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You guys have been my salvation, and daily dose of sanity! Hearing the talk of reunions, could you just imagine what it would be like to all get everyone on the board together sometime?! Talk about a party!
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Hello everyone, welll it has been a very long time since I have checked in. Unfortunatly, I have been on and off plan, because of high stress today I went to WI and told the counselor I was ready to be back on track, I also decided it was time to do my daily check in with my favorite forum. So I am back and ready to work hard. I hope ya'll are all doing well.
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Hi Haylo - join the club! I just did the same thing today. The counselor told me "you owe me two pounds next week!" and I'm trying to keep that in the front of my mind all the time this week...

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Missing Ohio
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Marbear - because of you, I will be making cabbage soup this week. I love it

Mitchypoo - the energy healer sounds interesting. I would love to find one in my area. We have become so dependent on pills and modern medicine that we have lost the ole cures. Will do a search to see if I can find one. Tell us more about what an energy healer does. Thanks

I'm out
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if your brother in law is going to drop weight like that, I don't wanna stand next to him.. lbs are like fleas... always looking for a new place to land.


Great job and congrats to both of you... I'm jealous, but still happy for you.

see y'all tomorrow.
Gotta get home to dinner.. 18y/old daughter is on cooking duty tonight, so dinner is probably not on plan, but I'll work it out.

great day to all, and to all a thin night

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Default I'm back ... on the wagon

Hello all. I'm back.... on the wagon. I fell off last week Tuesday after a fight with my DH. All is better now, but it's taken me this long to re-group and stop procrastinating. So I went to COD this am after a week, and I'm back to my starting of 185.8. But, I think some of that may be water. So, I've stucked to it today with a couple rough spots. Now I need to go shopping to make sure I have proper foods etc. I must stay on program. I don't want these random things stopping me from doing what's right for myself. I CAN NOT LET MY EMOTIONS CONTROL MY EATING. Enough about me.

So many changes in one week - pounds dropping, new jobs, surgery recoveries and new members. Glad to see every one is sticking to their guns. Oh, and I want to do the labor day challenge. Is it 6 weeks away? I want to shoot for two pounds a week.

Talk soon.

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Originally Posted by marbear
debi, my brother in law has lost 24 lbs in 7 weeks on LAWL (he lost 11 the first week alone). Men, doncha hate 'em. They lose weight just by sneezing.

I am really blessed! I've just completed week 7, and I've lost 27 pounds! I've even amazed myself! Of course the majority of it came off in the first couple of weeks.

When I joined, I thought I would be happy to lose 1 pound a week, now I WANT it to be 2 pounds. I'm sure I could sucessfully have a 2 pound loss per week if I'd just start walking!
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Fell off the wagon last night...probably most of the east coast heard the thud when I hit the ground! Anyone have a clue what food groups I can put 2 shots of vanilla vodka, 2 of peach schnapps, a coney burger and 3 pierogies under??? On the up-side I've been OP since, and will try hard to stay there.
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Got up and weighed myself this morning! Wow - Sticking to the plan exactly can make all the difference (and having TOM)! Down another 3 lbs - looks like I will make my Labor Day Goal! I have a black tie that weekend which I want to look great -- It is with a group of people who last saw me at 185 in March!

Shannon - Sounds like a great night out! I can't do those any more - too many little ones to deal with early in the morning!
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Henrygirls: I totally agree about the Honey Nogut and the Fruit and Oat bars - the Lemon fall into that same catagory with me. I like the carmel, but don't buy them because when I do - I can't only eat just 1. They make me want more and/or hungry for some reason.

Mitchy: Thanks for the mamo reminder.

Shannon_Jo: I'm on the east coast, and I thought I heard something. Was that the noise of you falling off the bar stool after having 4 shots? Actually, combining the shots into a tall glass with lots of ice - sounds like a refreshing summertime drink. What is a coney burger? Is that a coney and a burger on the same bun, or a coney in a hamburger bun? Well - we are not allowed enough starches in 1 day for your 'off the wagon' day, so you did the best thing. LOL! But what a way to use them, right! Forget it, and start back POP.

Ewe: Wow, your doing amazing. 27 lbs in 7 weeks?

Fiona: You kill me! LOL!

Star: You always make me smile.

My 30th class reunion is in Sept. I'm on the committee. It should be a nice time. You know - I'm the type that normally goes with the flow, and I may gossip a little - but I don't make assumptions in a negative way about other people just to make conversation or to get a laugh. Well, there is a person on the committee who always has their opinion of just above everyone she speaks about and loves to share it with everyone for a laugh. Some things just don't change after 30 years. I figure she's trying to hide something about herself by laughing about others. Despite her, she won't change - but I plan on stiring clear from her and having a great time.

Hugs, Sy
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Norissa on LAWL
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Congrats on all the losses !!

And for those that fell off the wagon, Sy said it perfectly, hop back on !! I am finally back to where I was at the end of last week, I had a weekend "off the wagon"

Ewe - You are my hero !! WOW ! 27 lbs ... amazing !!
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Default It's Hump Day....

Hi Chicks......

Rainy, dark and gloomy here - love this weather!

Shanno - We have talked about having a LAWL thread annual meeting, but never discussed a location. I think I'm the only chick in MI that's on here One thing is for sure - YOU are in charge of - Sound you had one heck of a party. What you had yesterday can only be counted two ways; either a "Life Happens" event or on the "Rainbow Plan"
We use to have a poster on here named Tammy and she had the gift to figure out how to count almost anything on plan. But I think she might even be hard pressed to count your night.......

Debi - Glad you are doing good and liking the Blue plan. Once your body adjusts you will probably start to go back down......

Haylo - Glad to see you back - missed ya....
Fiona - Were you able to maintain on your down time? Two pounds a week is a good goal...and they call it average? I call it wonderful!

Mary - Don't pay any attention to your BIL - men are from another planet when it comes to dieting. It's another thing that's so unfair

Diane - Welcome back to you too. Sorry about your disagreement with DH -but I'm sure you were in the right I am an emotional eater too, I eat when I'm happy, sad, indifferent or mad

Regina - Yes you are blessed, can you get that prayer group to pray for me to lose too But really when you are POP I guess that is what happens. Good for you! (Just alittle here)

Henrygirls - Good luck with your goal for the blacktie event. Events are great motivators....

SY- I knew you were a committee girl! Planning ours there was some tension between committe members too, but they were thankfully fleeting monments, no real friendships lost. I think that group had more fun than anyone, but we did get calls from classmates months afterwards thanking us for all our work. Have you planned your outfit yet? Plus you will be at goal then too - how cool is that?

Hi to everyone else........and Hugs
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Originally Posted by Star
Fiona - There are many benifits that come with age:
We aren't clique-y anymore (we don't even remember why we use to be).
We're just glad to be there and be alive.
We are past the who does what and how much they have..
As long as we're alive and dancing - we are the hotties.......
Weight isn't an issue as long as you have hair, teeth and are caneless
See what you have to look forward to?
In regards to age: you also have an excuse for everything. I'm old!
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Star - as of yesterday a.m. I was up, oh, about 4.5 pounds from the last time I was really "trying" to be of this morning, though, that's down to 3 pounds over! I almost hate dropping those first couple pounds "fast" (water weight, ya know) cause it makes the slow down that much more depressing, lol. I actually had a bit of a binge-fest the very day I put my ticker up for the Labor Day challenge, so I'm still recovering from that - should be able to move my ticker tomorrow or Friday.

According to the COD, though, I'm up about SIX pounds from the last time I actually weighed in...I'm sure some of that was the outfit I was wearing 'cause I sure wasn't dressed for WI. So I'm going to go over lunch and get a more "realistic" # to count my 2-pounds-per-week from.

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Thought I should check in before Star sends out a MIA e-mail!

Thinking I am going to call my COD today and ask for a week off due to an abcessed tooth and my kitchen remodel. Staying on plan w/out countertops and an oven has been more difficult than I thought!

Haven't had much time to sit and peruse everyone's posts, but I'm thinking of you and OUR losses!! (that's my positive thinking trying to kick in!)
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