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Default Cut Off For Food/Drinks

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Question - Do you all have a cutoff time when you donot eat or drink anymore food and liquids? Let me know. I did 112oz. of water yesterday which is 6oz. short of what the calculation says I'm supposed to drink. Today I am doing my own 2-day fast not Take Off. I've done this before and it really helps my system. I suppose that I will have to fudge the records or they will give me grief. I just don't want to pay those prices at LAWL. Do you think I'm sabotaging my weight loss, and should I just be truthful about it to them?


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I called my COD again and the manager said that they DO NOT put programs on hold for vacation. She said that maybe that was just something that American centres do because you guys pay more to join than we do. I told her that that wasn't true because I read about sales that you get at $7, $5 and $3 a week. We pay $11 a week here. Even with the exchange rate, you guys are getting a much better deal. I called another centre in my city and the counsellor there said that she had never even heard of putting it on hold for anything other than pregnancy or illness.

My husband says that I probably have a big red flag on my file because I refuse to buy anything from them. "DO NOT GIVE THIS LADY ANY DEALS!!!!!" - lol

Regina - it wouldn't matter if I told them I couldn't weigh in because I usually don't go 3 times a week anyways. I didn't buy the full year of maintenance or the lites so I'm out of the running for the refund. Thanks for the idea, though!
Congratulations on your weight loss - that's amazing. I've lost 21 lbs in 12 weeks. It's not their 2 lbs a week but I'm happy with it. I've been working out a lot so I've also lost about 15 inches and gone down almost 2 sizes. I'm even happier with that!

Mary - my husband is the same way. He'll sit in front of the TV with a big bag of chips. And to add insult to injury, he's lost 20 lbs in the past couple of months without even trying or realizing that he had done it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Exclamation Purple without lites

I was having a bit of a stall last week at 9 pounds lost so this week I didn't do any lites bars because I think I was over doing them. ;-( I did have the la lite soup on two of the days. I am down 3 more pounds!! Hopefully this will continue as I try to stay op, drink all the water and keep away from frozen foods. Does anyone know what the calorie level is for the purple plan? I got my plan from someone else and lites from ebay. I was a strict carb counter before starting lawl and I really love this way of eating but I think my body could not process all the sugars in lites/lunas. I also think this board is wonderful and has given me a lot of ideas and encouragement.
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Bad night last night! Had company and made sushi for dinner. I haven't had sushi in over a year - miss it! It was a great dinner, unfortunately I also drank more than 1/2 bottle of wine. Feeling a bit out of sorts today. Time to get back on the wagaon!

Mary - Men - pint of ice cream - probably doesn't even show on him! Hope you had a great dinner out with hubby! Great about staying on plan even eating out! Eating out is usually my downfall. Just get back on plan tomorrow. DS has been teething - nights can be rough!

Regina - Does he leaves crumbs in the bed?

Stacey - Great losses! I would be doing the happy dance at 21 lbs in 12 weeks!
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Mary - Well that is a heck of a thing to have to live with huh? Maybe good for motivation?

Are you DH and his brother very close? What does you DH think about all this?

Oh - Hi everyone.....
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Star - we're all over in the August thread, of course!

Actually, it's just me so far and I'm loooooooonely - come play!


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Default Marbear - P&P

Originally Posted by marbear
I just finished watching the Pride and Prejudice Mini-series with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. So satisfying.... Why can't life still be like that?

193 again this morning, which is fine by me. I get to go to walmart today and buy food, which is wonderful. I can pick out some new stuff to try.


Hi, Mary -

My two cats are named Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley! I am a major Jane Austen fan. They have recently made a new P&P movie with Kiera Knightly, I don't know if it will hold a candle to the A&E version with Colin Firth.

Melissa the videochick
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Default New Thread

There is a new thread for August....please don't post here.

Come join us by clicking the following:
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