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Happy Sunday, Goils! I'm having a nice low-key weekend. The actually came out and -- wonder of wonders -- it's actually warm today.

I took in the 90-minute kill-ya hot yoga class yesterday. Today's was the 60-min. "lite" class, which TBH is eeeenough for me at this point. If it was an option every day, I'd take it more often. But I'm bound to start finding it easier. Sometime.

No loss visible yet, although I've been doing well. Hoping to have a surprise dip tomorrow for WI but, whatever, I'll just keep pluggin' along. I know for a fact that I'm building muscle because hot yoga works on every muscle in your body. And I AM getting stronger.

SUSIE!!! 4.75 is fantastic! (Now step away from the glazed donuts, Ma'am. )

You'd asked me what kind of performance I was practicing for a while back and I don't think I ever answered. I sing choral music. My regular choir meets Sept. - April. We do Handel's Messiah every December and a Requiem or some such in spring. This is a different group and we're performing Carmina Burana on July 3. Such thrilling music!

Mel, I bet your late dinner was to blame. Always gets me...

Liz, yay for summer camps! I don't know how you manage to get any work done with little ones at home. It's only the last year or so that I can accomplish anything when DGS is here.

Carri, yesterday the high was 13 (about 55 F) but with a freezing cold wind that made it seem cooler. Nice today -- 70, which is loooovely! But we've hardly had any days this warm so far this year. Mostly 50ish. Sweater weather. Which, frankly, I don't appreciate in June!

Auntie g!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, all!


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