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exquisitern 06-01-2006 01:35 PM

Way to go Potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Woo-hoo!!! I would be ok with a challenge, just don't get it too complicated!

Amber: That is so awesome that you are training for a marathon!!! Good luck to you!

Vapixie: Congratulations on reaching your 10% goal. I can't wait til I make mine! I still have about 7 pounds to go, I think that I will have shaved off a pound or two this past week. I weigh in tonight! Wish me luck!!!

Angel33 06-01-2006 01:41 PM

Potato-WTG on the exercizing:cheer: You gotta start somewhere.
Hey you mentioned something about a challenge with points. I post in another thread on 3fc and they do something similar. You get X amount of points for staying on your food plan, X amount of points for sticking with your exercise and X amount of points for drinking your water. I'm trying to find the specifics on it or we can set up however.
Anyone else have any ideas.

AmberD-Welcome, so glad you joined us. Good Luck training for the marathon.
I can relate to the early morning workouts. I workout 5 days a week, twice a day. My first workout is at 5:00am. I hate it, but I do it anyways.

exquisitern-4 12 miles a day, that's great.

vapixie-Awesome job losing 4-6lbs. Keep up the good work

Talk to you later, gotta run!

AmberD 06-01-2006 02:31 PM

I'm up for a challenge!!!

I'm pretty good on exercise... but eating and my water drinking, that's a totally different story. A challenge sounds like a good way to keep on track. :)

angel-eyes 06-01-2006 02:38 PM

Hi girls!!:wave: Can I join too? I was on another thread but it just petered out. :( It seems I've been on a diet sabbatacle (sp?) since Easter with little gains here and there. I need a challenge to get going!!! Is everyone doing different plans or what? I'm a pseudo ww's girl with watching my carbs. Well I'm off to the gym. Nice to meet everyone!!:carrot:

potato 06-01-2006 04:20 PM

I'm here
Well, my grand kids have come and gone so I am writting a few more lines. I think they should count as exercise! :lol:

Congratulations vapixie on th 4.6 lbs!!:cheer:

:welcome3: Welcome Angel-eyes,

I don't think ANYONE is on my diet! The Carbohydrate Addict diet. I don't think anyone believes you can lose this way.:dizzy: Maybe they know something I don't but so far I am loving it!!

I am saving 2 Krispy Cream dounuts as dessert after I eat a good balanced meal of course. :cofdate: I am a sugarholic but this diet has really allowed me the flexiblity to have my sugar so I don't have a need to cheat.

I eat 2 low carb meals and 1 reward meal each day. :hungry: The reward meal is a balanced dinner that also includes all the carbs you want. I don't count calories or fat or carbs. The only restriction is eat the reward meal within an hour. There are 4 different diet plans you switch to each week depending on how much or how little you lost. :goodscale This is suppose to keep you from having those discouraging plateaus.

But everyone else here is doing well on WW, Atkins, S/B. So many others. I think the key is really the support group. Accountability. :grouphug:

Now to the Challenge. If everyone will put there 2 cents in on a challenge idea we can bounce ideas around and get a challenge out to eveyone by morning time.

Sound good?

potato 06-01-2006 07:10 PM

Need Imput
Okay I posted this on the wrong sticking with it. So I am copying and pasting it here.:o

Originally Posted by Pinkwhispers05
***IDEA FOR CHALLENGE*** Let's do a piggy bank challenge! I'm doing one for myself. For every pound that you lose, you put $2.00 in your piggy bank, and for every 30 minutes you exercise, you put $.50 in your piggy bank and in a month, we can count our piggy banks and see who has the most money.... That would be fun. I'm excited about doing it for myself. After I lose 50 pounds, I'm buying a new outfit from some of my piggy bank money, and after I get to my goal weight, I'm buying a new wardrobe with my piggy bank money.

This idea is really cute. We could add stuff to it like water, cheating etc.

The point system is good too. We need more information on it. Does anyone know how it works and what the prize is?

What do you think?


LauraCarrot 06-01-2006 10:46 PM

hey yall... sorry i havent posted in a few days.. been busy over here... this new job is keeping me on my toes with lesson plans.. and things needing to be done.... Im thinking about just doing water for a while... nothing else.... i dont know... i tried making *creating* something today.. only to find it was a total flop. Seems lately... food's just been making me sick.... seeing all those good reports are awesome! Keep it up!!!

potato 06-02-2006 08:52 AM

Hi everyone, :wave:

Remember that pound I said was real iffy? Not today. I lost 1/2 pound today so I am down to 189!!! :cheer: I am going to keep during what I am doing until it stops working.:goodluck: Then I'll make adjustments.

LauraCarrott you can't just drink water. I know you have been sick but you need to eat food to. The weekend is here maybe you can get some needed rest. :yawn:

No one said anything else about challenges. so how does this sound.

The piggy bank challenge:

.25Cents for each 8 oz water drank

.25 Cents for each 10 mins of stationary exercise. (like video, sit ups, equipment,)

$1.00 for everyone mile walked

.50 cents for every mile on a bike

$2.00 for every pound lost.

We could check in each week to see who won the most money (but you can't spend it) Whoever wins the rest of us must refer to her for the rest of the week as QUEEN whoever it is. :queen: Her magesty must be reconized all week by all of us. When we end our post we must always tell her magesty how great she is!! :rofl:

At the end of the month the person who has earned the most money gets to spend her money and tell us what she spent it on.:D

What do you think?
Anyone want to add to it?
Is anyone up for it?


AmberD 06-02-2006 09:20 AM

Hi guys!

LauraCarrot I'm sorry you feel ill :( I have a question though, do you have an upset tummy? Or is it more mental? I just know when I become really obsessed about food sometimes and focus really hard on losing weight, the thought of food kind of makes me feel grossed out.

Congrats on being 189 Potato!!!

Hi Angel- eyes!

The challenge sounds good to me, but is it ok if I tweak it a bit, atleast for me. Can I have an IOU piggy bank? I don't carry much cash, and it might be a bit of a pain to try and find a quarter every time I drink 8 oz of water. Is it ok to write IOU .25 cent on a slip of paper and throw that into my 'piggy bank?' and then add up all my IOU's and the "oops, you cheated pay up" cards at the end?
Also I like the idea of you guys calling me your majesty for a week !!!! (haha, implying I'll win!!! yea right...)

Can I ask some advice? I'm really worried about food today. I woke up late and had to skip my normal, healthier breakfast, for a meal bar. And today at lunch I have a job interview, so I'm not really going to have time to eat lunch really. I grabbed another meal bar, but it really isn't very much. I'm afraid I'm going to binge when I finally get home because I'll be really hungry :( I work in DC and there isn't really grocery stores that I know of where I can slip in and grab an apple or something. Any suggestions?

angel-eyes 06-02-2006 10:12 AM


Amber......wooohooo training for a marathon!!!:carrot: I had a similar idea last fall, and signed up to do my first 5K run. Well of course I suckered dh into it and by April....it was race day!!! I started a race schedule from a site called 'from couch to 5k' and there was no looking back. We completed the race with respectable times of under 32 and 34 minutes and the feeling was so exhillerating!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! As for your problem today, I would just do as best as you can. Drink lots of water and if by chance you can get an apple or carrots to munch on...then great. Good luck with your job interview!

Potato.....you are the challenge idea QUEEN!!! Lots of interesting ideas to stuff that piggy bank. Personally, I would be paying myself almost $6 a day if I went that route, so I may have to do some modifications but I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT!!! WTG on reaching 189 :cheer:

Yesterday my ds had an icecream party, I had psyched myself up NOT to have one and then they overserved and there was 2 leftover. I realized (not for the first time....) that I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with being left out, as in everyone else is having something to eat and I don't. Those feelings are really key to an emotional cue. So of course I had some but after the party I worked out twice as much for a 550 calorie burn. I think that more than makes up for the icecream and the rest of the day was according to plan. well, carbs were up but the overall day was good. I didn't let that party make me have a major slip for the day.

Today is a new day and I'm already dressed and ready for the gym. Here's to day #2 OP for me!!! Have a great day.

LindaB763 06-02-2006 10:19 AM


Good luck on your job interview! I just hate going on those things! Ugh! Sometimes if I know I'm not going to be able to eat when I need to, I take a WW muffin with me. They are only 3 points and very filling.

Laura, how are you feeling today? Hope it gets better soon!

Potato, woo-hoo, you go girl! Congrats on 189! I weighed in last night and didn't do anything. No loss and no gain. That's kind of discouraging in some ways but on the bright side I didn't gain. I missed my dancing last Saturday night so maybe I'll have to dance harder this Saturday night.

Donna, how did you do at your weigh-in?

Potato, sounds good to me. I might have to do the IOU slips too!

exquisitern 06-02-2006 10:41 AM

Potato: Congrats on the weight loss. I need to tweak the cost too. How about 2.00 for each pound lost, .25 for 2 miles biked, .25 for each mile walked, .50 for every 3-8oz glasses of water that you drink and .25 for every 15 minutes of stationary exercise (video, etc) This works better for me and my budget. Based on what I am doing it comes out to about $2.00 a day or about $50/month
Laura: I know your tummy doesn't feel good, but only drinking water is not healthy. Try to get some bouillon and drink it or chicken noodle soup and just eat a little at a time with a few crackers. Also, taking sips of tea or carbonated beverages sometimes help.
Amber: Your probably already up and running, but I would try and stop and get a Subway sandwich and then eat it inbetween running around.

Angel: Great job for working off those pesky extra calories. I know what you mean. I bought my daughter a cheese pizza and I wasn't going to eat any, but I ended up eating just 1 slice. I had already walked 4 1/2 miles that morning, but I went back out and walked another 3 miles last night. I've got a walking video by Leslie Sansone that I got in the mail yesterday and it's 4 miles if you complete the video and I did it this morning. It's in 3 segments of 1 mile, 1 1/2 miles and 1 1/2 miles. Each segment is 20minutes. I felt really good after I finished it. I also got a Richard Simmons 20 minute exercise video that I'm looking forward to doing.
Linda: Hi girl!
Well, my news is that I lost 2.2 lbs for the past week. I was so hyped because I hadn't lost 2 pound in a week for 3 weeks. I'm really trying to keep my exercise up. I go on my cruise next week and I am so worried I am going to gain that week. I keep telling myself that I can walk on the ship and I have two snorkeling activities planned in Mexico on two of the days we are gone. I guess I need to quit stressing over it. I want to enjoy my time, but I don't want to sabatouge my weight loss.
Hope everyone is doing ok!!!

Angel33 06-02-2006 10:56 AM

Good Morning Ladies,

Feeling kinda rough this morning, I'm crazy busy at work and I also feel like I'm getting a cold. Definitly not feeling like myself today.

exquisitern-Awesome job on the weight loss this week. OMG you walked a lot yesterday, that's great. I do Leslie's tapes everyday. I love them.

LindaB763-Hey girl!

angel-eyes-Good for you for being OP for the past two days and WTG on doing a little extra exercise to compensate for the icecream.

AmberD-Good Luck on your interview

Potato-Awesome job on the loss. The money challenge sounds good to me. I have seen a few other people on this site doing it and they actually have quite a bit of money to use towards a new wardrobe. It sounds everyone needs to tweak it a bit, I guess we just need to decide the amounts so that everyone agrees. I love the whole idea of being queen for a week!

LauraCarrot-Hope you get to feeling better.

Talk to you all later!

potato 06-02-2006 11:05 AM

2.2 pounds! You go Donna!! How awesome is that.:cheer:
The Changes on the $ amount you suggested sounds great to me.

Amber, I don't see why you couldn't do IOU's. You could even make a chart (i'm into charts) with all the requirements then check each one as you go. At the end of the week total the $ amount and put it in your Piggy. :ink: Whatever makes it best for you.

I don't know what to tell you on the food problem. Are you sure there aren't any Kwiki stores or other convience stores nearby? If not drinking water feels me up. Good luck on the Job!:cheer:

Hi Linda I love dancing!! :dancer:

Hi Angel, how impressive you are! I would love to do what you and Amber have done. :dust:

Here is the thing on the challenge. We all on going to have to be on same day concerning this. So how about Friday to Friday. I know everyone has different weigh in days and I don't want to confuse anyone and since this is not just about weight then we could all start today and report again next friday there after.

So are we all good on this?

Let the battle for queen begin.:boxing: :queen:


potato 06-02-2006 11:17 AM

[QUOTE=exquisitern] I need to tweak the cost too. How about 2.00 for each pound lost, .25 for 2 miles biked, .25 for each mile walked, .50 for every 3-8oz glasses of water that you drink and .25 for every 15 minutes of stationary exercise (video, etc) This works better for me and my budget. Based on what I am doing it comes out to about $2.00 a day or about $50/month

Is this good $ amount good for everyone?

Hi Angel you must have submitted as I was writting I didn't see you.:wave:

We need to all come to an agreement on the $ amount like Angel pointed out.

If there aren't any objections lets start today.


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