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I'm 33, been married to my high school sweetheart for about 16 years. We have a 15 year old son. I wasn't heavy as a kid, just kind of a bigger girl. I'm about 5'10'' and kind of broad shouldered, so will never be a stick kind of figure. I weighed between 145-155 during high school and quite a few years into my adult life until I started going to school full time at night while working full time during the day. I ate what I could when i could, without much thought to what it was and forget exercise.

When I finished school in 1998 I tried several times to get rid of the excess weight, but nothing seemed to work for me (had limited success with WW, but didn't learn to eat properly). I finally got up to 234 lbs and decided enough was enough. Had a friend at work who had amazing success with LAWL, so decided to try it. Started the program in September 2004, lost nearly 40lbs by Christmas, but have been kind of stalled since then. Some due to exercising too much for my plan and some due to my own slips. This is a plan and program I feel like I can live on for the rest of my life, a true life style change that I haven't been able to make in the past.

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