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Thanks, SheriaVa, for the new thread!

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good day. Just checking in...

Kathy, best of luck to you tomorrow (or today since you are in NY) with your MRI and your tooth! How's your back with your changed pt routine? Hang in there, that can't be fun, but alas many times the things that are good for us aren't (sigh).

Janet, way to go getting rid of that candy! That kid must have thought he was dreaming. His mom is probably hating you right now as he is bouncing off the ceiling on a sugar high no doubt. And great work on the raking! It's funny, but I can walk for an hour or use the ellipse for a good bit of time and I don't feel nearly as wiped out as after an hour of gardening. You've got to love exercise that actually results in something immediately tangible like a clean yard or newly planted flowers!

Things are still zipping along for me. I'm now down 25 pounds!!! 250's here I come! The key was actually adding some calories. I never believed the whole "starvation mode" thing, thinking that if that were true that anorexics would be out of business, but I guess it is possible. I thought I was eating more calories than I was, but was coming in consistently below 1200 (checked on FitDay). So I added more and since have dropped 2.5 pounds. Go figure... I talked myself into walking tonight and as usual felt so good when I was out there that I wondered why I fight it so hard. I hope someday to WANT to exercise.

Anyway, sending good thoughts to all of you and wishing you luck in your weight loss pursuits!
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