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Morning ladies
Hope everyone has a wonderful OP day.

It's raining here this morning & I'm struggling to get my butt outdoors for my daily walk.
This morning is where commitment kicks in - instead of motivation
Now.....where's my shoes..........
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Susie ~ Morning darling and yeah, I think I see your shoes..right there.

Well just finished ye ol' treadmill workout and feeling all "rocky" and stuff. Now it's time to go outside w/cam and wait on the camp bus and do some more walking. I'll check back with you cool cats later.
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Default July Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

Weight Loss goals are in this list. Exercise goals are in the sister thread--July Exercise Challenge http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=175369. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Get back on track OP consistently; lose between 6-7 lbs
Sunflowergirl68: Lose 8-10 lbs; drink more water
NewShinyMe: Keep track of water intake; reach the 160's; stay accountable during the weekends
Jelder227: Lose 8-10 lbs
LaurenA: Lose 5 lbs
Lene1974: Drink 64 oz of water daily; lose 5 lbs
Velveteen: Reach 85 kg or less
Delphi: Reach ONEderland; lose 10 lbs
Jacqui_D: Lose 7-10 lbs
JoyinSF: Lose 6-8 lbs
Crazymamaof4: Lose at least 5 lbs; eat even MORE fruits and veggies; try out a new recipe every week; stay POP at least 85% of the time
Jellybellyjess: Lose 7-10 lbs
Susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs to be under 225 lbs
Nellonello: Lose 8 lbs; maintain a 1000-calorie deficit 5 days a week
Linzluv: Lose 10 lbs
Mystical: Lose 8-10 lbs
Robbynmarie_k: Fit into a size 18; reach 48 in waist measurement; maintain a 1000 calorie deficit; reach 220 lbs
Sugarbaby269: Lose 8-10 lbs
Stephanielllll: Lose 8 lbs; drink recommended amount of water
Gekster: Lose 9 lbs; be more accountable on the weekends
Peachykeen62: Lose 8-10 lbs
Merose: Reach "overweight" on BMI chart; lose 9 lbs to reach 185 lbs
Joyra: Lose 10 lbs to reach 145 lbs; lose 10 inches
CakeBatter: Lose 6 lbs to reach 165 lbs; try to eat "clean"
JazzyPeggy: Lose 10 lbs to reach 273 lbs
Ms_Perception: Lose 5 lbs; take a multi-vitamin at least 85% of the time; lose inches, especially around the waist
Canadianangel: Go gluten-free
VickieLou: Lose 15 lbs
SuzyQ: Lose 5 lbs
Wifey: Lose 10 lbs; drink a LOT of water
Ashley4012: Eat no fast food; lose 10 lbs
Annie96: Lose 8 lbs; drink water every day; do not do mindless munching; measure and prepare food to stay consistent with Fitday journaling
TexSue: Lose 5 lbs; drink 48 oz of water per day
Glutio: Lose 10 lbs
Late_to_the_Game: Lose 7-10 lbs; drink more water
Iamren: Lose 12 lbs
Janis427: Lose 10 lbs
Lookingtobehealthy: Lose 6-8 lbs
JasonsLea: No "pigging out" in Alabama for BFF's wedding
Ruby5839: Lose 5-8 lbs; stay OP at least 5 days a week
Blondie32: Lose 10 lbs
CamiToo: Reach 220 lbs
LewisEmpire: Drink 64 oz of water every day; lose 8 lbs
Tracy: Lose as much weight as possible under 277.6 lbs
SteelersGirlie: Lower number of bad carbs eaten; eat more vegetables; lose 10 lbs
SkinnyJeansInWaiting: Lose 10 lbs
Moralia: Reach the 130s
Candtlove: Lose 10 lbs; drink more fluids
Just_a_dreamy1: No bingeing; drink at least 6 bottles of water a day; fit into size 7's with NO muffin top; eat as healthily as possible
Mommaof2lilmen: Lose 5 lbs; drink more water
Couch: Lose 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) to reach 96.5 kg (212.3 lbs)
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Today is WI. I am not supposed to be exercising today but I am thinking about going to the Y and walking for thirty minutes at a very slow pace. it shouldn't hinder me ....i don't think. But i would be able to weigh myself at least/ I am sorry to keep talking about this race but I am so scared of messing up. I am so supposed to resting but is walking slowly really not resting....IDk

Delphi - WOW what an early riser. WTG on being down. and BTW 199.9 IS onederland!!! You better believe that 169.9 is the 160's for me. I hope to make it there tonight

Couch and Mamaof2 - Glad you joined. The more the merrier!

Lewisempire - WTG on POP.

Peachykeen - That was a great choice. Pizza is a hard thing for me.

Mystical - Every little bit counts. You got in your cardio and strength training.

Jacqui and FSA and everyone else I didn't say- Hey ladies!

Sandye, Delphi and Glutio - I love this "battle of the cleanliness" ya'll have going. Unfortunately I only get to do thorough cleaning on the weekends due to work and the gym. I just love how it all looks when after finish scrubbing and sweating. i tackled the kitchen and LR and DR last saturday. I am off till monday so I hope to do all the bathrooms (well that will be first) and then the bedrooms. Ya'll inspire me. I love a clean home.

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Good Morning Chickies!!! Oh my word have you been chatty! I knew I should have checked in last night!!!

~ sorry to hear about the gain, but by the sounds of things--it's totally water! You set some great goals for this month!!

Gekster~ oh I hear ya on sleeping in! I find that if I'm not up early (not Delphi early, but early ), I have much less motivation to get my workout in. Hope your workout went well!

Tracy~ Make yourself comfy and jump right in!

Jess~ Happy July to you too and good luck to you as well!

SteelersGirlie (SG)~ to you as well! Good luck on your goals this month! I'm veggie challenged myself, so your goals are much like mine.

Susie~ sorry to hear you're not feeling like yourself lately, it's never fun to be in a funk. I have faith that you'll pull through like a champ though! Keep your chin up and come here any time you need a lift k? I'm an emotional eater as well and have eaten my way through a lot of stress! It's a tough thing to break, but it can be done! Just remember not to be too hard on yourself if you slip, we're all human.

Jacqui~ AHA! I just knew you'd start off the month with a loss! Woo hoo! Yeah baby!! I'm so proud of you! Thank you so much for the lunch suggestions! I'm so lame when it comes to figuring out healthy lunches! What on earth is so hard about it anyway? I dunno, but I know that'll be one of my August Goals for sure!!

Delphi~ you did far better than I yesterday! I managed to tidy up the house and go to the store, packed my toiletries for the trip and a big bag full of snacks/dry goods for the kiddos. After that, I ran out of gas. I don't know if it's PMS or what, but I have been tiiiiiiiired and grumpy the last few days. Thanks for the snack suggestions! It's going to be a 2 day drive (14 hrs) with having to stop often and take potty breaks, so at this point I'm just hoping we make it to TX with our sanity! We're about 3 hrs from Holiday World, give or take. I've never been there, but I've heard it's fun! Lost is an awesome show isn't it? I lurve it! I missed the finale last season due to that black out we had, so I'm anxious for next season to start so I know how last season ended! I'm with ya on non-cooperative body parts! For me, it's my lower body. My butt and thighs are still so soft and jiggly--blech! But, one step at a time, they'll firm up eventually--I just gotta work for it!

Cake~ ahh, great idea about the smoothies! Yeah, we'll be bringing a cooler so that just might work. I hear ya about Subway, it's my meal of choice if I have to eat out while doing errands and such. Hubby, thankfully, likes Subway too so I don't have to compromise my eating plan!

FSA~ I am bringing my weights! Hubby thought I was officially nuts when I announced that! At the time we were planning on packing all of our luggage and stuff in the back of our van and there's not very much room back there. He was complaining that it would add extra weight, blah, blah, blah and I said, 'Are you kidding me? 32 extra pounds is not going to weigh us down--heck, I've lost over 32 lbs, how about we consider it a wash?" We eventually got the roof rack bars for our van, so now we can stow stuff on top of the van and not worry so much about lack of room. Silly man, did he really think I was going to not bring my weights? Hahaha! Thanks for the snack suggestions too! I think I'm properly armed with good eating choices!

SkinnyJeansInWaiting (SJIW)~ There's always room for more!

Moralia~ to you as well! Love your positive attitude!!

Glutio~ congrats on the loss girlie!!! Sorry to hear about the tough decision regarding your kitty. I'm sure he'll be happy with his new family though and at least you know he'll be loved. Listen, if you're still fired up to do some cleaning after you move--I'll give you directions to my place! I could always use a really good power cleaning! Seriously though, hun, I hate the whole packing/cleaning routine that goes with moving! Yuck!

Lene~ hahaha, nice try, but tattling on me won't work! I nag her to drink her water too! Now drop and gimme 20!!! (ounces of water that is!) How ya doin' on the HIIT? Week 5 is kickin' my heiny! But, on a positive note, Week 4 seems easy peasy in comparison now so I know I'm making some progress. I've got soil to move too and I don't wanna! I moved 7 wheelbarrows full the other day and the rest of it is just sitting there. I need to move it before Saturday...ugh...

Nello~ the only way I can manage personals is by doing it when the kiddos are asleep or occupied and sometimes it takes me a loooong time to do it. So while it might look like I'm sitting for an hour straight replying, it's sometime more like 3 or 4 hours. I agree, July is going to be a tough month, but I know we can make our goals--we're a tough bunch of girls!

~ Congrats on the losses!! That's awesome!

Blondie~ sorry to hear TOM is messing with you! Sounds like working out at work might not be the ideal situation--is there a better time for you? Before work or after maybe?

Mom~ glad to hear you were able to get into the dr so quickly and that you got that mole taken care of--no other worries or concerns there I'm assuming? I'll chat with you about your meds later. As far as the weight issue--I'm still going with water retention. You flew remember? And you went from drinking water all day here to not drinking nearly as much at work right? Plus, we lifted weights so there's a bit of water retention probably going on in your muscles. How are your fingers? Are your rings snug? Don't let the scale get you down, today is a new day and those numbers will get smaller! After work today I expect to get an email saying you worked out k? Chop, chop! I'm not afraid to get all on you too! Now drink your water!!

~ You're going to love these ladies!

Ruby~ Woo hoo! Great job getting that workout in! That's fantastic! Sorry PMS is messing with you--I'm having issues with that myself--grrr...stupid TOM!

~ sounds like you had a great day--now, today, I want you to Drink Your Water!!!

Just a dreamy 1 (JAD1)~ Oh binge eating is a treat isn't it? Ugh! I'm a big binge eater from way back! Congrats on making it through 10 days with no binging! I'm sure you'll be able to make your goals, just take one day at a time.

~ Mmmm, pizza! It's so tough to resist and you did an awesome job! WTG girlie!!!

Momma~ Yes, this group of ladies is amazing and you'll find nothing but support and friendship here! Jump right in and make yourself comfy!

Couch~ shame on you for thinking about not joining! T'sk, t'sk... Glad you decided to join us girlie! I know what you mean, I'm an instant gratification type of gal and I want to be at my goal weight NOW! But, I know that slow and steady wins the race and I just keep my focus on one day at a time.

Good gravy! Note to self: check in every night so that it doesn't take me forever to type personals!

So ladies, did you hear it? The loud thunderclap? Ya know, the giant boom when the clouds parted and the heavens opened up and angels descended with their harps singing Hallelujah, all the while birds everywhere were singing their happy little songs all around me as if I was Snow White?

Well, did ya?

Wanna know why the heavens opened up?

Do ya?


It's because I'm in the 150's baby!!!!! 159.4 to be exact! I am over the moon!! What's even better is, after my workout I was 158.8!!!! So perhaps I'll be a solid 159 tomorrow and I can update my ticker! Oh girls, I have never been this close to goal!! Never! I'm all giddy and goofy right now! Hee hee!

Now, if I can just hold onto this shiny, happy feeling all day! I've been battling some weird PMS issues this week. Start off the day all happy and positive and by the afternoon I'm tired, cranky and just want to go to bed. Last night I headed upstairs at 8:30 and stayed there all night. The kids have been bickering and whiny all week too, so that's not helping matters any. I'm with Delphi, I wish TOM would just hurry up and get here so I can get it over with.

Okay, well, I've rambled long enough! Have a fantastically wonderful day girls! And don't forget to...

Drink Your Water!!!!

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crazymamaof4- frickin awesome girl! WTG
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Stephanie, great job staying OP yesterday! But drink that water girlie! (And watch out for CMof4; she's chief of the water police around here and she'll chase you with a rolling pin! Lol!)

Dreamy1, !! We're so glad you've joined us! I've added you to the list! Yes, the ladies in these two monthly sister threads (weight loss and exercise) are the best!! You will get so much encouragement and support, so please keep checking in! That will help you to stay accountable! And congrats on the 10 days on the wagon, girlie!! Fantastic!! You've set some great goals! And definitely get out there for a walk! It WILL make you feel so much better! Good luck!!

Mystical, you have the right mindset now, and before you know it staying OP will be second nature, especially when those lbs start dropping off! So keep at it, chickie! You are on your way!!

Peachy, you go girl!! Good for you eating right against the odds and exercising!! Great job!!

Mommaof2LM , we're so glad you found us! The ladies here are indeed wonderful! You're going to love it here! It has absolutely made the difference in my weight loss journey this time around and for good! I've added your weight loss goals to this list and your exercise goal to the July Exercise Challenge list! Good luck!

Couch!!! I'm so glad you joined us again!! You rocked the June Challenge!! And hey, 7.3 lbs is nothing to downplay! That's a great goal! And you can do it!!

Lewis, congrats on being down to 204.5!!! Woohoo!!! Great job on being POP yesterday!! And I know you're going to succeed at it again today!

Delphi, heck yeah, 199.9 is ONEderland!!! As long as it doesn't begin with a 2, it's 1-derland!!! Congrats on being down today, and with TOM looming, that's amazing!

Susie, love the new avatar pic, pretty lady!! Did you make that walk? Huh? Did ya?

Cake, we LOVE hearing about your race, so don't you dare apologize for it! Tell us MORE!! Good luck on your WI tonight!!

CMof4!!!!! Woohoo on the panties!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the 150s!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Can you tell?

Geesh, in all the excitement, I almost forgot, I've lost another lb!! I've met my next mini-goal, and even more exciting, I now have lost more weight than I have left to lose!!! I'm past the halfway mark!! And I'm on my way to having lost 40 lbs!! Now girlies, that's a LOT!!

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Cake~ Thanks hun! It feels fanfreakin'tastic!!

Jacqui~ Woo hoo on the panties to YOU girlie!!! Halfway there, you're halfway there!!! How freakin' good does that feel? Woo hoo! Yeah baby, you're kickin' that fat's boo-tay! You should be ever so proud of yourself! I know I am!!!

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mystical, where in Mississippi are you?

Delphi, ooooh, that makes sense! They were just doing some kind of update on the GWF site yesterday. I don't know what changed other than losing the buttons to upload my data in Firefox!

crazymama, after all this, I don't know if I'll have time for Indiana!! Especially if everything falls into like with the new house cause then I'll have to power clean it plus removing wallpaper and trying to get things livable until we can afford renovations!

Speaking of house, we were at Home Depot yesterday and I said something to the cashier about 2 weeks to get the house ready to list. She asked where it was, and I told her some info. Her sister and brother in law are looking to buy in the general area of where Home Depot is (which is 5 min from our house) and they've been looking for 3 months. I gave her the address and my number if her sister wants to check it out. How cool would that be?!

I have one cabinet left in the kitchen to reorganize and bleach to death. I won't have any before pics, but I'll try to take after pics tonight! The eat-in area is a mess, though, from all the things I've pulled out to pack away. It's amazing how much stuff was crammed in there!

In weight-loss news, I'm starting the month off right! Down 1 pound from yesterday and looking like I'll be in the 260's this week!!! I'm at 270.5, so I only need to lose 1 more for that. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

<3 to you all!
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Thank you all for the welcome.

I haven't done any exercises this morning but will be doing them soon. I already have 2 down and hope to add at least 2 more for the week. GL.
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Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
Anyways, I have to get my butt moving, you ladies have an exceptional day. Not just any day, but a great day, an awesome day, a bow chicka wow wow day and enjoy it!
Thanks, Delphi! You, too

Peachy - I love me some pizza every once in awhile, and I always have a hard time feeling like 2 peices is enough. I love the fruit idea! Thanks! And good for you!!

Sandye - Thank you for the welcome! 'One day at a time' is actually kind of my mantra

Congratulations on reaching the 150's!!!!!!! That's awesome!

Jacqui - Thank you! Congratulations on the pound down!!

I had to cook some chicken breast and send out a few resumes, so I'm going for my walk after if I still have time before work. Not the ideal situation, but I'm going to do housework and run around today as much as possible just in case I need to make up for the lost walk.

Day 11 binge free! So close to 2 weeks!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Okay, well...today is packing day for our trip to Missouri. It's about 11 hours driving, so I hear ya Sandye! I have packed the kids' snack box and soon I'll head to the store to buy my snacks and misc stuff for the trip. BTW, CONGRATULATIONS on the 150's! You stinker, you beat me there! I am super close though! I hope this trip doesn't mess up my progress.
I won't have tome to post in the a.m. tomorrow before we leave, but you can bet I'll post from wherever we are if (I get the chance) to let you all know how I'm doing.
Now, I'm off to post my minutes in the exercise thread! You all have a wonderful day!
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CMof4, I'm glad you have your lunches figured out and that you packed your weights! Wow, when you said you had lost more than the weights your DH was reluctant to load because of the added weight on the trip, that was just a real eye-opener about how much weight some of us have been carrying around all this time!! It's so great to be free of it! Have fun on your trip! Will you have access to a computer when you get there? If not, we'll miss you!

Ms_P, have fun on your trip! I hope you'll be able to check in once you get there! We're gonna miss you too!

Dreamy, Well, I hope you are able to get a walk in, but if not, you have a good back-up plan! Congrats on 11 days in!!

Candtlove: Good job on getting 2 workouts in so far! You should head over to the July Exercise Challenge thread and keep a daily log like many of us do! You're already on the list! So far, mine looks like this:

July 1--15 min elliptical
July 2--
July 3--
July 4--
July 5--

Yep, okay, I still have to get to the gym today for strength training! But I'll get there!

Glutio, I wish you luck with that couple looking for a home in your area!
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MsP ~ have fun on your trip darling and good luck with all the packing.

dreamy ~ 11 days is a huge success... I hope to see that number keep rising everyday kiddo.

Glutio ~ You have come a long way already and you are doing so well even under trying circumstances. Keep it up kiddo and we will be seeing you at goal...

Sandye ~ I hate to say I told ya so...but I did. You made it to the 150's..HOT DAMN girlfriend. So when ya get to 150 do you think you will keep going? I'm trying to determine that myself! Anyways on the panties and 's! Gonna miss ya while your gone on your trip, but good to know you got all your food and such figured out.

~ Everyone says take a day off and I do, but it never hurt anyone to simply take a walk, your not burning a whole heap of calories, but your moving, staying active and that just makes you feel better all around, so I say go for it dear.

Jacqui ~ Don't think I didn't notice your goals for the month. Sooooo my question to you is...are you eating enough? Skipping meals? huh? are ya? I'm gonna stay on you, regardless of your goals chicky. We have to keep that metabolism boosted.

As for me, I just returned from wally world, yet again. OH MY GOSH, at trying to find a pair of sunglasses. Urg. I bet I tried on 50 pair of glasses and all of them made me look like a character from Revenge of the NErds. Don't act like you guys didn't watch it...ya did, just admit it. Anywho, so no new glasses but I did buy a new bra. My girls are leaving me and I had to go down to a B cup. God help me. You know what it's cool, I'd rather have little boobs as opposed to the huge tire around my waist.

Well ladies, I suppose I'll go out and mow the lawn, with my broke down, ancient, smoke blowing, utterly shameless push mower of mine and burn some calories. I WILL NOT be bested by that piece of junk. Does anyone else find themselves mowing the lawn more than they should..like me? The dang grass could go another three days, but I'm gonna get out there and put some cool lines in my lawn. Perhaps for kicks I'll write 3FC in my grass...eh? Or..maybe not. Think I'll just get to it and count that as my extra cardio today. Sheesh it takes so much freakin' effort to even push that dilapidated piece of crap, I should get a freakin' medal every time I mow my lawn...John Deere my a double s.

Tootaloo ladies
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Afternoon gals!

Glutio~ ooh, good luck with the house selling! That would be so cool if you could find a buyer easy peasy! Well, if you don't have time to swing by here after you clean up your place and relocate--I guess I could take a raincheck! Congrats on the loss! By the sounds of your cleaning, I guess you can count it as extra cardio huh?

Cand~ be sure to let us know when you get that workout in! We want to be able to give high 5's and stuff!

JAD1~ Woo hoo! Day 11!! You're doing fantastic hun! Keep up the great work!

MsP~ I'm still in shock! I bet you'll be there before you know it! You and me girlie--we're gettin' there! Glad to hear you'll be able to check in! Have a great trip and I'm sending you peaceful car journey vibes your way!

Jacqui~ yeah, putting an object to the amount of weight you've lose is a real eye opener! I've lost more than my biggest dd! She's 34 lbs, I've lost 40 (from back in Jan)--and she's not easy to lug around either! Yes, I'll have computer access (might bring the laptop too) while I'm gone and you'd better believe I'm going to be checking in! I need you girls to keep me in line while I'm gone!!

Delphi~ I don't mow the lawn. Hubby does! It's the one form of exercise he gets! He mows all the time too! Not sure what the facination is, but he loves a fresh cut lawn. LOL Thanks girlie, this is one of those times I don't mind being told 'I told you so' . Yes, I do plan to keep going once I hit my goal. Back in Jan when I was 200 lbs I set the goal for 150. It's a goal I've set many times (farthest back was my wedding day goal 10 years ago) and one I've never managed to get this close to. I'm still not sure what weight I'm going to end up at, but once I hit 150, I'm thinking I'll set a new goal of 140 and go from there. I know at some point I'm going to stop losing and I'm thinking it'll be then that I really need to amp up the strength training and firm up--I'm still incredibly soft and jiggly.

Okay girls, I have an announcement to make!

I, Sandye (CMof4), did NOT have a microwave meal for lunch!!! Instead, I had a ham, spinach and cucumber wrap with ff cream cheese!!! You ladies inspired me with all your lunch and snack suggestions and since I really need to wean myself from the microwave stuff--I took the leap!

Now, since I don't have any low carb or low cal/fat tortillas I had to use flatbread (100 cals 2.5gm fat)--anybody got any favorite low cal/fat tortillas or wraps they can recommend? I'm gunna need 'em for my trip!

Thanks for the inspiration ladies! I feel so good about my lunch choice today and I got in extra veggies!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and that you're drinking your water!!!!
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