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Just wanted to pop in for a minute taking a break from school work. Today is the first day of TO for me and so far so good. I didnt get all my water in but other than that everything was great and I wasnt too hungry. One day to go... Dont have time for personals but glad to see everyone having a good day. Have a POP day tomorrow!!!!
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Hey Britt, you freakin adult you! I'm still laughing about that story you posted.
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As I was making myself a cup of tea this evening, I realized I probably need a 12-step program. I have 17 different types of tea in my tea cupboard - probably more given a couple boxes are mixed. Katie and Kristi, will you join me?

Sorry haven't been here much lately - been in a bit of a funk and not much time. Still on track, so doing OK.
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Here's to the tea-aholics! It's such and addiction!

Christie-Hang in there girl! I feel for you, moving and managing everything by yourself must be really tough.

Lisa-I hear you about nervous eating. Do you ever find yourself eating just for something to do? I do that. It seems so silly, but sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it!

I'm struggling with water retention since I have been on pain meds for my tooth. Lemon hurts my tooth at the moment. Anyone have any other ideas of how I can get it down? I actually have swollen ankles, feet, and hands. It feels awful!

Nighty night,
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Princess Heather
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Good morning chickies! I am drinking my first bottle of water for the day! I wish I could say that I loved water and it's the best drink in town...but these days I don't feel that way. The weather is getting warmer and I miss my sweet tea! Now I have to say that reading about the 12 step program for the tea drinkers has made me laugh. My mother is a tea FREAK. She knows black teas, green teas...all the lingo and actually is quite involved. She only has a certain kettle she brews the water in...and la la la la.....Now I enjoy a good tall glass of sweet tea (and even though I live in Indiana, I am a southren girl at heart) but I am becoming quite curious hearing all ya'll talk about your teas. I have some English Toffee from Celestial seasonings, which is nice...but I don't have a great collection. Maybe when I go to the store this weekend I will check it out. It would be a nice way to relax in the evening. Although I will admit to being a huge fan of formal teas. But now don't get me started on coffee! I would drink it from sun up to sun down if I could, Starbucks was built for me! Although lately since I have started LAWL I don't see my old Starbucks friend that much! Well chickies I must go back to work. I will check in later in the day!
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Good morning everyone...

Wishing everyone hugs and extra willpower over the weekend. Like Lisa, I too have been a little (well, actually a lot!) tense about this coming weekend. I have not been off program but I've come close a few times. I just stopped, left the kitchen, did a couple of deep breathing exercises and thought about what was driving me into the kitchen.

We just have to realize to plan ahead a bit for our meals and take it one day at a time. (I keep telling myself this.

This weekend, and all the family bagage that it entails, will pass and we'll get through it.

I was also tense because it looks like I will be going to CA on business the first week of May then FL on business part of the 2nd week of May. I know...You're probably saying "poor to sunny CA then FL" with a touch of friendly sarcasm. But, I do want to stay on program and lose weight those weeks too. I'll look to Karen for inspiration on doing that.
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Back in the saddle!
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Good morning, ladies!

space, I'm here to tell you, it IS possible to travel on business and stick to plan. I have traveled 4 times in the past 12 weeks for a week or more, and lost each time. Here are some tips my COD offered:

For catered meals:
1. Load up on fruit in the morning. Usually, they will offer fruit, possibly some protein, etc.
2. Skip the fat. Don't try to get your fat in each day, as the food they are offering probably already has you covered.
3. For lunch, load up on veggies. You know they are probably canned, but they are better than loading up on starches.
4. Have a sensible dinner. Protein, small starch, lite salad. Keep in mind portion sizes. A bar of soap size is in the neighborhood of what you should get for protein, and a CD is about the size of a cup of salad.

1. If you can stop by a market, grab some bottled water and some low sodium, tiny V-8's. Make sure you get your water in, and if you need the veggies, of course drink the V-8.
2. You may want to pick up some fresh fruit that will stay well, like an apple, that you could have in a crunch for a snack.
3. If you do lites, don't forget your lites! Skip those meeting caterered snacks, and go for the lite or fruit instead.

Good luck on your trip! Keep us posted on how it goes!
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Woohoo down another pound on my scale this morning!! Only 3 more til my mini goal and I've got 12 days to do it!!!
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Heather- I also like sweet teas and Starbucks has a Tazo-Passion flavor tea that I love
I miss having Starbucks Iced Chai Latte- I think it probably has too much sugar.
I am off to work out and then go weigh in, I just pray that I am not up, I will be so bummed.
Have a good pop day ladies!
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Originally Posted by wp95jma
Woohoo down another pound on my scale this morning!! Only 3 more til my mini goal and I've got 12 days to do it!!!
Awesome, must be all that shopping!
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Originally Posted by deetsmom
Awesome, must be all that shopping!
Must be
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Morning all--I hate to jinx myself but my home scales are finally starting to crawl again. I don't want to get excited but I am--they have been stuck on 165 for soooo long ( you know it--I've griped about it enough) anyway this morning was 163.6 and I have yet to see that number. Cross your fingers!!

Christie--best of luck selling your house, not too much longer and you'll be out in sunny CA!! We just moved from AZ back to TX and it was stressful so I can't imagine what you are going through. I had DH around but not sure how much that helped! Probably stressed me more--I am the "handler" of most things in this family.

Barb--you are doing so great!! It seems yesterday you were breaking into onederland and now you are puching into the 80's!!

Space--good luck with your traveling--Erin had some great ideas. I have found myself taking the easy way out with this diet and trying REALLY hard not to travel or have company because it's easier. Lazy me. You'll do great.

Katie--the cones are too funny--a necessary evil, but funny. I can't imagine on a huge dog though. The vet is loving you right now--actually your $$!! My yard has a long way to go--apparently it was NOT a priority with the previous owner--we haven't figured out what was.

Lisa--GL @ WI!!

Milca--just thinking about ya! It's a fun but crazy time. I feel for you on the moves but you are so enjoyable that you'll have tones of friends in no time--any one of us would love to live near enough to be your buddy but we'll have to settle for cyberfriendship!

HeatherCP--DH and I realy miss our sweet tea!! Cracker Barrel's is our fave. Now I am hooked on the diet green tea Kristi recommended for cold, and Katie's hot teas (vanilla caramel!)

Holly--WTG on your loss!

Lori--I with you--had to move my ticker--don't like it!! Can't believe DH bailed on you--shame!!

Karen--I am so impressed with your weight loss--you deserve the best. Glad things are coming together for the wedding & HM--woohoo. Best wishes.

Ange--where are ya'll going for Easter--love Hill country (plus, I am a "Hill"--haha) On our way home from Dallas we saw some beautiful flowers--not many bluebonnets but lots on Indian Paint. I am actually glad (I know I will be sad on Sunday) that we are staying home-alone-for Easter--easier to plan our meal.

Julia--WTG--you are doing super--send some to me!

Suzanne--Don't let your funk keep you from visiting with us--miss your posts! You are doing great and we all know exactly what you are going through--look how long it's been since my ticker moved in the RIGHT direction! Stick with it--it'll pay off. Take care of yourself.

Whew--that was long but it's been ages since I did personal and now I feel semi caught up. Hope everyone has a POP day. I have the kindergarten easter egg hunt and party at 12:45 so I am going to fill up on veggies and water so I am not tempted!!
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Lisa - If you like Starbucks iced chai tea, you may like hot chai tea or you could make your own iced chai tea. I drink hot chai tea everyday, even before I started LAWL. The one I make is actually considered a black tea, but chai flavored (if that makes sense to the tea experts). I add slenda and a little milk or vanilla soy milk to mine, sometimes even a little honey. One of the consolers recommended trying this as an iced chai instead but I haven’t yet. Maybe on a hot day I’ll give it a try. I know Celestial Seasonings makes a couple different chai flavors that are good, but I still “doctor” them up.
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Choc Thunder
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Hi Everyone. Greetings from Sunny Cleveland Ohio! No...Really!

I am still up, did not do a good job at getting my water in yesterday, so I am making that my primary focus today.

Bre - Its such a gorgeous day, please tell me you're going outside to enjoy it. They're letting us leave at 3 today so that will be divine. I can't wait!

Erin - Those are some great tips. Thanks!

Julia - WOO HOO. You're rockin'. 3 lbs in 12 days - piece of cake!

Space - I think the kitchen avoidance and meditation is a great NSV as well as an inspiration to me, as it lets me know that it IS possible to pull yourself out of the kitchen. Usually once I've gone into the kitchen there is no turning back. You should be really proud of yourself.

Britt - WTG on Day 1. I'm with you in spirit on day 2 !

Lisa - If you feel the need to make another day pass quickly, just let me know. I have a WHOLE LOTTA windows that are looking for some attention. What's your going rate?

Lori - I was rofl at the barricuda. Sounds like something my DH would have done. He got faint at the sight of a goat carcass at the West Side Market. The killer is that he was with my hard core, manly man father, and my DF had to hold him up while he regained his composure. My DF referred to DH as "Old Yellow Belly" for at least 6 mos after that day. How embarassing !

Metal - I went and looked at your menu - sounds DELISH! What are your wedding colors? And don't forget to post pics!

BEANIE Heather PP and Norissa - - Come on out!

Sherry - 1.5 LBS back down is a great start. You're on your way. Keep up the great work.

HeatherCP - I am more of a coffee girl myself, but I have found that I tend to lose better when I have a cup of hot green tea in the AM. GO FIGURE, I type this as I take a sip of my Dark Roast sad.

Christie - My heart goes out to you. It can't be easy going through what you are going through and still sticking to plan, but you're doing it and you should feel great about that accomplishment! Do you have any good prospects from buyers? The weekend cometh, DH will be with you soon! Hang in there, Lady.

Boo - Here are some thin vibes for you !

Milca, Deets, Dairy, Agg, JulieM, Ange, Katie, Tina, SHENNIE, Sy, Sznn, Leah, Kristi, Angelica and anyone I may have missed (so very sorry), Let's do this day in POP style.

Here's to us all !

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Carmen - that beautiful sunshine sure made you chipper this AM (well it's AM here) can you send some rays my way. It is gray and dull here.

Boo - YaHOOOOO isn't it so exciting when that dam scale starts moving again - in the right direction

Christie - I have sent the vibe out into the universe to the buyer that is meant for your house. Let's see if it works
From previous experience I would suggest - just relax and don't stress about it. We waited 6 wks to sell our condo in an 'apparently' super hot market. Just before we listed. places were selling at open houses.
People would come through our place, seem very interested but offers. Then I just stopped stressing - and Voila!! a buyer showed up and snapped it up!

I am feeling very motivated to stay on track today. My scale was so friendly = 144.0 this AM. I'm feeling down right svelte - this should help me refrain from indulging in too much ham or scalloped potatoes this w/e.

Happy POP day to all my fellow LAWL coherts.
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