out two batches. mango filling turned to soup and was unuseable. chocolate for ganache had separated. dh went to the store 3 times for me and did the mangos himself. realized at 2:00 am that i didn't have enough buttercream left to ice the middle tier and do the piping. tried to make it work because i didn't have the heart to send dh out one more time. at that point i was making stupid mistakes, stubbed my toe really badly. dropping things. got up at 5:30 am and went to look at the middle tier, realized there was no way i could deliver it in the state it was in, so i got in the shower, went out for more butter, and got back just in time for el nino to wake up. then proceeded to ruin YET ANOTHER batch of buttercream while el nino cried because both dh and i were panicking and all stressed out and he was clearly upset. felt awful about that as i was racing, racing, racing; made a good batch (#5 for those keeping score) and managed to get the cakes iced, assembled, and piped in the PARKING LOT of the reception hall with literally minutes to spare before the wedding planner expected to see the cake done and in place. immediately dropped off el nino and got changed to go to another wedding as a guest. wearing fancy dress shoes, my toe was throbbing and oddly cold. i think i broke it when i stubbed it. to add insult, the other wedding cake was perfect. made me feel like a total hack. i felt better when i got my piece, because i know my cake tasted superior, but it's going to be a long, long road for me to get my piping and icing to look as good as a "real" bakery.

so, the upshot. with a broken toe, my sept half marathon is off the calendar. i have no cakes booked until january, and that may be the best thing. new kitchen, new burners, new everything - it's too much. i'll bake and practice, but i need a break to adjust to everything. i want that time for investing in my health (and dh's health, too.) i'm hiring dbil to pack up the other house. just can't do any more, and i don't want to. work is going surprisingly well, so i'm going to rethink everything else. i'm just tired and had enough of the craziness.

the food and food thoughts have been all over the place. it hasn't been a focus (and may not be for a little bit longer, while i retrench) but there's enough residual beck thinking to keep me in check. knock wood - i haven't gained through this time. that in and of itself is fairly miraculous. big giant credit moi.

also wanted to reiterate how greatly i value you all!!!! being able to vent and kvetch and lean on you has contributed hugely for keeping what little sanity i do have left. :) good luck to all the teachers, out there doin' it. here's to a wonderful school year. onebyone, you're an inspiration. bill, your daily postings are really comforting. maybe someday i'll have my act straightened out enough to have the mental energy to do it too!

have a great week. will work on posting often, but even when i don't i'm reading everyday. will also post a picture of the wedding cake as soon as i get it uploaded. i'm proud of what i did, even though i look at it and instantly generate a laundry list of ways it could be improved. it's gone and over. it got eaten, so i can't go back to that cake anyway. :)

thanks again - this may have gotten a little long!

08-25-2008, 06:06 PM
Hi coaches

Well I stuck to the plan yesterday, ending week 2 on a good note. jumped on the scale and am down a tad: 0.2lbs. okay. The online group who are doing the same foodplan as me say that during week 2 most folks don't lose anything and anyway, I kept the 5lbs off + 0.2lbs more! woohoo credit moi.

So it's week 3 day 1 already. I had a whirlwind morning. found out the desk I was getting from my friend had to be got TODAY which required clearing out the corner of the living room it's going into and then a minute later I got a phonecall from the woman who will be my mentor, and I her apprentice, this fall semester, to meet her, finally, at the school to get the paperwork done for my project. She's hard to reach and itr had to be done this week... so i had to go do that too. (I am making handmade books on the topic of secrets. One book, one secret.)
So I had exactly 45min to clear out the space for the desk, something I've procrastinated about since the end of school in April! I did it, and then had to unload the car from the show yesterday. Made it downtown on time, had the talk, did the paperwork. DH showed up at the school, as I forgot my keys. He brought them to me, then he had lunch & I ran to hardware store for the ceramic studio, and then we met up and got to the car to avoid a parking ticket at 1:30pm. Rental car due back at 2pm. Came home, dropped off new desk and went to hardware store for DH and I decided to paint the two walls where my new desk/workspace will be. Chose Bermuda Cocktail :hat: a great vibrant blue (much like that blue actually). So I just made lunch, scallop stir fry using up many veggies from the fridge so they won't go bad. Kudos moi for eating my veggies.

I sort of have a ceramic studio holiday and after seeing how quickly I actually can re-claim a space I've decided to tackle the cleaning. I am delaying the gym until next week as I won't be going through the mall this week so no point using the free pass this week and I'll be very active getting my house in order. Cannot wait to paint! I am ready for change on many levels. This will certainly help and when I see how nice it looks I'll want more! The kitchen is next, with the paint to follow ONLY when the cleaning is done. Carrot and stick; delayed gratification. That works for me.

kuhljeanie Oh dear!:hug: Sorry to hear you hurt your toe. Well, the upside is you HAVE TO slow down now. Have to. I have been where you were. I have forced myself to make things, do things, do too much, take on too many things, too many people. It always goes the way your day went.
You will never forget icing that cake in the parking lot. Plus side: look what you can do even with little sleep and with many trials and errors behind you and you did it. Down side: wondering how you got into the position where you are icing a cake in a parking lot. Really big plus side: will be a hilarious story given the passage of time...:hug: Please take good care of yourself! We need you here! Glad you're getting others to do some of the work re: moving. and BIG HUGE FREAKIN' KUDOS on not turning to food. AWESOME.

shrinkin I think you may have been right about the lack of fluids. I had several coffees and only 4 cups of water and it was really hot. Each coffee probably drained away the water I did get in. As you see I am not at the gym but am taking care of things that really really need attention. My house is so chaotic... clutter and hoarding are my worst traits. I want to change that and it looks like I have a good start. Will stay active this week by doing housework. Next week gym. Congrats on staying OP! And for reigning yourself in after being a bit loose. I did the same. It takes willingness and discipline but I tell you, it's good to know we DO NOT have to go down the slippery slope. Yay for Beck getting that message through to me.

freerJazz hands always makes me laugh! Jazzercise always makes me think of Jane Fonda and her workouts: same era I think. I just saw my Jane Fonda workout album in the basement yesterday! She's doing the bicycle move while wearing a striped leotard, black tights and a sweatband on her head... big poofy semi-Farrah Fawcett type hair (funny how that's in again eh?) all while giving a big smile to the camera/viewer. No sweat visible... or no perspiring... men sweat. Ladies perspire.;) Hope your first day of school went way better than you ever imagined!

BillBlueEyes I always think of the ground cherry as the tomatillo. Never remember if they are the same and I am resisting going to wikipedia on it. Would rather ponder the mystery... I do think the tomatillo is larger... but I believe it too is in a husk. They are often used in salsa I do believe. I like them. Had them once or twice out of curiosity. hey! If you ever see a dragon fruit try it. OMG they are great. Expensive, like $6.99 each here, but good.
And kudos on eating one cookie and not wanting one more and one more and one more... Awesome. When did you notice you never entertained the thought of more? Okay I couldn't take it I looked...and yep...tomatillo = ground cherry...hmmmm

goodnuff I am also learning not to eat until stuffed a la Thanksgiving. It is surprising how little reason I need to eat until way way way past full. And I can do this on good food bad food mediocre food... doesn't seem to matter... and I purposely GO FOR large quantities. I feel safe and secure eating a lot. Many behaviours tied to my past with this issue... doesn't mean I have to repeat them for the rest of my future. I think it's great you are following a plan of your choosing. That's incredible. Many kudos to you. I sense a sense of peace for you around food right now. I think once we are at peace, we can begin to allow other changes to enter. So long as I am battling my food, or me and my food, I can't let any other information in. Too busy fighting! Peace is where it's at. Great to feel that from you.

08-26-2008, 12:13 AM
Hello Coaches...
Sorry that I have not checked in since I got back from vacation. I gained 5 lbs in three weeks and feel that is not all that bad. I have had a very hard time since I got back. I have not gained any but have not lost any. I am really having a hard time trying to get back into this. Plan on restarting the book again from chapter 1. Need to do something.
Well, I did bid on my school bus route and will be working 8 hrs a day. I also aced a challange test for special needs. If I had not done it I would have had to take a 4 hour boring class...glad that is done. We start school on Sept. 2...that will be good for me as I will be able to get into a routine..that helps we alot. Will try to check in more often and let you all know how I am doing. Really sorry for not being here for you.

08-26-2008, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches – Ate on plan during a period of work stress. Found a pint of corn nuts that I bought some months ago to give to one of my kids, but forgot. Ate an appropriate snack sized bunch for my scheduled afternoon snack, rather than what I would have historically deemed a nominal serving, i.e. one pint. CREDIT moi.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - That cake is one remarkable story; Big Kudos for staying the course and staying the course and staying the course. Sending supportive thoughts to your DH and to you during his time of trials. Reminding you that Job was blessed in his latter years and he lived to be 140. Keep the faith on your eating plan and exercise plan; would seem that you have more than a hundred years left to work it out.

onebyone – Big Kudos for staying on plan to reach week 3. Congrats on keeping your loss of 5 pounds, and Kudos for keeping your wisdom during wiggly weight loss. LOL at "vibrant blue Bermuda Cocktail" - your playful creative side always blows me away.

RE: Ground Cherry. Yep, the tomatillo that is used to make salsa is also sometimes called a Ground Cherry. It's quite a bit larger. But this Ground Cherry is apparently a different variety.

angelmomma210 - Ouch for the difficulty getting back on track. Kudos for doing so and restarting Beck. There are several others starting, or re-starting, Beck now. If you choose to post about the day you're doing you might find a group here doing the same. And congrats for acing the disabilities test.

shrinkin - Kudos for staying on plan. Double Wammy Kudos for sticking to the no-alcohol part when faced with three, that's 3, in-your-face opportunities. And this seems like a major step toward thinking like a thin person: "Felt more empowered rather than cheated." Neato!

freer - OK, now you've got this going. First we'll legislate that Jazzercise be part of basic training. Then we'll get the UN to mandate that all soldiers must do one hour of Jazzercise before loading ammunition into rifles. After that, when we get bold, we'll mandate that both sides be required to Jazzercise together before battle. Then comes the big deal. Lastly, we'll replace battle with Jazzericse contests judged by an international panel of experts. Winner gets to strut about claiming victory and fire their guns into the air in celebration. There's a Nobel Peace Prize in this. Speaking of battle, how did you survive day one with a zillion second graders?

Readers – "… the solution at a glance

• The Beck Diet Solution takes you through a six-week process to change sabotaging thoughts (that cause you to stray from your diet) to helpful thinking (that will lead to success). …" Beck, pg 25.

08-26-2008, 09:06 AM
Good morning, coaches!

An OP day yesterday. Had my one allowed glass of wine with dinner. I am going to continue working on alcohol control this week. Internist still would like me to have a glass a day. With a taste for nice wine, easy to go from one glass to two.

Found myself spending too much time thinking about food. Can I make it through the day. Methinks thin people don't perserverate over food. Is it possible to obsess too much over diet?

Made it to the pool yesterday before work and did very hard work out. A solid 35 min cardio. Legs sore and body a bit tired today. Today is another pool day. I will plan to go but may allow myself to just "go the distance". Lighten up if needed to get my time in. Also got in an unexpected walk at work and noted how much easier it is to walk.

Reread Chapters 3 and 4 yesterday. Must say that after the first read thru of the book, I am more confident of my ability to control my eating. Not that I am totally confident, but I am much better. Seeing many of the things she mentions in these chapters coming true, nice to think that others may also come true, especially: "You'll learn many techniques to refocus your attention so that hunger and craving lose their persuasive power...You'll learn...I can shift my focus to something else." Still working on that.

Today is Day 1:the ARC. She is right about the need to tell yourself the advantages over and over again. Knowing what I want and why I want it is the platform for success. Methinks that part has to be right in the front of my brain so the retrieval is virtually automatic. It is often the must have for rescure from sabotage.

I think this will be an interesting second trip through the book looking at progress in concepts and those that are still taking practice.

BBE-credit for restraint. Wondering if this was a challenge for you or you have reached a point that it is relatively easy, ie no struggle? I have had red and green tomatillos, but was assuming that your ground cherry tasted more like a cherry? Or tastes more like a tomato/tomatillo?

angelmomma210-Glad you are back! Congrats on the challenge test. Hope travails of life are minimal and you can post back soon.

onebyone-WooHoo for staying on plan, garnering a little more scale victory! Yup, we'll take any amount of loss, and some weeks, just staying level. Wow, that room sounds really blue to me! You are really high energy! Go, girl, go.

kuhljeanie-What an amazingly painful story! But, must admit that by the time I got to the end, I was thinking that this would be one of those stories you and DH look back on with a "remember the night..." and a laugh till you cry kind of feeling about it all. Sending best positive thoughts to your DH on life adjustments and giving him some big credits too for dealing with the grocery trips, kitchen chaos. Methinks you are pretty hard on yourself on the "feeling like a hack" business. Bet your learning curve has been really steep already; you are certainly doing spectactular from my vantage point. Glad you are offloading some things.

freer-Contrats on that Nobel Prize for you and BBE for defining a whole new method of warfare! Hope school is fun.

Off to the fray!

08-26-2008, 10:30 AM
Good Morning!

K, I was up at 6 this morning, did my networking meeting, and now Im home waiting for my daughter to wake up before I head into the shop.

I got thru the weekend, but not without extreme difficulty! Hubby's birthday and our anniversary was a foodfest I am not proud of. Ive dusted off my book, and pulled out my workbook (again)

We head off to indianapolis one week from today. Eating away on the road for a week is going to be an issue. The good thing about most of the time away....I will be in classes from 8:30-6:30 with lunch provided. This will keep me from snacking all day!! Dinner should be ok, as long as Im not crazy hungry by then :( I will do a bit of grocery shopping before we go, so that I can have control over my breakfast, and midday snacks. I figured since they were supplying lunch, and I'll be eating very late in the evening, I should bring apples or something for midday.

Im looking forward to learning how to wrap and then get home and practice on my own car!!!

I think I'll get some laundry done while Im waiting for my daughter to wake up! :lol:

Have a great day everyone!

08-26-2008, 12:34 PM
Hi coaches
Welcome to my blue room... I know you can't see it. I'll post a jpg when it's done so you can. It's ending up pretty fancy! Won't spoil the surprise...let's just say when you don't get enough paint (and I knew it at the store!) you have to be creative and problem solve. I LOVE my solution! BTW did you guys know that tech guys call the great outdoors and going outside "going to the blue room"? That always makes me laugh... sky=blue you know? get it? get it? eh?eh? hahaha! *breathing another big breath of paint fumes....* kidding about that... good ventilation here, just a wandering mind is all.

I had a great breakfast and today is cheap movie day. DH's pick. he wasn't too happy with the choices as they are all rather mediocre. That always makes me happy... I enjoy a good bad movie so long as it isn't boring. Bad plot? Bad acting? incomprehnsible logic? Awesome. I need to pack my lunch again and get my coffee at the theatre. It worked well last week for me... didn't even care about DH's popcorn and pop.

angelmomma210 Hello again! Nice to have you back fresh from vacation. I am also getting into a school routine in a few weeks and I know what you mean about doing better with a built-in routine. It does simplify your life and your choices. Happy to see you are planning ahead...

BillBlueEyes Excellent restraint at having a normal serving of corn nuts rather than the can. I would have thought "bonus!" and eaten them all at one time too... doesn't even seem you struggled with that. I think you have been sane in your choices for so long, and so consistently, correcting yourself when you do stray that normal behaviour is indeed becoming the norm for you. This is so fantastic! I hope for the same for myself one day.

shrinkin I know you are dealing with your food issues and your foodplan and trying to make it right for you just because you wrote this
Found myself spending too much time thinking about food. Can I make it through the day. Methinks thin people don't perserverate over food. Is it possible to obsess too much over diet?
Problems often loom large when we focus on them to deal with them. An old therapist of mine once said "anything worth fighting fights back"... in this case facing your food issues means it will resurface again and again until it is resolved. These are your issues and mine as well. Better to be conscious and deal with it than not... when unconscious I eat and eat and eat. Cannot go back there again! you are doing really really well. And thank you so much for posting big posts too!

RobinW It's good you are planning ahead for your travels. I too am very tempted on the road and out of my routine, often with a case of "Oh I'll never be here again, see that again, have that again..." when it comes to new local food. I remember when I was at a buffet in Vegas i stayed OP because I adjusted my foodplan to "you can have whatever you want but NO Second Helpings", and I wasn't allowed to be morose if I gained some weight...had to get back on the wagon when I got home. That's worked a couple of times for me, and I do hold that as a backup plan if all else fails!
Wow and you'll know how to wrap a car. Boy I'd be tempted to wrap a car in some of my own designs! That'd be so fun! BTW can you wrap a rustbucket car? Like if it was rusty and full of holes, would the wrap (I picture a plastic wrap... is that what it is? or more like a stencil process?) "seal" the car like we are told to "seal in the freshness" of a sandwich?? just curious...

Enjoy your day...

08-26-2008, 01:25 PM
Wow and you'll know how to wrap a car. Boy I'd be tempted to wrap a car in some of my own designs! That'd be so fun! BTW can you wrap a rustbucket car? Like if it was rusty and full of holes, would the wrap (I picture a plastic wrap... is that what it is? or more like a stencil process?) "seal" the car like we are told to "seal in the freshness" of a sandwich?? just curious...

:lol: now there is an idea. The wrap would certainly keep stuff from falling off! Unfortunately the vinyl wont stick for long to the rusted areas. But Im sure it would do for a year....maybe 2! But Id be afraid when taking the vinyl off.....Im sure what wanted to fall off would cling to the vinyl and pull anything remotely loose with it.

We leave next tuesday morning, I'll try to take lots of pictures!

08-26-2008, 02:34 PM
hello my coaches,

spoke too soon about keeping my eating in check. i had a full-blown binge in the middle of the afternoon. AT WORK. should have been preparing for discovery sessions this week for a new project, and instead, i went out for food and actually brought it back and ate it at my desk. i knew what i was doing, knew that i could choose to use beck strategies to stop, but i honestly didn't want to. just felt too tired to fight. i would have felt better afterwards if i'd been able to purge, but i've never been a binge/purger. just a binger. today was marginally better. since i started commuting i haven't had time to make my morning eggs, and i get so hungry without that protein. i'll need to figure something else out but haven't had the time. last night (after getting stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hrs) i went for a walk, took a long hot bath, and went to bed. wasn't hungry at all, so skipped dinner. i guess credit moi? for not eating when not hungry, and for taking care of myself. just taking one day at a time. i like that quote: "anything worth fighting fights back." will have to share with DH. he'd probably benefit from it too.

thank you all, AGAIN, for the support! i know i'll look back on this past weekend and be able to really roll my eyes and smile. i've attached a cake picture too. bride called yesterday to say she really enjoyed it, which is nice. and yes, i can logically see that expecting myself to now have the same technical skill level as someone who's been doing this for years isn't realistic. it's just hard to see it in your mind and not be able to execute the way you want. the flowers came out very nice, and real-looking. the buttercream and stacking leave a little to be desired.

anyway, i'm keeping the faith. i'm going to the gym this afternoon to walk. the more healthy behaviors i can hold on to, the better, right?

08-26-2008, 03:15 PM
kulhjeanie-that is one awsome cake! :carrot::carrot: Not sure what it is you did not like about it. :?:

Looking forward to pix of wrapped cars and "the blue room". :D

One just never knows what may appear on this board...lots of talents!

08-26-2008, 04:25 PM
WOW those are fake flowers made of icing stuff?!?!?!? Very cool!

08-26-2008, 05:32 PM
kuhljeanie your cake is one of simple elegance. And you know, the simpler something is, the more work and sweat and tears went into it... it's looks great cause you did a great job!

Don't worry about the binge. Especially don't dwell on it and make it into some reason to beat yourself up. You are human and you turned to an old behaviour to deal with stress.
So what? Big deal.
I can pretty much say that everyone who has ever posted to this Beck thread has done that more than once. I'd go out on a limb and say that. And be very very grateful you never learned the skill of purging. Now that is not something to wish for for sure. I have known a few purgers... very very addictive behaviour. I am glad I never went that route either. for me, I look to feel full, and sometimes to feel so full I would hurt...why would I empty myself out? Knock on wood, those extreme eating days are in the past. As for you, it's okay, it's just for now, do what you can to get through. When are you in your new house anyway? And how far away are you moving? Also, keep some good snacks with you so you don't get overwhelmed by hunger... when I get super busy I try to make myself boil a half dozen eggs at night, and then take two or three with me. They'll keep like that for a few days in the fridge. You could easily eat them in the car. Maybe a few cheese slices too? It's protein you need my friend. That'll take the edge off. Even a little bit every three hours. I swear since I started having bit of protein on that schedule most days the cravings for food are gone. I won't say every day cause I get triggered by more than a physical craving the protein satisfies... if i see something or smell something or remember something... that can still do it... and probably always will. Just a part of me I suppose. Just keep going. So sorry your world is still so hard. One day, it'll be better. You'll see.:hug: Keep posting.

08-27-2008, 06:21 AM
Diet Coaches – Unexpected small challenge: at a weekly meeting of six of us, one guy brought in homemade brownies. Now, I'm used to ignoring pastries and donuts and even wrapped chocolates at meetings, but this was more in-my-face, offered personally by the guy who baked then, more visible whether I took one or didn't. I didn't, for the odd reasons that I wasn't hungry and I would have lunch in an hour. But I felt a stronger pull than usual, along with a dreaded Sabotaging Thought: I can have that because I've progressed pretty far in this maintenance thing. CREDIT moi for staying on plan. Oh Well for encountering a brownie that "fought back." Hoping all the desirable foods don't get organized and attack together, LOL.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Big Kudos for taking care of yourself with a long hot bath and going to bed. And Kudos for skipping dinner when not hungry - what a good reminder that we can use hunger to decide when to eat. Ouch for the eating at work; stuff happens when we're over-stressed and over-tired. Continuing to send best supportive thoughts to the three of you.

onebyone – LOL that you "enjoy a good bad movie." Kudos for one more day on plan. That's a new one for me, "going to the blue room" for going outside. Gotta try that and see if anyone knows what I'm saying.

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats on your anniversary; Ouch for the "foodfest." I like rereading Beck; different points jump out at me on subsequent reads.

shrinkin - Just terrific that you "noted how much easier it is to walk." Is that because of your regular swimming? Thanks for the new word; I had to go look it up: "perseverate - psychology: repeat a response after the cessation of the original stimulus; 'The subjects in this study perseverated.' " I, too, wish that I didn't spend so much time thinking about food. I take solace in the thought from this site that "No one eats healthy by accident." But, I'd accept slightly more accidental, LOL. My taste of the Ground Cherry was more like a tomato with a touch of pineapple - not cherry at all. Interesting question, "relatively easy, ie no struggle?" Sometimes little struggle, but yesterday's brownie was a bit.

Readers – "Do you ever feel as if you eat automatically, that eating is somehow out of your conscious control? Many of the dieters I’ve worked with certainly have felt this way at times." Beck, pg 26.

08-27-2008, 08:43 AM
Hello coaches

The fantastic start to my day deteriorated yesterday.I went out to buy my white paint, came home with something...not really a paint...more like the stuff in a can that's transparent that needs pigment added to it to make it a paint that has a colour and that actually changes the colour of a surface when applied to the surface. Sigh. Disappointing. Apparently "white" on a can does not equal the colour white which is solid and opaque. Also, when getting ready to get to the space, the sliver of wall I was going to work on to finish the paint job, well, upon moving my table which had a few small plants and a plant light and many other things that pile up there, as we moved the table, two legs detached (IKEA particle board top with small metal screws), and the thing came crashing down in slow motion. This right after DH said to me "You're not going to take everything off the table and move it?" I didn't answer him, thinking to myself "I have no where to put anything" (clutterific like I said yesterday). So to his credit he did not say I told you so but did stomp back downstairs. After that, I didn't cry, but did feel total defeat at the hands of my clutter and my attempt to beautify the place. I did start to akke room upstairs for the plant stand to be re-assembled. I did fix the table legs to discover that the 2 grey legs are not the same height as the two black legs:?: Put something under the leg to prop it up...makes me think that table was going to collapse at any time. Now I have somewhere to bring 1/3 of the stuff that was in that corner. Other things need sorting and disposing.
I had hoped to get the kitchen and the living room done by next Monday. We'll see what I manage to do. I feel like I can't but so what? I will continue. TODAY I will finish the blue room.

And, I stepped on the scale and while it is not moving up, it is exactly the same 256.4. I wanted to see movement there, for it to go down! I need to re-group and re-read others experiences cause this morning I felt discouraged. I'm a bit better now, after posting here and will be out the door soon as I have to register at school today.

And on that note I'd better go. Will check in again later.

08-27-2008, 09:20 AM
Good morning, coaches!

A reasonably good day yesterday. Within range for calories and did a full 45 min in the pool. Reread Beck Days 1 and 2 yesterday. Methinks I may want to add a couple statements to make ARC more specific with some shorter term goals in addition to the longer term general ideas. More thought about that in the next few days.

Not a weigh in day today but scale down 2.5 pounds. Lack of scale movement for many days may be why I was more obsessive about diet. Fear of no progress does funny things to the mind. Old me would look at "no progress" as step before "no point in this". New me focuses on knowing that staying with plan will result in success...just may be slower than I would like. OH WELL. Slow progress is better than going backwards.

BBE-Thanks for continuing to lead the charge on the "War on Food", but glad to hear that you have progressed to only occasionial skirmish. Gives hope to the rest of us. Extra credit for resisting the triple threat of brownies, homemade by colleague in presence of small group and with annoying sabotage thought. Yup, I think the deep water walking aerobics has given me much stronger legs and cardiac ability too. Starting to feel it in daily living...great! Will hold onto "No one eats healthy by accident."

kuhljeanie-Ouch for the binge. Kudos for taking care of yourself, getting rest and relaxing a bit. You are overdue. :D that bride called doesn't get any better than that!

onebyone-Hope you had a good bad movie and did a repeat performance of the packed lunch and coffee! Looking forward to blue room artistry pix.

RobinW-Road trip can be a challenge. Hope you do get to review a couple of Beck chapters. Think how great it will be to come back from Indy and report that you did your plan! You can do it...believe it, believe it. Wonder how much practice it takes to wrap a car.

Sending a special :angel: to QuilterInVA...if you are reading, hope that knee is making progress. Hang in there!

Off for a second cup of hot coffee...then onward to today!

wanting to
08-27-2008, 11:55 AM
Is this group open for anyone to join? Will the same group be here after the first of the month? I just found my copy of the book, and started to read it yesterday. I would like some support to get through it.

08-27-2008, 02:26 PM

wantingto~ yup we'll be here :) Bill usually starts up a new thread for the month, so look for that.

Bill~ great going on refusing the brownie!!!! That's one scary thought ...organized food attacking :lol: Proof positive that I need a plan of attack when they do come after me! :D

Got another mouse the other day! Little buggers!! I cant figure out where they are coming in :mad: I need to get another can of that "Stuff" from home depot and go around the outside of the house and look for holes.

Eating isnt too bad. I have a plan!!! We will be driving to indy on tuesday. Thats roughly 8 hrs sitting in the car, probably about 4 of that time I'll be driving. So......I plan to bring my Dr. Beck book and workbook to read and work on during the drive. I have The Secret arriving in netflix probably today, so I will watch that at least 2x before heading out on tuesday. This movie has been unbelievably helpful in pretty much every aspect of my life! Time to watch it again!!

Im printing memorial shirts today and did a lettering install this morning. Its been a busy day so far. The day is getting away from me again!

Have a great day everyone!

08-27-2008, 03:23 PM
Good afternoon, y'all.

Angelmomma and anyone else who wants to start over - how about we form a group and start on Monday, September 1? I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and I think she'll be changing my depression meds yet again but I've got to get back on track soon before I start gaining, especially since my ability to exercise is still limited. I'll be finished with the first time through the workbook on Sunday so ready to begin at Day 1 again and isn't Monday and the first day of the month the time to get with it! And we'll be through the book before the holiday eating season begins!

08-27-2008, 05:11 PM
Is this group open for anyone to join? Will the same group be here after the first of the month? I just found my copy of the book, and started to read it yesterday. I would like some support to get through it.
Hi! You're in if you say you're in... all are welcome and that means you!

We start a new thread at the beginning of every month, but there will be a post to direct you there. If you check in with us you'll find it for sure.

We are all here to support each other... always happy to have another person's thoughts and views.

BTW I see you have a rebounder in your signature line... I have one but don't know what to really do with it, except bounce, walk and jog... can you tell me what you do when you work on it? How do you structure a workout on the rebounder?


wanting to
08-27-2008, 08:30 PM
Thanks for the welcome.
If you google "rebounder workout" or "rebounder exercise", you will find lots of good info on how the rebounder is good for your body. I just bounce/jog on it for twenty minutes at a time. You can do big, high-energy workouts with high kicks, etc., but you get a good workout just bouncing very low... your feet just barely come off of the surface of the rebounder.
You burn as many calories bouncing as you go jogging, but jogging hurts my joints, and the rebounder does not.
When you first start bouncing, it feels like you are not doing anything, but after about ten minutes, you will probaby be sweating. I really love mine.

08-27-2008, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the welcome.
If you google "rebounder workout" or "rebounder exercise", you will find lots of good info on how the rebounder is good for your body. I just bounce/jog on it for twenty minutes at a time. You can do big, high-energy workouts with high kicks, etc., but you get a good workout just bouncing very low... your feet just barely come off of the surface of the rebounder.
You burn as many calories bouncing as you go jogging, but jogging hurts my joints, and the rebounder does not.
When you first start bouncing, it feels like you are not doing anything, but after about ten minutes, you will probaby be sweating. I really love mine.

Thanks for the answer... I love my rebounder too, when I use it, and will start with the 20 minutes of low intensity bouncing. I think I have a belief that if it almost feels too "fun" it can't actually be exercise... that's thought's gotta go!

08-27-2008, 09:59 PM
OK OK, I'm here....but just BARELY! Holy guacamole, as my students say, this is nuts. Monday I worked 15 hours, Tuesday, 15 hours, today, it's like a vacation! 12 hours! I come home COMPLETELY zonked. I've been walking back and forth so much and in the 95+ degree weather. I've started taking my bath at night instead of in the morning. What a workout!

No time to eat and walking everywhere and the pounds are melting off! So-everyday I come home absolutely sore all over BUT in the morning, the weigh in is fabulous! :D I call it the second grade teacher diet! Maybe I'll write a book.

onebyone and bbe You have me laughing at all of your Jazzercise jokes. Who needs Jazzercise when you're a teacher?? :)

Truth be told, this is my second year being a bilingual teacher (it's my second career) and I remember this happened last year. I lost weight for the first time in my life without trying. But this I know. This phase is short-lived because my sabotaging thoughts figure it out and I eventually found time to overeat! Ha-Ha! Now I have Beck to get me through this. Now, with BDS, I am going to use this time to super-charge my weight loss. I will work hard not to sabotage it when things settle down. I can do this!

Welcome to the group wanting to we hope to hear from you often.

OK, it's back to the black hole again. I'll touch base when I next emerge.

08-28-2008, 05:29 AM
:welcome: wanting to :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined 3FC almost 4 years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck? And how did you find our discussion group here?

08-28-2008, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches – Just one day after reveling in refusing a brownie, another unexpected small challenge: at a committee meeting with just one other person after work, I cleverly suggested we work at my kitchen table and I'd provide dinner so we could start promptly at 6 pm and get a bunch of stuff done. Great idea; my kitchen, my dinner - easy to eat on plan. However, he felt he should contribute something so he brought along a fresh, refrigerated cake covered in whipped cream, kiwi, strawberries, and a HUGE mound of blueberries. Now, after dinner cake isn't on my plan; I eat fruit after dinner, night after night, watermelon, mango, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apple, orange, pear - whatever's in season, fresh, and juicy. But here I was, facing a guy one-on-one who wanted to feel like he contributed to dinner. So, with that rationale, and in light of the HUGE mound of blueberries that are soooo healthy and good for me, I blessed the whole sloppy thing as fruit. It was yummy. Oh Well. For fessing up - CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving. Hope all is well and that swimming continues in the remaining days of summer.

MaryBlu - Waving. Thinking of all your vegetables coming in here at the end of August.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving. Hope preparation for the beginning of the school year is going well.

onebyone – Kudos to you for marrying a guy who didn't say "I told you so" when the world was already tumbling down. And Kudos for facing the situation and grinding forward. My best supporting thoughts to a fellow clutter person to find the way to sort and shed.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for catching another mouse - counting that as Beck's preparing your environment, LOL. And Kudos for planning so far in advance your eating for the long drive to an from your workshop. Now I've got this ear-thought to commission onebyone to create a mural that you then wrap on my old Volvo for a little unexpected joie de vie.

shrinkin - Congrats on the scale movement. And Big Kudos for keeping your perspective when it isn't moving as fast as you'd like, and Sabotaging Thoughts lurk to derail your rational living.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - What a great idea to start the group from day one again. Count me in; I always get something new from reading the early days. Ouch for your continued limited ability to exercise. Sending healing thoughts.

freer - You are so clearly onto the money making idea of the century. All the Yeti Matadors can get rich with: Teachercise. The school systems need money, right? There's an obesity epidemic, right? And the wealthy obese will pay big time for a new, tax-deductible way to lose weight. So, we rent out each room of second graders for, say, $150 for 30 minutes for guaranteed weight loss. (Perhaps a bit more for boys with ADHD, a bit less for those girls in pinafores.) Everybody wins!!! And the teachers get a break to change into dry clothes

Kudos for charging forward in a tough job. And Kudos for not turning it into an eat-yourself-out-of-it stress situation.

wanting to – Yep, we're open for anyone to join; glad you're here. Yep, we plan - "if the good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise" - to have a September thread. You said you found your copy of Beck; have you done the Beck Diet Solution before?

Readers – "Do you ever feel as if you eat automatically, that eating is somehow out of your conscious control? Many of the dieters I’ve worked with certainly have felt this way at times." Beck, pg 26.

08-28-2008, 08:29 AM

Another on plan day yesterday for calories. Credit MOI. Challenge was attending an all day business retreat. The goal of these shindigs is to provide you with enough attractive food at breaks and lunch that you forget you are miserable sitting in a hotel ballroom all day discussing pretty boring things. You "get to eat" about every 1.5-2 hours to keep you from going crazy. LOL. Chose fairly well for lunch. Removed the hard-to-find thin slice of turkey from one half sandwich and placed it on other half of enormous bread. Left half the bread on the plate. Only break food-some cherry tomatoes. Said NO to chocolate chip cookies, brownies chips and cheese and crackers. Credit MOI for the choices and for laughing over the ridiculous amount of temptations.

Was not a workout day. Odd, because I am very tired and sore today. :( Not sure I can drag myself to pool. Maybe will feel better post coffee.

Official weekly weigh in: down 2. Should be ecstatic but not the lowest number of the week. Oh well, I know how it is. Scale bounces around. Four week average loss: 0.88 pounds per week. Met previous nonscale goal of wearing black travel jacket. New nonscale goal: having red wool jacket fit. Number of water work out days this month:16! :carrot:

Reread Beck Day 3. Refected on purpose behind Sitting Down, ie having a "proper meal". It is important for you to see all of it spread out in front of you are visually satisfied. Also must focus on what you are eating so you can account for every bite which you cant do if running around, and although she does not say this....doing other things. So what about those of us who sit down, but are multitasking during meals at desk, at computer, in front of TV? Methinks this is following the "letter of the law" for Sitting Down but not the spirit. Tough one for work because I virtually always eat at desk in front of computer.

BBE-Feel for you on that refrigerated cake with whipped cream brought by guest especially after you planned for Sue Antoinette style dinner. Fruit, cake and whipped cream....yum, yum and hard to resist. Bet you are flexing your resistance muscle today. Having guests surprise me with food is a big challenge for me too. Tough to say "No thank you" to a piece with them present, but then after tasting something really good, also hard not to want to keep eating and eating. Our last house guests from Kentucky brought "Derby Pie"...combo of pecans and chocolate. After indulging in one small piece, took the rest to the office the very next day.

freer-Ouch for the long hours, but sounds like you are onto something with that second grade teacher diet and exercise plan. Does sound like you can use this time of extra activity to a big advantage!

wanting to-:welcome2: to the Beck Board. Always happy to have another coach!

QuilterInVA-Glad you posted back and are ready to lead a new charge!

RobinW-WooHoo for another mouse! Reminds me we should think to get some traps as we head into the fall. Kudos for planning your strategy for the trip! Haven't viewed The Secret but agree with what I think is its basic theme that changing one's perception, focus, energy and thinking from what you lack to what you want makes a person more efficient at achieving goals. It is a life altering message.

Coffee, here I come :yawn:...and hopefully, pool, ready or not, here I come.

Happy Thursday to all out there!

08-28-2008, 05:23 PM
flying by - hope everyone is having a good week! am leaving work a little early today - dh had a doc appt and i want to find out how it went.

just wanted to let you all know i'm still around but so squeezed for time at work. new project. it's all good there, though - very engrossing, the more interesting work gets the less time i have to dwell on my sweetie. and dwelling on his issues while i'm at work doesn't help him, oddly enough - so i'm doing well to focus on work when i'm at work. and focus on food when i'm EATING it (instead of, say, all the time.)

still having some challenges there. my workout schedule has been pretty well decimated. still looking to steady my sea legs - it will come!

thanks again for the stellar support!!!

08-28-2008, 08:34 PM
Hi coaches

Progress on some fronts for me. The blue room painting is done. The room is still VERY much in disarray. I hope to get it in order this evening. I took the afternoon to relax after spending the morning at the school and settling the nerves of the other new ceramic teacher. Then I dropped off three prints for the school boutique that I framed this morning. I had planned to get some de-cluttering done early but getting my artwork ready for the boutique took up all my time and for the second time this week I found myself having to go without my breakfast or my snack ready. I grabbed some protein shake stuff and had that before I went out the door and hoped to be back before 3 hours were up. It was 4 before I was home and 4.5 before I was able to get some more food in me. Exact same thing as earlier in the week. I think I need to do some bulk cooking so there is always something substantial to grab and go. Will gather some recipes on this to avoid this in the future.

Methinks I'll have more days like this, not less, as I ramp up for the school session which starts Sept 9th for me.

So a big CREDIT MOI for my good carbup day yesterday! This is the day in my carb cycling program where I can have any carbs I want after 3pm including sweets, though they are not recommended until we've been on the plan for a full 3 weeks. It was this point in the cycle where I ate way too much fruit, and ate until way too full this past Saturday and then
felt awful the day after.

Credit moi for NOT repeating this behaviour!:carrot: (wish there was an emoticon of an old dog doing a new trick to insert here...the dancing carrot will have to do!) I ate to a fullness but not over stuffed. Room for improvement but much better from Saturday.

Also, I passed by the stand with the fantastic cinnamon buns with the white and chocolate icing, fresh baked, in the mall as I was on my way home from the school. I could actually have this food, but remembered it wasn't recommended until after the end of week 3 so I said NO CHOICE (after running this scenario thorugh my head a few times f me buying it bringing it home and eating it) and instead opted to substitute and interesting fruit. Now, last carbup day I overdid the fruit, so as I shopped for it at the store I stuck to ONE type and chose something I have never seen before :teeny tiny champagne grapes from California. OMG were they good! I had the suggested 1 cup serving at meals 3 and 4. So to sum up: 1)No sugary cinnamon bun and 2) measured food on a free food day. Really. Wow. Credit moi.

And I've attached a jpg of the painting I sold at the last minute in the boutique. It's an 8x10 acrylic on canvas called "Come closer Bob... I'll tell you the real story..." And yes that's a rubber chicken she's talking too. Go figure. Apparently the customer got obsessed with it, returning at least 4x to see it and finally had to have it as she couldn't get it out of her head! Funny. I hear that often about my work. Love it. :D

Gotta go. Must try to get some order in the blue room and hopefully will send you a jpg of that tomorrow;)

:wave: hello to kuhljeanie, freer, shrinkin' RobinW, coastalsue, Billblueeyes, wanting to, hbuchwald, maryblu, quilterinva, goodnuff,
and those of you who happily :mag:lurk

08-28-2008, 10:08 PM
Hi again coaches

Well it's just a beginning but this will be my workspace for the coming school year. My blue room. That's a new desk given to me by my friend and I am so thrilled to see how big it is! It takes up that whole corner. Awesome.
I feel ready to expand into the kitchen now. So much work ahead but it's great to see things happening. Maybe I can get this together. I have until September 9th to really focus on this... not everyday all day but off and on. I am sure I can make a huge dent in this.

So, there's a jpg of my blue room: Bermuda cocktail blue, pixie dust border at the top and down the side with acrylic black painted scribbles.

I think I can rest now. Credit Moi. (Boy do I ever have to replace that hideous "chandelier"... is this hard to do??

08-29-2008, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches – A little thing: At Bally's gym, for "Member Appreciation Day" they were handing out three FREEBIES. I love FREEBIES. NEVER refuse a FREEBIE. Jump though high hoops to get a FREEBIE. First was a Blast like 6 ounce can of caffeine and HFCS. Pondered that since I don't do liquid calories, have no use for extra caffeine, don't want the extra sugar, and don't believe in all the ginseng tea and other "healthy" additives. But pondered, pondered, and pondered before I finally put it down. Second was a "yogurt covered berry bar." Well, the last Bally's bar I owned took six months to finally eat, and only ate it because it was in the bottom of my back pack and I was at the shore in the winter cold and hungry. It was awful, but useful like a sea biscuit in a life raft. Pondered and pondered and put it down. Third was a pill to make the fat melt away. Now those infuriate me, so just a single pondering and I put it down. That means that I didn't take any of the three FREEBIES. CREDIT moi.

Sabotaging Thought: You are such a wimp to give yourself credit for refusing three evil manufactured food products.
Helpful Response: Ya done good to refuse a FREEBIE, any FREEBIE. Stay the course, the day will come when you can even refuse, say, a FREEBIE pint of blueberries just because you aren't hungry.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yeah for interesting work to put one part of your mind at ease. Continuing to send supportive thoughts.

onebyone – The blue room is outrageous - love it. Kudos for persevering to get it done. Gotta admire the swirling line even more when remembering that it came into existence to solve a paint shortage. And Kudos for the sellar carbup day with extra Kudos since that included passing the cinnamon buns. Just moving on and moving on.

shrinkin - Big Kudos for surviving an all day business retreat with its incessant junk food. Congrats on the continued, slow but steady, weight loss, with Big Congrats on "wearing black travel jacket." Thanks for the reminder from day 3: Eat Sitting Down, so you are visually satisfied. It does set a helpful bit in my brain to survey and note the whole shebang before I start. RE Computing while eating: I read the newspaper with breakfast and do my email and Internet stuff with lunch at my desk. I agree that an engaging conversation with friends has some advantages, but for me, that's a dinner time treat. I work at adding mindfully while eating and call that success.

Readers – "Well, the good news is that your eating is not automatic." Beck, pg 26.

08-29-2008, 09:27 AM

A mediocre day to report yesterday. Over calories by about 200....all off plan food after returning from pool. :( Off plan items...extra blueberries, tiny amount blue cheese, walnuts and 2 oz wine. Was not really hungry, seem to have thought I deserved it.

Had to drag myself to pool mostly by the NO CHOICE method of thinking. So, guess I get extra credit for going. [Anything that is a real fight, deserves extra credit in my book.] Feel a bit down though about it. Many trips to pool in past few weeks viewed enthusiastically...guess I was beginning to think it would just be that way in future. The struggle continues on all fronts.

BBE-Yup, ya done good...three freebies all at once! WTG!

Onebyone-kudos for completing that Blue Room! Credit for getting clutter control achieved! You will enjoy your new work space. WOW for the great control on carbup day and for the cinnamon bun walk by! Sounds like you are on a great plan. Congrats on selling "The Bob". You must be feeling very proud of all of your accomplishments this past week. Take a pat on the back.

kuhljeanie-Happy to hear thngs are looking up for you, even if slowly. I can tell you will be back to your usual full force very soon. Credit to you for staying aware of your plans even while taking some relative down time "from the craziness".

Pushing myself to have an OP day today...not really sure I want to, guess I need the ARC. Trying to get back on track after small slip..tough.

Happy Friday...and Happy holiday weekend!

08-29-2008, 05:53 PM
Good morning coaches.

I'm just checking in. Today's agenda was busy again: unload/reload kiln, take down ceramic moose exhibit, return THIRD 3.6V Mastercraft Lithium-ion cordless compact screwdriver for an exchange.:mad: I got this little tool as a gift from friends who cannot afford to give gifts and the first one died when I tried to charge it once, the second one at charging #2 and now the third one died right as I needed it to assemble the new desk, charging number three. I was so sure I was out of the woods with this product. I half expect them not to take it back as I actually tossed the packaging materials thinking "no way I am going to get THREE lemons in a row". HA! Wrote a clear and concise letter of complaint to Canadian Tire via email (never as effective as snail mail, however...maybe that method is growing in credibility...they will get the snail mail one too if this doesn't work out again!). Hmm. Not sure I am going to get here today... maybe if I go now!

The goal with the clean up today was to get the kitchen cleared enough so I can a) put up my new archetypal kitchen curtains: white cotton, like 1940's type cotton, really, (made in China) with gingham yellow scalloped edge and embroidered daisies with leaves above the edging.:dizzy: SO VERY KITCHEN-Y! and b) start to paint. The yellow in the curtain goes exactly with the paint chosen for the kitchen called, appropriately, morning sun:sunny:. Getting excited to keep going. It was garbage day today and few extra bags of clutter are gone gone gone... but get this. I brought my garbage can to the curb and THEY THREW OUT MY GARBAGE CAN! i saw them just toss it into the back of the truck:mad: Can you believe it? I don't think I'll replace the garbage can.

Wow. Better to go. Will check in again later maybe! BTW I took a sneak peek on the scale this morning and it's down 2.4lbs. :broc: Not my official weighin but I will take the encouragement...

Bye for now.

Have a great day.

08-30-2008, 01:52 AM
Hi coaches,
I am here...reading sporadically and still dragging behind my wagon. It is BUSY now of course with school starting on Tuesday and dd starting Kindergarten too. My head is full fledged around the fact that I will have LOTS of the desired structure very soon and I am actually looking forward to it now.

I am REALLy grasping to try and find things to credit myself for.... here goes: I cooked up a pork roast and some "guilt free mashed potatoes" (potato and cauliflower...SO good)...leftovers for tomorrow and the next day too. I also have a recipe chosen to make for lunches next week (healthy pasta dish-delicious too so that helps). Kudos to me for eating mandarin oranges for a "midnight snack" with dd and the 2 girls she is having over to spend the night. Credit for doing a few moments of refocusing and semi meditating during the day-helps me stay grounded and not get too caught up in the surrounding chaos and stress (so much to do before I have no time to do it all...).

I love the sound of those *****eny curtains onebyone-seriously so cool! I just painted my kitchen an avocadoee green and am going for black and cream toille for the curtains (also in the adjacent rooms which are light butter yellow and terra cotta-you cannot say that I am afraid of color!)-I also plan to integrate in some black and cream checked pillows and chairpads here and there... so fun! I LOVE the blue room and the twirly lines.... what an artiste you are...

kuhljeanie: HUGS to you my friend-hang in there. You are doing well by focusing on work while at work, etc.. and also by taking something off the plate (even if that was driven by the toe injury...). The cake is GORGEOUS-those flowers look REAL... you are so talented.

BBE: the jazzercise idea is genious. You really kill me my friend! Your unwavering ability to maintain is so awesome to hear about.

Tomorrow I swim with the girls -will tread water as much as possible and maybe even swim a lap or two. I got my pictures back from the triathlon-I was told by a friend ahead of time that photographers are there and that she wished that she was SMILING in her pictures. I waved at one of the photogs and in all of the pics, I look like I am taking a Sunday ride... fashion sunglasses, easy attitude, not hardcore biking outfit, etc... I am still so thrilled that I did it and that my team did so much better than we expected to. I am getting lots of exercise with the dogs and also parking far away at school. Every little bit counts.

Singing..."take it easy, on yourself...take it easy, there ain't noone else...".......

08-30-2008, 01:55 AM
PS BBE asked if teaching the prepubescents is as hard as teaching 2nd graders... I am SCARED of teaching the little guys! Most younger grade teachers I know are scared of my works since there are some of all kinds of teachers.. I have no desire to wipe noses or zip pants at school (other than my own) the older kids who can attend longer, get involved in higher level projects and get my sarcasm. :) Hail to FREER........

08-30-2008, 07:31 AM
Diet Coaches – Pleasant walk in near perfect weather. Corn was only 25 cents an ear and I was kinda sad to realize that I couldn't eat any more than I was eating. In fact, if it was FREE I still couldn't eat 10 ears a day like I think I want. Oh Well. A major meeting was by telecon so I didn't have to face anybody's gratuitous offering of foods. Seems like I'll have to stretch a bit here to meet my goal of giving myself credit; for not buying more corn just because it would be off plan to eat it, CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Yep, still BIG Kudos for that triathlon; that was a sweet deal. Kudos for moving along with your wagon, albeit "dragging behind." And Kudos for giving yourself credit for the neat food prep stuff. My mind boggles here thinking of your DD starting Kindergarten - remembering some remarkable ideas about school and teachers she conveyed in a "play school" like game you wrote about that included buying tickets or something like that. Some teacher has to face her imagination, LOL. And you have to face that, from now on, whatever her teacher says is her new truth, displacing whatever you have said.

I am so unable to guess what 5 letter word got censored by the automatic 3FC software for the 5 asterisks in "*****eny curtains." My favorite is when people typo shiitake mushrooms by leaving out one 'i' and getting "****take mushrooms," LOL. [Experiment: onebyone typed "KITCHEN-Y", I'll try without the hypen, KITCHENY. hmmm... Not censored by the preview post, will see what happens when this posts.]

onebyone – Congrats for the scale loss. Ouch for three bad Lithium-ion batteries - what are you doing to those poor guys, LOL. Hope Canadian Tire continues to be responsible. Kudos, with a touch of envy, for a "few extra bags of clutter are gone gone gone." Sounds like another day on plan.

shrinkin - No question about it, Double Kudos for going to the pool under No Choice. Noting that your small off plan is all super healthy foods - that's a positive step in staying on top of eating choices. That can feel so much better than off plan with a Krispy Kreme donut, whose spelling is as insulting as its ingredients, LOL.

Readers – "… Automatic processes are involuntary, such as the beating of your heart or the digestion of our food. You don’t decide to let your heart beat or to set off your digestive processes. You do decide to eat, however. …" Beck, pg 26.
Edit: Yes, Indeed it is Saturday, the original title of my post did not, in fact, cause it to be Friday again, it was just wrong.

08-30-2008, 05:17 PM
:coach:Hi Coaches

I'm back from the market. Had a stellar day. Had several people waiting patiently in line to buy things. Nice. Very nice. I even had a painting, finished just this morning, (I paint some of my paintings in full view of the public as I pass the time at the market. I quite enjoy doing that.), of a very odd-angled horse get snapped up, the paint having just dried on it. Very nice indeed.

Today is the carb-up day on my carb cycling program. Eat lots of carbs for the last two meals, but some say earlier is better. I think it sort of matters but we'll see as I had a burger and fries at meal 3 at home after leaving the market. I am really feeling TOM pressure and just cannot face making anything in the kitchen. Once a month for this stuff is alright. I think I am going to go relax very soon. Another market day tomorrow and I should be working on replenishing stock but I can't find the energy. Maybe later.

Oh and I didn't want to return the screwdriver today. Will wait until Tuesday morning as we have the car until 2pm. Will also wait until that time to go to'll be a Z:rudolph::bunny2::bat:O:df::chicken::mouse:O:snai l::jig::moo::ink:this weekend (3FC doesn't have the greatest zoo animal selection does it?).

Billblueeyes I had to check and recheck that it is Saturday today as your post's title is Friday. Why this confused me so is unclear but there you have it! I just believe everything you say here!:o And yeah I am still on plan and on plan for today as well. Sometimes I get sad i can't eat everything I want to too. I had to choose my fruit for today, carbup day. I chose the local plums again. they were *cheaper* this week and there were more...oh i guess that's why. Got local blue plums (ate those already) and local red plums, the bigger ones than the tart ones from last week. I still cannot believe we can grow plums here. Wish I had some land.

hbuchwald Wow. Makes me wonder what risque thing I got for my kitchen to have it censored! Perhaps I still am cutting edge..:smoking: but how gingham and daisies can be radical is very interesting. I hope you get a chance to post a jpg or two of your new kitchen and adjacent room. Would love to see it. Do you have the names for the paint colours you used? I always find them very amusing. I'm glad you liked the blue room.

shrinkin Glad to hear you made it to the pool. I am always glad I went after it's over!;) And yeah, enthusiasm wanes...this is when Beck really kicks in to keep us going until we get excited all over again. Glad you're here posting about everything! Kudos on the pool...

08-30-2008, 05:59 PM
Good afternoon! I'm sticking to my plan and on Day 41 so right on target. I'll start again with Day 1 on Monday. I'm happy with my progress but think it'll take 3 or 4 times thru to cement everything into my daily life and make it more automatic.

BBE - I bought 1 ear of corn. When you live alone there's no point in buying extra because it's just an invitation to overeat. I'm having that and a hamburger on a lite high-fiber wheat bun with a big salad and fresh blackberries for dinner tonight.

08-31-2008, 01:38 AM
Hi there peeps!
1. Okay onebyone...I was reading your post a little too quickly and ready about your curtains and how they were "kitcheny" and b...well, I took that to be kitcheny and "kitcheny with a b instead of a k". I thought they DID sound "kitcheny with a b".... of course I see that you were listing your points-I apologize for zipping through too quickly-I definitely got the big picture!!!

LOVe the visual of people lining up to buy your work. And to see you paint right there-soo cool.

2. BBE: what a memory you have (remembering a play session that I described of dd's). Now is the time when so many more influences come into her life. Scary but also a very exciting time. '

Kudos to me for planning my food today (ouch for not following it for the second half of the day)..... I am getting back into the thinking of "what recipe shall I make with x ingredient in the fridge?". I cooked for friends last night and then we had their 2 girls spend the night here and I made them some eggs and turkey bacon-feeling very domestic. I made a sandwich out of mine-with an apple and coffee side..YUM.

Took dd swimming and did some kicking on the side of the pool while she was off playing at different times-yea for spontaneous exercise.

I am stretching it with my self kudos but I do feel like maybe more than my fingernails are on that wagon today.

08-31-2008, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches – Had to replace the 3-foot plastic rod from some inexpensive venetian blinds. It can't be done. You can replace the whole set of venetian blinds, but not the one part that breaks. Not much money, but a violation of any sense of conservation of the planet's resources. Well, Bingo, a local hardware store felt sympathy and found a broken set and just gave me the rod. CREDIT moi for one tiny contribution to a green planet.

Oh yeah, about Beck: motivated by shrinkin's comments, I concentrated on my breakfast. Noticed that I had more than a fair share of the almonds in my bowl of granola - they seem to crawl to the top of the jar during the night. But I don't have the faintest idea what to do with that marvelous insight. When serving myself when the jar is nearly empty, I just add a few nuts so that I'll get my tree nut nutrition for the day. hmmmm... so not all insights from concentration are earth shaking, LOL.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - LOL at "kitcheny with a b." Now I understand the censor. [Test: Itching twice a month is monthly*****itis. Wow, the censor dug right into the middle of that word - rather thorough.] Kudos for giving yourself credit even when you have to stretch; BTDT.

onebyone – Congrats on the stellar sales day. Yep, "Very nice indeed." Does that put you nearer to committing to the gym contract? Thanks for the reinforcement, "Sometimes I get sad i can't eat everything I want to too." Thinking about that I recall that my Desire for food while sitting at the table is less now - not drooling about seconds or wishing there was more. And less Desire when walking past an ice cream vendor or even past the local hardware store that gives out FREE popcorn. But, the Desire still flares up big time for buying food, like the corn at a good price. And thanks for noting my error in day of the week. [hmmm.... Dragonflies in a zoo???]

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Kudos for finishing the 42 day Beck program. Looking forward to the crowd starting from day 1 again. Drooling over "fresh blackberries for dinner." They are so good, wondering why I don't buy them more often. Might have to go out and fix that now that you put the buy in my ear. And Kudos for buying only one ear of corn. The very day after waxing eloquent about only needing so many ears even if they were FREE, I encountered corn at 6 ears for $1.00. Gulp, resistance fell, bought three more ears and re-planned so as to have corn twice a day over the long weekend, LOL.

Readers – "… And here’s the other good news. You can learn how to take better control of your eating decisions. Beck, pg 26.

08-31-2008, 08:14 PM
Ver quick check in to say I am mostly lurking today and tomorrow...just think of it as a long overdue break from my long and often boring posts. LOL. Will post back soon...sounds like everyone is having a great weekend...even though we got disoriented from BBEs days of the week..see how much we count on you BilleBlueEyes?

08-31-2008, 09:27 PM
BBE, when I broke the rod on my venitian blinds, I bought a dowel rod and a hook to screw in the top - sturdy replacement.

There was an interesting article in the Parade magazine section of the paper today - "8 Food Myths Busted". I thought it might be fun to do one a day and see what people think. So I'll post the first question today, and the answer will be revealed tomorrow night along with the next question.

" Certain Foods Can Burn Fat." What do you think, what foods do they mean?

Back full circle to Day 1 tomorrow. Come and join the fun. Get reinforcement before the holiday "eating" season is here.

08-31-2008, 11:50 PM
Hello coaches

Well a mixed bag for me this weekend. I ended up off plan yesterday. Just ate too much, felt stuffed, and ate too many sausages. I just cannot resist sausages. What the real problem was, what was driving my eating was this: I am in limbo waiting for TOM to happen. When feeling like this I get all puffy and achey and I get this weird notion that if I feel puffy and achey and I haven't eaten then maybe eating until I feel puffy and achey will take away the first uncomfortable feeling and replace it with one that I have control over (I did it, it'll go away in time) vs. the hormonal one that does it's own thing with or without me. That's a part of it. The other part is that I already feel bad so I can't feel worse (yeah. We're talking physically here--emotionally and mentally this really doesn't hold true at all). Plus I am hormonal so cravings kick in. and to top it off, it was the kind of day when I am encouraged to let loose the reigns. So I did. I knew it though and I stopped. Today was much better, (except I have had 3 meals not 5...a major offplan act!) but we went out for dinner and the choices were dismal and I ended up with salad with sweet dressing. Okay but not perfect. Credit moi for leaving half on my plate and boxing it up for home. Credit moi for not getting popcorn at the movie we went to after dinner to "make up for" my less than stellar $12.99 spinach and shrimp salad.

Credit moi for staying OP at the market today, inspite of a dismal day there! Sheesh. It still holds true: I cannot get two good sales days in a row this year. One day good, the next one bad. I did, however, sell another astronaut painting to the same woman who bought one when she saw the display of them on the streetside exhibit in the early summer. She'd given me 5 postdated cheques and the last one is dated for Sept 1 so I delivered the painting to her today. She then asked if she could buy another one and she'd give me 10 postdated cheques for $25 each and it'd take us into July 2009. I said yes. This is someone who really wants my painting and will love it. She's being responsible financially and she doesn't have a lot of money to play around with and given all that she's choosing to spend her money on something I made. It's incredible really. And she fully expects them both to appreciate in value and that says she really believes in me. It's a great deep vote of confidence. Yesterday I had three couples vying for the same painting. Things are shifting in my little art world. I just have to keep going and not get distracted by poor market days. They are just one small bit of the pie. Which is a good thing! Like a few meals off track, it's not a reason to stop being onplan.

So yeah, getting back to being OP, I didn't even battle it yesterday. But today I did. I used what BBE has said to himself "that's not about me" as I walked past the bakers and their buttertarts and squares and cookies and the giant fruit booth from southwestern Ontario... "that's not about me" really worked. Today it was better than No Choice.

QuilterInVA Hi. so you asked
Certain Foods Can Burn Fat." What do you think, what foods do they mean?
What came to mind was grapefruit..and then what came to mind were thermogenic foods..those that cost the body more to break them down than they give back in calories; primarily celery and broccoli... but I think saying "they burn fat" is wrong. Foods don't burn fat directly, foods give us energy to metabolize the fat... probably being too nitpicky here! Look forward to the answer and if there is one, I will eat it ASAP;)

shrinkin' Enjoy your holiday weekend...!

BillBlueEyes I didn't return the cordless screwdriver yet for my 4th replacement of that model. But your dogged pursuit of a replacement rod for a throw-away item is inspiring. The lithium-ion battery is not replaceable in this screwdriver. When it dies, the whole thing is dead. Bad bad planning. hate that too. It's why people don't fix things anymore...terrible...built right into the design that is. ugh.

hbuchwald I was half on half off yesterday too. I think our wagon must seat the two of us eh? I am finding it much more comfortable on the wagon than off and certainly way way better than chasing the darn thing. hate that. Or forgetting where I parked it.:?: Kudos on a 50% OP day.

09-01-2008, 02:24 AM
Kudos to me for posting even though I don't have much to say today.

I LOVE hearing about the growing number of fans buying your art onebyone-what a great feeling it must be.

kudos to me: planned food for tomorrow, making some healthy muffins for dd and I to breakfast on in the car when school starts. Will also chop fruits and veggies for same as well as lunches. Will be making that feta/spinach/pinenut/ sun dried tomato pasta number for lunches and one dinner next week.

Goodnight team!

09-01-2008, 06:16 AM
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