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04-22-2008, 01:57 PM
:wave:Hello and to the Back In Kindergarten thread! :wave:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us!:cofdate:

04-22-2008, 02:10 PM
Good Morning Chickie's! :belly:

I am sorry, I am too lazy to paste and copy post over to here.

I did look at the Devils Pool link Sassy, it looks awesome! I wouldn't do it though. lol

Walked 2 miles yesterday afternoon! I still need to get some shoes, these old Keds are making my legs ache.

Didn't make the PTA movie after all , just pooped. Gab and I crawled in bed at 6:30 and read books. Turned the lights off at 7pm and it was still light. I remember as a little girl my mom putting us to bed when the sun was just setting. Thought she was nuts. lol Gab went to bed right away, she must have been tired. When I picked her up from school she was crying. It is national turn your tv off week (something like that) and she said the teacher said the class couldn't watch tv. lol. I said, "we can watch movies though!!" so , we have watched Enchanted 8 times.

Ate some wheat pasta w/ sauce for dinner and crunched my ice with what teeth I have left. I know I need to stop munching ice but I am addicted.

k- better get for now! Hope you all have a great morning!

04-22-2008, 03:04 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...7:00, man that is early. Lately I've been getting sleepy by 10:30'ish and am back on my schedule of getting up early...feels good to not waste away in bed most of the morning. Actually, I like wasting away in bed, lol. What time do you guys get up when you go to bed early? WTG on the 2 miles, woohoo! Enchanted is definitely a good/cute movie. should have told DH to take that ice cream back where he got it, lol. Ice cream actually sounds good right now, lol. Oh man...there is no way I would do that! No freakin' way! I am scared to death of heights and I would be so afraid of falling over.

MINDEE...did the neighbor not have any pliers, or a screwdriver or something to turn the water off from the tub? Geez, louise...that's crazy letting the water run til the hubby got home. are you today? Still celebrating that BD that's coming up?

HIYA JULES...thinking of you! :hug:

HIYA SUE & KATY :wave:

Such a beautiful day today! :sunny: Supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday though...that's fine, I'll take it-like I have a choice :lol: I did my exercise for the day...110 minutes and that feels good getting that done and out of the way. I normally like to break it up but today I was all gung ho and just did it! Put some plant food on the flowering shrubs and roses and now getting some laundry done and my computer time. Will work on the candles later...those things are going slow...thank goodness I have time. It's a pain in the arse getting the name and date to show so I do a few and stop, lol. Once I get them wrapped I have to glue a flower in the center and they will be done and done! I kind of like ths colors and am so glad that I was able to get the wedding day scent. Anyway, hoping to get some reading done too. I started The Memory Keepers Daughter and it is good but the words are small, yikes! Anywho...

Have a beautiful day ladies! :flow2:

Here's what I'm working on...

04-22-2008, 04:10 PM
popping in while I have a split second.....both Brandon and Marissa are awake right now.

nothing really new on this end.....another nice day around our neck of the woods! Brandon has his hearing test tomorrow, and in fact they already called to confirm his appointment with the doctor tomorrow! I can't believe that four years ago today I was sitting in my hospital bed wondering when I was going to meet my little boy!

I too, took a look at that link that Sassy posted! It looks like it is nice and relaxing, but you won't find me anywhere near it!

SusieQ~ National turn off your tv week? I didn't hear anything about that...I guess that is why mine is usually on Disney from the time I get up at 7am until noon when I watch the news. Then I watch what I want to watch while the kids are napping. Then usually at 5pm, we turn on Monster Jam, and they watch monster truck racing. From 6pm to 7pm, we turn on Rachael Ray, then from there we go back to the speed channel for Pinks and Pass Time. Then the kids start heading to bed, and I can watch what I want to watch again!

Cristina~ I am not sure why she had to wait until her husband got home. But he was only some place around the corner because when Tommy went to go upstairs her husband showed up. THEN Tommy went to go upstairs to keep an eye on the maintenance guy like the office manager told him to do, the lady upstairs wouldn't let him in! (which I find really odd and am wondering if she is trying to keep something hidden) Right after she moved in, her husband showed up and she called the cops on him saying that he threatened that he was going to get a gun and kill her. Mind you, she didn't press any charges, and let him stay in the apartment when she left to go get her daughter from school! She told the office manager that she was in the process of leaving her husband and getting a divorce, but yet she is having him inside the apartment not even two days after she moved in!

04-22-2008, 07:10 PM
TV Turn off Day 2...and we're still in it, folks!

We tell the kids if they make it until Saturday, we'll buy them each a new book. This year, it hasn't been much of a fuss with's a busy week in general so they haven't been missing it too much. Here's the link ( to the group behind it.
idk, I think it's good to try it now and again, it shows them that there are other ways to feed their brains ....but to each their own. I'm no zealot, but I've known a few who believe tv rewires their little brains and makes them hyperactive. I think if it's on 24/7 then maybe, but a few shows here and there are not going to hurt them.

Susan- I hope to see Enchanted looks so cute! Yay for the 2 miles! I woke up with a stuffy nose and didn't do anything today :(

Cristina - the candles look great! The Memory Keeper's Daughter is really good. I cried twice in that book - maybe you can figure out where? I just saw that Lifetime made a movie out of that book and it looks good, too. Maybe I can get the IL's to tape it off their cable for me.

Mindee- Hope the plumbing get resolved soon - otherwise get out your buckets!

HI Sassy, Jules, and Sue!

Well, MIL and I are off to see the Yarn Harlot ( tonight. She's a blogger and really funny. She makes knitters do crazy things - should be a very entertaining evening. And now we are off to DS' piano lesson then to Supercuts for his buzzcut. I hope this stuffy nose doesn't turn into a yucky cold...last thing I need right now :dizzy: Have a great afternoon everyone!

04-22-2008, 08:34 PM
Hey all,

Colorful post Cristina!! I love the candles, I like doing creative stuff like that. We sleep til, today we were up at 6:30 though.

Mindee- We don't watch that much tv. I let Gab watch SuperWhy in the morning, it teaches sounds and such and she loves that show, otherwise it is mainly Clifford and Arthur or Animal Planet.

Katy - Yes, Enchanted is cute. The songs are running through my head constantly......"How will she know that you love her, how will she know???" la la la.....omg. shoot me know. I like the chipmunck, cracks me up.

Hi to MIA's Francie, Jules, Sassy and Sue!!

Going to do laundry and get Gab to swimming. Finished In her shoes and cried at the end....*eyes roll*,,,I am pmsing.

Mixing pink lemonade and orange juice together.....trying to pretend will get me is so yummy, I like the taste.

k- that was my inspiring post!! Dancing results tonight!! Yippeeee.

04-22-2008, 11:42 PM
ARGHHH! I hit a key and lost everything I just typed!!! GRRRRRR! I hate when I do that! lol.

What a day or night or whatever......I woke up late, DH just sat out in the living room and let me be late. GRRRR! I know I am an adult and all of that, but like I told him, I wouldn't just sit in the other room knowing full well that my spouse was still sleeping and would be late for work.

Lets see.........I got my shift I wanted. Sun - Wed - Week 1 and Sun - Tues Week 2 -- 9 pm - 9:30 AM Starts May 10th. My boss has been by my cube every evening this week so far and he's been unusually nice! Freaking me out! :fr:

Here is the Devil's Swimming Pool ( to those who haven't viewed it yet.

Cristina and Suzy Q -- No way I'd do it either. lol. I'm a big :chicken: lol. Suzy Q -- I go to bed when its still light out. :lol: Sorry, just had too. lol.

Hope everybody is doing great.


04-22-2008, 11:48 PM
just popping in before I have to go and frost some cupcakes! I got some dinner finally and finished up the cupcakes....Tommy just got home from Lodge too.

Katy~ I agree with you on letting the kids watch some shows here and there, as long as it is not on 24/7. The kids get to watch what they want to watch, and then it is time for mommy and daddy to watch tv.

SusieQ~ Any plans in the works with McD this weekend? What channel is SuperWhy on? I will have to go and look to see if it is on here in MI. There is a program on here called Word World. It is a show that helps kids put words together so they can see what the words look like and then it takes shape of the object it is making.

04-23-2008, 01:07 AM
Just stopping by to say hi real fast!!

Katy~The movie on The Memory Keeper's Daughter was just okay. They seemed to just hit on the major stuff really, and some of it changed a little bit. It was too short for me, lol.

Sassy~I showed Fonzo the pics to the Devil's Swimming Pool..and he thought it looked awesome!! We totally wanna go to it now, lol. is Fonzo's last day of leave, which is why I've been MIA lately. Just been spending as much time w/him as possible. We found the On Demand & Pay Per View buttons on our DVR, and we feel totally stupid that we forgot all about it, lol. So last night we watched Bouwolf (spl?) was weird. Not at all what I expected it to be. Today we finally watched I Am Legend, it was pretty good. And as soon as dinner is done, we'll be watching The Borne Ulitmatium. I also saw a TON of movies that I wanna watch when Fonzo is gone (ie..chick flicks or movies he doesnt wanna see, lol).

Anyhoo..I'm rambling. I'll catch up w/everyone tomorrow morning.

04-23-2008, 01:12 AM
Susan~Natiaonl Turn Your Tv off week?!?! But then I would miss America's Next Top Model and Law & Order!!!! I dont believe in such a thing.

04-23-2008, 02:00 AM
Francie~ I was wondering where you were at! I forgot that Fonzo was on leave this past week. The last movie I saw was Flicka, and I DVR'd that at the end of February! And I just watched that about a week ago! I do have Walk The Line on my DVR now, and on Saturday I am going to DVR the movie Crash.

04-23-2008, 03:55 AM
Mindee~Crash & Walk The Line are good movies. I dont think I'll watch Flicka because its an animal movie and I dont watch those anymore, lol. I think the next movies I'll get will probably be...PS I Love You (although, I'm still unsure about it..because I read the book and all..), Becoming Jane, Waitress, The Jane Austin Book Club, American Gangsters & Into The Wild. I've been wanting to see those movies for awhile now.

04-23-2008, 10:22 AM
HI Francie - sorry I forgot to say hi in the last pot - thx for the word on Memory Keeper's Daughter...I'll eventually see it, but I won't run right out. I liked both Crash and Walk the Line very much. If you want a funny, raunchy spoof of Walk the Line ( and other biopic-type movies) Walk Hard is very funny. idk if it's on demand yet or not.

Mindee - Enjoy the birthday parties...I can't remember when you said the bds were , but Happy Birthday to Brandon and Marissa!

HI to Jules, Sassy, Susan, and Cristina!

Another busy day on tap. Had a long and interesting visit with the homeopath yesterday, should have some remedies for Leigh in about a week. Harlot was great, too. MIL laughed alot and we had a great time. There were 400 knitters there and I don't think either of us has seen that many knitters in one place before...and we were all knitting on something. It was a great opportunity for people-watching.

Today I go for a massage and take L to the "therapaws" counselor, for what will hopefully be only one visit - she's spendy. Funny sidenote - my son is extremely jealous that his sis gets to see a therapist that uses dogs in her practice. He said "Why can't something be wrong with me? She gets all the fun!" Homeopath affirmed my gut instinct that L's food issues are genetic, but that doesn't really help for coming up with a solution to her severe food aversions. It just means rewarding or coercing her to eat new foods will do absolutely no good. We'll just have to see how this all plays out. I'm so glad I have a massage this morning- I need it!

04-23-2008, 10:46 AM
Katy~Omg, I've been wanting to see Walk Hard for awhile. I think we may end up buying it the next time we go to the store. I like John C. Riley. Cant wait for his new movie w/Will Ferrell to come out.

Well..Fonzo leave is officially over. He left for work about a half hour ago. All is good though. Well sorta. I gained back 3 pounds while he was on leave. It was mostly my fault. I gave in to emotional eating, and stopped exercising (except for the occasional walk every now & then). But I've decided that once he leaves..I'll go back to exercising and eating right. I'm gonna get all my dvds together and do one for every day of the week. And if I dont have enough, then I'll just rotate them. I want to look somewhat hot when I visit him this summer. We'll see what happens.

Well..I woke up too I'm gonna go read until I fall asleep again. BBL

04-23-2008, 02:29 PM
Good Morning -

A quickie because I am distracted. A friend wrote an email and mentioned a tiff we had 4 years ago. I mean, that was not a good time for me. I don't want to chat about 4 years ago. lol

Mindee - SuperWhy is on public tv here. It is a realy cute show and Gab learns a lot from it. I don't know about plans w/ McD, need for Gab's dad to take her for me. Is it birthday day today?????:?:

Cristina - How many candles do you have to do? You do so good on your exercise!

Sassy - lol..........omg , if I was there I would have waken you up!!

Francie - Sorry about Fonzo leaving, it is sweet that you were able to spend time together :)

katy - I am living for the weekend!! lol Suppose to be in the 60's, thank goodness.

Watched American Idol last night. I think it will be either Brook or Jason leaving tonight. I think it will be #1 David Cook #2 David A and #3 Carly in the end. I really like Carly though.

anyway - better get...............

04-23-2008, 03:42 PM
Hello ladies...

KATY...the monkey's are too cute! Reminds me of the sock monkey's. My mother made all the grandkids one years ago when Jason was a baby and didn't make anymore, so the other two didn't get one darn it. I passed on the movie because I knew I was getting ready to read the book...always think the book(s) is better than the movies made. I do want to see it though, of course now it's not on, lol. Funny about what DS said, lol...silly boy.

SUSAN...I have 100 candles to do and have 14 done, lol. They'll get done though, might be minus the flowers but they will get done. Sorry for the friends e-mail and bringing up the tiff :hug:

Ugh, I just heard thunder...was trying to get in my computer time before the storms hit...guess it is supposed to be bad.

FRANCIE...I liked the movie Crash...Waitress was good too, but sad to me because the girl being killed in real life. I actually liked American Gangsters too...didn't think I would. I like Denzel just didn't think I would like this movie for some reason. Glad you enjoyed your time with Fonzo.

MINDEE...sounds like the lady can't make up her mind about the hubby. Eat a cupcake for me! :D I have been craving them for some reason. I think I am going to make some for my birthday. DD said "You're going to make your own cake?" Why not? I don't care for the store bought ones and this way I can get what I want. DH always wants to buy me one but last year I said NO! We went to Olive Garden for my BD dinner and I had dessert there and that was enough. Anyway...cute avatar! Love seeing all the different pics of the kids.

SASSY...the turd, lol. DH that is, for not waking you, lol. Glad you got the shift/hours you wanted! Hmmm, the boss is being nice? Wonder what's up with him? Who cares...enjoy it while you can!

HIYA JULES & SUE...always feel like I am forgetting someone, hope not.

Nothing much going on with me today. I definitely will get a big chunk of the book done and hoping to be done with it tomorrow. I am slacking in the reading this month! Already did my exercise...I bought this Walkblaster/Slim Shape & Sculpt ffrom Leslie Sansone and did all three dvds, plus a 20 minute walk on the treadmill. And thank you Susan...I have finally made exercise a priority in my life and it feels good. You would not believe how guilty I feel if I miss a day, even my free day! It just feels good to do it and I am taking advantage of the time because I know there will come a time where I won't be able to do as much. So will do it as long as I am able. I want to be fit well into my 70's or even longer, at least my 60's lol. Anywho...

Have a great day!

04-23-2008, 04:12 PM
just popping in here before we have to head out to get Brandon's hearing test! I am excited and nervous at the same time! then we will go to Wal-Mart to order their birthday cake!

I will have to pop back in later since I was just informed that we have to leave here shortly.

04-23-2008, 05:55 PM
Susan~Sorry about the friend bringing up the tiff from 4 years ago, lol. I guess some people cant let things go.

Cristina~I love Denzel. He is one really really good actor, who should've won an Oscar a really long time ago. I know that he won one, but he should've won like 5 of them by now, lol. What book are you at now?? I stopped reading Certain Girls because it was making me mad, lol. So I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I tried to read it when I went to pick Fonzo up from the airport last Aug. But I was so nervous about seeing him, I didnt read a word of it, lol.

Mindee~I hope Brandon's hearing test goes well. :)

Well..Fonzo came home and told me that date that they're offically leaving. It freakin blows because its so we just have to wait to know what time they have to be on the ship... was so cute. I spent a good part of the morning bird watching with my cats, LOL!! We've noticed that birds come in for a landing on our balcony and the cats just go crazy for them. So Fonzo put out some leftover bird seed that we had (we used to have 2 birds-rip). So now there are just lots of birds stopping by our balcony for some food. All 3 cats are just sitting there staring at them, lol. Its the first time all 3 of them have been interested in the same thing, lol. Its so cute too!!

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go make some lunch right now..BBL

04-23-2008, 06:52 PM
I escaped Gabrielle!!! Thank goodness.

I went to BK and picked her up a cheeseburger kids meal and I bought a grilled salad for myself.
She plays around w/ her food and I ate her fries, thinking she is full and done with the meal.
She plops in front of the dvd and puts in Dreamer (because it is "turn your tv off week" and *mommy* found a loop hole *snicker*) .
Says she is hungry 10 minutes into it and so I have to lift my large arse off the couch where I settled in to read Goodnight Nobody and fix her some Mac and Cheese. .....3 hours later I am having 3fc w/d and so here I am!!

I dropped her off at the ex's and I have to go grocery shopping in a second. Blah - blah

Francie - I think the friend had a different take on the tiff and thought to revisit it in the email. I just remember that period as depressing and I have no desire to relive the riff, I kind of resented it for a bit this morning but figure she had some guilt and realizes I was right.
As I always am. lmao.....:D
My kitties are obsessed w/ the chipmunk that comes and hangs around.

Cristina - lol ......umm, I know what you are doing in your spare time!! That is a lot of work, can't you get help?? I like crafts but don't think I would have the patience for that. Bravo again on the exercising.

Mindee- Hope you get some good news w/ the hearing test!

k- better get some shopping in. :D

04-23-2008, 11:01 PM
Mindee- :bday2you: It is Brandon's birthday?? I thought his hearing test was going to be on his birthday and all this cupcake talk. Anyway - hate to miss wishing him a wonderful day!! Now when is Marissa's?? :dizzy:

Rach found 2 rolls of film that have never been developed so took them in to the 1 hour photo. Need to pick up some fruit and head home and watch American Idol.

Walked 2 miles and ate 2 small bowls of homemade chili for dinner. Feel stuffed. My water intake is good with being addicted to ice water and all. lol

anyway- chat tomorrow and you all have a good night!

04-23-2008, 11:28 PM
Hey Ya'all :wave:

Well its FRIDAY -- MY FRIDAY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Yippeee!!! YAHOO! Woo-pee! Running out of words there. lol.

Well we got news that one guy on DH's team that works dayshift, is going to be put on weekend -- nights, what DH works now. So that means either him or his current co-worker is being bumped off that shift. DH called our boss and tried to get him to tell him what schedule he got, but the boss would not say......said he'd call him tomorrow...........So we are all wondering now who is going to what shift. At least I OH and guess what? My boss approved my time off for next month too! :fr: This is totally freaking me out! Why is he being so nice?? lol. I guess Cristina is right, just enjoy it while I can!!! lol.

Man it was SOOOO Gorgeous on my way into work tonight.......Very tough to go in!!! :sunny:

Mindee -- Mmmmmm Cupcakes!!! :drool: Actually I saw a recipe for some really "interesting" cupcakes in one of my magazines. You decorate them so they look like corn on the cob on top. Kind cool. You even use starburst yellow candy for the "pat" of butter on top! lol. I hope the hearing test goes well! Happy Birthday to the To the Birthday Boys!!! :bday2you:

Cristina -- Yeah DH was a butt-munch yesterday, but in all fairness, he is trying to quit smoking. He is doing good so far, its been 2 days....He is using the Patch, says it works but he has to shave his upper arm in the area where he puts the patch -- otherwise it won't stick!!! lol........Yeah may as well enjoy the boss being nice while I can!!! Your like me, I don't like store bought cakes either! When I was a kid, my mom would ask me what kind of cake I would want and instead of a store bought cake I would say: Grandma to make me one!!! And she always would. :) I don't even care for icing too much either, unless its my own home-made cream cheese icing. :)

Suzy Q -- Hey Girlie -- so how do I make exercise a priority in my life? (Cristinas post) I desperately need to know because I haven't and I need too! lol. My problem is I am soooooo tired before and after work because I work such LONG hours and have such a short turn around. I know dumb excuse! lol. I only get 3 15 minute breaks, so really not enough time to go downstairs and walk, by the time I would get down there, I would have to come back up! But soon that will be changing with my shift change, we have to take mandatory lunches, so I'll have an hour to kill, I can go out and get some fresh air and walk. :running: Yeah and good luck "waking me" DH says its like trying to "wake the dead" lol. When I was a kid, my mom would come in tell me its time to get up, I said, "ok", then go back to sleep, she'd come back in, yelling, "ITS TIME TO GET UP!" and I'd sit up say "ok" then lay back down after she left the room. :lol3: It would take her a few more of those for me to actually get up. lol. I just don't wake up that easily. lol. I need "time" to wake up before "Getting up" lol. DH he can just jump right out of bed. lol. Guess that is from being on the fire dept. ;)

Katy -- The Memory Keepers Daughter was very good and so was "Walk the Line" I don't remember if I saw Crash or not?? Sounds familar but can't remember off hand. Glad you and your mom had a great time. Awww Thereapaws........:love: Aw massage.........enjoy!!! I haven't had one since my car accident that resulted in my spinal injury back in 95! lol.

Francie -- Aww sorry Fonzo is leaving so soon. :hug: Birdwatching w/ your cat.......that is cute. My cat loves bird watching too. DH actually bought him a "Beach Birds" DVD. :lol3: He likes it but he likes his "Sunrise Earth" programs better. lol. But he's not "Spoiled" or anything.....:no: lol......When we had a house, I used to put out bird feed, omg they just loved the kind with the fruit and nuts and it smells so good too! But it is kinda pricey! So I'd buy a bag of that and the regular and mix it in together. ;) Another thing I would do is save my grease and freeze it and in the winter time, you can either melt it and add your bird seed and re-freeze it then put it out for them, or put it out with some bird seed, basically make your own suet, which they absolutely love. :love: But you have to of course put it out when its colder, otherwise it will just all melt. lol.

Big :hug: Everybody!!!

04-23-2008, 11:54 PM
Susan~I would love for my old friends to admit that I was But they're hot headed, so that would never happen, lol.

Sassy~My cats are seriously obsessed with bird watching now, lol. That is so cute that your cat has a dvd, lol. Only one of my cats likes to watch tv. She likes anything with action and Sex & The City. Which is a different kind of action, lmao!! J/k!! Tomorrow we're gonna go out and find a pine cone and put peanut butter & bird seed all over it. We're gonna do it up kindergarden style, lol. ;) show is about to I gotta go make my popcorn and get some more water. BBL

04-24-2008, 01:28 AM
Francie -- My cat actually has 2 DVD's! lol. We bought a "Cat Sitter" DVD a long time ago that has birds, squirrels, rats, fish, etc on that you can loop for your kitties to watch over and over again! :lol: Hmmmmmm pine cone and pb and bird seed, eh? Is it the all natural PB? lol........


04-24-2008, 01:29 AM
we went to B's hearing test and it went okay.

The ENT called us into the room, and started to ask some questions. Before the exam even started, he asked how often he had ear infections. I told him that I didn't know exactly how many but when we lived with my parents he had a lot since they smoke. But now that nobody smokes in our house, he hasn't had that many. He then went about looking in B's ears.

He said that B has fluid in his right ear with some scar tissue. He then checked B's left ear, and said that he had some scar tissue in there. Then he checked in his mouth. He had to ask B if he had Clifford in his mouth in order to get B to open wide enough. B did, and the ENT said that his tonsils were +1, whatever that means. But he did also add that they looked good.

Then we went back out into room and waited for the audiologist to come and get him. They went off into a different room, and the guy came back and looked at me and said "they will call you back over in a minute." So, when I heard that I knew that it probably wasn't going to be good news.

The ENT called us back over and said that he recommends getting B into an ENT to take care of the fluid in his ear. He said that they might give him either a nasal spray or an antibiotic to help with the fluid. And if either of those don't help with the fluid, then he will more then likely need to get tubes in. He also told me basically what it sounds like to B in his right ear......the way he described it was if B was under water or if he had stuck his finger in his ear.

So, now I get to call the list of doctor's that they gave me to see if any of them take B's insurance. I am hoping that the ENT that saw him today takes his insurance since B was really comfortable with him.

Francie~ I love watching birds too.......but I usually watch them with my three little kiddies. Our cat doesn't get too interested in them....she has more fun sleeping all over the house!

SusieQ~ That sounds like my kids! They do that all the time! I usually just put their food that they had on their plates off to the side for when they are hungry. Although, we had lasagna for dinner for Brandon's birthday, and both boys ate like they hadn't eaten in days! Tommy asked me if I had fed them and I told him that I did.

As for birthday clarifications.......the 23rd (yesterday) was Brandon's birthday........the 24th (today) is Marissa's birthday!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Brandon guys! He had a great birthday! We gave him his Cars watch and he had to put it on immediately! Of course, we had to buy Logan one too since we knew he would be right there waiting for something for him. We had lasagna and garlic bread for dinner on Wednesday for Brandon's birthday. I asked Marissa was she wanted for dinner for her birthday and her response was "hisssssssssss" which is what she does when she is trying to blow raspberries. So, I will probably make her some mashed potatoes or something for lunch........not really sure what we will have for dinner as of yet.

Sassy~ Those cupcakes sound cute! I saw a picture of an interesting cupcakes. I want to make them sometime! This lady on another board that I post on, took six different colors and mixed them into six different cake mixes. Then she took a little bit of each color and put them all into and then cooking them. They turned out so cool and I could see using them for a spring or summer event!

04-24-2008, 02:34 PM
Good morning everyone!! Why so quiet in here???

Sassy~That is just too funny that your cat has dvds, lol. I bet if I told Fonzo about that, he'd wanna get our cats some dvds, lol. They are too spoiled!! I dunno if the peanut butter is natural. To be honest, I've only done it one time, lol..and that was in kindergarden. But I remember the birds went crazy for it after we hung it up. I guess its kinda like a ghetto bird feeder, lol.

Mindee~Happy Birthday to Marissa!!!!

04-24-2008, 02:44 PM
Good Morning Chicks!!

Mindee- Wow, you had your kids a day apart? You rock! haha, jk.

:hug: to little Brandon, poor guy. Hope you guys are ok on the insurance coverage!!!:hug:

:celebrate:HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Marissa!!!!:celebrate:

Sassy - You are asking me about exercise?? lol Umm, in my past I was an Exercise Queen:queen:. I think the trick is to realize YOU are the most important thing and everything else that may seem important (I am not saying your job or your husband) isn't really. If you don't take care of yourself, who is??
Hmmmm, answer me!! lol
So, I think once you make exercise a part of your life it does become easier, you pretty much have to do it or you get chipmunkie. Kind of like sex. lol Yippeee to your Friday!!!

Francie - I am just reading between the lines in the email. I am sure when she says I didn't really mean the things that were said translates to "omg - how could I have been so wrong Susan?? I hope you can find in your heart to truly forgive me and let me leave all my worldly goods to you, even before I die!!" lol

I am thirsty!! I decided to be stricter in counting my calories and make it a habit to read labels.
This morning instead of going to Noah's I went to the store and bought bagels and turkey and ate 1/2 a bagel (115 cal) and some turkey (80 cal) and a small banana (thinking 100 cal ?) So, 295 cal so far for the day.

I developed those desposable cameras and they were of Gab's trip to Encanated Forest and the other one was from our trip to Hawaii.

omg - I was hefty! I stared at my legs in some tight capris, it must have been at least 30 pounds ago. I made it my before picture and taped it to the fridge.

Totally annoyed w/ American Idol!! With all the running around I let Gab stay up and watch. I was upset w/ Carly going, how wrong was that?? It was VERY wrong. So, they call her name and I say BS and Gab starts to cry that she loves Carly, it hurts her heart, she is going to miss her...."...omg, Gab has never even seen the show beofre, poor tyke. So, I calmed her down and got her into bed.

better get!! chat more later maybe!!

04-24-2008, 04:50 PM
Hello ladies...

I'll be back. I know, why even bother posting to say this, lol. Didn't figure I would have so much reading to catch up ladies were busy bee's with the posting.

I'll be back later though for sure to catch up.

Have a good day!

04-24-2008, 05:46 PM
popping in here while the boys argue over a truck and Marissa enjoys some yummy crackers!

SusieQ~ Yup, I am that talented that I had them a day apart. I am even more talented since all three of my kids are 18 months apart from the one before them, and all together I had them in a time span of three years and a day!

Another lovely little tidbit, I actually sat down and figured out that I have been pregnant every year since July of 2003 until April of 2007! (Isn't that just lovely on the body?)

I have a TON of rolls of film that I am going to push to getting developed when we get the check from the government. There are rolls from back when Brandon was a baby! So, it will be lovely to look and see how I have changed body wise since then!

Francie~ Thanks for the birthday wishes for her! I love the new picture!

Cristina~ How are you doing?

04-24-2008, 06:25 PM

Mindee- I love pictures! I really need to organize and get them all into photo albums. When the R's were little I did such a good job of it but after seperating w/ the ex all went to pots. You are a very talented lady!!

Cristina- I don't mind the "I'll be back" it's the " I smell and need a shower" that grosses me out. lol

I am up to 635 cal for the day. I had a lunch of chicken tenderloin, green beans and cottage cheese for 340 cal , added to the 295 cal for breakfast =635 total so far. I am aiming for 1200 min and 1500 max.
I was going to have a Mothers cookie english tea, looked at the label and it 90 cal a cookie.
You need at least 5 to make it worth my time and that would have been way too much misc calories.
So, I skipped that and felt pretty good.

Knowledge is Power! Power to the People!! lol

I am almost done w/ Goodnight Nobody with nothing in sight to read. I hope I get a book in tomorrow!!

Swimming tonight , otherwise all is quite here.

Hello to everyone!

04-24-2008, 10:57 PM
OMG!! You guys check out this video. Its a Turkish man belly dancing!! LoL!! I like how he shakes his tush at the end, lol

04-24-2008, 11:34 PM
Hiya Chickies...

FRANCIE...I didn't know which video it was...I did look at a couple though, lol. I'm not sure what # book I am on...thinking it is 24, or 25???? I can't remember...too many other things on my mind. I would have to look at my list...thank goodness for lists! Hey, you guys laugh about dvds for cats but when I put ernie dog in the bedroom when someone is over I turn the t.v. on for him. DIL to be thought I was crazy, lol. He likes to have some kind of noise whether it be the tv or radio, lol.

SASSY...see above what I wrote to Francie, lol. I don't care for frosting either. I like plain choc or white cupcakes, lol. DH always says the frosting is the best part, eh...whatever. Hey, there are some exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk...not sure where I saw them.

SUSAN...I would rather just do them all myself...that way they all look the same, lol. Charlotte did offer to come over and help, of course that was a few weeks ago. I told her if I needed some help I would give her a call. Too close to the wedding now and I know she has a zillion other things to do. DD refuses to help, lol which is fine. I actually don't mind. I have half of them done now. If I go and let the dog out I'll stand there while he is out and do a couple so today I think I got about 15 done. Sounds like you are doing well with the calorie counting missy. I never could do the calorie counting which is stupid because I managed to count points with WW, lol. Basically the same thing. Yeah, wasn't stinky and needed a shower, lol.

MINDEE...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Marissa & Brandon! :bday2you::woo::balloons: Boy, the time has gone by too fast, another year older! Hope the insurance covers everything for B.


Today was wally world day...not sure why but it was weird. The parking lot was practically empty, definitely less cars than usual. But while in the store there were people everywhere, not sure where they came from, lol. Ran to Hallmark looking for a huge bow for the luggage for J & C...couldn't find one. We bought them a few things on their list but only giving them the set of luggage for the bridal shower. Going to make my own bow out of the netting I have left...not even going to attempt to wrap it. Anyway, while there found a few little things for my mother for mother's day...might as well get it early...have to send it early anyway.

Got in 130 minutes of exercise and I am pooped! No reading :( I have got to get that stinking book finished!!! Now is not a good time to be reading though...been too busy for some reason and the time I usually read (in the evening) I am too pooped and just want to go to bed. Anyway...tomorrow is another busy one. Have to go to the mall and have my rings checked and cleaned, take a hat back that was a gift for V but is too small and look for a shawl, wrap or sweater ugh! I really do hate shopping.

Have a good evening ladies. I am going to take myself upstairs and possibly get in 30 minutes of reading, maybe a hour. See ya tomorrow!

04-24-2008, 11:53 PM
Cristina~I tried the link, and it takes me right to the video. Weird. LoL @ the dvd for the dog. I always turn the light on for the cats when I put them in the bedroom, lol. I dunno why, they can see perfectually in the dark, lol.

04-25-2008, 12:41 AM
Hi Girlies. :wave:

Well some news, if anybody is First DH got a phone call about a very very good job this morning. :D He will have to go for testing in June, then if he gets through, training for 4-6 weeks in Columbus, OH (about 1 1/2 hrs away or so). So that means I will definitely be a "Single Chickie" for at least a month, at least during the week. (he'd come home on weekends) So please, please, please keep your :crossed:

Next news: DH got his new schedule:
Shift 1B Week 1 Thursday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Week 2 Wednesday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM

Now remember mine is the total complete opposite:
Shift 2 B Week 1 Sunday - Tuesday 9 PM - 9:30 AM
Week 2 Sunday - Wed. 9 PM - 9:30 AM

So shall be interesting, not only working opposite days, but opposite SHIFTS as well. I will be working NIGHTS and DH will be on DAYS. Which he did NOT pick on either his 1 or 2 choice. So that explains why my boss has been so nice to me lately!!!! BUTTHEAD!!! :mad: But whatever. We know its our evil spawn of satin :devil: Boss who is trying to get rid of the ones he does not like and I think he dislikes my husband the most. Why? Because my DH will NOT kiss our bosses behind. The Butt Kissers got the Schedules they wanted of course.........:rolleyes: My DH will tell our boss just like it is, he is a real "pain in his side". So I am really surprised our boss is putting DH on Days WITH him!!! lol. DH said he is going to annoy the crap out of our boss! lol. Esp since now he has a potential job lead. But we are keeping it on the down low until after he takes the test at least..... :sssh:

My cat loves tv. He is a major "couch" potato. lol. He is our "Baby" so he gets what he wants. lol!!!!

DH is making din din. Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms.......:drool:

Oh and totally completely off topic, but I wanna scooter ( :bike::scooter::moped: :hyper:

Anyways, sorry to ramble on...:blah:.........I am sure nobody really cares about my stupid little life. :lol:

Well peeps, I'll catch ya'all later. ;)

04-25-2008, 01:13 AM
just popping in here before heading off to bed!

there is still a lot of cleaning that has to get done before the party on Saturday, and Tommy told me when he got home from work today that he has to work on Saturday. So, guess who gets to do, pretty much all of the cleaning and what guessed it ME! Mind you, on top of taking care of the kids!

04-25-2008, 10:51 AM
Sassy - keeping fingers crossed for your DH!
Gonna be a quickie this morning, so HI and (((((HUGS)))) to everyone else today!

I lost a measly .10 pound at yesterday's WI but that's ok with me...pms-ing hard here and all I want is chocolate, mmmmm.

Today I am off to work in the garden at the elementary school so that will be good exercise. Then I need to clean house big time. FIL is babysitting over here tomorrow and my dad is coming for a visit on Sunday. This week has been way tooo busy - I need some R&R.


04-25-2008, 10:52 AM
Sassy~I hope your dh is a real pain to your boss. That is really stupid that only the brown nosers got the schedules they wanted. Next time you see one of them, just tell them that they have some brown stuff on their nose, lol. It sucks that you're gonna be a single lady for a month. But we can be single gals together and paint the town pink!! Or at least the internet pink, lol. But I hope your dh does well on the test!!! I'll keep my :crossed: for you guys!!

Well..last night I wrote out my workout plan for the next 2 months. It pretty much starts the day Fonzo leaves. Heres how it looks (I wont go into total detail like I did on paper, lol)

Monday: WATP The 3 Mile Walk
Tuesday: TBL Power Sculpt
Wednesday: Core Ball
Thursday: Walk Slim
Friday: 30 Day Shred
Sat: Meditation
Sun: Day of rest (with some light outside walking)

I'm pretty excited about working out now!!

04-25-2008, 02:09 PM
Happy Friday!! (Sassy's Saturday - did I get that right?? )

Like I have said before I am lame and have to use library computers. This young lady is typing away annoying the &^%$ out of me. Not only because she can type faster but she has a cold coffee drink and every few minutes she stops and stirs the damn thing but doesn't sip any....she just goes back to typing.
Why does she have to stir??
Why doesn't she sip some and be done with it??
Maybe she is so jittery she can't stop to drink??

anyway - bzillion questions and no answers, pisses me off. :mad:

Cristina - Even with all your hours of exercise you are never stinky and too much of a lady to get on the computer and tell us you are stinky. :dizzy:

I mean I love all you ladies but keep your B.O to yourself , Please!! lmao....

Back to Cristina - Awesome on the 130 minutes!! You seem to have the wedding prep down to a T, I am sure it will be a beautiful day when it finally gets here.

Mindee- Sorry you have to clean all by yourself. You should lean out the window and call the birds and other critters (I wasnt' going to say city rats, ick) to come help w/ the cleaning. Yes, I have watched Enchanted over 10 times and am about to go bonkers.

Sassy - I have written your schedule down. Of course I care about your stupid little life!!! lol............:hug::hug: it is not stupid!! Just seems busy, busy and i try to keep up with it!! :) Crossing fingers on the husband job opportunities!!
I love mushrooms, I don't cook w/ them as much as I should because the girsl won't eat them, but sounds yummy!!

Francie - I think the writing down helps a lot - both in food and exercise. I am sure you will have success with the workout plan!

Katy - Hope you get some R & R!! Suppose to be mid 60's this weekend, the sun being out should cheer us all up! Going to see former Pres. Clinton tomorrow when he comes in town, just wanna see what he looks like in person!! lol

Hi to Jules & that everyone?? :?:

Very happy with the calorie counting! Seemed to help a lot w/ the late night snacking and when I reached 1436 calories I was done eating. I bought a Luna bar and ate 2 pancakes w/ 2 sausage links and 2 red vines. Guessed at the calories but think I was dangerously close to 1500! lol

So, today I get to start all over again!

Gab goes to her fathers tomorrow,so I guess I get a date night w/ McD. We were going to the Pres.Clinton thing and have dinner out, so I have to save a lot of my calories for dinner tomorrow.

Didn't get any exercise in so I will try today! I had nothing to read last night but I see Tending Roses came in today, so I will pick that up for the weekend. It is suppose to be sunny weather so I am soooooo glad.

Chat at you all later!!

04-25-2008, 03:21 PM
Hiya ladies....

Another busy one and I am pooped...glad I got an early start on the day, sort of. Have I told you how much I hate shopping? UGH!

SUSAN...wish I could meet Clinton too! Went to his library in Little Rock but there were soooo many people we didn't get to take it all in. So planning to do that another time. Enjoy your time with McD! WTG on the calorie counting missy! You crack me up, :lol:

KATY...sounds like you are busy as well. Hope you get some r&r soon. WTG on the .10...just remember, it all adds up in the end so any loss is good! :carrot:

SASSY...I will keep my fingers crossed for hubby. :crossed: And yes, we do care about your life and it's not stupid!

FRANCIE...I think it was just last night being gets in it's moods, lol. I tried it again and it went right to it...ummm, don't know how anyone can do that with their belly, yikes! At first I thought it was a woman...but not bad, lol. Sounds and looks like you have a good schedule worked out for ya. Ditto what Susan said.

MINDEE...sorry you have to clean by yourself. Of course if you are having a party why are you cleaning, lol? Kidding...I know we all want the place to be clean whether it gets messed up or not.

Hiya Jules & Sue :wave: Hoping all is well with you ladies.

Did I mention I bought a different dress for the wedding? Lol I did. Haven't gotten it yet, supposed to be today. I didn't really want to wear black after getting the black dress and it is still in the closet with the tags on so if this hot pink one doesn't fit right or I don't like how it looks I will go with the black. Just feel weird wearing black to a wedding even if it is the color. I found a wrap at Penneys, yay and some shoes at David's Bridal...they can dye them for me for like $3 I think she said. I brought them home though to see if I might like them white...if not I will have them dye them as close to the pink to match the dress. Anywho...SUSAN...I will be glad when the wedding is over! Taking too much of my reading time :lol: One more week! And next week I think will be more busy than this week ugh!

Did 70 minutes of exercise before leaving this morning and my muscles are aching. Have a 30 mn. dvd to do later and I think I will call it good. For some reason I woke up more tired than when I went to bed. So the exercise was going a little slow but I did it and that's all that matters. Anywhoooo....

Take care ladies, and have a GREAT Friday!

04-25-2008, 05:14 PM
Susan~I'm a fast typer too..will you hate me now?? :( I dont do that with my drinks though. LoL!! First of all, I dont even drink coffee, and 2nd, I will actually drink it and not try to look cool, lol. I hope my exercise schedule works. J/w, how many calories are you supposed to be eating??

Cristina~My mom wore a very lovely blue pant suit to my wedding. I actually picked it out (cuz she was taking FoReVeR to make up her mind, lol). And it was on clearance, so she only paid liked $2 for it, lol. It was really had some silver beading on it and the pants were kinda flowly. I dunno how to explain it really. I'll try and see if I can find something similar to it. In all the pics I have of her, she's sitting in her wheelchair, so you can see the pants. I actually burried her in that outfit. My grandma thought that was very nice too. Black is very elegant to wear to a wedding. A lot of people wore black to mine..and my bridesmaids wore black dresses. My aunt Charlotte wore cream to her daughter's (my cousin Sarah) wedding. It was kinda like the same outfit my mom wore, just in a different color, lol. Wear something that your comfy in. And even though next week will be super crazy..try to remember every moment. It goes by super fast..and its nice to have those crazy memories, lol.

Well..I just woke up from a nap awhile ago..and omg, I had my 2nd school dream in years. It was crazy. I woke up sweating, lol. I'll have to remember to tell Fonzo all about it when he comes home tomorrow.

Since I already have my workout plan. I'm gonna move on to my diet plan. Is it bad if I just buy Lean Cuisine?? I HATE cooking..especially in the summer when its really hot & stuffy in here. I mean...I'll buy fruits and veggies too..but for dinner, I just want Lean Cuisine. I plan on cutting out sweets. Thats my biggest thing. I'll just have to stock up on a TON of fruit. I think sunday will be my free day to eat chocolate. I cant give up chocolate. I'll be all alone, and will need some kind of comfort, lol. I dunno...maybe I wont give up low fat frozen yogurt either. I gotta think about this some more, lol.

Well..I'm gonna go make some lunch and watch one of the movies from Lifetime that I recorded. Fonzo has duty today, so its my chick flick day!! WooHoo!!

04-25-2008, 05:20 PM
Hee Haw , Back again!

Cristina - 70 minutes of exercise?? You slacking girlfriend!! lol jk,,,,I would be tired too. I am thinking of my future husband and future job so I really don't have time to exercise! lol
Do you have a picture of the dress?? Would love to see!! You would look lovely in anything though :D

Francie - Yes, I am going to hate you if you type faster! lol Naw, jk. Just don't stir your damn drink and don't use one hand to hold the lid and one hand to hold the cup. Way intense and you aren't even drinking it. Just ruined my morning and it isn't the first time this lady has done that. She is a serial How ever you spell that. I think buying LC would be ok!!

Mindee- The Happy Working Song!! :carrot: If we can't be there to help you clean we can at least sing!!!

All right everyone, time to tidy things up

Come my little friends :mouse:
As we all sing a happy little working song
Merry little voices clear and strong
Come and roll your sleeves up :mouse:
So that we can pitch in
Cleaning crud up in the kitchen
As we sing along

And you’ll trill a cheery tune in the tub
As we scrub a stubborn mildew stain
Lug a hairball from the shower drain:spid:
To the gay refrain
Of a happy working song

We’ll keep singing without fail
Otherwise we’d spoil it
Hosing down the garbage pail
And scrubbing up the toilet

How we all enjoy letting loose with a little
While we’re emptying the vacu-um
It’s such fun to hum
A happy working song :bunny2:
A happy working song

Oh, how strange a place to be
Till Edward comes for me
My heart is sighing
Still, as long as I am here
I guess a new experience
Could be worth trying
Hey! Keep drying!

You could do a lot when you got
Such a happy little tune to hum
While you’re sponging up the soapy scum
We adore each filthy chore :mouse:
That we determine
So friends even though you’re vermin
We’re a happy working song

Singing as we fetch the detergent box
Or the smelly shirts and the stinky socks
Sing along
If you cannot sing then hum along
As we’re finishing our happy working song!

Ah...wasn’t this fun?

Crap if 3fc doesn't have a Dove in there smilies! Whatever.....I tried. :dizzy:

04-25-2008, 05:27 PM

That song will forever be stuck in my head now!! I'm gonna have to watch the movie tonight, LOL!!

04-25-2008, 05:29 PM
I found the video for it!!!!

I love love love this movie!!!

04-26-2008, 01:21 AM
well, today was very productive, if I do say so myself!

I got Brandon on the bus and then it was off to the races to get as much done on my list that I could before I had to get him off the bus! I vacuumed, went through the boys' clothes and pulled out the sweaters and heavy shirts and put them in a bag for now, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned up the toys, cleaned the counters in the kitchen, and I cleaned the fridge. Now, all I have to do before the party is put the toybox and loose toys in the boys room, turn the couch, turn the dining room table, and put the stuff on the porch back down into the basement that needs to go down there.

Then I got Brandon off the bus, to find a note from his speech teacher AND the principal in his backpack. The note from the principal is that a student at the school was diagnosed with MRSA, so we have to watch the kids basically. The note from his speech teacher was in response to a note that I wrote her at the end of March. She told me that they have also noticed a HUGE difference in his speech as well. She also told me that the past 2-3 sessions, he hasn't been wanting to do his part with his words. She told me every thing that she has tried with him and they didn't work, so she was asking if there is anything that we do in order to get him to cooperate.

I am going to send her and his teacher an email about the results from his hearing test, so that they are aware of it. And I am going to hold off on calling the ENT's on the list, and I will ask his pediatrician on the 30th for him to refers us to one. I know I shouldn't wait or delay it, but I know that he has some doctors that he can refers us to, and that I am sure that they work out of a hospital that is closer to us then the other doctor's that are on that sheet.

For some reason both Logan and Marissa were **** bent on NOT going to sleep tonight. So, after I got Brandon to sleep and in bed, I let Logan come out and sit and spend some time with him. We watched some tv and then I put him in his bed right before he fell asleep on me. Then I took Marissa for a walk around the complex three times, and she was still NOT ready to go to bed when we got home. I finally was just able to get her calmed down enough to go back to bed.

I got a call from Wal-Mart today. Tommy had left the information with them, but forgot to leave the names. So, the lady was calling to see if we wanted names on it. I told her that we wanted it to read "Happy 1st Birthday Marissa" and "Happy 4th Birthday Brandon." When she read back the names and spelling, she was glad that she did because she had Brandon spelled Brandan. She then said that it says to do boy girl she asked me if pink and blue were okay. I said that it was fine, and now I am really excited and I can't wait to see it! I will have to take pictures of it before every body gets over here!

Did I mention that I managed to walk 7.3 miles on Friday between all the cleaning and walking with Marissa?

Katy~ A loss is still a loss! I have that lousy visitor here as well......although if you were to just meet me, you wouldn't be able to tell! Tommy says that I am not as witchy as I was last month. So, I guess that counts as a compliment!

Francie~ Looks like you have a great starting point with all your workouts! I did a Walk N Tone video the other day with Leslie Sansome, and I am leaning more towards getting her dvd's. I hear her mentioned a lot on here so I might as well try it out since I can easily walk just as well and as I can do other things!

SusieQ~ I will have to get that movie now! If I were to hang out the window, the neighbors might call the cops on me. So, I will just bite my lip and get it all done by myself. The only thing that I really need Tommy's help with doing is putting the boxes on the porch back down in the basement. I can turn the couch and dining room table myself. Heck, I had the couch on its end so I could clean it and I did it by myself!

Cristina~ Funny you mentioned having to clean when the house is just going to get messed up anyways. Tommy was telling me at dinner that we have to put all the toys plus the books in the kids room. I said that the books could stay where they are on the entertainment center. He said that it looked really bad and that we had to put them in the bedroom. I said nobody is going to care if they are there or not! we have three kids, the house isn't going to be spotless! he then said that it matters to him and that I should put them in the cupboards or the drawer on the entertainment center. I said that i would, but there was already stuff in those! And since I will be doing most if not all of the is staying where I put it!

Thanks for that song and the video! Now, if I could just snap my fingers and everything would be done for me I would love that even better!

04-26-2008, 02:11 AM
Hi Gurls. :wave:

This is gonna be short n' sweet n' sassy, like me. lol! Thanks you all for carin' so much about me, the feeling is mutual, :hug: guess I've just been a bit down lately :(, not like I've had any stress or anything like that! lol.
I feel like total crapola!!! :sp: I think its either allergies or my sinuses or both! I have been sneezing my head off!! :sp: And my head is flipping killing me and I feel congested. :( I know do I want a little cheese with my whine? lol.

I thought at first it was just all the dust at work that had me sneezin but it continued at home so guess its not work........:p

Well not much to say.......I'll post more later.

Big :hug:

04-26-2008, 01:10 PM
Good morning...

Okay, so it's not such a good morning. My goodness...who would have thought gaining a dil would add so much stress, ugh! Shoot me now and get it over with.

FRANCIE...well I don't have to worry about it now because the wedding was postponed. So I have plenty of time to get in the dress if it doesn't fit and get the shoes dyed the right color. I saw a picture of your mom on your myspace but wasn't looking at what everyone was wearing, lol. Looks like you guys had a nice wedding.

SUSAN...too cute about the song and the lady at the library...what is up with that? Here's a picture of the new dress, lol 20%26No%3D80%26N%3D1604006&R=02656940
Here's the black one...|50444|51368
I like both but now that the wedding will be in July I think I like the pink better, decisions, decisions.

SASSY...hope you get to feeling better :hug:

MINDEE...have fun today! So what kind of cake did you get? Hope it looks good and tastes even better, lol.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Even though I feel like crap I am happy to say that I am down 1 pound, woohoo! I worked hard for that darn measely pound! :lol: anywho...going to get some reading done today. Chat later :wave:

04-26-2008, 02:35 PM
Cristina - I like the pink one..can't get to the black one for comparison, but if the wedding is getting postponed until July, the pink one will definitely fit the bill...and you will probably have to buy a smaller one -yay! Did I ever mentioned that my wedding dress was that same shade of pink? ha ha - I was such a rebel! It was a tea- length lace and satin number and I still love it even though, after 18 years, it does look a bit dated, along with my big 80s hair, lol! I'll have to dig up a picture...

Susan - say hi to the Prez for me. I saw him back in '92 and people were treating him like a rock star. Hope you have a nice evening w/ McDreamy!

(((((Sassy))))) - sorry you've been down in the dumps...hope we can cheer you up a know we are all here for you.

Hi Francie, Mindee, Jules, and Sue

I'm off to go knit w/ my newly formed group up at the yarn store in the village. Hopefully some other knitters show up :fingerscrossed: You never know with these things. Yesterday was a BAD food day ( lotsa bagels :( ) but today so far I am back on track. Tonight is dinner out and we are taking my MIL to the symphony for a birthday present. Dinner is before the concert, so I will not overdo it...otherwise I'll fall asleep during the concert - yikes!

04-26-2008, 03:09 PM
Mindee~Leslie Sansone's dvds are pretty good. I feel that I get a good workout when I do them. The cake sounds good, lol. My fave part has always been the frosting. Mmm..I wish I had thought of getting a cake for my bday, but oh well.

Cristina~That sucks that it was postponed. But I like the pink dress!! I found this pic of what the pants my mom wore looked like...|50444|50934

Katy~The symphony sounds nice. Hope you have fun!!

Well..I could not sleep at all last night. I was tired, but I just couldnt relax. I had to force myself to go to bed. And when I did, I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, lol. Too bad my effin cats kept making noise all night long. I swear, either cats are needy, or its just mine that are needy, lol.

Anyways..Fonzo is gonna talk to one of his friends on my I'm gonna go for now.

04-26-2008, 04:48 PM
Back again...

KATY...have a nice time with the knitting gang, and tonight. I like the pink too, perfect for July! Would love to see a pic of your it is purdy! I went with pink also, lol...a pale pink though. Wanted tea length but couldn't find what I wanted.

FRANCIE...I agree about Leslie her dvd's! Most of them go by so fast. The link wouldn't come up, ugh. I'll try later because is being stupid again...a few other things wouldn't come up either...kept saying there was an error of some sort. Your cats reminded me of my friend's...she had 3 but would take in strays so she had about 5 or 6 at any given time and lived in a cute, little one bedroom house...was big though...anyway, when I would spend the night there after a night out those stinking cats would crawl all over me and then fight on the coffee table, was crazy sometimes.

SUSAN...totally slipped my mind you were going to meet BC! Have a great time!

MINDEE...I forgot to say :bravo: for the walk! Geez, did GREAT!

JULES...thinking of you missy. :hug:

SASSY...are ya feeling better yet? :D

Okay, well, I'm not getting much of anything done. Was supposed to go to a Bridal shower but that is off soooo...was actually looking forward to getting out of the house today...kind of a gloomy day. I will just curl up on the couch and start another book. Exercise is done and done! :carrot:

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

04-26-2008, 05:42 PM
Good Afternoon Chickies-

Cristina - The pink dress is very pretty! You will look lovely in it. Need to figure out the link for the black dress in a second after I write this.

Sassy - :hug::hug::hug: sometimes you just need to snuggle in bed w/ a good book and hang on. I have down times too and I just have to wait til it passes. The sun shining outside helps a lot for me. Anyway sending hugs to you :D

Francie - I love my kitty but he lays on the bed and cleans himself for hours and if he itches he is tossed off the bed. I don't want fleas!! So, I have to go get some advantage and treat him.

Katy - Hope you had a good knitting session!! :) Have a fun evening.

Mindee- Happy Birthday Party for Brandon & Marissa!!

I have had a busy day! I woke up w/ 3 loads of laundry to do. Got Gab up and we showered and went to the laundromat to start the wash. Walked to Starbucks next door and after that to Freddies for breakfast stuff. Back to the laundry and into the dryer , off to the car wash and cleaned out the car. Back home and dropped Gab off and went to get the laundry.
Rach was busy gtting ready to go out and M called and came and picked up Gab early.

Talked w/ McDreamy and we parted ways. Yes, sorry. I just have felt for weeks that there was nothing there and I was feeling bad for just not discussing it with him. He is a McDreamy, just not mine.
So, I feel a lot better and think I will go to Powells and look at books. Just do whatever I want without always having to do something for someone else for a bit. Until one of the girls calls. lol

Counting calories today! Made some yummy spinach w/ onions and tenderloin chicken for lunch. Now that I won't be going out for dinner I can maybe go get some salad stuff and fruit for dinner.

k- guess that is my update!!

04-26-2008, 06:20 PM
Cristina~Try this link instead..|50444|50934 Why was the wedding postponed?? At least you can relax for a bit and chill out with a nice book. My cats are insane. They run around like freaks with their tails all poofed up, lol. 2 of them are sunbathing right now. And the other is napping with Fonzo, lol.

Susan~Fleas suck. When I had a dog, he'd get fleas every now & then. Ugh, horrible memories, lol. Sorry about McDreamy :hug:

Today is a warm boring day. I'm gonna play Wii for a little bit before I take a shower. My arms are hurting a little bit from when I played last night. But its not as bad as it used to be. I tried boxing, and its a lot of fun!!!

04-26-2008, 06:42 PM
Francie - In the place I lived before there was barkdust all around and when it was late Aug I noticed *hopping fleas* coming from the patio to mid way in my living room. I would sit there at night on my couch watching them hop around.
Major freak me out.
I told the landlord and she said "fleas don't bother me"....omg, wtheck! Had to weasle some bomb out of her to treat my unit. And I didn't even have animals at the time!!

I must have been bringing them in when I walked from the laundry room. :?:

Barkdust is evil, I am surrounded by it again and it is getting warmer outside. Thinking the cats need to be treated and become inside cats. I hate to do that because they like to explore.

Thanks for the condolences - lol , It is ok though. I really wanted my time on the weekends and was getting so frustrated being in a relationship and answering to someone. I think the longer I am on my own the harder it might be to hook up again. I don't know. Or the timing is all off and I have little ones that take up a lot of my time. I can't just drop everything and go or devote whole days to lounging around.

Anyway - it is a sign of my maturity because not to long ago I would have latched on to someone that was comatose and basically that was all he needed to be. lol

Off to Powells to get a book!!

04-26-2008, 10:32 PM
Thank You All. :hug:

I do feel a bit better today, still not quite 100%, but better, so I plan on doing nothing tonight and just relaxing and watching some tv..........Still kinda blue, but I'll

Take care all!


04-27-2008, 03:51 AM
I am popping in here before I head off to bed.

I am uploading the pictures that were taken today, well now it is yesterday, at the party! every body all had a blast! the kids got plenty of clothes and they each got a couple of toys. they also got some books, which they are loving! Tommy got them each a balloon. He got Marissa a 1st birthday balloon and he got Brandon a 4th birthday balloon. He then also got twelve smaller balloons, which we then had to pull one out for Logan because he got mad.

I will go and change my avatar here in a second to the kids' cake. it turned out really cute and it was really good!

04-27-2008, 03:53 PM
Just stopping by really quickly.

I played some Wii games for 2 hours yesterday and my arms are freakin killing me, lol. But its like a good pain, I dunno.

The downstairs monsters were mowing there lawn not too long ago..and we had our window open. So now my nose is runny and my head is stuffed and I cant stop sneezing. Ughhh I feel like crap.

Well..I'm gonna go spend my last sunday with Fonzo. And find some allergy meds...Happy Sunday all..BBL

04-27-2008, 04:09 PM
nothing really new since I last posted....

I am about to go and take some cake over to the office manager here in a second after I get dressed. Lazy Sunday.....and after all the hulla baloo of yesterday I think we can all make today a lazy Sunday!

04-27-2008, 04:23 PM
Happy Sunday all... was postponed because the Army decided no one was aking leave because supposedly they are in training. Even though a few guys did get leave. Apparently July was the soonest opening for the hall and church. Hey, at least it is a good hurt, lol. Enjoy your day with Fonzo. UGH, that link didn't work either...wonder what is up with the links. The dress one I posted won't come up either. Hope you feel better.

SUSAN...sorry to hear about you and McD. :hug: I know what you mean though. I was single almost longer than I was married the first time and I wanted to have someone in my life but at the same time I liked not having anyone to answer to. Still that way, lol...thank you...I tried the dress on and I LOVE IT!

MINDEE...such a cute cake! Is that a picture of them both on the cake? Love the colors. Clothes are always good.

SASSY...glad you are feeling better.

Nothing much going on with me today. Getting laundry done that I should have done yesterday. Finished my book finally and started another, Blood Orange by Drusilla far, so good. Thinking I will have it done tonight. Today is my free day from exercise but I still did some, lol. Just the 3 mile WATP dvd. I feel lazy if I don't do something. Anyway...

Have a good Sunday!

04-27-2008, 04:40 PM
Happy Sunday!

YES! Down a pound. I think the calorie counting is helping a lot, especially makes me aware in the evenings where I am caloriewise so I don't graze and go overboard. Feel so much better.

Cristina - Yay, nice to see you post on a Sunday! Blood Orange by Drusilla Campbell?? What is that about??

Sassy :hug: Glad you are starting to feel better!!

Mindee - Cute cake!!

Francie - Sorry about the arms! lol Enjoy your time w/ Fonzo :o

katy - Thought of you this morning. There was an article in the travel how more women are traveling together and have actual themes. One was a knitting group that went to Scotland and visited sheep ranches and saw how yarn was made, thought that was kind of cool. :dizzy:

anyway - Started on Good In Bed last night and fell asleep reading it. I am about 1/2 way done now, it is funny. I like Jennifer Weiner.
McD emailed this morning and we are friendly still. He is a sweet man, maybe in a few months we can revisit a relationship, who knows??

I guess that is it on my end!! Busy day w/ Gab coming back in a bit, going to meet her at the pool.

Later Gators!!

04-27-2008, 05:11 PM
just popping back in.....

Cristina~ I must have missed the part about every thing getting postponed. Kind of sucks that you did all that running around, dealt with all that drama, just to be doing it all again next month when the final countdown starts again. Yup, that is a picture of both of them on the cake. Let me see if I can get a closer view of it.

SusieQ~ I must have missed the part about things with McD. But at least you guys are still on good terms so to speak.

04-27-2008, 05:39 PM
Good afternoon ladies.
Wow, lots of excitement here and drama for some. I am not fond of drama and too old for excitement, so what am I to do? LOL. Actually, when I was much younger with small kiddos, I had several friends (?) who thrived on drama, talking about each other, stirring up s**t. Once my marriage became fodder for the drama and I got out of that mess I never looked back for those friends. Have been much happier. Now excitement...I could tell you some stories...nah, don't ask! Hahaha

Lazy Sunday here and the weather is quite nippy. I wanted to work outside, but quickly changed my mind. We did walk around the yard to see what all has popped up. I am happy to report that my black thumb is leaning slightly more toward green. Just about everything I planted last year is up. I lost one small rose bush and so far no signs of my clematis. The hostas and ferns are thriving. Both flowering almonds did indeed flower and are so pretty. I planted them after blooming season, so had my fingers crossed that they would bloom this year. All in all if we could just get the grass to grow in the front I would love my yard. DH will be working on that next week. (as he did in the Fall to no avail) The pergola is almost finished, so he will need another project.

Mindee- Loved the cake pic. and so glad the party went well. Sounds like a good time.

Francie- I was looking at the ads for Wii today. Most every store had them in their circulars. I wonder if they all actually have one? Looks like fun games anyway. Sorry about the arms. :)

Susan- Good in Bed must have been...if it put you to sleep. Ha. You have given the names of so many books which sound like ones I would like. I am compiling lists from all you ladies. Meanwhile my 2 SIL and a friend keep bringing me books and I can't possibly catch up. I love our library but haven't had to go since last year. Hate to hear about McD...but you will know when and if the timing is right. Those young'uns are the most important for now. They do take lots of time and energy. Good deal that you and he can remain friends. Ya never know what will happen.

Cristina- Sorry about the wedding. Do they tink they waited long enough to say no leave? Heck the date was almost here. Hopefully things will go smoothly from here on out. I loved the picture of the dress. Beautiful color. And you are an exercise guru. :)

Sassy- Hope you are out of the blue funk and into the pink of things! I truly know how that is though and have had many blue days this year. Life never goes as planned it seems.

Katy- Yay for any downward movement of the scale. Mine has not been very co-operative lately. I also would like to see the pink wedding rebel. :)

Okay...better scoot. I have a ham cooking and need to toss a salad and throw together some sort of veggies. If I can get DH in from the work shop that is.

Happy Sunday ya'll.

04-28-2008, 12:52 AM
I meant to post this earlier, but here is the link so that you can see ALL the pictures that were taken at the party!

you will more then likely be prompted for a password, so type in brandon and enjoy!

04-28-2008, 01:47 AM
Hi Ya.

Well good news is I feel better, not sneezing, etc. Bad news is I am down in the dumps again, worse than before. :( I dunno even why? I am on anti-depressants, have been for a while now. So I have no idea, maybe its just everything that has been going on at work, etc. I'll give it this week and if I still feel blue I will ask my dr about possibly switching meds or something. I have to go in to see him for blood work anyways. He's been after me for my blood for a while now.............dang vampire! :dracula: lol

Well I hope you all are doing well.


04-28-2008, 02:16 AM
Cristina~Ugh that sucks. It sucks planning a wedding around someone who needs to take leave, lol. I wanted our wedding to be in October..but the only opening the place had was for December. We got lucky with that too, because the ship didnt come back until November.

Susan~I played more games today and killed my arms even more, lol. I dont seem to know when to quit, lol. Congrats on the pound!!

Sue~Those Wiis are so popular, they're out of stock all the time. Its crazy!!

Sassy~Sorry you're feeling down :( :hug:

Well..I had a nice day with Fonzo. We walked to Subway, lol. It was a pretty nice walk until it started raining. But ugh, it was humid outside. My hair started to frizz.

Oh, it was so funny. Fonzo wanted a kiss, and I was playing hard to he started making kissing noises in my ear. And somehow we ended up wrestling. He kept trying for a kiss and I just refused to give in, lol. And it sucked so bad because he was a wrestler all through high school (drool), so he was using all his old moves on me. He literly picked me up and tossed me on the bed, LOL!! It was scary but it popped my back so it felt good at the same time, lol. Then I turned around and tackled him from behind and started tickling him until he switched it around on me, lol. By the end, we were so out of breath. We gave each other a nice little workout, lol. It kinda reminded me of our very first kiss. LoL!! We were at my house watching Signs and we got we started wrestling on the floor and he pinned me down and kissed me, lol. *sigh*

So ya..I found out that I'm on the Blue Team for The Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm gonna start my workouts tomorrow since Fonzo has to work late. So yay!! LoL!! Then on tuesday is my birthday!!! We're gonna have lemon grilled chicken, some sort of veggies, rice maybe, and for dessert I'm gonna make cheesecake. Yum. I'm excited!!!!

Oh ya!! I finished the Time Traveler's Wife..and omg, it was sooooooo good. I ended up crying towards the end. I'm very curious to see how the movie turns out. I think Rachel McAdams was a good choice for Clare. (love love loved her in the Notebook). I started reading The Magician's Nephew. Which is book 1 of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Okay..I'm gonna go read some more. Goodnight all!!

04-28-2008, 10:22 AM
Just letting you all know..I posted some pics in the 20 something photo page!!

04-28-2008, 02:59 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick second. I am eating some ramon noodles as I post this, so I am trying not to get anything on the laptop!

Sassy~ I am sorry to hear that you are down. I hope you can switch meds to see if that will help you out!

Francie~ I will have to head over there to check them out!

04-28-2008, 03:54 PM
I had such a bad night last night. I pretty much played with the Wii games all weekend. And my arms and upper back were just sooooooooo sore. But I kept pushing it. So last night I took some advil and layed on the heating pad..but that didnt work. So I rubbed bengay all over. That seemed to helped, because afterwards I fell asleep, lol.

I did the one mile walk this morning..even though I was dead tired. And now my arms are so sore it hurts to lift them. Then I banged my shin on the dishwasher door!!! Ughhh it hurt so bad. I have a ugly bruise on it now. So ya..I think I'm done for the day. Which is very disappointing. I thought I'd be able to do more today. I'm gonna take some more advil and try to take a nap. I hope to be able to do more tomorrow!! Maybe I just needed another day of rest?? I dunno..Hopefully I'll feel much better tomorrow!!

04-28-2008, 04:27 PM
Hello ladies...

FRANCIE...yeah, it sux but what can you do? I just hope they don't change their mind again and wait until the last minute and not give him leave that would really suck! Hope your arms feel better soon. Yay for getting thr blue team! Like your new avatar, too cute! The Time Traveler is in my stack upstairs of to read soon, lol. Glad to know it is good, of course I thought it was or I wouldn't have bought it, lol.

MINDEE...are they the same photos as on your myspace? I took a gander at those and OMG! They are too cute! Especially all the ones of Marissa with the frosting everywhere, lol! Love the bright green outfits too! Such a pretty color.

SUE...I don't know why they waited until the last minute, except that they are jerks and keep messing with people, and they can do what they want so....glad most of the trees and shrubs made it. I think we lost 2 trees, an oak and flowering plum...not sure about the elm in the front yet. Everything else made it.

SASSY...sorry about you not feeling well, lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug:

SUSAN...good that you and McD can still be friends. I never could be friends with guys for some reason, not guys I dated. WTG on the pound! :woohoo: Blood Orange is about this lady who had an affair was going to leave her lawyer hubby but didn't, her little girl was kidnapped, came home one day and found her just sitting on the porch and apparently there are some secrets & twists so...we'll see what happens. It is good so far though. I liked Good in Bed, it was funny. I've got In Her Shoes & Goodnight No One just haven't gotten around to reading them. I'm terrible...if I go to a bookstore I end up buying more books and then read those and I have shelves of books already that need to be read. Was trying to get them all read before I buy more but it isn't happeneing. If I keep reading like I have been I can get a lot read though.


I had a busy morning. Did 30 minutes of exercise before heading out and mowing the front yard. Then went to tan, I's bad but I do it anyway. Came home and did another 30 minutes of exercise and then mowed the back yard and doing a load of laundry now. It's been a good exercise day but a bad eating day...I've already eaten too much and I know if I were counting calories I would probably only have about 100 left, lol. But I am having a chicken salad for dinner so that will make up for the rest, I hope :crossed: Anyway...

Have a good one ladies!

04-28-2008, 04:50 PM
FRANCIE...GREAT pictures! I've said it before and I'll say it and Fonzo make a cute couple! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

04-28-2008, 06:10 PM
Francie~ I hope you are feeling better now after your nap! And I agree with Cristina, you and Fonzo make a cute couple!!

Cristina~ Yup, those are the same ones of my myspace page! Great job on all the exercise that you are doing! I am gearing up for a challenge that I am doing that starts on Mother's Day. The main goal is to get 10,000 steps a do or to do 30 minutes of exercise. So, I am going to combine them both, but mainly aim for the 10,000 steps a day! I have also told myself that I am going to do my walking that I have been doing with Marissa, but I will do it whether I have a kid in tow or not. I can do two laps around the complex and it takes about an hour. (put that is pushing a stroller, which entails lifting it over the curbs and such) but I am going to push it until I can get a good amount. I am aiming for doing three laps around the complex. The last time I walked around the complex, I calculated my path into steps, and it is 1,795 steps on the path that I take. So, that is almost two miles if I am not mistaken.

04-28-2008, 08:39 PM
Mindee--Happy bday to two of your kids!! It's hard to believe little Marrissa is already a year old. My nieces boy Blaire turned 1 too and little Henry's is next month.

Cristina--you are so great on your exercising!! I started walking the paths through our property atleast 4 nights a week with the dogs. I was so proud of myself for making it up the first big hill tonight without having to stop. Sorry the wedding was postponed, I know you have put so much work into it. LOVE the style of the pink dress--you will look beautiful in it blondie!!

Franice--you need to quit beating yourself up!! no more bruises!! You and Fonzo are the cutest couple!! One of my coworkers went to Walmart at midnight and sttod in line for a WII--they were so excited they got it--she says she has never done anything like that and doesn't even go shopping on Black Friday.

Sassy--my allergies have been acting up to--my eyes are the worst--watering and itching. Sorry you are down in the dumps. I am right there with you but I am making myself get out of it. My grandboy helps keep me up. He's so sweet.

Sue--you need to post some pics of that pretty yard of yours for us to see.

SuzyQ--sorry McDreamy isn't the one--at least you can still be friends. Hubby and I had a long talk and I said I was going to be changing and do more for me and not take the contol and cutdowns and he can either change with me or throw the last 22 years away.

Katy--hi there!!

Well I got a couple of things I want done before bedtime!! Goodnight girls!!

04-28-2008, 11:28 PM
Evening Chickies!

Jules- Always make me smile when you post! Have missed you.

Just a quickie because I have a whiny child. Hoping to get to 160 by Friday, think I can do this if I don't eat.:dizzy: lol

The Bachelor is tonight!

Hold the press on McDreamy because we have talked a lot today and might still be on track. Making plans to see him this weekend.

k- GAB is ANNOYING tomorrow!!

04-28-2008, 11:34 PM
Cristina~You never know with the military. But if he puts in for a chit in advance, then they'll probably approve it. Thanks for the comment about the pic. OHHH..and double thanks for the comment on my new myspace page, lol. I showed it to Fonzo and he thought it was funny too. Hows your tan?? LoL!! Do you go to tanning beds?? Or is it spray on??

Mindee~I do feel better now. I hope to be able to go to bed early tonight!! And Thanks!!

Jules~I know I know, lol. I beat myself up often. I'm so clumsy, lol. "Clumsy cuz I'm fallin in love" LOL!! Sorry..that song popped in my head. Thats cool about your friend, lol. The only thing I've ever stood in line for was Nsync tickets, lol. Oh..and Paul McCartney tickets with my mom. It was total chaos though. I ended up getting lost in the crowd, lol. We go to black fridays sometimes..but since the Walmart here is open 24/7..its kinda not really fun, lol.

Well anyhoo...I did really good with my eating. I'm keeping track of it on my blog (in my workout page), and on fitday. It helps a lot!!! I'm so proud of myself. Now I just need to improve on the exercise. I played a little bit of Wii today. I figured out that the boxing is what kills my arms, lol.

Anyways...I'm gonna go watch some tele. Nighty nite all!! When I wake up, I'll be 23!! (well..not offically..I was born at 7:45pm, lol). Oh ya..heres a fun bday fact about me. I was supposed to be born on mothers day..but instead, I popped out on my baby shower, lol.

Okay...gonna go now, lol. TTYL

04-29-2008, 12:40 AM
popping in here before heading off to bed!

Jules~ It is good to hear from you! How is Teri and little Nick doing? thanks for the birthday wishes!

SusieQ~ I don't like when I have whiny kids.......but I am more then likely going to be dealing with at least two here soon. Brandon and Marissa are getting sick, so I am sure that I am fighting the inevitable, BUT I am staying on it with medicine.

Francie~ That is great about all the exercising you are doing! I was going to do my walking tonight, but with Marissa getting sick, she has been up and down since she went to bed. so, knowing my luck, she will wake up right after I walk out the door and I wouldn't even know about it since Tommy is sleeping. So that is another reason why I will only do my walking while the kids are in bed and Tommy is awake.

I also need to get back on writing down what I am eating. I ran out of room in the notebook that I was using and I haven't gotten a new on I am going to try and go from memory......wish me luck!

Francie~ That is a cool tidbit about you! We got married on Mother's Day weekend. Our first anniversary happened to fall on Mother's Day, and it happens to fall on Mother's Day this year!

04-29-2008, 02:15 PM
Francie- Happy birthday to you! My first DD was born on Mother's Day. Very cool. But you showed who was boss right from the start by appearing on the baby shower day, right? Anyway, have a great day!!!

Mindee- Hope the kiddos are not getting sick. Yes, I had one with middle child syndrome...although she was the baby until she was 11, then became middle child. She is still the brat! LOL

Susan- Oh, wow, maybe seeing McD again? He is persistent, no?

Jules- Hello, good to see you. I would love to post pics. of the yard. When things get nice and full I shall. It looks better every day.

HI to everyone else...gotta run.

04-29-2008, 02:55 PM
It is FREEZING in this library!!!

Another quickie because I had some emails to do and I am limited and anal...and that is my story and I am sticking to it!!


Sue - omg. McD's favorite saying is "lighten up"....kind of takes the wind out of my sails and makes me feel I might be dramatic.
Impossible. lol
Or he will say "Drama" when I talk about the kids and he kind of rolls the word off his tongue. lol
He is pretty laid back and funny so what the heck and he promises cheesebread and he has a awesome wine opener, so the deal is done! lol

Francie - Wonderful on the eating and hope your arm is feeling better. Have you ever tried kickboxing??

Cristina - I am in between books right now. Chicken salad sounds good! Gab was trying to get me to Burger King yesterday so she could play in the play area and I said I couldn't eat anything there and she said I could have a salad. She is so sweet. She calls her lettuce on her hamburger "salad". We drive up to drive thru and she says "no pickles, no mustard, no salad" on her burger. lol

Mindee- Writing down helps a lot! I didn't realize til I started it up again last week. I hopped on the scale and I see 162 right there in sight so I am thrilled on that! Anyway - hugs to you and the kids!!

Watched the Bachelor and I am wanting Shayne to get the final rose!! She is so funny and I loved the hat she wore last night.

Katy, Jules, Sassy a BIG HELLO!!

Chat later!

04-29-2008, 03:08 PM

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to our wii arm injury,wonderful, beautiful,funny, shopaholic Francie
Happy Birthday to you!!!!:bday2:

Enjoy your day (wtheck, take the whole month!! lol) and I wish you all the best in the coming year!!!!


04-29-2008, 03:49 PM
popping in here while I have some time to do so. now I have to figure out what I am going to make myself for dinner. the boys have these kid cuisine meals that they can have. I have a couple Lean Cuisine paninis that I can make myself one......but I will see if they are any good. they have been in there for a while.

Francie~ Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sue~ Thanks for the nice words of advice. So, the middle child syndrome never goes away, huh?

SusieQ~ Great job on seeing 162! I would love to see that number, but I am taking my sweet time getting there! I didn't get a chance to write down what I ate on Saturday and Sunday, but I did get what I ate down yesterday.

off to grab some yogurt while the kids are asleep

04-29-2008, 04:01 PM
Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! :grouphug: You all are sweet:D

Mindee~How cool you get to celebrate mothers day and your anniversary all on one day!!

Sue~LoL!! Ya I guess I did. I was spoiled right from the beginning. My poor mother, lol.

Susan~No, I havent tried kickboxing. But the boxing on the Wii is just as fun. When I woke up today, my arms didnt hurt..yay!! LoL!! day got off to a good start, then got bad, then it changed to being good again. I woke up all happy because Fonzo left me a post it on my comp that says Happy Birthday, lol. I know its just a post it, but it was sweet. He drew little hearts all over it, lol. But then that one chick sent me a friend's request on myspace. She's all like.."I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, even though you dont care" Ugh..that put a black cloud over my happy day. And not only that, but she changed her defult name to "Happy Birthday To You" okay like wth..we're not friends, so why would she do that? Freakin stalker. But whatever..all my other friends made me feel better, lol. :D

I did The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt. I did the warm up, level 1, and cool down w/Jillian..and omg. I sweated soooooo much, lol. I feel totally good though. I'll probably feel it tomorrow, lol.

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go play some Wii..bbl!!

04-29-2008, 05:28 PM
FRANCIE...I think Susan said it all, lol.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you missy! Hope you are enjoying your day!

:hat ::yay: :hb: :celebrate: :gift: :bday2you: :gift: :celebrate: :hb: :yay: :hat:

04-29-2008, 05:42 PM
Hello ladies...

FRANCIE...hope you are enjoying your special day. I do the tanning bed. friend Lourdes had her baby on the day of her baby shower too! Of course they waited until almost the last minute to have it...little Sarah decided she wasn't waiting. Hey, at least you are getting a workout with the Wii...boxing is good for sure. WTG on the eating and exercise! :carrot:

SASSY...hope you are feeling better today. Darn allergies...I think they got the best of me and reared their ugly head this morning.

SUSAN...Gaby is too cute! I wish you and McD the best whatever you guys do...and how can you resist cheesebread anyway, lol? Or homemade strawberry shortcake, mmmm.

HIYA JULES...good seeing you post, miss you when you're not here. And thanks...I am working hard. The weight isn't coming off but it will eventually. Still going to do the exercise regardless. WTG on walking the porperty. :carrot: Hoping all is well with you and yours.

SUE...hi and bye, lol!

MINDEE...that's a good walk, a hour around the complex. You guys must live in a huge one. And taking Marissa with the stroller would give you a better workout lifting the stroller.


Busy day...went tanning this morning and had to go to the grocery store. Got in my exercise except for the 30 minutes Denise Austin that I will do after Jeopardy. Went to see Baby Moma...thought it would be funnier but it was good. I like Tina Fey so...anywho, gotta run. Chat tomorrow :wave:

04-29-2008, 07:43 PM
Happy Birthday Francie!!

04-29-2008, 07:57 PM
Cristina--I love tanning...hubby gives me a hard time about it, but I have a redheards complexion and I burn until I get a base tan--the tanning bed is relaxing for me and gives me that, I usually do an unlimited first month and then I am outdoors after that.

Francie--Fonzo is such a sweetie. I love little things like that.....Glad your day got back on track!!

Mindee--I have been doing soup and salad for lunch and a bowl of special K for dinner. I am not seeing any results but I am not starving as much as i thought I would be...I did LC & WW dinners for awhile. I htink I liked one of the panninis....

SuzyQ--the worst you can get out of the deal with McD is a great friend that you can talk to and that cooks awesome!! Not a bad thing...It was cold at work this morning...when I am cold the rest of the staff is FREEZING!!!! It didn't take me long to figure out the ac was blowing and turn it off!!

Sue--can't wait to see pics!! glad to see you posting!!

Katy--hey there wherever you are...

Sassy--hugs to you, been thinking about you and hope you are having a good day!!

Well off to take the dogs for our evening walk!!

04-30-2008, 12:01 AM
Susan- That Chelsea gal does not go with that Bachelor. What was he thinking??? I like Shayne too and hope she wins. I didn't mind Amanda and was shocked when he sent her packing. A few episodes ago I thought she would be the final one. Guess not! When they were talking afterwards and she said something kind of nasty I just thought "Sorry about your luck bimbo." Too bad of me and I feel guilty now. LOL.

Francie- I hope you had a nice day and with that sweet hubby I am sure you did. :hug:

Cristina- Hi to you too. With all the exercising you are doing the weight has to come off one day. Every time I think I am going to get to exercise it rains or turns cold again. Now I have felt under the weather, so here I sit! Not good!

Mindee- Nah, my middle child has outgrown her brattiness, but it took her awhile. She is 39...haha.

Jules- I am for sure going to take a picture of the new pergola. I think I posted a picture of the arbor DH built last year. It has copper tubing accents on the sides. He enlarged the pattern and made the pergola with the same copper accents. So cool.

HI Katy and Sassy.

It was cold here again today, but we just missed dropping to freezing. Thank goodness. I cleaned house and my closet. Seems like I was on the phone all day. First with cable co. asking questions and then again to order cable modem. They are coming Fri. and I am excited. This dial up is so slow. Then DS called from San Diego and talked to me for an hour. I think he was homesick. DD called later from CA I conversed with all 3 of my kids today. DD1 and I "talked" on the computer. Love talking to them all.

I made quiche for dinner so was able to eat light. But I didn't get in any exercise...bummer. I rode the bike yesterday and really planned to today..oh well.

Have a happy hump day ladies!

04-30-2008, 01:22 AM
checking in before heading to bed......

Francie~ I hope you had a great birthday! This year, it just so happens that the annual Downtown Hoedown falls the weekend of our anniversary. And wouldn't you know it, the group that sings our wedding song is going to be there on our anniversary! (it won't be the original group, since the lead singer left, but hey! it still counts) we were going to see about getting a sitter and then going to dinner and then down there, but as it looks right now, I am not counting on it.

Thanks for reminding me Francie....I have been wanting to do my Biggest Loser workout in the morning and then walking at night. If it happens to be cold or raining, I have thought about doing the Leslie Sansone workout that I did last week. Which reminds me, I really need to get some of her work out dvd's from walmart!

Cristina~ The complex really isn't huge per se, but it isn't the smallest thing either! I think from the back of the complex to the main road that we are off of, it is about 3/4 of a mile, if not a mile. I would have to ask Tommy tomorrow and then I will let you know. I have been thinking about getting a weighted vest to see if that would help me out on the days that I would go walking without taking the stroller.

Jules~ I love your new avatar! I like LC paninis, but not the flat bread melts or whatever they call them. I just know that I need to do something to keep myself on track and to not derail.

Sue~ So, I have until he is 39 before he outgrows it? LOL Man, I have to do some research on what I can do with my time when he gets like that!

Wednesday is going to be a busy one for us! We have a recertification appointment at 2pm, and then Brandon and Marissa have their check ups at the pediatrician's office at 6pm. The receptionist/nurse called Tommy to remind him of the appointment and she told him 5:45pm. He told me that and I told him it was at 6. I said "oh well, we will show up at 5:45, it doesn't matter to me!" The funny part is.....I just talked to her on Monday and she told me that she would see me on Wednesday at 6pm.

04-30-2008, 11:28 AM
OK - a day late and a dollar short, but

Happy Birthday, Francie! Sounds like overall, you had a good one. Don't let the stalker get you down...sounds like she hasn't left high school yet.

Susan- for heaven's sake, don't dump a guy who cooks! He he..jk of course, you will do what is right for you, you have a good head on your shoulders. I saw miss G at the community center on Sunday. I was taking the NIA class and saw her and M through the window..didn't see you tho' :(

Mindee - in my family circle, it seems to be the youngest child who is the brattiest...and they don't outgrow it! Let's hope you have better luck, lol! gl onthe recertification appointment...sure it's just a formality, right?

Jules - good to see you posting..and glad you put your foot down. You will feel so much better about yourself and him by standing up for yourself. Love the pix of Nick - he's growing so fast.

Cristina - Baby Mama looks funny, I just read that Amy Poehler is preggers in real life. Life imitating art?

Hi Sue and Sassy! Well, today I am off to the gym, then to the usual running around with the kiddoes. My garden is starting to sprout and I am so excited! I ordered some asparagus crowns and another blueberry bush today. It's a little late to plant them but they won't produce anything this year anyway, so I figure I was ok.

I also RSVP'd for my 25th high school reunion - YIKES... now that's a weight loss motivator for sure :)

Have a good one, chickies!

04-30-2008, 01:02 PM
popping in here before I put Logan down for a nap and try to get Brandon to take one before my MIL gets here to go with us to our first of two appointments today!

Katy~ Yup, it is just a formality for this appointment. I have my 10 year high school reunion in 2010, and that has been my motivator since I had Brandon!

04-30-2008, 02:13 PM
Mindee--me too, I need to stop letting myself and others sabotage me. After all these years of being a doormat and taking care of everybody else I need to start taking care of me.

Katy--I was just wondering myself if my class of "83" is going to do a 25 year reunion, I didn't go to my 20 year one. It does feel good to stand my ground. I am trying to pick my battles so everything is one but there are a few things I am making a stand on and not going to back down.

Sue-Ry called me last night and we talked for around 2 hours. He's nervous about moving west. He feels guilty about leaving Teri since she is not moving back home and is keeping the apartment (with her raise she will be fine) and he is going to miss me and mom really bad. I told him if he gets too homesick he can always come back. He's excited about the move in every other way and he does have friends already there. I know I am going to really miss him.

well, I gotta get back to work!! Hi to everyone else!!

04-30-2008, 03:05 PM
Good Morning Chicks!!

Jules - How many dogs do you have?? I would love a dog, my kitty is almost 15 pounds so he is kind of like a mini dog. lol Best thoughts to Ry. I know it is a huge move, I would be nervous too.

Katy- I was at the pool around 2:30 to pick her up that day, we were doing the transfer there. Sorry to have missed seeing you! Think I will do a swim lesson for Gab at the Wilson pool next go around, outside pool and all!! When is the reunion??? Sounds like fun!!

Sue - I think Amanda called him a douchbag, that is what I get from the ABC board. lol I can't imagine him picking Chelsea if she won't even hold his hand but also from the board she is odds on to win. I love Shayne though, I like her asking if palm tree's grow in London. lol

Mindee- Hey Busy Lady!! Hope you have a good day!!

Cristina - mmmm, forgot about the strawberry shortcake!! What was I thinking?? lol How are you today??

Francie - How was the birthday??

Sassy - Miss you!!

I have to get!! Busy day here w/ the girls and Monday I was late picking Gaby up and she was in the office when I got there. Hissed at me that I was late.....*sigh.
managed to get the apt fogged and kitties treated and now they are inside cats. They hate it and are howling.

Watched American Idol last night. Is Paula drunk or on meds?? She is a space gadet, I swear. What is in her Coke cup??lol I want some. :dizzy: I want Jason to go tonight, he is so boring. Also I am glad Shannon left Dancing , what a whiner.
lmao.....Reality TV Junkie, sorry.

chat later!!

04-30-2008, 04:23 PM
Hi all!!! My birthday was pretty nice, and totally laid back. Fonzo made me dinner..and it was yummy!! We had cheesecake for dessert..and omg, that was just as good, lol. I make really good cheesecake!! We chilled out and watched a movie, then watched our shows. That was basically it. It was nice.

Anyways..I'm so tired today. I need to stop staying up late to read, lol. Anyhoo..I'll be back laters. I gotta go finish my grocery list.

04-30-2008, 07:27 PM
SuzyQ--We have 2 pitbulls (gasp!!)..actually Cinniamin the big red one would lick you to death. The black one Levi can be a growlhead, but is really a big baby. There are several cats that roam the woods that we feed. The electric meter reader guy told me that we were stupid because we feed them.

Francie--I had cheesecake for my bday too.

Well off for my walk!!

04-30-2008, 08:24 PM
Francie - I am glad you had a relaxing birthday! I love cheesecake too.

Jules - I want a little wennie dog, I think they are so cute. McD has one named Ruby and she is the sweetest.

Cristina- Where are you??

Sassy - You too, miss you.

Having a good week so far in calorie counting, not so much on exercising. I think I will go join Jules on a walk!!! And, yes. I get to move the ticker again! Hee haw. I also got another Jennifer Weiner book today, title escapes me but it is the one with several short stories in it. So, I have something to read tonight!!

05-01-2008, 12:58 AM
well, our day of many appointments is over with!

the kids had a recertification appointment at 2pm. the kids all did well, which was great! Brandon is 38 inches tall, and 35 1/2 pounds. Logan is 34 1/4 inches tall, and 28 1/2 pounds. Marissa is our little petite girl at 28 inches tall, and 21 1/2 pounds!

Logan refused to stand up to get weighed, so we tried him in the little chair that they have and he refused that as well. we finally got him to stand up by showing him a Ramone sticker that he could have as long as he cooperated. He then fought me to get his height, but we ended up just laying him down to measure him and it was fine. then he needed his iron tested, which didn't even phase the boy!

Next it was Marissa turn, and she was great! she also needed her iron tested and she didn't even cry! Lastly it was Brandon's turn. He walked into the room, took his shoes off, stepped on the scale and then stood to get his height measured. he didn't need his iron tested, so that was a good thing. they all got stickers and off we went!

Then we had Brandon and Marissa's check ups. Those went great too, until it came time for the shots!

Logan was a little bit of something let me tell you! That boy was bouncing off the falls, trying to jump off of the doctor's stool like he wouldn't get hurt! (mind you he did this twice!)

Marissa went first, and she was enjoying it. She even sat on the doctor's lap and smiled while he listened to her chest/heart. She was fine the whole time.....until he started to rub the alcohol prep pad on her thigh, and then she wasn't really happy! Boy was she so mad! He gave her the first two shots in the left leg, and she got so mad that her face started to turn purple! I got her to breath by blowing in her face, just in time to get the third shot in her right thigh. From then on, she was daddy's girl!

Then it was Brandon's turn for his part of the check up. They pretty much already did his full check up two weeks ago when we were in there. The pediatrician checked his ears and mouth. He is writing the referral for Brandon to see an ENT! His receptionist/nurse is going to call me with the appointment date and time by Friday. (it is open enrollment with the kids insurance, so the receptionist/nurse is going to check and see if they plop them into an insurance company or if I am going to have to call and place them in one)

He also gave us the all clear to take Marissa off formula completely, and to start her on more solid foods. He said that she can now have chicken, meat, eggs, peanut butter, and pretty much anything that we are eating, she is allowed to have. I mentioned to him that we have been trying to get her fully on milk bottles, but if she takes more then 4 ounces at one time she just ends up getting diahrea (sp?). He told us just to give her the four ounce bottles and eventually see if she will work up to more. But for now, since she is growing proportionately then he isn't worried about it!

well, here I was worried about the kids getting sick and it looks like I am the one getting sick instead! my throat is sore and I fell asleep on the couch with Brandon. when I woke up, I was all stuffed I am popping in to check on every one, finishing up my email and then I am taking my butt to bed! Tommy offered to tuck me into bed, and put a pillow over my eyes (because I was getting a headache). But I wanted to make sure that Marissa got up and got a bottle before I did that. And now since she has her sleepy eyes on, while she is drinking her bottle, I am thinking of laying her back down once her bottle is done.

Jules~ I am the type of person that has to please every body. I make sure that every body else is taken care of, and then I just usually leave myself to hang out to dry. So, that is why I took the plunge and jumped in with both feet to start an 8 week challenge that starts on Mother's Day. I have to either walk 10,000 steps or do 30 minutes of physical activity a day in order to meet my goal for the day. I am aiming on the 10,000 steps a day......and to make sure that I reach that, I will have to push myself to go for walks at night, which will count as my 30 minutes of physical activity!

Susie~ I was sad to see Shannon go......but I thought for certain after their rantings last week that they would be let go! As far as AI, I was at a loss for who was going to be let go. I thought Jason was going to go as well, but for some reason they let Brooke go.

05-01-2008, 02:38 AM
Hi Chicas. :wave:

Here I am. I have been still feeling like craploa. :barf: My stomach keeps feeling really bad, DH seems to think it could be from my pain meds I take for my back, so I have to go to see my dr to give him his blood he's been after me for and I am gonna talk to him about switching not only my pain meds but my anti-depressants as well. The Wellbutrin just doesn't seem to be working anymore like it used too. I've been on it about 2 yrs now.

Well TGIT! :carrot: Only 5 hrs and 20 minutes left......:D Not that I am counting or

Our co-worker we currently work with is leaving the co. in two weeks. He got another job, because they moved him to the days schedule and he couldn't afford the pay cut. (he gets 15% more for working nights)

Another lady is moving into my dept from DH's dept, she is fed up with it. I think another lady from my dept is also leaving the co. People are leaving here left and right because of the schedule changes. DH is activly looking, so I am waiting until we see what happens with him.

I need to seriously clean this weekend. I didn't do shinola last weekend due to me being sick. :( I wish I could take home the cleaning crew that cleans our office building, they'd get it done in no time! :cp: Think my co. would notice if I "borrowed" them for an hour or so? :lol:

I have just been SO I figure I need to get my arse moving and get motivated already! I just feel like I've been in a slump lately. May be my meds too, so I need to get to the dr and quit talking about it. :blah: lol.

Francie -- I hope you had a Great B-day! :D

Mindee reading what you wrote to Jules that describes my husband to a T. He always takes care of everybody BUT himself. I guess that is why he has me, right? I just love your avatar! So cute! So I guess she had a great b-day! :)

Sue -- So your joining the lightning speed internet club, eh? It is awesome. The only bad part is you get so addicted because its so fast, that you don't get other things done! lol. At least that is what it was like for me when we first got it! I have decided something. I am gonna use part of our Gov't check and get me a bike. :) It doesn't have to be a brand new one or anything glamorous but I wanna start riding again........I need something.......:bike:

Jules -- Hey Girlie, hope your doing well, how's your grand-baby? :)

Hi Katy -- I am so jealous. I so want a garden. :( Fresh veggies and what not.......Sigh......Someday. lol

Hi Suzy Q and Crisinta! :wave: I almost forgot you gals.....:o Sorry!!!! Forgive me? lol.

I hope I didn't miss anybody else........if I did just write it up as my brain being mush this time of the morning! lol

Take care all.

I'll post more on the weekend when I am outta this place! lol.


05-01-2008, 06:56 AM
Just a quick Hello to everyone :wave: I'll be back later in the day to do individuals. Fonzo is getting his stuff packed up to go. He leaves in about 2 hours :cry: So ya..I gotta go right now. I'll be back laters.

05-01-2008, 02:02 PM
:sunny:Happy May 1st!!!!:sunny:

Mindee - You are so brave to take all 3 kids to the doctors at once! My goodness. I am glad they are all well , hope you are feeling better today!! I didn't even watch AI last night, I fell asleep w/ Gaby. I would have thought Jason before Brooke. After Carly I have lost interest, I do like David Cook though. As far as Dancing the guy that didn't finish his dance should have been voted off first, at least Shannon completed both dances. She was annoying though with her pouts and always looked like she was going to cry when facing the judges. Blah - blah - I don't know why I even haev an opinion on this stuff!! lol

Francie - :hug: Hope Fonzo got off ok and you are having a good Thursday!

Sassy - No, I don't forgive you. I bet you type faster too?? lol -jk. :)

I took Wellburtin too, took Celexa for awhile I think that worked the best for me. I felt almost normal with that, however that might look. lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend and have something fun planned besides cleaning!! :D

:comp:Good Morning to Cristina , Katy, Jules and Sue!!:wave:

I weighed in at 160.8 this morning! Yay. Now I am starting to wonder if I am eating enough calories?? I average around 1,400, somedays I just hit 1,200. It has helped with the late evening/night munchies though. Anyway, I had 1/2 a bagel this morning w/ turkey - no mustard or cream cheese and a banana.
We are suppose to have sunny weather for the next few days so I will make it a priority to get out and move my butt.

Chat more later!

05-01-2008, 02:14 PM
Susan~I hope Fonzo left okay..I was really out of it when he said goodbye to me this morning, lol. I emailed him and now I'm just waiting for him to write me back. Congrats on 160!!

Anyways..Sorry I havent been as talkative lately. Hopefully that will change now, lol. My thursday is starting off okay. I had a really good breakfast this monring!! I'm gonna go exercise in a little bit before I eat lunch. Gotta get in some Wii time too!! Woo!!


05-01-2008, 02:33 PM
BBL for individuals...i am at work and REALLY need to get back to it, but I had to share this poem I just got from my fave coworker....

Hooray, hooray,
The first of May.
Outdoor necking
Starts today!

Love you guys...

05-01-2008, 02:37 PM
Hi all...

Nothing going on and really don't have much to say. Did my grocery shopping this morning and a couple other errands...such an exciting day, woohoo.

On the way home I was inspired...been in a mood and getting to where I am tired of exercising, yeah, I know...but I have been forcing myself to do it regardless. But on the way home I see this little old lady and I do mean old...with a walker and oxygen tank...I kid you not...walking down the street. There's a senior apt complex over by that street and I have seen another old lady who could barely stand straight but almost every day she was walking. This morning though I saw that lady and thought if that's not inspiration to stay motivated I don't know what is. There's no excuse for me to not exercise especially after seeing that little old lady just struttin' along. I hope I am her when I get that old.

Good to see you posting Jules. :hug:

Susan...good job on the 160...I need some of your mojo. I was looking at all my calendars from Jan-April and it's sad that I started at 186, lol...such the joke. But you are doing an awesome job! :carrot:

Francie...hugs to you! I know you are missing Fonzo already :hug: :hug: And stop reading so much so I can catch up, lol.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Did most of my exercise this morning...still hating the Denise Austin but I know it's good for me. I may not be losing much but my body is changing and I love the muscle...never thought I would but I do! I have more to do and will get it done later. Going to have to do a Susan and start counting calories or go back to WW...need to do something to get this weight going again. Anywho...

Have a great Thursday!

05-01-2008, 02:38 PM
That is a cute poem Jules, lol. Forgot to mention also that I love the avatar. Little Nick is getting so big already! Love the face on the butt!

05-01-2008, 02:58 PM
Cristina - What is mojo?? Sounds like mayonaise. lol I have always liked the thought of WW but the point thing always confused me. Counting the calories and forcing myself to read labels is a great help. I am waiting for sunny weather to exercise...just with the clouds and cold I don't want to go outside. *wah. Anyway - you are my inspiration with the exercise, don't let me down!! :) And remember it has taken me a year to go from 206 to 160.8, and some months I was stalled. Just have to keep plugging along!!

Jules- Cute poem :) :hug: always a nice when you come in and chat!!

Francie - What do you mean you were out of it?? lol You should have been standing at attention at the door saying good bye to Fonzo!! you have the place to yourself!! :carrot:

I better go get my Gaby. My friend is coming from Utah in June, I don't know how I am going to entertain her but she wants to come out and see Portland. So I am excited about that.

k- fooled around enough!! Chat later.

05-01-2008, 03:04 PM
Jules~What a cute little poem!! TFS!!

Cristina~I'm a bookworm..I cant help it, lol. I'm on book 32 or 33 right now. I cant remember. I just started one yesterday.

Susan~I fell asleep around 3am, and he didnt want to wake me up. It was better that way. If I had watched him leave, I probably would've had a break down or something.

Speaking of emailed me this "I'll be coming home again to you love, until the I do love. PS I love you..You You You." Ya..that pretty much opened up the flood works, lol. That song ALWAYS makes me cry.

Anyhoo..time for some lunch. I have Subway!! Woohoo. Gonna go eat my sub and watch..Farmer Wants A Wife. I'm gonna rot my brain with reality tv this summer. (Although, So You Think You Can Dance, ****'s Kitchen, Paradise Hotel & America's Next Top Model are pretty much my fave reality shows, lol.)

OH YA!! I totally freaked myself out a few mins ago. I was walking towards the bathroom..and I saw that the bedroom door was closed. I honestly do not remember closing it. But I thought maybe I put one of the cats in there..but nope..they were all in the living room sleeping, lol. So in my mind I was thinking that some evil man was waiting for me in my bedroom. So I grabbed one of the cats and threw her in the room first. She just went in like it was so big deal. I checked the closets..and when I was standing by closet..I had this feeling like, what if some hands reaches up for me from under the bed!! Omg, I was so freaked out, I couldnt look under the bed, lol. But the cats were in there..and I figured if they saw something weird under there, they would bolted from the room, lol. then I go into the bathroom..and I'm even more freaked out now, lol. So I grabbed the whip out of the bedroom (ya, dont even say anything about was part of my halloween costume from last year!!). I opened the door all slowly..and the door is blocked. I was all thinking..omg, he's in here!!!!!!!! But no, it was just clothes blocking the door, lol. I checked behind the shower curtain too and opened it up all the way too. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo paranoid now!! LoL!!!!! This is what being alone does to me, lol.

And I have to laugh at myself..because I'm from West Phx. Its pretty ghetto there. There would be helicopters shinning their lights into our yard every couple of days looking for someone. I used to stay home alone ALL the time. But now that I live on base..where its all gated, you need an ID just to get on base. I'm all freaked out. I dont get it.

05-01-2008, 03:13 PM
Susan...mojo...if you want it to be mayonnaise it can be, lol. I guess I was thinking mojo being your motivation, your power, what ever you want to call it on losing weight because whatever it is you are doing is working and I need some of that. I don't plan on quitting but I get in my moods where I want to because I don't know what the point is and I just want to :pig: out darn it! And not on salad or veggies or brown rice or anything good for me, waaaahhhh! :lol: Wishing I was one of these people who can eat and eat and eat anything they want and never gain a pound. My brother is like that and I had a friend in Jr. High/High School who was like that. The girl was purposely eating badly and trying different things to gain weight and couldn't...lucky her. Anyway...can you tell I'm in a mood, lol.

I am sure it doesn't matter what you and your friend do, just enjoying each other's company will be nice enough.

Hope you have a great day!

05-01-2008, 03:19 PM are funny girlie! Sorry for laughing but I do that too. It freaks me out when I think that I know I closed something. Sometimes I see shadows, or I think I see shadows, lol. I always keep the shower curtain closed (used to always have them open) but DD will open them partway because she freaks thinking someone might be in the shower.

Enjoy your Subway (sounds good) and lots of hugs to you. I know you are missing Fonzo. :hug: :hug: At least you guys have e-mail!

05-01-2008, 05:22 PM
just stopping by to see how every body is doing.....

Brandon is now coughing, so I am trying to stay on top of him with medicine. BUT it is hard to do when he fights me tooth and nail about taking it! Marissa has some congestion, so I am staying on top of that too with medicine! I have been popping cough drops since I got up this morning, and so far so good!

Sassy~ The only time that I was more focused on myself was when I was pregnant, and I had no choice but to focus more on myself and the little one I was cooking! I would love to have a cleaning crew come and clean my house, BUT I know that I would end up looking for something and then tearing the house apart trying to find it!

Francie~ I am sorry to hear that Fonzo had to ship out.

SusieQ~ Tommy was going to sit in the van with Logan, while we were at the doctor's office but like any other 2 year old, Logan told daddy no! I too, thought that Jason would have left before Brooke. The past two weeks, he has just sounded the same and hasn't really ventured out into anything out of the box so to speak. I think David Cook will win it!

I will have to come back later to check in again.....Brandon and Logan are enjoying some ice cream....and Marissa is enjoying a bottle!

05-01-2008, 08:02 PM
Cristina~When I was little..I used to be terrified of taking showers, because I thought I would go down the drain, lol. My mom had to put her foot over the drain to show me that I wasnt gonna go down it..LOL!! I dunno..I just remembered that while I was taking a shower, lol. If the shower curtain is closed, I usually have Fonzo open it up in case theres someone standing in there with a knife, lol. Also, I hate closing my eyes to wash my face. Because I think that when I look up, there will be a clown behind me with a knife. Why a clown?? I have no idea. Probably because they scare me the most, lol.

Mindee~The sucks that Brandon & Marissa are sick :(

Oh ya..I weighed myself today, and I lost 6 pounds!!! :carrot:

05-01-2008, 11:26 PM
Francie--when I was little I was so scared riding in the car going across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge I got on the floor and covered up with my blankie. I am 42 years old and STILL can't drive across it though I don't have to close my eyes anymore.

Mindee--we are having so much fun with Dominic. His first tooth is thru and the next one is coming. I was a big Brooke fan, I love acoustic music. Ry downloaded acoustic versions to a lot of great songs for me. I actually like Jason though I knew neither would win. I look for it to be an all boys final with David Cook winning it all. I don't get the whole David Archuleta thing, yes he sings awesome and is a really cute kid but he doesn't have the it factor for me.

SuzyQ--I have watched a few Dancing with the Stars shows. Kristy Yamguchi was one of my favorite skaters. She's doing really well but then the skating give her and edge with being graceful and knowing how to get the most out of a movement.

Cristina--I since I started walking I am starting to get more energy and I sleep alot better. You are doing so great!!

Sassy-I don't know if I want the cleaning crew from my office to come clean my house they are getting ready to let them go cause they are so bad...I can't believe that they put you and hubby on such opposite shifts. With gas prices so high it's nice to ride together besides the fact that you would actually get to spend off time together and even sleep together!

Hi Sue & Katy..I got my Grey's Anatomy fix and now I am off to bed..just wanted to do a quick post!!

Goodnight girls!!

05-02-2008, 12:03 AM
just popping in before doing some reading on WW.

Francie~ Yeah, it does suck when two of them are sick, because that generally means that all three of them are going to get sick, and that leads to generally NO sleep for mommy! We watched a movie called "Strangeland" at one of my hubby's friends house right after we got married. We left there, and got home and I was in need of a shower, but I refuse to take one until the next morning. In the movie, the guy that was the bad person in the movie, went after his victims when they were in the shower. So, I used to always try to shower during the day, but if I had to shower at night, I would constantly peek outside the shower curtain!

Jules~ Marissa still only has two teeth, so we are hoping that she pops more through soon! speaking of which, she is crying now...looks like another night for little sleep for mommy! I still don't get why David Archuleta is still in it, but then again they probably don't want to be accused of agism or something like that!

05-02-2008, 12:07 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end......just spending some time with Logan and Rissa while Brandon is in school. His bus driver told me that as long as it wasn't raining when they got to school, that they were going to be doing an emergency evacuation practice, so if he came home and was talking about getting off the back of the bus that is what he was talking about.

well, like usual, if it isn't one thing it is another!

the pediatrician's office called me today and told me that she looked in their system to make Brandon an ENT appointment, and according to their system, he is inactive on the insurance list. So, I had to make some calls, and now I have a call into our worker, because not only does Brandon NOT have insurance, so do Logan and Marissa!

So, I am hoping that she calls me back before the end of today so I can get them into an insurance group! Otherwise I will be calling on Monday and she won't like me at that point, so for her sake and my sanity, I hope she calls me back today!

05-02-2008, 02:15 PM

Head on over to BIK #43...see ya there :wave: