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Hi Everyone. I'm Carmen, 34 from the Cleveland OH area. I have worked for 10 years in the computer field in a very large corporate setting.

I went to work as a personal assistant about 13 years ago, met my boss' son and married him a year later. Since then, we have had 2 wonderful sons (they are 11 and 7). We adopted a dog about 5 months ago. His name is Bucky and he is really the sweetest little guy on earth (usually).

I dropped out of college during my sophomore year because I got bored. I woke up, smelled the coffee and went back to school part time when I was 29 years old, and got my BS MIS two years ago.

As far as weight goes, I have always carried a bit of extra weight. I was a chubby kid, and a plump but happy teenager. I think I truly am "big boned," because I am only 5'4" tall and I have worn a size 11 shoe since 6th grade, even when I was much shorter. During high school I was a constant size 14/16, weighing about 180 lbs, and I was comfortable at that weight.

When I was 23 I had my first son, and lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy with him due to nausea and when he was born, I weighed about 170 lbs, which is the thinnest I can remember being. Once I stopped breastfeeding him, the weight came on like crazy. After another baby and the associated weight gain and loss, plus going back to school part time while working full time, there was no time left for me. Once I finished college I tried working out and watching what I ate, but I gained more and more weight and never lost any. I gained muscle and retained fat.

My weight maxed out at 249 before I joined LAWL. I still wear a size 18 after gaining almost 60 lbs, and now those are getting tight. I don't know how the weight loss will affect my body. My goal is to weigh 170 lbs, which I am thinking will put me at a size 14. I'd be ecstatic to make it down to a 12.

I was happy to see that there was a thread for LA on 3fatchicks. I like the site and I really like the ladies who post here. They are very supportive. KEWL.

That's my story, and I am sticking to it.
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