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Rie, did you get all your flex spending used since the dental stuff messed it up? I know that flex is good but losing money just irks me. BTW, have you been able to play on your Wii again since the dental surgeries?

Bobbi, excellent poem for our Beloved SamCat! Whether it was original or altered, it is wonderful.

Brenda, isn't it amazing how a new furbaby can just steal your heart even when you think they couldn't?

Donna, Kai, Kody, Blizzie and Sasha are sending the get well and heal fast vibes to their SamCat love.

Mary, I thought about you last night as I did a quickie wax to my brows (I'd read your post earlier last night). I really bet you wouldn't like how I keep my legs hair-free. Epilation. Works great and I don't think it hurts but my daughter and my daughter in law both tried it and can't do it. So I guess it isn't for everyone.

KarenFL, woots on the washer arriving today. Heck with the 3 hour time diff between us, maybe it's already delivered.

Carol Sue, YES!!!! A preview of what is to come. Heavens knows all of you have helped me tremendously as I embark on my hysterectomy and instand menopause.

Isabella, enjoy your nap. And later enjoy your family visit.

One week to go. It's so hard to believe that after 37 years, they cycles will be ending. Almost mind boggling. I don't like the idea of doing another colon prep but I'm tough and will survive. Last night I was chatting with my huskies, like I always do, and I realized they're all scaring me. Kai just because she has the seizures when she has low blood sugar and she's not partial to eating regularly. I once again switched her food to Blue Buffalo Turkey and Potato and I swear her food smells like Thanksgiving in a bowl. Ridiculously spendy but clearly it is doing great things for her. Two weeks of her eating is a record. Blizzie had a little bleep and fell to the floor last night and looked at me with the saddest "why did that happen" eyes. She's such a puppy at heart that this elderly stuff is bothering her. Sasha couldn't open her blue eye. I think she and Kai were doggie playing and Kai isn't shy. She probably scratched Sasha's eye. Luckily, I have Mr. Kody's eye meds since his eyes are allergic to the sun. This morning it was a little better, but I told DH to bring her to my office if he thinks it's still not improving so I can bring her to the vet. And then there's Mr. Kody. He's going to be 10 in a two months and seems to be aging before our eyes. The walks, he's slow and is behind the pack, tripping me with regularity. Maybe not odd to most but he used to pull my arm out of the socket to go go go. Now he doesn't even get excited about walks. So my pack is worrisome. Four dogs and four worries. I guess I can look at it that they're making sure I don't focus on my own worries.

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Good Morning, All...
Quick check in... I'm grinding stone.

SamCat is still with us... and he limply lifted a paw in thanks for all your good wishes. No measurable input or output in two days... he does sleep with me, and he ventured into the bay window this morning briefly. He was back under the bed when I left for work. He might rally again (this must be his 8th life!), but I know it's just a short matter of time. He's lost a lot of weight in these two days. Anyway, thank you all for your good thoughts and the prayers, poems, and animal kisses. I'll keep you posted!

Marie - I'm particularly sensitive to your puppy worries these days. I have a feeling that we're going to have Golden Girls Grieving Group at some point this year. Good thoughts for your babies, too!

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WOW! This group sure has lots of activity. Now I remember one of the reasons I slacked off on posting over at the 40-somethings......I usually post from work when I have time and I have a piece of CRAP computer here. Had too many instances where I was writing up a long post with personals and POOF!, it would be gone. It is so frustrating.

So I would like to follow along, but can't promise I can keep up with personals.

Someone asked what part of Oklahoma I am in. I live just outside of the OKC metro area. I love to travel over to Missouri and we may be visiting again this summer.

So far, so good on food today. Have my giant salad for lunch w/ FF dressing. A 100 cal. snack and banana for later. For supper we are doing my version of Turkey A La King.....smoked turkey cut up into cream of chicken soup with milk and some carrots and peas. Will serve over low fat biscuits. I'll need to watch my serving size for sure.

Got in 4 miles of exercise this morning. I use the Leslie Sansone DVDs.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome!
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The lental burgers sound so good
will have to try them,thanks.

prayers for Samcat~~

Great day everyone.I dont do many personals but I love you all and enjoy this group a lot

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Checking in.....eating properly this week for a change. Fingers crossed that I can keep it up, now. Oh, I have a homemade black bean patty recipe that I love, Isabella. I'll have to track it down one of these days and get it posted. Instead of cracker crumbs or bread crumbs or whatever, I use ground up Fiber One cereal. And chopped onions and peppers (I use red and green peppers both just to add a little visual interest), cumin, pepper, chili powder, a few tablespoons of hot's sooo yummy....and we make sandwiches for ourselves with the bean patty on 60-calorie pita bread with shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion and mashed avocado. I'm going to try the lentil burgers, too. Since I don't eat any red meat, chicken and pork get a little tiresome after so much of it, and I like to trade off with some veggie stuff (that looks like meat).
Welcome Ladysheets and Annie.
Oh, PT/Donna and Marie....I am so sad about your furbabies. They've been such good and loyal friends to you both. I am just hoping for a painless passing when it happens for them, and warm memories of happier times for you.
So, SO busy at work these days....can't wait for it to be behind me. Had a dinner meeting tonight with some potential investors for our Vermont project and it went smashingly.
CaddyK, I like the kitchen in this potential new house even better than the kitchen that I liked so much in the other potential new house. I hope this one works out. I still can't get over the difference in pricing from one part of the country to the next. Makes me want to move, except I can't because my whole family is in Massachusetts and I can't leave them. You're lucky that your family is right where you are now.
Rie, I just love thinking about you bouncing merrily around the pool table, and going home to paint your toenails. I'm thinking lime green for the next time I do mine...
Hi Freda, Mary, Gayle, Rosey, K3, Lynn, Bobbi, Carol Sue (I hope all is well with your incision, CS)...<looking around> I KNOW I missed a few, darn it!
Well, everyone have a good evening...

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Hi everyone. we are digging out of 16 inches of new snow..we are running out of room to put it. both side doors are blocked off from snow sliding off the roof and i cant see out my kitchen window we have gotton 114 inches so far this winter.. yikes. i'll post pictures tommorrow if i can get my puter to work. finally got it to go a few hrs ago. Marie and Donna big (((hugs)) for you and your fur babies. rosey

greek yogurt with 1/4 c granola


snack coffee mocha
atkins sweet and salty bar

roast chix
1/2 c fried rice
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akrosey49 I know what you mean about the snow we are driving in snow tunnels now its crazy. everyone without a metal roof is having to have them shoveled. Keeps up and we all will have to do it again !
will we ever see the ground again?
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Hello Friends!

Today was a long day but a productive one. I stopped at my mom's tonight and she, again, pushed a bunch of clinique skin care products on me. I know she means well but it is hurting my feelings. I am trying to be accepting and patient.

I am leaving early Thursday morning to spend the weekend in Grand Forks ND with my ds, ddil, and dgs. I can't wait. I hear that there is a bad winter storm headed in there tomorrow so I am hoping to make it in there without problems. I am flying but there are always flight delays.... The way my luck has been going, I will probably get stuck in Minneapolis!.I am looking forward to spending time with my angel faced gs Gabriel.

Lady and Rosie, Snow tunnels? Shoveling the roofs? interesting. Stay warm!

Zoe, good job on the eating! Lime green toenails would be hot. LOL it is the heart of pool season right now and I am putting in lots of time practicing. Vegas championships in May will be right around the corner.

CaddyK, the possible new house is lovely and I love the kitchen. I am hoping that this works out for you soon.

Annie, post personals or just check in as it works for you. I just got my laptop back from the shop today and it is so nice to post here. I usually write in word then copy and paste to the site. That way I don't lose posts.

Donna, still thinking of you and SamCat. If this is his time, I hope it is easy for him. I am praying, for your sake, that he has just one more life here on earth..

Marie, I managed to capture all but about $80 of flex money. Thank goodness! Yes, I am using the wii for walkitout most days but I also am doing strength training at least two days per week. I love the stories of the pack. Counting down the days til you feel better.

Gayle, I hope your day was a good one. Are you getting ready for your company? I sincerely hope that my kids don't stress out over trying to get their house ready for my visit.

Isabella, "tide and time....." would that we all be golden forever!

Bobbi, are you done with the repairs? I loved the poem.

Mary, good job on getting back to the gym.

Karenfl, scare those hearing aid people into competence! So proud of you for hanging in there. My dad didn't get used to his and refuses to wear them or try others. It is so frustrating because he is always getting irritable because he can't hear

Freda, I hope your week is going well. How was your dr appointment?

I know that I am missing people. So sorry. I guess it is a "golden moment"


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I'm not quite ready for bed so thought I'd pop in here. Hope you all had a good day. I had a good workout at the gym but mostly sat on my butt the rest of the day. Not because I was tired but just lazy and distracted by entering sweeps. I really do not like unproductive days. We were considering a trip to Vegas in April so I spent some time planning that but then I think we have decided neither of us really wants to go. Although we would have fun, we'd rather go some place new to us and frankly until this house is off our minds we don't like to spend money on frivolous stuff. We're doing fine but never know what is coming up, you know, so want to be good stewards of our money just in case.

Marie - You mean electrolysis? No, probably not for me!! I've had enough pain in life...I used to have a very high pain threshold but not so much any more. Makes me squirm to even think about it! And Marie, one thing I have never missed is my period! I didn't have difficult ones but it is very freeing to have them gone! Sorry to hear all your doggies are having problems! Poor things!

Karen31 - Really hope your house deal works out...after what you've been through I really think you deserve not to be disappointed again! I really like that kitchen too...sure puts mine to shame!

Ladysheets - Was it you that mentioned hot flashes and living in Alaska? My thought was that at least you could go outside and roll in the snow! When I had them so badly (the first few years after I stopped HRT) I used to go out and let the rain hit me. Trouble is sometimes after the hot flash I'd go into a bad chill which wasn't comfortable was like when you have a fever but also have a chill. Now they don't last long enough to go to the trouble of going outside. i just flip on my fan. Also back then I didn't have a fan...dh finally agreed to one at night several years into it and then last year he even surprised me with a small fan for the family room!

No more time..good night to every one..I want to go to bed earlier tonight.

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Hi Lovely Ladies,

It's raining this morning, so all the snow has melted. We're supposed to get some rought weather, but "they" have said that so many times I don't really believe it any more. I have to work tomorrow, so I will probably wake up to a really bad day. Went to the Dr. yesterday and the news wasn't as bad as I expected. I was really upset when he called in a script for fosomax, but he said my bones were ok, and he only did it because of the fracture. I guess that makes some sense. On a bad note, my cholesterol was a little too high and he said I needed to eat better. He is right. Even though I haven't been over doing the calories, I haven't eaten as well as I should have. I promised him that he would see better results next visit, so I have to get back to basics. Yesterday was DGD's birthday. She is 9 now and sooo grown up. Where do the years go.

Marie, Epilation? OUCH! Girl you must have a really high pain thershold! I tried it for about a instant one time.

Donna, I am thinking of you and saying prayers. So hard to say goodby.

Annie, Welcome. Come often. Don't worry about not doing personals, especially right away. We've been together a long time and I know these girls like family. You will too, but it takes time to get aquainted. Just know you are very welcome.

Lady sheets, See above post. Goes for you too.

Rosie, I'm sure it looks really beautiful there, but when you get that much snow it's a problem. Do they keep the roads open? What do you plow your drive with?

Mary, I had a quite day here yesteray. Just spent the day getting ready for the DGD's birthday. Did some shopping...

Z, Lime toenails? Ha! Your wild side. I love bright, bold colors, but only on my toes. Anything goes. My fingers are very conservatives.

Rie, From your talks about you mom she sounds like a very loving person. I'm suer she doesn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sometimes it's just a mom trying to be a part of our lives and making bad choices. Have you asked her why she's buying those things for you? Maybe she is so impressed with the progress you've made and wants to be part of that? I swore I wouldn't make the same mistakes my mom made and I haven't. I made different ones. Hope the weather stays ok so you can see your DGS.

Gayle, Hope work is going well for you.

Karen, Nice house. But if it doesn't go through, you like the house you have too. I would wait to pack too. I guess I'm a very superstitious person and I would think it would jinx me.

Isabella, working hard? The kitchen should be almost done and will be worth all that hard work.

Bobbi, You are a good mama. Doing all that work for DD. I know she appreciates it.

Gotta go do work, yuck. I'm much rather stay on here and talk to you,

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Hi Everyone,

Just found a new cousin with my genealogy. There is an Ancestry convention in Philly on Saturday - I plan to go.

Tomorrow is the Art Museum with my DF for a lecture on Rodin. Sunday a different friend and I are going to a local movie theater to watch a broadcast from a London Theatre. They are showing A Comedy of Errors.

My DD & SIL are leaving for a 17 day trip to Alaska on Thursday.

Nothing special planned for today.

Happy Wednesday,

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Two days down ~ two to go. Got out late again last night. A little better though ~ only 1 hour this time. It seems to kind of go in cycles ~ runs of getting out late and runs of getting out on time. I am ready for it to switch and be getting out on time.

I feel cheated when I lose part of my GG and FB time.

I had sort of a NSV yesterday. I needed to break a bill and needed to buy some small thing to do it. Yippee ~ I didn't buy candy or junk. Found a cute plastic cup.

Ok, guess I'd better quit fooling around and finish getting ready for work. I'd rather stay and play

Gotta stop at the post office ~ make sure I have enough stamps on Anniversary card for mom and dad ~ their 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good day.

Take care
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A good find -

I just tried a Glucerna Hunger Smart Snack Bar - Chocolate Chip Crisp - VERY good. It is especially for folks with diabetes. 20 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 10 g protein. 140 cal for the bar.

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Good Morning, All…

Day off… lots to do today! Every Wednesday day off next month is taken, so I’m jealously guarding today.

SamCat is still with us. He actually ate a little breakfast this morning, so maybe this is Rally #9? If he has more time, I’ll be grateful. I’ve made the decision to take him to the vet on Saturday if he hasn’t improved; maybe that turned the trick? I am amazed at how much weight he’s lost these few days! He didn’t have that much left to spare… anyway, we’ll see. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the good thoughts. I know they helped!

You’ve all been so busy!

Marie – how much time are you planning to spend in the hospital? I was there for 5 days, but mine was an abdominal incision and that might have made a difference. I remember just wanting to be left alone… and I was working at the police department and everyone felt that they had to come by and pay their respects. I was totally worn out from “holding court” and now refuse to visit anyone in a hospital! Good thoughts are already flowing your way! Again I say that this was the BEST THING I EVER DID for myself!!

PT/Zoe – tell more about these investors in the VT project. I thought you were consulting on a particular problem… I can’t figure in investors. Do tell, please.

Do you remember the description of that flamboyant woman that we all attributed to you… that you so vehemently denied? Well, my dear, all that goes out the window if you paint your toes lime green!!!

Rie – why did your mom give you the Clinique products? Is she telling you that you have a skin problem or is she just cleaning out closets or what? Anyone who makes homemade noodles like she does surely hasn’t a mean bone in her body… In my vast experience, mothers never quit tending their chickies and are always quite sure that they have the only correct answer (witness the never-ending stream of advice I get from GM on everything from putting down SamCat to rearranging my house that she hasn’t seen in 15 years… it’s wearing!)…

Freda – how goes your battle? How’s your back these days?

Gayle – how go your battles? Work, icky scrubs, etc?

Bobbi – is the kitchen nearly finished? I’ll be anxious to see the pictures… I’m sure it’s lovely!

Lynn – I reiterate that you’re a very good friend! Enjoy your outing today!

Isabella – the recipe Zoe is talking about for black bean burgers is one I posted on 1-18-11 on our recipe section. She’s adapted it, but this was the basis.

CK – are you packing?

Gawd, Rosie – that’s a LOT of snow! I think I’d be claustrophobic… are your windows covered? I’ve seen pictures of places where the drifts even cover the windows… I couldn’t cope with that. From the sounds of it, Alaska and Colorado maybe are the only places to get winter this year... and ours has been paltry in comparison?

Nothing much to report. Life is, well, um, life… I took GM to the doc yesterday afternoon in this latest round of follow ups. They changed her BP meds and ordered a different kind of sleeping pill. She’s is pretty good shape, it seems. She’s only on her 4th or 5th life, I think… all next month are the follow-ups and things with her. I think it’s a huge conspiracy that the only times these things can be scheduled are on my only day off… what do you think?? I’ll be major cranky (and nasty) by the end of March--fair warning!

I’d better get rolling. I have lots to do today.

I know I’ve missed many of you, and I apologize. Newbies, welcome! Everyone, have a good today…
Later, Lovelies!
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Gayle - Our Missy was a Peek-a-Poo. She used to bury her treats too! We would sit and watch her trying to bury it under a throw rug, the edge of the couch, etc. For the most part, we always had 2 dogs at a time. One would pass, and we'd get another one. For some reason, our dogs wouldn't usually leave the yard, unless they saw someone across the street or next door. They would go out and do their business then want right back in. Now we only have 1 dog. He is around 11 years old and will be our last. It will be so much harder to lose him because there won't be any animals here to cheer us up. But we made that decision because we can't be away from home for more than 5 - 6 hours because of the dog's needs. Also, 2 of our dogs we got because their owner passed away and no one wanted the dog. I don't want that to happen to a dog of mine, now that we're getting older. It will be hard, but maybe I will volunteer at the local shelter.
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