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Come on Spring!
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Default The Daily Cluck - Tuesday, March 26

WARNING! Weather whining follows.
10 to 12 INCHES of snow predicted in next 24 hours! Don't they know it's spring?

The good news is that my pot of daffodils is now in bloom, my house is clean and tidy thanks to Gail, Harry has finished Mount Laundry for me, I can get more books at the Library today and dinner is already planned. Clam chowder for lunch today and we will cozy in.

How is your day going to shape up?
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Good morning Ruth and all friends to come,
I am up and dressed and waiting for the electrition. Some stuff from the new aren't working and with a house. I embarressed him intocoming by telling him I would tell all my guest who my wlectrition is.... HEHE.

Little one is still not feeling well and came in to snuggle at 4 am. I love the snuggleing when they are sick, but I hate that he feels so poorly.

I am just getting to the coffee and my morning news. The off to the market and to Pick up the rental chairs. Have a great day chickies.
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Well Ruth, we have snow flurries in our forecaste also! My spring flowers are reluctantly trying to poke there heads up out of the ground, but it keeps getting too cold. And the boys are supposed to be wearing dress shorts to Easter service! We need warmth and sunshine!

Conferences tonight for the boys. I expect them to be good. Learning does not come naturely for them so we have to work hard at it at home, but it is paying off lately.

L, hope the little one is feeling better today. I love cuddling with little sick ones also. Sounds like you are doing major bathroom work. I am planning on doing our bathroom in May, when dh is away on business. We are going to tile the floor, paint the wall and change the deco to antique iris.

Peachie, Congrats on having a FIRST PLACE BANTAM STATE WRESTLING CHAMP! And congrats to you for staying op this weekend, weekends are always tough!

Jenni, Hair, lunch, and shopping! sounds like a great day. Maybe you could find a home in the area of SW Michigan to move to, I would love to continue that lovely tradition with you!

Congrats Jif on dropping the 5 pounds. And thanks for the words of wisdom regarding the surgery. I had been investigating the possibility, being rejected because I do not meet the criteria for weight. I was so desparate I was asking them how much weight I would have to gain to qualify. It was sad. But now I am on the downward swing and hope to keep it that way. Hope your new wol becomes easier for you.

Goodforme, Hope dd had fun playing dress up once mt laundry was conquered!

Thanks for dropping in Kel!

MamaJ, how are dd and dgc doing with their recovery? Hope they are well.

hugs to all!
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Hi Everyone! I sure haven't done my job of keeping up with everyone!! You would think as busy as I am I would weigh about 50 lbs.....of course it never seems to work that way! No weight loss here lately--haven't gotten into the exercise groove and have been stress eating at night. Our school is in serious financial shape and they tried to pass a referendum and it failed miserably Our school board has cut 13 of our 29 district teachers--I didn't get cut because I have been there 20 years, but it won't be a happy place if they can't come up with some funds to get at least a few of these teachers back. We are also working on consolidating with some other small schools, but with our money problems we are shall we say, not so attractive. It has been really hard lately. Other than that son is doing track, school musical and jazz choir things in a big way lately and I had to drive the 48 miles to school in a mini-blizzard yesterday, worse I've ever driven in and was an emotional mess by the time I got there. I sure miss being here every day--looks like so much has happened and so many new faces--hope I still have a place here.

Ruth--sorry to hear about the snow coming. I am READY for spring! Do I understand that you broke a bone in your hand or arm--please heal soon.

(Don)Jen--good luck with conferences tonight. Sounds like you and your boys deserve the good report. Our school always serves meatless hot lunch of Fridays during Lent and we are just a little podunk rural IL school. Parents need to go in strongly suggest.

Peach--did I see mention of a wrestling title in your family Congratulations!! OP too---way to go!

L--sorry to hear about the sick little one.

Jif--you are doing so great--I am really happy for you!

Take care everyone--I think of all of you often!!!

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Hi Everyone!

What a lovely day here in Portland. It was 70 and sunny yesterday! Today more of the same is predicted! I am very pleased. The sunshine really does wonders for my attitude!

Stayed one extra night in Portland -- Grandpa sounded like he would like to see girls for a while longer . Going home pretty soon, but I want to hit the Goodwill here before I leave .... it is REALLY big and occassionally I can find pieces to my china set!

Take it easy and I'll check back later!
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here are some warm thoughts, and several pots of tea and soup for those of you suffering from a snowy spring. ruth has the right idea... a clean house, clean laundry, and hot soup. now, all she needs is a good book...

dondar.. i'd be happy to tell you more about the surgery, but it sounds as if you're doing the right thing without it. remember the earlier discussion about protein shakes? it might be something to try.

a busy day. a perm for mom. face waxing for me. more conversations with headhunters, a possibility of a few hours of consulting [at an outrageous hourly rate, but they'll pay it, and who am i to sell myself cheaply??]

and mom and i stopped at the home made candy store. you all know the one. only doting grandmas and aunties are allowed there. we got some treats for peachie's boyz. they're so cute [da boyz, i mean]

have a nice evening, all you wonderful ladies...
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Talking Hello everyone!

I'm so happy I could just grin!! I got my cable internet access today. Boy, I thought I was surfing before! Now I'm in a jet plane! You'll never get me off this thing now!

I'm off to bathe dd who played in the mud all afternoon. No snow here, though we did get our first thunderstorm of the season. So far, no downed limbs from the monster pine tree in the front yard. It's big enough to crush the house if it falls, though I can't bear to cut it down.

Have a wonderful evening ladies. I would post individually, but mud and new furniture do not mix!
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Default A midweek hello!

It's a treat to sit down and read and check in with everyone here-so hi to all: new babies and puppies and sick children and muddie moms, and doting aunts! And wrestling champs and teachers and shoppers and snowbound soup eaters!

I am only rain-bound tonight; it is chilly and damp here in NY, but we are tucked in for an early supper and quiet night. I have been doing OK lately and hope to have a little loss on the scale for Good Friday! I am also planning to shop tomorrow for something to wear out for Easter- dinner out. I am so sick of my clothes, and never buy dressy things-I live in khaki's and loafers, need to face the store(dressing rooms!)

Other than that, not much new. My planning is paying off and I have lunches planned for the rest of the week and cottage cheese and fruit for afternoons. Today got busy and I skipped lunch until I realized I was headed for the pantry cookie bin- I just went on auto-pilot because I was so hungry- as soon as I realized what I was doing I grabbed my turkey salad and scarfed it down! I really can't let myself skip meals- I loose all control when my blood sugar drops!

Off to put some burgers into the Forman grill- and steam some broccoli.

Have a good night,
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I'm here! (pant, pant....) I made it (throwing purse on the chair and grabbing a cup of coffee)--gee you would NOT believe my week--I'm so darned busy and I didn't even click on the computer yesterday--lord only knows what's in my email. I just want you all to know (searching for some Splenda) that I really did miss you all and I'm terrifically sorry for not keeping so up to date on everyone (finding a chair). Ruthie, I'm happy to see a lone daffy come up in my pot on the countertop too. I hate this in between weather--I think it's when most people get sick! Now how's that wing of yours? (signing the cast) I hope you can be up and gardening soon! (turning to L) I know how woderful it feels to have snuggles, but you're right aboutthe sick part, I sure can do without that too! (smile at Jenny) Hope the conferences go well--I'm sure your boys will be just great! (settling back into a chair_ Well, that's really great that Lara had a little girl, I hope you post a picture soon! Jiff, guess what my dh told me yesterday? Go and shave my upper lip--gee what's a girl with PCOS supposed to do? (loud guffaw) (sipping the last in my cup) Well chicks, I sure would love to stay and chat and I know that you all are as busy as me (putting on my coat) and we'll have to do this later this week--maybe Good Friday if I get a chance? Have a good one chicks and remember the final weigh in for the Spring Challenge is on Sunday! (waves good-bye)
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