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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 5/27-6/2

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, one long, one short:


Though you have some control over things outside yourself, the most powerful and important control you have is over your own thoughts and actions. Indeed, it is through self-control that your greatest possibilities can be realized.

People will attempt to tell you that you have no choice, that when certain things happen you must react in a certain way. But you most certainly do have a choice. You do not have to be a victim of circumstance, no matter what that circumstance may be. You can choose the way you respond, and you can take control of your circumstances by being in control of yourself.

Imagine all the things you could accomplish if you had a servant who obeyed your every command. The fact is, you do have such a servant and it is you. So what are you commanding yourself to do? How are you controlling the powerful and valuable force that is your life?

When you attempt to control others, they will resist you. Yet when you focus on controlling your own thoughts and actions, the positive possibilities are unlimited. You have within your complete control someone who is capable of many great things -- you. Use that control wisely and it can take you wherever you desire to go.

-- Ralph Marston


This one I saw on a bumper sticker over the weekend:


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default Monday Morning!

I am looking forward to this new week after all the hub bub at my house over the weekend and getting the new roof on. The people have filed out but I am left with a fridge loaded with illegal foods that I will feed to my family for the next couple of days. The roof looks great but I am already dreading this coming Saturday when we do it all over again for the garage roof. It won't take as long, hopefully, but it is all part of this upgrading we are doing. It will be like this for a month so I better get used to it! Windows after that , a new door and then the siding.

Chester, our lamb died yesterday, so we buried him under a tree in the *back forty* of our property. The kids took it well, all things considered, but I was sad for him. I was relieved that he didn't have to suffer anymore though.

The scale was not a friend to me this morning because of this weekend but I know it will just take a couple of days and my water intake to get it back to par. I barely drank water over the weekend, it was either coffee or pop.

3mills- WELCOME to the Board! SB is a great way of eating to follow and I am certain you will see wonderful results soon. Do you have the book and have you read it? Being well informed is the best start to this plan. There are a lot of people on this board who are knowledgable and will give you great advice. Just keep asking and I am sure you will find the answers. I am Canadian so I will leave the specific brands to your fellow Americans since we use different ones here. There are others from GA on the board and they will be able to direct you to the best stores to get certain foods. One word of advice from me is to measure yourself everywhere. Sometimes I lose inches and not pounds and I find it to be a great source of encouragement to me to add them up and see how much of myself has disappeared!

I will check in later because I have to get to this mountain of laundry that appeared over the weekend!
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ok, the board wiped out my message so trying again! I have been MIA for a while but still plugging along! Down 4 pounds since I last reported in! yea!!! Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
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Good Morning!

It always cracks me up when I post before the people on EST!!! Man, you all must be sleeping in!

Had a productive day a new/used dishwasher installed by Dan the Man...very exciting after a year or more doing them by hand. Turns out the problem was a hose...not the main one, but the one connecting to the garbage disposable and a rubber washer that was worn out! Glad we didn't have to call a plumber in and pay $$$$.

As far as the carpet stains that Trixie the dog provided for me...they are not coming out...instead od red stains, they are now a light fuschia. I'm going to but some other stuff to throw in the carpet cleaner and see what miracles can happen.

My Mom came over for dinner last night. I made tacos with WW Toritillas and they tasted GOOD! For dessert we had SF rootbeer floats with SF ice cream and SF Rootbeer (Barq's) that tasted like heaven.

Gracious Sure sounds like you have a nice community of friends! Thta's great to get al that stuff done on your house, and nice to have friends that have the knowledge to do it! How long have you lived in Canada? Sorry to hear about Chester . I was hoping he would pull through, but now he's at the best place possible...frolicking around on green pastures with sun beams warming him! I've been doing my "side"job" for a couple of years now. My best friends mother owns a Balloon and Flowers business and she also provides clowns. It's most fun when we have a big event to do, and there is a bunch of us. My specialty is face painting...I don't like doing the balloon tricks, because I hate it when they pop. It's always a crack up getting dressed up and driving to where I need to go, because everyone that sees me waves and laughs, so you can't help but be in a good mood.

3mills WELCOME!!!!
You will find great support here on the board! It's hard to saw what brands, because everthing is so different state-to-state, but if you have access to a Trader Joe's you'll be in heaven! If not, try to find bread that is made with Whole Grain Wheat, or Whole Wheat and that has 3 grams of sugar or less per serving.
Sourdough bread is also "legal". Any brand of whole wheat pasta is usually fine...and Sugar Busters has their own brand of pasta, but it is usually more costly. The packaing is royal blue in color and is usually in the health food section of your grocer. Have you read the book yet? If not, get a copy from the library, or you an buy one used from, or also sells used books now. Everyone here is great with helping out on information diet and otherwise

Well....not sure what is on the agenda today, except some sort of BBQ later on. Kids are gone at friends....Dan is torchering our neighboring with the weed wacker at 6:44am. I'm sure that will enhance our friendships!
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Good morning everyone. Hope you're all having a great week-end. Mine is quiet and boreing. My husband started a new job and its week-end nights, so I'm all alone with the dogs and cats. I did bake the Oatmeal cookies. They're just great... But I think I'd better not make anymore sweet stuff for awhile... It could get to be a bad habit. I'm trying this morning to just drink decaf coffee so I'll get away from the caffine. So I'm on slow mode...

Debilli- I loved you control message this morning. Its so true. And really makes you think...

Nancemeister- I'll bet you're still washing. Mine had to have a new motor about a year ago and sure was glad DH could do it himself... Oh I hate that about the carpet... Your dinner sounds great. My favorite food is homemade tacos and the rootbeer floats sounds wonderful...

Nascar Girl- It good to see you posting again and congrads on the 4 lbs..

gracious-Wow you are really doing the work on your house. I'm sure you'll be glad and proud when its all done... Oh poor lamb, I'm so sorry
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Hi Gang: Had a great wk end, we garage saled all day Sat. we started at 8 in the morning and went to 4:30 in the afternoon. we had a ball. Hubby and DD are both really into it. Only problem is I'm a serious saler. and When I go I scout these sales out I'm in and I'm out. There's alway another one calling me. But with Dear Sweet Gotta love Him Hubby, He gets out coffee cup in hand and mosys over to the people and starts talking. Well I'm done and sitting in the car and he's still talking. I just start the car He thinks I'm to impatient, I keep telling him there calling me, My daughter says one of these times Mom's gonna leave ya and come back later. AS IF I guess it's a possiblity. Well then yesterday came home from church and those of you that remember me know how much I love my lawn mower. I got on that thing and mowed mine and the neighbors lawn and I just have a ball, DH says people going by must think I'm crazy cause I'm out there singing and waving my arms like i'm leading a chior, I tell him I am. Anyway If I have my way I'll do the other neighbors yard today. I just love it. Then the kids came over and we had a big Barbeque, No illegal foods here. we had a blast. toped it off with Fresh strawberries and SF Ice Cream. Man was it great. Only problem is I was going to BBQ again to day, but With the Last Sausage on the grill (for the Kiddies) It died. It's one of the old tanks. I've been wanting a new grill, now Iguess I get to get one. WooHoo! Well enough of me.

Jackie: Please tell your daughter not to give up when she gets tired of WW to then give SB a serious try. Usually by the time you get bummed out on a diet you don't want to try something else out. And I always get tired of WW realitively soon. Yes I tried it more than once.

Gracious: Wow I need a new roof to were waiting until labor day to have the gang over, don't know if I'm looking forward to it or not. I'm so sorry to see that you lost Chester, We get so attached to our 4 legged friends.

Nancy: Try Oxi clean on the carpet it ususally works for mine I use alittle on the carpet and then add it to the shampooer it really helps. Be sure to follow the diections.

Deb: Thanks for the Web site I'll show it to her. I don't think it will be a problem right now as she had a 3lb lose this wkand i happy with that. Hey I was praying for you on that shopping with Lauren think I hate going with Dayna, She wants the Jr. size close but she is a size large in a womens so she's alway unhappy. Man I would never of been able to fall asleep I hear you girl. My word. I don't blame you for being so upset I'd been walking the floor and then, Well lets just say I don't think Kyle would have gotten much sleep either.

Well I best go feed him, Have a good day everyone. Love to all Glory
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Hi Everyone!

I have missed all of you while I have been away. First there was a trip to Charleston (wonderful place) then I had company for a week, then I came down with a sinus infection. I fought it for a week, then went to the doctor and he gave me Zyrtec-D and a Z Pak. I am on my fourth day of five doses and I wish I could say that I am well but I can tell that this will take awhile. When you cannot smell Vicks VapoRub, you know you are in trouble. I also cannot taste the food at all. Now, that is a really weird sensation. I can tell if it is hot or cold or crunchy, etc. but no taste. I wonder if this is from the head condition or the meds. Anyone know? Anyway, maybe something good will come of this no taste thing. I am finding that my weight is already going down but this might just be the Zyrtec. I have been staying on program, so, maybe this is my reward. I will try to catch up on the past 2 weeks of posts to see how everyone is doing.

I hope you all have a great day.
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Hi everyone,

I'm just taking it easy today, relaxing on the holiday. I already went to the grocery store and bought my veggies for the day. I was really looking forward to some fresh steamed green beans, but the beans at the store look horrible! I ended up getting some frozen ones instead. Also, I picked up some fresh carrots today. I haven't had carrots since I've been on SB (over 5 months) so I am really looking forward to them. My understanding is that they are now considered legal by SB standards, so I aam really looking forward to adding them to my weekly menu. Now, I have always peeled carrots, but I was wondering if anyone has ever steamed them with their skins left on? I understand that much of the nutritional value of carrots is to be found in the skins. I dunno... I'm just so used to peeling them. The same for pears and apples. I guess I'm not getting the greatest possible benefit from eating those things since I peel them! Ugh... anyway, I was planning to have lentils tongiht for dinner and was wondering how those were classified. Are lentils condiered startchy carbs? I haven't lost any weight for almost a week so it is time to cut back on the legal carbs. Any info would be appreciated! Hope everyone is have a great day!
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HiedieHo All!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying he weekend! Yesterday was a really nice one here and I had a good time. Our music in church was great. We dispensed with the gowns and wore red, white and blue. Our American Triology, with organ, orchestra and bells sounded great.

After church there was a picnic for the music members, there are 57 filling 77 positions. The picinic was held on a church member's estate, complete with pool, lagoon for fishing, a giant pavilion with huge trees providing shade. They have a cottage that is now the husbands music studio, a grand house and a greenhouse. Sounds very posh, but the people are just ordinary blokes and we had a grand time. Because of the trees it was very comfortable, I had told the kids I won't be out long as it was so hot. I wound up closing the party! I was able to stay OP, as there were haburgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, I made a four bean sald with vinegar dressing, diet drinks. I was not in the least tempted by the array of desserts!!! Came home, had a swim (I don't put on a bathing suit in public!) and DS grilled so I know I ate a little more than I should but it was all legal foods. By then I could barely keep my eyes open.

This morning I went to the NH. Glad I did as the place was deserted. The office/reception area was closed, department heads were off and there was skeleton staff. So the people were glad to see me. Then a couple of ladies who come in and do the Rosary showed up. So if it wasn't for the volunteers there would have been nothing all day for the residents.

I wore my red. white and blue. The older generation is very patriotic! Some were upset because in their day Memorial Day was the last Monday of the month. They don't like the holidays being switched about willy-nilly!

Okay that's it.

MONET: Prayers for your sister and nephews.

BOB - Glad you are feeling a tad better.

NANCE: I doubled the pumpkin recipe and froze it. Had to as it is hard to resist. Going to the freezer gives you time to THINK!

3MILLS: Welcome. As others have said, items vary from state to state. In breads, Nature's Own has a sugar free stone ground whole wheat, they also make hamburger rolls that are really good, I like them just plain. They are supposed to make Hot Dog rolls too, but not available in my area. I use Hodgkins Mills Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, they also have a stone ground WW but it is coarser and dosen't work well in some recipes. For most baking I use Gold Medal Whole Wheat flour. The only WW pasta I can get here is Sugar Busters' that is a dollar more expensive than the Hodgkins brand I buy. Read labels, I was buying SB Mayonnaise until Deb pointed out you can use Hellmans' Low Fat. Many salad dressings have less than 3 grams sugar. It's the added sugar we worry about, not the natural sugars found in founds like milk, tomatoes etc. I borrowed book from library before worrying about investing in book.

Know I missed some, sorry. H ave a slight headache today going to go rest q little. Yesterday was a fun day but a long one!!

Take care all. Shirley
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Good Monday Morning!

Just got in from doing my 4.5 miles - got a late start today, so the heat was worse than when I hit the pavement earlier in the morning. Also, the winds were pretty gusty out there and that sure didn't help. Hard to get in much jogging. Took me 50:50 today.

Not much planned for today. ELI is working, I'm on my way to p/u Michael from his friends house and then take him to another friends house later and Lauren has to clean her room up. I'm going to hit the grocery store and return the first dress we bought back to JCPenney's today-may tackle the closet I never got to get started on the other day if I find the time.

MONET, sorry to hear about your Sister - will put in a prayer for her. I hope all goes well with her tomorrow. I hope with this information you make sure you get yourself checked as well. I hope a speedy and uneventful recovery for her.

BOB, you'd of cried the other night! When we went to this art thing for the school at the judges chambers, ELI brought 4 gallons of Columbian - and whatever was left (there was quite a lot) he dumped down the sink - I know, you're heart be still!!! Feeling any better?

BETH, CONGRATS to your son and his team!!! Major league scouts are standing in line waiting, I hear Can't wait to hear if they win this Friday - wish him luck!

NANCE, didn't have a hard time thinking about you in a clown suit - wonder why? I think FLOYD THE FARTING DOG would be a good side-kick for you - stick a party hat on him and he's good to go! You mentioned an illegal pumkin bread - I posted a legal one on the board a few weeks ago-check it out Hope you can get out that stain somehow, try all you can try-you may be surprised to find something that will take it out-hope you gave Trixie a good talking to! You made tacos with WW tortilla's, soft tacos or crispy ones-if crispy, how'd you crisp them up? What's going on in your house today? Tell all I said hello!!!

GRACIOUS, so sorry to hear about Chester. How old was he? Was he your only lamb? Poor thing.

Glad you've decided to join our wonderful group and not to mention, follow a wonderful and healthy WOE. Breads and pasta-since you live in GA., I know you have not only Publix, but Harry's as well. At Publix, I buy the Nature's Own SGWW Bread. At Harry's I found some wonderful whole grain breads that were SB Legal. The later, I like more for toast, as they are too thick and heavy for a sandwich-the first one, love for sandwiches. Also, most HFS (health food stores) carry the EZEKIEL BRAND bread-I buy the green bag, and again, like this one for toast. As for pasta, any WW pasta is fine. AND, you have a board member who also lives in Atlanta, MONET. You may want to touch base with her at some point -she's a wonderful person to meet!
Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we're more than happy to help try to answer them.


Got sidetracked between the time I started and now, had to p/u Michael and bring him home then take him to another friends house, go by my sisters house, run to the HFS, grocery store and later p/u Lauren at the mall, go to the mall and gosh knows what else!

Continuing on...

NASCAR, have missed not seeing you around, glad to see you checking in and reporting a good loss since your last visit! CONGRATS!! So I see you're doing a bit of WW along with SB???

TONI, which recipe did you use for the OATMEAL COOKIES?? I know the feeling, can't make anything right now, have no self control to have them in the house!

GLORY, you and I would be very compatible at the garage sales, I'm in and out quickly and even do "drive by's" if I see there's nothing there that's worthwhile stopping for. I don't dare stay out as late as you though-most people down here are done by 1-2pm. Congrats to Dayna on her 3lb loss-told Lauren she better not gain a pound otherwise that dress will NOT zip up!!!

ROSE, glad to see your post, though sorry to hear you're feeling icky! Hope you are over it soon!!

DARAMUS, just remember, with the carrots, moderation, as when you cook them, their GI does go up some. I think peeling may depend on the carrot. If they look like they really need scraping as many seem to look like, I would, otherwise they may taste icky-but those organic ones, or ones that don't have the whitish look to them, you could probably just scrub them really well. I never peel apples or pears, the fiber and vitamins that are in the peel are what you want to keep. Lentils are wonderful! On SB beans are considered a protein, not a starchy carb.

SEF, sounds like you've had a nice and busy weekend, but that sure doesn't surprise me in the least-you're always busy!!!

CHICK, was nice talking to you today-looking forward to meeting you in person soon. I'm sure we'll chat before too long!!!

Okay, time for me to go get something to eat for lunch, had a mid-lunch snack that was delicious - some of the whipped cottage cheese with SF jello on top-yummy!!!

Have a great day, or at least what's left of it - will check in later!!


SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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I have been busy scraping wall paper off the walls so we can prime and paint in the bathroom. I need my head examined! The project is turning out to be a bit more work than we had hoped for. We got the paint and the paintable wall paper for the kitchen, and all the primers and stuff. Thankfully, Laura, my 15 year old daughter, is persistant. She wants to get it all done fast, and is working hard. I also need to make cheese straws, curry triangles, and chicken sate' sticks for the wedding reception. No word as yet from the groom's mom about the ham. I told my daughter this morning instead of playing on his X box all day before work, they can come help do some of the cooking. If they are not willing to help, I am not going to care about the ham. Does that sound mean?

3MILLS: I am in Atlanta too. I buy Natures Own whole wheat bread. As Deb said, Harry's has a lot of interesting stuff. Where are you in Atlanta? I am north east, near Peachtree Corners. If you are anywhere near Little Five Points, Sevananda Health Food coop has all kinds of great SB stuff! They have whole wheat couscous, and bulk bins of flours, pastas, and other goodies. They have a great selection of the Terra brand sweet potato chips too. I just wish it was closer to me!

GRACIOUS: I am so sorry about your lamb. I know it is hard when a pet dies. Some of the most traumatic times I went through with my kids were when their hamsters died. My son is really sensitive, and I thought his heart would break! Now he is almost 24, and still gets really attached to his pets. He had domestic rats, and they died too easily. Thankfully, he now has cats. They last a lot longer... Was Chester your only lamb?

NANCE: I mentioned to my daughter that you do clowning as a fun side job. ( I keep trying to talk her into trying something like that, cause she is really good at it!) She wanted me to ask you what balloon animals you can do? That is her specialty. She does balloon animals for the big fall festival the church has, and took balloons to Mexico on a mission trip last summer with her youth group. She learned the Spanish names for a lot of animals! I think if she finds she knows more balloon animals then you do, she might be willing to look into pursuing it! (hey, she is 15, what can I say?)

DEB: Reading about how you were shopping for a dress for Lauren made me remember I still don't have a dress for the wedding. Less than two weeks too! I sure hope I can find something. I hate shopping for clothes tho! Glad Lauren found something she liked that her mom liked the price tag on!

YELLOW: Good to see you! I have missed you!

DARAMUS: I have heard it is better to peel some root vegetables, and carrots was one of them. I may be wrong tho. I love carrots, and was really glad to find I could eat them!

SEF: That sounds like quite an estate you had that picnic on! I too don't wear my bathing suit in public! I do love to swim in my pool tho, even tho the water is freezing still! Actually, it feels pretty good! Thanks for your prayers for my sister.

GLORY: I wish you lived near me! Our lawn mower broke this weekend, and my hubby had a terrible time trying to get it fixed! The frame had gotten rusted, and the wheel broke off! If you were here, you could just mow our lawn too! Do you just enjoy the riding mower, or do you like mowing period?
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Default Monday Evening

Monet, Debelli, Toni and Nance- Thank you for the sympathies regarding Chester, our lamb. He was only 2.5 months old and was really still a baby. Here is the part you might freak out about...but you have to remember that we are rural folks now...we were raising Chester for meat. Now I know some of you city folk won't like that but hey, I know all SB'ers eat meat, you just buy yours from a store. The thing is, we wanted him to enjoy his life while he had it. He was to be taken to the butcher for the deed, as it were. We are still saddened by the loss of him but of course it is different in the sense that he was not an actual *pet*. The death of my son's budgie bird was taken much more to heart with many hours of tears and sorrow. So, confession over...hope y'all still love me!

Nance- I have lived in Canada my whole life...I was like, born here. I was raised in Southern Ontario though, just North of Toronto and moved out East to New Brunswick just over a year and a half ago. That is why this rural farm type thing is new to us as a family. We are enjoying it very much and my kids adore their huge yard and the woods behind us. The folks that helped with the roof are from our church and they were so helpful. I guess when the Pastor's roof needs shingling we have a ready and willing group of people to call on. It is indeed a blessing.

Toni- I really am looking forward to all this work being done. I like the inside of our house but thought the outside was rather..well, ugly! Now it is going to look fantabulous!

GloryIBe- It is a long day, lots of people and lots of work both inside the kitchen and outside on the roof but you will be so happy when it is done. Better a big group like that over to help than having to pay for the labour if a company did it for you! Consider it good stewardship and a wonderful time for fellowship.

Yellowrose- Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you. I hope you are feeling better soon. I know what it is like to have an illness drag really makes you feel run down all over!

Okies....gonna hit the shower and get more laundry put away. I have to make some egg salad tonight for sandwiches tomorrow. My 6 year old has a picnic with his class and we are going with him. I will be toting along the kids I babysit , as well as my 3 year old so I hope everyone is well behaved! Have a wonderful evening.
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What a lazy weekend! I took a 2 hour power nap !!!! I've gotten a few things done...but have been enjoying the quiet with the kids gone

Toni Whose recipe did you use for the oatmeal cookies, cause the ones I made didn't turn out so hot!

Glory I guess I'll have to break down and try some of that
Oxyclean! Hope it's a miracle worker!

Daramus Lentils should be legal, they certainly are healthy! You are right about the peeling of fruits and veggies...there is alot of nutrients in the skins!

Sef Sounds like you had a lovely time at the picnic! You must have a great group of friends at your church, you're always on the go go go!

Deb The taco's were soft. I just heat them directly over the
stove until they are heated. I'll have to check out the pumpkin bread recipe....why is it about 6 months away from Turkey day I start craving pumpkin? I think Floyd the Farting Dogs name should be changed to Floyd the Barking Dog...since he's gotten older he thinks he's all that!

Monet I don't do Balloons! What kind of clown am I? I hate it when balloons pop...scares me! I face paint kids! They love me, because I do all sorts of cool stuff and let them get more than one thing done!

Gracious I understand rural life....and still like you even if lamb chops were on the menu! Good luck at your picnic tomorrow, sounds like you will have your hands full!

Gotta go pick up the much for the quiet!
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Default Not long left till vacation time!

Only 3 more days of work, then I'm off for 10 days!!! I think I might be able to handle the rest of the work days. I still haven't packed much, but have actually gotten started which is a surprise, cause I usually pack the night before we leave.

Looks like everyone on the board is doing well. I didn't like the question much this week cause it made me realize that I have not been OP as much as I should be. I've been stressing & eating stuff that I shouldn't. But that was last week. So far, I have been completely OP yesterday & today & hope to keep it that way.

Well, don't have much time, but wanted to say hello.

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