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But on a positive note, I had an NSV this weekend...several people told me that they noticed that I look thinner! Which felt great especially since I still can't really tell much of anything but it was really nice! Yay for me!
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aggie- Sorry you were a little down this weekend! I hope you are feeling better, and just have fun OP with your blender!

Angela- You should be feeling great with all the weight you already have lost! Good for you!!! I am so proud of ya!!!! Keep it up!


So after the triple choc cake event, everythign was great, and this afternnon with the nice beach weather that we are having, they decided to go to sonic for smoothies! I nicely replied! Then when they got back, magically one extra oreo choc smothie appeared!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS [email protected]? Anyways, it was nicely placed on my desk, with a note that read "they gave us one extra smoothie, hope you enjoy it"! I went to the back and devided the thing into four little cups and gave to four different people...and the rest went right to the trash! I pretended that i ate it! I had one full spoon of it and that was IT! After all of that, i have stayed POP for the day!
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