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We have a lot of combine knowledge here, so anything you need help with, feel free to ask away...



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Default Good Monday everyone!

Thanks for all the support everyone!!!!! Seems the gf issue was a non issue. She got sick because of drinking too many beers last night. I found that very interesting & I don't think that will be an issue tommorrow.

My motivation contribution:

He who would learn to FLY one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance. One cannot FLY into flying.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sparkle-22.25 miles whooo hoo. On no food? You'll be ready for the Ironman in no time.

Rhoo-Congrats to dh weight loss.

sef-40 lb bag, huh? I think that counts as weight lifting to me!!!
I missed a Poirot? Rats. Liked the bear story, too. So puzzles are how you stay so sharp!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSALIE 3 MILES on sb. Btw, what's sb? skateboarding? Thanks for sgww tip. I'm going to use it.

R-lynn-Glad you had fun & didn't get stuck in the river. I hear sunburns are going around. Take care!

Fillise-241! Great!!! Doesn't it feel good when that scale cooperates???? Good luck on the surgery!!! It's awesome how far you've come!!!!!

Nancy-I'm going to keep that comeback for the next time my gf tries that same manuever (sp? where's spell check when I need it?).

Deb-pancake question? used betty crocker receipe for pancakes 1 c flour (ww), 3/4 milk 2%, 2 tbsp oil, 1 egg, 1 tbls sugar (yeah I know I threw it in b4 I realized), 3 tsp baking powder. Could it be the age of the flour. That things been in the pantry about 8 months unopened til then. I won't give up. But I may throw in some agave nectar when I get my hands on it. Going to the GNC tommorrow. Thanks for the nice e-mail. I may reconsider the RR.
I'll take a look at Fitday for what set me off there on fat. 126 & still chucks??? Ohh nooo. So much for my dream.

Rosalie-I almost forgot. Thanks for the spicy lasagna. I'm trying that out tommorrow.

Glad to hear from you Gatorgal & take care Froggy.
Goodnight fellow travelers.
sb since 6/29/01
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Hi to Annie A. Glad to know we are the same age with 3 boys as well. And I am a newbie of 2 weeks and I think these are the best bunch of people!!! Ok, I have to admit, I don't recognize your pet name. What is it?

And to the Beautiful Orange Babe! Fear factor freaks me out. I have enough nightmares already.

Love to all Fly
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I know I should get a life, but here I am again. Made supper, picked up gd from work. Did this 'n that, and here I am.

Rosalie - Oh! the ones I have are gold toned metal and I used them on cotton. I never thought about heavier wt. material. I know they came in different sizes. How about making tabs. Enough matrial left over? You could hold them down with decorative buttons that you could sew on by machine. Oh well, I guess you have to be there don't you? Hate when you think everything went so well and then run into a snag!

Anniea - You'll find a warm welcome here. Everyone is so nice. We really do offer each other support and friendship. So join us and be a "loser"!

Bob - Knew it had to be a gimmick!!! Speechless? Only if you fell off the world and then you'd go kicking and screaming!

Butterfly - I even squatted to make the lift! Know how to do it right, but some things are a little toooo much. A&E is always repeating shows, so watch for a 2 hr. Peroit. I love mysteries, but don't necassarily like to see too much blood and gore. I don't
want to watch a chain saw rip through someones head!!! A nice cleean bullet hole or knife wound or hanging or poisoning is okay. I want to use my little gray cells to figure out who done it!! I love crossword puzzles ( that snob thing, I use a pen), word games, jigzaw puzzles, haven't done one in ages, all that sort of thing. Plus am always counting for stitching!

Okay time to read the paper and do my two crossword puzzles there, plus they have a couple of other word games. I have to get stitiching too.

Take care all.

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Hi Annie - Welcome to the board. There's a great friendly bunch of gals here. If you have any questions just ask, someone is sure to have an answer for you. I am glad to see another Canadian on board.

Fly - Have you tried SGWW Pastry Flour for your pancakes? This is made from soft wheat and is better for cakes, cookies etc. BTW - sb stands for stationery bike. I don't think I would be safe on a skateboard although I wouldn't mind giving it a try!

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Default Hi Everyone :wave:

I haven't been posting, but I do come and read everyday. Been having a hard time staying OP 100%. Serves me right for breezing through the first 4 months of this WOE without any major problems. Summers have always been more difficult for me eating-wise with special summer foods and hectic schedules. When it gets hot and muggy out I would live on ice cream and cold creamy sweet things to the exclusion of everything else. It's been hot and humid here the last week or so. Very dry, also; about a month since we have had a good soaking rain. I'm out watering my plants twice a day!

BOB - when are you coming to Wisconsin with that wagon so I can climb up in the seat with you? I can't wait much longer!!!!

Deb - you are awesome. Figure out a way to bottle that determination you have and you will be the next Bill Gates! Great job you have done--a true motivator for the rest of us.

Welcome Anniea - Another Canadian! Cool! Most people think Wisconsin is in Canada anyway! We have a bichon also. She's 13 months old and full of p*** and vinegar! My son plays pretty aggressively with her and she can get a little agressive herself. Other than that, she is really cute! and much different when my son is gone! She's doing a "buzz" as I'm typing from the kitchen to the family room!

My DS is calling me to help him with something so I must go. Have a great SB Tuesday!

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Hello is it going???

Had a quiet weekend and didn't get much done. I didn't even get to walk last Friday and Sat. I had gotten a new tape "thin Thighs and did it last Wednesday. I was ok on Thur but by Fri I was hurting. I even found that I stopped drinking my water cause trying to "sit" hurt to much. THis is one time when being a guy would be an advantage.

I am really thinking that as much as I would like to join ou all in Vegas...I probably won't be able to garage door broke today, and I had already planned on getting my floors done. And there is only so much money to go around.

This board is so is hard to keep up....and getting to bed early. Which is where I am headed..but I wanted to say hello to all and keep up the great work.

Good night
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Default POOPED!

Hey Everyone

Just got home, very long day, will explain tomorrow and reply to all the posts sometime during the day.

ANNIE, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!! I'm sure I can speak for all of us in saying we're glad you joined us. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions, this group is eager to help. Glad to have another Canadian on the board with us - we have family that live in St. Laurent-so hopefully, when we get up there one day, I'll get to meet you. Right now, I'm working on getting to Calgary to the Edmonton Mall and to Eli's sister in Toronto-Montreal will be 3rd on the list of places to get to! One of my favorite stores is there-ADONIS!

Okay, I must get to bed-don't even know if I will have any energy to walk in the morning-wish me luck!


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Thumbs down Hi!

Hi ladies!

Wow so much to catch up! Iím going to have to skim. Over the weekend Weight Workshop has simply exploded with posts! We used to be quite small, and now Iím having a hard time keeping up just with that. But itís all good.

[size=huge]Deb[/size] Sending you lots of energy for that walk tomorrow morning!!!!

[size=huge]Nancy[/size] I thought ďO Brother Where Art ThouĒ was rather strange but funny in a very dry sort of way. Definitely killed my crush on George Clooney that I got from ďOutta Sight!Ē (I thought Three Kings was really good, but Martin says it sucked.)

[size=huge]Froggie[/size] thanks for the articles! I havenít had a chance to read them yet but I will let you know what I think, cause I really need some help on this subject! (of hydration) And thanks again for the advice. Your ďmarathon training teamĒ sounds awesome! What a great idea!

Iím going to be in NC the weekend of the 27th and will email you with details, itís getting way close now! I also met another chick from Weight Workshop who lives in DC so I might get to meet her too!

[size=huge]Fly[/size] your lentil soup ďrecipeĒ sounded great. I have some split peas I am trying to figure out what to do with right now. Good luck with hubby...change can be difficult but it will get better! Thanks for the advice on the camel pack, that is a good idea for me especially as I start doing more stuff outdoors, and Iíll look out for cute Marines!!!

Oh I didnít have no food on my 22 mile bike ride. I started off with no food, until I thought I would die and had that balance bar and gatorade, which tided me over until a long leisurely lunch right after the turnaround point. Easy pace!

I donít know if I mentioned this, but my next big goal is to bike all the way around the perimeter of the island. I think itís 140 miles, and I mean ALL the way around, Kaena Point and all. (I live on Oahu) It will take me 3 days at a moderate pace and I think I will pack stuff on my bike, sleep on the beach, donít even bring a tent! Itís going to be so awesome! The only thing is, even though I could do it alone, it would be a much more wonderful journey with somebody, and I donít have any friends willing to commit to that kind of goal right now, at least in Hawaii. Maybe one day I can get my friend from DC to come back to Hawaii and do the journey with me.

[size=huge]Susan[/size] Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! How awesome! And what progress youíve made in that time. Good wishes for your surgery from me too however late.

[size=huge]Hi Gatorgal![/size] Nice to see you back. Computer fried by lightning boy that sucks. You are SolShine are so lucky to live near each other! Good luck with the treadmill...your workout schedule is the same as mile, 3 miles 5 times a week on the treadmill, and 2 weight lifting sessions per week. So far (14 days now!!!!) I have been sticking to it, actually working out every day, except some days Iíll do 2 or 2.5 miles, and only one weightlifting so far. But roughly Iím sticking to it for the first time in months and I feel GREAT! Definitely making a difference quickly when we stick to the routine.

[size=huge]Anniea[/size] WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!

[size=huge]BOB[/size] LOVED the HELLO/GOODBYE pic...omg!!!!


As I may have mentioned (spacey tonight) I havenít done my weights for weeks ah, maybe MONTHS? I donít know, perhaps intimidated by the heavier weights and actually having to work instead of just pretending. Well, when was it, Saturday I actually got in there and did my routine and I felt like a virgin all over again, although I could do about the same amount of weight. It was a totally kick *** workout.

In fact, lately, I have been thinking so much about my workout progress that it actually took my mind off of my weight obsession for a few minutes, which is good because the scale is quite firmly stuck at 150.5.

Here is my approximate weight routine, which Iíve been doing without much variety for a long time now:

All exercises are done for 3 sets, 8 to 12 reps to exhaustion:


Low row 60 pounds
Lath pull down 80 pounds
Triceps pull down 35 pounds (?)
Chest press 80 pounds

Free weights (dumbells)

I'm having a hard time describing these exercises but I do about 5 or 6 different types with 8 to 10 pound weights

Sometimes, bench press 30 to 40 pounds

Assisted chin dip 5 reps, 2 sets

Abs Ė usually 50 slow, concentrated reps on that thing where you rest on your arms and do leg lifts, or crunches. Sat I did 55 which was absolutely the point of exhaustion!

I need some variety! Martin has this great book on fitness, and although it's designed for men, it's very helpful and contains some weight lifting exercises I may incorporate.

Do you remember how I was talking about this chick at the gym who was actually kicking my *** on the treadmill and leaving me in the dust? And that I wanted to talk to her but I just couldn't figure out how to approach her?

Well, a few days later I saw her in the locker room but I just feel too weird talking to people there.

This morning she stepped on the treadmill next to mine and was warming up and I was cooling down. I was still kinda scared of sounding stupid but I was thinking, hey, you can't possibly pass up this moment! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

So I casually take off my headphones to grab my water, and say, "Excuse me." She turns toward me. I say, "Are you training for the marathon this year?"

"Yes I am!" she replies, very friendly and surprised that I asked.

"I saw you in here the other day; you put in a good run." (Nothing about kicking my ***)

So we chatted briefly, this is her first marathon on Dec 9th, and then I took off so I wouldn't interfere with her workout.

I just think it's really cool because I have a hard time approaching people, I'm always afraid I'll say something stupid and/or be bothering them. But it's really not so difficult! (Of course, she was looking at me funny later, probably thought I was hitting on her.)

I'm trying to take advantage of my opportunities. You never know when meeting a casual stranger can change your entire life.

Todayís run: came in at 30:50 but I raised the incline 1 notch for the last mile (ran at 5.5, slowed from 6) so it was the best run Iíve had in a long time, very even and consistent without slowing to a walk (or hanging on the sides of the treadmill with my legs dangling as Iíve been known to do.)

I went back to the gym after work to do my weights. I worked late so figured it might be safe. Well it was the most crowded ever! Iím very claustrophobic and not to mention donít like people so I just couldnít deal with it. Iím feeling quite energetic so I might go tonight now that itís late, but no promises to myself.

And finally, food! I have been replacing starches with frozen mixed vegetables in most of my meals except breakfast for these past two weeks. I buy just BAGS of vegetables and just toss them in the micro or on the stove, and it couldnít be easier!

Tonight I had some of my special yummy Oriental vegetables from Costco with a little bit of steak leftover from last night, and some almonds. The veggies come with this yummy sugary sauce packets and I was really getting tired of the same old taste when it comes to veggies, so I used JUST enough to lend some flavor (a tablespoonish) instead of dumping in the whole packet. It was yummilishous.

Another ďtrickĒ is to give myself the opportunity to eat as much as I want so that I donít feel deprived. I sometimes let myself stay hungry, but every day or so I have to have a satisfying big meal, and stop when Iím full but not uncomfortable. Well, tonightís dinner as I said was mostly veggies, piled in my bowl and I ate what I wanted, which turned out to be HALF!!! (Plus picking on some fruits and a hefty hunk of cheese.)

I made two loaves of muffin bread, more like cake, tonight. My first attempts at baking ended up being very, very dangerous (I would eat the whole batch at once!) so I have been careful. But last time I made some fruit nut bars, they actually lasted me a whole week so I felt brave enough to try again. One loaf has prune puree, chopped prunes, and a buttered top, and the other has applesauce, unsweetened coconut, and almonds. Both have lots of cinnamon! They smell like heaven but I am determined not to even TASTE any tonight! The almonds make for a ďcompleteĒ meal when I have to grab something fast for breakfast.

I think Iím doing better at not blowing through a whole batch of bread in one night is that I have a strict rule of NO STARCHY CARBS (not including dairy and fruit) in the evenings. This has been working very well for me. I have limited time to eat in the day, so I can only do so much damage.

Martin says that the best time to have protein is right after a weight workout, because when the muscles are pumped, they are best primed to absorb protein. I have doubts about whether protein powder is actually usable by the body, since itís so refined, but it seems to work for thousands of bodybuilders! I donít want to build too much bulk, but I would like to have definition, some muscle bulk to burn calories and raise my BMR, and a strong, supple trunk to help my running form. So yep Iím interested in building muscle! So Iím doing the protein powder and, like the lifting gloves, it just SEEMS! I mix the vanilla flavor with water, ice and a bit of Splenda and it was pretty good!

Also, as you all know, Iíve been into watching professional boxing to my own amazement. Well, I was reading up in this book by Menís Health on boxing as exercise, and itís supposed to take twice as much energy as fast running in the middle of a round. So if I can find the setup, Iím actually considering learning to box!

Okay I have definitely rambled on long enough. Have a wonderful day everyone!




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Default "Hurry Up and Post" Post

Just got in from a run. Only went 2 miles, but am doing them to increase my speed. Ran 2 in 20 minutes!!! . The 2nd leg I had the dog which slowed me down a tad (DH had her the first mile). I think next time I will leave her at home and see you quickly I can do a mile. I am right at a 9 minute pace, something I NEVER thought possible. I'm so proud of myself.

Gotta get in the shower to head out for work. Am planning on being at "chat" tonight.

See y'all there!

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! Well, it's day 2 of SB and the scale is down 1.5, but I must admit that I had just put on 3 lbs last week so I expected them to come off pretty fast. Here in Quebec, we follow the Montignac Plan and not SB, but from what I gathered, it is the same. Have any of you heard of Michel Montignac? I have also heard of Sommersizing which I believe is also close to SB. Do I have the right info? Bye for now Annie
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Hello All.

I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to Fillise and Happy Birthday to Rosalie!

All is well for me, I'm back on plan and hoping the scale shows me back at 155 in the morning. Thanks to Debelli and her milk and ice smoothies I am drinking more milk and actually am starting to prefer them to ice cream!

One of my dearest friends is coming over to help me start meditating and eventually begin Tai Chi with me. I've found that more than something that expells energy quickly like the martial arts I was studying, I need something to slow me down and bring me back in focus.

For you Catholic gals out there, do you have any suggestions for Women's Devotional Books or Bible Study?

For now that's it for me! Have a terrrriFIC Tuesday!

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WELCOME ANNIEA!!! You'll like these ladies. I haven't posted much in a few days and still catching up.

Still haven't been back on my workout schedule and need to. So busy last night after work that I didn't sit down until I went to bed at 10:30. Making food for the trip and getting all the bags around of clothes and stuff. Made some creamy cucumber salad Oh so good for a snack, tuna fish, cut up tomatoes, cukes, onions, got my cheese, cottage cheese, bread and all the good stuff out. So no junk food for me for 3 days while I'm down at the park. Lots of water in the cooler already too. I was a bad girl last night because I never had time to eat dinner, so I had 8 pizza rolls of my sons for dinner and kept on working after that. Never ate anything else though, wasn't even hungry TOO BUSY to think about it I guess.

Haven't gained any pounds back and clothes are getting looser. So must be doing something right. Been watching portion size real close too, but haven't been drinking enough water.

Well FROG & SPARKLE hats off to you both for the running your doing. I need to get back into that too. Use to run and wasn't on SB but lost weight and looked really good, toned that rearend real nice.
Well gotta get back to work. All take care. Talk to you probably this weekend sometime.

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Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

I'm still pooped, wish I was in bed still, but have to get Michael off to school, not sure what's going to be for the day - Eli's off, but we have a ton of stuff to do around the house today that we'll stick close to home I think.

My long day yesterday consisted of me and 3 other people helping Sharon get her belongings from her house. For NEWBIES, she's a friend of mine that I've known since I was about 6 years old (for about 33yrs) that's going through a bitter and nasty divorce. I haven't mentioned her in a long time because her ex was going onto her computer name and delving into things and I didn't want to mention much here on this board since he probably lurked/lurks-so I'll keep this just at that, just in case. We went with the Police and he wouldn't open the door, didn't even acknowledge that the Police were there. We went to dinner and went back to the PD and they called him and he wanted 45 minutes notice before we could go over, for what, I haven't a clue, he had her stuff by the door but wouldn't let her go into the bedroom for other things-it's a mess really-but they are suppose to be going to mediation next week, so hopefully, it will be over soon. Anyhow, I didn't get home til really late, and I just was too pooped to do anything but wolf down some food and climb into bed. Dinner was a plain salad of lettuce with gorgonzala cheese sprinkled on it-it was a pizzeria they all picked to go to-need I say more?

I don't know about you all, but I sure had a tough time choosing what to pick on the poll. I sat there for 5 minutes trying to decide. I chose boobs, but really should of picked height. Okay, actually, I wanted to pick an option that said "I can't just pick one!" , but I purposely left off that option because I know most people would of chose it.

Will I walk today? Hmmm, well, I will get dressed, but all depends on how I am feeling after I take Michael to school-at this moment my mind says I should walk because of WIW tomorrow, my body says it's not going to cooperate-lets see who wins! I'm not too hopeful for tomorrow's WIW, TOM is due tomorrow, so the scale may go up, up and away!!!


SEF, I'll get that other tortilla recipe out and see if there is even a difference between the two. I made the biscuits I had posted long ago and my kids loved them, that says a lot for me AND the recipe I've found so many good recipes lately, I wish I could get more inspired to try a few, but maybe it's good that I don't. Most of what I want to try are desserts and I seem to have a problem with those, even if they are SB LEGAL! To make the pita chips, split the pita to make 2 rounds and then cut them in triangles with a nice or kitchen shears. You can spray them with olive oil or butter flavored cooking spray and spice them as you want to-we use a Middle Eastern spice mixture called ZAHTAR, made of thyme, sumac and sesame seeds-very yummy! You could even do some cinnamon with sweetener mixed in, though I never tried it myself. Garlic powder would be yummy (and stinky too). You just back them til crisp, not long-you can try nuking them as well, just watch them, not sure of timing. Leave them plain to use with salsa or other dips. Your casserole sounds yummy-have you posted this recipe???

GATOR, glad to see you back on the board

BOB, missed FEAR FACTOR, like that show. Didn't care for the new BB, so didn't watch much of it, not crazy about the people they've chosen on there this time-kids even mentioned they all seem "old". The old guy reminds me of that Downy guy with a big mouth, I think Morton Downy? Glad to hear you got your coffee. Hope you won't have any more trouble with that girl. I still don't know Eli's schedule for Oct with the convention with Starbucks, but I told him I'm going to have to make solid plans soon, with him or without him-can't wait til the last minute. I read him your message about the FARTAY ROOM and he was laughing-he said you are soooo right!!!! So the cat, or should I say fart, is out of the bag!!!

Just got home, took Michael and made myself go out for a walk-just walking, no jogs, but I managed to get in those 4.5 miles despite how tired and achey I feel!

FLY, loved the MM quote, thanks for sharing You didn't tell me exactly what happened to the pancakes, but I take it they didn't turn out well? I'm probably the worse one to ask on the board when it comes to cooking, but I'm sure we can figure out what happend-so state your case and let the board detectives take a crack at the mystery! I may have gotten to 126, but the arms flap like flags, the neck looks like I stole it from a Butterball Turkey, the thighs were stolen from the B& B Circus elephant and my boobs probably resemble flat pancakes-I don't know what is falling off of me, but it doesn't really seem like fat.

KAREN, I wish I could bottle my own determination that I've had on SB and make it useful in other areas of my life. I myself cannot believe that I have stuck to something for so long, it's not my nature. If you find it being hard for the summer with the ice creams, why not make your own SB LEGAL ice cream? That would conquer the cravings and let you stay OP. I think that's one of the reasons I've been able to stay OP so easily, there's always something I am able to find in place of the no-no foods.

LAMAP, glad to see you checking in - if you can't meet us in Vegas, maybe we can get you to the next meeting in FL?!?

SPARKLE, when I woke up this morning, I went to read the board and saw your message about sending me energy this morning to walk - IT WORKED!!! THANKS I got tired reading your workout schedule!!!!

FROG, you are surely burning rubber up there! Those are great times!!! Hope to chat with you tonight!

ANNIE, definintely know about Montignac, that's where the guys who wrote SB got their information. It's basically the same since they took his information and made a book for the US. I do like Montignac better where he recommends legal chocolate not until maintenance, too many people see on SB that high cocoa chocolate is legal and get into deep trouble with it from day one. Somersizing is also similar to SB, but it's more strict-I read that book before chosing SB because the plan doesn't allow you to eat PB, olives, avocado among some other things and also I don't like the food combining things. Thanks for posting your BIO on the BIO BOARD-always nice to learn about each other on the board

LDBLOND, glad to hear all is doing well with you-and you are enjoying the shakes. I just found some butterscotch extract last night and can't wait to give it a try!!! Are you coming to Vegas with Nance???

RALY, kudos to you for planning for your trip well, I'm sure you'll do fine and make us all proud!!! We'll just forget about those pizza rolls from last night

AR, I may be headed your way next week-details to follow!!!

Gals I MUST run, have too much to do-ummm, just got off the phone with family in Tornoto and Montreal - may be going to Toronto next Thursday til Sunday morning then off to Calgary/Edmonton for 3 days-it's all up to Eli now to get the time off now-Mom's in the wings waiting so she can take care of Michael. If we go, I'm gonna need SOMEONE to start the new board on that Monday I'll be gone - any volunteers?

ROSALIE I told Eli's sister that if we are coming there that I want to meet you, so please keep this in mind. Hope maybe we can either meet when we get in before going to her house, or if possible, you can come out there. She wants to have a party with some people (we don't know them) and she said you'd be more than welcome to come join us. Will get with you more as details develop!!

Talk to you all later, don't forget CHAT AT 9:15pm Here's the link to the chat board:

Oh yes, and please remember, TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!!

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Good Morning!

Computer is down at work, which really bumbs me out. Can't check the post during the day. Dan the Man went over there and tried getting our network to come to life, but only one computer go resesitated! Of course it was at the Doctor station! Oh well, there is always lunch hour!

Gatorgal-SO glad to see you posting again!!!! This weather has been causin' havok! I'll check my e.mail address and get it changed. Thanks for the FYI! How are you doing on plan?

Fillise-In case you rad before going to the hospital "BEST OF LUCK" {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} Everything will be fine! Congratulations on your one year anniversary! That is so great!

ldblond-I can hook you up with the Queen on Mom Mary who is destined to be a saint! She has tons of Catholic books and would be happy to share her library I'm sure. Any friend of mine is a friend of hers!

BOB-Dan the Man wants to be in the PARTAY room in Vegas. I figue we can hook him and Eli up will large Columbian and they can chat about what nuts we all are! My son is going to look just like George Clooney when he grows up. We already call him "George" more than we do his real name! Wait til you see a mug shot of him. He's already a "ladies man". I call him "Pimp Daddy" because all the girls call HIM!!!! Something a good southern bell would never consider doing! Who the **** is Gabby Hayes????????? The suspense is killing me!

Annie-WELCOME!!!! Of course newbies are welcome!!! I have read all os S. SOmers books, and she has alot of great recipes. If you haven't tried the one for brussell sprouts it's a must. So simple and makes them taste great! I will have to plug that one on the recipe board. I haven't read your BIO yet, but look forward to learning about you. I heard someone mention you have a Bichon. I JUST saw a show on TV last night about BICHON's. They are sooooooo cute. I have what we call a "Floyd" He's 1/2 boxer 1/2 pitbull terrier and the cutest thing in the world!

Debs-What's this hair talk I hearing about. Did you actually make an appointment??? Something about "chunking"? Is it so difficult to get an extra MODE magazine and tear off one little page and send the picture to Palm Desert, CA???? What's a girl gotta do here? How did Michael's 1st day at school go? What's Lauren up to?

Sol-Where are you? Have you been working out at the gym so much that you haven't had time to post? Glad someone was a witness the Gatorgal is alive and walking! Have you heard back on any of your bloodwork???? Call that dang Dr.'s office up and ask them to send you a copy so you can share it with Nurse Nancy!

Frog-When are we going camping? We bought a new tent a couple of months ago and I'm getting cabin fever! Maybe we can pitch our gear in front of Caesars Palace??? So Spewer is unwed?
Does she have any kids (hope not)?

Sef-Is the painting all done? Home Depot Mr. came out to the house on Saturday and measured for new carpet. When we can actually afford to buy it is another thing! I have to paint first! Oh the joy! Tell your DS and DIL they can come on over and help at my place! Do you live in the country or city? You sound like you would enjoy still doing something. Maybe you could volunteer at the hospital? Or how about as a room helper at your GD school?

Well, need to sign off and get in the shower. I know I forgot someone...always do! Love you all, didn't mean it! Swear!
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