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Sheila E.
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Default IP Daily Chat - Tues. 2 Nov. 2010

?Welcome and welcome back to the Daily Chat thread -- introduce yourself, post your plans for today, share what's been happening, ask questions!

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maintenance since 2/16/11
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S/C/G: size 18 to 8...75 pounds gone

Height: 5'6"


Thank you Eatants for all your hard work.

Did everyone notice dodomommys (I am not sure if that is the exact name)...weight loss? 70 pounds in 3 months and 3 days...WOW!

I am all about losing as fast as possible and giving up anything I have to in order to get to my goal quickly....then I will worry about eating better with all the choices and social life stuff then. I want to know her secret. Again Wow!
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Sheila E.
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Default Monday in Review

Hip, Hip, Hooray...Losses and NSVs
  • rubyh is celebrating her 2nd WI with 4.5 lb and 6 inches lost. She sends her kudos to all the contributors here on 3fatchicks.
  • joellio is on week 2 of IP and is already down 10.4 lb. Her mom and aunt are now wanting to follow in her weightloss steps.
  • TennesseeLeigh stepped on the scale too before her Tuesday WI and found 6.6 lb. lost since starting IP last Tuesday.
  • Coqui left 9 lb behind in her first week of IP and is looking for advice on exercise and making bat wings disappear
  • AmyonIP had WI #2 with 8 lb. lost and welcoming her to....
Shrinking Daily
  • Aslang conquered the scale with another milestone kissing the 320s goodbye.
  • New clothes? Crystal88 went digging deep into her closet this weekend and found 2 old gifts that were too small to ever wear before. She is now sporting a new angora sweater and red leather coat. PS. Crystal, we want pictures!!!
  • The mind plays crazy tricks on us...jency is picking up on a pattern that she stalls before every milestone weight 270s, then 260s, and now she is flying thru the 250s. Go, Jency, go!
  • Rosemary2612 slipped her little legs in size 12 jeans today...and she also slipped on her wedding ring on for the first time in 20 yrs.
  • Calebs_Grandma bought her some fancy toning shoes as a 30 lb. gone reward and started walking. 3 miles with hills and she never lost her breath.
Welcome to Onederland
  • Chan3 took and early peek at her scale this week and discovered the infamous onederland.
  • After 15 years, Figgypudding is celebrating in onederland
  • And to add to the onederland party, Dodomommy is joining the club with 70 lb. lost in 3 months and 3 days.
  • ...AmyonIP jumped right in to onederland during her 2nd week on IP with lots of thanks to everyone here.

Monday was the first day of the Christmas 15 lb. Challenge. It is not too late to get in on the fun and it is a terrific way to help stay on plan through the tempting holiday season. PS. Thanks to Journeysend for tracking everyone's results.

The Halloween 20 lb. Challenge is now over. Don't forget to post your final weight or Journeysend will come after you with her witch's broom. Congrats to all who participated. I see several awesome losses.

And Everything Else from Monday
  • The cold of winter is pushing its way into most of our worlds. Brrr, bring on the fuzzy socks.
  • iowahawkeyemom wants your thoughts on eating 2 cups of canned spinach in one sitting. Is it too much???[indent]
  • darbs7's coach only allows fresh and frozen veggies, no canned.
  • joellio questioned if you followed in another friend or family members' IP footsteps into the program.
  • kaarin let out a big sigh of relief after reaching her October 31st deadlines for work. Now she is trying to destress in hopes of bigger losses.
  • Another Halloween survivor, mompattie spent a play day with her 3 year old. Side Note: I want a play day too
  • AyeQueLoca is celebrating the wonderful news of knowing her husband will be home this Christmas instead of Afghanistan.
  • Jacqueline popped in with congrats, more WI scale inconsistancies and a reformulated chocolate pudding mini-rant. She's not alone on the "new" chocolate pudding, others chimed in in agreement
  • lobolexus was having a sick day and is concerned about this weeks weight loss due to all the meds
  • Lots of hugs and welcome backs to CalgaryGirlie who is returning to her IP journey after her tragic loss over the summer.
  • I, EatAnts, am wondering if anyone else had any sort of allergic reaction to IP products? I'm fashioning some spectacular red spots right now. Mamadancer related similar reactions, but never pinpointed the cause.
  • Irregular Periods? mama2three of three is looking for some peace of mind on this TOM topic
    FiggyPudding related her PCOS and IP TOM irregularities
    AuntSheShie to the rescue, reassuring that the irregular periods are a great sign of fat loss
  • wyoangel is turning black and blue with bruises and is looking for our thoughts on the issue
    Linden recalls the topic being discussed in the past but no resolution
  • What is snow? mompattie provided us with pictures. Linden responded with a high of 81...again. (personal note: My toes are cold. I think it is time to return to HI, 2x in a year is not too much for a girl, right?)
  • JollyCrewzer is no longer hungry!! She started adding an extra packet and measuring her meats...and, Voila, she can barely get it all in now.
  • Welcome MellowYellow and thanks Bama62 for sharing how great this forum really is thanks to everyone here.
  • ladyvrod suggested dodomommy liven up her celariac by cooking in a crockpot with pork loin and broth...compares it to having potatoes for missing the good ol' tater.
  • Mrs Diettrich, darbs7 and [figgypudding] helped explain the restricted packets and why some clinics do not allow them the first to weeks to help MellowYellow start out right.
  • How do we determine goal weight popped up again late last night.
  • makeitmatter needs support and advice for dealing with some "friends" who think she is anorexic for losing weight in a healthy, quick manner.
  • Darbs7 cracked me up with her comment to Crystal88on new clothes, "Not to put a damper on those beautiful new clothes, but I hope they don't fit you this winter....because you'll be too darn small"

Note: Sorry for the inconsistent grammar and typos. I wrote this several different sitting some of them half asleep.

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Height: 5'6"

Thumbs up Monday Recap

Good morning and WOW EatAnts, awesome job with the Monday recap!!!

WI #5 today, so I will have my starting weight for the Christmas challenge. I'm hoping for at least 3 more lbs gone, gone, gone.

Everyone have a great day!!!
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S/C/G: 180/180/130

Height: 5'3"


Good Morning Everyone! I'm off to another exciting day at work and a successful day staying away form all the leftover Halloween junk everyone brings to the lounge. So far I have survived the chocloate temptations. I'm letting God be my coach. Blessings to all of you. Be strong!!!
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Third time's the charm!
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Height: 5'5"


Good morning everyone!! Today is Brandon's birthday! I guess one good thing about him being away is that I won't have to fight any temptation with birthday cake! I already mailed him his home-made macaroons three weeks ago! Have a great Tuesday!!
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Height: 5"9


Wow Eatants, I'm impressed with your recap. Thanks! I hope everyone is having a great IP Tuesday. I go in for my WI in a little bit and am hoping to see 4 lbs gone. (I LOVE to see 6lbs-but don't think that one is happening!). This will put me on the street in the neighborhood of my goal. I know according to the "charts and powers that be" I could stand to go lower than 160, but know from past experience that when I go lower I don't feel as good and everyone asks me if I feel ok, etc... I guess I will know when I get there.
ANYWAY, dear, wonderful hubby booked a trip to Jamaica for February, so I am excited about that and am hoping to be able to pack a smaller suitcase since my clothes size will be smaller (which in turn leaves more room for shoes!!) .Everyone have a great day!
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Default I was so excited yesterday that...

I felt kind of rude not resonding to everyone's posts, so:
Eatants Thanks for starting the daily thread and for the great recap!
Aslang Congrats to getting under 320! Keep up the great work.
Crystal88 Awesom NSV about the too small xmas gifts that now fit you, i had some of those too!
Joellio great loss in 2 weeks!
Meandmax You made the Halloween Challenge! Congrats!
Chan3 You made it to Onderland!! Yes!!!!
Tnnesselegh 6.6 lbs lost in a week! Awesome!
Mompattie First time ever that I too did not chow down on Halloween treats! Way to go
Ayequeloca Love your screen name! I'm so thankful for your husband and his fellow servicemen. What a wonderful early xmas present for him to be home during xmas this year!
Jacqueline The new chocolate pudding stinks! I brought my 6 unopened packets back and she gave me 6 of the old chocolate pudding!
Lobolexus Hope you and your little one feel better soon
Calgarygirlie I'm so sorry for your loss. I am very glad you are back.
Rubyh Great W.I.
Figgypuddig Onderland!!! way to go!
AmyonIP Onderland for you to!! Awesome
Darbs7 You will get to onderland very soon! I pm'd you back and thanks for mentioning my success on today's post too
rosemary2612 size 12!!! You are awesome!
calebsgrandma great nsv 3 mile walk!!!
ladyvrod celariac in the crockpot with a roast sounds good!!
makeitmatterI'm sorry your friends comments hurt you. Keep your head up and keep up your good work.

sorry this is sooo long..hope you all have a great day
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Height: 5'7"


Wow this is amazing...I weigh in tomorrow for my 3rd weigh in and i'm nervous but excited...I have already dropped a size...
I started at 239.5 and right now I'm at 221..so tomorrow's weigh in is very exciting for me... some days its not easy..like when you walk into Sams and they're pimping al the samples...i got out of there quick...
But I went to a big wedding and took my own stuff..so far so good...
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S/C/G: 240/200/170

Height: 5'7"


Wow DODOMOMMY thats amazing...good for you...
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Height: 5'3"


You are all so amazing! Great successes and wonderful support!

I have been 'lurking' for a couple of weeks now and decided I should join in the fun. :-)

I am back on IP after about 10 months - started in Oct. last year and lost 35 lbs in 3 months. Was very happy with the results, but didn't 'phase off' -- just tried to go from Phase 1 to eating 'normally' (which for me wasn't very normal - went back to all of my old habits, etc :-(

So now I'm back at it and going to do it properly!! I started at a new clinic with a new coach and I like her much better than my last one -- this one has done IP herself, so is very realistic and knows exactly what we are going through. As opposed to my last one who is ultra-fit and healthy (runs a fitness club) and who doesn't understand people like me at ALL!!

So far, so good - had my WI#1 yesterday and am down 6.6lbs.

Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone and wish you all luck in your IP journey!!
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Started IP Oct 11,2010
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Height: 5.4"


Hello Everyone, Good Morning

Yesterday was my 3rd weigh in and I was down 2.8 making a total of 14.8 in 3 weeks. I am quite pleased
I am going to try something new this week and have no restrictive foods and see if it will make a difference on the scale. I know the scale is just a number but I really wanted to be down more than 2.8. And I am going to get more active this week too, I honestly have not started any type of extra exercise. I currently chase my 6 and 4 year old around ( I can catch them now)!!!

Have a great day all
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Height: 5 ft. 6 in.


Good morning IP friends. It is a beautiful day in WV! I have the day off and plan to enjoy it.
I have been having some setbacks and hope to re-focus. My mom and dad are not well and I have been worrying a lot about them and some other personal "stuff."
I plan on remembering that God is in control and that He will take care of my family. I just seem to have the type of personality that worries a lot and I seem to get stressed easily.
I hope that everyone enjoys this day!
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Height: 5"0'


Wow what a recap! Truly amazed! Today is starting off as a pretty good day... Except for the bag of homemade Chocolat chip cookies that I have to pass everytime I go to the washroom (Which is every 40 minutes, lol but at least I'm drinking my water)... seams like there is always some sort of sweets on the lunch table at work. OK I did look closely enough to notice they were chocolat chip but I did not reach for the back, will power is holding!
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just Rhonda please!
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Height: 5'6" Started IP Diet 7/25/11


good job joellio!!

I'm praying for strength today with Halloween still on the kitchen table in the break room. This diet has not been easy for me ... but I'm lovin' the results!!!!!
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