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Default Hi, new today

Hi, am on night shift and just had a good old binge, well whats new, have to get the weight off but am struggling, I never seem to feel full, found this site and thought maybe someone knows how I am feeling, xx
Hi just in case you think this is a funny time to be on night shift, I am writing from Inverness, Scotland. xx

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Hi everyone.. welcome to the new chickies I had a quiet day,and I needed it. spent the day designing my craft room,it will be in an L shape,allready has a walk in closet with shelves. so I can have a spot for each of my favorite crafts,sewing-quilting,beading designing jewelry,scrapbooking, and yarn and embroidery. the biggest expensive will be the lighting as I want it brite like daylight,so I can see colors etc.. exciting and steve has all ready started moving things feeling better no unexplained stomach pain, we have been keeping the dogs separated to give Pepper some healing time. Bobbie hope you can get some help when your pup needs his snipping..glad I gave you the idea.Ive been watching the Olympics and American idol switching back and forth.. hoping you all had a good day with your diets,dont forget to drink your water rosey


1 slice chix ranch pizza

cheese burger minus the bun
6 fries(yup I counted )

coffee mocha
honey ww pretzel twists
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Hi everyone,

BIG storm here in FL last night. Hope I did not bring the bad weather from the northeast with me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karen! Enjoy your day.

I need to watch my eating while I am here. Probably ate twice as much yesterday as I eat when I am home.

Have a great day,

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G' Morning...which Karen is having a birthday today? I thought we had a section with everyones birthday listed, where'd that go? Anyway...Happy Birthday.

Caley from Scottland, welcome. What kind of eating plan are you on?

Rosey...can't wait to see pictures of your craft room. Are you using one of your kids old bedroom? Tell Mr. Cranky pants to hurry with it so next time he gets can exit to your craft room, shut and lock the door. That's what I do.

I have a section of the basement floor that didn't get painted when we moved in so that's my project for the day. We refinished our basement in our country home thinking we'd use it....never did. A whole lot of money spent for nothing. So we are not finishing off the basement in our new cottage, the brick walls are painted white and the floor is painted grey. Dull? Yup, who cares.

Ta Ta
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I did it!! No cake at our meal at church!! Yesterday was an on plan day.
Still fighting a cold and got to get over it so I can go and hold my precious new grandson.
I have a on plan today on the menu.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, even though they are a day early I'll take them!! It is something nice to think about this morning while we drive to the VA clinic to see Tim's Dr.!!

Bobbi here is the list of Birthdays....

Hello to everyone and I'll try to get back later.. Have a GREAT DAY!!
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Happy early birthday Karen're right the birthday list is gone and when going thru the pages of who/where/what you are I'm missing. Says if not active were deleted! So I've been deleted after all these years. Fun looking at the beginning list of members and missing them
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Hi caley kate! Ok everyone slips every so often and binges. But now it is a new day and you can put yesterday in the trash bin. I stepped on the scale today and the witch who manipulates the numbers decided to up my weight by two pounds! And I am not going to let that side track me. Up yours scale witch! I am sticking to my plan of clean eating
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Quick hola, Goldens!

Do you ever fall back asleep and dream and sleep so deeply that it's a shock when you wake up and find out that you should have been up 45 minutes ago???? It'll take a while to get un-discombobulated today!

I don't replace the oil with anything. I make the cake mix with just the water and the eggs (and this time, I was short an egg, sigh).... the flavor isn't affected, and the cake/cupcakes are fine in texture. It just makes them about 2/3 the calories (or less)!

CK - glad you posted the location of the birthday list... at your suggestion, I added it as a thread, so I don't have to frantically email you every time I lose it!

Good, good thoughts for Tim this morning! Get the answers you need; don't let the demigods put you off!

Gotta roll... Everyone, have a good one! Later, lovelies!
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Default Warning!

A word of advice...

If you think you'll save time by hard boiling eggs one day, then warming them up in the microwave for breakfast the next....think again.
I just spent 30 minutes cleaning up my "quick breakfast"

Warmed the eggs (without shells), when I went to break it apart with a spoon it exploded...I mean the egg parts were displaced up to 6 feet and on and under everything...and I was covered as well.

Bad, bad idea.
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Lazy today as didn't get much sleep. My head isn't itching much now and I'm wondering if I should even use the medicated shampoos I bought. Also we are to pick up the cortisone cream today. Not sure I need it now.

Yesterday I got busy and didn't track my eating...I think I did well all day but overate last night again. I have to see the doctor soon so I'd better shape up!
I got some really good BS yesterday but also some high ones and my weight is up again.

Bobbi - I only like buttered microwave popcorn but if plain popcorn were around I'd probably eat it so think it's best to not have it around.

Welcome Caleykate! I have a tendency to binge in the evenings. It's been my habit for so long and is very hard to break, but I continue to work on it.
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Well, Tim got the diagnosis and it is cancer--- The tumor is either on or near the pancreas. They set up an appointment for him on Feb. 20th. I understood it to be for the surgery--- Tim thinks it is just a consultation.. BUT we have to go back to Littlerock
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Want to feel better
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and prayers for Tim and you CK.

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CK - I don't know if this is appropriate, but it's cute, and I thought maybe it would cheer up your world. You've had so much on your plate since the first of the year!

Good thoughts and happy early birthday!
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Karen, so sorry to hear your husbands diagnosis, but sounds like they are getting right on it. They have really good doctors in Little Rock. Will put you both on my prayer list.
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