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Post St. Patricia's Pledge! Don't Go 'Way, Come Out & Play!

Hear ye, hear ye! Be it known that there are too many dang leprechauns around here! These s are always underfoot, grinning and handing out chocolate bars and potato chips and promising pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and so forth.

So St. Patricia has made a deal with the King of the Leprechauns to play a game. St. P. and her team and King L. and his s are being helicoptered to an undisclosed but very GREEN location where they will compete in personal challenges related to weight management and fitness. The contest will run 30 days, from Sunday, February 16 to Sunday, March 16.

This contest has RULES! (Yes, it does!) Each member of St. P's team will be matched against 30 s. St. P's folks will post a personal PLEDGE related to weight management and fitness (which could include just about anything as everything is related to everything, n'est pas?). For each day, the St. P's team member meets her PLEDGE, a will quietly pack his bag and depart in a limo for the airport where he will be flown home.

The St. P's team member left with the LEAST s wins a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (the gold being a sense of accomplishment and mastery over this game we call WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND FITNESS!)

All participants win a pot of silver at the end of the same rainbow!

As always, playtime be optional and rules can be adjusted by each individual team member, but all former Victorious Valentine's (and anyone else who wants to join us) are REQUIRED to post as often as possible and MAKE THIS A GREAT ST. PATRICIA'S DAY CHALLENGE! No slackers!!!

(An alternative version of this game would be to COLLECT A for each successful day.)

Weight goals and other games anyone else has up their sleeve for this 30-day holiday season would sure and begorra be welcome!!!

It be unlikely the 3FC system will accept posts with 30 icons but it might if colored fonts are not used in the post. I'm going to try it and declare my own PLEDGE in another post. Weight goal still TBD!!!

If you read this whole thing, more power to thee!!!
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Default Anteing up ...

Amarantha's Pledge: Each day I pledge to 1) eat no more than 1850 calories from midnight to midnight! (No eating extra calories at 11 p.m. and putting it on the next day's count!!!)

Here be the cute lil leprechauns who have promised to go away if I stay and play (forget 30 smilies, won't take 'em. I shall name them instead):

Say hello to s Al, Bob, Cal, Dave, Ed, Frank, Guy, Hal, Isiah, Jack

And meet s Ken, Len, Mel, Nick, Opie, Paul, QT, Ross, Sam, Ted

And best wishes to s Uriah, Vinnie, What-A-Guy, X-Man, Y-Me, Zorro, Outta-Letters, Keep-Going-Anyway, If-I-Get-This-Far-I-Win

And finally, I-DID-IT!!!!

That about covers it!

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I'm in! That is, if I may...

My pledge is: 1) to drink more than one Liter of water per day. and 2) to include at least one hour of 'real' activity in my day. Ie: walking, weights, aerobics video, sex , etc.

These are goin' down!

= * due to post limitations.

Good night all, and happy beginnings.

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Smile Scrumptious Sunday!

Hello all!!

Let the games begin!!

Welcome MsWashu!!! pull up a chair, kettle is on, I'm making your favorite-- In fact, making everyone's favorite in celebration of St. Pat's Challenge Kickoff!!!!

My challenge will be physical activity too but since this is a recommittment, I must start at the beginning. My challenge is 15 minutes a day with bonus points for more. I am hoping that I have some "fitness" and stamina left but need to find out rather than hurt myself.

We are bracing for a storm, my "weather bug " on my computer says maybe 12-20" with sleet mixed.

Here in Delaware, as this much snow is so rare, state calls "state of emergency" and no one's allowed on the roads. In other words, they give a NO GUILT Card for work.

And because its a new challenge, I have put out hot off the press, NO GUILT Cards. There's lots for everyone, they're right here next to the bottled water. NO GUILT Cards are like "Get out of Jail " Monopoly cards-- only better because Monopoly is just a game-- NO GUILT Cards are about our Lifestyle!! Guilt takes up too much time and too much valuable energy. We need all our energy to protect our health so we can then take care of our loved ones and our "careers".
And don't forget the message on the back side of the Card, " You are never behind, just jump back in"

Today's thought is:

"Just to be on the first step should make you happy and proud. To have reached this point is no small achiemement: what you have done is already a wonderful thing------C. P. Cavafy


To today's best choices!
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Smile Sunday again

Hello again!!

Received an email.........." suggesting that we
participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count this holiday weekend.
The event happens from 2/14 thru 2/17 and it's very easy and fun.

It's perfect ...... because it makes us slow down, pay attention
and then be amazed by the beauty and incredible diversity we have
been racing by all these years. The Backyard Bird Count is
sponsored every year by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the
National Audubon Society and does not require that you be an expert
bird watcher.

They suggest that you sit for 15 minutes and just count the birds you
see in your backyard. You can enter your list on their website and
you will be helping them determine the range, numbers and habitats of
US birds..............

Their website is http://www.birdsource.org "

The website also has photos of common birds if you're like me and just not sure sometimes!

Sounds like fun!
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Hello lovely lasses! I'm in. My goal is to drop a very reasonable 5 pounds during this challenge so I need to gird my loins [whatever that means] and get to it.
My plan is to learn some new moves and that means making use of my library of videos, mostly yoga and Pilates. I think I'm ready to move on to something more advanced and get out of my comfort zone. I'll still be posting my food and exercsie in my journal for all to see--good or bad. Also, I'll continue my treadmill workouts that I adore!
As for the leprechaun imagery I have some little green alien-guy stickers that I'll be putting on my calendar when I have what I consider to be a 'good day'!

Welcome Miss Washu!
Kaylets, thanks for being so faithful with our 'thought for the day'---know that it's always appreciated!
St. Amarantha, Thank you for getting us started---this is going to be fun!
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Default The Thirty Day Clan War

Leprechauns are little people. I am not a little person. Now one would think that being of greature stature, this would be an easy war to win. T'isn't, though. are sneaky little buggers, using the magik of old to tempt us, Ye kin. Aye, 'twill be a real struggle to win this war, but win we shall. Will be nary a in the land come 30 days. That ye can be sure of. This Scottish gal is going to banish them from the castle MacGillivray.

My personal pledge is to lose the 10lbs that have snuck back on during this frigid arctic winter we've been having. I'm going to do this by getting my behind moving (preferably every day, but being reasonable I'm going for 5 days a week) for a minimum of 30 minutes. I am also going to count calories, which is something new for me because I've always counted points. I'm not sure of the calorie range I want to be in yet, I still have to do some research on that.

OH! I forgot to tell you all. I tried yogurt last week, and I liked it! I haven't tried it in probably 15 years, and it isn't anything like I remembered it being. I tried it in an effort to do something good for me, and because it seems to work so well in every "diet" out there. I'm still eating the kid-sized cups, but eventually I'll work up to a normal sized serving.

Amarantha, Tapadh leat (Thank you) for starting the thread! Best of luck in the battle!

Welcome to our fantasy, Miss Washu! Glad to have you aboard!

Kaylets, speaking of birds, we don't seem to have any crows left here. Sadly, the West Nile virus seems to have claimed them. Some people think they are pests, but I've always had a soft spot for the black birds.

Eydie, maybe s ARE aliens! Little green men, both of 'em....

Who are we missing still? Punkin, Anagram, ceara, Arabella, dollar, Senamay, scooby, frogger....did I miss anyone? And of course, we'd like some newcomers if anyone is lurking!!

Go get 'em girls!


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Sure and begorra there be blue skies and sunshine in St. (?) Amarantha's day as her new Big Daddy Old-Fashioned Analog Scale registered but a teeny up though the past week be a funfest o' fattening food and 10,000 bottles o' dulce de leche!!! Woo-hoo! A's sig line below tells the tale, I have killed off the journal for the nonce as I spend too much time on that page when I should be working!!!

My exercise subgoal for the week is 360 minutes. I didn't make it a part of my challenge because I really don't have a problem exercising. I like it!!!

Welcome to MissWashu from Seattle, our newest contestant!!! As the quotatious Kaylets hath already explained, NO GUILT CARDS and water bottles full of thy favorite teas are issued upon request. See Kaylets for details.

Hmmmm, Kaylets, methinks the NO GUILT cards be like exemptions, making us immune to attacks from the WEIGHT GAIN LEPRECHAUNS ... Amarantha needeth about 4,000 of them from last week's binge!!!!

Eydie: I love those little alien stickers ... actually I love space aliens of all kinds and have had a special one attached to my purse for years ... I took it off and gave it to my mom for about a year and when she died I put it back on my purse ... it is very special and I think now I will use it to remind me of the leprechaun banishing game ... my mom LOVED games and this will make her smile, methinks!

Mayhap I shall also buy some leprechaun stickers (if thou doesn't mind me stealing thy idea) and as Al and Co. disappear from this website, I shall give them a home in my paper journal. After all, they ARE kind of cute and the producers of this show want the public to know that no leprechauns have been harmed or rendered homeless in the making of this production!

Avanti, Lovely Leprechaunless Lasses! I must shop and then work, of which I have hours more to go!
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Yowza, there's Wildfire up there, joining the fray whilst St. (?) A wasn't looking!!!

to Wildfire, Al!
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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S/C/G: 256/ticker/165

Height: 5'8

Talking Faith & Begorrah, for sure!

What a great day to start a challenge!

I am officially fired up! I dropped DH off at the airport late this morning and decided to go to the drugstore to get self some treats for this aft. Met by cutprice valentine's chocolates when I walked in the door. I gave them some consideration, but decided I wanted to get something smaller. Wasn't sure at this point whether it was for immediate consumption or to save for the next time I really wanted a treat. I ended up buying a whole bunch of delightful cosmetic items, a couple of magazines, and ONE (1) raspberry-filled chocolate bar, which --- I think because I bought myself all those other treats -- I found I had no real desire for at the moment, so I put it away for some other occasion. Yay me!

Here's my banishing plan: Each day that I consume fewer than 30 points (taking exercise ones into account), exercise, and write in my journal, one of those darn leprechans is going bye-bye!

Amarantha, I concur --- THIS IS IT, BABY!!!!

Wildfire, och aye, I'm a tall Scottish lass as well. Likely the Viking influence, I think. Now I'm going to use that fierce spirit to my advantage in this weight-loss thing.

Eydie, big congrats to you on the EIGHT pounds gone since January. That is FANTASTIC! (i'm using caps inst. of emoticons, 'cause i wanna save them for leprechans for deportation - hmmm, there's another benefit to a good day, I get one more free smiley)

Kaylets, I've looked at the radiant recovery site -- I seem to be more and more focusing on that lowish healthy carb area. I KNOW when I follow that kind of a diet I feel fantastic, clear-headed, optimistic, energetic. Carbs, on the other hand, make me feel sluggish and dull-witted. Why do I return to them again and again???

Ceara, do tell about the Optimist Club --- it sure sounds like fun!

Welcome, MsWashu! We are going to meet our goals here, and have a darn good time doin' it!

OK. Line up here, boys. So's I can knock youse down, one by one! Every day this week I WILL banish one of youse, cute or not!

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Actually, Wildfire & Arabella, I just realized that I be a Scot's lassie as well, as my grandfather came from Scotland! Sure and begorra, we be mixing our metaphors a bit, but who cares? I'm posting this in orange, as I was always told you had to wear orange on St. Patrick's Day if you were from Scotland!!! That would be because supporters of William of Orange were Orangemen, would it not? Were they from Scotland? Can someone please enlighten me on this, as it be dim in my brain (likely due to the ice cream story I'm STILL working on)!!!

Ok-dokey, got to go ... I'm more than halfway through the day so it looks as though Al is history. I couldn't find any leprechaun stickers, so guess my banished guys'll have to take rooms in the Lucky Strike Motel or something, because I can't furnish them with a room in my paper journal. There'll be 30 of them by March 16, so they can keep each other company and drink green beer and eat green popcorn, so it'll work out!

Eydie: I'm not sure if I acknowledged your weight loss (or anybody's) on the last thread, but WTG on the eight pounds!!! Sure and begorra, seems thy loins be pretty well girded already!!!


A bientot!
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Smile Sunday!!

Hello all!!

Delaware is in state of emergency which means stay off the roads unless you are fire, police, medical professional, etc.
Here we are just watching the snow, going out and clearing every couple hours to make the snow clearing more manageable. and watching the birds. We have been throwing seed everytime we go out and as its getting close to sunset, we have nearly 100 out there right now. And nearly 20" of snow.

wonder what happened to Anagram's post? Did anyone else get a email that she posted but its not here on the thread? I think I recvd my email b/ 4 noon. But then I couldnt pull 3FC up either.

Ok-- I think I need a translator for this challenge. I do have some Irish grandma many steps removed but sure don't know many phrases or words other than Blarney and Shure and B'gorra (SPELLING!!!)

Does shoveling 5 times count as 15 minutes of acitvity. I think so!
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Ah, Slainte - pause while I knock back a grog.

Now I'm ready. I, Anagram Patricia, pledge fealty to this thread of great cause and to the colleens (and gosoons, be their any) who have sworn (of a sort) to banish the wee folk who offer so much temptation.

Firstly, I will eat healthy foods in a quantity that permits me to lose some fluffies.

Secondly, I will do one half hour (or more) of some real activity.

Thirdly, I will do the same amount of some sort of stress relief, meditation or such to be more in touch with the inner self.

Thirty days to do this should not be too much of a chore (so she says) and the reward should be the loss of fluffies as well as leprechauns and a more svelte me to meet the spring.

Och, all ye Scotties, I'll be wearing the green on St. Pat's meself as 3/4 of my ancestors come from the Emerald Isle (the other 1/4 being Germanic).

Oops, I forgot to post a numeric goal should one suit. I would like to hit 210 or close thereto. But truly making the above stated goals each day would suit me even more.

Snowing like mad here, of course. Just saw where we will likely hit 20-24 inches by tomorrow night. I hope this does it and spring follows on the heels of this wretched blizzard.

I think I'll try it this way, week by week. If that doesn't work out, I'll try some other way.

Ah, I love a fresh start. One today with a new thread and one tomorrow since it's Monday. I love having the No Guilt cards available but hope not to need too many on this challenge.
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Kaylets, we were posting at the same time and I just read your note. I had done a particularly long post and suffered great frustration at it being lost. Resolving to do shorter ones in the future so I lose less. Can't remember now all that I said - I'm sure it was not of such import to worry any sweet heads.

Glad you've had so many birdies - none around here since the ones I heard about 5:30 a.m. I think spring can't be too far away because the birdies have been calling me awake this past week.
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Kaylets, you probably have the answer to this: it's sleeting, snowing, etc. and we've run out of bird seed. Is there anything in my personal stores that I could supplement with? Like millet or any other grains or seeds? We're iced in here and the little beggars look hungry!
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