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Hi everyone:

I'm from Syracuse, NY area. Work in the computer field. I'm 48, married for 23 1/2 years and no children (I love kids - just couldn't have any and have successfully dealt with that). I guess that says it all. I love warm weather and wonder what I'm still doing in Upstate NY? Retirement will bring me to the southern states at least for a portion of the year. Haven't looked that far ahead yet. LOL! I'm taking this 'diet' thing one-day at a time and I plan on being very successful this time. What got me thinking about this seriously is that I overheard some 'always thin ladies' talking while we were all on a golfing bus trip - and both were talking about how they had to watch what they ate, and it was getting harder and harder for them to maintain their current weights. It struck me funny that 2 thin people would be having the same problems I've had with my weight (although I was overweight). The more I thought about it, the more sense that it made to me. I've always thought that thin people could always eat what they wanted and was always jealous of that. Then I sat on that thought for a couple months, and decided that since I got my exercise habits established in 2003 - 2004 would be my year for successful weightloss.

Started back dieting in Jan 2004 by starting off going to WW. The weight was coming off at a snails pace and I was getting very frustrated. So, in April 2004 LAWL was having a great special in our area. My older sister decided to sign up for the plan after knowing several people having great success on the plan. With that said, I joined a couple days later and my younger sister joined a couple days after me. The only weightloss program that I have successfully lost weight with in the past is the pre-points WW plan. I needed something more restricted, and to the point. Tell me what to eat and I will eat it. I'm ready for the challenge.

So, did some web-investigation along with info from my sister prior to joining so knew all the facts that others seem to have problems with. When I joining the plan, althought I had to pay upfront, it was much cheaper for the base plan that paying for WW.

My current stats are:

199 / 166 / 155

I have been struggling with the last 10-11 lbs and I know that I'm getting lazy with the plan, but I'm not giving up.


Goal for Life = 160
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