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Hello...what day is it? where am I? who am I?

I have just been kick-assed exhausted, but it's a good kind of exhausted. I really feel like an effective teacher so far - let's hope that continues all year! Plus, my daughter has expressed an interest in starting back to swimming. She was on a swim team for about a year, but finances and the distance we had to drive eventually led to us having to take her off the team. She was watching the Olympics and mentioned that she missed swimming. She went to the gym with me last night and swam laps for about a half hour. (I didn't swim - I can't! ) She had a great time and is talking about joining a newer team much closer to home. I'm excited for her because she's really good at it and she loves it so much.

As for me, I'm doing well. Still packing my lunch every day. Still trying to get in the exercise (easier during the school year when I'm on my feet all day!). Here's today's gratitude list:

(1) I am grateful for my small class sizes.
(2) I'm grateful for nice, cozy sweatpants after a long day in slacks.
(3) I'm grateful for copy machines that don't jam.
(4) I'm grateful for sunshiny days.
(5) I'm grateful for cashiers who smile at me and ask me to have a nice day.
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Hey guys! Just checking in before I head on to bed tonight. Skippy, hang in there! Don't let food control how you feel... if you eat something that you thought was bad, don't let those bad thoughts come knocking on your door! The best way I've dealt with it was by reading, crossword puzzles, ONLINE SUPPORT groups , taking a walk, listening to music. Always open another door, when one closes. Identify your triggers also...stress,boredom, bad thoughts, etc.
Tracy-I hear you on the Prozac!!
Chris-Warm Blankets....Sigh.. especially after you get them from the dryer!
God Bless all of you!
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Today I am grateful for:
1. The physical ability to ride my bike
2. The fact that my husband can act like a silly second grader
3. Packed lunches
4. The warm, sunny day that it turned out to be today (after almost two weeks of drizzly rain)
5. I get to sleep in tomorrow
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Hi Ladies. After being so perky yesterday morning you probably wanted to slap me, I had a yucky day. We had to wait to see Matt's doc in a packed waiting room for over an hour - Sarah's pull-up leaked, Matt got hungry and tired, and my late night caught up with me all at once. I'm usually very laid back and understanding in those situations (his doc deals with birth defects, so his appointments can run long and be involved) but it was not my day. I started glaring at his nurse every time she walked by.

Felt like a zombie the rest of the day, and the kids didn't get good naps, and Sarah was a pill for the rest of the evening. I went a little nuts on pretzels during Gilmore Girls after I finally got away from them.

But today is a new day, and I've already gotten my exercise in, and we're not going anywhere, so - that's what I'm thankful for.

My gratitude list:
1. Matt's talented, caring doctors
2. Gilmore Girls - the dialogue cracks me up!!
3. My new nightshirt - again!!
4. My DH
5. that yesterday is in the past and today is all I've got.

Take care!
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hi girls! i am a newbie/lurker. working my program imperfectly since april. i dont have any time to attend meetings anymore, but i do get to an AA bigbook study once a week. i am currently doing my 4th step...looking for someone to give my fifth to, maybe a therapist who helped me and my husband a while back....
any way, i am grateful for the program, i am grateful for my god, and i am grateful to have found a 'room' full of coe's. i am not so grateful that i am late for work...[B]ok, have a recovering day,
and dont believe the lie,....'one little bite wont hurt'........
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Default Well I went last night

Kicking and screaming into my OA meeting. I so did not want to be there. Of course thats when you should go. This self will thing is just kicking my ***. I want to be thin, I want my life perfect, I want a perfect husband, and a perfect job, I want, I want, I want. Knowing full well God already knows what I want, and he has a plan for all the things in my life. So this morning after I get off line I am going to throw myself into my program before I go to the gym this afternoon. I have had a deep chest cough, and running thoughts its time to treat myself gently. The most dangerous place I can be is inside my own head.

Christy- I am glad your not having any side effects. Whats going wonky with your computer? I think my son has given me a virus. My computer keeps trying to download something called Pokemon.exe.

Jenelle- Who are you? The struggle to know who I am in truth and spirit, is the spiritual quest- Ravi Ravidra What wonderful nuturing things you are doing for yourself. I always pack my luch and it gives me something to look foreward to

Linoleum- I slept in today too. I might even go take a nap

Tracy- No one is going to slap you around here. Take comfort and a bit of humor in the fact the days go as God wants them too. When we surrender that, life gets awful funny.

Welcome Kim ODAT and please come share your ESH!

Kat, CJ, Sandi, Michelle
Have the day your meant to have!

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Hello All!! My work schedule has been crazy, on days that I teach I don't have much time for the boards. Today I only teach in the afternoon.

Honesty is where I am at right now. I am a HUGE proponent of being honest, but yet I lie to myslef every day. That is what I am trying to change. Making Honest evalutaions of what I eat and how it makes me feel. My trigger foods list now has 2 items. I am just adding the things that I would have eaten on a normal basis before. Not adding things that I tend to stay away from anyway. Don't want to focus on the negative.

Went to my second OA meeting on Sunday and got a 12 step and a workbook. I haven't opened them yet. I am enjoying the change of focusing on how I feel and how food makes me feel and planning life that way and everything not being about the food. I have started following a 1800 calorie plan with some success. This week I will add in some needed exercise. I making more good choices than bad and am grateful that I realize that one bad choice is an isolated choice and the next one can be a good choice.

I am geeting a littlelost in the acronymns for some reason. ESH? There is another, but I can't find it!!

I am grateful for:
1. Jacob's smile
2. Friends to talk to
3. People who care enough to be honest with me
4. Everyone here
5. God in heaven who is taking care of my Dad today on his birthday

Chris - you are such a blessed person. You amaze me.

Kim - I have never been to an OA meeting online, it is like a chat?

treasaigh - Sorry your day was such a challenge. Glad today seems to be more on track.

Jennelle - Jacob really enjoys swimming. I think we are going to sign him back up this year too! That will also help get me back in the gym. Kudos on packing your lunch. That is the surest way for me to stay on track!

elizabecca - What's going on with your computer??

MichelleRae - Hope you are having fun with the in-laws

Hi to linoleum, mugirl2003, skippy257, ceejay52!!

It's so strabge to have been on the boards for so long and still feel like such a newbie over here!!!
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F2F= Face to face
ESH= Experience, Strength, and Hope
ODAT= One day at a time
Fear= Face everthing and recover or False evidence appearing real

I am sure there are more.
Sandi- Honesty is so awesome. I sometimes worry when I read "How it works" that I am one of those poor unfortunates

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Hey girls! Today the whole faculty was back at school. Tomorrow is meet the teacher day. My classroom is ready, but I still have to do some planning for next week.

My computer is still running verrrry s-l-o-w-l-y and locking up on me. It's still under warranty, but the problem seems to be spyware or something (I think) and customer service won't help with that. I should probably take it in and let someone work on it, but my DH would have a fit. He's a great man, but one of these ultra privacy freaks who believes all of our deepest darkest secrets are locked up somewhere inside this thing. I'll have to do something soon because my class this fall will have some online discussion groups, etc.

Chris -- Love your new pics. You look so cute! Is your hair naturally curly? I've always wanted curly hair, but mine is as straight as a stick. Good for you on getting to that meeting!

Sandi -- What do you teach? I'm glad you're feeling more positive now and making more good choices than bad. That's a cool way to think of it.

Kim -- Welcome! Jump right in, we're a great group!

Tracey -- Glad Matt's apppointment went well...when it finally got going! I've never watched the Gilmore Girls. My guilty TV pleasure is Nip/Tuck right now.

Vanessa -- Lovely gratitude lists. I like how specific you were about your husband's silliness. LOL You must know some second graders!

Jennelle -- It's great that your year is off to a good start. So when will your daughter's swim team start meeting? My oldest DD starts her dance classes back in September; youngest DD has hung up her dancing shoes. She'd much rather play in the dirt than dress up in some froo-froo costume and dance. It's funny because she really seemed to have a natural ability for it.

skippy -- Hope your having a better day today. In my personal experience, I haven't had any luck with online sponsors. I had two different ones who just dropped me, leaving me to feel even worse about myself! Maybe the third time would have been the charm, but I haven't been ready for that yet. I'm not really working the steps right now.

Michelle -- How are the in-laws? Hope you're having fun!

Hello to Kat and ceejay!

I'm off to pretend to cook supper. LOL I hope to drop back by later.

Love to you all,
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Hey guys! I hope all is well in everyone's land.. I had a pretty crazy day, but I was able to go out tonight with a good friend, which I have not did in the longest time. But it looks like everyone made it over hump day!!
Christy-Was your post meant for me?? LOL I don't have a husband or any 2nd graders !! Hopefully a husband some day though!
My Gratitude list:
1. My warm fuzzy Coca Cola blanket
2. Sunsets
3. Laughter
4. Great friends!
5. For the future!
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Yikes...sorry Vanessa! I meant that for linoleum. I can highly recommend both husbands and second graders for you sometime in the future though.

Apparently confused,
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I'm just checking in to say hello.
I'm truely grateful for tomorrow and Friday off.
Sometimes I don't get to post and will be back to talk to every one tomorrow--
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Pretend to cook supper, lol, that's cute! (I only cook what I "have" to!) Cooking and sewing are not my things, I'd rather be watching a football game, lol.

Well, I don't know how much worse I can get with my eating right now. Every morning I wake up and say it's a new day, but by the time I go to sleep I have literally made myself sick from all the junk I ate. I'm sure there is more going on here than I can even see why I am doing this, I am pretty sure I am emotional eater, and somehow I find comfort in sweets/sugar food. And normally I know why I am eating "emotionally", but lately things have been going good, kids are totally great, husband has been nice, lol, and I'm just really blessed! So I'm not sure what's going on?? All I can think of, is that when I see myself in the mirror, I do not like what I see, and it depresses me very much, makes me feel really down and very disconnected from people if that makes sense, not my family though, but all other people.

Oprah had a most excellent show on the other day! (I love Oprah by the way, lol)....Wynonna Judd was on there, and it was about her weight. It was actually a follow-up to a previous show with her. But she said such encouraging and true things, my mom and I were calling each other back and forth crying during the show, lol, but she was saying how important (and hard) it was for her to realize that she is worthy and she is beautiful. She is worthy for being born, she is worthy for who she is....etc and I was thinking to myself, yes, I am worthy too (although it's easier said than done because I don't think I really feel that)....she was saying she was worthy to eat right and like herself ....etc Even though I am a big sports fan, I also like all the cutesy accessories, fashion earrings, pink tennis shoes, lol, butterfly clip barrettes....etc and I think many times I am ashamed to wear them because I think I am not small enough, that only if I were smaller I could wear those things and it be ok. I'll wear them around the house happily, but once I get out in the real world, I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I just am using some of those for an example to describe how I feel. So I've been relating to Wynonna, in thinking, why do I have to be embarrassed and ashamed? This is who I am and if people cannot accept who I am and like me for who I am, is it really my fault because of my weight? I think it's all in my head probably, and I think it's lies of the negative force within me. I personally believe in an evil one (satan), but however one looks at it, no matter what a person believes, I think we all have a negative force that tries to take over us instead of the positive one winning. I want the positive side to win, and dominate the negative. I seem to just fine in this with other people and other situations, it's only "my situation" or "myself" that I allow the negative to do this to me.

I also want to close by saying, I am sorry if I come across sad or discouraged all the time, because actually I am very happy upbeat person, I love to laugh and I love having fun. I absolutely cherish and thank God everyday I get to be with these precious children of mine, they are absolutely the best kids in the world! They are my treasures!! They make me smile everyday! And I am so blessed to have my husband too, he is precious also!! I love my family!

I think this is a "me" problem, it's something within myself that I just can't get over or like. I do have a problem liking myself many times. I've always been a very insecure person, so I am sure that is a huge part of the problem, but I am going to have to figure out a way to overcome that, or I'll never be able to beat this thing I have with food.

Wow, thanks SO much for listening! I know that was a lot (and I have much more, lol) but I'll spare you for now, lol....but I do feel much better by saying all that, thanks so much for letting me! oxo

Much love,
skippy oxo

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Wink Morning Everyone!

My throat is about swollen shut this morning, I would love to blame my cold house, the chest cold I have been fighting with, anything but my disease. Last night I counted up the weeks if I want to fullfill my service position I am signed up for in October I have to get abstinent today. No more bullshit, no more hiding, no more half measures. I hate to say it, but it is quite a motivation for me. I want to be the Step 11 speaker.

I did end up taking the topic last night (don't you laugh Jenelle ) Jenelle asked me to post on what I spoke about. I did OA slogans. Here are a few of my favorites:

Go gently.
It's none of my business what others think of me.
Do the next right thing.
Keep it simple sweetie.
Progress not perfection.
If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
Keep my own side of the street clean.
Don't eat no matter what, even if your butt fall off

I am sure there are more. Maybe you gals can add some.

Christy- My hair has natural wave in it, so I am one of the few who can choose straight or curly unless the humidity is through the roof

I hope everyone is having a blessed and recovery based day. I will be back. There is lots to do to get my house in order.

Thank you gals for being here everyday. I love our board and all of you!
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Skippy! We posted at the same time. You don't have to be anything else for us other than what you are. I am going to say this to you about the food. We are powerless, not hopeless, thats why there is a power greater than ourselves that can take these emotional burdens and this food everyday. Is your definition of your HP working for you today? Think about it. PM me if you want to.

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