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Thumbs up Welcome nelie


And, <keeping a straight face> just in case you didn't get one of these 12,384 posts ago,
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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - I packed my lunch with mostly left over veggies - CREDIT moi - but the protein was two small, shriveled buffalo wings from Sunday - plausible a credit for being only two, but wings aren't calorie friendly. But for dinner, I bought home one order from my new favorite take out place and split it with DW; CREDIT moi. We're cleaning out the fridge even though we'll only be gone for three days.

By the by, I plan to have a laptop with me and internet access, but if I'm AWOL for the weekend, just know I'm walking a beach in southern Florida gawking at the local shore birds and whatever else habits Florida beaches. Eating is going to be a challenge since there'll be lots of extended-family time centered around celebration foods. I'm prepared for all sit down events, it's the walking appetizers that have me worried.

onebyone - Sending cyber hugs as your process your warm memories of Kitty X. Yay for "walking to the mall and back" to get the productive juices going for your painting.

Shepherdess - Without internet or phone, you really are Little House on the Praire, LOL. Time to make your own soap out of beef fat and ash. Ouch for cabin fever - hope your weather breaks.

FutureFitChick - Clear thought, "I know I can ride it out" - good reminder that that applies to a lot of situations.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Happy Birthday!!!! May you have 39 happy more and then 39 after that. Terrific idea to keep your indulgences in the non-triggering category. That spa trip sounds like a motivating reward.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, Honking Kudos all right for breaking that cycle of over-eating after weigh in. Ouch for having to pick up the house for the cleaning folks - I get told to pick up all my stuff on the night before the cleaners arrive, and I hate it. In my next life there will be house cleaners who pick up as their first step.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Kudos for planning to post twice to keep yourself accountable, and then doing it. And Kudos for going to the pool for your water exercise even though home was "soooo much warmer." Yep, emerged is like evolving; in my parlance it's the place I never reach, but am striving for.

new2me2 - LOL at having a mental block about Overcoming Cravings. Did you know that overweight people have 37 words for chocolate? <I read that on the internet.>

jynx - Alas, yes, you have to read the book before explaining it, LOL, and it has to arrive first. Are you just about coming to the end of a semester?

nelie - Kudos for starting up on The Beck Diet Solution - here's hoping that you find it helpful. The first sections of that book are some of the best read on sane eating that I've ever seen. There's extra points around here for buying books at thrift stores and on sale, so you're already at the head of the pack, LOL.

Readers -
day 27
Master the Seven Questions Technique

The Seven Questions Technique
. . .
3. Is there an alternative explanation or another way of viewing this?
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 199.
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Hi Beck coaches/buddies - Yesterday was a healthy food day - I am always grateful for that. I stayed right with my plan all day - no changes (amazing) Credit. I had someone over working on an outdoor project yesterday. So - I didn’t eat dinner until 7:30 pm. This is where the hunger experiment comes in handy. It was a late dinner and I wasn’t “in a panic” about it. Credit.

Today I have to call more places I was to work this summer. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do - to say I can’t come to their program. I am feeling so sad about it. I have to do what I have to do.

DH wants to go out to dinner tonight. It sounds like fun. Then it really hit me - I don’t have an income now. Ouch. Time to revamp the budget. Of course, I knew this - but, now it’s something I/we will have to consider in what we do. Realities of life are hard sometimes. Hmmm. We will work it out…we always do.


slow, mindful eating - some of the time
feel the food and fullness down in my tummy - some of the time
no seconds - all of the time
eat seated only - all by one time
fork down between bites - a lot of the time
lots of water - yes
plan, log, measure food - all of the time
leave a bite - most of the time
gave credit - yes
Read arc/rc

No beck book
No exercise/spon. exercise

Billbe - have a nice trip with family and seeing some different birdies. Sounds like you have a strategy for facing all the food. Dr. Beck says it’s good to face those situations knowing what you will do. Of course, it’s hard when you don’t know what food will be available. Do the best you can. Your “two shriveled chicken wings” - lol - I hope you enjoyed them even though they were shriveled.

Shepardess - yikes - snow again!? Good for you getting through the cabin fever, snow, internet problems, cabin fever, etc. Credit! I agree - it’s always good to be grateful for getting through those hard times and being willing to try. Credit for your exercising too.

Seadwaters - I am so glad you could get your swim in. That always makes you feel good! It’s fun exercise.

Futurefitchick - so glad you posted. Credit for writing down your food.

Nelie - WELCOME!! - so glad got the Beck book. It is a very helpful and useful way to learn to ‘live’ with food.

gardener joy - you said - but was careful to keep it to non-triggering foods and non-triggering situations. This is a huge credit! I am glad you could enjoy your birthday!

New2me2 - many good credits! I find the cravings chapter very powerful - I aim to write down some of those bullet points in my journal every day to remind myself of how to deal with cravings and desires. You are moving along well.

Onebyone - hugs to you and your lingering sad heart with the passing of Kitty x. I still really miss my Bandit kitty who passed away last Thanksgiving. Lately, when I want to taste something cooking…I make myself take a taste from a plate sitting at the kitchen table. At least it makes me think about those tastes…and helps to keep them at a minimum.

Shout out to everyone that stops by..TGIF!!!

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I just : stepped on the scale for my official weigh-in and I saw
261.8 (-6!).

25lbs off.

Amazing what eating your vegetables will do for you. Wow.

Have to run but wanted to report my good news.

TGIF & have a good day.

I will persist in victory
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Default Good for you!

Oh, onebyone, great work! 25#s is a lot not to have to carry around.
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Well, the sun was out yesterday. I tried to get out to do some yard work, but way too muddy for that. So it was more indoors activities. This is actually a good thing because I’ve been able to get some work done that I had to put on hold during lambing and I was afraid I would have to put on hold during May, but I just wanted to get out of the house. Yesterday was the hardest day yet. I was just feeling lazy and wanting to snack or whatever, but I did resist all day. Then I was waiting for DH to get home, I didn’t know how long he was going to be or any of that. Finally caved to crackers. I guess it was just one thing too many. Oh well. . .

I was having a tough time getting motivated for exercise. It’s funny how a day of inactivity can be so exhausting. I just couldn’t bring myself to jump rope another day, but I did finally do some weights, so credit for that.

All the weekend weather has changed our weekend plans, so we’ve got some planning to do. We may or may not be getting away. Gotta go figure it all out.

FutureFitChick, ouch for the emotional ups and downs. You’re still recovering from a stressful semester. Kudos for getting back into writing everything down. I think that is one of the most important habits to establish.

Jynx, waving back. Thanks for taking a stab at CBT vs CT. You gave me something to ponder.

Welcome Nelie! Glad you joined our crazy thread here! Beck is great for helping us when we know what we should be doing, but just aren’t doing it. She helps us identify those sabotaging thoughts that keep us from doing what we know we should be doing.

Gardenerjoy, enjoy your well-earned massage and look forward to the spa day coming soon. . . I’m so impressed with your well-controlled indulgences.

Onebyone, hugs as you continue to mourn the loss of Kitty X. Ouch for eating over the sink, but getting a clutter free place to sit down and enjoy food is key. It’s something I’m constantly working at. Best of luck finishing your projects before your Farmer’s Market. Huge congrats on 25 lbs down! Hope you have a nice reward in mind.

New2me2, I know all about that mental block on overcoming cravings. It is worth it to sit down and take your time with this one. Great job getting all that exercise.

Seadwaters, kudos for psyching yourself up for the pool and then doing your workout. Seems like it would be hard to get there with “brisk and chilly.”

BillBE, kudos for splitting a single order with your DW to avoid leaving food over the weekend or eating it all so you don’t have to. Best of luck dealing with a difficult food situation. Have a wonderful time in sunny Florida and enjoy all the different birds you’ll see. I’m not jealous at all. I’ll be here making soap, LOL.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for the suddenly changing budget situation, but kudos for recognizing it and planning for it. Great job putting that hunger experiment to use and waiting for dinner.
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Hello Beck friends

If I don't stop by in the AM, I'm finding I don't check a quick stopby before heading out on my bike-destination pool. *credit* for exercise. I have a busy weekend-DH leaving for Alaska on Sunday and many tasks to complete inbetween including having one of my dogs evaluated tomorrow for our pet therapy program. Bing is a Cocker Spaniel we rescued last fall when the love of my life, Lexxiss, succomed to cancer. Thus the history of my username. Lexxiss was my "chowhound"-she loved to eat. RIP.
I read my response cards this AM*credit* and worked in the kitchen doing advance preparation for OP meals. *credit*.

Have a great day everyone! Wish I could say hi to each and every one today but exercise rules!

onebyone, Congrats! on scale success! For me, it's a motivator to stay close to plan and not have to lose those again...start fresh with the next mini goal.

BillBlueEyes, have a great trip!

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Green Tomatoes
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Quick check in!

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +60 495/1400 minutes for May, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no
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I reread the Overcome Cravings chapter, lol. Very good and very needed. I wrote out the bullet points on 3x5 cards…just the bullet points so I can have them at work today. *credit* Sunday I’ll rewrite one or two points per card so I can write out the explanations too. I’ll bring those to work and leave them here (where my cravings seem to be the worst) and I’ll carry the others in my purse.

Today’s chapter is “Plan for Tomorrow”. Officially I am supposed to start my chosen diet tomorrow but I’ve already been doing what I intend to do, lol. My diet isn’t really any set published plan (yet), it’s kind of my own customized lower carb plan to work with my health issues. I won’t have an actual plan until I get to see a nutritionist. Whatever I’ve been doing is apparently working because I’m down another pound today. Yay.

I weigh everyday usually, but my official weigh in day will be tomorrow or Sunday. I also plan to take some “before” pictures at regular intervals. I did this when I first starting working out several years ago. Sometimes we don’t notice the small changes when we look in the mirror (I sure didn’t) but holding two photos side by side, one can see lots of small changes. A slightly flatter stomach, a little better posture, etc. I think I took them two weeks apart, but may only do it monthly this time…we’ll see.

Cheryl: good job on getting out and getting in your water exercise!

BillBlueEyesDiet: Ah, but all that walking on the beach will help with the extended-family time centered around celebration foods thing—it will give you time to think about responses!

Hum, I only know one word for chocolate…must look up the 36 others, lol.

Beverlyjoy: Great job on sticking with your plan and very impressive on the hunger tolerance!! I’m sorry you are feeling sad about work…just keep in mind that you’ll be able to help them more when you are healthier!

onebyone: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Great job! It’s so rewarding when we see the results of our hard work!

Shepherdess: I find that the more I am inactive the more I want to be inactive…it’s crazy. Credit for doing your weights!

Lexxiss: Sorry for your loss of Lexxiss! Good job on making exercise a priority, even if it means not saying hi to us all individually!
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Post mini-goals and rewards

Hi Coaches

Since I hit the 25lb mark and I was asked what my reward was I have to say, I haven't thought about it. I've rewarded myself before and then re-gained the weight but it doesn't feel the same this time. So I will figure out a 25lb reward. Methinks it will be for something worth $25.

And I am giving my next mini-goal thought and I think I would really love to reach 10% off. So I started at 286.8, 10%=28.6, so 10% off would be 258.2, and this is 3lb from now. I'm just going to focus on the next 3lbs.

10% is supposed to really help your body out so it's a worthy goal. I can't think too far ahead. I lose my way when I do that.

Have to get back to work for the market tomorrow, but I am making progress there too. Have a good evening Becksters.
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Default Friday Nights check in

Hi Coaches

I didn't get to do my check-list last night because I am having huge computer issues at the moment. Hopefully I get to finish this and then I will try to read the posts and do personals
- Read A&R cards - once
- Planned my day - Yes
- Made food plan - Yes
- Food on-plan - Almost but again had problems in the evening - will need to look into that
- Posted to the list - no - drat computers
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - except for one over the bench incident
- Put down fork occasionally - nope
- Weighed myself - yes - 218.08
- Drank water - yes
- Exercise - YES!
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
Working on
Still on Habits and planning

Thanks coaches
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Hello all! So my book arrived today yay! I already started on my weight loss journey and have lost about 7lbs already, but, regardless, I'm still starting from day 1 and doing everything properly I'm NOT slipping up this time for any reason!

BillBlueEyes: I read up on the CBT vs CT thing and it says in the book that they both essentially mean the same thing, "Cognitive Therapy" is just another term for "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" since they both take the same approach. Oh and yes, I am coming to the end of a semester (or "term" to us brits!). I have horrible exams until June 18th but then I have 3 months off uni to earn some cash and have some chill-out time. Woop woop!!

Also, thanks everyone for all the wonderful support I have already received on this thread! I have high hopes for the future and hope to be just as supportive to others

So, starting from day 1 (15/05/2010):
- Created my "Advantages" response card - created flash cards on my phone
- Recorded advantages elsewhere - made it so an advantage a day pops up on my phone
- Implemented a reminder system - Phone reminds me when to look at my cards

I know it's all currently on my phone but I have it with me 24/7 and it's the most convenient and accessible thing I have

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Hi coaches

A fine Saturday morning for planning and doing some personals

BeverlyJoy - Yay for an on-plan day. It is a shame you need to put off work and disappoint people but it is important to get organised

BillBlueEyes - Good luck with your walking appetisers - always cunning little beasties.

OnebyOne - Congrats on 6lb down - that is so good. And 25lbs total - amazing. I like your collection of beasties that celebrate your weight loss with you. The 10% idea sounds good - I might use that too

Can't get any more done - the computer keeps crashing - may not be back until Monday when I can get it seen to

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Hello All,
Surfacing to check in. I have a craft show coming up and generally feel frenzied. Today I tracked food, credit. Came in under calorie goal, yay! Walked at lunch(not as much as I had planned, but I got myself out there), credit. I declined chips with my sandwich at dinner--credit. I added up my calories before getting an evening snack, and chose not to snack, since there wasn't enough calorie room, credit. Several eating out occasions this weekend, so I need to plan for that. I've noticed I don't grasp the idea of a treat very well--I'll have several of them in a day, so that it's more the "norm" than a "treat."
Have a great weekend.
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Onebyone! Nice!

Three and a half hour bike ride today. Such fun! I continue to improve on the mountain bike. The weekend warrior approach to fitness might kill me though. Not much to be done about that, though. Catch what I can during the week and use the time when I have it.

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