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Merinogirl – good on you for having the discussion with your husband and for moving ahead even if he may not fully “get it”. I think that someone who does not struggle with challenges with eating really can be challenged to understand what we go through.

Beverlyjoy – “oh well”. Focus on all those wonderful OP days that you have had. You will get through it.

I had another very challenging food day yesterday. I did stand on the scale this morning. Credit to me.

May 2nd 160.9, 3rd 159, 4th 158.7, 5th could not do it, 6th 161.6

Exercise month to date:
160 min

Month to date -Days with out compulsive overeating 2 of 5.
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Default Hello, new here!

Hello everyone. I am new to this site, and new to the Beck Diet Solution. I'm on day 6, and as part of my daily to do list, I'm joining a support group, lol. I heard about this site through a fitness website.

While I am 20-25 pounds heavier than I should be, the main reason for starting this book was to change my thinking about food in general and hopefully learn some techniques to counteract some of my past behaviour. So, I'm excited about doing some of these daily to do things and even after only 6 days, I've seen myself in a lot of her stories of patients.

So, I'm reading my cards every day, sitting down to eat, TRYING to eat slowly (VERY hard for me), I'm giving myself credit, and now joining a support group.

I just posted a little sign where I can see it at work that says "give yourself credit" because I have a lot of negative thinking at times.
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Hello Coaches,

Thanks for all the support vis-a-vis husband. As for planning, I made a point of dashing out a quick plan for myself this morning - took about a minute. Have so far stuck to it 100%, even bypassing some really good free truffles from a gourmet chocolate store right here in the lobby of my building (oh, why does life have to be so cruel - a gourmet chocolate store I must pass every day!). But, as my feet began to take me in the direction of the plate of goodies, my brain kicked in and said "They are not on today's plan," and I actually walked right by. I am going to give myself a credit for that. I also liked the way I sneakily left myself open to the possibility that they might be on plan another day, so I'll take another credit.

Hello new2me2. I'm fairly new here too. Nice folks, you'll find. Welcome!
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I deserve to feel good!
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Default Thursday May 6th

That is how I feel right now. Yesterday, I was very glad that I chose to post before leaving work (like I'm doing right now), since as soon as I left work, I received a phone call from my kids' daycare that they found a couple of lice eggs in my sons hair. By the time I got to the daycare to pick him up, my daughter was there too and they said they found eggs in her hair too. I pictured an evening of treatments for both of them, having to dry all bedding, vacuum, etc. Ended up calling the place I had paid a few weeks ago to treat them and while waiting for them to call back decided to take my kids to McDonald's drive through for dinner-- I did NOT get anything there, nor did I taste one french fry

Ended up going home and eating a Healthy Choice meal before taking kids to "lice woman's" house. She checked kids and NEITHER of them had lice I was relieved but frustrated at all the stress and time wasted.

Now, I'm getting ready to leave work and sure enough there's another message from the daycare that they have found a couple of eggs in my daughter's hair I appreciate the daycare's need to be vigilant, but this is getting ridiculous and they insist that they are right.

Oh and why does this seem to always happen on the days/nights I have the kids and not their dad???

Okay, I made it through last night without using food to deal with the stress and I'm going to do the same thing today. I'm doing well and I want to stay in this mode.

That's all I've got for now, hope you are all having a good day!
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Hi All,
Checking in! I've been walking at lunch, and my blood pressure is down, so yay for that! Tracked food, credit. I am working on doing my food tracking earlier in the day so I can have a clearer picture of where I am calorie wise. I am not to the point of planning everything in advance, so this is a good step to catch myself sooner in the day. I took a couple snack foraging trips today, and am still frustrated by my habitual behavior. I need to write down my sabotaging thoughts.
Have a good night.
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Unhappy it's over.


My wonderful cantankerous Kitty X went to sleep today for the last time. We were with her and she was so weak it was really fast. I picture her and can't believe she is gone. I was truly blessed to have my old vet with us. It was the right place for us to be. Kitty X had xrays and there was a mass on her intestine. She also had fluid build up in her sides that was mixed with blood and there was blood in her urine. She was, indeed, very ill with no hope of recovery.
We made the hard decision and let her go with peace but wow. I just hate making that decision.

What was freaky was when we went into the examination room they had two of my paintings on the walls in there. I went into a little bit of shock. And then I remembered the woman who bought them told me she was starting a vet clinic and they were for her new venture. And then Dr. S, my vet, said they had had a conversation about me, wondering where I was, and Dr. S told Dr. E that she had one of my mirrors that I made for her as a gift. I didn't remember but I often make things and give them to people who move me so I was glad to hear I did that. In their waiting room out front there is gorgeous huge wall begging for some art work. I am considering offering making them something for that space if they buy me the canvas. I think they do good work there and I feel like I'd like to support that. I may bring Caesar in for a check up on Monday if Dr. S is in and then while there I may broach the subject. I also want Kitty X's xrays.

Such was my day. Food was here and there. And I started reading the green Beck book last night. I am going to follow the Beck Complete Diet For Life plan. Imagine. The answer was always right in front of my face.

Thanks everyone. You're awesome, (yeah you reading this you're awesome).

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Onebyone - so sorry for your Kitty X.... You had to be brave and strong to make THE DECISION but I think you did well. Your Kitty X doesn΄t feel pain now...Good idea for you is to make Xrays because you had prick of conscience that you had not so much money for the expensive (sugested by vet) treatment.
And thanks for picture of your Kitty...

Big KUDOS for you words:
And I started reading the green Beck book last night. I am going to follow the Beck Complete Diet For Life plan. Imagine. The answer was always right in front of my face.

It΄s GREAT. Try to believe to yourself, you are strong, you CAN do it!!!I΄m sure...

About myself I will write afternoon. It΄s 5:50 AM here and I have to go to my work.

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Default Friday Night

Onebyone - always so difficult with pets to decide when the time is right to let them go. I have had to do it a couple of times and it is always difficult no matter how obviously necessary. You gave KittyX such a wonderful life and send-off - so hugs to you and your partner

I had a good few days - the Happiness and its Causes conference was inspiring - people like Edward de Bono (truth is a bully)and Robert Thurman (Uma's dad). Looking at - the causes for happiness! And how we can help others. A big focus on meditation and the effects on the brain and behaviour. All in all terrific. Not so terrific on the food front - forced to forage for food and of course I took easy choices because I couldn't walk far or stand for long.

I am doing some "Lite-n-easy over 50 aqua fitness" - it is nearly killing me but hopefully I will persist and benefit from it. I am trying for Mon - Wed - Frid but usually have to miss one day each week. It will take a while to improve but it feels good and I do what I can. I am knackered (is that word used in polite society in the US?) tonight - have a weekend to recover.

Some interesting discussions at the conference around the fact that our biological selves are bathed in the litany of the happy whens - "I will be happy when..." - I get married, I get a job, I get a vacation, I retire, I have a baby, the kids grow up, the kids leave home ..." etc (the idea that we defer happiness) And everything is OK until we meet the Ds and our normal coping mechanisms don't work anymore. (Depression, despair, divorce, disgruntled, debate, distress, diet! death etc). All in all worth the train ride.

Food today much better

Will catch up with some personals tomorrow - need to organise food and bed

Waving to all of you

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Hello Beck friends

Yesterday I worked on baby steps and felt good getting into my old routine...until dinner with my knitting group from church. At the event, I focused on Dr Beck describing how people without a weight problem moniter their eating. I quietly asked for small portions and did not overeat.*credit* We're travelling this morning to visit my Mom and she has proposed going to her favorite spot for dinner. I'm torn between doing something for Mothers Day that she wants and spending alot of money on food that I don't want to eat(buffet at her country club). Good choices are avaliable, so I guess I'll just accept that I'm going to spend alot of money, eat in moderation and remember NO CHOICE. Beck books will travel with me and I'll have a chance for reading and planning today.

BillBlueEyes, thank you taking the time to share your personal journey. Your daily commitment to this forum really matters. I'm going to Whole Foods today and will look for another person who isn't grazing!

onebyone, thank you for sharing your last day with KittyX. Your willingness to take xrays,understand her condition and allow her to find peace honored the importance of your relationship with her. Unbelievable that your paintings were on the walls! Clearly you took her to the right place. *credit* for starting to read the green book and making the decision to follow the Beck food plan. I have perused it and it is very sensible. PS You are awesome, too!

gardenerjoy, reading your post, I reflected on how strong and believable sabotaging thoughts can be when we're in the middle of them. *credit* for recognition, and noticing that you really DO care.

Beverlyjoy, I hope you are feeling better. Great observation that, "I can't undo everything I've learned and accomplished these past months." *credit* for recognizing that food doesn't make decisions easier, better or clearer.


hikergirl, *credit* for getting on the scale and posting here.

new2me2, *credit* for recognizing negative thinking. I am new, too, and find the books very inspiring.

MerinoGirl, *credit* for having a plan and sticking to it!

Kim, *credit* for not eating at McDonalds. Whew! I hope the situation with daycare gets resolved...very stressful for you and the kids. *credit* for the knowledge of doing well and wanting to stay in that mode.

Nuxmaga, *credit* for healthy behaviors that lower blood pressure, including tracking food earlier in the day. I am working on "planning in advance" and some days are better than others. I keep practicing my new skills.

nathy, See you after work.

ETA-Cheryl, we were simulposting...Thanks for the update on your interesting! *credit* for making an exercise plan. I started out with aqua fitness when I wasn't able to do anything else. It helped me so much both physically AND mentally. I still go 4x/week even though I am now able to do much more. Enjoy your weekend!

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Thumbs up Welcome new2me2


And, on the occasion of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks,

How did you find out about Dr. Beck's books?

And how did you find the Beck Forum on 3FC?

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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - So, after cheerfully celebrating yesterday that I didn't have both an orange and a pear for evening snack, I did so last night; Oh D*rn. But, I did keep my hand out of the nuts and dried cherries that my DW was nibbling; CREDIT moi.

On my walk, I stopped in a Good Will Store and found a 2004 edition of a college chemistry textbook for $1.99. Grabbed that sucker - CREDIT moi for weight lifting exercise for lugging the 1000+ paged book home, LOL. There's so much chemistry in the news every day with discussions about recombinant DNA and the like that I need to remind myself of the basics. Modern textbooks are soooooooo much better than when I went to college. The first few chapters should get me onboard with the basics.

onebyone - Good bye sweet Kitty X after sharing your long life with grateful humans. Congrats for taking the care to let her go peacefully - I, too, have been there and know that it's difficult, even when it's the right thing to do. She was blessed to have had you as the person in her life.

Susan (hikergirl) - Yep, Kudos for the scale and posting here. Baby steps are good - just like Debbie (Lexxiss) is taking also.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Ouch for both lice and McDonald's; Congrats for having neither, LOL. Kudos for avoiding food as a way to deal with stress with extra credit since today's Beck quote includes stress as one of her Justification Thinking Errors, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, "food can't make any of this easier, better or clearer" - Kudos for being aware. Wishing you well in making your decisions.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for that old snack foraging; BTDT. Kudos for that walking at lunch - so good for the old brain it is.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such an interesting insight that dabbling in eating "sloppily" leads to the interest in the candy displays. I so like your desire that the candy displays should exist in your mind next to dog food since you don't own a dog.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Neat thought, "I will be happy when..." - have I ever been suckered into that one. Good luck with your aqua fitness.

silverbirch - Waving back.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Baby steps seems like a sound way forward. Kudos for observing yourself and making adjustments.

MerinoGirl - Kudos for making the written plan and then almost immediately using "They are not on today's plan," at the FREE gourmet chocolates. Extra credit for avoiding FREE on the day that the Beck quote below lists her Justification Thinking Error about free. (Have I ever mentioned that FREE is about my worst pit hole, LOL.)

new2me2 - Well, Kudos for encountering day 6: Find a Diet Coach and coming right here. And Kudos again for giving yourself credit; you're on a roll. Yep, I also see myself in a lot of the stories Beck tells about her clients.

Readers -
day 26
Common Thinking Errors

There are nine common thinking mistakes people make when dieting:

. . .
Thinking Mistake #8: Justification
You link two unrelated concepts (to justify your eating).

  • I deserve to eat this because I'm so stressed out.
  • It's okay to eat this because it's free.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 196.
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Hi coaches, friends

Thanks for your support and kind words as I go through a very trying time. I need to figure out when to do this ankle/food surgery - Soon, shortly or later on. There are so many things that factor into my decision.

Someone asked "Why wait". It's a complicated surgery where they detach the tendon and split it and reattach it in two places. The recovery can be close to a year. Non weight baring for 4 months. That seems very daunting to me. I have a hard time taking medication. My mom may need surgery and I would need to take care of her. It is very costly and we don't have good insurance coverage. DH says not to worry about the cost...just do it when I need to. So alot to think about. I am pretty tired of having this 'lame' ankle/foot. I often feel like life is passing me by. I am getting ready mentally to doing this - just need to figure out when.

But - for today...I've made a plan, wrote it down, posted here, will read my arc and ac and try to carry on.

Thanks again.

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Credit for not eating at a meeting. My plan when I went in was "one cookie," but they didn't serve cookies this time, so I came home and ate my normal snack.

Today I have a lunch meeting, but I don't anticipate much of a challenge. One of the good things about being in a female-dominated profession is that, at least sometimes, we remember to size the portions for the 150-pound women that we are, or wish we were. There are no 250 pound men to complain that there isn't enough food. Maybe that's why most of the male librarians I've met are skinny! Anyway, this particular lunch has always been enough interesting stuff to be a treat but not so much as to be a catastrophe.

WI: +0.7kg, Exercise: +60 270/1400 minutes for May, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Welcome, new2me2!

onebyone: so sorry about Kitty X.
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Coaches/Buddies Am I making excuses or is it really that much harder after the second kid? I was thinking about that this week. Not about physiological issues, but just about time and mental energy.

Migraine a couple days ago, and I'm just getting myself caught up. Went to Drive-By Truckers in concert with some friends, which was just excellent and sooo fun. But I was up waaaayyyyy past my bedtime.

Riding the bike today, and working on decent eating. Note that I'm planning pancakes! I love planning in fun food now and then. Guilt free yumminess!

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Hi All. I dropped 4 pounds in less than 24 hours. What the heck? Water, water. ? I did have a successful op day yesterday. I have to run. I have not been able to respond to all of your posts. Sorry.

New2me2 – Welcome.

Merinogirl – Congrats on your “triumph”

Benhama- Yikes. You had one heck of a day. Congrats on getting through it on all fronts…including the food front. Excellent.

Nuxmaga – Hi!

Onebyone – Kitty X was a very lucky kitty to have you in her/his life.

Seadwaters – Interesting and insightful thoughts.

Lexxis – good luck with the buffet. You have a plan. Great!

BBE – 2 pieces of fruit vs a bowl of nuts. Congrats.

May 2nd 160.9, 3rd 159, 4th 158.7, 5th could not do it, 6th 161.6, 7th 157.2

Exercise month to date:
160 min

Month to date -Days with out compulsive overeating 3 of 6.
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