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Staying the Same
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Height: 5'5


Hi everyone! I had a HUGE dinner last night after a less than perfect day of grazing on random crap at work. But it was so good - mussels Florentine, perfect shoestring steak-frites, chocolate mousse and the best cookie I've ever had. We got a big snowstorm here and my bf and I both worked late - he took me out to dinner despite terrible road conditions to a cute and intimate little French restaurant, and we were the only guests there. Romantic <3

Not without consequence - weighed 132.5 this morning. WRONG DIRECTION!
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Hi All. I just posted under another feather weight thread...not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I'd like to become part of your community-I need support to stay on track!!!!
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say what?
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Wow, I am back.

LOL. It's only half a day after my previous post, but I know I am back. I cleaned my room. I did stuff long overdue. I feel up to losing 8lbs this month. Just like that I was fed up with myself and turned on a switch. It also helped that I had an icecoffee. The caffeine probably woke me up. I've been off caffeine for a week. It's just ****. I am over the headaches but just soooo tired. I am not gonna drink redbull again, but just an ice coffee every other day should be fine. Now that I feel better I can kick the bad eating and my energy will rise even more.

So yay for me being positive.
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I'm a princess.True story
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krampus : your dinner with your boyfriend sounds deliciouuuuus! french cuisine, I could eat it everyday! I received the Julie Child French Cuisine cookbook for Christmas... Everything looks delicious but oh lord, french cuisine requires a LOT of butter LOL

Anderson : welcome!

philana : nice job giving up redbull! caffeine craving and hangover feeling can be so horrible though. Keep it up!


Hi all!

So I'm up today at my weekly WI... 1.2 pounds up. Could be worst. My toilet isn't my best friend these days (hello, TMI) so I guess my WI could be a bit biaised.

I started running again after my one week break so it will probably help loosing that too!

I planned to cook tons of healthy (and a few unhealthy ) stuff this weekend, so I won,t have any excuse to eat junk because there's nothing to eat in the house.


TGIF! what an exausting week!
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Height: 5'8"


Anderson ~ Welcome. This is a great place to help you stay on track!

Turbo ~ Agree about the exhausting week part. Mine doesn't end until Sunday, though... (have other responsibilities outside of work) Whatcha plannin' on cooking?

Philana ~ Hurray for you on quitting the Red Bull!!! That's a huge accomplishment in itself. An iced coffee every now and then doesn't sound like a big deal at all, and it definitely seems like you're moving in the right direction. They say that organizing your outer space (room, etc.) can be the catalyst for weight loss, too, so you're definitely on your way.

Krampus ~ That restaurant (and the bf!) sound lovely. Totally worth it. :tup: It seems that we as featherweights are prone to so much more fluctuation in our weigh-ins... Ebbs and flows.

Feel like I'm on a solid losing track. The TOM madness has passed and I'm back on a downward trend. Am doing pretty well with eating those "three meals a day" although it's starting to be a lot more difficult EMOTIONALLY than I'd anticipated. I don't think I realized how much I medicated with food and when I don't eat between meals, a whole bag of interesting feelings come up.

Have a symphony concert tonight (I play viola), taking the car into the mechanic and meeting friends for brunch on Sat, then church on Sunday (I'm making an announcement in the service). My weekend wind-down starts as soon as the announcement is over.

Happy weekend, everyone!
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Staying the Same
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Location: Troy, NY
Posts: 6,448

S/C/G: 160+/116-120/maintainer

Height: 5'5


131.5 today. The right direction, but I'm 2 lbs up from my "low" recently. I'm still crabby and hungry all the time, and yesterday (TMI TMI TMI) sex was painful because it felt like my ovaries were hanging lower than normal, so I think TOM is around the corner.

I'm swamped at work and still waiting on results from that interview I had a while back - the hiring guy hurt his back and had to push back his other interviews. Got an email yesterday from him asking for references so I'd better hear something soon!

Alexistrophic Good luck tonight! I play violin. Way to go on the solid losing track.

Turbo TGIF right back atcha, I hope your bathroom-related issues simmer down and you feel better soon. What are you cooking this weekend?

philana Welcome back, as it were. Sometimes a little break is enough to make us feel ready to attack losing weight again.
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