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Hi, Everyone!

As you can see by the fact I am actually posting today (despite the fact it is both an alarm on my phone and a recurring task on my daily to do list) the semester is coming to an end.

I've done some interesting food work lately. Over lent I did a Daniel fast, which is a vegan diet with an associated bible study program. I struggled with cravings for food I could not have, but really interesting to me is that most of the time I did not give in to them. I simply said out loud "I want a cheeseburger" and that seemed to relese the craving for the most part. It really put "No Choice" both into better context (reminding me it is not about deprivation but about accepting the long term choice for health I am making) as well as making it feel more realistically obtainable for me. So, these were definitely important gifts of that month.

I declined an invitation to go out to dinner with some friends last night because there was no way I could handle ordering from that restaurant's menu without exceeding my calorie goal for yesterday.

BillBlueEyes, great job on the victory over the scheduled snack and pushing yourself but untimately listening to your body at the gym.

ChecJoona, good job moving on!

Eusibius, great job with sticking to your plan!

Maryann, congratulations on 5 terrific days! I'm really excited for you!
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I will be posting later until I can get my sleep patterns back to normal. Pain is still a big deal right now with me. I am taking as much pain meds as I can without "oding". I do want to wake up when I finally fall asleep. Yes, I do eat during those late night hours (or early a.m. depending on how you look at it). I know that I am not hungry but I am simply using food as a distraction from the pain I am feeling.

However, credit for me, I am logging that as my breakfast choice. It does mean long hours in between meals (average 8 hours) but I am determined to keep on track so my food intake is spread out over the day (and night). As I said before, I embrace hunger so I can tolerate it for long periods of time. Caveat: as long as my mind is in the right place. Right now, we finished the Divine Mercy Novena. We sing it acapella. It is such a beautiful rosary. We are especially lifting our prayers up for those who are warring with each other. We need to show mercy to ourselves and to others. Another word synonmous with mercy is charity.

BBE it sounds like you are having a wonderful time enjoying the Baroque music. My favorite period. It is a joy to sing along in the Messiah. I am sure that Boston has it so you may join in if you wish. They do here. Eusebius my DH is familiar with that instrument. He has tuned harpsichords.

It sounds like we are all hitting our strides in sticking to our food plans, using our techniques and dealing with life's bumps without extra food! Yea to futurefitchick, Chefjoona, maryann (I know how this has been hard for you so extra Whoop for you), gardenerjoy, Lexxiss, silverbirch.

To our newbies here; grayhenry--great to hear your delicious and nutritious salad and chinakat---it will become easier the longer you do it. One day soon you will look back and say wow look how far I have come!

When I can, I ask for a take home menu from a restaurant so I can pre-plan what I am going to have before I arrive-the next time. I am doing that now since we are going to a favorite Greek restaurant after Mass tonight. I think I am going to have the Greek salad bowl: lettuce, tomato, vegetables, feta cheese, anchovies, calamata olives, stuffed grape leaves with either the grilled chicken breast or authentic gyro.

Since I wasn't up to planting yesterday we are going to plant tonight after we eat. This will be my summer garden: sugar snap peas, sweet green peppers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, cantalope ( a wonderful low glycemic fruit), arugula, radishes, sweet potatoes, strawberries and a huge blue flowered hydragnea in the middle of our garden plot. My DH loves that flower. If there is room after I have calculated the space for the plants and seeds I would like to add a white flower around the blue and then a red one around the white. Bulls eye!

Have a great reminder of the day.

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Day 15: Monitor your Eating
I've done this with more or less precision since August 2009. I anticipate doing so for the rest of my life. The less precise methods are quite easy after all of this practice. Right now, I'm using a bit more precision since I seem to need some extra help to lose these last few pounds and transition into maintenance.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +125* 1390/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hi Coaches!

We had a busy day...I was at the health fair by 630am with my healthy therapy pup. *credit* for resisting the 160 cal bar that was left on my chair. I got home and we decided to travel today as the old pup was just "done" with the vacation house. It was a rugged trip, we had to stop 4 times to get him readjusted. I did not have a plan and did not exercise but credit for staying within my calories.

It is now Sunday, just after midnight(we slept all afternoon) We are spontaneously deciding to go to Denny's which is a 25 mile's something we talk about and never do. This little mountain town we're in closes at 8pm. I haven't looked but am confident I can get something that marginally fits into my plan.

ETA-We had a great time! I had a veggie burger, no cheese, no mayo and fries of which I gave half to DH.
Get this-on the menu.....a BBBLT which boasts 8 full slices of bacon AND a Maple Bacon Sundae, which is two scoops of ice cream, topped with maple syrup and ?? bacon?? Even DH said, "I don't think that sounds very good" me, it seems like we don't have any sort of "food morals" anymore.

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