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Dear Beck Friends,

OK, I've not taken the plunge yet and had The Conversation, but I will this week. Promise.

Credit for eating dinner mindfully, which made me feel full and stop eating more than I would have. Also, credit for not eating standing up, one of my major bad habits, despite the temptation to snack when impatient before dinner. Overall, not a bad day.

BillBE: One day my husband and I went to a local gourmet food store and purchased 6 different varieties of canned sardines. They came from everywhere - Turkey, Russia, even Finland, I think. Only one was canned in oil, and that was the only one that wasn't totally disgusting. At the end of the experiment, not only did we conclude that the only one worth while was the one canned in oil, we also decided that the best was the one found at out local ShopRite - canned in oil. It's just a sad fact of sardine life.

Shepherdess - Thanks for the weigh-in advice. I have Beck's green book in the house somewhere. Maybe by the time I finish the pink book I will have found it.

Seadwaters - You've got some great yarn down under, and some good designers. I love Jo Sharp and have several of her books of knitting patterns. I was not tuned into this when I honeymooned in Australia 9 years ago, or there would have been some sheep farms factored in (but was wonderful even without).

Beverlyjoy - Thanks for the encouragement vis-a-vis the scales. In some ways, it is harder for me to cut back on daily weigh-ins than to cut back on food.

Gardnerjoy - Happy May Day, and congratulations on the weight loss.

CeeJay - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whenever I don't like what I see on the scale, I'll just tell it that it's a wonky scale and threaten to replace it!

Bennyhannahmama - Yes, it's tricky. The individual involved does think he's being supportive, but there's talking the talk and walking the walk. I also occasionally get lectured for "not eating enough". But, while the support could be better, that really isn't my primary problem. My primary problem are all the sabotagin behaviors that Dr. Beck lays out in her book (have only read part of the pink one so far). In fact, I think I need to make a Spouse Response Card! Will start on that one tomorrow, in the solitude of my commute from Essex County, NJ. Montclair NJ is my home for the past 15 years, but I was born in Queens and went to high school on Long Island.

To quote my favorite comic book heroine, Agatha Heterodyne (a.k.a. Girl Genius [free on-line comic w/new pages every Monday, Wednesday & Friday]): "One problem at a time. If we solved everything at once, we'd be out of work."
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I ran this morning. Seems like forever since I managed it. I love running. Why do I forget this?

Eating was OK today.

Sorry for the short posts lately. I'm just trying to be present and hopefully it will mature into a real level of participation again.

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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - At a working meeting with shared snacks, I ate more sanely than I have in the past; CREDIT moi. I made sure that there was a demarcation between the eating time and the working time. It's so much easier to stick to my plan at home where food is served, consumed, cleaned up, and left behind in the kitchen while life moves on.

While I was doing my d*rn lunges at the gym (CREDIT moi) another guy was doing some also - with slow, perfect form. So, I let that influence me to go slower and work on my form. It was good to see that I can be influenced even if the person doesn't wear clothes like Julia Roberts like the last time this happened to me. He just happened to be holding a 25# weight in each hand as he lunged - the showoff, LOL.

Boston water no longer must be boiled; Yay for water department crews who fixed the broken water main and got the system back under control.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for running. Double Yay for loving it. Wish I could think of you running without worrying about all those cactus spines, LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) - Getting all your ducks back in a row - looking good.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - What a great story of wrestling with your thoughts to stop eating just because you were satisfied. All packed together in one paragraph would have made Dostoevsky proud, LOL. Kudos for winning.

CeeJay - Congratulations, Boss, for being recognized. Hope you get mucho recognition for stepping forth when needed.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for lots of fruits and veggies, and Yay again for lighter Tylenol. "Little by little" seems like a good plan. Neat to see an unexpected Cedar Waxwing outside the supermarket. I've seen them in the suburbs before, but always in a large flock and usually on a berry tree stripping it back to naked branches.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good to hear that your brother took you out to dinner - hope he's moving on his own healing. Yum for Delicata Squash.

Shepherdess - "devilish potatoes au gratin" should be banned from planet earth, LOL. Those things draw out my worst stuff about diving in and finishing up whatever size bowl they're in. Must be some old happy childhood memories or something. Interesting thought about being prepared for after the event; I hadn't thought of that before.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for the days that the body doesn't meet expectations. Seems to always happen for a spell, and always causes a bit of "disgruntled." Kudos for being "within plan" - that's your part.

nathy - Love the phrase, "in harmony with my food" - That's certainly the goal.

MerinoGirl - Yep, working out Spousal dynamics remains a lifetime task; especially since those of us of the male persuasion can be a bit hard-headed at times, LOL. Thanks for sharing the results of your review of six different styles of canned sardines. Not that's a thorough study.

Readers -
day 26
Common Thinking Errors

There are nine common thinking mistakes people make when dieting:

. . .
Thinking Mistake #5: Mind Reading
You're sure of what others are thinking, even in the absence of compelling data.

  • People will think I'm strange if I don't drink alcohol at the party.
  • She'll think I'm rude if I don't try the brownies she baked.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 196.

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Default Monday night

Hi Coaches
An on plan day generally but I overdid it with potato tonight - not thinking or caring. Got home late and had the basics of the meal planned but overdid it on the potato - a weakness of mine. I entered the new recipes into the database for the food I made over the weekend and which is now in the freezer so I can log each serve as I eat it (or more usefully plan to eat it). A work day today so late home and now off to bed

BeverlyJoy - Yay for a sane and healthy day and resistance techniques. Good luck with keeping off your foot so you can keep up with what you like

Shepherdess - credit for resistance in the face of daunting piles of food. Don't feel too bad about the collapse of resistance when it was over - you will be prepared next time. I use a website called calorieking and yes it does work out the calories etc in a single serve but that requires quite a bit of input - just being lazy!

CeeJay - shame about the foot - the body can get in the way of a good exercise plan. Good luck with the change in position - it will be daunting to leave your cohesive and supportive team but you seem to be laying the groundwork now for the change so it doesn't impact on your rood plan

Susan (Hikergirl) - well done checking in and having a plan. Credit

Gardenerjoy - looks like a good day for you. I agree - entering all the data is a pain. But I only tend to enter as you say the calorie dense ingredients and estimate the rest. I will try to remain calm about the scales

Merinogirl - Hope discussions and negotiations with DH aren't too difficult. We get into patterns of responding and reacting that can be hard to shift. Going in with a different attitude can be challenging. You are clear about your goals and how to get there with the Beck program - that will see you through. I am not into crafts a lot but know that there is a very active cottage industry - maybe you can hit the sheep (and Alpaca and Goat) farms when you come againe

Kim (BennyHannahMama) -Credit for slow and mindful eating and recognising (and acting on) full - fabulous! I need that patience you are sending my way

Nathy - so many credits and such resolve. You have a really well developed resistance muscle - a good role model

Anne (Wndranne) - Yay for running and an OK eating day - hope it continues that way for you

BillBlueEyes - shame we have to taking eating out into the world - so much easier with total control and nothing in the cupboards! Glad you got to "sane" when it came to snacks. LOL the lunging show-off
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Hi Beck folks, coaches, buddies - Today I am doing my happy dance (in my imagination - not on my foot!) because the scale smiled at me this morning. It was down two pounds from last week. Even more exciting...I get to change my mini goal, too - to 204. I am very grateful.

Yesterday I had a day in my calorie plan did have a few twists and turns. I will carry on. I used a couple of nibbles to 'comfort' some frustrations. Did it help...of course not. Sometimes I have a hard head - but, it's a learning process. (that will last forever) Nevertheless.. I am always grateful when I stay in my calorie range.

Today is a quiet day. I will work in my office and go to the drive thru at the bank. I'll do my usual Beck tasks - slacked on that yesterday.

measured and logged food eaten
stayed in calorie range
lots of water
taste food - alot of the time
no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - sometimes
eat seated - all but once
posted here

arc/rc - no
ex/spon ex - no
fullness - not much
resistance tech - a few times
made a food plan - changed it around a bit
no beck book

seadwaters - sorry those 'taters called to you...that's over. It a big credit to be preplanning and cooking foods to keep in the freezer!

billbe - good for you...managing the food at the meeting. I totally agree - sometimes it's so much easier when we are home in our 'food comfort zone' rather than out there in the world. Yes, take motivation or inspiration at the gym in any shape or form - Julia or the 'show offy' guy. Carry on.

wndramme - credit for running! And - realizing again how much you really like it!

merino - major credit for slow mindful eating and feeling fullness!! Also - not eating while standing make a HUGE difference. YAY I agree...the weighing thing can be so hard to figure out. In the first book Dr. Beck says once a week or everyday if that works best. The latest book she says every day, apparently. (i don't have that book) But, I think sometimes it's hard to figure out what works best for each person. I guess it's trial and error.
Sorry DH doesn't quite understand or has a hard time relating to the journey it takes to live with food in a sane healthful manner. It's so much more than will power. One thing dr. beck said has stuck with me. She says, when it comes to family members, say.."It would be so helpful to me if you would __________" Sometimes I say - keep your candy out of the house etc.

kim - you are doing and cigarettes is a daunting task , but you are facing it well. Carryon!

nathy - you said - I have been in harmony with my food for already 5 days. - what a lovely way to say you and food have done well. You've gotten through many challenging situations - credit!! Wonderful.

shepardess - you said - skipping the coffee cake, snicker doodles and cinnamon rolls. That is a major credit! I used to hate throwing food away - but, I've grown to learn it's better in the trash than me.

ceejay - oh no!! - I am so sorry to hear of your sore foot! Knowing that taking over this other job can be stressful (transitions/ changes always are) will help you face it without turning to food. Hold on tight to what you know works and helps.

gardenjoy - glad your Japanese dinner went well. Good idea skipping seeing a possible salt weight gain.

hikergirl - many credits yay...glad you posted.

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Hi everyone. Thank you for your welcome back. Yesterday I did really well with food etc until late in the evening when I was doing some homework (pattern making (sewing courses)) at the kitchen counter (peninsula) and I opened the drawer that has bread in it. It was not pretty. I did not go to the gym this morning.

I will remember my main advantage – When my eating is in control I sparkle. I am powerful when I sparkle.

Have a good day every one.

Gardenerjoy – smart move on staying off the scale for one day after soy sauce stuff

Merinogirl – I have been in the situation you are describing with regards to someone close to you who believes that weight control is strictly a matter of desire/will power. It is very challenging (and delicate?). Good Luck.

Bennyhan- Ok, I will follow you getting back into the groove and you follow me. I am challenged, but I am here (message board).

Nathy – Congrats on “harmony”. I like that word and concept with regards to food.

Wndranne – Hello!

BBE – Eating “sanely”. I like that picture. You really seem to have things in the groove.

Seadwaters – glad to read that you have said “oh well” to the potatoes.

Beverlyjoy – you Rock!

May 2nd 160.9, 3rd 159, 4th 158.7

Exercise month to date:
110 min.

Month to date -Days with out compulsive overeating 2 of 3.
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The middle of the day yesterday was completely off plan, but apparently I made reasonable substitutes, which is a skill I need to have, so credit for that. Today's challenge is yet another meal out, this time supper, and at a new place that I don't have a plan for. So, I'll plan to focus on veggies and decide on a reasonable portion size as soon as I see my supper, staying completely open to the idea of leaving half of it.

WI: -0.35kg (new low), Exercise: +55 130/1400 minutes for May, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Merino: You might try this: Strategy is stronger than willpower. That sounds very Beckian, but I actually got it from a book called The Thin Comandments by Stephen Gullo. You BF has found a strategy that works for him, you're coming up with a strategy that works for you. Guys like strategy -- it makes them feel like generals , so maybe that would help.

bennyhannahmama: yay for two posts in one day! And for all the dancing broccoli! Kudos for stopping when you were satisfied instead of when the food ran out.

nathy: yay for harmony with food -- that's a beautiful way to say it.

wndranne: good to see you running, especially since you enjoyed it.

BillBlueEyes: yay for both eating and exercise credits! Life is better without a boil order! Thanks for remembering my brother. This past weekend he went out of town to spend time with his SO's family, continuing to keep a relationship with them AND he went on a date. So, he seems to be healing in all kinds of ways.

seadwaters: I'm so impressed that you put your food in the database -- go you! I used CalorieKing at one time and thought it had the best database of any website.

Beverlyjoy: so happy you saw a lower number on the scale! Glad you coped with your twists and turns yesterday, too.
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Hi everyone,

I am glad you liked my "harmony with food". As I am not native English speaker (only "studybymyselvepupil"), it ´s difficult for me to find the exact terms. In "harmony case" I wanted write -be on(in) track but I didn´t know the right preposition and was lazy to find it. Sometimes I want to write more personals but it ´s difficult for me to explain or desribe. I take a lot of interest in psychology (have state exam), psychiatry, spirituality and.....but I can´t use this information in English properly. Maybe once.....
I like very much reading English written books so I believe that I will improve my own written and spoken English. (BTW Today I have visited library and borrowed A prayer for Owen Meany from John Irwing)
Finish my language corner, now food corner.

Still OP, without overeating, reading Beck ´s book, 15 min. twist stepper and a bit walking. I noticed that I ´m so gratefull and happy without overeating that I like even doing household chores and other unpopular things. Funny, isn´t it?

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Yesterday was a good, disciplined food day. I wrote out a plan first thing in the AM and stuck to it. I did use my resistance muscle when DH and I were running errands and it was close to lunch. He stopped for some fries, which sounded good, but I stuck with a diet coke and waited until I got home to have my planned lunch. It feels great to be back in control.

We’re having a couple of windy days here. I was too tired to run yesterday anyways, but I did do some yoga, which was great for all my sore muscles. The forecast for today was for a “major wind event,” but DH and I were moving the last of the sheep out of the barn this AM and it wasn’t that bad. I went for a run this AM. When I started out I was scoffing at the forecast. It was windy, but it certainly wasn’t an “event” let alone a “major event.” But it did start to pick up and towards the end I felt like if I stretched my arms out, I might achieve liftoff. Now the winds are at almost 40 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph, so I will concede that this is an event. That’ll teach me to be smug.

CeeJay, I love your determination to face your challenging trip. You’ve done well before and you can do it again. It’s great that you are picking up the slack for your boss while he’s recovering from surgery. Good luck with the added work load.

Hikegirl, waving back. Great job getting right back and into the posting habit after a vacation and kudos for all your Beck credits.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for eating carefully at the Japanese restaurant. It’s nice of your brother to take you out and even nicer that he chose a cuisine where you can make healthy choices. Great job making reasonable substitutes. It is an important skill, though always difficult for me.

MerinoGirl, sorry that your DH just doesn’t understand how hard some of us struggle with food. Those who don’t struggle just don’t understand, but luckily, everyone here understands. I don’t know if it would help if he read Beck. If you think it would help him “get it” you could explain that it is something that is important to you. If not, you may just have to ignore his comments for a while and come here knowing that we’re all in the same boat.

Bennyhannamamma, so glad you’re feeling better and you have a long list of credits to be proud of! Good job surviving your potentially disastrous morning and staying on track through it all.

Nathy, great job for 5 days of “harmony with food.” That’s such a great phrase for it. Kudos for staying on plan with a BBQ with friends. That’s always a tough situation.

Wndranne, yay for running! I love it too. Great job fitting it in with your busy life. I love seeing your posts, even if brief and it’s great that you are doing what you can. A short post is better than none.

BillBE, kudos for eating sanely at a snack/work event and managing to keep the two separate. Great job for slow lunges with perfect form. When I do lunges, it’s quick and dirty. Any way I can get through them.

Seadwaters, if your only food sin was a little too much potato, it sounds like a pretty good day. However, it does go to show that those starches are always potentially dangerous. Yay for a freezer full of food that you can easily fit into your plan.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on another lb down and a chance to set a new mini-goal. And you did it even with the difficulties from your foot. Those nibbles. . . I wish I knew how long it took to re-train my brain that they don’t help frustration.
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And now some personals:
First of all Merino girl . I am so glad you posted but feel sorry that your husband isn´t supportive. Come to us, we all are openhearted.

Gardenerjoy - thanks for "Strategy is stronger than willpower. " It´s written so concisely and it´s a big true. I will remember it and repeated several times a day. When I want to have some meal out, my mind organization is like a preparation of Summit NATO.But it ´s worth to it.

Hikegirl -you have written .."When my eating is in control I sparkle."
I feel the same. I have described it in my last post. I wish you a lot of sparkling.

Beverlyjoy - I ´m doing happy dance with and for you. It´s interesting that first I was writting my post and reading our thread after and a lot of us have the same mood. Nice.

BillBE - credit for eating sanely at a working meeting and for gym, too.
May I ask you, Bill, something? I don´t want to be unpolite but why are you here? Do you or did you have problem with food? It seems to me that you are pattern of a healthy eater, you keep your food like Swiss watch...

Anne - credit for remembering of running

Kim - great, so many brokolli, KUDOS for giving up smoking.I am so glad you posted!

Shepherdess - I admire you that you have so many power to run even when you have to be very bussy with your sheep (and 30 cowboys, too)

Nice day to all. nathy
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And now some personals:
First of all Merino girl . I am so glad you posted but feel sorry that your husband isn´t supportive. Come to us, we all are openhearted.

Gardenerjoy - thanks for "Strategy is stronger than willpower. " It´s written so concisely and it´s a big true. I will remember it and repeated several times a day. When I want to have some meal out, my mind organization is like a preparation of Summit NATO.But it ´s worth to it.

Hikegirl -you have written .."When my eating is in control I sparkle."
I feel the same. I have described it in my last post. I wish you a lot of sparkling.

Beverlyjoy - I ´m doing happy dance with and for you. It´s interesting that first I was writting my post and reading our thread after and a lot of us have the same mood. Nice.

BillBE - credit for eating sanely at a working meeting and for gym, too.
May I ask you, Bill, something? I don´t want to be unpolite but why are you here? Do you or did you have problem with food? It seems to me that you are pattern of a healthy eater, you keep your food like Swiss watch...

Anne - credit for remembering of running.

Kim - great, so many brokolli, KUDOS for giving up smoking.I am so glad you posted!

Shepherdess - I admire you that you have so many power to run even when you have to be very bussy with your sheep (and 30 cowboys, too)

Nice day to all. nathy
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Hi Beck friends

I'm really greatful today to be learning the Beck solution! It's been a rollercoaster couple of days for me. I ate off my plan yesterday and this morning decided to really try to use my new tools to overcome my emotional eating-for today. So far, so good.
*credit* I
- read my response cards
-read my reasons for losing weight
-read chapter 34 and 35 on emotional eating and problem solving
-attempted to use the 7 question technique with my situation
-determined this is a situation which is out of my control
-am staying close to my response cards to make it through today on plan.

My hurt feelings are still present, but I feel like I have been able to put the situation into a perspective where I don't need to overeat and eat off plan. I am just learning, but do recognize that if my off plan days continue that I will certainly jeopardize the progress I have made with my weight loss. I do also recognize that I can say Oh Well, to yesterday. One thought I had today was to scrimp on my calories because of yesterday and recognized that depriving myself today doesn't help.

BillBlueEyes, hmm...Spousal Dynamics...a lifetime task. And I agree, it is easier to stick to my plan at home. *credit* for sane eating at working meetings.

nathy, I like "harmony with food", too. I also like "sane eating". *credit* for being greatful and happy without overeating! *credit* for coming here and posting in English!

gardenerjoy, Yay! for reasonable substitutes!

hikergirl, I read your main advantage in the other thread. Thanks for posting it here! "I am powerful when I sparkle." is fantastic!

Beverlyjoy, I am glad the scale smiled! Yes, it is a learning is helpful for me to recognize that perfection is not being demanded of me. It's that All or Nothing Thinking!

seadwaters, *credit* for getting your freezer foods into your database. I appreciated your words to Merinogirl today; "We get into patterns of responding and reacting that can be hard to shift." I am there! I am trying to be "clear with my goals and trying to go in with a different attitude". Thanks!

wndranne, I'm glad you got to run. I'm always glad to hear from you-sometimes "just trying to be present" is a full time job for me.

MerinoGirl, *credit* for sharing your desire to be better at being upfront with your DH. My DH wears 32x34 pants, and I understand how you feel. We aren't able to work out together, because he pushes me from his point of view, not mine. I get up early and work on my dieting tasks.

CeeJay, congrats! on your temporary promotion. It is nice you can have your old job back after the sick leave. I have every confidence you will do well and will find the strength of planning to fit your diet and exercise along side.

Shepherdess, I have 2 pieces of pizza in the fridge I can't throw away. I hear ya! Being prepared for after the event is something to think about.

onebyone, sending kind thoughts to you and Kitty X.

Kim,(bennyhannahmama) I love all the dancing broccoli. *credit* that even when life was tough for you that you knew it would get better-and it did! You inspire me today!

Ok, time to do more planning...I need to make my SF jello for tonight's snack. Not a last minute thing...thanks for all your encouragement as I flounder down the path!

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Question tough all round.

Hi coaches

I thought today would be the day that a decision or nature would take is course with Kitty X. She's still here with us. She's up on the couch and I'm brushing her body and her face and she's purring so... it's breaking my heart. I feel so... helpless and hopeless. Tonight I bought stinky canned fish for her. Unfortunately she'd been trying to throw up so that's a no go. When she saw me in the kitchen she tried to get up but I wanted to spare her the effort so I took water to her and she made motions to drink and then... stopped. I alternately believe she will die right now and also think she is not really sick at all. Until she tries to move. Poor Kitty. I feel like a wretched owner not looking after her and doing everything I could. I don't have a choice $ wise and well in a few days maybe I can but gee. What is to gain by that? Anyway, enough of this. it is really making it hard to do anything toward my farmers' market opening though I did manage to paint something new. It's called Garden of Weedin and it's either the worst thing I've ever painted or the best. I honestly cannot tell. It's not done yet but I already know someone will go crazy for it. When i am finished I'll post the jpg.

I did wake up with one of my severe headaches in the middle of the night. I think I was clenching my jaw. I am really stressed. Way too many big things lurking in the background for me. We, my sister and I, are now actively planning the trip to see my father. My sister wants us to film the reunion of my mom and dad and to document the trip and then we'll make it into a short film. (My sister is a writer.) I've made a few small films and have a background in broadcasting and I know we could do it. So then she says
"we'll go in 2 months and I'll be 20lbs thinner (she's on medifast) and you, you'd better get it together. You're going to be on film." (She was saying this jokingly...cajoling me...baiting me...)
"I can't lose 100 lbs in two months."
"I'd find a way if I had to."
And the other part says "So? You're fat. Big deal. It is the truth. It is where you are right now as this is happening. Do what you can and forget about it. The story/the film is not about you and your body, it's about your mother and her journey and ours with her and with each other. Who really cares."
*sigh* why why why do I have to just accept myself. Why can't I lose tons of weight before the trip. Why can't I just change my whole way of eating and follow, say, the Dean Ornish plan(note: this is like an ultimate goal of mine to follow and enjoy a foodplan like his. I can;t ever realistically see me doing it though I want to.) Why can't I just make a big radical shift? I am unwilling to is a huge part of it. I really don't like all those foods and gee I really like to like what I am eating. And then I read Volumetrics and it seems so slow and so gentle that I think "wimp". This is the saboteur for sure. Volumetrics tells me to reduce my calorie intake by 500-1000 calories from where I am now. So at 265 x 15 = 3975 to maintain my current weight therefore i can eat between 2975 and 3475 to lose that 1-2lb a week they recommend and then they say to STAY AT WHATEVER WEIGHT YOU REACH AFTER 6 MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS before you try to lose more weight again. geez.

This is very very far from lose 100lbs in two months.

So I am decidely unsane when it comes to thinking food plans through.

That's where I am at tonight. Luckily I don't have to decide anything today.

Thanks for listening.
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Hello everyone:

BillBlueEyes-yay for birdwatching on a beautiful weekend. Good for you for eating sanely at the work meetings.

onebyone-thinking about you and Kitty X. Hope things are a bit better for her.

gardenerjoy- thank you for sharing your food plan. I am going to adopt a few of your things in mine and see how it goes. It was just the sound of the homemade bread, the potato hash, the nuts and chocolate chips and the fruit sorbet makes me want to add some more variety in my eating. Inspiration!!

MerinoGirl- each person's healthy is a very personal matter and I hope that you will go ahead and do what you need to do no matter what the opinion of your DH is. It is hard for someone who does not have this issue to really get it. I like gardenerjoy's ideas to talk to him about strategy. Men like a plan. Yay for all your credits- you are doing great!

bennyhannahmama-glad to hear you threw out the cigarettes. Nice list of credits!

nathy-yay for 5 days of harmony. That is fantastic.

wndranne-waving hello as you run by.

seadwaters-I know what you mean about trouble figuring out calories in stews and casseroles- I have been trying to limit these, except for vegetarian ones.

Beverlyjoy-thanks for your thoughts about being grateful even when you are hurting. Yay for being down another 2 pounds. You are so close to hitting 199. I think we will have to plan a little Beck party for you- without the cake. Your consistancy is such encouragement for me.

hikergirl-your vacation sounds great. Glad to hear the scale moved.

Shepherdess-kuddos for you for sticking to your plan. And especially for not eating fries.

Lexxiss-glad to hear you got back on track so fast. You are doing great today and that is all that really counts. Right now.

Ok for me I am very happy to report that I ate on plan yesterday. I brought healthy food for dinner and ate it at the hotel-a wrap and salad. I brought a healthy bedtime snack. I brought cereal for breakfast and continued to eat sanely and healthy all day today. PHEW. Maybe one of these days the major struggle I have with hotel rooms will end. It is very ingrained. For 20 years I have had many trips with work to the city and it was always a time to order either pizza or chinese to the room and have a private binge.
Credit today for:

eating on plan
reading advantage and response cards
doing weights
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
checking in here
planning tomorrow and packing lunch

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onebyone - we were posting at the same time. I was hoping Kitty X was a bit better but it does not sound like it. Sending you hugs.
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