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Old 07-15-2001, 08:23 PM   #106  
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hey chicks!

thanks for all of the "welcome backs"!
am in a funky sleep staying up way too late and then sleeping all morning. i doesn't really bother me, as i'm a night owl anyway...i just feel so unproductive!
since i slept all day i haven't eaten much...some of "Annie's" brand pasta, thought it was WW when i bought it and i ate it down to nothing in the cabinets...will sugarbust shop this going to look at the other links/threads/whatever you call them and get some suggestions.
i need the word on:
Special is ok, right?
sourdough bread...
milk...i just don't like the soy stuff.
eating out...

i too love SNL and watch Austin Powers on cable almost every week! love the "mini-me" song Dr. Evil sings!

the pictures of your family are too cute!

hang in there! we all have those down times. too often it seems! count your blessings…it always helps me!

ya'll enjoy the rest of your week end... i think i'll take Tucker for a walk...he'll think i'm wonderful!!!
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WHAT A DAY!!!! AND DID WE FIND A BARGAIN!! We went to DAVID'S BRIDAL.....WHAT A RIP OFF went in when they opened and was there for two hours. Then to lunch at STEAKnALE. Then we were off to DEMETRIOS BRIDAL and we should have been there the whole afternoon! One whole side of the store was coutoure and the other was 20% to 50% off
depending on the ticket that you drew from a bowl. Tracy was trying on some really beautiful gowns and everyone was prettier than the last. She had found on in a Brides magazine and they had it there.....ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL.... but only in a size 14 and she is an 8! They pinned it up but it just didn't do the trick. OH, she was lovely in it, but once you order it, it's yours with no refunds....she was just a little scared because the neckline didn't fall correctly....we found another sleeveless with a battenburg lace bodice to a point at the waist. Tuille for the bottom...OH MY GAWD it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Everyone in there stopped to look at her...even the people buying dresses!!! THEN....they told her she had better draw her ticket..... 50% off!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!! started out at $950....marked down to $399 and 50% off of that!!!! $199!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!! Her veil will end up costing more than her dress...

NANCE Yes, please do write to me...I think we need each other!!! I sure do wish you COULD come to DEBS....See, I told you she was going to LOCK ME UP IN THAT 4th BEDROOM!!!!
I shall send you my work email so if you want to drop me a line during the day, I can answer right away...and I have only one word to say in reference to your entire post....EXACTLY!!
I'm so glad that you at least have LARA there for some close comfort if you need some one on one....Just know that I'm here, just 3000 miles away!!!

DEB Did I see a bare leg shot in the first picture?? I noticed that the famous black leggings were on in the next picture!
I'm ready to pack my panties, so let me know when....just remember, the weekend of the 28th is for the engagement party.

ANN Sounds like you had a really good time..Even if it did rain!! It's nice just to get away, but it's always great to be back home!!
Yes, I've got those seatbelts back on!! I'm about to agree with FROGGIE and a shuttle might just be what NANCE need to blast us off... I'm hoping that when I get down to Debbie's that she can get me started on the right path!! GAWD knows that I won't be getting hold of anything that I'm not supposed to have!

MARGARET's been a while...I'm so glad you're doing well. The wedding is litterally just around the corner! Sounds like you've got everything well in hand...are you ready for that trip to MAINE???
You'll have to excuse NANCY she's very inquizitive (sp?) and doesn't mind asking questions....ESPECIALLY THINGS SHE SHOULD HAVE READ UP ON BEFORE SHE ASKS THEM!!!! DUH...NANCY....VACATION????? HELLO........... It's called a HONEYMOON!!!!
Glad you're back...WE'VE MISSED YOU>>>>

MELF NOT MISS YOU???? ARE YOU ON DRUGS???? Well, I guess you are...but NEVER question that we don't miss you...Hope you're feeling just a little better...I've caught the "tooth" problem, and now have to figure out whether or not to make a quick trip to S.C to see my cousin's husband, or enlist the services of someone here....I did have a dentist here, but he committed suicide!!!

GRACE Glad to see you again...stick around...these women will have you in shape before school starts...

FROGGIE Krista is HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD and she nominated the BIG ORANGE FAN and the little short girl...cant remember her name ....starts with an "A"...i think. Yes, that guy with the teeth....or should I say "lack of teeth" was SCAREY!!!
I'm glad he's gone. I wanted Mike and Will nominated to be kicked out...WILL HAS GOT TO GO!!!
Girl I will be right there for you in January....My cousins daughter and her husband run in that every year...

SUSAN O HOW I LOVE MATER SAMICHES....did you put MAYO on it too? YUMMMMMMMMM...For those of you who don't know....Alabama grows the best tomatoes you will ever put in your mouth...If you ever get your hands on some....GRAB THEM and RUN to the nearest kitchen and make yourself a SAMICH w/mayo.....
Glad you're doing so much better...I've already got you lined up for that audition with the WAR EAGLE CHEERLEADERS!!

Ladies, I hope I haven't missed to get reclined...
Have a great evening....

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Evening All

Sparkle - Thanks for the BIRTHDAY CAKE - I'm glad it was an E-CAKE and not a real one. This is the first birthday I have had without a real cake. I thought my family was very considerate not buying one. I really didn't miss it. Why can't you go dancing with glasses? I'm sure you wouldn't be the only one on the dance floor wearing glasses. There's no need to look frumpy - there are lots of good styles available. Going dancing with glasses on your face would sure beat sitting at home alone!

Deb - Congrats on the new walking time. And way to go on the new jogging achievement. You will be jogging the whole 4.5 miles before you know it. I still have film in my camera to use up. Soon as it is finished I will get them printed and see if there is anything worthwhile to post. I've been practising with the scanner and have downloaded a couple of pics to and created an album. No, the gals at work didn't know it was my birthday. I made a point of not telling them. I just told one person it was 'soon'. Great pictures you posted.

Melf - Sorry to hear of the problems you are having with the meds and the pain. And yes I did miss you. I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while. Please keep us informed of what is going on and I hope things turn around for you soon.

Missgrace - Welcome back. I hope to see you on the wagon again. Special K is O.K. according to the SB authors, it has a gi of about 55. Also sourdough bread in moderation. There is an article on sourdough bread on the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD.

MargaretA - Good to hear that you are keeping up with SB. Staying the same is certainly better than gaining. Only ten days to the big day!!!!!!!And into a size ten - that's great.

Fillise - Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better.

Amser - Sounds like you enjoyed your holiday, but it is always good to get back home again, isn't it.

BOB - Sounds like you enjoyed the shopping trip. Thats a great bargain your niece got with the wedding dress.

Frog - Hope the Yoga helped with getting your muscles back in gear.

All for now.

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Old 07-15-2001, 11:22 PM   #109  
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Hey chicks! remember me????? LOL Been busy with the kids and work bla bla bla!!! I have been a good little sugarbuster the past two weeks! Hubby is on his plan too -the little bugger! he is kicking my butt, but also helping me stay with it! He is down another 6.5 lbs this week -total in two weeks 12.5 lbs MEN!!! is all i can say!. We went for a two mile walk today. Its kind of nice to get out together i told him he was getting up to 4 miles next week! I weighted also i am under 140 AGAIN! 139.5 to be exact! My excersise has been good also 5x last week. Everyone is doing great here sounds like you are all busy also-vacations, weddings wow!!! I see that Margaret is back! wooohooo!!! Happy Birthday Rosalie and the other July Bdays!!!!

Deb-great pic!!! Your daughter looks like you!!! your both cuties!

Sparkle- hope your day turned out better! Your doing great how was the cheese????

Bob-your shopping trip sounded like fun!!! You didn't mention any tears?!! I bet you had some when you saw her in a wedding dress!


Fillise- Glad your feeling better. Don't worry about the post surgery weight! Just worry about u!!!

Amseraphim-your trip sounds awsome! Hows the tan? the weather her has not een the greatest. we are taking our vacation in Aug. I hope it warms up by then!!! I cracked up at the sugarbuster police A.K.A Deb!!! I could see you now standing in front of the door!!!

Well its late kids are sleeping!!! yeah!! gotta go do some stuff while i can!!!! Talk to you all probably next Sun. Seems like a habit for me!!!! to everyone i missed. I am thinking of u all

MELF: hi!!!! hope your feeling better. You sound down in the dumps!! I havn't been on much you always reply to me and I look forward to your posts!!!!! Hope the meds get straighted away and all that other stuff that comes with the meds goes away. Thinking of you


201.2/139.5/135-or less! LOL i have a life time!
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Old 07-16-2001, 12:12 AM   #110  
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Yesterday was busy and I seem to have lost it along the way. I really don't know where it went, just all of a sudden it was bedtime! I hate missing a day, takes so long to read board, but here goes.

NANCE - Saw your post about the cabbage diet. I stuck to it for a couple of weeks and I like cabbage....but enough was enough. My friend went on it the same time, in fact since she worked I made her a huge pot too. She couldn't work after eating it,
she was too busy sitting on the throne. It didn't affect me that way, but did lose a few pounds.

My dil works for a chiropractor who has been using SB for a long time and is just maintaining now. He told her that when his weight would get stuck or even now when he wants to lose a couple, for him it's cut back on fats. He will allow himself
only 5 cashews. So I guess it's the old story, which works best for you.

It's a shame you're father's nh doesn't make use of volunteers. When I was Director I would go to different club meetings, community meetings and speak on and solicit volunteers. This world runs on volunteers!

I thought the fluff and fold would be a total new look, instead you went for a more tried and true look apparently.

The computer/craft area still has to be painted. Don't know when the mood will strike them. It will be antique white, really a light beige and one wall will be a sort of golden beige. My bedroom is lavendar and my sitting room is light pink above chair rail and a darker rose below. Gd and I share a bathroom. That is decorated
with a Wyland motif, and the walls are a deep sea green/blue with a Wyland shower curtain and border print. Black towels. Gd's room is eggplant and dark forest green. So you can tell we like color up here as opposed to the beiges down stairs!! Never leave a fresh roller in sight!!! I want Home Depot stock!!!

I used the nectar in the bagels and in my shakes. It's good. Found it at a local HFS.

BUTTERFLY - Watched a Poirot last night, the rich antique dealer killed in a room whose door and windows were locked.

Felt energy from somewhere! Cleaned closet. Well, actually I was looking for something and it wound up to be a project, and things were moved around so it looked like I cleaned it!!!!!

Maybe if we all stood on our heads our boobs would be going north again!

The husband did it. Tied a rope to the mill stone. He's on roof, drops mask down to window, she now knows it's a mask. He pulls mask away. She opens window to see where mask came from, he drops stone, hits her head, he pulls stome up. Goes down and goes into wife's room. Pulls body from window, shuts window, sees blood on rug and rearrages it so blood not visible. Cries out in alarm and there you are. All rush in and wonder how she was killed! Of course the little gray cells solved it!

FROG - You have to reword your encouraging words to me! It should be "keep your chinS up"!! Believe it or not I have more than one! You know you may be right, someone on SB shouldn't be on a CHUCKWAGON (after all that denotes food!) maybe catch the stage, an Overland Express.

DEB - I always thought that you pretesth too much about being a cook. But I have it on good authority that you are really not a cook. Yet you post all these recipes! Apparently you are good read, and can tell that a recipe OUGHT to be good. Oh!
One other thing about the bagels, I was going to have one this morning and they remaining four were moldy. Probably becasue they are all natural, no preservatives and because it's so humid here. Next time I'll freeze them and only take one or two at a time. By the way, pretty lady, are you fishing for compliments? You look great!

LDBLOND - I don't about other ways, but to keep salad makings fresh I use the bag greens, then I wash and drain/wipe dry everything else. I cut/slice/dice and put batch of veggies in airtight Rubbermaid containers. I never wash mushrooms they
should only be wiped off with a damp paper towel (and I mean damp not wringing wet!) Then when you want a salad, you can pull out a container of peppers etc. take what you want, reseal and you're in business. The veggies will keep fresh for 3 or 4 days at least. I also have grated cheeses, chopped eggs and Hormel Bacon Bits. The bits are real bacon and I can get a 1# package in Sam's for the price of 2 or 3 little jars in the supermarket that only equals about 6 oz. You can divide pkg and freeze part. What I like, is that being naturally lazy I only have a mess once a week or so and I don't have to take time on preparation each time I want a salad.

FILLISE - Glad you are progressing so well.

AMSER - Welcome back! Tsk, Tsk! Cocky! Well, you did it and you were glad! Now get back to earth and kick some butt with SB legal! My ds goes to Key West on business and says that Duval Street is a tourist trap, everything overpriced and to
him (who would like to live in the middle of nowhere) overcrowded. I'm a sunset kind of gal, post one of your pics.

SPARKLE - Thanks for the compliments. I have never felt so at ease as I do with the ladies on this board. The welcome has been great, I found a penpal amd friend, and have learned so much. I made a copy of your sunset picture and it is by the c
omputer where I can admire it. It is so peaceful and reminds me how insignificant my little gripes are. Thanx!

We get pissy or whiney or ornery and then apoplogize for it. But it's human nature, to get that way once in a while! Be glad we can write it down here and not be told we're having a hissy fit! We've all been there, done that and can understand. At least
we recognize that we are having a rough time. Also that we are learning not to jump in the fridge and clean it out! And if we do falter, it seems it's usually with something legal although we go overboard. I think that's a big improvement. And now you
see your coping mechanisms changinf gor the better. I say give yourself a high five!!!

Why not try the Parmalat milk. It comes in quart boxes, doesn't need to be refrigerated untilopened and is good. My gd was raised on it, they lived in Turkey and you just don't go to the local supermarket for some milk! They even used it here a while couldn't get used to buying milk here.

BOB - I'm glad agrees that fish is expensive here. Everyone says living in the south is cheaper! Forgedaboutit!

KELLY - Glad you got book at library. That's what I did. Terrible thing, money or the lack of it! Good you decided to join us, there are some great people here. I was in chat room that night, when you left I was hoping you would follow through with us.

SOL - Just think about those 12 hour shifts, they sometimes turn in to 14 hour. Hope your cold is better. Sounds like a lot of stress and that can exacerbate any condition. I have one problem with recipes. I'm a fairly good cook but don't make a
lot of things by the book. I just know a handful of this and a pinch of that is the right amount, as a result people get upset when they compliment me and then ask for the recipe. I make some mean soups, but..........

ROSALIE - Glad to know someone has actually tried the Oatmeal Bread and that it's not an untested recipe from a cook that's failed the test!! Good luck with the scanner. It helps to have a 16 gd to bail you out. She's my guru! Had computers
in kindergarten in OZ.

MARGARETA - Glad to see another Louisianian here. Seems to me a size 10 good hardly ne a mother of the bride dress. Even if I reach goal I won't be that size. Heck, my right leg isbn't that size!

MELF - Of course you were missed. I look for my LA bud! Tegretol? That was used on out head trauma patients like Dilantin. Disdn't know it could be used for neuralgia. Used for seizures. Of course, I had to look it up and it is used for Tic Douloureux or TN. Of couse some of our clients had various tics and spasms. I hope the neurologist will be able to help. Depression can be caused by the side effects of teg.

I don't feel you are complaining, just stating the facts. I wish I could at least give you a Hug. Or at least do something to distract you from your discomfort. Prayers are their

Too tired to edit. But did read entire board. Take care all.

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It's Sunday night, kids are in bed and husband is out and about. It's been a good weekend, but my eating habits had a lot to be desired. My girlfriend and I picked up some books and I'm counting down now as my surgery is less than a month a way. I need to make a plan maybe, I'm in a weird place right now and I having trouble getting focus. Too many, I can have this every once in awhiles, happening all the time, making excuses.

Rosalie: Happy Belated Birthday! Even though you had to work, it sounds like you had a nice day.

Deb: Thanks for sharing the pictures, (you all look wonderful!) won't be throwing darts though. Maybe I should print it and put it on the fridge! More seriously though, I think the problem I'm having most of all with maintenance is that I'm eating the foods I shouldn't be, suddenly I've given myself permission to eat everyting and here lies the problem. I'm an excuse person. I know I have the pattern and have been able to conquer it twice before 1st with drug addiction (11 years sober) and the with cigarette addiction (4 years sober). I'm not looking for a "good job" I'm trying to explain. I've always needed something to coat the emotions of stress, anger, fear, depression, shame. When I was a teen it was drugs and alcohol, I continued smoking for years, but quit 4 years ago. It's always been something life altering that has made me change my path. The same with being overweight. I new I had to lose the weight to improve my health, the problem is I'm going through "a little bit won't hurt" and I know that it will, it's almost like fighting a battle of good and evil, ok that's extreme. I'm hoping you are understanding me. I need to find better ways to deal with life's little ups and downs. This support board is certainly a major step for me. I'm making it my responsibility to be here as often as possible. Like tonight when I would like something to help me feel better, like a bowl of icecream, I'm writing to you instead. Again, I'm not looking for a that a girl I'm looking for steps to go from being an emotional eater, to someone who allows the emotions to occurs but deals with them in a sensible way.

Kelly: Welcome to the board.

Solshine: I hope you are feeling better.

Frog: Congratulations on the size 8!

BOB: The new do is good, trying to get it to grow out some more. I too wish I had the same drive as my friend. I realize food is what we survive on and I absolutley love to eat, but maybe I need to look at from another angle? See my conversation with Deb above.

Nance: Sorry we missed each other Saturday. I bet you look wonderful. I kept the blond, she convinced me that all the money I spent a few months ago certainly could be nursed along for many months to come. Dan will be back soon, we will help you get through the next 2 weeks. You, BOB and I need to get together. There is success for all 3 of us, we can reach our goal. I put it all out on the table tonight, now this board knows about my skeletons and you did the same. We have to be honest with ourselves and each other each time we reach to get a brownie, glass of lemonade, etc. I know we can do this Nance, you've seen me, I'm wearing a size 10 now for goodness sakes, but yet I'm eating like I use to which is really going to be a problem (I weighed 158 or more tonight, didn't check it the second time like I usually do). I know that there has to be something to me getting almost all the weight off and then having problems and you and BOB's daily battles. Like BOB said, she knows that she can be successful, but goes on and off, same for you and why. We just need to figure out why. I don't want to be a yoyo!

Missgrace: Nice to meet you.

MargaretA: Hello there, stranger! Congratulations once again on your marriage! I'm sure your wedding was beautiful, no matter what the size.

Melf: It's good to hear from you, sorry your not feeling up to par. Hope we hear from you more, miss you around here and where's Starchaser...

Ann: Your vacation sounds like fun, thanks for sharing it! I'm glad you such a good time and your only 10 lbs from goal! That's great.

Rhroo: Good to see you!

Sef: Thank you for the great salad tips.

I know that each and every one of you has battled to lose the weight you have lost and I thought about emailing some of you individually tonight. I certainly reconsidered telling all of you about my addictions several times and still it's very scary for me to put it out there. But what I really hope tonight's post produces is some feedback, because I know that there is someone else out there feeling like Nance, BOB, and I, who hasn't spoken up yet and I also know that there is someone else who has been successful and could give us some input.
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Here's the link to this weeks board:

See you on the NEW BOARD
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