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Good Morning! why is it when you ask your husband if he's noticed if you are loosing weight, they say ..."yah, your boobs are smaller" (sorry Bill) Nope, they dont notice my arse is smaller, or that my jeans are starting to hang off of me........they notice the girls are smaller How not fair is that?!?!?!? You dont see the "boys" getting smaller do you? Nope! Oh life is so unfair

Anne~ I hope the kids got off to daycare and you are enjoying some quiet time to yourself!

ChinaMaine~ Yah for the scale moving down!!! Dr. Beck says alot of her patients lose weight when they first start her program even tho they havent started their diets yet. You're off to a great start!!

Bill~ Kudos for exercising your resistance muscle!! I had this comedy picture in my head of spaghetti squash all over your living room when the final point was made

davidette~ our little grocery store isnt on the list of places to buy it, so you might find it. I havent seen it in any of the big grocery stores. Check to see if your stores carry any greek yogurt at all. Its usually higher in protein, and tastes so much better. Our little store has actually boosted up it supply....they were usually running out by wednesdays. Now they always have it when I go in.

Kudos for keeping up with your workouts....just think how nice, sexy and toned your legs are going to look this summer!!

LisaMarie~ Sounds like you had an off day....but you stayed in your points allotment right? So give yourself credit for that.

When my milk production was down I used to get my dd to feed a bit more often, and pump my milk. This seemed to help things along for the next day.

Jean~ how fun doing yoga with your little one! How many meals do you usually make ahead? for me, the scale moved down again today. I either need bigger numbers on the scale, or I need shorter legs!! The scale moves when you bend over to take a closer look at 7am with sleep fuzzy eyes!! I must have stood there a good 3 or 4 minutes trying to make out if I had gained 3 lbs or lost 3lbs I had to get off.....take a closer look and get back on

On the topic of the scale....Im getting further into Dr. Becks new book. Im finding Im disagreeing with a few things. Weighing myself daily is one of them.

Who here weighs in daily?
Bill did you weigh in daily while loosing and do you weigh in everyday now?

I dont see it as an effective tool for me right now. I can certainly see why I should get on it everyday when I start maintaining.

Im not struggling with it, I know what I am going to do....Im just curious about everyone else.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I forgot to mention...

I had been thinking about the 5lb reward this weekend. I plan to start a scrapbook. Im not a scrapbooker, but my dd is. This might be a nice way to involve her in my journey. She is soooooo supportive for only being 12. She's a great little her and I are going to venture into this together. New photo per 5lbs
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Thumbs up happy groundhog day

Good Morning Coaches

Well I skipped school today. I'm not missing anything critical and need to get my video done for this week's class media studies class on Thursday. With my show opening I have less time than usual so I just decided to do it today. My throat is worse today too so it's probably a wise move on my part. Let's hope things go smoothly. This is my first attempt at a video and the editing of it... video and audio both.

CREDITS: 1)I did step on the scale. 2) it's down 3lbs. And 3) fitday says I averaged 2002 calories a day. That's pretty much bang on my 2000 target. I had a few higher days and a few lower days but I think the average is a very legitimate way to track a week. I want to do it again. I need 4 weeks of this to really decide how it's going. So far pretty good. I can do this. Now the part that needs the most improvement is my macronutrient breakdown. I am off here....

Fat 41% Carbs 39% Protein 20%. Yikes. I need to work on this for sure. get that protein up by 10%-20% this week and take it away from both the fat and the carbs. So once more I am setting a 40 protein, 30 carb, 30 fat goal for the week. See how much I can improve towards this in the next 7 days.
4) Credit moi for setting a goal and having a plan.
5) BIG CREDIT for having all this info due to faithful tracking of my food for the week. This is a big deal for me.

RobinW Great idea of the scrapbooking with DD. That's a good project and very concrete. Nice. And a happy dance for the scale moving down today! Yay. As for the scale, I weigh daily. It doesn't really affect me cause it's not "real" except for the '"real" weigh-in. In my head it's separate. I find if I don't do that I really drift. And many times I "think" I know what I weigh because I "feel fat" and then I weigh in and oops.. nope... my self-perception was wrong. I do this to remind myself that how I feel doesn't necessarily make it so. My emotional state has dominated over my food intake for decades. I am trying to separate the two and see that I do just as well without eating my feelings...the scale is a part of that strategy, that disentanglement. Complicated I know, but most of the time it works for me, though I do stay off the thing if it starts ruling my life. I can, actually, take it or leave it about 90% of the time.

wndranne Nice to hear you had a good night. yay! And you've planned your day and are ending it with a triathalon meeting. Awesome! enjoy your day.

kuhljeanie sad this is your last yoga class but you're ready to deal with that. And I was thinking a good indian meal would be one of the first things I try to make and freeze so I hope you work on that asap! Credit to you for all your planning ahead in so many areas of your life

LisaMarie71 Hi! Sounds like there are some challenges in your life right now. It's a good time to see how you can meet them AND stay on your plan of choice. I have resisted counting calories forever. It's just so BORING to me but I am finding it fun by playing with the fitday stuff. Go figure. And there's nothing like having a solid record of your effort to look at when you feel like you've done nothing right and won't ever do anything right...both thinking errors I frequently fall into. You'll figure it out! Have a great day.

davidette I am sure you know by now that Phil, the rodent oracle, saw his shadow. So did his Canadian cousins: Wiarton Willy and Schubenacadie Sam. More winter. Big surprise eh? And be smart about the workouts! You don't want an injury, you know it's not worth that...but on the other hand don't expect it to be pain-free either... again we come back to listening to the body. I am convinced that the more we re-connect with ourselves the better it is for us.

BillBlueEyes I ended up making lentil soup with ham and hambone yesterday...and mixed veggies thrown in for good measure. I didn't want to do the bean soaking, neither the "quick soak method" or the overnight method. (I am using dried beans not canned.) So I opted for the lentil, cooked in 45 minutes the lentil is, but I let the soup simmer for a couple of hours. It's very good. Kudos on the 17000 steps and on a Superbowl Sunday? What's wrong with this picture? I thought men all over the planet were glued to their Laz-y-boys, bowl of chips on lap, beer on the tv tray beside the chair, butt fitted pefectly into the cushions for a long, brisk, day of tv watching activity? You, sir, are not the sterotype! Kudos to you and your legs that want to walk... and your strong core muscles that turn you away from chips! Fantastic.

Hello everyone else!
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Sorry I was MIA this weekend - it was pretty busy, but I was working on some Beck things.

I just stopped by really quick to give myself some credit. REALLY didn't want to exercise today, since it's gray and icky outside and that means a treadmill walk, which is boring as heck. But I remembered that "Five minutes is better than zero minutes" and that ended up turning into . . . 50 minutes!

More than being happy that I worked out, I'm happy that my patterns of thinking about food and exercise can be changed. Not all at once, or overnight, but I can overcome the routine and habits I have established.

I'll stop by more tonight for personals and an end-of-day check in. Have a good day!
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Default Monday

A good day! Food / Exercise on plan, credit moi! Beck Weigh-In: Im up 0.25 lbs. Not much of a gain, credit moi! I read more of skill 6, continued the hunger/non-hunger experiment, so credit.
Im traveling for the first time this weekend since starting this journey I have 2 very long days bouncing between planes. In between, Im visiting my hubbies mother and aunt, both in their 90s. When they dont have company, they eat food prepared by the nurse/housekeeper that comes in every day. So, when were there we take them out to dinner or get take-out. Ill cook dinner one night, but the rest of the time theyll want to get food out. We are staying at a hotel without a gym. I figure I can do some yoga & exercises in our room, as well as walk near the hotel for exercise. Im trying to figure out how to not overeat when Im there, any ideas or tips are welcome.
Bill 17K steps then 17K credits! Woo-hoo! And another for exercising your resistance muscle. FYI - I get the scallop skewers at Hannafords On The Go Bistro Lemon and Herb Scallop skewers.

davidette Yeah, getting around the monotony of regular exercise is tough. I never get bored with walking, but like you, I need strength training to build stamina, etc. If you find the secret to making indoor exercise fresh, let me know!

Lisa Too bad about the tough day yesterday. It sounds like counting calories is a good idea. Good luck!

Jeanie The Indian food sounds so tasty, credit! Ostrim jerky, can you find that at a supermarket or a health food store? Ive never tried babybel either, but they both sound easy and good. Thanks! And -- I imagine you doing downward facing dog with a nino on your back! LOL

Anne Glad things are looking up credit for being back on plan, with food packed! And extra credit for the problem solving! Triathalon club wow Im very impressed!

Robin Men! (sorry Bill) The next time Im in Buffalo can I hit him upside the head? I love the scrapbook idea. Its a reward that will just keep rewarding you!! Re Beck I disagree with a few things in the book too, but Im trying to decide if its sabotaging thoughts, or a reasonable disagreement. Ill get back to you after I decide. On the issue of the scale, I totally agree with her though. My understanding is that it desensitizes you to the wicked ups and downs that happen to all of us. Instead, you take the longer view see that overall direction your weight is moving over time. I started weighing myself regularly in November. I started weighing myself daily about 2 weeks ago. Since I started weighing myself daily, the emotional charge of the scale has diminished greatly. But different strokes for different folks - others may have a completely different opinion.

onebyone Sorry the cold is still lurking! And credit! for the lost 3 lbs! I was thinking about using a one week window on the calorie count (if Beck ever lets me count them!) would be the most effective. I cant wait til you let us know how it works for you over time. And EXTRA credits for the plan and food tracking!

Jen Music Wow - credit for exercising 50 minutes today and breaking old routines!
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Coaches/Buddies I was off plan for dinner. DH got stuck at work and instead of sticking to plan, I ordered in lasagna and ate too much, including seconds, along with some really yucky garlic bread that wasn't even worth the calories. The lasagna itself was excellent. I've done a Cheat Sheet on this, and just got caught by a plain old-fashioned case of emotional eating, not usually my issue, but in this case I was angry at DH, frustrated at having to deal with the kids, and unhappy with the unfairness of this whole situation, and didn't even really bother working any of my techniques.

In addition to my Cheat Sheet, I read my RCs all 40 or so of them, made a new one, got tomorrow's plan together, packed my lunch and snacks and have my running clothes laid out for an early run. It should be a good run tomorrow, one of the few nice side effects of mild overeating.

The rest of the day was on plan, but it occurs to me I've gotten lazy with my RCs and need to get back to them. It does help to have that fresh in your mind every day, and when I need them, like today, it's good to have it there, instead of realizing I skimmed them quickly 2 days ago. So I got back on track right away. Credit moi.

BTW, had my weeks wrong and the tri club meeting is next week and not tonight. Something to look forward to.

RobinW DH was terrified to say anything about it to me during the Big Loss. It kind of violates an unspoken agreement in the spirit of I don't ask if these pants make me look fat and he doesn't say anything mean.

Congrats on your weight loss, and LOL on the moving scale! I do weigh daily. I am sometimes unhappy with what I see, but find that if I don't weigh often, it is really easy to get off track in a major way, or start kidding myself that "it doesn't matter if I do this.." Studies do show more success with frequent weighing. Note that there are people out there who don't and are still quite successful, but I always play the odds unless I have a definite reason not to. I think I told somebody here that I pretty much desensitized myself to fluctuations by weighing something like every hour for a week. Fluctuations, even by several pounds seem pretty normal after that, and it helps cushion the blow when I am doing everything right and the scale is still up for no apparent reason. Of course I know now it is meteors, but still...

onebyone hurray for a happy scale, and I love all your credits.

JenMusic Glad you stopped by. Good job on exercising on a yucky day!

ChinaMaine Good for you for sitting with the hunger experiments until you are comfortable with them. Are you going to read ahead for the travel section to get some help with your decisions?

See y'all tomorrow.

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Good Evening Coaches and Beck Buddies: Just got back from a hour at the gym....35 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes doing weights. Credit. Ate on plan today and scale dropped 1/2 on Saturday's weigh in. I am anxious to see the change as I start to rebuild some muscle.

Bill~ great job on working your resistance muscle and walking so much. Your journey is an inspiration.

Davidette~Read a book to the kindergartens today about Phyllis the groundhog ....wanted to scream when Phil and Phyllis saw their stinkin shadow....I can't stand the cold and gray any longer.

Jenmusic~great job on your workout and How does it feel to have some new thinking about your eating habits...empowering isn't it?

ChinaMaine~Could you pack a small cooler with some on plan food to take with .... veggies dip, hummas ect....I am not sure of your plan but I would have access to something...I am a hot tea, sf cocoa drinker to tie me over.
I would encourage you to take your response . cards with you

Anne~Love your humor....I was explaining the same thing to my daughter that the girls are the first to release the fat!!! Go figure! Great job on the loose jeans...doesn't that feel goodthanks for the idea of planning ahead with the menu from the restaurant. This is really where I am trying to change my brain in the area of lots of food+family=Fun. On plan food+family= fun. I hope anyway.

Robin~I love your idea to reward yourself with bonding time with your DD, scrapbooking. My DD and I will collage our dreams hopes ect....with magazines and a simple glue stick. Some of our best talks come out to just quietly connecting. I don't love the scale at all... I am trying to watch the scale as it can jump up 2-3lbs in one day. I try to weigh at the same time each morning but find it interesting how much more I can weigh at night or after exercise....just a is new to me to digest....

Oneby one~ Sending hugs your way and hope you are feeling better soon. Wow 3 lbs down Credit you!!

LisaMarie~ You are changing and I believe you will find out what is going to work best for you. I agree that nursing your baby is so important. Hang in there!

Jeanie~ great job on exercising at home with el nino! I love hearing about you creative cooking adventures...Keep sharing your good ideas!
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - So I made it through the SuperBowl without the standard foods, then found myself facing a leftover bowl of guacamole at a meeting last night. Oh Well.

Tried a new breakfast yesterday - small piece of ham on a toasted bagel. CREDIT moi. The deal is that I've ignored a bag of bagels in the freezer for months until I realized that I no longer wanted them with the apple butter alone. Thinking that I'd miss the protein hit that helps me last through the morning. Was good. I'll add that to the rotation at least until I do my duty to consume the bagels in the freezer. Perhaps in my next life the option will occur to me to toss out food that I don't want.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Drooling at the thought of "Jeanstro" meals including a chicken vindaloo with saag. Kudos for making yoga a positive thought for el nino; Ouch for trying to do yoga with his help. I too am laughing at the thought of different asanas with el nino on your back. Good luck seeking your right calorie level.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for choosing the right strategies for you. Yep, I weighed in daily while losing and still do; it's part of my morning ritual. It works for me because the scale jitter doesn't bother me since I plot the points and visually look at the underlying value. But I understand that the daily readings can be an emotional impact that's worth avoiding. It is worth remembering that the weekly or monthly readings will also have the same jitter and also needs some emotional distancing to avoid the feeling of a wasted week. Good luck in figuring out your path.

LOL at "spaghetti squash all over your living room when the final point was made." Came close to that; pulling the strings out of a spaghetti squash is definitely not a lap job. Yep, some cleaning up to do.

Yay for the scrapbook idea with you DD. That sounds fun.

onebyone - Ouch for the sore throat; sending virtual chicken soup to fix it right up. Kudos for your on-plan performance, including giving yourself credit. Good luck finding your protein balance.

And Biggest Kudos for tossing in some veggies with your lentil soup. Great way to get the veggies in.

LOL at your image of "men all over the planet." Hope you never paint that.

Anne (wndranne) - Neatly stated, "good reminder that a bad day is not a bad life." Another thought about DH's cookies is to put them in one of the zillion tins that collect with few good uses. Stuff in a cookie tin is beyond my intellectual reach.

So cool that you're doing the Boston Marathon in April; Hope we can find some way to rendezvous.

I continue to be impressed with your diligence using the Cheat Sheet; it's an eye opener to hear you uncover an emotion behind an eating divergence. Such a good reminder of Beck's notion that there's a thought in our head before we take an action.

Chris (angelmomma210) - Sending supportive thoughts for your events this week.

Lisa (LisaMarie71) - Sounds right to me to have your milk supply as priority one. The calorie counting should allow you to know what you're doing so you aren't fooling yourself. Ouch for falling for the bacon; I have some resistance ability to a platter of bacon on a breakfast buffet, but absolutely none to bacon being cooked where I can smell it.

LMAO at "The dog fluctuated up the tree." Thanks for the reminder that teaching English as a Second Language might not be the cushy job I imagine.

davidette - Smart to pace yourself for the long haul, mindful of mental burnout. Working with weights has helped me in that regard because I can feel the improvement in my own muscle definition in the shower - a real ego boost.

RE: "Spaghetti squash with red beans sounds good, do you add a sauce or spices?" Oh yes, the red beans are my mod of the classic New Orleans recipe with all the spices, cooked with a smoked pork knuckle, but without the several pounds of ham and sausage.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for continuing with your plan including giving yourself credit. Good luck with your two day travel. It's neat that you are satisfying the food needs of two ninety plus year old ladies. Hope they want to go to places that you find interesting. And thanks for the info on scallop skewers.

JenMusic - Kudos for taking that first step via "Five minutes is better than zero minutes" and Kudos again for going for the full 50. Neat to hear the Cognitive Behavior Therapy like thinking "that my patterns of thinking about food and exercise can be changed."

Rachel (helping rachel) - Kudos for the good gym session. Love reading how you scrapbook with DD to open the conversation.

Readers -
"tip: Some dieters find it helpful to list advantages on their computer wallpaper or screen saver; to keep a paper list in their wallet, on their refrigerator, or in their desk drawer; or to not them in their appointment book or PDA." The Complete Beck Diet for Life, pg 55
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lisa marie Whew, you are the of fluctations - I thought my 2.5 pound jumps were impressive.

I count calories because that's what I have faith in and that's my personality type. I use this free program: The thing I like most is it allows you to easily save groups of foods for meals or save recipes or foods you regularly have, plus it has an extensive database of common foods. You can generate reports and charts for any particular aspect of your diet you are interested in.

I graph my weight daily but have a big yellow line across the page at my starting number and the pattern is becoming clear. Big drops are always followed by at least two days of moderate increases. This always me to prepare and avoid a big disappointment. By comparing the overall pattern to the yellow starting line, I can see the overall picture is a very slow steady decrease, which is what I need, rather than allowing each individual weight to take daily dominance. To me, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You are in a beautiful but less populated part of the state. I thought I was in the boonies when I hear posters taking buses everywhere and walking to restaurants. Once again, you have me beat.

kuhljeanie Hope you have better luck training your son than I do my dog that yoga is quiet time. Bitsy barks and climbs on top of me which is not very meditative.

Ann I'm doing step 2-3 x week, cycling 2 x week, water aerobics 1 x wk, plus yoga after 3 classes. Sometimes I miss, but that's the plan. ?Today I will start to add in a little weight work before 2 classes a week. It's more than I would be doing on my own, but I made a pact with my friends and I hate to be the quitter. The solution is to stop pushing so hard IN the classes, which is very difficult for me. I think I need to find an exercise watch and give myself a HR to watch and focus on rather than responding blindly to an instructor yelling at me to "give it all you've got"

Good job not getting too discouraged at emotional overeating to plan for a better day tomorrow!

helping rachel An hour at the gym and on plan - you certainly are empowered!

robin continuing weight loss!

I do weight in daily and I do believe eventually it helps you to see the big picture, or to quote onebyone, the forest not the trees.

Love the reward of scrapbooking with DD. I did lots of crafts with my DD in her youth and to this day, at 22, she loves making her own cards and presents, which is very gratifying to me; that she can find so much joy in being creative. We still work together on some projects when she's home.

onebyone Bravo staying on target with calories and food tracking. I think if you get the protein up you will feel much more satisfied; I seem to. Could be a "placebo" effect, but it works (a dirty little secret of medicine is that placebos often do too - a prime example of the power of our expectations!)

jenmusic Kudos for turning 5 minutes into 50
and keeping up the beck work despite being busy.

chinamaine I'm no pro at eating out, but I feel much less anxious if I can look at the menu online and check out calorie counts ( and plan exactly what I will have. Take your response cards and read them in the bathroom before ordering!

BillMuscle definition is definitely a goal - working with weights last summer I managed to wear sleeveless shirts after years of avoiding them because of flabby chicken wing arms. Quite a motivator! Glad to have another "thinking outside the box" idea for spaghetti squash. Beans are such high protein, another factor to consider with muscle building.

On plan again today. The scales are doing one of their periodic strolls up, but I know I have a nice drop to follow, and that this peak will probably be a little less than the last peak, as long as I stay on plan.
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Just a quick good morning Coaches. just had breakfast (credit moi) and packed food for the day (credit moi) and tonight is tai chi! I have been thinking of not going *sigh* but my fellow carpoolers will kill me if I do that. I made such a squeal of enthusiam in the backseat of the car when I first noticed the tai chi society had moved into the old Swiss Chalet building up the street from me. So after school I will be coming home, finding something to wear (maybe I'll buy something today) and off to tai chi class.

Gotta go. Time's going by really fast.

PS Our bus service will be up and running on Saturday. And it's free for the weekends for everyone until the end of the month, free for seniors every Wednesday all year, and free for everyone everyday until Feb 15th.

Can you say "public relations"?

Have a great Tuesday.

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I'm just doing a quick check-in. Weight is still up to 219. I did 2050 calories yesterday. Thanks for all the encouragement about calorie counting, but it's not really a new thing since counting points is really the same thing. I just have a tendency to do too much estimating and eyeballing when I do points, and I need something more accurate to figure out the right balance for nursing and weight loss.

Bill -- I couldn't tell -- did you think I teach English as a second language? I don't, though it may seem so from that horrible sentence. Oh no, that was a native speaker in 10th grade, who had the definition in front of him while writing the sentence. Even worse, every year the students look at the short definition of vulnerable, which is open, and at least one writes something like this: Will you vulnerable the door? This is after I fully explain the definition to them and tell them it does NOT mean open in that sense. Oh my. Do I really have to go back next school year?
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Good Morning

Its february, the worst month of the entire year for me. Negative eh?! Im very thankful it is so short!! This is also the month I have trouble getting thru without any eating issues, and try to keep myself out of the funk I seem to fall in. I'd never make it over in finland or even up in alaska when they have night/dusk all day for part of the year. Blah!

This year will be different (need to think positive!)
The Plan...

Keep to my eating plan.
Eat out either before or after v-day to celebrate
Skip the chocolates!
Get on the dreaded treadmill and boost the "feel-good" hormones!
Download some new music to help with the "feel-good" stuff
Continue to plan
Continue to look to dh for support when things get rough!

Thanks everyone for sharing your scale habits. I sort of have it in my head that when I get to a certain weight I'll start getting on daily and incorporate that into a 21 day challenge. I just dont like the numbers Im seeing now, and even tho the numbers are getting smaller, they are still to high for my comfort zone. It will be almost another 30lbs gone before I can do a daily thing and be ok with the numbers I see.

onebyone~ what are you doing for your video? Sounds like a fun project! Staying away from school was probably a good idea, get better soon! Thanks for the happy dancing carrot

ChinaMaine~ Thankyou so much for the link you sent me. Im going to sit down tonight and take a closer read. As for "not" overeating while you are you have a fridge and microwave in your hotel room? If so, when you eat out ask for a take-away box when you order your food, and tell the waitress you want it the at either before or at the same time the food arrives. When the food arrives, dump half of it into the box....close it up. Voila, lunch for the next day! Hubby and I will split a sub from subway and then have a piece of fruit with it. Bring your own snacky/fruit things that you can keep in the room. Remember to sub veggies for fries when ordering, or opt for just the soup and salad for a meal. When ordering in, remember your portions, and how big they are suppose to be. Mindful'll do fine.

Anne~ Im curious....was it doing the cheat sheet that made you realize you were eating emotionally? Kudos for recognizing why you were eating the way you were! Kudos for reading your cards, and planning out todays run.

My hubby never says anything either way unless I ask him. But he always acknowledges my losses, even if he is a bit weird in the way he does it

rachel~ Kudos for getting to the gym and getting in a good workout!! I love seeing the changes when Im working out properly and consistently. I think you will too

Bill~ when you toss out food you dont want, close your eyes, and then put something ontop of it in the garbage can. That way you dont feel guilty(for long) about tossing it. How about a breakfast bagel? 1/2 a bagel with a slice of ham, scrambled egg, and slice of tomato ontop? Lots of protein.

davidette~ you have a great attitude about the scale....Im learning


Have a great day everyone!! Im going to play hooky from the shop this afternoon (shh!)

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I'm back to quickly add something to what I said this morning. I decided, after weighing 219 again this morning and getting somewhat discouraged, that I should go back to weekly weigh-ins. Someone else posted this recently and I'm with you. Daily is just too much for me, since I fluctuate so much. When I was losing my 110 pounds, I did the weekly thing and kept a lovely graph. A daily graph, even if it shows an overall downward trend, is just not enough to make me feel better after seeing a high number for a few days in a row. Here's where I'll differ from Beck's methods. When I get to my goal weight, I'll go back to daily weigh-ins to keep myself on track with maintaining that weight.
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Back on the wagon
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hi everyone! just a flyby - in the midst of packing up my desk, cleaning out the computer, and having endless meetings to get folks up to speed on what i've been working on, so they can carry on after i leave (sniff.) yesterday, saying goodbye to kim (yoga) just sucked out loud. actual tears during shivasana and the goodbye hug. man. oh well. today, waaay overdid it at a sushi buffet goodbye lunch with another soon-to-be-ex colleague. oh well for that too. i logged everything, painful though it was.

am off to the gym...need to stretch out my calves after yesterday's long run on the treadmill.

and it's effin' snowing AGAIN...aaaarrrghhh...
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Default Tuesday

Kind of blue today No idea why Im blue. Probably hormones or something. Food / Exercise on plan (but tired from two 45 minute days in a row), credit moi!
Beck I read more of skill 6, continued the hunger/non-hunger experiment, and plan to try throwing food away in the middle of eating dinner today (experiment 4) so credit.
Weigh-In: Im way down to 195.7 lbs (down 1.75 lbs since yesterday). Even as I type it, I cant believe it even knowing that the number will bob up and down for a bit. Ive been trying to lose weight for years, and just kept gaining. 175 - 180 185 190, and then I just stopped getting on the scale! And now the weight seems to be falling off so easily. It just doesnt seem real. To use the generic credit for this seems to deny the magnitude of what it means to me. Perhaps, I can call this SUPER---This-Must-Be-Happening-To-Someone-Else CREDIT-EXTRAVAGANZA
Thanks to everyone on tips for dealing with traveling and eating. Just to summarize the ones I have so far:
  • Read the travel section in Becks book. Doh! didnt even know there was a travel section; Ill try to read it tonight or tomorrow on the plane.
  • Take response cards
  • See if I can get a fridge/microwave for my room.
  • Pack a cooler with on-plan food.
  • Drink hot tea or cocoa to tide me over rough spots
  • Review restaurant menus online and check calorie counts on make a plan before I go!
  • Read RCs in bathroom before ordering I love this one davidette!
  • Before food arrives, ask for a doggie bag, so I can tuck away the food I dont before starting to eat. this is another great idea Robin!
  • Eat leftovers for a later meal at home, with a veggie or piece of fruit.
Anne The RCs are helpful arent they? I keep mine on top of my coffee pot, because I forget them otherwise. I read them out loud every AM. Otherwise I skim them and think about the next 5 things I want to get done that morning. Even though I keep a second stack right next to me all day, Ive never picked them up for a refresher. Its a habit I probably should get into when toying with a sabotaging thought But enough about me! Im just really glad that you got back on track so quickly. EXTRA credit.

Rachel Bravo for a all the exercise! credit!

Bill The high protein ham and bagel sounds tasty yum! And credit!

onebyone Credit tu for breakfast, lunch and tai chi. I'll bett you're happy you went to tai chi in the end

Robin I know I really dislike February too. Your plan sounds great I may steal a couple of ideas from your list.

Lisa About the scale whatever works for you is surely best. Just try to remember, it is just a number. (Im the pot calling the kettle black, but it is true)
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