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Simply Filling Technique
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I wrote a very long post about an hour ago and then my computer crashed! OY! So, I guess I was meant to give the Cliff Notes version today.

Beverlyjoy I offer you my condolences as well.

Beckies, I did not go to the retreat as planned. I cried about it but I realized when you're beat you surrender. My "female problems" rose again so I had that to deal with that. I called the formation leader and told her that I would be so preoccupied with dealing with that I would not really be present mentally or spiritually so I was waving the white flag.

Instead, I stayed home (once again) but I read Day 3-sit while you eat. I do not have this problem, TG, but I do have another equally detrimental problem with my eating. I eat way too many calories even though I have a clean kitchen. All of your struggles with almond butter and almonds resonates with me. I can OD on fresh fruit; dried fruit especially.

I made up a Response Card for "Eating within my recommended calorie range (to lose 2 lbs per week)". Today, I begin doing just that. Dr. Beck does mention that some of her clients do choose to have one meal per week where they do not eat OP. I'm pouncing on that idea. I told my DH that we will curtail our eating out to once a week. How I am going to handle that specifically will depend on when it happens and how the rest of my meals are going.

I firmly believe we are each given what we can handle according to our personal strengths (and weaknesses). We are never tested beyond what we can endure. For me, I don't have the temptations that most of you do because of my only exposure to food is my own kitchen. However, since I am not presently working and I have huge chunks fo time on my hands, I have to walk a fine line in not eating to fill the time. I am not immune to temptation.

Well, there comes a time where you are ready to do whatever it takes. Now is the time for me. Such faith that takes though, huh?

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Good morning,

I tried to log on earlier this morning but for some reason the site wouldn't load onto my browser... weird. Just time for a quick check in, as I am waiting for my friends to pick me up for our last day together! It has been a wonderful weekend. I have some great friends that I have made where I live now in the last several years, but these visitings friends are from the group of friends I have had for the last decade, and we have all been there for eachother as we have left our college years behind and found our own paths into adulthood. We only see eachother a couple times a year, but they are cherished times!

Credit for shredding with Jillian again yesterday. I'll be shredding again this evening.

Yesterday focused a lot on food- lunch out and dinner party here at our condo. I really impressed myself with the ease at which I avoided large portions without feeling deprieved. I focused on enjoying the company and had a lot of helpful thoughts- reminding myself that taking extra food would not increase my fun, but would make me feel bad after my guests left.

Today is also focusing a lot on food... a tour of a lot of Vermont specialty food stores- starting with a Cider Mill... moving on to Cabot Cheese, Lake Champlain chocolate store and ending with a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory. I have packed water and fruit for snack so I won't go into these places hungry and have chosen one of the places to get a treat. I'll report on how it all goes tomorrow morning!

I have read all your posts, but don't have time for personals... wishing you all a great start to the week!
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Good Morning! Up again last nite. DS temperature is now a bad cough, poor guy. I woke up OP and have continued thus. Now 3 pounds above ticker but history tells me I often drop weekend weight by Wed. I have packed my lunch and snacks and will focus on being gentle with myself.
Chinakat: Welcome
Tarte: I am sorry to hear about the robbery. It is that kind of stuff that traditionally sends me to chocolate and then regret.
BBE: Nice job on the "Big Ignore" of Almonds.
Eusibius: Congrats on your loss. I just ran across your name in my lenten book - a third century historian. Interesting.
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Green Tomatoes
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Day 3: Eat Sitting Down
Everyone's favorite! Just when I feel I've mastered it, I catch myself licking a spoon or grabbing a nut out of the ones I've measured for a recipe. Actually doing it, always sitting down before I eat, helps. Just like the book says it makes me more aware of what I'm eating and awareness seems to be key right now for me.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 740/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: good job getting back to your journal-writing and your plan at this stressful time.

CeeJay: yay for "just heading out for a walk"!

AnneWonders: good job making the assessment and moving on to Plan B.

Lexxiss: excellent to make the prep for healthy eating a priority. It's taken me awhile to accept that prep often has to go on the to do list just like everything else. Today's list includes "wash greens" because it's a significant amount of time and it's best done early since we stir-fry them, they need to be washed hours before supper so that they have time to dry.

maryann: Yes, three cheers to us all! Great synthesis of all our posts and how they help us all on this journey. Sending healing thoughts to DS!

Welcome, chinakat! This is true for me: "self-administered CBT coupled with an online support group will be effective for me." I hope it works well for you, too!

tarte: that's a very stressful time -- good job getting back on track today.

BillBlueEyes: wow! terrific strategy and outcome for both the food event and the Mexican restaurant. I'm going to remember "no rice and half a tortilla" at Mexican restaurants.

eusebius: great to be on program and see the results on the scale!

pamatga: so sorry you missed the retreat that you were looking forward to. And welcome to Day 3, along with me. I also thought through other non-awareness issues the first time I encountered that rule. For me, the real issues weren't what I ate standing, but what I ate in the car -- so my firmest rule, that I still maintain, is no eating in the car.

ChefJoona: have fun on your food tour! I've been reading a book called Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating and realizing that there are ways that truly valuing food, including by learning more about it, can contribute to weight loss. The introduction even suggests waiting ten seconds after each bite (to fully appreciate the flavors) and writing everything down (to assess what we've learned about the food) -- exactly the suggestions that any good diet book includes!
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chinakat, CBT will definitely bring changes into your life. So welcome and have a nice journey into a Becks world.

I weight 4 and a half pound less than last Monday. Credit.
Good thing happened today. I took a bite of candy, but then decided it's not good enough to be eaten, so I spat it out and threw the rest away. It's a good sign. It means that my mind is not completely shutting down when I reach for food. So hurrah for becoming mindful.
Other credit I take is for improving my running speed. Before I used to run my usual route in 1 hour and 10 minutes, but last couple times I finished it in 1 hour. I believe it's an outcome of following my training/dieting plan more accurately. So, yay!
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Hi Coaches!

I managed a healthy day, even though my body is still healing. I did my weekly produce shopping before my yoga at the pool. I spent time cleaning my veggies this afternoon while cooking black beans. Dinner was superb-a totally healthful Huevos Rancheros with 1/2 a sliced mango for dessert. I did decide that I really didn't need that egg to enjoy it and will leave the huevos off the next time.

BillBlueEyes, what a great plan for your tempting foods! I have never tried that but I think it sounds really reasonable….right down to the 3 chips! I keep reminding myself I don't have to eat it all today...there is always tomorrow.

maryann, I could swear you were telling my story today. I have peeled off layer after layer, including the alcohol, and what was left is food. Thanks for sharing your fears along with your successes. It helps me. I hope DS is doing better!

chinakat, to our thread. I think it's great that your thinking helped get you here. BDS is really helping me...but I have to be vigilant.

tarte, sorry to hear about your parents misfortune, but you are right, it is just stuff. Thanks for checking in and committing to being 100% on track. BTW-my pup got honored as a visiting dog at our hospital.

Erika(eusebius), kudos for an op weekend despite it being "insane". Yay for the scale movement as a visual reminder of good Beck behaviors.

pamatga, ouch! Sorry you didn't make your retreat but credit for recognizing it was just not the right time. Kudos for identifying a problem with your eating and making a response card to address it.

ChefJoona, I find many days are focused on food. Yay for impressing yourself with the ease with which you avoided the large portions without being deprived. Yes, practice really helps. Wow! busy day today and all thought out!

gardenerjoy, I guess we were doing the same thing today. I really noticed how much more I care about my food and the entire process now.

RunningFree, yay for your weightloss during the past week! Great that you are noticing your skills improving, even with your running.

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I had a good day, stuck to plan, got some exercise, read some RC cards. I feel committed. It feels good. Planning and preparation is key.

Head aches though. Must sleep soon.

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I am doing a quick check in... I took DH's candy and dumped liquid dish soap on it and it's gone gone gone. Credit.

I got out my journal and have wrote down my food and kept track of my exchanges. So - this is good. Hopefully, I am on my way.

Thanks, as always, for being supportive friends.

Also - again thanks for your kind thoughts.
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Default Back, again.

This has been the third week in a row that a huge (or several) events have prevented me from posting here regularly. I am ready to get back to working on myself! If I've learned anything, it's that if all else fails, focus on taking care of yourself. It's all I've got. It's all I can give.

Thanks to everyone for sending the supportive energy as my relationship hit/sits at a crossroads. I think the DP and I pushed through and processed and talked and shared a lot of what happened last week, just so that we could enjoy a getaway weekend given to us by my mother. We enjoyed it and reconnected. Most importantly, for me, is the stuff that didn't get "fixed." The silences, the issues that are lingering, the discomfort. Another, yet another lesson that some things can't be dealt with instantly. And another, yet another always-much-needed lesson that some things have nothing to do with me, even if they affect me. Relationships are MESSY, which just seems to be the lesson I'm going to learn during this five-year anniversary month.

A major plus is that I am very happy with my new therapist, who has waived my co-pay. That's not the only reason I like her. She knows the importance of getting to and learning to love the dark panes of myself.

I know all of this has to do with my Beck skills. On a really bad day (Thursday, I think) it occurred to me that I should make some response cards to help me deal with my self-esteem and self-worth issues. Which is not to say that the A&R cards are not useful for eating and losing weight. BUT -- I must be honest -- it's these other feelings of low self-worth and self-esteem that are the most out of control for me. These are the skills I need to work on right now.

And now, now, real life has returned with a vengeance. ::sigh:: Those issues that can't be fixed immediately are looming their heads. Yet another reason why I am so ready to just take care of myself. I have to let this other stuff go.

Goals for tonight:

* post here
* food plan for tomorrow

Goals for the week (putting aside the minor goals of housekeeping, etc.):

* exercise five times
* food plan every day
* eat OP
* post here every day
* back to the dissertation!

Thanks for listening, my friends. Sending my supportive energy to all your corners of the world. My thoughts are especially with beverlyjoy and family.
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - A small triumph: while I was smarting over the $300 bill from the car repair, I saw that they had thoughtfully put out a platter of sticky cinnabuns with pecans on top and immediately realized that I deserved one in compensation. Then saw the oatmeal raisin cookies. Deserved one (at least one) of those, too. The thought of a handful of cookies and a cinnabun finally began to tickle the neurons that remembered that I hadn't planned that, when I spotted a bowl of apples. So, I grabbed an unusually small apple to stave off the deserved's and munched it happily as I drove away. Albeit, itself, an off-plan apple, CREDIT moi because a small apple doesn't open my thinking for more, more, more for the rest of the day.

At gym, I did a repeat performance including asking another stranger to spot for me. It only takes about 15 seconds to assure that I get the dumbbells up the first time then I no longer need help. CREDITs moi both for the lifting and the reaching out.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Sending supportive thoughts for those headaches. Yay for a good day where "Planning and preparation is key."

Erika (eusebius) - Congrats on that 4.6 gone forever. Love that smoked salmon for lunch helped compensate for a brutal day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Continues to surprise me that after a few years of believing in Eating Sitting Down, I can also find myself picking out a nut while standing. Thanks for the reminder that that needs conscious attention.

Beverlyjoy - Clearly final with that candy "gone gone gone." Continuing to send supportive thoughts as you process the emotional events in your life.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat recipe idea your Huevosless Rancheros, LOL. Yay for veggie shopping and cleaning.

MaryContrary - So beautifully stated, "love the dark panes of myself" - a joyful image. Congrats of working the issue that "some things have nothing to do with me" - a sandpit that I find myself falling into often.

maryann - Seems sane, "will focus on being gentle with myself" - Kudos. Best wishes to DS for getting back his mojo.

ChefJoona - It wasn't just you, the site was having difficulties yesterday; they seem to be fixed now. Kudos for "avoided large portions without feeling deprived" - that getting beyond deprived seems to me to be key. Drooling over your visit to Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory; I'd have to plan a BIG extra hit if I were to go near their sampling room.

pamatga - Powerful thought, "Now is the time for me." My take on not eating OP is that Beck recommends that we plan for a meal larger than our regular, then thoroughly enjoy it. Kudos for planning to curb eating out to once per week.

RunningFree - Congrats on those 4.5 pounds gone forever. And BIG Kudos for your recovery from the bite of candy.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 4
Get a Diet Buddy

You may even be able to find a Diet Buddy online, although I recommend that you persist in finding one with whom you can have voice-to-voice contact. Online communities are wonderful at supporting dieters, helping them solve problems, and getting them to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. But dieters can too easily fail to post on any given day, and they can post messages without reporting their change in weight and the skills they did - or didn't - do, depriving themselves of the key benefit of a Diet Buddy: accountability.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 35-36.
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Good morning,

Big credit for working out again yesterday! That was 3 days in a row with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Some of the exercises were even beginning to feel a bit easier yesterday. I have to work late tonight, so will be taking today off.

I did really well sticking to my plan for yesterday on the "food tour". My sister noted my will power and strength. And it led to a discussion of the fact that she and I are now just about the same size. She is my identical twin, so its how it should be, but I have always carried around more weight. I am happy to be almost equal to her now!

Welcome Chinakat!!
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Good morning and good day, fellow Beckies!

Credit moi: going to bed before 11 pm for a week in a row now. Unfortunately, my legs hurt (and still do) so I was up and down but I am very pleased that I stayed up only long enough to take some additional pain meds, log all my meals for today and return to bed.

BBE, if it is any consolation usually when we need the car repaired it is $700-800. Wow, our neighborhood Toyota garage only offers coffee and bottled water. Maybe, your garage offers "sweets" to ease the fact they are going to nail you for the repairs.

Credit moi: eating specific calories for B/L/D and three snacks. Got my 3 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables in. In fact, this has been my 18th day in a row for that!

Tax bill was $2900 this year. That is about average for us. I only exercised my brain cells not my body yesterday. I decided to wait until today to resume activity since I had become so dehydrated from all the blood lose.

My sis called me last night and told me one of the neighbor "girls" we used to play with died Monday. I was sad then angry. All of us neighbor kids, girls and boys, were molested by a retired fire chief who lived across the street. Needless to say, I have watched (those I knew about) all of us struggle with depression first and then other illnesses.[I first began dealing with depression when I was 8 years old-not too long after my first molestation] She had been diagnosed with bi-polar for quite a few years. Side note: get this, she decided to have bypass surgery 4 years ago because she was depressed about her weight. She had a blockage in her colon and it burst before they could "save her". [See Bill, why I am so adamant about prunes] I know her tortured soul is resting in peace.

I got the sweetest e-mail from one of the formation leaders from the retreat. It is hard sometimes when life throws me a curve ball to not take it personally and feel it is "my fault" somehow. I'm glad she reassured it wasn't. Making peace with my imperfect body is part of the healing I have been striving for.

on the visting dog to hospital award. What a lovely award. I know I would cherish it.

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Day 4: Give Myself Credit
Reading the chapter again, I realize that I could be doing more of this. In general, I want to talk nicer to myself about all kinds of things during the day. Such a small thing that leads to so much more happiness!

So credit for: four days in a row of doing the Beck pink book, making notes in the logbook I made for myself each day, and actually taking action on the things I'm learning.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +45* 785/1500 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

I will try to post more tonight (am posting from my phone) but wanted to say that I've downloaded a flashcard app for my response cards and entered my Advantages. I'm thinking about setting an alarm to remind myself to review them. When do you guys read yours? How often?
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I decided to check into the Beck plan --- so I'm a total newbie. I just picked up the notebook, sticky notes and 3X5 cards and I'm going to read the first "lesson" this afternoon.

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