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Coaches/Buddies Back on plan today, so credit moi! The off plan thing was getting to be a habit and that is NOT good. I'm having trouble remembering to read my RCs in the morning--ChinaMaine, thanks for the coffee pot idea. I will have to try that one.

I ran again this morning. Moved up to Week 4 of the C25K plan, and it was hard, but went well. This is where I got injured last time. I actually think this is the hardest part of the whole plan, because the amount of running doubles from week 3 to week 4.

I need to read my RCs before bed and make my food plan, but things are on track for tonight. I picked up Break Through Your Set Point by George Blackburn from Amazon, and so far I'm impressed with it. I'm going to start reading. I find the more reading I do, the more focussed I am. Which reminds me, DH wanted me to break open the 5lb reward package so he could have the invoice to balance the credit card account. I refused, and sent him the email receipt instead! It still taunts, er, motivates me right next to my computer.

Rachel Nice work at the gym. An hour!

Bill Ah, caught by the day after. My traditional foe as well. I've learned to take a little longer to let my guard down! The ham and bagel sounds nice.

I find the problem solving aspect of the Cheat Sheet really useful. I sometimes have trouble remembering that even if the lesson is learned, it will never be mastered perfectly, but it is good to figure out what that lesson is. A slip is an opportunity to learn something.

davidette Wow, lots of cross training. Other than that, I'd just recommend making sure you have easy days as well as hard days. Your fitness builds when you recover, so it is necessary to rest once in a while for that to happen.

onebyone Glad to hear your bus service will be back on! Hope you had fun at Tai Chi. I know you went, right?

Lisa LOL on the vulnerable door! I don't feel so bad about my mixed metaphor now.

I hope the weekly weigh ins work for you. It was a problem for me because if the fluctuation up just happened on weigh in day, I felt like the whole week was lost and useless, instead of just a day or two. I also fluctuated like crazy when I was nursing, and it was tougher than normal. But then again, sometimes I weighed myself before and after to see what he was getting, so I was sort of used to it by the end.

RobinW You need to raise your expectations of February! Can you get some full-spectrum lighting? The dark is tough.

I have long given up kidding myself about why I'm eating. I knew I was eating emotionally when I did it, at least at some level. I just have a tendency to rationalize it, "It's OK because..." I'm tired, I'm overwhelmed, I'll make up for it later, I'm under my calorie budget anyway, one time won't hurt etc etc. The list in BDS was very powerful for me for that reason. Yes these things are all true, but they tend to be excuses, not reasons. When there is a real reason, I don't find the need to make excuses.

Jean Sounds like you are in the midst of a bona fide life transition, and those are always so tough. Remember that no matter how hard it seems now, some of the changes will turn out to be really positive in the long run. And make sure you keep something constant, like say, posting here!

ChinaMaine Thanks again for the coffee pot idea. I'll be trying that. Posting the ARC so I can read while brushing my teeth (thanks Kim, where are you??) really worked out for me. So many good, simple ideas that my thick head would never come up with.

Sorry to hear you are blue and tired. Remember these pass.

I think your travel list looks good. Also remember to be prepared for the unexpected, and make a Get Back on Track card (if you don't already have one) and be prepared to use it. Things happen on travel, even with the best of planning and preparation, and it is good to be prepared for that as well.

Have a good evening!

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Red face Sheesh.

Hey Beckster Coaches

Wow. 11:14pm. I have to get to bed but before I go I wanted to post here. I didn't get to tai chi. Nope. I came home exhausted after walking all this morning getting stuff for my show that I set up tomorrow and then that I have the official opening for Thursday night. I started to get my stuff together for the show and started to finish the one book that wasn't finished and it became complicated and DH had to help and I got cranky and then it didn't fold right and I had to re-do and re-do again and then patch and now, 4 hours later it is done and nothing else is done. none of my labels for the show. I didn't clean my prints and title, sign and number them, I didn't check to see I have all the parts to all my books or that the books are in good shape. nothing. I didn't write my blurb for my class tomorrow morning and I didn't print out my sign either. I did finish my accordion fold pop-up book though.
And it's nice.
And it folds up properly.
Credit moi.
I continued to log my food into Fitday all day. Credit moi. I deviated with two cookies at the coffee shop this morning and I just remembered that so I have to record this as well. Sneaky. Food is so sneaky. Or I am so sneaky. Not sure which is true. Okay I logged it and I am 180 over for the day but I did walk an hour in the cold. Credit moi.

I'm kind of sad about the tai chi but I couldn't see getting there. I got home 10 minutes before it was due to start. I am sure classes will be starting again sometime soon and I'll get in on that one. With the bus strike over my schedule will be much more open to doing more after school than I can right now.

Wow. I gotta go to bed. Exhausted.
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - The place where food offerings are left at work is the room with the common printers connected to my desktop computer. So, I'm in there several times a day. Was feeling a big smug that I had ignored a box of Dunkin' Donuts for three days. CREDIT moi. But on the third day I noticed that my favorite, the cake donut, was still there to which I spontaneously thought, "Not a problem, 15 seconds in the microwave and that sucker will be both fresh and warm." Geeeeze Louiseeee, while the on-plan part of me is ignoring a (3 day stale) donut, the old-way-of-eating part of me is planning its rescue and consumption. CREDIT moi for failing to participate in an absurd rescue plan for a dying donut, LOL. You guys better hope it's not there again today because, for sure, I'll be back to take another credit.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - I'm moved by the number of major changes on your plate at the same time. Sending you supportive thoughts as you work the triage to get on top of all of them in their due time without a meltdown.

Robin (RobinW) - No question about it, February is the cruelest month. Good plan you have there to take it on. I particularly like "Download some new music to help with the "feel-good" stuff." Thanks for the tip to add scrambled egg and tomato to my breakfast bagel; now that sounds good to me right now. You got me drooling for my summer tomatoes, which reminds me that I have to get on the ball to plan my first veggie garden and order seeds. Spring is coming you know.

onebyone - Yay for all that walking. Congrats on completing your accordion, folding, pop-up book. Can't wait to see pictures. LOL at, "Food is so sneaky."

Anne (wndranne) - Now that's one powerful supportive argument for the Cheat Sheet, "I sometimes have trouble remembering that even if the lesson is learned, it will never be mastered perfectly, but it is good to figure out what that lesson is."

Kudos for moving forward with your running; keeping my fingers crossed against injuries.

Chris (angelmomma210) - Waving. Continue to send supportive thoughts for your events this week.

Lisa (LisaMarie71) - Weekly weigh-ins it is then. Smart to tailor the program to fit your own neurons.

You got me laughing again with, "Will you vulnerable the door?" My reference to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is strictly from my own fantasizing about other jobs that I could do. A friend teaches ESL at a prison where the students are eager and appreciative.

davidette - Continued Kudos for another day on plan for both food and exercise. Neat attitude to be unmoved by scale jitters. Yep, gotta love the protein in beans and lentils.

ChinaMaine - Good luck with your experiment to throw away food in the middle of eating dinner. Sending you supportive thoughts - partially so that I can vicariously share what that feels like.

Readers -
"reality check

If you are thinking: I don't feel like doing this task.

Face reality: If you want to lose weight permanently, you will have to learn to do things you don't necessarily feel like doing at the moment. But the payoff is so great!" The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 56

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onebyone Sorry about the Murphy's Law attack on your fold up book and tai chi. I know you'll keep trying, just like you did with your project, and one of these times it will work out. Bus service returning!

lisa marie vulnerable doors and fluctuating dogs! Kudos for seeing the humor in what must be a very frustrating job at times. Glad you made a decision on the weigh-in process you feel good about.

robin I like to think of February as the turning point month, the last month before I can start thinking about spring. Promotes an "almost here" anticipation which, while not exactly factual, helps a bit with the funk. Good idea with the new music, it will help so much. If I make the time for that, it's amazing how my mood lifts. Not to mention it's essential for treadmill duty.

kuhljeanie sorry about the tough changes. At least now you're not in limbo and can begin to recover and move on. Like getting on the scales, if it's inevitable, just get it over with and move on. Looking back someday you'll see lots of good things eventually came from this event. Credit for logging off-plan eating, however painful.

chinamaine I agree, you deserve credit extravaganza, even more so because you recognize that fact! Thanks for summarizing the travel tips; I'm making notes for the future. A trick I've been using to keep my RC from becoming "stale" is to pick the 3 most important for today and put them on the top, which forces you to really think about each one and how it applies to your daily activities.

ann Can't wait to hear your review on Break Through Your Set Point. I'm working on Thin for Life. Considering it was published in 1994, I'm surprised it brings up so many of the Beck skills. I agree, reading life change books is great reinforcement, although sometimes life screams for a good escapist fiction!

I'm not as strong as you on the 5 lb reward. I broke down and put the bracelet on 2/1, deciding 1 month of being so focused called for a reward, but the first charm is still a long way off. Not rationalizing DH's request and your on-plan work to let you off the 5 lb book hook!

Thanks for reminding me recovery days are necessary. I've been watching too much of the Biggest Loser where they appear to work out 24/7. I'm going to take a little more control and plan 2 days a week with no or nonstrenuous workouts. That's pretty much happening now, but only by accident.

bill On aborting the doughnut resuscitation; it needs to go on to that big doughnut heaven in the trashcan. Now if it had been Krispy Kreme......

On plan, loving finding it easier and easier. Still takes more time than I would like, but I know I have to make time for diet and exercise first. The scales made their expected drop, which is satisfying confirmation this is right for me.

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ChinaMaine - Congrats on your Super-Credit-Extravaganza!! Great tips for traveling.

Anne - Good job on the C25K progress!

onebyone - How long have you done tai chi? I've always been interested in it and bought a few books and a video a few years ago, but never really pursued it.

Bill -- Good job not eating the stale donut! It's amazing what we will eat when we're not mindful, like my 5-year-old Starburst last week, which was hard as a rock. When you stop the mindless stuff, you begin to realize that you're worth more and your body deserves better and you only want to spend your calories on good stuff!

davidette -- One month of focus definitely deserves a reward!!

I foolishly decided to weigh in this morning (too curious to wait a week) and I'm sorry to report the scale was up another two pounds. My scale has gone from 223 to 214 and back up to 221 in the week and a half since I started counting calories again. Yes, that's two pounds down (yay) but I'm terrified of seeing a bigger number tomorrow. I think I'll try to be strong and wait until Monday.

I've done around 2000 calories a day, which should result in loss (at my height/weight and with all the nursing I do), but we all know the math doesn't always work!

Credit to me for staying in my points/calories for a week and a half in spite of stress, scale fluctuations, and sleep deprivation.

Have a good day, everyone!
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Good Morning

Had I mentioned I put my fav sugar-free flavouring back in my coffee? Once I had the sugar cravings back under control, I found I was stopping at starbucks for a coffee with s-f caramel. I was doing a bit too often, so I broke down and bought some more davinci's caramel sf syrup. I love it....yes I suspect it's a crutch that helps me keep on plan. Only because my coffee is very decadent caramel, cardamom seasoning and half and half I limit to only 3 a day....but boy what a treat when its time to sit with my coffee

Im op, and my pants are getting droopier and droopier These jeans will make good gardening jeans when the spring finally gets here.

Bill~ yes!! Spring is coming.....Im impatiently waiting for it. I was in Target last night, and passed the seeds they had out. I was thinking.....oooooo its almost time!! Im going to fill my front garden with bush veggies!! (we have a very small yard with a big honkin' house on it)

Big Kudos for not following thru with your plan. Our brains sure have sneaky ways of figuring out how to eat something. If it's still there today, it should make a good hockey puck

Anne~ Kudos for getting back on plan. Im going to google the book you are reading, it sounds interesting and like something I might find helpful.

How can I raise the expectations of February, when they are all the same? Blah! Ive looked at those full spectrum lighting things, but I have a hard time justifying the cost when its only for one month of the year. So lets not talk about the 100's of $$ Ive spent on junk food Talk about warped thinking (maybe I should plan a sunny vacation for next feb?)

davidette~ Yah! for the scale moving down, and Yah for it getting easier and easier! Big Kudos!!

onebyone~ Big kudos for logging in your cookies! Sneaky little buggers they are....they must have some sort of memory drug mixed in. Eat them and they make you forget what you ate! Hmm. You did good tho!

Im thinking this is my refueling week. Ive been very very hungry the last couple days. I had cut all my cheese out too. So last night I bought the 50% less fat stuff, and put that back today. Its weird, I had my 1oz with my shake and my other oz with my midmorning coffee and I feel very calm. Not hungry and upset like I had been the last couple days. I also had a big honkin' huge hamburger last night for supper. Man was it good!!!! I think I'll do it again tonight

Aside from being more hungry, Im still op and feeling pretty good! Have a great day everyone!

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Coaches/Buddies Another on plan day! At least so far. Kids are behaving, work was good, DH is being cool, and, yay, the scale flipped the major digit this morning, and I'm back in the 100s. Huzzah. I may fluctuate that tree once or twice (!) but I feel like I'm through the front gate and approaching home. This puts me 43 down from my high preggo weight, 90 down from my all time high, with 17 to go to my pre-preggo #2 weight, and about 25 to my racing weight. Not that I'm counting. Oh yeah, small steps, 1 lb to my 5 lb goal, and 2 lbs moving back from obese to overweight BMI.

I also read my cards this morning and spent some time with the new "diet" book, which I'm liking A LOT. I am re-railed!

onebyone Sounds like you did all you could do yesterday. Good job on getting the stuff ready for your show!

Bill Maybe that 3 day old (4 days now) donut should "accidentally" fall on the floor and get stepped on. Hint, hint.

davidette I usually have at least two books going at once, sometimes more. I read a LOT. Still working in Inkheart, which is about as escapist as it gets. Just a touch on the juvenile side, it was written for juveniles after all, but still nice.

I don't think having your reward is a bad thing. The weight loss is a side-effect of learning the new behaviors. Rewarding yourself for doing what is in your control is probably the best thing. The scale isn't in your control, at least not directly, and is often fickle.

I've had good luck with periodized training plans in the past. Three weeks of progressively harder workouts, followed by a week of "easy" stuff to allow for recovery.

Woo-hoo on the scales dropping!

Lisa Sorry to hear the scale is being mean. Kick it hard. I think you are doing a great job with so much going on. Small, small steps.

RobinW Any crutch that keeps you on plan is a crutch worth having, IMHO. There are probably some exceptions to this (smoking comes to mind), but if it's working for you, it's working for you. I may go get some syrup myself. It sounds yummy!

Here are some February things to think about. I particularly like "Love makes the world go round, but laughter keeps us from getting dizzy" week, and also "Just Say No to PowerPoints" week. Some of these sound suspiciously unofficial, but could still be something to have fun with.

Woo-hoo for droopy pants. Ah here it is

I have hungry days for no apparent reason too. They tend to last about 3 days. I tend to honor them. It helps.

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Back on the wagon
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Default treadmill!

hello everyone!

still don't have the leisure to do justice to everyone's thoughtful posts...i need to shower and get my butt to sleep, since i have to hit the road at 6:00 AM tomorrow to make my 8:00 sales meeting in Lexington. but someone (thank you - by name once i've had time to look through ) mentioned that maybe the best thing i can do these days is simply post. so, doing that.

treadmill arrived today, and it's everything i wanted it to be. just finished the run i didn't have time for today (getting ready for said sales presentation tomorrow) and have discovered that when you are running at 8:00 at night, you're not eating at 8:00 at night. nice! finally had a clean eating day.

hopefully i'll feel more myself in the upcoming weeks as i find my sea legs. i'm still useful at my office, so will focus on continuing usefulness until i can produce money for them to justify my salary. consultants are a LOT like prostitutes...

hanging tight! will check back tomorrow PM when i get home.
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Heading off to sleep, but checking in to say that I'm still here, still working on my success skills.

Today was good, but I was definitely "hungrier" that I have been for a while - I know it wasn't real hunger, more likely just boredom/the desire to procrastinate some things that I'm not looking forward to. Strengthening that resistance muscle!!

So, I teach some night classes, and before was trying to not eat anything when I got home (around 10:15) but have decided that I need to same some calories to eat when I get home. So now I have a cheese stick, or a small piece of deli meat or fruit. I feel much better - I just need to remember to plan it consistently.

Hope you all have a good night!
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lisamarie Kudos for focusing on your achievements, which are very credit worthy. I fought the scale every day of January but we seem to have made a truce: I'll do my job and it'll do what the heck it wants! (But I'll still do my job, and eventually it'll acquiesce.)

RobinW Fantastic job indulging but staying on plan and being present for all of it. My mantra has become calorie equivalent = good, off plan = bad to fight the dozens of sabotaging rationales for eating off plan that attack daily.

ann Getting through the digit gate! I like the idea of 3 weeks increasing workout before 1 week easy recovery. Paying attention to where I am in the cycle will relieve the monotony of a schedule. I'm sort of at the mercy of the instructors on intensity though. Can you tell I'm busy rationalizing the need to buy a HR monitor watch? After all I need a present for "My Way Day" on 02/17. (Don't forget Read in the Bathtub Day 02/09!)

kuhljeanie treadmill up and running! I'd still be studying the instruction book. I'm not giving up my image of you running with iced eyelashes though.

JenMusic I'm with you on the procrastination eating; I don't eat when I'm upset, but throw together being tired and avoiding a task and I just find myself transported to the kitchen. Great job recognizing, resisting and strengthening!

It's nice to know when I weigh today, the scales will probably go up and I won't care because in a day or two they'll go down again, a little bit lower than before. I didn't think I'd ever achieve that peace and I don't know how long it'll last, but I'm savoring it now!

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Thumbs up Congratulations Anne (WndrAnne)

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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Skipped my afternoon snack. CREDIT moi. That snack is planned to tide me over til dinner, but dinner was early and I came back from a walk just 30 minutes before, so I didn't need a snack. It's a deal for me because, in the past, I've just crammed it in like it was owed to me and I had to collect since it was planned. I still have work to do to find my way to a sane relationship with food.

Perhaps some of you did not spend the last 24 hours thinking about the cake donut in my computer room. Fair enough. Just wondering why it took up so much real estate in my brain. However, it was gone sparing me the need to take some heroic act (thanks for all the creative suggestions).

Today includes the meeting with the candy pusher. It's helps to have this thought in advance to diminish the impact of his presentation of a Rubber Maid bowl of some top shelf dark chocolate. Get thee behind me, Satan.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Yay that the treadmill arrived and was used immediately; great timing for the great freeze going on with ice everywhere. Good luck at your presentation today. LOL at "consultants are a LOT like prostitutes." I've felt like that when forced to focus a presentation on some irrelevant nit that was the customer's favorite while he ignored the slides showing the growing number of potholes needing to be circumvented. Prostitutes of the world unite!

Robin (droopierRobinW) - Ouch for "being more hungry," and Kudos for "still op" anyway. Neat that you've found a compromise with your coffee. I like the sound of you savoring your cups of coffee each day.

Yay for bush veggies in the front yard. What are you planning?

onebyone - Waving. Hope you got enough done to feel good about your show today.

Anne (wndranne) - Big Kudos for "fluctuating that tree through the front gate approaching home." Yep, weight loss is one honking mixed metaphor.

Thanks for the pointer to the neat website identifying February dates. Picked up that the full moon on February 9th is the Hunger Moon. That explains a lot, LOL.

Chris (angelmomma210) - Waving. Sending supportive thoughts that your events go well this week.

Lisa (LisaMarie71) - Kudos for your consistent 2000 calories a day. I'm always glad to hear that you remember to consider nursing when you calculate calories needed. Yep, the scale fluctuates - watch for the Beck quote I've already chosen to post tomorrow.

davidette - Yay for "finding it easier and easier. Yep, "Still takes more time than I would like." That more time part caught me by surprise, annoyed me, and finally, I've grown to accept. The good part is that the time is spent planning and exercising, not suffering in the face of the food dilemmas.

And thanks for "that big doughnut heaven in the trashcan." That's a spin I will use in the future.

Jen (JenMusic) - Kudos for adjusting your night snack to fit your needs, particularly with your caveat, "I just need to remember to plan it consistently." It's good to be reminded that it takes a bunch of effort to find our own best eating plan. And neat to identify procrastination as one of the challenges to remaining on-plan. BTDT.

Readers -
"tip: If you suspect that a medication is causing you to gain weight or that you suffer from a thyroid abnormality or other medical problem that might block weight loss, discuss the situation with your medical provider. Although many dieters I have worked with initially suspected a medical problem was keeping them from losing weight, invariably they were eating hundreds and hundreds more calories each day then they realized." The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 56
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Good Morning

It's sunny outside! I love sunshine in february! Even walked to work to soak up some of it this morning!

Anne~ 100's!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Im so happy for you!! Thanks for the february link....I loved the Spunky Old Broads Day Im not an old broad, but I sure want to be a spunky old one when when I get there

Jean~ "consultants are a LOT like prostitutes" you're too funny Yah for a clean day of eating, and Yah for your new treadmill's arrival!! Big kudos for staying op and getting your run in!


davidette~ I love your attitude about the scale.....I wonder if I'll ever get there. I hope you gave yourself credit for your positive thinking!

Bill~ "Get thee behind me, Satan."...cuz Bill gets the top shelf chocolate first? That's the first thing that popped into my head when I read that!

Kudos for leaving your afternoon snack because you weren't hungry and didnt need it. Kudos for working thru past reasonings too, that's a big one!

About my veggies.....Im getting excited about these. Im hoping this year I will be able to "make" the time to plant and tend to them. Last year we needed to hire a landscaper just to clean out the mess in the front garden. (because I didnt have time...and when I did have time I was too tired) Anyway....I'll plant bush green beans. But I am thinking scarlet runners would be very pretty up the front of the house between one set of widows. I also plan to plant tomatoes in the front...they do so much better there. (full sun all day) Im also going to attempt a few containers in the front too for romaine lettuce. I need to keep the bunnies out of my lettuce! I also want to try zuchinni again....mine always get blite(sp?) Not alot of stuff....but things we love to eat. Oh and I'll plant some snow peas!! I love those fresh from the garden! Hmm...not alot of bushy stuff, but it should all fit fine.

After a very quiet january at the shop, things have started to pick up. I have a busy day ahead of me. But I need to clean off my workbench (it has clutter issues)

I was hungry again yesterday, I ate within my allotment, then at 8pm I was very hungry. is where I may have done some faulty thinking.

I was hungry (very hungry) not that faint, hmmm....I could munch on something.

I am aware that not eating properly will at times send me to stuff I shouldnt eat.

Did I use this as an excuse? Eat so you dont binge? or as a so you dont binge?

Here is what I had and we'll see. I had a bowl of oatmeal.....with 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp peanut butter, ff milk, raisins, and sweetener! It was unfreekin believably good!!! I was full and satisfied and counted the calories into my totals. Over a bit....but not for my average weekly totals.

Emails are buzzing me......have a great day everyone!

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Hunger-not an emergency!
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Well...this week has been busy. Had an echocardiogram yesterday...dr. wanted to make sure that my heart has not had any damage. The tech said that he did not see anything...and he did not believe that the dr. would be calling me with any problems that might be seen. Yeah..some good news. The meds are working better for me. Not so tired...did come home one morning last week...meds were really making me tired and I did not want to drive school bus feeling like that. Did come home for a few hours and then went back to work.
No news on dh yet...eeo is still working on it and the office people will not work with eeo so it is going formal.
Have a good day...need to go back to work.
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I just got the Beck's diet for life. Do you all weigh yourself each day? I was thinking it may make me obsess about my weight more. Although I can see how it would desensitize a person if they were afraid of weighing themselves each day. I guess I will just have to try it and find out.
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