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SheriaVa 11-02-2004 03:12 PM

Singles Supporting Singles #2
Here we are in our new home! The other one was getting a little long in the tooth. Hope this is okay with everyone. I am gonna TRY to link from the old one to this one...we'll see if I can figure it out! :coffee:

SkinnyBoPeep 11-03-2004 02:34 AM

Thanks, SheriaVa, for the new thread! :thanks:

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good day. Just checking in...

Kathy, best of luck to you tomorrow (or today since you are in NY) with your MRI and your tooth! How's your back with your changed pt routine? Hang in there, that can't be fun, but alas many times the things that are good for us aren't (sigh).

Janet, way to go getting rid of that candy! That kid must have thought he was dreaming. His mom is probably hating you right now as he is bouncing off the ceiling on a sugar high no doubt. And great work on the raking! It's funny, but I can walk for an hour or use the ellipse for a good bit of time and I don't feel nearly as wiped out as after an hour of gardening. You've got to love exercise that actually results in something immediately tangible like a clean yard or newly planted flowers!

Things are still zipping along for me. I'm now down 25 pounds!!! 250's here I come! The key was actually adding some calories. I never believed the whole "starvation mode" thing, thinking that if that were true that anorexics would be out of business, but I guess it is possible. I thought I was eating more calories than I was, but was coming in consistently below 1200 (checked on FitDay). So I added more and since have dropped 2.5 pounds. Go figure... I talked myself into walking tonight and as usual felt so good when I was out there that I wondered why I fight it so hard. I hope someday to WANT to exercise. :crossed:

Anyway, sending good thoughts to all of you and wishing you luck in your weight loss pursuits! :goodluck:

SheriaVa 11-03-2004 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by SkinnyBoPeep
I'm now down 25 pounds!!! 250's here I come! The key was actually adding some calories. I never believed the whole "starvation mode" thing, thinking that if that were true that anorexics would be out of business, but I guess it is possible. I thought I was eating more calories than I was, but was coming in consistently below 1200 (checked on FitDay). So I added more and since have dropped 2.5 pounds.

That's AWESOME! Congratulations! May I ask how long it took for you to lose the 2.5 pounds after you started adding calories? I started a week ago yesterday adding a little more calories and fat and my weight hasn't changed much...I'm a little down one day, a little up the next...the usual for me. I'm going to try to stay the course for another week and see how it goes.

corningkat 11-03-2004 02:40 PM

hi singles! well, i made it thru the appointments this morning. i actually woke up 15mins before the alarm. i got back home at 10:15 and went back to sleep till 12:30 so i don't fell so bad. i won't know the results from the mri for a couple days at least. the sooner the better so the dr. can figure out what's wrong. my back doesn't feel too bad today so it must have been that recumbent bike that flared it up.

shreriava - thanks for the new thread. it sure makes things easier.

skinnybopeep - congrats on that 2.5 gone 4 ever!:bravo: that 250 range better watch out, because you're gonna whip thru there so fast they won't even know you visited! :lol:

i'm gonna try to start counting points again for WW. i think i need a little more discipline than the core plan can give me right now. i might switch to that when i get more control. it's always worked for me in the past. i would be much happier if i could get to exercising again. hopefully soon!

well, have to get ready for work! have a good afternoon!

Shelbi99 11-03-2004 06:37 PM

Hi all! I was looking for a place for singles - seems I don't have alot in common with married w/children women. I need to lose about 10 pounds but it's the same 10 pounds I've been dealing with for a long time! Just looking for a little support to keep me motivated.

JanetG 11-03-2004 10:40 PM

Welcome, Shelbi! Don't worry about "only" having 10 pounds to lose, we are all in different places right now. Any amount of weight to lose is significant. And you've come to the right place. The only children we talk about are of the four legged variety.

Thanks for finding us a new home, SheriVa. I went to the old thread to catch up on any postings I may have missed, but didn't have any problem finding the new one. That was my major worry.

SkinnyBoPeep - isn't it fun that you get to eat more and still lose weight? And now you have semi-scientific proof that you can cut back calories too far. Okay, here's the nurse in me going into lecture mode: Your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism drops to conserve body weight (believed to be an evolutionary mechanism - when food is plenty people would eat more than they need and lay down fat stores. When the food gets scarce, and intake drops, the body goes on alert and slows metabolism to preserve life). The anorexics get away with it because their caloric intake is less than the calories they burn just by being alive. I used to think it wouldn't be so bad to be anorexic, then I'd finally be thin. But then when I was in nursing school I was assigned to work on an eating disorder unit as part of my psychiatric rotation and those girls were messed up, inside and out. Keep eating enough and exercising and you will get there.

Kathy - I'm the same with the Core Program. I am not at a point in my weightloss journey to be able to stop when I am satisfied. Plus, alot of the things I like best aren't on core and I would use up my points WAY too soon. Points has worked for me so far so I don't want to mess with it.

As for me, I am starting week 11 tomorrow. My goal is to get up early and walk on the treadmill &/or eliptical machine before work. Since daylight savings time ended, it gets dark here way too early. And that way I don't have to waste energy all day trying to come up with an excuse to not exercise, then waste energy talking myself back into exercising. It's a sick, twisted little game I play that really needs to end.

SkinnyBoPeep 11-04-2004 12:14 AM

I swear, I lose more posts here where Internet Explorer shuts down!!!! :censored: GRRRRR… Anyway to start all over again:

Shelbi, welcome!! :wave: 10 pounds or 100 it’s all the same kind of work requiring support, so we’re happy to have you! Also, it may be a while before several of us reach our goal weight, so if you don’t mind we can live vicariously through you… :D

SheriaVa… I added in 200-300 calories a day almost a week ago. I thought I was eating enough and thought I was getting about 1200 calories a day. I thought that if I needed more I would feel hungry (I never did--probably a clue), but after tracking in FitDay for a few days, I saw I was getting closer to 1000 calories (Oops!). So I added some high fiber cereal (frosted mini-wheats – a lot of sugar but I love ‘em!) and some milk or string cheese and it just started coming off. I exercise at least 5 times a week with 40 minute walks or using the ellipse for 20-25 minutes and had plateaued for nearly 3 weeks. It could have been just the end of the plateau, but I like that I’m eating more and losing. I am down another half pound today (hello 250’s!!). :cb: I know weeks like this rarely happen, so I’m just enjoying it, but hope to be back to 2 pounds a week next week. It’s funny, my stomach started growling again between meals after I started eating more. I guess I was “conserving.”

Nurse Janet :goodvibes … Thanks for the background! You are so right about the anorexic mentality being really messed up. I really wasn’t trying for that. I just was poorly estimating and counting too many calories for veggies. There’s really not much to veggies calorie-wise. Off topic, do you know there are websites where anorexics instruct others on how to be “good anorexics?” Dreadful. There was an article one time on CNN and they gave the address of one of the sites. Some of the most disturbing stuff I’ve ever read. Those poor people.

Kathy… I wish you a speedy recovery! Good luck with the WW points change. I’m not familiar with the Core program. In a nutshell, what makes it different from the points plan? Do you go to meetings? And thanks for the "bravo!"

Okay, gals. Have a lovely Thursday!

corningkat 11-04-2004 02:48 PM

happy thursday! welcome shelbi! we're glad to have you!:cheer:

it is yucky here today. cold and rainy! when i went to pt this morning it wasn't too bad and i planned to come home and rake the leaves to the curb for the town truck, but the rain put a damper on that plan. so i cleaned my fish tank instead. i'm sure they were happy it rained. :lol:

janet- i have to agree. i ate much less yesterday than relying on my fullness. when it comes to that, it is a hole that can't be filled. do you go to meetings?? i'm debating whether to go back or not. ($ and time)

skinnybopeep - the core plan gives you a list of food that you can eat from without writing down everything. it gives you a little freedom there. you have to judge how much to eat from your fullness factor. hence my problem. i think i need the structure right now. it is a good program and many people are successfull with it. i just don't have the self control needed.

well, have to get ready for work again! thank god it's almost friday!

Shelbi99 11-04-2004 05:05 PM

Thanks everyone for being so friendly and welcoming!! I hope to check in here often and get some support and hopefully offer lots of support as well. I am basicly on the Atkins plan which has worked for me in the past but I try to stay away from all the fat. I drink two protein shakes a day (which does wonders for your nails ladies!!) and fill the rest with lean meats, tuna, salads and veggies. It seems like one bite of something wrong and there are two pounds back so I really need to watch everything. This used to not be such a problem but it seems since passing the 30 yr mark, metabolism is way down!

I hope to get to know you all on a more personal basis so I can reply to each of you as you are doing with each other.

JanetG 11-04-2004 11:40 PM

Hi everyone - just checking in. Having computer problems right now and am very frustrated. :mad: I broke down and signed on for broadband (cable) high speed internet a couple of weeks ago and have been having problems with it every other day or so and it's driving me nuts! I have called tech support frequently and it's like they are just guessing at what the problem is. Luckily I haven't cancelled my dial up yet or I wouldn't have access at all. If it doesn't get straightened out soon I'll have to give up on it and go back to dial up. I love it when it is working, but it's very unreliable.

SkinnyBoPeep - I wasn't thinking you were going for the anorexia thing :foot: . It just brought to mind working on that unit and watching a population of people that were so opposite of me. The girl I was assigned to was 23 years old and weighed 74 pounds. I swear she looked like she was only 7 or 8 because she was so slight and frail... and she thought she was fat :no: . I kept watching the obituaries after my rotation ended, because I was sure she wasn't going to make it. It was all very sad, but it opened up my eyes to eating disorders in general and how food is the central theme in alot of emotional issues. Keep up with the positive attitude and run with the weight loss and don't look back!! :cp: You're doing great and it's even better when your efforts are reflected on the scale!

Kathy - I do go to meetings on Friday afternoons. My work schedule is very flexible and it gives me an excuse to leave at 3:30 on Fridays. I rejoined to have some accountability and support, and I really liked the leader at that meeting. Of course, last week was his last week as leader, so I'll have to wait to see how his replacement is (I never thought I'd connect with a male leader, but he was pretty cool). Money can be an issue, but I buy the 10-week prepays which brings it down to $8.95/week. And I figure I save at least that much buy not buying all the junk food and eating out like I used to.

Shelbi - Good Luck on Atkins - you're stronger than I could ever be. I love carbs way too much to give them up. I am trying to watch how much carbs I eat and am trying to limit my bread/starch vegies to one serving per meal, but some days that's difficult to do. But it if it has worked for you in the past, then it's good to stick with the tried and true. And I used to have nice nails too, but I started doing stained glass again and after you cut the glass pieces out you have to grind the edges on a grinder and the nails are the first casualties of the hobby. Oh well, the things we have to sacrifice for our art!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

SkinnyBoPeep 11-05-2004 12:31 AM

No worries, Janet-- We were on the same page and thinking the same thing! Hey, are my eyes deceiving me or did you lose 3.5 more pounds?! I know you said you aren't big into scales as validation, but that deserves a round of applause! :cp:

Did you all see the surveys link on the main 3FC page? I did a few--very quick and interesting.

Hope everyone is doing well today. Hang in there and have a good Friday. As for me, I'm heading out for a walk...

SheriaVa 11-05-2004 10:14 AM

Shelbi, sorry I'm late to the welcoming party! Welcome to the group!

The past few days have been SO stressful and I haven't been able to post much. My mother and two friends came to DC on very short notice. They came to see the World War II Memorial that just opened this summer. They stayed in a motel, so at least I didn't have them 24/7, but it was still very stressful. They did not make a motel reservation before they came, they didn't know where the memorial was before they came, etc. etc. I just can't imagine driving to a major city and not knowing where you're going in advance, but that's just me. I'm a control freak. LOL

Just taking them out to dinner was a challenge (they're in their 70s and 80s). The poor waitress at the Outback the other night probably needed a Xanax by the time we left! I know I did! LOL

Unfortunately, I am not accustomed to eating a big meal in the evening and, because of the stress level, I didn't make the best food selections...and the scale is showing it this morning. :(

Oh well, as Scarlett once said "Tomorrow is another day."

Anyhow, they left this a.m. so my life should get back to normal. Hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

SkinnyBoPeep 11-06-2004 12:45 AM

SheriaVa… Love your story! :joker: It made me think of one of my friends. She and her parents live in different states. They call before they come to visit, but only about 15 minutes before!! Can you imagine your folks showing up from several states away without letting you know ahead of time?? She has asked for more notice, but they like to surprise her…

I had a fun day. Well, fun for the obsessive person I am! I took the afternoon off from work and cleaned my closet. It was a disaster. It’s a walk in, but I couldn’t “walk in.” When people would come over I would just shove things in there to get it out of the way. I’m ashamed to say, soon stuff was waist high. :o Since I’ve been toying with the idea of a new house, I figured that my closets and drawers need to be clean and look roomy for potential buyers… And if I don't move, then at least I don't have to be embarrassed if a stranger gets a look in there. I’m donating 5 bags of clothes! There is a local charity that helps domestic abuse victims learn how to interview for jobs and gets them outfitted in business clothes. My company went “business casual” so I have a ton of suits I never plan to wear again. It was liberating!!! There was a lot of dust in there and I’ve been sneezing for hours, but it was worth it.

Next stop the garage… :jig:

I'm down another half pound for a total of 4.5 this week. Yahoo!!! I'm not expecting any movement next week, so I'm just enjoying this week.

SheriaVa, just remind yourself that one dinner can’t derail your good weight loss efforts. The salt and subsequent bloating may make you feel like it did, but if you get right back at it, it’ll be no big deal. It’s when we eat like that again and again that the weight comes back. Your “tomorrow is another day” attitude is absolutely the right one!

I'm watching kind of a scary show on gasteric bypass on Dateline. Anyone else see it?

JanetG 11-06-2004 07:57 PM

Hi all, Just checking in. My Internet is working (for now!) and I thought I should check in when I had the chance. I've decided to "tighten up" my program a little. The weight has been coming off okay, but I've been gradually slipping. I'm keeping within my points, but I only got in 3 days of exercise this last week (when I vowed to do 5), I'm not being so good about drinking enough water and I doubt I'm getting my 5 vegetable/fruit servings in. So I'm trying to fine tune it to keep on track and get this weight off once and for all. Heading into the "eating" holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is hard enough without weak resolve :dizzy: .

SheriVa - keep the Scarlet O'Hara mentality - that chick had some good ideas! And yes, tomorrow is another day. I would venture to guess we are all stress/emotional eaters to some degree, and it sounds like your stress level deserved a little extra comfort food. Put it behind you, BUT get it going again. You can do it - you've already proven that.

SkinnyBoPeep - wanna come clean my closet now?? Please? I don't have a walk in and that should be even more incentive to keep it clean as there isn't much room. It is only about an arms length deep, but it is really long. The sucky part is that the doors are not very wide, so there are deep pockets of "No man's land" on either side. I have no idea what all is back there - I wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy Hoffa is back there somewhere. I should dig a bunch of clothes out to see if I can find some old pants that fit better - the ones I have now are too big (sorry, just a little brag :smug: - it feels fantastic to be able to type that!). Congratulations on the additional weight loss. Keep carving away at those 250's!!

Check back in soon!

SheriaVa 11-07-2004 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by JanetG
Having computer problems right now and am very frustrated. :mad: I broke down and signed on for broadband (cable) high speed internet a couple of weeks ago and have been having problems with it every other day or so and it's driving me nuts! I have called tech support frequently and it's like they are just guessing at what the problem is. Luckily I haven't cancelled my dial up yet or I wouldn't have access at all. If it doesn't get straightened out soon I'll have to give up on it and go back to dial up. I love it when it is working, but it's very unreliable.

Yer scarin' me, girl! I already bought the cable modem and have been procrastinating for weeks about calling Comcast to come hook me up. I am SO tired of the world seeming to be made for broadband users and still being a dial-up user! BUT, OTOH, if the cable modem thing isn't gonna work dependably, that's gonna drive me nuts even more! YIKES! I sure hope my experience isn't going to be like yours. :(

Sure hope they get it all worked out for ya!

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