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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 9/2-9/8

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please take some time to check out our extensive recipe boards. Our RECIPE BOARDS can be located at the link below:

We have SEVEN INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!! The boards are listed below as well as the link that will take you to the boards:


We also have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on which is located on our weekly support board:

Then there's our latest addition to the SB BOARDS which is called OFF THE EATEN PATH This board is for everything NOT related to SB. You can use this board to post questions or comments on just about anything (okay, within reason). A book you recommend, a cleaning tip, a great website deal, etc. etc. Here's the link:

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, there were three that I thought were very worthy to be posted today, I hope you enjoy reading them all and the messages they convey:


Think of a time when you were truly determined. Think of a time when you were willing to do whatever had to be done, in order to get the results you had decided upon.

Visualize that time, put yourself back in that circumstance, and feel, once again, the driving power of your own determination. Experience, once again, the confidence which comes with being so determined that nothing can stop you.

Now imagine what that same level of determination could do for you today. Imagine what would happen if you applied the power of determination to your current situation.

Think of all the obstacles and difficulties you could move on past. Think of all the positive, valuable goals you could reach.

Being determined, and staying determined, is hard work. And yet it is powerful, productive work that gets you where you want to go.

You know how powerful and energizing your determination can feel, and you know the valuable results it can bring. So call it up, put it to use, and take yourself with determination to those places where you truly want to go.

-- Ralph Marston


Right now, this very moment, you have a choice. It's not a big choice -- it's just a very small, seemingly insignificant choice -- yet the consequences of that choice can be enormous. The choice you have, the question you must answer, is this. How will you spend this moment?

It's not really a matter of choosing between what is easy and what is difficult. Even the most difficult objective can be broken down into easily achievable steps. It's not a matter of choosing between what is simple and what is complex. Even the most complex of ambitions can be broken down into small, simple tasks.

Your choice for how to spend this moment, and the moments that follow, comes down to a matter of what is truly important to you. Upon what do you wish to focus the power of your attention, your commitment, your energy, your thoughts, your efforts and your time?

This moment will pass quickly, regardless of what you do with it. You can choose to use it to the fullest and move yourself forward, or you can choose to just stand still and let it go by. The extra effort, the extra energy required to make the most of this brief moment is so small as to not even be noticed. Yet when you put forth that effort, when you make use of this moment, and the moment that follows it, and the moments that follow that, the results can be truly astounding.

-- Ralph Marston


What you can imagine, you can accomplish. It can be done. Yes, it's very likely that there are difficult obstacles standing in your way. Still, it can be done. Perhaps no one has ever done it before. Yet it most certainly can be done. Maybe no one believes you can do it. Even so, when you believe in it and commit to it, when you are ready to do whatever is necessary, it can indeed be done.

Go ahead and connect yourself solidly to whatever you truly treasure most in life. Consider the most positive, meaningful, fulfilling possibilities you can imagine, and begin to make them happen. The best of those possibilities are yours to fulfill. Think of the incredible value you can bring to the world by doing so.

Every moment of every day you are committed to something, you are working toward something. So imagine the very best of your possibilities, stay focused on them, and work your way steadily there. Know that it can be done, and spend your days making it happen.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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We have a slew of birthday's this month many during this next week and many sharing birth days!

Please join along with me in wishing the following board members a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sept 3 - FILLISE
Sept 3 JENN
Sept 4 MUSIC
Sept 8 MELF
Sept 9 JRED
Sept 18 SERENE

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I'm excited...I've never been the first to post!!!!

Debbie has jinxed me with her restlessness..I can't seem to get comfortable. I'm sleepy, but my back feels like it's breaking lying in bed!


Hope everyone has a good week...lots of birthdays....

I'm going to try the mattress again...hope it works!


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Good Monday Morning! Here's my MM contribution...

When people make changes in their lives in a certain area, they may start by changing the way they talk about that subject, how they act about it, their attitude toward it, or an underlying decision concerning it.
--Jean Illsley Clarke

Acting "as if" is powerful. It leads the way to a changed attitude, a changed woman. If we are self-conscious in crowds and fearful about meeting new people and yet act poised and extend our hands in friendship, we'll not only behave in a new way, but feel good about it, too. Each act we take in this way brings us closer to the person we are behaving like. Each positive change we make builds our self-esteem. Realizing that through our own actions we are becoming the kind of person we admire gives us strength.
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Thumbs down Monday Morning!

Hello all! I hope everyone is off to a good start this week--especially since today will be a holiday for most of us. I've actually had a weekend this week--it will be the last one for a long long time--at least until November!

Yesterday was good--Belle and I curled up for long naps on the futon while watching the race--my Jeffie-poo won (just as a b-day present for me, I'm sure ). Only two more weeks until the Sopranos starts its new season--Yeah! Today I must vacum off the futon and freshen it up as it goes to its new home. Tomorrow my new sofa will be delivered! I am serisouly considering ordering the chair to match today, while the sale is still going on!

BOB--I see you are still wound up from Saturday! I don't think it was Deb that got you agititated, I think it was the rush from watching the Vols finally hitting the field! You can watch Auburn tonight!

Missy--so sorry. I was pulling for LSU!

Deb--good motivational thoughts today! I especially like the one about choices. I'm also liking the new digital scale too. Not just because it shows me losing (actually it is up .5 this morning), but because it doesn't bounce around like the analog scale did. It picks a number and tells me--no guessing which side of the line the needle is on--or it moving even as I lean over to see the reading. Even if I step on this scale three times it gives me the exact same reading--the analog scale did not. I was alwoays trying to figure out which was correct. It says it has a "lifetime" battery--we'll see.

McJonJon--you are funny girl! I didn't get a new hairbrush to go with the new scale--but maybe I should! I'm glad to have you on the board! I also recommend the food scale too--I'm learning so much about portions by just weighing my food--especially meat! Last night I broiled a steak. Normally I would just buy whatever is in the meat counter and cook as is--often eating 10, 12, or even (YIKES!) 16 oz of meat! Lastnight I weighed the steak and cut it in half--I got 5 5/8 oz uncooked--which cooked down to about 4.5 oz. THAT's a proper portion--not 11 ounces--which I would have scarfed down without a second thought. You know what--I was also satisfied with the smaller portion. I had steak and butterbeans. I ate about 7:00 and did not get hungry the rest of the evening.

SEF--I like iceskating too! I was heartbroken when Michelle Kwan didn't win the gold in the Olympics. I think Kwan is just a beautiful skater and I look forward to being able to watch herfor the grace and joy and not have to worry about competition.

JENN--I"m still thinking about you! I hope the surgery recovery is progressing well, the house closing went smoothly (talk about your big weeks!) and that you are looking forward to a good birthday tomorrow! (The best birthday of the year, I should think! ).

VIV--I just won my first ebay auction this weekend. I got a Hall mark Wizard of Oz tinman ornament. Kind of fun--what sort of things do you sell there?

I hope everyone has a good week!

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BOB is dragging her tired old arse around and making no headway!!!

FINALLY went to sleep after 5 a.m. and then SKEETER needed to
go to the potty and toughed it out as long as he could. Drug my
butt out of bed at about 9:20 a.m. Then he had the nerve to be I just stayed up and will PRAY for sleep in the normal setting tonight! SO GLAD I didn't have to GO TO WORK!!!

SUSAN... DEFINATELY GET THE CHAIR TO MATCH!!!! You'll be sorry if you don't...
Yes, I'm ready for your game tonight..It's going to have to go a long way to beat JACKIE'S game last night...Did you catch any of that?
I'm with you on eating too much steak!!! Went to ALBERTSON'S yesterday and they had T-BONES and RIBEYES on sale and I bought two of each...of course, I could feed a small third world country with them! I LOVE RED MEAT COOKED ON THE GRILL!!!

JENN...hope you're feeling better. Now you can look forward to your wedding and your new house withouth the fear of a gallbladder attack!

Where are all you people today????? must be REALLY turned posted on last weeks board...Don't you just hate three day weekends? I got up thinking this was Sunday! Have a good day off my friend...Tomorrow you head back into little monster land

I'm off to do some laundry...that will include the little four legged
devil furbaby!!

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I'm back from my NAVY weekend.

BOB: I'm crushed!!!! You forgot to mention my Midshipmen!!!! WE BEAT SMU 38-7!!! Granted, the teams are probably at the bottom of everyone's list, but with a record of 1 and 20, the victory was most definitely sweet. The Dallas Morning News said it was the biggest victory for the Navy since the Gulf War. Some Navy traditions: Plebes doing push-ups for every score, Plebes betting against upperclass for Navy wins, singing Anchors' Away in the locker room (first time since Dec. 2000 for that one). We had some very happy MIDS in Dallas Saturday night.

Quilter: So sorry to hear of your ailment. You need to concentrate on getting your body back in sync, the exercise can begin again. Three days is better than none.

McJJ: I will eat zuchinni, just don't like the taste so it's not something I'll cook. I love other types of squash, especially the yellow crook-neck squash.

Rose: So happy you checked in. When are you headed back this way? Our summer waited 'til September to appear. It's been a hot one here, lately.

Melf: So glad DS is improving and I'll have her DIL in my prayers.

Sef: Was it just my brower, or did your brick-layer joke really appear on the board multiple times? It was a funny one!

Fruit: Congrats on your new job. Those kinds of jobs are a fun challenge and keep our creative juices going. Not that staying a step ahead of the little ones doesn't. It's nice to be able to do something totally different. So sorry about LSU, can they still play like that when it's time to take on my HOGS ?!

Fillise and Jenn: HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow. I won't be able to get on here until late tomorrow and I don't want my fellow September birthday girls to think I forgot them.

I need to move my rear and get some laundry done this morning. DDs need more school supplies. The 8th grader has to create a 3-D project of Bilbo Hobbit's journey. "The Hobbit" was her summer reading assignment and the projects didn't take long to come! I decided I should read the book too, so I started a couple of weeks ago, but there are too many distractions and I haven't gotten very far.

Later Ladies and Gent.
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Happy Labor Day y'all. It was sooo nice to sleep in this morning. Dennis and James have gone to Home Depot, about an hour away, and will be gone all day, so it's just me and the girls. We've been to the park this morning. That's where I got in my exercise. Many trips up the huge slide to go down with Maggie. It's hot here now tho, so we're in for the rest of the day. We have the big cookout planned when the boys get home. Grilling some chicken and sausage. I'm making some potato salad for Dennis, but none for me. Doesn't even sound good.

FILLISE and JENN: Happy Birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a good one.

HEART: You did better than I did resisting those chips. We ate at Mexican restaurant Sat. and the chips won.
I have to confess that they were really good tho.

JEANIE: Congrats on the NAVY win. They whomped up on SMU. Have a good week with the munchkins this week. I'm gearing up for a Sept 11 memorial program that the 2nd graders are doing. Not much time to get ready.

Gotta go do laundry on my "day off". Check in later.
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Is anybody exercising today?

I thought the Clemson-UGA game was also pretty exciting. UGA pulled it off, but it was touch and go. I'm happy that UK held up the honor of the SEC. Louisville's team did not help their QB at all, poor guy. He was a terrific player, but it takes 10 more men to make a team. What patsy did Ewe Tea play this week? Probably the same kind of patsy that UF did. It was fun watching the first game of a new era, but I think we have a long season in front of us. Next week--Miami.

Don't have any original Motivational saying at the moment, so I'll post one that is always good:
The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the present moment.

Have a great LD.
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YA KNOW....I really like not smoking, but I've been sick more in the last year than I ever was while I was smoking! I've managed
to get a cold...I guess the high sore throat for the last few days was NOT from SLEEPING with my MOUTH OPEN!!! I was sick my last three day weekend....MEMORIAL DAY...remember???? I had the left sided infection???? This time, I'm sweating bullits, and the right side is running like a marathon! nose....eye....UGH!

JEANIE....I'm so sorry that I forgot about your NAVY guys...I'll try to do better....My ORANGE BUDDIES play the HOGS in the next few weeks..we can really banter then!!!

GATOR...didn't get to see your game...wasn't on would think that a monumental occassion like HOOK...oops..I mean ZOOK would rate at least the SUN NETWORK????

I just got thru bathing the DEVIL DOG!!! ..the little poop head actually growled at me while he was in the tub! BUT now he's fast asleep on his bed and tucked in and snuggly...

Better get back to my chores!!

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Default Monday Afternoon

Happy Holiday you all!!! Hope everybody is doing well. Weíve had a pretty great weekend. But all good things must come to an end. (I hate that saying!) Yesterday we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was SO FUNNY!!! We laughed through 95 percent of the movie. Really cute and entertaining. DH loved it. He spend the rest of the evening speaking with what he thought was a greek accent. (He was failing miserably, but I didnít have the heart to tell him.) When he saw Slingblade he talked like Carl for a week. Whatever floats his boat! LOL

Today we came over to my MILís for an afternoon meal. Right now SIL is taking a nap. Sheís two weeks away from her due date, so those power naps are very necessary. And DH is giving MIL a computer lesson. (An exercise in frustration for him!) Iím just sitting here fighting heavy eyelids and waiting for the time to eat the SF cheesecake. I canít wait! But then again, I am always ready to eat that stuff. Delightful, delicious!!!

Well, I donít have any motivational quote for today. But I just wanted to share something with you. I have really been tempted to eat illegal for the past couple of weeks. I say this knowing that Iíve been tempted since starting SB, but lately Iíve been giving each temptation more and more thought. Like I might see something that looks yummy, and before I would immediately turn away. Lately I have been just sitting there and staring at it for a bit. Thinking about actually eating whatever it was. A few times Iíve even gone so far as saying to myself, ďOh, the **** with it. Iím just going to cheat.Ē Really truly wanted to just bag the whole deal and eat whatever. But then this ďthingĒ inside keeps reminding me how poisonous that sugar is for me and how I should avoid it like the plague. Then I sort of slump my shoulders, sigh and turn away. Or go for a celery stick or something like that. Iím not proud of getting this close to cheating. I felt like I needed to confess to you all. Tell me, what should my pennance be?

BOB----Sorry to hear that you are sick again. What a bummer!!! Tell that Skeeter that heíd better watch himself because heís going to really be in the doghouse if he keeps up that growling business. Did I tell you Maddie tore up her bed a few weeks ago. It was totally unintentional, but it was a mess. So I made her a new one yesterday out of really heavy denim. She hates it. Refused to get on it for even a second. Lucky for her she had a change of heart. When we woke up this morning, she actually was sleeping on it. Hey, I thought you said there was no time for movies this weekend. How did you manage to sneak in four??? You are a pro.

GATOR---Thanks for that motivation. I think itís absolutely perfect and short enough that I may be able to memorize it and use it as a mantra! Thatís if my brain can work that hard. LOL

FILLISE----How exciting that you are getting new furniture. I LOVE that feeling! What a great birthday present. I think if you want the chair and it fits in your room, then you should get the chair. Get it now while you still can. Does Miss Belle shed a lot?

DEB---Thanks for keeping us all straight about birthdays. What a nice thing to do. Also, loved the motivations for today! Awesome job!!! Now if I could just pin all those thoughts to my clothes I might be able to get somewhere. LOL

Okay, thatís it for me! Talk to you soon.
Hugs to all,
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S/C/G: 278/163/143

Height: 5'8"


I finally was allowed to vote on the poll! I ate way too many starchy carbs and salt yesterday So I know my weight is up, but I'm drinking water... Anyway, I finally watched JOHN Q Saturday night. It was entertaining but it gave the wrong message about organ donation and how things really work. Number 1- the boy would have been at a children's hospital that specialized in transplants, and he should have met the medicaid requirements. But it is true that alot of people have lost their lives and will continue to die because of HMO's. It's really sad that we live in a country that values the mighty dollar more than life. Before I get off my - Has anyone seen the commercial that has a doctor about to give a patient a heart transplant but stops and says it can wait because of the product they are advertising( I can't remember what it was)?! This enrages me so bad. It's sending the message that this product is more important than human life.$$$ Okay, I'm thru. Didn't plan on b**ching so much when I started this post,lol.
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Hey ladies!

Hey, I wasn't AWOL for too long, LOL! Had a big birthday weekend - older DS turned 12 - and had to entertain the ILs all weekend. Will NOT go into detail as we all do NEED our appetites, no???

Anyway, thank goodness this is a rainy holiday - I just got up from one of those power naps (Kimmi, LOL) and can at least make it till 10pm!

This is day 5 (it seems forever) back on SB and I feel better - definitely. Some MINOR cheats (ie a swipe of DS's frosting yesterday, TWo pieces of sushi - the rest sashimi - etc). But overall, again, you can tell the plan just makes me feel better.

I was at Borders with the DS's today and picked up a little 6.99 book about the Zone. It seems to be similar to the SB philisophy, and I always wanted to learn about it, but couldn't stand the big books - no time. I know a lot of this skinny Hollywood people follow the zone so I'll let you know what I think.

It's 6pm and I still don't know what to make for dinner.....sigh....

DEB - I like this weeks' poll. I knew we were mostly 40-somethings. I find that very interesting! Batten up the hatches for the storms, girl!!

Susan - Congrats on being an EBAY newbie! Wasn't it fun??? Now you got the fever!! I sell vintage stuff, mostly housewares from the 30s - 70s....but right now I am liquidating an estate for a neighbor's friend, who became my friend too. He had a HUGE collection of militaria - helmets and stuff, and some housewares as well. He sold the house in the north and moved into the FLA condo, so no room. It's harder than selling my own stuff because I have to research these helmets and hats, but bigger bucks. Feel free to look at my stuff - search under Ebay Seller Name "Sakigem"!

Quilter - LOL! "It's a kek!!" "When I was your age, we had no food!" and "In the end, we are all fruit!!" I LOVED that MOVIE!!!! Any SB gals who haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding - go see it! Major upper and as a Mom, I was happy to take my 12 yo to see a movie with no violence, profanity or sex! Geez, I sound like an old biddy, but why is this necessary? Kimmi babe, I am really proud of you for staying OP. Funny, you just get to a point in your life where it is THE WAY!!

Hi to all of I'm off to stare into the fridge,,,,,,,,,,yikes.....

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Default so far I'm one of the two in their 30's

don't fret 40's, I'm 37, not far from the 40's.
happy labor day to all.
because I work nites, I'm usually TRYING to sleep about now but I have the nite off and found myself on this board. Enjoying my day off, to myself, and touching base with u all. glad I'm not at some blow out passing up potatoe salad, macaroni salad, white buns, etc... made a canjun dish that will last me for a few days. it seems during this last 6 weeks my priorities have been --- stay legal, stay prepared.

bob - hang in there on the cigs. I have to confurr that they're alot harder than the sugar or white bread. first time I've told of my vice since posting. have tried to quit smoking a FEW times, it's rough. I'm going to my sister's house up north for a week or two (she doesn't smoke) and will try to get nicotine free while there. got a niece that might follow auntie's example, hopefully. mind set ------ at my sis's house I'll have to smoke outside, and when I start going to the porch to smoke I'll think of other things that can occupy my mind. my ex husband was irate for a little while when he gave them up and got a head cold, all I heard the whole time "I QUIT SMOKING SO I WOULDN"T BE SICK, NOW I'VE GOT EVERYTHING WRONG WITH ME" u'll get thru it, then maybe u can punch me around a little and get my brain on track. I'll post within 3 days that I start.....NOT SMOKIN for the rest of my life. please others, don't encourage me now, I'm just starting the climb, and too much excitement makes me smoke, (no lol intended),gonna get where I need to be ON MY OWN. I'll need encouragement when I've been nicotine free for two weeks. like starting SB, I needed to KNOW that I can stick to the plan. after sugar detox, this will be detox nicotine. I GAVE UP SUGAR, and like that I'll give up CIGS. now I'll be sick like you BOB for awhile, but you'll be doin better before me, my date is 091502, by that time u'll be smoke free and over it. oh and yeah, guess I should say since I have orange in my blood "GO VOLS!"

jred - makes me think of sb buddy johnni red everytime. I luv yellow squash, we must be exposed to some of the same veggies. what do u do with yellar swash,...and... do u have or use cabbage. tell me another of ur variety veggies, we might have the same taste.

gatorgirl - I just did my bio and almost put FAV QUOTE - gatorgirl's signature, I think about it every meal choice.

musicteach- ain't it great to have the men in "time out" and they don't even know it!! take a man to home depot and he's at an amusement park. wonder what kind of prizes and/or projects they'll bring home. lol

fillise - thanks for noticing me. sometimes I get on a roll and keep everyone laughin, or it can get annoying and u'll be ready to run. I'll try to control myself. lol... I'm at the stage to watch my portions and am studying food combining from michael montignac's book. ur food scale stories help me to see my portions. keep me posted, have already reduced my meat, adding more veggies.

Idblond - WB, we haven't met, I'm newbie, but glad to meet u. if I wander off maybe u'll remember me upon return.

quilter - I'm in west tn, 2 hrs north, my parents lived in mphs before I was born, it's where lots of folks go for shoppin, entertainment, and to see friends, still. work so much, I don't get far.

merrylegs - glad u read my post. been readin u 2, wb from a newbie.

deb - don't mind if u call me jon. just posted my bio, u had it figured out neway, it's just a user name for everytime I need a user name, prefer jonjon neway. hey, as long as some one speaks to me I'm thrilled, I'd probably answer to %^#@head, lol. want to know more about agave, my HFS doesn't carry it. what is the consistency, is it like honey? and can't find ur famous cheesecake recipe on here, looked for one using agave. must have lost my patience.

JackK - thx for the congrats. we're close SB buddies 2, I'm in west tn, close to paducah, think that makes us 3 to 4 hrs apart. I'm on my way to columbus, oh in the next few weeks, will probably hit ur town. u mentioned salsa, got the stuff to make it up, need to, luv it.

sef - thx for the extra info on shredded lettuce. I finished off last week's head today and towel was not too damp, would have needed to change if I still had some. salads are a quick for me and I needed that. I'm happy with lettuce, cheese, tomato and dressing. with it on hand, I get creative, boiled eggs, (throw out the yellows sometimes), green onion, taco meat, or luncheon meat, or grilled chicken. but lettuce, cheese, and dressing is a great snack or meal for me. told it to my gf who first introduced me to sb, think she can learn to shred lettuce too (she's lost in the kitchen).

toni - thanks for the happy dance. I joined in with u when I read ur post. support can make a smile wider. sb's the hips narrower, lol.

jen - hope to see u on here soon. there's old friends and new that are thinkin of u.

again - haven't seen u in a few post fellow newbie, but know that u r OP (on plan), hang around here, believe me, it helps

everyone - new and old to sugarbusters, I'm glad to be aboard, enjoy each and every post.

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Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 4/2-4/8 Debelli Sugar Shakers 210 04-09-2001 12:01 AM

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