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Taking Control of My Life
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Default Happy Sunday

Good morning all

This is a quickie for me too. Thankfully, I have tomorrow off work, and between now and then Im going to try to be as productive as I can because I have a lot of things I want to get accomplished.

Tera Thank you so much about the idea of putting my advantages and thoughts/responses into my PDA. I definitely had a DUH moment when I read that. Its funny how sometimes we make things harder on ourselves then they have to be, and we need other people to show us the easy way to do things.

Yes, you are right about most of us having a hard time giving ourselves credit. Its just seems so much easier, for some reason, to focus on the bad (little things) and ignore the good (big things).

About coaches, I have one person Im thinking about asking to be my local coach, but for now Im happy to get my coaching from the group.

Bill I would gladly pay a $15 six-month fee to avoid the ads. How/where do I sign up for that?

Davidette Thanks! My full name is Talibah (pronounced Ta-LEE-bah). It is an African name and means seeker of knowledge.

Good idea about a piece of jewelry to remind us of our accomplishments. Im going to have to think of something for myself. The fact that Im a jewelry artist should spur things along.

Have a good day everyone, Ill be back later to check-in.


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Lovin' Life
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Things have been a bit rocky....but Im still fighting the fight.

I have cooking to get done today!
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Taking Control of My Life
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Tera - I just had to pop in and thank you again for your suggestion about my PDA. I just synched my Thought/Responses and my Dear Me letter, now I just have to do my Advantages. I've never put a Word doc on my PDA before, so it was a learning experience. I'm so excited.

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Hello, Beckbuddies! It's time for my

Saturday Report

3FC x2
OP Food
Oh, well. I missed the bedtime Cleanse step for yesterday, so not OP Supplements.

Today we went shopping on the way home from Mom's house. On my feet! I was a little achy by the time we were back in the car going home but this is after walking 15 minutes in the dollar store and 15 minutes in the pet store! (As I told B on the way back to the car, it's a pleasure for me to just be out of the apartment!)

We bought some bowls. I've got tiny bowls for putting desserts in and huge cereal bowls (because that seems to be the size most bowls of that type come in - huge) so we got some bowls that were between sizes that are better portion-wise for my breakfasts and sides. me!

Bill: Out of curiousity, why the rule against restaurant dessert? The one you had sounded like a good choice, as such things go.

Davidette: on "every time matters." Any time that I think I'm likely to find excuses to stray, (such as around holidays or birthdays,) I write at the top of the page in my journal "Today counts." Our bodies don't care what excuses we have for eating poorly - a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, to them.

for doing so well at the luncheon, and for getting more food earlier in the day!

Anne: Thank you for bringing up keeping your hubby out of the store on Post St. V Day. It was a reminder to give myself credit for walking past discount valentines chocolate without so much as a second glance!

Tali: You have a beautiful name, and it seems very appropriate for you from what I've seen so far. Thank you for sharing the origin.

So glad the PDA thing is working out for you! I like to keep things as simple as possible. People at work thought I was smart because I figured out how to automate so much of my work - really, I was lazy.

Robin: You keep fighting, we'll keep cheering you on! RAH!

I hope that everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend. I'll check in again tonight!

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Coaches/Buddies Another weekend day around here. I was about 75% on plan. Weekends are tough because they have very little regular structure, DH is pretty unpredictable about what/when to eat, and we end up running around like crazy people chasing after our children while trying to eek out a little time for ourselves.

DS seems to be feeling better today. His fever is gone, and he's sleeping a LOT, but he broke out in a rash this afternoon, which makes me think this whole episode is roseola tacked on to the end of a string of nasty colds. I'll call the ped tomorrow before I send him back to school.

I'm also feeling better, but still not great. I got in a half hour nap this afternoon which helped a lot. DD and I went to the butterfly exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens today, and she was perfectly behaved. We had so much fun.

My weight is up some today. I'm blaming the stupid Wii Fit. It has lunges. Something possessed me to do them, and now I'm sore. The scale always goes up when I'm sore. It also goes up when I'm on antibiotics, so there it is. No meteors required today.

I'm hoping to run tomorrow. 50% chance. Please perform the superstitious ritual of your choice that I'll feel well enough for it to happen, or I'll be back in Week 3 of C25K and I'll have to do the Week 3/4 transition all over again. Oh Well.

Tera Are you still in Dallas(ish)? You have no TV? Cool!

Right sized bowls are so important. I weigh out my cereal and I can tell you that I'm so much happier eating it in the small bowl than the big one. Not one thing to do with the quality or quantity of food, just the stupid bowl. Have you read Mindless Eating? There are lots of other tips to help with this sort of thing in that book.

Bill Have you made peace with the racking fracking lunges yet? I hate them SO bad.

How did your Cheat Sheet go? I often find more than one reason sets me off. I'm pretty good at talking myself through one thing, but if two things come together, I can go astray. Sounds like you had a lot going through your mind. I hope the dessert was as yummy as the soup sounded.

Ah yes, DH looks over at DD today at breakfast and said, "Do you know what day it is?" with an evil grin on his face. I told him "DON'T YOU DARE" before he could get out "Cheap Chocolate Day." What could he possibly be thinking telling a 3 year old he's about to load up on chocolate? Where is the clue stick when I need it? They went to the store and back home with no sign of it. Which probably means he's got it hidden in his car to take to work tomorrow. One down, two to go for the year. When is Easter this year anyway, anybody know?

davidette Isn't it weird how we get all bent out of shape about what people might think, and then they don't think anything? I'm glad it went that way for you.

It is the giving in that matters, isn't it. Every time does count. That is one of my RCs that I read every time I read cards (note to self: read tonight). I actually dislike the whole "resistance muscle" and "giving in muscle" terminology, but the analogy is very powerful. I prefer to think of digging myself a groove, instead of a rut. Which am I digging today?

Tali Wow! You are working the Beck stuff hard and posting twice a day, and you want to start getting things accomplished? Wow.

RobinW Sending you blasting vibes for those rocks and hoping you are fighting the good fight!


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Taking Control of My Life
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Hi Beckies

Heres how my week was:

I made most of the meals for the week on Sunday
I was totally OP all week
I exercised every day (both cardio and strength training)
I had to increase my weights for several of my upper body strength training exercises
I can now do 24 modified (girlie) push-ups (I started out only able to do about 5)
I increased the time I ride my bike with the increased tension from 5 to 10 minutes (50 minutes at regular tension)
I started reading the Beck Solution Train Your Brain.
I typed up my Advantages and my Sabotaging Thoughts/Responses and put them into my PDA along with my Dear Me letter (thanks Tera!)
I got eight hours of sleep every day.
I made it through another weekend OP. (Im listing this because in the very recent past weekends were the time when my eating (and drinking) were out of control anything went. The weekends were harder for me to tackle than any other time, but Im happy to find that the weekends are getting easier and easier to get through eating healthy and without any alcohol (Ive sworn off alcohol until my birthday in mid Mid.)

Davidette I agree that the elliptical is a great form of exercise and I have one. But, I nearly crippled myself a couple of years ago when I started using it. My knees cant take it yet, but Im looking forward to when they can.

About my knees, my strength training routine includes squats (with a stability ball with my back against the wall, until my knees get stronger). I hold a dumbbell in each hand while doing the squats. I also have a leg press machine, the kind were you lay on your back with your feet up (sort of like a dead cockroach) and push the weights up.

Robin Im sorry youre going through a rough time. I hope that you can pull out of it soon.

Anne I hope you feel better and are able to run tomorrow.

I have my WI tomorrow and will report the results in the morning, whether theyre, good, bad or downright ugly. Have a nice evening all!

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Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Snarfed my peanut butter sandwich for lunch on the run. CREDIT moi. When I'm busy doing stuff, the peanut butter sticks to the roof of my mouth more; I just love it. It's not Beck to eat standing while doing something else, but it's on-plan for me to eat rather than create a hunger deficit which opens me to later eating some huge portion of something I don't really want. CREDIT moi for planning and packing the sandwich and milk. Only wish I'd taken the time to pack a carrot or some sugar snaps to help wash it down.

I avoided the wrapped, golf ball sized bon-bon that the restaurant sent us home with on Valentine's Day. CREDIT moi. There is a draw; it's mine, it's a gift from the owner, and it looks good. But the wrapper nicely serves as a barrier that I'd have to break to get to it. So I had a pear after dinner last night and ignored it.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for hanging in there fighting the good fight.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for DS without fever. Kudos for doing lunges on your Wii; that's a real selling point for Wii given your disdain for "racking fracking lunges."

I did a Cheat Sheet for the restaurant dessert. Think it was similar to your two things coming together. It was the normal desire not to be the only one of four without dessert, added to wanting to avoid the "you're being so good" comment from my friend who's regained a bunch of weight. (She had already told me how good I looked. And she had already asked my how I was keeping my weight off in one of those awkward conversations where it was obvious that she hadn't.) And the third and fourth things were the small size and low price. Perhaps a fifth thing was feeling rather pleased that I had steered the dinner away from The Cheesecake Factory where I had looked up on-line menu choices that were tolerable as differs from something that I really wanted. Was the perfect storm plus two.

Tera (twilit tera) - Yay for 30 minutes hiking about. Good idea on those bowls for proper serving sizing.

Re: "why the rule against restaurant dessert?" Not a rule, just in general I make my eating plan without a baked/sweet dessert. These usually do less to satisfy me than to make me want to eat more. I get more mileage from a piece of fruit after dinner. Even when we eat at a restaurant, I look forward to my pear, apple, or orange when I get home. Restaurant desserts tend to affect me even worse. Around here they are usually large, in the 300 to 1000 calories range, and cost about half what the entrees cost. For example, the other couple had originally lobbied for Cheesecake Factory. Their Dulce de Leche dessert is 1010 calories according to thedailyplate as you can see by the link. Just doesn't do it for me.

davidette - Kudos for "absolutely ON PLAN" during "armageddon lunch." It is kinda shocking how little people care what we eat compared to our expectations. Yay for getting more stamina.

Tali199 - Kudos for a productive week. That's an impressive exercise regime. And doing all that with 8 hours sleep wins my admiration.

Re Paid Subscription: To remove the adds, click [User CP] - the left most tab in the thin purple banner. Near the bottom of the column headed [Control Panel] click Optional Paid Subscriptions to Remove Ad Banners. Then you get to choose: 1 week for $1, 3 months for $10, 6 months for $15.

Readers -
Success Skill 5
Get Moving

Exercise is important in losing weight and keeping it off for these reasons:
It helps maintain your metabolism.
..." The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 69

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Bill Kudos for splitting dinner, easier said than done when you are reading a menu, hungry. As for the dessert, I suspect the price was related to "that free thing" you have. I never seem to assimilate that a bargain isn't a bargain if I don't need it!

I see you just posted and developed the perfect storm theory - why is that "you're so strong..good.. etc" makes me feel like I deserve more

I love fruit, but a pear versus a bon bon? Tough sell.

Tali Talibah is beautiful. I wish Davidette was a little more esoteric than "little David". :

Lots of credits there! Don't let the WI bring you down if it doesn't reflect same.

Robin Sending :

Tera Shopping, and focusing on the pleasure of doing so even with achy feet. Plus smaller bowl strategy. And ignoring the discount valentine candy

Anne on your ability to run (I'm pretty basic as far as superstitious rituals). Never equated soreness with weight gain but soreness = inflammation = swelling so actually there is a logic to it. Takes some of the sting out of a good workout having a bad scale result.
I like "groove versus rut"; visuals are so useful to me. Sometimes I picture the my brain pathways (what else is a habit?) being rerouted, construction signs and all.

I'm feeling really good about this inflexible eating stage, it's working and I've grown to love not having to struggle with choices during the day. Theoretically I should move on to flexible eating, but I don't particularly want to leave my groove (or is it a rut?) The issue takes on a certain urgency with my children coming home for spring break. At 19 and 22, they enjoy a week of being unstructured and being treated to movies, favorite restaurants and favorite foods. (I do too!) I can hear the sabotaging whispers already "It's more important to spend this time with your children than be an obsessive dieter". There's probably a middle ground but moderation is not in my skill set yet. Should I try to work flexibility into my eating NOW in a controlled manner before they get here? Should I stick with NO CHOICE and push my way through, sticking to my plan no matter where we are or what they're eating? What strategies am I missing here? The first child comes home 02/27 so I have time to plan or practice. You guys are always so helpful at pointing out the obvious to my

to all!
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I had sent a post a few days ago about my chronically ill boyfriend. Thanks for the words of support everybody. It means a lot to me! I'm not all caught up with the posts, but I'd like to write in and stay part of the group. It's nice meeting you, Tali and Tera! I was way way off plan for a few days with all the upsetting news and confused emotions. I have managed to slowly progress back to more normal eating over the last few days. I'm still counting weight watchers points. I made a wonderful vegetable lasagna last night, which is a big accomplishment for me. I am a recovering non-cook. I also made a chicken last weekend which helped for a few meals. My weight is stable--up and down between a half a pound and two pounds or so. Today was 158.6 which is the low end of my mainetnance range. I am really not trying to lose weight during this stressful time. I also went to the gym for the last day of my trial membership on Saturday. The sales person at the gym gave me a hard time, but I resisted. I think I will try to go over today and join for one month. Robin, I'm not sure what's going on--I have to go back and read old posts to find out. If it's food related, just do one positive thing--one good meal or snack, one walk, one exercise, and give yourself lots of credit. Then the next time you do something good for yourself, give yourself lots of credit again! You deserve it. Davidette,, I wonder what plan you are on. If you are on a counting plan, points or calories, I would write up a food plan for the days the kids are around. Then allow yourself to make substitutions for food of a similar calorie value. And I'd allow myself a few extra calories or points each day for movie popcorn or dessert, etc. Maybe don't try to lose weight for those few days, just maintain? Just some ideas. to Bill, Anne, and everybody else!
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Thumbs up Sunday

A really lovely day I slept late Sunday AM and then we had a lovely day in Portland. We walked around looking at gee-gaws in shops. We ended at the rooftop bar we like. We had a Grand Marnier and watched the light change as sunset and dusk came over the city and bay. When we got home, we cooked a wonderful dinner Seoulful Chicken (its Korean) and rice. Yummy actually better than anything we could get in a restaurant
Beck WI-down 1 lb. I didnt make a plan today, but tried to be thoughtful throughout the day. I basically have consumed the kinds of foods (and amounts) I would have planned for. I didnt read my cards, or do anything else I should have.
Food / Exercise. Doing fine plus all the extra walking in Portland
Anne - Im really sorry about your day Saturday. It sounds like Sunday was only marginally better. I hope your antibiotics are doing their magic today. I can totally understand being jealous of being able to sleep for hours during the day I remember what it was like to have little ones. Sleep is so much harder to come by. I havent done any cheatsheets yet. I need to find them in the book. They seem like exactly the thing I need to confront this problem.

Bill Credit for a great dinner choice on Saturday. Were making Shrimp Fra Diavolo tomorrow, not as good as what you had Im sure. But, reading your story is making me look forward to it even more! And credit for the peanut butter sandwich and pear on Sunday extra credit for not eating the free bon-bon!

davidette Ive noticed the same thing about the ups and downs of my weight. After a big down, it always goes back up and then bounces around between the latest high and low for a few days. Then theres another big drop (creating the new low), and then jumps back up for a few days. Ive never graphed my weight loss before, but it is extremely effective in helping me to see the overall trend, rather than being dismayed by the volatility I see in any given week. Re: Insight on who you are cheating with Krispy Kremes was great! Credit! Anne mentioned cheat sheets for me, I plan to track them down in the book and start using them. Im curious about what youll do when your kids return. Its tough, and Im not experienced enough at this stuff to be of much help. But I will read the replies you get from the more experienced folks with great interest! Good luck with whatever plan you settle on

twilit tera have fun in Dallas! Credit for Saturday op food and stretches! And credit for buying new bowls. Im still trying to find 8 oz bowls for soup no luck yet. Ive been using 8oz Rubbermaid dishes instead.

Tali - Sounds like you are moving right along Credits for all your hard work last week. Isnt it a great feeling to know you are calling the shots about what you eat and drink? You should make a memory card about how you feel after an op weekend! BTW weekends are always toughest for me too. Getting a handle on the weekends are my hardest task. Being able to stay op for the weekend for the rest of my life is probably 75% of what I need to do as part this CBT overhaul.

Robin Credit for fighting the fight and good luck!

Lily Great to hear from you again.
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Talking Hello Coaches!

Hi Coaches

I guess I never mentioned that DH and I were off to Toronto for a Valentine's Day mini-getaway. Well, now I'm back! And in between 2 new-to-me people popped up: Tali199 Stacylambert!

So. I'm a little worried about my physical condition. Wow. we drove up Friday and Saturday I had a list thiiiisssssssloooooooonnnnnngggggg to tackle about places to get to and I was exhausted in the morning. Of course, when we arrived friday night at 10pm we went out for a walk to explore the neighbourhood and it was a lot longer of a walk than I realized after we drove the same length yesterday when we were winding our trip down. I said to DH "We walked all that on Friday?""I told you we walked far." Hmmmm. I can't seem to sort out what is a "reasonable expectation" for me physically. I pride myself (and I mean pride) for being a strong, physically strong person with good solid genetics, descended from hearty peasant stock, and when the pain is twinging up the front of my shins (shin splints? They did go away the next day to be replaced by a sore ankle) and when my baby toe is aching and when the heels of my feet are sore and when I wonder if I can really make it to all those galleries and walk around and what if we just see a movie instead? well, I can't seem to sort this out. I trust DH to make sense of these things for me. I just do and go and do. My body has always been fat never fit. And it's always been able to get me from here to there with ease. Is this age? Slower to start up. Less able to go as far as I think I should? Hmmmm. I told DH that now that we had the wii fit (hallelujah coaches it is HERE!) we were going to use it and get some stamina going. Wow. I DID NOT like feeling tired, achey and sore.

Foodwise I was conscious of my food. I, at times, made poor choices. I made sure we walked a lot, hours on Saturday and Sunday at least an hour on Friday. (Actually the soreness may simply be attributed to going from 0 to 60 without any warning. We NEVER walk like that at home ever, neither of us. Could have just been simply my body complaining that it was asked to do so much all-of-a-sudden. I did wear my "gym shoes" which, since I don't go to a gym, are pristine But they fit well and no blisters or anything like that from new shoes to deal with but they were new.)

I just expect perfection. That's all. And to do whatever I want whenever. Oh yeah. That's all.

Anyway I came back weighing in at the same number. This is good. I now have a wii fit and I bought a balance ball last week and we got a juicer recently and these three things are three more tools to help me transition to an improved level of physical health. In all fairness, at 260 lbs we traipsed around the city for hours. hello? This is great! I did not let myself off the hook and instead of discouraging me it makes me want to achieve a better level of physical stamina and strength.

Better go. Will check in with personals later on!

Have a great Monday. I'm glad to back home.
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Been feeling super duper crappy the last few days!! Bad enough for me to say....Im going home early and Im going to bed

Food this weekend wasnt the greatest. I planned for both saturday and sunday. Saturday was good considering it was valentine's day. Sunday sort of thru me for a loop. What was planned wasnt what happened, and I didnt have any control over it at all. Oh well.

I didnt get any food prep done this weekend. Im thankful I managed to get the laundry done (barely)

We are having critter issues again. There is a house 2 doors down that is being totally gutted.....scattering the critters all over the place. This weekend we caught 3 of those disgusting little creatures! We need to do more hole filling! I havent a clue where tho! Im just thankful they are getting caught before they make it up into the house. Otherwise hubby would be living by himself!!

onebyone~ Great going with all that walking!! Hubby and I are always amazed at the amount of walking we do when we go to a tradeshow. We never even bother with the car and walk everywhere. Its great! Makes for a great night sleep thats for sure!

Tali~ I love the idea of putting this stuff on my blackberry, I just need to set aside a few hours to figure out how to sync it Let us know how it all goes!!

........brb to post more.
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Hello, Beckbuddies!

Sunday Report

OP Food
3FC x2
Oh, well. Forgot my Core multivitamin and Omega Plex.

I read a chapter for biology last night - on how muscles work. This part should fascinate me, with my interest in fitness, but I just can't absorb it. It would help *so* much if scientists just spoke plain English!!

Got pretty well caught up on our favorite shows at Mom's house before we left yesterday. Received an email from one of the members of my small group at church asking for an update, and a "get well" card from my Neighborhood group coordinator. It was nice to see that.

Yes, got up this morning and went to the pool. I'll do the same tomorrow, and the same the day after tomorrow. And Thursday. After I'd done all the walking I could and was up to floating around waving my arms, I began considering how to motivate follow-through. Then I turned my attention to the pain in my hip and thought - oh, that's pretty motivating, alright.

Anne: Yikes about the sabotaging behavior from your hubby! (Easter falls on 12 April, according to the Internet, which knows ALL! ) I hope your son is truly on the mend, and I'm glad that you had such a lovely day with your daughter.

Yes, I'm still living to the north of Dallas. In the same tiny apartment, and yes, no TV... well, I have a TV "set" but no antenna or cable connected to it. I use it for videogames. It's tiny, but it's HD.

B and I catch up with our favorite dramas when we visit my mother or stream from the website. I really haven't missed having a TV schedule to work around.

I haven't read Mindless Eating yet, but I have read reviews and understand the principle. I try to pay attention to my meals, to the way my body responds to food and hunger, rather than just sticking things in my face without really noticing them. My plan is part mindful eating, part volumetrics, part You: On a Diet. I'm not choosy about where my weight management tools come from, as long as they're useful.

I like your "groove" analagy!

Hope everything works out with the run.

Tali: What an amazing week!!! I read that list and got more and more excited for you as I did! Wish you much luck on the scale! Just remember it's one of many numbers you can use to measure your improvement - the scale is not the whole story.

Bill: for staying on plan in the midst of rush and in spite of sabotaging bonbons!

davidette: I relate to your "name" angst. My name (Tera is a nickname for Theresa) means "reaper." So, yeah, according to my parents, I should be somebody's field hand? Hmmm. I can put a positive spin on your name, though... you are the "little david" out slaying "Goliaths" - you are undefeatable, no matter the size of obstacle facing you!

I have an idea about homecoming kids... why not enlist their aid. Tell them what you've been doing and how it's been helping you and ask for their support. I know how I'd feel if my Mom shared the experience with me. I'd be honored and do all I could to help her stay on plan.

lilyyoung: You and I have something in common - a history of non-cooking to overcome. Good for you keeping your goals realistic during all this stress - it indicates a very wise attitude that you're willing to find the best compromise, instead of insisting on "all or nothing" the way I have in the past.

Do keep checking in. It's good to see your posts, even if you can't "catch up" on everything.

ChinaMaine: Sounds like you're having a wondeful time, and staying pretty much on track as well! Good job!

onebyone: for the wii fit! for all that walking! for maintaining during travel!!!

I don't know what to tell you about your aches and pains. My genetic inheritance is *not* so great. I know where I got all my aches and pains. Could it be that your history of poor fitness is catching up to you? Whatever it is, I'm sure that a good fitness plan would help (and at the least not hurt). But you might want to talk to a doctor about it before you get too much further, in case you require any special considerations.

Robin: Sorry you've had such a rough time of it. I hope you're feeling better quickly.
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Good morning fellow Beckies!

Well, the scale was kind to me this week I disposed of 2.4 pounds. Here are my current stats:

Weight Loss This Week ~ 2.4 lbs.
Beginning Weight ~ 257 lbs.
Current Weight ~ 240.8 lbs.

Bill Thanks for the info about the subscription. Im now advertisement free.

Lily Im so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Good for you though for being able to pretty much maintain during such a trying time.

ChinaMaine It sounds like you had a really nice Sunday. Congrats on the 1 pound down.

OnebyOne Thanks for the welcome. I can relate to your tired and achy feelings. That was one of the many reasons that I knew it was past time for me to get myself in much better shape. Its only been about a month since I started changing my lifestyle, but I already I feel 100% better. My stamina, endurance and strength have increased and Im looking forward to more positive changes. It sounds like you know just what you have to do to whip yourself into better shape. But, I also agree with Tera that you may want to consider getting checked about by your PCP. He/she may want to run some test/blood work to make sure everything is in order.

Robin Sorry to hear that youre feeling crappy, and hope you make a quick recovery. I definitely recommend you figuring out how to sync stuff onto your Blackberry, Im loving it.

Tera Im with you, I dont follow any particular weight loss program or diet. I do use My Food Diary to make sure that Im taking in the correct amount of calories and nutrients. But, over the years, Ive learned a lot from many different sources. I just pluck what I need from each of them.

About the scale, I think I conquered that demon. I know that the scale is definitely not the only tool to measure progress. Some weeks I will lose, some maintain and still others I will have a gain. Dont get me wrong, Im disappointed when the scale is not moving in the direction I want it to, but Im more interested in getting to a healthy body fat percentage. I believe that your body fat percentage is a better indicator of your overall health. I have a long way to go before my BF% is within normal range, but with Beck and a lot of hard work, Ill get there.

Okay, I have a lot I want to accomplish today including a lot of meal prep and household chores. Ill check back in later. Everyone have a GREAT day.
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Back on the wagon
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flyby everyone! i'm feeling a little more energetic today - forced PTO due to presidents' day, so i've been home, cooking and freezerbagging. also about to do a little depilation (waaaaay overdue) and will also get on the treadmill later today. we celebrated el nino's 2nd, and the whole weekend i was off.the.wagon in a big way. struggling to get back into a healthy and constructive groove, without waiting for an md to help me rationalize my current lack of discipline. i'm still in my head enough to know when i'm legitimately unwell, and when i'm making excuses for myself. the last couple of days i've been making excuses. the scale is up a teensy weensy bit, but enough to get my attention. (i'm a daily weigher for this very reason!)

hello to tali and stacy (and everyone else!!!) will try to catch up on personals tomorrow or wednesday.
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