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Hi, I'm Julie (aka textjewel); I'm 46, a Washington DC native (pretty rare), single . . no kids, and not likely to have any at this point!

I'm currently following a dream - to see if I can write a novel - used to be in the computer field (20 years) before that was in insurance, retail, fast food.

Weight wise - I started LAWL at 228.8 about my highest weight ever. I had been there before - about 10 years ago- and lost it by going to a nutrionist (also very expensive). Have had success with the WW way of eating, but never got below 170, got tired of going to meetings and never felt that anyone cared if I went or not. Saw the LA commercial on TV, did some web researching, found this site.

Dieting wise - I think I've followed every diet out there, have found that I hate low carb!

My goal this time - not only to drop into the 140's, which I think will be maintainable - but also to learn the techniques to keep the weight OFF.

I think the basis of the LA plan is pretty good - portion control, a wide variety of foods every day. And weight is dropping off pretty well. . As for any diet, the challenge is to stay OP while life happens.

But I know one thing for sure - the chickies on the board have helped me stay with this longer than I stuck with WW!

Birthday goal (181.2-165)

Long Term Goal!

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