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Good morning!

Ate a bit more than I would have liked to yesterday. I did well at the brunch... I think a little too well, because I was really hungry when we got home. I ate a snack, and then dinner, and then a little dessert. I didn't need it all. Stayed away from most of the candy though.

Didn't Shred with Jillian, but did some free weights. Going to Shred in a few minutes when I finish posting and my morning tea.

Might be meeting a good friend for lunch today. Planning to make a vegetable hash to accompany left over hard boiled eggs for dinner tonight.

The sun is shining this morning, though they are calling for showers as the day goes on.

Almost forgot to report... my Sunday morning weigh-in yesterday showed I was down 1 lb. I'm crediting Jillian!

Lexxiss Hope the enchiladas come out well for you! Thanks for posting your brownie recipe!
BillbeYay for summer patio furniture!
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Hi friends/coaches/beckies - company is gone and I am feeling alot better about life. DS/GS/DIL are coming here for a visit in May. That will be wonderful.

We had lots of company this weekend. DH's sister and our neice came on Saturday. DH and I hosted a birthday party cookout for our cousin's birthday and family in town. Our cousin brought three pies! I had some pie and some more. DH brought in jelly 'beans again. Another cousin brought us some homemade poppy seed bread. SIL brought two pies for Sunday and lots of chocolate. I did eat too much of that stuff. However, it's all went out the door or down the drain as of last night. Once I get started on that sugary stuff... it's hard for me to walk away.

However, today I got up with my plan and it's noon and I've had 50 ou of water... so I am on my way.

I have my journal and will stand on my head if I need to - to stay out of extra carbs and or unplanned food.

It was so fun Easter morning. When our sweet in little neighbor children went to church DH and I put out Easter Eggs will pennys, silly bands and only one with jelly beans. They were squeeling with joy as they saw them when they returned home. So fun. (1 1/2 pies and a half gallon of ice cream went to them last night. They are all skinny winny)

As always... thanks to you all for your evergoing support.

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Back in the Saddle for posting. GD fellow Beckies!

This is coming later than usual because I did not fall asleep until 6:30 am today. My left knee buckled a week ago and it continued to do that on and off without any prior "notice" so it seems it keeps happening over and over. I got up and down throughout the night trying to "medicate" the pain but to no avail.

I did Days 9 and 10(pink book) over the weekend. So this is what I have thus far: My ARC card: main advantage of losing weight is avoic complications from diabetes/heart disease and regulate hormones for normal cycles. If that isn't a good reason, I don't know what is.

I have 3 Response cards so far: Eat Slowly on "gobble" foods (these are really sweet fruit), Eating Within Calorie Range recommended by BLC 1800-2100 broken in 3 meals and 2 snacks. I tagged on that I would like to do the "recommended" 45-60 grams of carbs per "setting" as recommended by the diabetes instructor from March's classes I attended.

Dr. Beck mentioned one meal per week-eat any calorie limit. NOTE: if I misread that or misunderstood that would someone be so kind as to "correct" me. I have not been rushing through this book and taking my time reading it.

My "last" Response card that I made was for Setting A Realistic Weight Lose Goal: Dr. Beck recommends 5 lbs increment. Once reached you reward yourself with something. I jumped on the chance to expand my already expansive shoe wardrobe. This really got me psyched! I have the potential of getting 65 new pairs of shoes! YES!!

I recently added to my also expansive dvd collection of exercise videos: Stretch & Joint Mobility Therapy, A.M./P.M. Stretches (Gaiam-love their stuff!) and Pilates Complete for Inflexible People. I told my DH this was my fee for doing our income taxes. So if you want to know what I charge "shoes and exercise videos". I took 7 years of dance when I was a youngster and I still can do some pretty good things after all these years but I'm not fooling myself--I can't leap around like I used to.

Again, my two diets are the current BLC one I am following: healthy eating with emphasis on whole and organic foods with my back up "South Beach" since I followed that for 2 years with "success".

As for the rhetorical question about how to handle the holidays: I don't think there is any one set answer. I noticed some of you are at an "enviable" weight compared to where I am at. I guess, my answer would be whatever you feel that you can "live with" either momentarily or long term. If you eat "off plan" often enough then you either are stalling your weight lose goals or even regaining previous weight you have lost. That can eventually mess with your head and your confidence. "No Choice" is coming up in the next few days in the book, I see, and at that point I think the bar has been raised. When I get there, I will have to make decisions that will only support my weight lose and not my "whims".

I had a difficult time making My Priority Chart this weekend. I put everything as Essential and only one thing as Highly Desirable. Any one struggle with this one?
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Hello, hope everyone had a nice OP Easter.

grayhenry, welcome.

AnneWonders, I loved your "I'd rather be cranky than fat." So I wrote my own list of "I'd rather be ... than fat."

pamatga, your comment on people reporting what they eat each day made me think that I need to try that. My eating just got out of control again. I should be ashamed on reporting my big quantities of food, so reporting might do well for me. But I ques I shouldn't spam this thread with my food logs.

Could someone recommend me a thread for posting my daily food logs, please?

Last week I was happy about my improved running time and now I am experiencing a terrible leg cramps during my runs. I have to stop few times and wait till it pass before I can start running again.

Surfing the internet is sabotaging my life. I search for ways to improve my working skills, my dieting, exercising, but it isn't as big help as it could be if I simply went and actually practiced doing something. And I eat more, when I spend time at the computer. I need to figure out some way to restrict my computer/internet time. Maybe I should include some computer free days or something?
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Put me down in the camp of being glad the holiday is over. I did okay. And okay is good enough.

I realized late in the day that I deserve credit for not ever thinking about Easter candy during the season. The first thought I had was yesterday and it was a defensive one. Apparently "not about me" really works over time so that a long term habit of indulging in seasonal candy no longer makes the list of options in my life.

Day 10: Set a realistic goal. At this stage, I'm not even sure that 5 pounds is realistic. Also, I don't know what I weigh right at the moment because I'm waiting until Day 21 (Get Ready to Weigh In) to step on the scale. It was controlling my moods more than I wanted so I'm in the middle of a break from it. I think I'll set a target of 174 and get a massage when I reach it.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +75* 1010/1500 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

RunningFree: I love the internet, but have found that with things like working skills and diet, that I make better use of my time if I do my research in library books rather than on the internet. I really enjoy computer free days, and probably should do them more often! I have a rule -- no eating at the computer so at least I'm not making that part of things worse. My keyboard stays cleaner, too!

pamatga: sorry about continued knee problems -- that knee buckling thing is so startling and scary when it happens. I have always had trouble with priorities and find that less than a helpful way of looking at things. One tool that sometimes help is to limit myself to a certain number. Three items per day is a classic bit of advice--I've recently had success with six but one has to be exercise. I write them on a white board and celebrate if I get all six crossed off by the end of the day.

Beverlyjoy: glad you survived the busy food-centric weekend. Your Easter Egg hunt for the neighbors sounds like such fun!

ChefJoona: yay for the effort with Jillian showing up on the scale.

eusebius: the music festival sounds fun and exhausting. Good for you for having a plan.

BillBlueEyes: I did better with ham than desserts. Maybe we need to swap willpowers for one holiday and see if that builds new brain pathways!

MaryContrary: Good job on recognizing that intensity can only spread to so many areas of focus at any given time.

Lexxiss: I like the idea of going vegetarian at a potluck. That doesn't eliminate all bad choices, but it helps!

chinakat: credit for keeping calories reasonable on a two-meal holiday!

AnneWonders: some successes and some failures seems to be our group average for Easter.
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Originally Posted by RunningFree View Post

Surfing the internet is sabotaging my life. I search for ways to improve my working skills, my dieting, exercising, but it isn't as big help as it could be if I simply went and actually practiced doing something. And I eat more, when I spend time at the computer. I need to figure out some way to restrict my computer/internet time. Maybe I should include some computer free days or something?
I feel the same way. I am looking at how to make time for my diet/exercise, but also to just get some other stuff done. And it's pretty clear that spending a couple of hours at night on the internet is totally unproductive. Not only is it a giant time suck, but I swear it makes me more depressed, the more time I spend online.

This one is a puzzle for me, because I don't watch TV or play video games, and don't get to socialize much during the week... internet time is my social/reading/downtime part of my day. But I need to find ways to limit this, I think.

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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan which is a challenge right now with so much left over ham in the fridge. I chose a small piece, maybe two ounces, for my lunch - CREDIT moi. My instinct was for half a pound or more. Took a hit when DW returned from an event with half of her chocolate mousse and offered it me. I took two bites and left a quarter of it. Ouch, but CREDIT moi for not just finishing it all.

Felt back on track at the gym, CREDIT moi, using dumbbells 5#'s less than the maximum I've used, but worked out better than my last session on Friday.

Erika (eusebius) - Ouch for a tough commuting week, but Yay for supporting 30 aspiring singers. Double Ouch for a week of Subway, particularly since people are drawn to order chips there since Subway is "so healthy."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a joy to read, "that a long term habit of indulging in seasonal candy no longer makes the list of options in my life." [LOL at the thought of swapping will powers; I'll just give my brain to UPS and wait patiently by the door until yours arrives.]

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a planned home visit by your DGS laugh therapist. I, too, love reading about your surprise Easter Egg hunt.

ChefJoona - Yay for staying away from most of the candy. Apparently, it's "then a little dessert" day on the Beck thread.

pamatga - LOL at "getting 65 new pairs of shoes!" - freighting thought that would scare me away from my path for sure. I don't recognize, "Dr. Beck mentioned one meal per week-eat any calorie limit." She does write about events, on page 217 of the pink book, "I plan in advance to eat about 25 percent more calories - at most - than usual." That would be about 150 to 200 calories.

RunningFree - Wishing you well figuring out a way to avoid getting swamped by the Internet. However, I'm a poor adviser on that subject; hoping you figure out something and post about it since I'm in need of help in that department.

chinakat - I just read in the newspaper the other day that MIT is considering shutting down its ever prevalent wi-fi at times so kids can do some homework instead of facebook.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 5
Get Organized

Following the program will be easier if you can readily find the dishes and utensils you need. As you rearrange them, look through your cabinets. What can you get rid of? Appliances, pots and pans, or dishes you never use? Food that is out of date?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 37.

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Shredded with Jillian yesterday! CREDIT. I'm really really on a roll with it. I still feel resistence when I'm actually doing it- especially the exercises that are still painful to do. But I have found a way to push through. I hope I can fit it in tonight. Tuesdays are usually exhausting days as they are my first day back in the office for the week, but I don't think I have that much going on today.

Eating was a bit off yesterday. My pants felt really loose, so I used this as an excuse to buy a baked good to share with my mom. She asked me to just pick up an ice coffee for her on the way to meeting up to do some wedding planning stuff. I just couldn't resist the bakery case. Its weird though... I felt really uncomfortable in my loose pants and kept feeling like it was ok to eat more so they would fit better, but that would be gaining weight- NOT what I want to do!!! Its odd to feel uncomfortable in the new body that I have been working hard for. I don't want it to lead to sabotaguing all my efforts and the results I am really beginning to see.

Food is planned and packed for today. The rest of the Easter candy is going on DFiance's desk in his office room so its not right in front of me!

Have a good Tuesday all!
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Hope all of you have a great week.

Off to 2 nights in hotels. I am armed with Kashi and oranges for breakfast and apples for snacks. Lunch is packed for today. Planning on Subway tonight and some microwave Lean Cuisine tomorrow night. Lunch Wednesday and Thursday will be Subway only. Brought my little weights and plan on walking each night.

I really need to get it together. Enough said, you ladies and Bill know my on-again, off-again pattern. Here's to maintaining motivation and finding consistency.

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating a health breakfast
having a plan
checking in with my coaches

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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday did not turn out like I planned. I had pledged to get back to logging my food yet I was unwilling to do so. Exercise was great! *credit* I need to find willingness today which starts with a written down plan and then I need to simply use NO CHOICE and follow it. Faced with multiple choices for meals I have chosen my "automated" breakfast lunch and dinner...B-Green smoothie, L-super salad with nuts for protein and D-OP pizza with salad for dinner. Sometimes the meals involving the least thinking work best for me.

BillBlueEyes, great that you were able to just taste the mousse. When does the leftover ham find it's way to the freezer?

MaryContrary, glad that you checked in with us. Kudos for your food resistance and your "realistic" plan for the coming weeks! Yes, sometimes we can't do it all.

Erika(eusebius), kudos for "back on track"! Take care during your busy week. Thinking ahead surely helps where food is concerned.

ChefJoona, enchiladas were great! I split my portion between 2 meals. Ouch for using loose pants as an excuse for an off plan treat. Good that you have identified it as a sabotaging thought AND planned and packed food in response.

Beverlyjoy, yay for sending all the sugary stuff either out the door or down the drain. Glad you enjoyed all the kiddos on Easter.

pamatga, sorry to hear about your physical struggles but great kudos for keeping up with your program during your discomfort. I'm with BBE-don't remember the specific line in the Beck book. If you find it, let us know.

RunningFree, it's great that you have identified that your computer time has ways of sabotaging your diet. Acknowledging it is the first step and with persistence you will identify an acceptable solution. Regarding a thread for posting food logs mine is diet specific (South Beach Diet), but here are two; AND

gardenerjoy, good that you are recognizing the need for small goals and limited weigh in's right now.

chinakat, you asked for suggestions regarding internet….much of my socializing is online, too. For me, I have 2 threads here which I post on everyday. Mornings are a good check in time for me as I set my intention for the day. I do enjoy reading health oriented books and I have learned to knit as a way to keep my hands and mind busy and off food. I think a lot of it is about becoming more mindful and creative of new ideas.

CeeJay, yay for planning ahead for your trip. Credit yourself for such great improvement !

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Day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings
The logging that I've been doing since I re-started the pink book has helped ever so slightly in this area. At least, I now recognize overly full as a sensation and one that I am willing to make plans to prevent the next time. I've also been more aware of feeling full an hour after a meal, even when I thought I was still hungry immediately after finishing. Although interesting, this has never been a strong suit for me while losing weight so I'm glad that using other tools can compensate for poor skills in this area.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +100* 1110/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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I'll let you know if I find that statement again since I have been highlighting and writing in the pink book as I am re-reading it. I should be able to find it in the next day or so. If not, then I will defer to pg 217. I dog-eared that page already although I am not there yet.

Gardenerjoy, I too am on Day 11. I have done Day 10 so many times in the past. I was one of those people who ate two larger meals a day so I was accustomed to going 8-10 hours without food. I tried a stint on "Intuitive Eating" which there is a thread here on 3FC if anyone is interested. I have since discovered that I still need to follow a reduced calorie food plan.

Here is my definition of hunger, desire to eat and cravings:

Actual physical hunger: any food will do, it's been at least 5-6 hours since I ate last. The intensity of the hunger depends on what I ate at the previous meal. If I ate protein and very little carbs, I can go longer. One piece of cheese can hold me several hours. The key for me in controling out of control hunger is to keep a check on carbs particularly high glycemic fruits.

Desire to eat
: Last night was a case in point. In between the many thunderstorms we seem to getting lately, our neighbors "fired up" their grill and the smell of just the grill (w/o food cooking) made me want to eat.
Also, recently I bought two large vanilla scented pillar candles that I use daily during prayer/meditation time. I have never had two candles that smelled more like cookies baking in the oven more than these two. So, I must have a very good sniffer, I guess.

If I am really hungry (see above) then if I am in a situation where I am physically hungry and there is a large variety of foods not necessarily the best choices, then visual cues are a problem. I have found the best way to combat that is to never allow myself to skip meals or I am setting myself up for eating the wrong kinds of foods.

Cravings: Hormone driven. Period. Figuratively and literally. Chocolate and pizza. The other times cravings is a problem is when I am physically sick with the flu or a cold. It is one of the few times I actually want ice cream products. I normally am not a person who is drawn to ice cream except then. Having learned more about diabetes, I have since discovered that our blood glucose rises to help combat infections and whenever blood glucose rises our bodies "crave" instant sugar rushes. (from the Complete Guide to Diabetes by the American Diabetes Association)

I did not try the hunger experiment because I do need to eat regularly (she also affirms this on pg 121) and not allow the huge swings in blood glucose levels but I have done enough of that on my own to know that being hungry is not my Trojan horse. I think what will turn my efforts around are two simple words "No Choice". In the past, I "went off" my food plan, mostly by eating more calories, during holidays and personal celebrations.

I am going to be very honest here. This is the one part of reduced calorie eating I hate: eating less or not eating certain foods during holidays, etc. One of my thoughts, which I am now seeing is sabotaging in its own way, is that I want to celebrate right along with other people. What I used to do in the past was eat the "offending" food then jump on the treadmill or go for a very long walk to burn off the additional calories. However, as recently as 4 years ago, I was finding that I was getting really wide swings in my blood glucose so I can't even do that any more ---if I could do that now. Whether I like it or not, I have come to a point in my life where moderation in everything is the only path I can take. I'm "grown up" enough to not throw a fit about it but you might hear me grumble under my breathe once in awhile.

Right now, my sole motivation (no pun intended) is those 65 new pair of shoes I am just dying to buy as I lose all of this extra weight. Here's to "Happy Feet"

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Good Morning. DS and I are really enjoying our spring break. Long time in coming and very appreciated. OP yesterday which is a big deal. I had made a promise of 7 straight OP days or I seek more support such as a Weight Watchers meeting. Not my first choice but I am willing to do anything to maintain my losses.Good Easter - best to be expected. I hosted 21 people and hid 10 Easter basket. Beautiful Day and everyone had a good time. Plus I went to bed not feeling sick to my stomach, left a two pound box of See's Candy barely touched and left three Gourmet cupcakes on the counter. Good for my side. I really felt (a rare occurrence) that I didn't want anything unhealthy. Things are looking promising.
ChefJoona: Good luck shredding. Also, could you give me some clothing hints for Vermont in July? Is it super hot with t-shirts only or can I pack a Levi's jacket and long pants. Do I need a sweater?
Beverleyjoy: Thought about you this morning. I am making reservations for Walt Disney World in January. Didn't you just go there?
Pamatga: Loved your ARC card on keeping diabetes at bay. That is keeping it real. This food addiction is nothing to take lightly.
Running Free and Chinakat: I hear you about surfing the internet. Yet something else to keep in moderation. Drat. I take no more than an average of an hour a day because it acts as a depressant for me. Sometimes I make a deal that if I promise to take a nice walk or exercise a little more I can surf a little more.
gardenerjoy: I am still weighing everyday but it is interesting for me to maybe go back thru the book like like you are doing.
BBE: The physical appearance of 2 oz. of meat still shocks me. Yet when I eat it, I am completely satisfied if I am paying attention to my body. Unbelievable. Does that work with spending money, as well? If I cut my clothing allowance to 10% of what it currently is, will I be satisfied? HMMM.
Ceejay: I love Kashi. I will buy a couple of boxes when I go to grad school this summer.
Lexxiss: I am a fervent believer in automated meals. I have just added one to my list: Ricotta pancakes. MMMM.

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Talking the trip so far

Hi Coaches:

I'm posting in the living room of our de-luxe accommodatins in beautiful Key West Florida. Here I am, beneath an easy moving ceiling fan, lying on a mint green floral print chaise lounge as I post this note to y'all.

It's nice here.

I've seen sunshine finally. Leafy palms, scurrying geckos everywhere, free-roaming roosters and lots of chickens crossing the road and we still have two more nights here. Today is a lazying about day after driving 8-13 hours every day since Thursday night when we crossed the border at Buffalo (waving to RobinW if she's around...).

Unique and unusual food is everywhere, from the deep fried salt and vinegar peanut you eat shell and all (verdict: woody) to the chocolate covered frozen piece of key lime pie on a stick (yes I did have that-the crust was not needed) the challenge here is to not eat everything in sight. So hard. Last night, on arrival to Key West, my BIL took us to get the best meal you can get at a gas station, or anywhere on the island: gas station fried chicken. OMG. It was cheap AND good. Credit for having leftovers. So far, I am not floored by any of the mac-n-cheese offered everywhere. I think it's because I'm not fond of "American cheese". A small blessing I suppose since it seems 99% of the other things I've run into are FANTASTIC. This trip is very food centered as we wend our way circumnativigating the edge of Florida. We did the sun coast and ready to drive up the space coast Thursday morning.

All in all, I think I'm doing okay and it's exactly what we both needed.

The cat sitter has fallen for Caesar and is bringing him toys to keep him happy as well as visiting 2x a day when we only paid for 1x. She sends me emails with jpgs attached. Caesar has a slight limp that doesn't hurt him but will melt the heart of anyone susceptible to his charms--professional cat sitters would be in that category.

Off now. I think I'll go on a gallery walk

Wishing you all Good Weather and OP Days.
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Hello beck friends!

I am at the point in the book where I need to find a diet coach. I would really prefer to have someone who would fonthis via email. It would just be easier to report in and also to send a quick note when I need some support.

Any takers? I'm not dieting yet, just lining up my support person/coach.

Thank you!
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