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BBE, when I broke the rod on my venitian blinds, I bought a dowel rod and a hook to screw in the top - sturdy replacement.

There was an interesting article in the Parade magazine section of the paper today - "8 Food Myths Busted". I thought it might be fun to do one a day and see what people think. So I'll post the first question today, and the answer will be revealed tomorrow night along with the next question.

" Certain Foods Can Burn Fat." What do you think, what foods do they mean?

Back full circle to Day 1 tomorrow. Come and join the fun. Get reinforcement before the holiday "eating" season is here.
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Default Sunday Night roundup

Hello coaches

Well a mixed bag for me this weekend. I ended up off plan yesterday. Just ate too much, felt stuffed, and ate too many sausages. I just cannot resist sausages. What the real problem was, what was driving my eating was this: I am in limbo waiting for TOM to happen. When feeling like this I get all puffy and achey and I get this weird notion that if I feel puffy and achey and I haven't eaten then maybe eating until I feel puffy and achey will take away the first uncomfortable feeling and replace it with one that I have control over (I did it, it'll go away in time) vs. the hormonal one that does it's own thing with or without me. That's a part of it. The other part is that I already feel bad so I can't feel worse (yeah. We're talking physically here--emotionally and mentally this really doesn't hold true at all). Plus I am hormonal so cravings kick in. and to top it off, it was the kind of day when I am encouraged to let loose the reigns. So I did. I knew it though and I stopped. Today was much better, (except I have had 3 meals not 5...a major offplan act!) but we went out for dinner and the choices were dismal and I ended up with salad with sweet dressing. Okay but not perfect. Credit moi for leaving half on my plate and boxing it up for home. Credit moi for not getting popcorn at the movie we went to after dinner to "make up for" my less than stellar $12.99 spinach and shrimp salad.

Credit moi for staying OP at the market today, inspite of a dismal day there! Sheesh. It still holds true: I cannot get two good sales days in a row this year. One day good, the next one bad. I did, however, sell another astronaut painting to the same woman who bought one when she saw the display of them on the streetside exhibit in the early summer. She'd given me 5 postdated cheques and the last one is dated for Sept 1 so I delivered the painting to her today. She then asked if she could buy another one and she'd give me 10 postdated cheques for $25 each and it'd take us into July 2009. I said yes. This is someone who really wants my painting and will love it. She's being responsible financially and she doesn't have a lot of money to play around with and given all that she's choosing to spend her money on something I made. It's incredible really. And she fully expects them both to appreciate in value and that says she really believes in me. It's a great deep vote of confidence. Yesterday I had three couples vying for the same painting. Things are shifting in my little art world. I just have to keep going and not get distracted by poor market days. They are just one small bit of the pie. Which is a good thing! Like a few meals off track, it's not a reason to stop being onplan.

So yeah, getting back to being OP, I didn't even battle it yesterday. But today I did. I used what BBE has said to himself "that's not about me" as I walked past the bakers and their buttertarts and squares and cookies and the giant fruit booth from southwestern Ontario... "that's not about me" really worked. Today it was better than No Choice.

QuilterInVA Hi. so you asked
Certain Foods Can Burn Fat." What do you think, what foods do they mean?
What came to mind was grapefruit..and then what came to mind were thermogenic foods..those that cost the body more to break them down than they give back in calories; primarily celery and broccoli... but I think saying "they burn fat" is wrong. Foods don't burn fat directly, foods give us energy to metabolize the fat... probably being too nitpicky here! Look forward to the answer and if there is one, I will eat it ASAP

shrinkin' Enjoy your holiday weekend...!

BillBlueEyes I didn't return the cordless screwdriver yet for my 4th replacement of that model. But your dogged pursuit of a replacement rod for a throw-away item is inspiring. The lithium-ion battery is not replaceable in this screwdriver. When it dies, the whole thing is dead. Bad bad planning. hate that too. It's why people don't fix things anymore...terrible...built right into the design that is. ugh.

hbuchwald I was half on half off yesterday too. I think our wagon must seat the two of us eh? I am finding it much more comfortable on the wagon than off and certainly way way better than chasing the darn thing. hate that. Or forgetting where I parked it. Kudos on a 50% OP day.

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Kudos to me for posting even though I don't have much to say today.

I LOVE hearing about the growing number of fans buying your art onebyone-what a great feeling it must be.

kudos to me: planned food for tomorrow, making some healthy muffins for dd and I to breakfast on in the car when school starts. Will also chop fruits and veggies for same as well as lunches. Will be making that feta/spinach/pinenut/ sun dried tomato pasta number for lunches and one dinner next week.

Goodnight team!
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Thumbs up Discussion continues on the September 2008 Thread

This discussion continues on The Beck Diet Solution September 2008 Group for Support, Discussion, Diet Coach

Please join us there.
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