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Default JuNe BaBeS!!!

Hi ladies! Welcome to JuNe BaBeS!
This post is going to take over the ApRiL WaLkErS & May Flowers!
Anyone who wants to join is welcome to post with us here! We post how much we walk each day and some of us post the mileage that we want to beat for the months! If this sounds like you go ahead and join us! Whoohoo!
Last Months Miles:
Noelle~ 89
Cristi~ 71.51
Lynne~ 66 Kilos
Kristi~ 44.75
Jenifer~ 47
Jen~ 61
Janine~ ?
Kristen~ ?
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Pending Email Confirmation
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hey jenifer and all you other babes!!!

what a fantastic name for the thread! and isn't it the truth? actually when i woke up this morning i was thinking of what the name of the thread could be... and june bugs ran through my head. but bugs is not attractive. and esp. not attractive as BABES! hee.

anyway, today is cold and wet. so i won't be walking outside, but probably will be doing the watp 2 miles. i'll post later to let you know what i did indeed end up doing.

okay, i'm setting a goal this month. and it's going to be 70 miles. hopefully i will be able to reach this goal. i'm sure i will with all the motivation and encouragement from you babes!!

happy june!
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Still trying...
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Hi Ladies!
i'd like to join and make my goal...hmm, 75 miles? Yeh, I'm gonna try for that. I should be goin jogging today so I'll let ya know what I do once I come back.
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One day at a time
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HELLO all you June Babes!

A BIG WELCOME to Turtle! Glad to have you aboard!

Kristen, I too thought of June Bugs because of those icky bugs, but definitely prefer June Babes.

Okay, after giving it much thought I am going for 75 miles this month for my goal. I know that's only 5 miles over what I did in May, which I went over my goal of 60, but the second week of June I will be gone for 4 days, possibly 5 and I am not so sure I will get any walking in at all. I am going to try really hard though. I know there is a park where my mother lives that has a trail, or was the last time I was there. They had a tornado go through the town and did quite a bit of damage. But we will see. I did get my exercise in early again for the day so I would have to say I am off to a great start. Have done good with my eating also, so overall this is the start of a great day and month. Hope EVERYONE else is also having a GREAT Sunday.

June Goal~75 miles
Miles 6/01/03~3 miles
Total Miles 6/03~3 miles
Miles to go~72 miles

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so close, yet so far...
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Angry Happy June Day!

Hey all you fabulous babes! Welcome to the merry month of June. I got in my regular route of 3.5 miles bright and early this morning, maybe I'll even shoot for another 3.5 this evening. We'll see how today goes. I'm hoping for a better month w/my food choices and to get that scale to budge downwards instead of upwards. I am shooting for 90 miles in June--a bit of a stretch but I think I can do it. Wish me luck.

Welcome aboard Turtle! This thread is growing by leaps and bounds and we have Jenifer (Justsecretgirl) to thank for starting it up. *Thanks Jenifer!* Love your signature line BTW, very funny .

Have a great Sunday Lynne, Cristi, Kristen, Kristi, Jen, Jenifer, Janine and welcome again Turtle. Let's keep walking our way to Babeville. I've got to get going so I'll see y'all later.

JUNE GOAL: 90 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 3.5
Miles to Go: 86.50
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Jenifer, Yippee another 2.2# gone forever. I knew you were doing too well not to see a loss soon!! Thanks again for this wonderful spot of encouragement. I am a June Babe, no doubt.

Cristi, June Bugs was my thought too WHy do people, especially mothers always feel the need to tell you things you allready know?!

Janine, Sounds lke you had a funfilled, low cal., exercising Sat. No better way to spend a day off. Great Job!

Kristen, Maintaining, that's good. Babbling, that's good too - I'm great at it myelf. WTG on your walking

Jen, Now that's determination. You had 5 miles to go on the 31st just to make goal and you managed to surpass your goal by a mile and do a bike ride ta boot! You deserve a big pat on the back. Nice job.

Noelle, 89 miles YGG!!! That old saying, " out of the mouths of babes, " comes to mind so often. Little ones are so precious. I hope they always allow us to love them like they do right now.

Lynne, I hope you are able to post a picture of your garden once it's started to take off. You are working so hard at it I bet it's going to be just beautiful.Your numbers for May are so impressive. 8.8# gone just like that.WTG!! Doing this life change has to be about getting healthier to live longer more energetic lives or why do it? Love yourself first and best and the rest will take care of itself.
Welcome aboard Turtle. You'll love these ladies!

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I attended both parties and ate aprox. 2000 cals. for the day. Not low enough to lose, but not high enough to gain especially since I walked 3 miles right away in the morning. I wish I could be as proud today. We took the children to see, " Finding Nemo, " I ate 1/2 lg. bucket of buttered popcorn. I was better behaved at McD's ordering a salad with the low fat dress ing and only sneaking 3 FF, but then I got home and scooped up ice cream cones for everyone including myself. I di no measurable exercise this first day of June, but I am not angry. Tomorrow is another day and I'm back on track no matter what. You all are doing great, look out June here come the Babes

SW 185 / CW 149 / GW 125

June goals

Lose 5#
walk 35 miles
bike 24 miles
I CAN do this!!!


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Sure, why not? I've been walking/jogging for a couple of months and maybe a little friendly competition will get my heiney in gear! I don't have a goal...we'll see what happens. :
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Hi all you Hot Babes! Welcome aboard Turtle and Michelle! It's great to see some new faces!
Noelle you are giving me motivation to really kick some butt this month! Is your son all better now???
I am so Hot b/c of the heat here! I just got done doing 2 miles and feel good but the sweat is just pouring off of me. Today my dh and I planted a tree in the backyard. I am so excited to start fixing it up a bit. We moved in last Holloween and haven't had to do much to the house b/c it was in great condition. The backyard is about the only thing that we really need to fix up a little. I love spending time outside so it outta be fun. Well I have a doctor appointment tomorrow for the bump on my lower jaw and one above my eyebrow. I know they're just going to send me to a specialist so that will be another appointment. I had one on my lip before and they removed it, for some reason I get these bumps, kinda like cysts. Who knows........I'll talk to you all later! Have a good Monday!
JUNE GOAL: 50 Miles
Miles Walked to date: 2
Miles to Go: 48

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I have not set a goal for June yet. Is it really June? I wish someone would tell Mother Nature. She has been quiet confused here about the date.
I guess I should sit down and set some kind of goal. I don't know if it will be an actual mile or just to walk so many days a week. I really need to get back in the swing of things here. This might just be the month to do that.
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Height: 5'8"


Can I join? My goal for the month is 60 miles. I did the Walk to Cure Diabetes today, plus time on the treadmill later on - I did 6 miles today.
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well hello to all you babes. I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was actually pretty good. I was tired today at the gym though, so I only got in 2 miles because I wanted to get on the bike for a bit too.

Welcome to Turtle, Michelle, and Raelynn!!! You will have so much fun on this thread.

GO NOELLE and CRISTI: 90 and 75 miles, you guys rock.

I think I'm going to have to keep my goal at 60 miles right now, especially with the trip coming up this next week. I'm anticipating alot of walking but I want to be safe. Speaking of the trip, tomorrow is weigh in for me, and i will find out how much exactly I need to lose to meet my vacation goal. I might be able to pull it off, we'll have to see. I'll have to work my BUTT off for the next five days but that's okay.

Well time to go watch the Wiggles with Ivy. I'll check in tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday!!!

June Goal: 60 miles
Miles walked to date: 2

P.S. Jenifer- good luck at the Doc tomorrow. I hope everything gos okay.

Kristi: Thanks for the pat!!

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Still trying...
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Hey everyone!
Thanks a lot for all the warm welcomes Today I jogged 3 miles and walked another 1/2 so its a total of 3.5 miles, whoo hoo!
But I'm about feeling like this . cuz I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard so I'll write more tomorrow.
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Beauty is within...
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Good evening folks!

I went for a REALLY long walk today - 1 hour!!!!
After that and my stretches, I'm certainly feeling my muscles working!

Food's been good. I was determined to be under points, but missed out by 5.... one too many bread rolls with the yummy beef stew that Marc made.

I've just done my nails. I love doing that, always makes me feel like a new woman!

Hi to all the newbies - I've only just joined in the last month myself and really enjoy chatting with the folks here - certainly a great way to gain support and motivation!

I'm off to watch a scary movie with Marc.... Aliens - a good oldy!

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One day at a time
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Angry Hi Ladies!


Well, my Monday was off to a good start. Today was weigh in and I am down 1.5 pounds. Which was a little surprising as I was pondering whether I actually did as horrible as I was thinking I did. I thought maybe I just maintained, which would have been fine, just as long as there wasn't a gain! I get so stressed with weigh ins, not sure why. I did get my exercise in today, another 3 mile walk.

A big WELCOME to Michelle and Raelyn! Glad to have you ladies aboard.

Jenifer, yes THANK YOU so much for this thread! I hope your doctors appointment goes well today.

Jen, I have to say if it wasn't for Jenifer for starting the thread and Noelle for walking so much, (she is awesome) I would NEVER be where I am today with this walking. I never dreamed I could or would ever in my life walk this much. Noelle with all her walking (YGG!) truly motivated me to get off my big booty and get to walking. But, too ALL of you ladies for being here for me and for each other. I think WE ALL have done an AWESOME job!

Hi to Lynne, Noelle, Janine, Kristi, Kristen, Turtle and anyone else I may have missed. I hope EVERYONE is having a good Monday. Talk to ya ladies later!

June Goal~75 miles
Miles 6/02/03~3 miles
Total Miles 6/03~6 miles
Miles to go~69 miles
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Still trying...
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Default Hey hey

Hola again!
Today I jogged 3 mi and walked 1 more so I'm reporting 4 mi total today. whoo hoo!
JSG - This thread is a lotta fun. Starting it was a great idea! And I hope all goes well with the doctor.
EMarigold - Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I know just how you feel with the getting stressed over weigh ins thing, but you've beat it this time! And I bet you will make your goal of 75!
Mele- Thanks for the signature line compliment It used to be "Death to my scale, I swear someday I'm gonna take an axe to that thing." but then once it started to move I decided to change the line. And is your name Hawaiian? It's pretty.
I went for 2 weeks last summer and now PA just doesn't look the same, lol. Good luck on your 90 miles!
LovnM- I think you've got a great attitude about eating that sundae. I know that a lot of times when I slip off track I beat myself up over it and am tempted to just say "forget this whole thing!" but I admire that you've gotten over it and are ready to keep on truckin' And good job on the parties and eating at McDonalds!
M&Im- Good luck on that vacation goal! I know how much it sucks to know you've gotta be strict for the next few days but just think of how great you'll feel when it's time to go and you've met your goal.
LFL- Nice job on the long walk. And I like doing my nails too!
Also hi to kcat, michelle, WNYm, and Rae.
Talk to ya ladies later!
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