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Soozie-The show is another Japanese card game based cartoon (like Pokemon, only "better"!) The characters battle with cards, and they keep on referring to "the heart of the cards." I guess it is supposed to be like a modern Samurai thing. You live by the rules, and stay in touch with the heart of the cards and it doesn't even matter if your cards aren't as strong. You just play better than the bully. VERY comforting to a 12 year old who is an alternakid and gets bullied a lot. LOVE Bonnie Raitt, Cat Stevens and the B52s too!! I remember a party I attended in Ann Arbor where we made up a strange line dance to "Rock Lobster" and danced through the whole house!! AH! Those were the days......
Glad to hear the kitchen is coming along well AND that the wires will be critter proof!!

Kahuna-I actually saw the Beatles when I was 9 years old!! I babysat for my sister, and my Dad (who was in a PhD program at the time) was offered ONE ticket by another student. He was feeling all proud of me, so let me go!! The security guard walked me to my seat, and walked me back out again afterwards. (Can you imagine that now?) Ever since then my parents have talked about what a mistake they made and they can't believe they let me go. Truthfully, I wouldn't let a nine year old of mine go, but I'm glad they let me go!! The main thing I remember? SCREAMING!!! I wanted everyone to shut up so I could hear them!! In terms of the metabolism thing, it just gets WORSE. You are smart to try to deal with it now, 'cause in ten years it will just be harder. I'm having a rough time at 44, and have friends telling me it is WORSE whem you enter menopause, so I guess it just keeps getting harder!!
On the hopeful side, my Grandmother lost weight in her seventies (Drs orders!) and she lived to 101!!

Ruthxxx-LOVE THAT SITE!!!!!

Kat-Check in however briefly and let us know how you are. I'm worried about you.

Ellis, Mauvairoux, Squeak, Shel, Christina, and Colleen-Hope you are having fun, hope you check in soon~!!!
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Evening Everyone!

DH has been installing programs and fooling about with the computer all weekend so I have hot been able to post. I have packed him and his friends off to a friend's place to watch WWE wrestling so I can have some peace and quiet.

Welcome Colleen! We are a fun and supportive bunch on this thread, glad you dedided to join us!

Kahuna- you were asking about music choices the other day...
I guess I am the hardcore girl on this thread. I like a lot of modern music, mostly crunchy sounding, guitar-oriented type bands like StaticX, Nine Inch Nails,Sevendust,Rammstein, Saliva, Stabbing Westward, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, etc., etc. I was a new wave girl in the 80's and still enjoy
listening to the Cure, Bowie, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, the Clash and other punk and alternative bands. I have a lot of friends in bands and go out to their shows quite often.
I also like some jazz, blues, spanish music, Flamenco music, Turkish and Middle Eastern Music (I take Bellydancing classes), and don't mind some pop music but not enough to actually buy it.
The only music I don't care for is country and rap. There are some good performers in both categories but they are just not my thing.

Dentrassi-that was a great story about your Beatles concert. How can your parents regret it when you came out in one peice and had a great time? Oh well, my Mum brings up stuff like that once in a while too. BTW I love the bagpipes, then again if you are Scottish and don't like the pipes it is equivalent to treason!
Hey, did you all slowly sink to the floor and lie down as the B-52's sang "down, down, down, down" and then jump up when the music started again? that was part of the official "Rock Lobster" dance when they played it at the high school dances. They also used to play "Rock'n'Roll High School" and "Rock the Cashbah" I had a weird mixed school full of Metal heads, Punks and hippies But at least we all got along

Soozie-I am coming over for beer and pizza-well as long as is isn't fried squirrel pizza At least the wiring problem was found before anything happend-hope it is smooth sailing with your reno from now on!

Ruthxxx-woo! Uniformed policemen in kilts, can't get any better than that-unless they are serving you Scotch too...hmmmm....

Ellis-hope you had a fun mini-vacation and will share all the details of New York Wannabe, er I mean Toronto..

Fluid_Fiction-how is the roommate thing going? Has he been looking for a job yet? Hope you are hanging in there

Christina-hope you are enjoying your cottage and pedaling your way around the lake with your kids!

Squeeker-how are you doing this week? Well I hope. I know it is hard to get back to a daily routine when you have been on a holiday.

Tiggerdiva-I hope you and your family are doing okay. I am still thinking about you and saying prayers for you and your gran.

Goodnight all,

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Height: Short!


Hi chicks!
First - thank you all so much for the compliments! Only the boy ever tells me I am cute sometimes, but he doesn't count I promise I really am 162lbs, and only 5'1", it is just mostly in my butt and legs, though I am slightly, uh, top-heavy. (Which is the only thing MOST guys notice). And I don't want to be a whole lot smaller, just form a tight size 12 which I am now, to a well fitting 10. Maybe an 8, but we will see how long it takes me to get into a 10. I used to be a 16. As for our relationship, to borrow from something he wrote, all things are simple and complex. We aren't really together any more, and more likely then not won't be again, but we flirt like mad and are very comfortable around each other. Most people who don't know us assume we are a couple, and a number of people who do know us wish we were or think we just aren't telling. We are just very close. And he is a cutie and a sweetheart, which is part of the reason we are friends. And as for the picture were we are looking drunk and cuddly - we both get very cuddly when drunk. Though we generally aren't drunk at the same time.

Ellis- How is Toronto? Hopefully not to humid, though I hear all the warnings on the radio in the morning.

Soozie - How is the kitchen? And the cute workers? Since, you don't want them, you can always send the cute ones to my house. I wouldn't mind, really. As you can see I wish my libido wasn't quite as present as it is. Being horny and single is a horrible thing.

Den - I am SO jealous you saw the Beatles!!!!!

Shel - I am glad to hear things are going well & your friendship has stayed intact.

Kauhuna - As for music I love rock more then anything else. The concerts I am going to see this summer include The Tragically Hip, 54.40, Tool, maybe Bob Dylan, Cracker, I may try and catch Default, I wanted tix to Dave Mathews Band, but no such luck. I saw Spirit of the West, which I loved. I missed out on the Rush, Tom Petty, and Soul Asylum concerts when I was on vacation.

Mauvais - I am so impressed with the belly dancing lessons! That is so cool. It has to be a great workout. How long have you been doing that?

Ruthxx - Love that site! I laughed my *** off, and am now looking for some of the recommended books. Have fun with all those Kilts.

Colleen - Welcome!! We are fun, if slightly nuts bunch.

Christina - I hope all is going well and you are having fun at the cottage!

Kat - I hope everything is going ok. Check in soon.....

I am still alive and well, I've just been busy. On Thursday we got the very good news that my friend's husband had an organ donor and had his heart transplant. Everything went very well, and may be moved out of ICU today. We were all very happy. We also had a mini-shower for one of the guys in the office who is getting married. And I have been artfully hiding from my boss so we don't have a meeting about the projects I am involved in. He keeps saying we should have one, but then forgets, and I am not going to remind him. I don't want a ton of responsibility and a huge headache which is what I am probably going to get. There is a lot going on and I don't want to be the head of the project for a whole country! I don't need the headache, or the 15 lbs I will gain from stress eating. Plus I don't know enough to be a project lead! I want to stay with coming in, coding my programs, doing my thing, and leaving after 8 hours. No meetings, no important decisions, nothing. And I want to stay that way for now. But we are under staffed right now, and I am the only person working on the project. Everyone else already has a ton of stuff to do.

This weekend was the Molson SnowJam (Lots of bands, and snowboarders, skaters, skiers, etc.) which was insane. Default couldn't make it, but I did get to see The Headstones & Jimmy Eat World on Friday and Injected, Greenwheel (who has a damn cute lead singer, and a very cute guitar tech), and a local band called Jackdaw. My little sister & I met a few of the insane (but cute) guys (a few snowboarders, skiers). I am just amazed at what they can do, they make it look so easy. Though having someone say "I will try not to bleed on you" while you pose for a pic was a little strange. We also got caught between 2 mosh pits during Jimmy Eat World. It was just nuts, and too hot to be in the middle of that so I sat on the edge of the parking lot they played in and just listened. Sunday I was at work for 3 hours (It was suppose to be 15 minutes), mostly just waiting for other people to do their thing. Then it was my other sister's baby shower. I did pretty good with food, not the best, but I did manage to leave without having to take any leftovers home. I did have a small piece of cake since it was chocolate with bavarian cream filling. YUM!

But that's it for now. Just trying to eat healthy. I am trying something I have read about in a few different places. I am eating more frequently so I am not so hungry and not eating any where near as much as I was during one meal. It is mostly fruits & veggies, fat free pudding, cereal, yogurt, tuna, peanut butter, etc. We will see how this works. I have to try something. I have completely stalled, and I can't quite do anything overly structured right now because I won't stick to it for more then 2 days. I have no will power sometimes. I haven't gained weight, but I haven't lost any either. I am trying to add some steady exercise too.

I will do this damn it!

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Oh my goodness you girls have been busy typing while I was away! I started reading & realized that I would forget all my comments if I read everything first & tried to comment! OK Ellis, first of that little thing in the bikini could not have had kids yet, just remember whether you are a size 2 or 22+ Saggy boobs & stretch marks look the same! I will also add that this weekend I was relishing in the fact that Tigger Woods choked, Hubby asked why I hated him so...couldn't come up with a reason, so I said that his girlfried is hotter than me, reason enough for me! He just laughed & asked if I was really a lesbian since I seem to comment on other girls now that my Lesbian Friend moved close by & I stop in every other day. I just laughed & said maybe, at least they wouldn't leave the toilet seat up! (He hasn't figured it out that I only comment like that fishing for compliments, so he will say I look that good now! )

Hey Squeaker, want me to share a secret I just figured out today! You want to get to a smaller size? I am only 5'5" with my legs being short & stubby & a longer torso. I usually buy Petite stuff so I don't have to hem. I was moaning in the office that the new pants that I got are 10s, without a spare 1/8 of an inch anywhere! But yet I can wear shorts that are an 8! The one girl pointed out that the petites are shorter, but they also tend to run smaller too....well that is it for me! I will hem everything if it means I can wear a smaller size! haha! Anyway, I too an OK with my weight now, if I could just tone up! (course that was before I went away for the weekend & packed on 2+ pounds! I guess that taking the kids out in the paddleboat with a glass of wine & some cheese didn't really help! Hopefully it will come off fast!)

SIL called this morning! She is pregnant! I will be an Aunt for the first time! (Plus I get to go to her baby shower all thin & gorgeous, while she is bloated & feeling like a whale! ) Actually I told her that & she just laughed & said she didn't care as long as I waited to give MIL my size 9 stuff with a comment that she could have them since they were too big for me now! She said that would be the only gift that she would need at her shower!

Dentrassi, How funny, I went to my first concert with a girlfriend in 7th grade. We went to AC/DC! Thank God my Dad didn't know who they were! Imagine my shock when the guy behind us threw up all over the place & I saw a joint for the first time!

Did anyone see the 60 minutes this weekend, about Carbs & diets? The one guy here at work swears that you just have to watch carbs, not calories. He & I get into that heated debate all the time! He asked me if I saw it, I just said No, & wouldn't give him the satisfaction of asking about it...but now it is killing me to know what they covered! (when he gets on me about carbs, I just reminded him that I have lost 35 pounds since April, he has lost 24 since Jan, so to leave me alone until he catches up!)

Kahuna, just read a good article in one of my lady magazines. It was about the womens points of life that they tend to gain. First was puberty, then first year of college, then at 25, then first year of marriage, then at birth of each child, then again at menopause (I think that was the last one) Anyway, it said that at each point a woman could gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds. & that at each point a 5 pound gain wasn't noticed, but suddenly it felt like they all came on at once. I was releived when I read that to see that I only had more point to worry about, I had already gained at the other points mentioned! haha! Anyway, depending on where you are in life, that may have been where yours came on!

Ok girls, I know that I didn't get to everyone, but I have to go finish up a few things here before I leave for the day! is offline  
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Hello darlings; I'm BACK!!!
God, what a drive. I couldn't believe how hot it got the closer we got to TO. And it never got better while we were there, and then the drive back was like driving deep into the depths of ****. I kept waiting for the sky to clear in the distance over Ottawa. Instead, we seemed to be in the midst of some sort of tornado weather.

Den, I'm glad your toe is getting better. What's the red stuff you were soaking it in? Blood?
You saw the Beatles? That's so cool! Fate. Landed right in your lap.
Listen honey, why don'tcha try going to bed at ten o'clock and maybe you could get up a little earlier? heheh. I know I know... it's your "quiet time".

Kahuna, I love jazz. (Foreplay is one of my favourite jazz groups) And classical. I love Cecilia Bartoli. And of course being at the tail end of the baby-boomers, I DO occasionally still listen to my old favourites like Neil Young, Joani Mitchell, Cat Stevens (one of my ***** college professers had a song written about her by him ... Sad Lisa), Van Morrison...
My best concert as a teen was Eric Clapton in Montreal with my sister. He's so cool.
You bought a red velvet cake? What the heck is that, sweetie?

Shel, I'm so glad you're still comfortable with your decision. Listen darling, if you get married again and you don't invite US, we are going to have such a freakin' hissy fit, you won't know what's hit you! I have vowed never to get married again. I'm deliriously happy with my hubby, but as far as I'm concerned, it's too much damned work to do twice.

Soozie, those bloody mice! You DID mean mice, didn't you? No. Squirrels? I'm glad to hear your kitchen is moving along. My SIL (that's sister-in-law, Ruth ), is having her entire house renovated. She's just had a beautiful multi-level deck put on the back of her house with a small pool. While we were there she was in the process of having the house reroofed, and all of her furniture was in a muddle because she's having walls ripped out to expand/move the living/dining/bedrooms/bathrooms and is doing over the kitchen, too. Phew! What a mess! My sympathies, Soozie. You must be ready to tear your hair out.

Kat sweetie... how are you? And your grandma? We're thinking about you... xoxo

Squeak, what a great relationship you have with "the boy". That is very cool and cozy. (if you know what I mean) It's difficult to have a good friendship with a member of the opposite sex. Unless you're like Soozie. Horny and single, huh? Don't hang THAT on your front door!!
Hey, I'm so glad to hear about your friend with the heart transplant... what a relief!

You're right, Chris... there's no way that that chick in the bikini has had kids. VERY good point! Hey, I'm glad you had fun on your holiday! And congratulations on being a soon-to-be aunt!

Colleen, how are you? Are you still here?

Damn it Ruth, I ALWAYS go to the Kars dog show, but we were in TO!! I could have seen you again! Curses. I love going to the dog show. It's such a giggle. The dogs are cute/funny/weird, and the owners are funny/weird/geeky and they all really crack me up. The cow show is kinda funny, too.
The only good thing is that my mom probably would have been with me, and I would have had to introduce you and she would have been SOOOOO jealous of me being friends with an older woman who is NOT her!! And she would have been highly suspicious to know that I'd met you over the Internet. Really... what do you do? I've got some great friends that I've never even met, but it's difficult talking about you/them to anyone. "Uh, yeah... 'Den/Ruth/Soozie/etc' is a really good friend of mine... she lives in Royal Oak... ummm, yeah I see her about once a year." Lie lie lie...
Hey, did Lucy's bro take any prizes?

Mauvais, what do you weigh now, you skinny thing you?
Well, 5 days in Toronto is just plenty. I always forget how lovely Ottawa is until I go to TO. Honestly, who did the city planning for that city? I hate to overuse this word, but it's **** there!!
The lake shore is smelly and dirty, the tourist traps are spaced an hour apart, and that stretch of 401 is WAY too narrow.
Isn't Ottawa lovely? All this green-space, well kept downtown core (well, it's better than TO), nice tourist traps closely spaced, it's clean (well, it's cleaner than TO), ...
Listen, it was so muggy going through Toronto that we couldn't even see the airport. And we completely missed our turn-off... it was hailing to beat the band. Is the world dying?

I have a million emails to check... back later girls... I missed you!

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Ellis, I am with you girlfriend! While I love Hubby with all my heart & he gave me the 2 gifts that I cherish more than anything (the kids, for those of you thinking he puts a lot of thought in his gift giving), if anything happens to him/us...I am on my own baby! Too hard to be married! Just think if I were single I could do the laundry in an hour, 2 tops!, I could hit the snooze 20 times every morning, I could watch Lifetime all day Sunday without anyone, saying "OK, who got shot, cheated on, or kidnapped this week", I could go to the bathroom in the dark without the fear of falling in...Oh the possibitilies are endless! Of course I would have to take out the trash...hmm, I will have to think of a solution to that one before I make any drastic changes!

Shel, I don't want to just be invited to the wedding...can't we be Bridesmaids? WOOHOO, just think of the bachlorette party we could throw you! And you would have the most fabulous looking wedding pictures with all us slim, trim & wearing the trampiest dresses you could pick!

Hmm, I don't want to start any sort of a fight with the Canadians, but if I had to chose, Ottawa would be my pick! Been to toronto twice, how I made it out of there without dying on the highway is beyond me! I was convinced that you must have to pass a rudeness & scary driving test in order to drive there! Course I have only been to Ottawa once, and I got engaged while there, so maybe I am not an impartial judge! Personally I am fondest of Kingston, just trying to figure out how to get the city to not be so darn cold in the winter & I then I could live there year roung! Ok need to go find something for supper, hmm, now that we are home I guess that a good meal with a glass, or 2, or an entire bottle is out... That is OK, I have missed the Lean Cuisines.....NOT! is offline  
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Hello Fabulous Femmes!

Great day today! Got some catch-up stuff done at work, took the stairs twice, walked home to pick up my bathing suit and went to the gym to swim with DH. He thinks he is my personal trainer now and goaded me into doing two extra laps around the pool today

It is way too hot too cook here tonight so we got chinese take out...not the best food choice but it sure tasted good I only ate a spoonful of rice and loaded up on the veg, did cave and ate the lemon chicken though.

Ellis- I used to go to Toronto a lot when I was a buyer for a ladies clothing store, it was always nice to visit but a relief to get home, and yes the driving on the highway has always been terrible , those huge 18-wheelers scare the c$#p out of me! Hope your visit was good despite the driving. I am still at 155 but I ate poorly this weekend and indulged in a couple of beers
Back "on plan" this week, well tomorrow, after tonight's chinese food.

Christina-most of the Canadians on this thread are from Ottawa or the surrounding area so you are not starting a fight I love living here! It is a beautiful city with lots of green spaces, the canal and Ottawa River are amazing and I walk past Parliament Hill on my way home from work everyday! We just had Bluesfest last week and are currently enjoying Jazzfest. The month before we had RibFest and Beerfest...lot's of fun things going on around town. Where did you stay when you were here and how did your DH propose? I think Kingston is a great place too. I would like to go there for a weekend this summer just to poke around all the cute little shops and restaurants for a day.

Shel- glad things are going well for you. I'm with Ellis-I could not contemplate a second marriage, too much hassle, too much work,
besides I am spoiled by my current DH and no one could ever measure up to him, that and I don't think anyone else on the planet could put up with me

Squeeker- BTW the Tragically Hip just played here at Bluesfest last week and 54-40 played the same week at a charity volleyball/ beach party event NYEAH! NYEAH!

Kahuna-yeah, what the heck is red velvet cake? I bet it is sinfully yummy whatever it is!

Hey Colleen-are you still around? Hope things are well with you.

Ruthxxx-how did your grandpuppy fare at the show? Hey, did you ever see that movie about the subculture of dog shows? I think it was called Best of Show and had Bill Murray in it. I bet their was a "*****y Drawers" type character in it

Soozie-hope you are keeping your hands to yourself and off those donuts (DO NOT say anything rude here Ellis!)

Dentrassi-my first concert was seeing Iron Maiden when I was 14. My friends think this is terribly funny and occasionally sing that song "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus where they sing "I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden Baby, come with me now don't say maybe" they think are soooo funny

Tiggerdiva-*hugs* and healing thoughts to you.

Goodnight everyone have to go make the lunches and get my clothes ready for tomorrow.

Chow Bellas!
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Hi everyone! Remember me!

I read almost all of the posts that I've missed, but I haven't read the most recent. That might take a bit longer!

Thank you all so very, very much for your warm support and kind words. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness to me.

Since I'm not altogether up-to-date on what you all have been up to, I will start by filling you in on what I've been doing.

My grandma is up and down. She actually recovered to the point that they took her off of the ventilator, and she was sitting up and asking for hamburgers with pickles! Then, the next morning, she was back on the ventilator again. Apparently, this could go on for a long time, but she made it clear that this is what she wants. I am really okay because I got to talk to her and see her awake and alert. However, it's hard to watch her slip in and out. I guess when she's ready to go, she will go, but I only hope that she doesn't have to bear too much pain.

Of course, all of this has been going on during my last week of classes. I honestly slopped together the three crappiest papers in the history of schoolwork because I just wasn't home enough to work on them. I didn't want any extentions because I wanted to get them over with. I normally get As in all my classes, but I'm kind of disappointed that I might not this semester because I had to miss so many classes. Although I know it was more important to be with my family, it makes me angry that I lose points for not attending class. If I have an A based on my coursework, then why I should be punished for not attending a class that I got nothing out of!

My boyfriend and I have been able to spend lots of time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. We're planning another trip up north in a few weeks, and we're excited about getting away.

That's all that's been going on here--in a nutshell. I will catch up on all the posts and write more details soon. Thanks again for your support, and I have missed you all!

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Whoa much to read today.
Kat - glad to hear that you got a chance to speak with your grandma. That is so cool. I'll say a prayer for her!!! Glad you checked in with us too.

Mauvais - I skipped the donuts today...then again, they were leftover from Friday. The guys ate them anyway, can't live with em, can't live without em... Do have to say though I get a kick out of the fact that suddenly our toilet seats are up all the time. And I'm not even kidding about that . They really do leave the seat up...then again, I guess you guys know that already, I'm probably the only one that that is news to...

Ruthxxx - Hi Ruth, did I tell you I have good friends who breed and show Newfoundlands? talk about big doggies!!! They have six now but they've had more at other times...and those dogs think that they are lap dogs. They love to climb up on the sofa and snuggle...all 120lbs of them. My daughter's babysitter breeds Persian kittycats. I think I did post something about that. We have one now. How could my daughter be there for five years and see all of those kittens being born and growing and moving on to new homes and not have to have one come to our house??? She is a very sweet cat. We are more dog people but we have all come to love her as much as my daughter loves her. She has a great personality.

Ellis - welcome back doll. I think the damage was done by squirrels or chipmunks but it could have been mice. I know that the chipmunks chewed through a 2-20 line in the past. My partner almost got electricuted today because the electrician had accidently left one live wire open !!!! She was putting some wire mesh down outside of our house by the foundation to try and stop, rodents, from easy access back into the crawl space. When the wire touched the mesh there was a big ZAP sound. I came running out back to see what had happened. Thank goodness she wasn't making contact with the mesh when it touched the wire. So, we have to get the electrician out tomorrow. I know that everything will be fine in the end but that was intense. I almost was a widow.

Den - the way, what a great experience. I loved them as a teenager. Rock Lobster was a song we had a dance to also...and yes it included getting lower and lower with the lyrics !! I can't remember what my first concert was. I know that I saw Billy Joel once. I saw the band that sang Freebird right before their plane crash. I saw Robin Trower and I don't even know who he is. I didn't go to too many concerts but in High School we used to go down to South Street (a famous street in Philadelphia with the song written about it...where do all the hippies meet, South Street, South Street) and there was a dumpy old theater where they played Rocky Horror and everyone would get dressed up like characters in the film or like punkers. We thought that we were so cool.

Shel - Do you forgive me for confusing you with are the babe, you are the babe, you are the babe...there, am I forgiven now ??

Squeak - doesn't it just figure. They moved the really cute guy to another job and then the other two fairly cute guys told me that really cute guy is 39 and has been married three times. THREE TIMES and he's only 39...Hello.

Chris - hey girl. Is tigger woods related to Christopher Robin ??
Who is Tiger Woods' girlfriend? Some model or something?? I heard that he can be a bit of a primadonna. Is that what you don't like about him? have been checking out other women quite a bit...

Colleen - Hi there. Hope all is going well.

Kahuna - How is everything?? Hope we're not too weird for you. But, somehow I don't think so.

Well girls. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Gotta get some rest. Kid goes back to day camp tomorrow so back to getting up early. Yuck. Help me Den. I want to sleep in and lounge on the couch watching the cartoon network with my kid. By the way, the kiddo did great in her swimming class it was like a miracle, actually put her whole head in the water !!!!!

Love to all of you and here's to our health ladies!!!!! Soozie
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HI EVERYONE!!!! I was going to just briefly pop in and say hello and goodbye but you have all written such interesting posys I'll be up all night answering them!! THANKS A HEAP!!!

Soozie-I think you had mentioned Eva Cassidy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the CD that I borrowed from DS #2's friend's mother is by her!! Haven't listened to it yet though. YES!! The Rock Lobster Dance was probably IDENTICAL to what you and Mauv were doing!! Robin Trower!! WOW!! He was in Procol Harum!! YES!! Went to see Rocky Horror many times. Didn't throw rice, but i got dressed up!! Congratulations to your daughter on dunking her head!! We waited a bit too long on swimming lessons for the kids. They really struggled because of it. Living in Michigan I insisted that they at LEAST know how to swim and tread water, but i wish i had started them earlier the way you did!! By the way, in this house the rule is TOILET SEAT GOES DOWN AFTER YOU USE IT. Actually, hubby was well taught by his Mom and is REALLY teaching the boys that that is the polite thing to do. Good thing, 'cause I say a midnight dunk in the toilet is grounds for divorce!!! Sorry to hear about the scare that you and your partner had. YUCK!!! Also, re mornings...JUST REFUSE TO GET DRESSED!! THEN YOU CAN"T GO ANYWHERE!!!

Kat-HI SWEETIE!!! Glad to hear from you!! It is good to hear that you are having some time with your grandmother. I'm glad she had her hamburger with pickles too!! Hope that things get easier for you soon. I'm sure you are looking forward to finishing up classes. That will take some pressure off.

Mauvairoux-Your high school dances sound like the juke box at The Half ***!! It is (or was, don't know if it is even there anymore!!) a cafe that was OFFICIALLY called the Half Way Inn that was in the basement of the dorm I lived in. I worked there for a while, and we could put whatever we wanted in the jukebox. We had all kinds of stuff including singles by some local bands also Devo, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, assorted Reggae, can't even remember all of it!! (Well, it also changed pretty frequently, we could only keep records IN there if they were played a lot!!) Did you also do lobster or crab claws for the Rock Lobster Dance? I like Flamenco too, by the way!!! It is almost easier to say what I DON'T like than what I do!!! I agree, country is limited to a couple of people (although I like Bluegrass when I'm in the right mood!) and Rap-I loved it in the day when it was political commentary (Grand Master Flash) but most of it SUCKS.

Christina-Lucky you on getting to be an Aunt!!! Hubby's brother and wife have no plans to have kids, and honestly it is a good thing they have reached that decision. My sis has been through the mill and never got pregnant. She's thinking about other options now. Including killing us so she can take over guardianship of the kids!!

Ellis-WELCOME BACK!!!! Glad to hear you had fun in Toronto. I like Toronto, but I've never been to Ottawa so I can't compare. (How unusually tactful of me!! ) Yes, the red stuff is blood, but I am only allowed to use anteater blood and it is a PAIN trying to get it. If I break into the zoo one more time I'm afraid I'm going to get caught!! But seriously, it is Betadine, which I have never used before. It dyed my feet a yellowish orange!! Quiet time is becoming more and more of a problem. 15 year old wants to stay up until I go to sleep (I think), so it is moving later and later. I may have to bite the bullet and get up early. Hey! I like these new emoticons!!

Squeak-Sounds like you are having a blast!!! I loved watching the snowboarders at the olympics. That, along with skydiving and bungee jumping are on my "Things NOT to do list!!" By the way, it DOES count when "the boy" tells you you are cute. Listen to him. He speaks the truth. By the way, yes, horny and single is difficult, but horny and partnered isn't a day at the beach when your partner isn't in the mood. Sometimes loving oneself just isn't enough!! I'm trying to be respectful of his feelings, but he keeps on FLAUNTING HIS BODY AT ME!!!................oog..............

Kahuna, Ruth, Shel and Colleen-HIYA!!!!!

My Mom and I are taking the kids to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll museum. We are leaving early tomorrow and returning on Friday, so I won't be checking in until then. Hope you all have a great week!!!!!
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Oh my gosh... these are so cute!
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Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you that; despite all my whining, we had a GREAT time in Toronto! My sister in law is one of those funny people who can have you on the floor peeing your pants and crying with laughter. Good reason for going to Toronto.
She and her sweet partner are coming up to visit us next week. With the damned dogs. Did I mention the damned dogs? Small. Yappy. One of them was bought in Korea. At a restaurant. As a puppy. It was in a cage. It was going to be part of someone's meal. SIL felt obliged to buy the damned thing. It would have served more good as a meal than as a dog. I mean, what about the thousands of other dogs/cats/etc there that are up for being restaurant fare? You can't buy them all! At least buy one that will be grateful to you as opposed to one that bites people's ankles and yaps constantly. I LOVE dogs, but REALLY!!!
We had a great picnic in the dark at the lake shore. We could see the twinkling lights of the CN tower across the water. We didn't go to the CN tower this time. Last time we went, it cost us about 70 bucks for the four of us!!
My SIL gave DH her weight machine. Said she wasn't going to use it again, so we brought half of it back with us and she's going to bring the other half down next week. I'll have something to work out on besides my rowing machine!!

Kat, we're so glad to hear from you! Your sweet Grandma... I'm so glad you've been able to talk to her. She's got the right attitude... hang in there for those burgers!! AND for darling Kat, of course.
Don't regret your marks. There was a real reason for missing some school and losing some grades. Don't fret about it. (I assure you... when you're 35 and working full-time, NOBODY ever asks you what your marks were in school. Nobody gives a damn.)
Later in life you'll look back and realize how trivial the marks were compared to the time you had with your Grandma. You did the right thing... no regrets, okay sweetie? I'm glad to hear you're going to get away again with your boyfriend... a de-stresser.

Mauvais, surely you can't expect me to pass THAT one by!!
Soozie has a partner... she has no need to keep her hands to herself.

Chris... you're right... we want to be bridesmaids. So don't get married TOO soon, Shel... I still have about 60 pounds to lose.

I wonder if it's a red velvet CAPE!? Kahuna?

Soozie, it's a rule in our house that the seat goes DOWN!! Want to know how to do it, girls with men? This is horrible, but several years ago in the news there was a story about a small girl who stood on the edge of the toilet to reach something. She fell, hit her head on the toilet, and drowned. That seat in our house's been down for about 10 years now. My husband calls me Elmer the Safety Elephant (how flattering). I'm a freak for safety where my kids are concerned.
Soozie, can we see your kitty? Okay, let me rephrase that. Can we see a photo of your Persian cat?
Oh god... your partner... you must have been so frightened for her! That electrician should be strung up by his thumbs.

Den darling... I didn't get to you in time... I hope you have a wonderful time!!!! If your toe hurts, get the boys to carry you.
Midnight dunk in the toilet... uh huh... once when my daughter's cousins were visiting (three boys) she fell in bum first because she thought that the seat was down. She was about 4 at the time. We had to literally pull her out because she was stuck!
Listen, are you going to tell us why it's a good thing that your BIL and his wife aren't having kids? You can't leave us in suspense like that!! Are they axe murders?
You've never been to Ottawa? So I'll be your reason for coming, right? We went to a few garage sales near my SIL's house. One woman asked us where we were from. When we told her Ottawa, she said, "Well, there are a few nice people in Ottawa." Lovely. Just lovely. I mean, we're not all bloody money sucking politicians here!!

Hi Ruth, Colleen, Shel and Squeak.

So happy to be home.... tra la la...
and I think our new fridge is coming this week.
later darlings...
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Good Morning Girlies....Hmm only been to work for 10 minutes & already scoping out the sites to see how I can waste time & avoid work...I guess this is a good indication how productive my day will be!

I can't even remember where we stayed in Ottawa, that seems like eons ago! I was only 20 & he was only 23, so someplace cheap outside of the city in a Journeys End. We were on vacation with his whole family, the men were going hunting & the ladies were just hanging out at a friends house doing nothing for the week. Anyway the Saturday before they headed out to the camp to hunt we went Ottawa for the day, & decided to stay over night there for some alone time! I was getting so ticked at him! He had a truck with no cap on or anything to lock up our bags. Everytime we would stop somewhere he would put his in the front seat, so no one would steal it, but would leave mine in the back. I didn't know that he had my ring at the time, just getting p*ssed, that he didn't care if anyone stole my bag! Anyway we just went out to eat, and he proposed when we got back to the motel that night, and the rest is history. 11 years of marriage & 2 kids later, we are still plugging along!

Kat, I am glad to hear that your Grandmother is improving, even if she is having a setback from time to time! At least you were able to have some time with her & talk to her. Hopefully she will continue to get better & soon the bad days will seem like forever ago!

I Love Newfoundlands, actually my dream dog is a Great Pyrenese! I have already told hubby first thing I plan to do with his Life Insurance money is go buy one. He insists that he will never have a dog that can poop bigger than a VW. (I know that sounds harsh, but we do kid about it a lot. He tells me he will take my life insurance money to go on his dream hunting trip) I tell him that I don't care, but if he remarries & then thinks he is burrying his new hussy near me, I will haunt him forever, so he needs to either buy one cemetary plot or if he gets 2 to know she will be no where near me!

Tigger Wood's Girlfriend is some blonde bimbo that is tall, thin & appears to be as arrogant as he is. Not that I really know him personally to make that opinion, just my gut feeling, which is good enough for me to make that harsh judgement! I guess that I have been checking out girls more regulary lately....hmmm? I will have to ask my friend if I can borrow her Lesbian Manual, so I know the rules if I do wake up some morning & need to make a change!

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i had a lovely, long FUNNY post, which the evil smiley****s said had too many, and when i hit "back" to edit it was GONE.


no time to rewrite now... have to get something accomplished work wise. will try to recreate the magic later. *sigh*
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okay... here we go again....

*resorts thru the witty and entertaining posts*

Kahuna- glad you're feeling so at home with us! as far as music goes, i quite literally listen to almost everything, depending on my mood. even (gasp) country! the only thing i can't tolerate is that horrible BOOMWIKKIWIKKI rap stuff.... old school rap is fine, but my goodness... as far as concerts go, i've seen a TON.... my first was the Osmonds when i was 5 *dies* some of the best have been BareNaked Ladies (twice), Meatloaf (**** of a show) and the last 2 shows the Grateful Dead did in MI before Jerry died. those were just ~amazing~... did the FurtherFest the next year... the guys from The Dead, along with Bruce Hornsby, and Los Lobos, and Counting Crows, and others. very cool. Dead-esque. am glad i got the opportunity to experience it.

Dent - i think i was at that Rock Lobster party.... *grins* how's your toe? better? do i need to come and nurse you back to health? *giggles*

Mauv - i'm so JEALOUS!! i was taking bellydancing in Kansas, but haven't been able to find anywhere here to do it. i just love it... and you!! public bathingsuit wearing! you're our hero!

Soozie - *basks in multiple babeness* soooo forgiven!! *nibbles* and your partner? she's okay after the near miss? how horrible for you both. damned electritions.....

Squeak - don't best guy friends rock? i have one very much the same... mad flirting and all... it's very comfortable, and early on we decided that if we tried to have a traditional "relationship" that it would never work. wonderful news on your friend's husband. they're in my thoughts. but a Snowjam? in July? *is confused* but then again, any excuse for cute snowboarders.

Christina - congrats to you and your SIL!!! we demand cute baby pics when the time comes!! and i could give a hoot about Tiger, but i'll gladly sharpen my claws and jump on the girlfriend hating wagon!! *cackles madly*

Ellis - you're back! hurrah!! sounds like you had a fabulous time!! *makes puppy eyes* i've never been to Ottawa either...

Tigger - *big hugs* hang in there hon.... and i agree with Ellis... your marks won't mean squat, and you'll be glad that you spent the time with your family while you could. not to minimize your stress...... but listen to us old gals! *s* we know what we're talking about....

Ruth - how are you holding up, sweetie? the web page was a hoot, btw... am working on my essay to send in. pop in before we decide that you've run off with the carnies!!

Colleen - did we scare you away??

gosh, is that everyone?? things here are the same... good. other than the scale seems broken, and will never show anything but 264, no matter HOW good i am. DOOM!!!
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