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Originally Posted by 2bfit06
Hello everyone,
I don't want to sound negative in anyway, but I just need to get this off of my chest and move on. I had been consistently losing and gaining the same 7lbs for the last 10 weeks. I was totally ticked off and told them that everything they were suggesting wasn't an issue for me. They told me they were going to email the dietician to get me some help and that took another two weeks. Of course by then, I was ready to quit, but I still had 7 weeks left and of course you know they don't want to refund you any money. I had and have been following the plan to a T, but no real results. I tried my hardest not to get frustrated, but my center is not really any help. Well finally today, I got a call from the manager who is leaving on Saturday and she said that they were switching me to the blue plan. To try it for 10 days and see if things start working for me again. She's leaving and I don't care for the other counselor. Our center seems to have high turnover and they never really get anyone in there that has a clue.

It wasn't like this 4 years ago when I went the first time. After my 7 weeks are up, I am not renewing. I am going to try and do it on my own. This makes me sad.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I hope that everyone else is having great success.
2befit06 - Please read my story from earlier today and found someone that will help. Even if you have to call the 800#.

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I haven't posted for awhile. I was out of town for a few days and when I returned home I was sick with the flu. I haven't been able to be POP, I just didn't have an appetite for the last 3 days. I see I have a lot of catching up to do so I better get reading. Talk to you all on the February thread!
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Originally Posted by Repo girl
My DH got in big trouble with me this morning. After he got dressed, he comes into the kitchen complaining that his slacks were hung up yesterday a little damp. He told me that I need to get the laundry more dry before I take it out of the dryer. Now, it is true that I have PMS quite severely right now, (one of my daycare moms is gonna be lucky if she does not get the wrath when she shows up for her kids today, but that is a whole different rant!) but that comment from him really irritated me. I asked him who he supposes goes to all of the work to wash, dry, and hang his clothes. I pointed out that it is certainly not him, yet he absolutely never thanks me for all of the effort I put out on his behalf, but if there is ONE day, that ONE pair of pants feels DAMP, he thinks he has the right to jump in and tell me what I should be doing differently. So, of course, he says, "Well thank you. I do appreciate all that you do." Guess what, if I have to shame you into saying it, it does not count!
You go girl!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Mary - no ratting here! Now if I could just figure out how to sneak in full strenth Mtn Dew!
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Glad you found us! The ladies on here have always been good to me, jump right in any time. Be seeing you around!

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Good Morning Chickies --

Sarah - That is wonderful news that you are getting the support you need and are willing to keep trying - that is what it takes - keep trying until you get WHAT YOU WANT!!! I'm very happy for you - hopefully the plan switch will get you going again......

Lori - and yes these chickies are absolutely wonderful!!! So what hockey team do you like? I'm a Hurricane Fan.....I was supposed to go to the game on Saturday b/c they retired Ron Francis's jersey - but I was soooo sick.....

2befit06 - I sure hope you can find a way to make it work - don't give up. Hopefully you can find another center close enough to at least get some support that you need. Maybe the 800 number can help you too - I really hope that you don't give up - These ladies gave help you and give you the support that you need as well.

Mary - Hope your bids go as you want - you are so funny. You're going to have to buy an extra freezer just to keep up with all your lunas......I bought three boxes from the while they were on sale and I feel like I have a ton of them - plus I had bought some of the pria complete nutrition ones at Sam's too. I actually went and bought this wire mesh container so I could keep my lunas on the kitchen island - they look so cute sitting in that little container - almost like they are in a vending machine. My DH laughs at me.......

Good morning to all you other chickies!!

Deets - Hope you are doing well - haven't been on too much lately. Don't forget us now that you are skinny and beautiful!!!

Shennie - Hope your not working too hard - Don't want that Dorito Devil to come and snag you...heheheheh -Your too close to the maintenance heaven you described - plus Deets will need a neighbor before she gets too lonely.

Katie - Hope you got your massage - or are planning it soon so that you can feel some better. I'm feeling a need for one myself. The DH got me a certificate for a day spa for my birthday in NOv - wanted to wait till after the holiday stress was over to use it!!! Hope you found some answers to the soy/stomach problems!! I will have to ask my chiro next time I go - he does alot of nutrition and kineisiology(sp?).......

Barbara - Where are you??

Britt - Great on starting the gym. You've done wonderful and only 1 lb from goal is great!~!! You will see it start melting off after you get to the gym on a regular basis - plus it will give you more energy for school too!!

Wake up west coast...yes, I know it is still only 5 am there - but hey - we always miss you in the mornings. ....
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Sorry, haven't figured out how to quote an actual message in a repley - "Lori - and yes these chickies are absolutely wonderful!!! So what hockey team do you like? I'm a Hurricane Fan.....I was supposed to go to the game on Saturday b/c they retired Ron Francis's jersey - but I was soooo sick....."

Thank you for the warm welcome! I like the Flames - although we don't live anywhere near an NHL team. My son plays on a travel team, and I adminstrate for the association he plays for. We do have a WHL team in town, and we go to lots of their games - this Friday, they are tinting the ice pink and using pink pucks in support of breast cancer research....
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Please post in LAWL Losers & Friends - February 2006
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