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Want to feel better
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Yes, Val ~ we had one of those mangler contraptions in our basement. I don't know if mom and dad still have that or not ~ I hate going down in that basement now ~ it is creepy down there. I don't know if they even ever used it or not ~ don't know where they got it, or why they had it.

I remember eating stuff right out of the garden too ~ peas, and those little bitty potatoes ~ yum.
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Hi all, just a quick note since work he!! has restarted.

First, Way To Go Lynn!!!! So proud of you!!!!

Quick update. My elliptical part is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Fedex site says it's in Oregon so I am quite happy. I used my bike on the fluid trainer this morning. My eating is not on plan. Clearly munching is my work coping method. I need to get off that coping method. I'm debating whether to call my son for his b-day tomorrow. He's being a jerk and I don't want to. I can send a FB wish and text him. I sent a card and present. I really don't want to do more. So... will I regret that at some point? I know he doesn't regret it when he ignores my b-day, DH's b-day, our anniversary, mother's day, father's day, etc. But will I regret it? That I haven't figured out. So off for more fun...
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My Mom had a mangle ironer too--- it was an Ironrite! I remember when mom would do the laundry she would take out the things that needed to be ironed, she had a "coke" bottle with a cork type thing that you stuck in the top and it was metal and had holes in it to "sprinkle" the clothes, roll them up and then would Freeze them until ironing day! I was in Kindergarten and can remember coming home and while she would be downstairs ironing Dick Clarks American Band Stand would be on!! She ironed everything with that and would "Let" me iron my Dad's hankies and also pillowcases, anything that was flat. She was going to give it to me after she passed but for some reason one day she was going through her stuff and had Goodwill come and pick it up! I was so sad. I really would have loved to have it. But like I said I have her sewing machine and just have to get over my fear, intimidation and use it!
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Ok, I think this is day 5 on my new diet. I was up .2# this am...I realize that is nothing and am normally not one to get upset with the scales ups and downs given what I've been through this week buying food, getting used to it etc., I have to admit it did bother me just a teensy esp as when I went to bed last night my weight was pretty high for recently. In fact when I went to bed I was concerned I would be 163 again! I'm like, NO, please!!! I even checked it once this afternoon and it was still higher than usual (since this diet). I have been very careful to keep OP. I hope this is just a normal flucuation or too much sodium or something. However I don't think I got that much sodium. I hope it is not the starvation thing but it seems like most people lose not gain on this diet if they stick to it. Well, I'll see how it is tomorrow. Other than that it's been a good day. Went to gym but I tried to keep it light as they have warned me about that throwing me into starvation mode. But that can't be the cause of this am's weight increase since i had no exercise over the weekend.... Well, I'll see how my weight is tomorrow. My bs is good most of the time now was high this morning although nothing like it was before starting MF.

Otherwise it's been a good day...I just did a little of this and that...dusted our bedroom, vacuumed living room and family room, cleaned toilets and mopped bathroom floors. I notice we are getting a gray-black stain on the tile in our little bathroom...I'm thinking mildew? There was already some and it's gotten much worse since I bought this foam backed bath mat ...wonder if that is causing it to worsen...perhaps because it prevents air to get under it or something That bathroom needs remodeling so bad...we have never had it done in all these years..after the windows are done that's our next project.

We are supposed to get "summer" again this week! Today it got to about 75 I think and I've heard it's to get into the 80s at least. I've felt better today although my head is starting to hurt a little right now. Not sure if it is the MF or just my eyes. I still don't have the energy I was told to expect by now either! Maybe tomorrow...

Gayle, I never found any guys I liked in my home town either. I wasn't popular or in the IN crowd. Strange my dds both were but not me...I was too shy and too poor. In my home town you also had to be very pretty or rich. I only dated a few guys and got serious about one from a nearby city. He was the jealous abuser type and I still thank God every day that I didn't marry him!! I was so shy I thought there would be no one else. When I moved away I met lots of interesting guys and finally found my dh.

Rie - I think I've heard of a mangler but don't know that I've ever seen one. My mom spent a lot of time ironing and when I was first married I thought I had to iron. I remember insisting on ironing my dh's fatigues! Crazy thing is that he could do it so much better. After a while I realized that and stopped. He still irons now and then but I almost never do.

Time for my L&G meal...I didn't get to reply to everyone..maybe later. Bye for now!

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Dancing with the Stars---Off to a Fantastic start!!!
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Just quick note before bed....gesh guys your Moms has manglers and ironing manglers...well I did,too. I had $100 bond and bought a Sear Roebuck used mangler and the guy threw in the ironing machine. Loved the washer except if you ran a pair of rubber panties thru they blew up. I ironed all the flat stuff and jeans but never did shirts. Even after getting Automatic machine kept the mangler for things like dog blankets and horse blankets. k3
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Hi everyone, my guys got home yesterday. they didnt get a moose. one of my dh hunting buddies that he met elk hunting in new mexico had a guided hunt out of Kotzebue alaska. he gave us the meat from his big bull.he shipped it to anchorage and my sil picked it up this afternoon,so to make a long story short we are headed to anchorage in the morning to butcher the moose and have polish suasage made,yummy. getting a moose and butchering it our selves saves alot but its also a long several days process. we are a pretty good team and have done this befor,sooo wanted to let you all know id be absent posting for 3 to 4 days.didnt want you to worry about me.hoping you all have a great couple of days,ill be back lol rosey

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Rie, how do you prepare your squash? I have never cooked squash before, but my step-son gave me one from his garden with a recipe from a magazine. You peeled and cut up the squash, combined it in a casserole with onion and seasoning, added chicken broth and baked until tender. Then you covered with bread crumbs and cheese and baked again. I liked it, but DH would not go near it. Ha Ha He is not into eating foods he never ate before. I would like to try some different recipes, but I wish I could make smaller amounts for just one or two servings for me. Can you freeze squash?

Marea - I have heard that some diet plans cause you to gain some weight before you start to lose, because you are eating differently than your body is used to. But then you will start to lose. Keep at it and don't worry about it unless the losing doesn't come eventually. It is depressing to gain, because it's so hard to get it back off sometimes.

I am a city girl, born and bred. We were far from rich, but we had an indoor bathroom, even back in the 40's and 50's and until adulthood, I always lived where they were sidewalks. To me, that is what separates the city from the country. And no animals around. The first time I went to the County Fair I couldn't stand the smell of the animals and I asked my husband "How can these kids stand to live around this?" LOL Little kids were dragging their cows up to the milking machine. There was cow dung everywhere and most of these kids were barefoot. I went back the following year and eventually I got used to it.

My mother also had a mangle iron. I found one online for those who have never heard of or seen one.
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Hello Goldens!

On the fly but I just have to make a few comments....

Karen31, An Ironrite! Yes! That is what mom had. She loved that thing. In fact, I keep looking for one in someone's basement for her.

Marie, You do NOT have to call him. If you want to call him, that is fine but I think you have gone beyond by sending a present and a card. Do what makes you feel the best.....

Carol, I really like the taste of the squash so i cook it several ways. First, I cut in half, seed it, and place on a cookie sheet cut side down and bake until soft. Then I take it out and cut into cubes. I freeze some in individual bags. I add the cubes to stir fries, sometimes I rebake as "oven fries". I mash some with cinnamon, nutmeg and a little sweetener. I have mixed in a little apples and oatmeal with sweetener for a desert. I also sometimes use finely diced or shredded raw squash as a potato substitute with meat, onions and egg as a hash or potato type pancakes. MMMM good. The squash has carbs but is much lower GI than others because there is so much fiber. My ds won't eat it either so it is a single serve thing for me. However, he LOVES to cook with spagetti squash and he makes it all the time.

Speaking of DS, he somewhat proudly told me last night that he is going to buy all the groceries the next couple months because I am helping him so much watching dgs with the new job. He has always bought dgs cereal, juice, etc but he said he wants me to just keep a list of any groceries and he will get them. He wants to start putting some savings away but he said when things settle that he thinks he should contribute more to the house expenses than just doing all the housework. I will take him up on that!

Mary, all of us cope with this journey differently so forgive my advice: Is there any way that you could consider staying off the scale for a while? What if you said, "I hope to lose one pound per week" and then you only weighed one time per week or even less? Our bodies fluctuate so much that the daily weighing can drive you crazy. Hang in there dear and don't get discouraged

Rosey, don't work too hard, although I know you will! Butchering a large animal like that is a lot of work. I know that it is worth it because you will be able to feed everyone that great sausage!

Karenfl, too funny! Ever notice how this group just loves to stroll down memory lane???? Funny how we all shared so many similar experiences despite 15+ years difference in ages and the fact that we all came from such different circumstances.

One more comment about the manglers.... It scared the crap out of me when I was little. I never would touch the thing and I always thought it was waiting to get me in the night when I had to go to the bathroom. Like it would come to life and draw me in and squish me.... LOL Years later, one of my favorite authors was Stephen King. I was sitting late at night reading a book of his short stories and came on one called, "THE MANGLER". Oh wow, it was about a mangler in a commercial laundry that becomes possessed and starts eating people. It even broke free of the building and came after people it didn't like. Oh my goodness..... I didn't sleep that night! LOL. So GAYLE, I understand the creepy factor!

Gotta go! Big Board of Directors meeting today and more audit..... BBL


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Okay, finally I have a minute to drop in and say something here! I’m still feeling under the weather, and stopped on my way to work this morning to pick myself up some cranberry juice and yogurt because it feels like I might have a bladder infection trying to establish itself. I drank one (12 oz.) bottle of cranberry juice on the way and am working on my second. So far, things are under control. Yesterday I drove in to my office (after being out sick Wed., Thurs., and Fri. last week) and when I looked at my appointment book, it turns out I was supposed to be in Springfield for a meeting at 10:00.

My office is in Canton, just about 50 miles southeast of my house and Springfield is about 50 miles northwest of my house. SO, I had to turn around and drive 100 miles from Canton to Springfield and then from Springfield back to Canton for a meeting in the afternoon – and THEN 50 miles home again. I was soooo tired, I can’t even tell you…

Well, a combination of fatigue and just plain miserableness has me feeding myself ridiculously. So much for the pre-wedding bootcamp! I am seriously overeating! I know I’ll get control back before too long, but for now, I’m feeling like I want to be putting something (junky) in my mouth every darned minute! I wouldn’t get on the scale now if you gave me a million dollars! (Oh yes I would! Heck. I’d get on the scale for a lousy $100K !!!)

Gayle, I just have to comment on something you said…about the boys in high school: “…I don't think there would have been anyone else who wanted me.” REALLY??? Well, would YOU have wanted any of THEM????? I have to tell you that being “wanted” by some man is NOT an accurate measure of YOUR worth as a human being, chickie! Oh, honey…and as for what your dh pays for (your Weight Watchers?????) where the heck does he come up with that equation when YOU work and bring home a paycheck?

Okay. I won’t get off on some kind of diatribe here, but there are an awful lot of women in our age groups who were raised to feel that men are the inherently superior gender. And, I suppose if I hadn’t learned at an early age to stand up for myself and not tolerate being condescended to, I might still be married to my ex. I couldn’t help responding to your comment though, since the guys I remember from high school were essentially one big bunch of losers (and I even dated a few of them!) and whether or not one of them may or may not have wanted ME never even crossed my self-centered little mind! (I always figured I was too good for them, and I’m sure that YOU were – and are – too good for anybody who doesn’t see YOUR value!)
(I’m sure your dh DOES…he may just need a good old-fashioned GG reminder! )

Oh, boy, I’m winding down. Seriously. This cold..or flu…or whatever it is that I’ve been fighting for a week, now…does that. I can be going full steam ahead, and suddenly it like every last drop of energy drains right out of me and I’m left feeling like a limp dishrag. I’ll come back later and say hi to everybody else. Right now, I think I need to sit a spell and sip on my cranberry juice.
HUGS (from a distance)
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Default Hello from TN

Hi there!

My name is Donna. I'm from beautiful East Tennessee. Excited that fall is upon us. I love the mountains and the change of seasons. Lived in Florida with no season but summer for way too long!

I've been needing to be serious about weight loss for a long time. Had some breathing issues a few months ago, which led to a stress test and heart cath and stent. My coronary artery was 95% blocked. Could have/should have had an MI with that going on. It was the grace of God.

Slapped me into reality that I either make a change for life, or I won't be around much longer. I have 2 kids. Janeen is 22, and Jonathan is 11. Jonathan has autism, though he is doing really well, he needs me for a while!

So I made a 180 degree turn, and will not ever eat like before. Most days I drank cokes all day and only ate dinner. Bad Bad Bad. Now I'm eating healthy. Sticking to a 1,400 calorie a day diet, filled with fresh fruits and veggies. Lost 12 pounds in a month. Hope to lose 100 in a year.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

God bless!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
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Originally Posted by Mom2TCS View Post
Hi everyone!

Anyway, school for the boys is going well and I'm slowly adjusting to life with 3 kids at 3 different schools -- and working once again doing lunch duty at the elementary school every day. I've been with the kindergarteners and helping them adjust to school, which is challenging but fun! And my middle son, the one with alopecia, did have a great first day and so far each day has been good for him. He got his card to carry with him and he showed it to each teacher -- a couple asked him to remove the hat before he had a chance to tell them, but they were fine after they knew, and so far kids haven't said anything to him. I want to thank all of you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in helping me to help him -- you are WONDERFUL!! I think he's leaning more towards just saying "I have alopecia" -- but he hasn't had to use it yet. This week they suit up for PE for the first time, so we'll see if he can change shirts without taking the hat off or not. He has been very proactive, though, and says he tries to tell teachers, etc. before they ask, which helps him be a little more inconspicious about it (i.e., with substitute teachers, etc.), which he thought to do by himself, so I'm really proud of him!
Hey Darcy,

My son has alopecia too. We've been wrestling with bald spots since he was 6. Seems to come with stress. normally he gets 2 or 3 small ones, like the size of a quarter, and they'll fill in. Now he has a HUGE one on the back of his head. His hair mostly covers it, but it has been there for a while. It's a tough thing for these kids. :*(

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Welcome Change4life(Donna) So glad that you have joined us. I know you will find encouragement here and also give encouragement as well. And so nice that Darcy can have someone who can really relate to. We look forward to getting to know you and so pull up a chair and stay awhile.
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Welcome Donna, congrats on the 12 pound loss! Counting calories is the only way I could ever lose weight, but we have many different diet plans on the golden girls. (What ever works)
Stop in often and let us know more about yourself and family.
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tired of being tired
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Okay, won't somebody PLEASE acknowledge me? I have not had anyone say hello or glad to meet you or anything so of course i feel like the fat bloated witch once again being ignored by the thinner better dressed PTA moms.
I am the oldest mom in my daughter's class and definitly the frumpiest. I hate shopping for clothes. I wish I could dress like a rag doll every day, I mean it. The bloomers, the calico dress and apron the whole shebang. That is what I want to wear. but I know its not normal to want to dress that way. I hate being normal.
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