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This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the NEWEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our APRIL 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have FOUR INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often:





We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

WANT TO POST YOUR WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS INFO and BE COUNTED in our weekly totals of pounds lost?? Go to the WEEKLY WEIGH IN BOARD BELOW to post your stats!

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Just a quickie, will write after I get back from taking the kids to school and getting in my walk.

It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY and here's my contribution:


It pays to be a little skeptical in a world where people are constantly making all sorts of fantastic claims.

You certainly cannot believe all you read, or hear or see on television. Get-rich-quick schemes, miracle weight loss products, hot stock tips and other such things promise to quickly and easily solve problems with little or no effort. They seem so enticing, yet they usually turn out to be just enticement and nothing more. A healthy skepticism can save you from a lot of pain and disappointment.

When it comes to yourself and the possibilities for your own life and your ability to make those possibilities a reality, however, set your skepticism aside. What you believe is possible for your life, is possible. What you believe about yourself, is who you are. What you decide to accomplish, you will accomplish.

Allow yourself to believe in yourself. Allow yourself to believe that the best in life is possible for you. Let your belief infect, infuse and empower your thoughts, your actions, and your expectations. In your belief is the power to overcome whatever obstacles may stand in your way.

When the world promises you something, it's just common sense to temper your belief with a healthy skepticism. Yet when you make a promise to yourself, believe it with everything you have and you'll find a way to keep that promise.

-- Ralph Marston

Will check in later! Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week!

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Default A brand new week!


(at least, it will be Monday soon)

I’ll repeat, these days I always look forward to Mondays ‘cause it’s the start of a brand-new week and life is WONDERFUL!

Quilter/Kim, thanks for sharing the story of the chick who lost 100 lbs. That was really motivational. We have been trained to believe that over 90% of “diets” “fail” but since finding this board I’ve learned that there are a lot more successes out there than I would have thought possible. A few months ago I met a chick at OA who was anorexic. After talking to her I found out she used to be about 180 – 190 pounds. She certainly hadn’t conquered her eating disorder (just switched to a different one) but what impressed me was that her arms were extremely thin and smooth, with no trace of stretch marks or saggy skin. Since I’m rather obsessed with the skin issue it was good news to me that her skin was able to recover. (Of course she WAS pretty young.)

I loved the bike rider gif too. It’s my favorite of all the images I’ve been scoping lately.

You’ll be in the 160’s very soon! Having dipped into the 150’s I’m quite eager to stay there but the scale is being bad. I just need to stop being so eager, things will happen naturally. Thanks for the yoga links; must admit I wasn’t intrigued at this moment but I’ll get to reading it, however I enjoyed browsing Thrive Online in general.

Karen, Green Tea recipe: BAH HUMBUG. Celestial Seasonings puts out something called “honey lemon ginseng green tea” and I’ve been drinking it straight. It’s excellent.

Deb, so glad to hear you’re down another half pound! Probably will be another next time you post! Yes, I’m sure the tea must have had caffeine, but I usually have healthy doses of that drug anyway. Trying to cut down to so-called “natural” sources like coffee and tea.

Oh Deb, I didn’t even know the “tips and tools” and “motivational thoughts” threads were there until a week or so ago. Duh. Very enjoyable! Thanks to all of you!

Ashley, thanks for the insight on colds/allergies. Yes, please keep me informed. Don’t beat yourself up over the brownie. It’s a victory you were able to stop at one. I can understand that even the taste can be enough to throw you off though. But remember the big picture!

BOB, sounds like you are well on your way to making NON-SMOKING a habit. Did you know even tobacco is cured with sugar? And that sugar-cured tobacco (sugar speeds up the process) may contribute to lung cancer more than natural, air-cured tobacco.

Lisa, your Relay for Life experience was so moving! As for eating, you’re getting there! Sounds like you’re doing really well making what amounts to a drastic change from the way most Americans eat.

Beachfan/Anna, good for you for preparing ahead! I must say, beer is just about the hardest thing for me to give up, after Diet Coke and ice cream. I am not permanently eliminating any of these foods from my life, but abstinence seems the best thing for now.

Rhonda, BLENDER STUFF: although I’m cutting down on the iced foods now, I enjoyed my smoothie run. I always add some protein like (almost) pure protein powder, almonds, or fresh-ground peanut butter. Soy milk, (regular milk tends to bloat) frozen strawberries, blueberries, marionberries, carrots (I know illegal), frozen bananas (I know illegal)...some combination of those and a little bit of ice. Yum. Some things I haven’t tried but I’ve heard are good: celery, bell pepper and flaxseed. The idea is to mix fruits and veggies together...frozen strawberries are a good base for just about anything. You can add a little Splenda if you like.

I really need a food processor...tired of chopping onions!

Cheri...good for you on giving Sugar Busters a fair run! Bariatric surgery is stomach stapling? I’ll bet you will do fine in the next six months! And for the rest of your life, without sugar.

Rosalie/Marie, yep, I figured the “creamy wheat farina” was too good to be true. I will keep looking for the “Wheatina” stuff. Meanwhile I didn’t buy much of the cream of wheat (as we shall call it) and will probably go ahead and eat it in moderation.

The rest of the weekend

The bbq with friends today proved to be a challenge and I (with the anticipated support from all you girls and the help of higher power!!!) pulled through with flying colors!

The minute I got to my friends’ house I could tell there were going to be ticking time bombs everywhere. I was immediately offered beer and rum, of course, and here I couldn’t even ask for Diet Coke. I asked for water and that obstacle was hurdled. The appetizers were nachos and tortilla rolls with spinach/artichoke filling. Everybody was raving about the latter so I “couldn’t” pass them up. I carefully scraped the filling (which was good) from the inside of one and had one bite of beans/meat from the nachos. Next was the special wild/white rice blend that my friend (who is an excellent cook) made.

I passed that up with nobody noticing, and had bbq chicken (three small pieces) and LOTS of salad I made with green leaf lettuce, fresh basil, big chucks of orange, and walnuts (inspired by the strawberry salad that somebody, I can’t remember, posted about). The dressing was orange peel, lemon juice, and almond oil. Very fresh and clean tasting. I did have a very small spoon of fruit flavored cottage cheese but it was nasty so that was no temptation.
Preached a little bit about how my headaches have nearly disappeared since letting go of sugar, but otherwise tried not to be too obnoxious.

The other news is that Saturday night, I OFFICIALLY removed the ice cream maker from the freezer, where it was taking up space and ready to go for another batch! Also ate the last of my “stash” which is a good and bad thing. I stored the machine away and am ready to remove that obstacle from my life. I will eventually re-incorporate sf ice cream, but for now it’s full speed ahead and NOTHING, I mean nothing, is going to get in the way of my reaching my goal.

Regarding my problems concentrating at work, I have a partial solution. I realized that I was spending way too much energy being angry that things like the filing weren’t getting done, and then of course doing them out of anger. Well, I realized that the situation is totally my fault for letting my priorities get out of order. My job is to do sales and if the filing doesn’t get done, it’s somebody else’s responsibility. Affirmations have also proven powerful in the past and before I go to work, I’m going to spend a few minutes going over what my priorities are and sending those positive thoughts into my brain that I CAN do it. I’m making the transition from admin support to sales and that means I have to think on my feet and be totally self-motivated...I’m not going to change overnight and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.

Have a GREAT week everybody, and I shall see you Tuesday night!



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Good health . . . the best gift you can give to your kids

America today drugs her children with sugar and distracts them with toys ever more complicated and expensive.

Video games are mind-boggling in their sophistication. Television is carefully designed to be addictive. Parents truck their children to school in sport utility vehicles and mini-vans because it’s “too dangerous” for kids to ride their bikes these days.

Billions of dollars of marketing and product development go into creating hybrid products that are half food, half toys. My favorite is a hollow chocolate ball filled with sugar candies, produced by chocolate giant Nestle. They tried to fill the ball with little plastic toys, but that product presented a choking hazard to young children and was recalled. Snack foods and even TV dinners come in cute animal shapes.

What do these toy foods contain? Normally, they are highly processed and contain ingredients adults can’t pronounce. Food additives created a major scandal back in the early 1900s, when food manufacturing was becoming a major industry in America. Today, everybody knows about food additives and no one cares, so long as they have been sanctioned by the FDA.

The result: Children are faced with the “double whammy” of not enough exercise and too much processed foods. They may turn into chubby little creatures and get teased by their classmates, which damages their already fragile self-esteem. A combination of many factors can cause these children to become very obese adults. However, when they are young, they may be able to avoid this fate unless they are genetically predisposed to obesity. The real damage occurs later in life.

How many of you are, or know, women who were slim until they had a couple of children and then suddenly ballooned? No magic: a change in habits and body chemistry combined so that the body is no longer able to handle an overdose of sugar and other processed foods. People of “normal weight” usually don’t change until they get start to get fat or are faced with other health problems caused by of out-of-control nutrition. Even at that point, many don’t have the discipline to turn their lives around. They run the risk of becoming unable to care for themselves, and a burden to their children, in addition to passing on atrocious eating habits.

Even if they do change their eating habits, it’s too late for THEIR children, the next victims of a downward spiral that gets worse with every generation. The children have been raised to expect sugar and processed foods. Mommy goes on a “diet” but “depriving” the children of sugar is too much for her to face, so she cooks separate meals for the little darlings. Her real motivation is that she is unable to handle the children without using the mind-numbing drug they have become accustomed to.

How many of us “try” to maintain a sugar-free lifestyle while buying ice cream, cookies, candy and muffins “for the kids?” How many of us “follow the plan” while bringing donuts to office gatherings and chocolate cake to picnics? How many of us ban sugar from our mouths and yet see no problem poisoning others?

As a child I thought myself disgustingly fat at four years old. From the age of 9 to 24 I suffered from the worst acne you can imagine. I would have done anything to be rid of it. For most of my teenage years, I was constantly sick with colds and the flu. In my early twenties, I was so depressed over my weight and other things that I ate myself up to over 215 pounds and became suicidal. Ironic that when we are depressed over weight we eat to make it better!

A big part of my depression was that I believed there was a lack in my moral fiber that caused all these problems. If only I had known that it wasn’t entirely my fault! Because I was overfed sugar as a young child, my body chemistry was so out of whack that I craved sugar all the time. When we were very poor, I would eat a mixture of butter, powdered sugar and peanut butter, or even Crisco and powdered sugar, by the cupful. When my grandmother in Hawaii would send up chocolate covered macadamia nuts, I would eat the whole thing with no regard to my younger brother and sister, from whom I was stealing. My mother’s friend bought my sister a box of Whitman’s candy once, and although I knew I shouldn’t do it, I ate the whole thing. The friend was furious and bought my sister a silver jewelry box to make up for it. When I made my own money I bought boxes and bags of candy to support my habit, eating up to a pound a day, but usually a quarter to a half pound.

If I had known that simply eliminating sugar from my life would cure my uncontrollable cravings, cause me to melt down naturally to my ideal weight, cure my severe acne, and dramatically lessen the number of days I spent sick with viral and bacterial infections, I would have saved myself years of agony and severe, chronic depression.

My children, when I have them, will be raised without sugar from birth (if I can keep them away from my mother!) I can’t protect them from everything, but they won’t experience the pain I went through as a sugar addict.

All of you love your children and would do anything for them. Instead of giving them all the “toys” money can buy, give them the gift of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Children develop healthy self-esteem when they are good at it soccer, track, ballet, acting or playing the piano. Help them to find their talent.

At the same time, take care of your own health so that you will be strong and healthy well into your golden years. You children won’t have to take care of you. They will be proud of you. You’ll be a good example to them.

It is a great blessing that I have found support for a sugar-free lifestyle at the age of 27, when I am still relatively young and healthy and haven’t had kids yet. Yes, my teens and early twenties were agony. But by changing course now, I’ve saved myself from the effects of years of yo-yo dieting, including ravaged skin and an out-of-whack metabolism. I now have the energy to achieve great goals in life instead of spending all my time being obsessed with my weight.

~ written by Chris
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Although (so far) Sugar Blues does not specifally recommend eating fruit alone, this passage sheds some light on the logic of eating fruit alone, as Sugar Busters recommends. It also explains the discomfort experienced by some of us when we do “slip” and eat sugar:

From Sugar Blues by William Duffy, page 182:

Sugar of all kinds – natural sugars, such as those in honey and fruit (fructose) as well as the refined white stuff (sucrose) tends to arrest the secretion of gastric juices and have an inhibiting effect on the stomach’s natural ability to move. Sugars are not digested in the mouth, like cereals, or in the stomach, like animal flesh. When taken alone, they pass quickly through the stomach into the small intestine. When sugars are eaten with other foods – perhaps meat and bread in a sandwich, they are held up in the stomach for a while. The sugar in the bread and the Coke sit there with the hamburger and the bun waiting for them to be digested. While the stomach is working on the animal protein and the bread, the addition of the sugar practically guarantees rapid acid fermentation under the conditions of warmth and moisture existing in the stomach.

One lump of sugar in your coffee after a sandwich is enough to turn your stomach into a ferment. One soda with a hamburger is enough to turn your stomach into a still. Sugar on cereals – whether you buy it already sugared in a box or add it yourself – almost guarantees acid fermentation. Since the beginning of time, natural laws were observed, in both senses of that word, which it came to eating food in combination. Birds have been observed eating insects at one period in the day and seeds at another. Other animals tend to eat one food at a time. Flesh-eating animals take their protein raw and straight.

In the Orient, it is traditional to eat yang before yin. Miso soup (yang-fermented soybean protein) for breakfast; raw fish (more yang protein) at the beginning of the meal; afterwards comes the rice (which is less yang than the miso and fish); and then the vegetables which are yin. If you ever eat with a traditional Japanese family and you violate this order, the Orientals (if your friends) will correct you courteously but firmly.

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Good morning everyone!!!! Hope everybody is up and fresh as daisies. (How fresh are daisies as opposed to other flowers?????)

Weighed in this morning at 171. So I’m up one pound, but that’s okay. It’s TOM, so who knows what will happen. Hopefully, it will be back down on Wednesday for the official record.

LISA---Thanks for the report on Relay for Life. How wonderful for you all to be a part of something that makes such a difference. I did have to laugh a little when you said you were making grocery lists in your head. Have never done that, but will defintely try it the next time I need to take an emotional breather. How clever you are. I’ll bet Ross was in his glory getting to be the one to cut the ribbon. As always, sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

BEACH---Way to go on the big furniture sale! WOW!!! Did you make more money than the woman having the sale?????

RHROO---Sounds like a busy “day of rest” you are having. DH and I started riding bikes last summer. I really like it, but only when there are NO hills. LOL!!! That yard work will really firm the butt all that bending and stretching!!!!

CHERI---I’m so happy to hear of your commitment to six months being 100% on program. It sounds like you have been giving this a lot of thought and that you are really ready to get to work. Thanks so much for asking abou Jackie. What a good memory you have. And how sweet of you to remember her. She is doing okay. Had a Chemo treatment this week. Has had a few side effects, the biggest one being that it’s doing a number on her immune system. She had to go and have shots to boost that back up. She has two weeks on treatment and two weeks off. The off weeks was when they saw the immune ssystem bottom out. She said that she felt okay during all of that. They are telling her to keep very aware of germs and keeping her hands clean. Stuff like that. She has four kids and I pray that none of them bring home anything contagious. At least they are all old enough to know about keeping their hands clean. Good luck at the OA meeting. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

ROSALIE---Yes, we heard about you and Deb not getting to talk last night. Paul and I were both online. I could not get DEB to come through on my machine, but was able to talk to her on Paul’s. I think there is a problem with my machine. (Guess who’s got the faster better newer machine at our house????) Anyways, hopefully when we get a free moment and Paul is available we can try to figure out the problem. I think now that you have the newest version of AIM, you should not have any problems from your end.

CHRIS---Glad you benefitted from the story about the woman who lost 100 pounds. I wish you all could see how great she looked. She had this huge beautiful smile on her face. And that face was true happiness because she was now healthy. That’s what it’s all about. Getting healthy and truly taking care of our wonderful bodies!

Take care everyone. Hope this turns out to be a great week for everyone and that we all have BIG losses on WIW!!! I’ll be back later this evening for a check in.
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Good morning Everyone.

no I have not disapeared I am just trying to recover from the move on the weekend. It went well though I am a little sore. We went out for dinner on Saturday.I was not great but it could have been worse. I did not gain anything . The move and all the gardening had to have helped. I was outside for hours yesterday. THe gardens are starting to look pretty good.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how many threads there were since early Saturday morning.You people are very dedicated which is what I need. Some other threads people donot reply for days.

Today I am truly motivated. I have been in a denial mode. And I think that is what has caused the 4 pound weight gain. The alcohol is a killer for me, which suggest that could be a problem. Which it really is not. So no more wine until it is a special occasion. I love hearing about all your successes. It really is motivating. It makes you realize that you can do it .

So anyway thank you. I am ready to go. The exercise has never been a problem for me. I am very active. Which has probably saved me over the years.

I will check in again later on today
Have a super day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi gals!

I haven't posted in awhile...been real busy around here. Plus, my e-mail has been down and the computer giving me fits, so I've been avoiding it altogther, rather than letting it frustrate me.

My journey through this "fat fog" is just getting better and better. I have something that's been weighing heavy on my heart and would like to share with ya'll. I hope ya'll don't mind. When I got back on the weight loss wagon, I was so tuned in to what the scale was telling me, that I was despondent if the numbers didn't read like I wanted them too. This all came to a great big head 3 weeks ago, when after a week of not weighing, at my husbands request, I had not lost, but gained! I fussed, cursed, complained...much wailing and gnashing of teeth! Well, my husband pointed out something to me that I already knew, but wasn't applying, You see, I am a christian, and I know that I have to trust in God's perfect will for my life. I know that He want's me to be in the best health I can be, and to gain that good health, I need to remember to put Him before anything else. I had basically been putting that big scale on a bigger pedestal than I had God. I was eating everything "right"(with the exception of my little excursion to the hamburger joint that gave me a terrible sugar hangover!), exercising "right", but I still put my faith on those numbers the scale showed me. Well, since that revelation, I have tried my very best to keep God "in the loop", so to speak, and I've given the glory of every ounce, every pound lost, to Him. When I got on the scale Saturday morning, I had lost 7 pounds since my hissy fit at the scale that fitful morning 3 weeks ago. In total, since I began in January, (with probably 1 month or so "off" program, before and after our move), I have lost 20 pounds!! And I have gone from a size 20, into 18's comfortably. I even SQUEEZED into a pair of 16's of my 15 year old daughter!

I spoke with a good friend back in Texas yesterday. She has been way overweight for all the 12 years I've known her. I haven't seen her since her daughter's wedding back in August of last year. She has lost 40 pounds since Feb. 3!! I was/am so excited for her! It sounds like what she is doing is basically SB. It is a program called the Prism...anyone heard of it? I think it has a biblical approach w/ counseling that goes w/ it. I'm just tickled pink for her! She had terrible ankle problems that prevented her from being very active, and now she is walking 3 miles daily!

Anyway...I know I don't post very often anymore, so I hope no one minded my little testimonial. I just really felt that I needed to share the secret to my success! oH, and I'm also changing my goal weight! I'm not stopping when I get to 160! I'm going all the way!

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It's me again!

Kids are at school, I got my 4.5 miles in between taking the two to school. Good walk, a bit muggy and overcast, but better than the blistering heat we're going to have soon!

Happy to report I'm down another 1/2lb making me only 1.5lbs from my goal I've been more conscience of drinking my water and eating enough fiber lately. Not sure if that's helping, but it sure can't be hurting! When I look back on my WC program, I see that I really have only lost 2.5lbs so far this month. It's coming off very slowly now, but still, coming off. I realize that to lose a pound after I reach my goal may now take me 2-3 weeks-not too bad.

I received an e-mail from a woman who had a Dr. recommend SB to her and she found our site. She noticed I was in Miami, where she is as well. Just got an e-mail from her, she lives about 3-4 miles from my area, I think. BIGO, she quit smoking about a year ago, I believe and is now ready to work on losing the 30lbs she gained. I told her about your quitting and she said she'd love to speak with you, so if you want her e-mail, just let me know! She was a smoker for 42 years she said, and quit with the help of a internet support board. I told her to call me since she's local-so I could be of some help

SPARKLE, you were right, I am down anothe 1/2lb! Make sure you check out the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD as well. All the board links are always in the very first post of the week. Have you ever seen the ZYLISS food choppers? I love mine! I chop all types of things with it. I thought about you when I got a new book that has a couple ice cream recipes Thanks for the article on kids eating, I should show my kids that one-they'd probably toss it in the trash though. Your insight was much like my own when I was growing up. Thanks for the Sugar Blues excerpt as well. Loved you fairy gif!!!

QUILTER, got your e-mail and will contact VIV. I'll respond to you on the board about the cake. Since starting SB I can tell you that I have had 2 Weddings, 2 Bar Mitzvah's, a Baptism, different Showers and countless birthday parties, all having what looked like delicious cakes. Not one of those cakes, no matter how beautiful and/or delicious they looked, tempted me at all. I want this weight loss more than I want any cake. There will be other times in the future that will allow me to indulge if I want, but not at this time. I don't feel for one second that I missed out on anything by not eating any of the desserts I possibly could of over the past 13 months. I have learned that it's not the food that makes you have a good time, it's the people. I'm sure as you are around all your family and friends at your nieces wedding, that's what you should focus on, being with them and having a great time-not on if you should eat the cake. I'm sure you'll get through it fine, and if you do eat some, it won't be the end of the world! Oh yes, at this moment, I'm not smelling like a daisy, more like a rotten fruit!

GARDEN, glad you have a nice weekend, though being sore doesn't sound fun. The board is a bit slow on the weekends, but we still have many people post. I personally would have withdrawls if I didn't post all weekend. I don't know what I will do should I ever go on vacation and not be able to post while I was away!!! That's good you are making wine available for special occasions-I'm sure you will see better results when having it just from time to time. Hope you have a good week!

SAS, glad to see your wonderful loss since January-that's a great amount of weight-I've only lost 14 pounds since then, so you are doing well. Wherever you find your strength, keep finding it. We all do something different, but we are all going for the same results. Never heard of Prism, though I'm sure you may be able to find info on it on the web.

It's SHOWER TIME for me! I'll check in with you all later on. Tomorrow is TUESDAY TIPS so if you have any interesting and/or helpful tips you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow!


Have a great day!

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Default We're in the money!!!!!!!

Happy Monday Morning.........

NOOOOO, we didn't win the lotto BUT, DH is finally getting back his racing "mojo". He was runner up yesterday - WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! 1500.00 isn't too shabby for 4-5 hrs work. We were to the point of frustration with how the race car had been performing etc, and we were about to hang it up. All the money spent on parts and entry fees with no wins starts to wear us down. Thank the Lord for taking the monkey off our backs.

Sara - I want to thank you for sharing your story. We humans tend to have a problem with turning things over to the Lord. By nature, we just seem to want to control everything and work it all out ourselves. As your testimony shows, releasing that control always pays off with blessings.

Well, as I find myself still trying to get caught up from a few unfinished projects fromm last week.......This week is a fresh NEW week filled with opportunities to tie up those unfinished matters. With that said, I am going to get going and complete one of the projects

From time to time,
we all feel a little disappointed with
our lives and perhaps the people in them.
We start questioning our daily routines;
a sense of loneliness touches our hearts,
and we wonder what life is really all about.
When you reach this point in your life,
take a moment and forget about
what has gone before...
and start believing in
what you really want today.
It is by redirecting our lives that
we can keep ourselves headed
in the right direction,
and it is by standing still that
we allow time to just pass us by.
It is looking at a sunrise or a sunset
and appreciating its beauty for ourselves
that enables us to understand
some of life's mysteries.
No two people see the world the same
way, nor do they think or feel or even
experience things around them
with the same exact perception.
Don't try to mold yourself or your life
into a design that isn't you;
rather, paint your days
with all the colors you so desire
and enjoy the artwork that
you alone can create.
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Just a quick one!!! (ya right!) I just did my Firm tape pant pant!! I am going out to rake up some leaves then comming back in here to fumagate! LOL Did well this week end i guess! stayed with my point range (for WW) had some run ins with chocolate but not gonna kick myself. I have had my "friend" so i am blaming that! Hope it leaves town before wendsday i am counting on antoher 1/2 lb!

Deb-yeah!!!!!!! your soooooo close take what you can get while you can you know how your body is!!! I have read alot latley that when you can't budge those last lbs maybe that should be your goal weight! i am soooo proud you didn't give up and I AM NOT EITHER! people have told me i look good enough-they just don't get it! I saw a woman at the supermarket (an older woman) who knows me from sports she goes for her grandson-anyway she said "oh my i almost didn't recognize you" "your still walking i see! You must have lotst 20,30. lbs?!" i told her noooooo 59 she was shocked!!! i felt good too! I also used to see her on our bike path here!! those complements keep me going!

Sparkle-You mentioned kids and sugar before and i ment to reply to it! You are soooo right. My hubby has a BAD habit of buy candy for my kids (less latley) well when i took my 5 yr old to the dentist 2 weeks ago and she was poking around i got nervous. Not to mention an 11 yr old who i have to nag to brush. My 14 yr old has braces and all his adult teeth and NO cavitys soooo this sugar stuff gets me going. Yes i did fill their basket with sugar (bad me) I do buy the treats for their lunch but they take gogurt, applesauce, slim jims, pudding -this stuff still has sugar but i think its less than some other stuff out there. I am on a Soda (pop you might call it) kick too. I started to try and get them totally off it. they drink tons of water, fruit juice has just as much or more sugar than soda which makes me mad what else are they going to drink? I switched to diet soda and they don't mind. They are i noticed drinking less though. I also buy the flavored water at walmart which is more expensive but makes me feel better. My two youngest do have my fat gene!!! so i am hoping this will help!!! I also agree that you need to start when they are babies! i guess we all live and learn!!! don't get me started on cereal!!!!!! thanks for the info!!

SAs- Miss ya!!!! are you adjusting to New england? Hubby is soooo right!!! I am a Christian also where do you attend??? I grew up in the Church of Christ. Keep it up!!!!! 130 here you come!

Amser-sounds like a fun week end!!!! glad hubby had a good race!!

Gardengirl-come plant my garden!!! after i get the leaves up!!! Alchol is a killer!!!! Beer is a NO NO! i think in the book it says not to touch the stuff when you start Sugarbusters. It is hard to do sometimes we just have to deal with the gains when we indulge! keep up the good work!!!

gotta go out side before i lose my oomph!!!! keep up the good work!!

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Hey Rhonda

Thanks for your support. I just thought that I would say quickly that I am concerned about giving your kids Aspartame. If you are in the USA you can buy Diet Rite which has Splenda in it and it is so much better for you. We cannot get it in Canada which is really hard . Whenver someone goes to the States they get it for us. I was addicted to Diet Coke. I was having night sweats anxiety attacks , general poor health,. I was also putting Sweet and Low in my coffee and tea. I quit cold turkey aspartame. Boy was I sick. All of my illnesses vanished and I feel great. After feeling better I started to diet and I have lost some weight.

Anyway just so you are aware. I do not mean to lecture. There is some interesting reading on the internet about aspartame and children.

sorry for babbling
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Default Good MondayMorning!

It is nice to read all the successes on the board this morning! That, by itself, makes for a pretty motivational Monday!

I'm slow getting started this morning. Hope to increase the energy when I go to the gym at lunchtime.

Cheri--I'm so thrilled that you are going to committ to SB for 6 months before trying the surgery. I think you will be pleased by the results. Having your family's support will be really helpful too! Remember that we will alsobe here for you every step of the way!

Debbie---Wooo Hooo! Only 1.5 to go!

Sara--Wooo Hooo to you too! It always helps to get your priorities in order!

I'm hoping that we get to hear from Star this week. I know You've been traveling--but I miss hearing from you!

July 10, 2000
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Default quick

Hi Everyone...
Deb said I should just get on and say a quick hello which is against my nature, but here I gooooooo...I really prefer to answer people...

I have no time for anything now,. and I am trying to arrange to get to CA to see my even more stress than usual. He will hav ea lobectomy, which is removal of one of the lobes of the lung.

I have been totally OP for 4 days now altho the weight is till 2 lbs more than when I left for FLA. I think exercise will help....but that is coming last nowadays...I did get upthis AM an dwalk before I got ready for work. Let's see how long I can keep that up.

I have been getting on and reading the board and want to say Way TO GO for the continued commitment!

Back to work, sorry....
Simsbury, CT
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I have just a minute to say hello and wish everyone a GREAT WEEK! Hopefully, I will get to go weight and I will let you know.

Sara: Your post really meant a lot to me. I tend to want to do everything "myself" and I love it when I get reminded I can do nothing by myself. It really helps to know that when I am struggling I can turn it over. Thanks again!!

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