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I'm the oldest chick on here, I stopped having birthdays several years back. I have afew goals here. First and foremost is to lose alittle weight, secondly is to never consider a floral moo-moo figure flattering and last, to avoid blue hair at all costs. With the help of you younger chicks here you keep me in line with my battles...... Plus I ride a Harley and don't want to get too big for my Biker Babe image (lol). I wasn't always over weight and was thin until I was in my 40's. Ranging from 120-130 and at 5'7" which was a good weight for me.
After my husband passed I managed to get up to 216 and have been losing ever since. I'm remarried and still have a short way to go to goal of 150. I can't get back to 120-130 becuz I would be one big wrinkle (or so my mom says & she knows everything).....
By the way, I have two grown sons, 2 awesome daughter-in-laws, 1 grown step-son and wife, one step daughter and husband. Three adorable grandbabies, 2 girls and 1 boy - they are my sunshine! Oh and can't forget Pookie, our dog, that will probably retire before we do (& I hope he takes Peter, our quirky goldfish, with him).

That's enuf from here....Hugs to all you other chicks - you make this fun!
Remember - Enjoy the adventure, it's not about the's about the journey!
To get back in the game....

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