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Hello ladies, I'm not new here, but I've been gone for awhile, because I've been annoyed and frustrated that I haven't been losing any weight. I can entirely empathize with Chubbylady about losing inches and not pounds. Not that losing inches is BAD, I'd just rather lose BOTH! I really need to start measuring myself!! If you don't mind, I'll join you guys in your goal for the end of the year. 180 is a longshot for me, I'm 219 right now, but I'd LOVE to break into the 180's. Even 189 would be nice ^_^* I had a question for

lilpyrate--did you have trouble with excess skin after your 120 pound weight loss? My arms sag like empty banana peels and I have two big folds of skin like an empty hamburger bun on my stomach. It's rotten! I wish it would go away, and I hate it. Any suggestions?

Reds, I can entirely empathize with how you feel. I've pretty much been overweight my whole life, but the majority of my weight was gained over a period of 2 or 3 years. I went from 'a bit more than chubby' to downright FAT, like, bury me in a piano box fat. Not that it would be bad, I suppose, after all the piano is a fine instrument, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.I find that the best exercize for me is just riding a stationary bike. I love to walk in the mornings too, it's gorgeous, but bike riding burns LOTS of calories. I'm trying to get myself motivated to start a weight lifting program at the moment, which is hard because I work and I go to school, and between the two, I barely have time to sleep -_- anyway, I hope all are doing well, good luck and good night!
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