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sun 11-07-2012 07:02 AM

rinsmom Sorry you are having such a hard time. keep going you can do it.

rainbow how was your early night? You have so much less to lose than me it might take a bit to get it shaking. I ballooned up so that intial bit will fall off quicker.

Back is still out :( taking it slow is sooo frustrating. I wanna go to yoga already. bah

Phae 11-07-2012 07:27 AM

I didn't get any work today... sheesh. I'll be glad next week because I'll go back to guaranteed work which means I will get paid even if I don't work!

My cold has progressed, so now I feel icky. Bought some drugs today so they're helping a little but my mouth/throat are so dry and scratchy! This is my third cold in less than 2 months! Dang germ bag school children...

SoMuchFattitude 11-07-2012 08:10 AM

Good Morning Good Morning!

rinsmom Hang in there!

Everyone else Get better soon! It looks like everyone is sick!


I read an interesting article yesterday on weight gain/water retention after endurance exercises. Without fail, I always gain a solid 5-6lbs after every endurance sport I do. Every triathlon, every 30+ mile bike, every 10k and I'll gain 3-4lbs with 5ks.

The article said that your muscles peak with the fluid retention on the 4th day after your event and some people take up to ELEVEN days to shed all of the retention! How crazy is that?

Quiet Ballerina 11-07-2012 12:52 PM

rainbow cajun baked chicken breasts sound yummy! Are they hard to make? Sorry you didn't enjoy the concert as much as you wanted to.

SoMuch typically I listen to cheesy pop. Or country. :)
Check out your curves!!! And those socks are super adorable.

sun eek. hope your back feels better soon. congrats on the loss!

penmage awesome news about the bike!

beahawkins :( I'm so sorry about your giggling guests. That would drive me batty too.

Cake Great job on the workout!

lisa Yeah!!! Rock on! That is so awesome that you hit your goals for the week!

Must be something in the air cause I'm coming down with a cold too. (Okay, my cold is actually cause I was kissing a cute boy who was getting over a cold....totally worth it.)
Sooooo......I really hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I have fantastic news.
I found an apartment that I really, really like. The pros massively outweigh the cons (yes, I made a list). All I have left to do is find a roommate, which I've been trying to do. I've been exchanging emails with someone, and hopefully we can skype soon (not local, moving here soon). So, fingers crossed!

jmko 11-07-2012 01:01 PM

Okay, I can't believe how many posts happened in a week and how many new faces there are! I'll do personals after this, it's just too much right now. But it is great to see familiar faces from a couple years ago (rainbowstripe and sun!)

So the bad news first, the bf and I ended things last night after I got home from Maui. I ended up staying an extra day to get more things done for work and he lost it. We got into a huge fight, I wanted to leave, he wouldn't let me and ended up shoving me and grabbing me so I bolted. No shoes, no phone, no nothing. Just a whole bunch of drama. Needless to say we're done. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole situation.

But, Maui! Can't say that I got all my water in or stayed on plan. Working 18 hour days for a week straight running around was tough. The first couple days I stayed on plan was horrendous because I was so light headed and dizzy. Ended up cheating (there was pizza and mcdonalds all around!!) but still tried to make better choices while going off plan. Ended up with a cheeseburger happy meal at one point and a slice of veggie pizza for another meal. I think those were my cheats. *sigh* Two meals, not bad for only 2 meals out of the week I was there I guess. I was terrified to weigh yesterday morning so did it today. 156.6. I guess it wasn't too bad, all in all for not staying on plan and cheating.

SoMuchFattitude 11-07-2012 01:07 PM

Quiet Ballerina Thanks so much! Good luck with the room mate and apartment situation. 0o0o0o - details on cute boy? Well - I <3 Beiber. I'll admit it. Guilty pleasure.

jmko Wow. Eff him. You deserve so much better. It doesn't mean this won't be hard or take time to heal from, but still - no one deserves to be treated that way. :hug: And please- your "cheat" wasn't even a "cheat!" :)

Radiojane 11-07-2012 01:44 PM

Sorry jmko. That kind of thing is so tough.

rainbowstripe 11-07-2012 06:00 PM

sun I don't know much about back injuries or yoga - are there not some really light poses you could do? Fingers crossed you heal quick!

Phae Hope you feel better soon! And yay for guaranteed pay next week - it must be tough not having work all the time.

SoMuchFattitude Wow, that sounds pretty interesting/intense about the retained weight from high impact exercise - did it mention seeing a drop after losing the retained weight?

Quiet Ballerina Another sicky, welcome to the club haha - hope you also feel better soon! Awesome news on the apartment, hope it all works out for you. The cajun chicken breasts were awesome, but I have to admit they're kind of a cheating meal (in terms of using a packet mix, not in terms of health haha) - but I think you could probably mix up most of the spices and avoid a lot of sodium and some sugar - I just hate buying so many spices sometimes!

jmko I was lurking a few weeks ago and noticed your troubles with the boyfriend - I am glad to hear you've left him, even if it's hard at the moment - from what I recall reading, I think you will be better off. I hope you are doing ok though! Maui sounds good, and I think if a cheeseburger happy meal and a slice of veggie pizza were your only cheat meals, then you did amazingly well :)

Still sick, still tired. Early night didn't work out that well for me, I just tossed around a lot in bed and didn't sleep that well overall. I'm back at work but my boss has said that I can maybe leave half an hour early, so I might head back into bed at that point. My boyfriend got some lamb steak out of the freezer for dinner and I have no idea what I can do with it so I might have to leave it up to him, even if it means calories won't be calculated properly.

I am so glad it's Thursday, I am exhausted. My weight is staying pretty steady/minor loss, so I'm happy, considering I haven't done a proper workout or anything this week.

beahawkins 11-07-2012 10:15 PM

Hey guys.. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Quiet:: Info on the boy?!!

JMKO: I am so sorry you had to go through that! But it's good that you got out of it before it got more serious. : / I am assuming he is the one moving out because it's your apartment?

Tuesday: As soon as I finished my post I took off to spend the day with my brother. We ended up touring a nearby university soo I did get little bit of a workout.

Though I didn't work out today. But I think my eating was fairly on track, so I am not going to fret about it. I am nervous about my weigh in tomorrow. It will be my first weigh in since Friday as I wasn't happy with my weight then. So we will see I guess..
I am feeling really stressed lately though. My classes are killing me. I cannot wait until I am done with math. What sucks is that I am really interested in the other ones, but I can't delve into it because I'm always trying to understand stupid freaking Algebra. erg. Ok.
Well, my brother (in my picture) and our cousin are hanging out in the family room. It's like going back in a time machine. Super weird!!

rinsmommy 11-07-2012 11:24 PM

Back on track today. Big hugs for everyone! I hope those going through a rough time feel better soon.

jmko: do you need me to kick his butt? He sounds like an @$$, and I think you will be better off without him:-)

sun 11-08-2012 03:41 AM

phae feel better, drink lots of liquid!

fasttitude whoa water is a sneaky little *******! haha

quietballerina ohhh cute boy huh? ;) Good luck with your potential roommate. congrats on the apartment.

jmko How awful! Take care of yourself and know you are worth better treatment than that. hugs

rainbow aww hope you feel better. Did you sleep after work? Give yourself time to heal properly and you will see a whoosh. Drink lots of ginger lemon honey tea. always makes me feel better. hugs DD is sick too :(

seehawkins good luck with math! algebra is a killer lol.

rinsmom way to go staying on track

Ok so I have been keeping in my calories but I am up at 3 with a sick kid. So sleep is suffering and i am ravenous. Back hurts. ARGH I just want to be normal please, Afraid of overeating and ruining my loss. deep breath just gonna take is an hour at at a time. hehe
have a nice friday everyone.

beahawkins 11-08-2012 08:38 AM

Sun: I stay up really late a lot and that is like my prime binge time. As much as I would rather make a huge batch of cinnamon rolls and then have some funyons, I know that I would be so mad and disapointed the next day. I have found dried fruit helps me curb my night hunger. Yogurt covered craisens are amazing!
Today is turning out better than my last day off. I am watching Sunday's Walking Dead and already checked my weight. I am only down 1 pound. But a steady 1 pound is better than nothing and it's a lot better than gaining. I think after last weeks rapid 9 pounds I need to get back to normal. Oh well. But I am at my lowest weight to date!!
From 200 to 260 I didn't really keep track of my weight because I didn't want to see the increase that I couldn't control because of my lack of meds. But I think knowing my weight every single day is the only thing that is keeping me on track.
It was so funny, I walked out of my bed room and my brother is on a air mattress that takes up the entire room and my cousin is on the couch, it's like I went back 10 years it was amazing. I loved it.

jmko 11-08-2012 12:58 PM

SoMuch: Thank you for the sentiments. I really appreciate it. And, yes! My cheats were sooo cheats! For someone not allowed to have any carbs and certain vegetables! It was terrible. I felt so guilty.

Jane: Thanks

rainbowstripe: Thank you. Did you get to finish work early and go back to bed?

bea: I own my house, so yeah, he took his stuff and moved out. Congrats on the loss! Something is always better than nothing!

rinsmommy: Oh yes, please! Kick his butt! Normally I'm pretty anti-anything like that, but I think I can make an exception this time.

sun: Thanks. Sick kids are never fun! Drink water or eat some veggie sticks!!! Hope you made it through okay.

Thank you everyone for your support. It's times like these that I'm thankful for being on this site. It makes me think I'll keep hanging around even after I hit my goal. I also wish some of you lived in Hawaii so we'd be able to hang out.

I feel tons better than yesterday. I'm exhausted, but at least feel better. Hung out with some friends and I just kept thinking about what a jerk he is. Changed my locks (and did it all by myself, woohoo!) and finally feel safe again. I haven't had much of an appetite, though. When we went to dinner last night we ended up at Chili's and I opted for fried food. DEFINITELY no bueno after being so clean for weeks and not eating for a couple days on top of that. Was not feeling so hot this morning. Oh well, lesson learned.

rainbowstripe 11-08-2012 05:20 PM

beahawkins Sorry to hear about your stress but your day off sounds good - I lost touch with The Walking Dead after the first season, is it still good?

sun You are doing so well keeping on calories with everything else, you are inspirational :) I didn't sleep straight away, but I should have because I ended up being up so late not being able to sleep!

jmko Glad to hear that you feel better, that's a good thing. And forgive yourself for the Chili's! Opting for fried food is sometimes not such a bad thing - and given that you're going through a rough time, go easy on yourself.

~So I did leave work early, I can't remember if I posted when I got home now and I can't be bothered scrolling back up haha... I am so dazed and confused today, my memory and brain are really suffering from this cold. How I'm getting any work done is beyond me. I had to walk down to get a candidate (work in a recruitment company) because the lift was broken and it's like 10 flights of stairs (which I usually take anyway, but not to get candidates) and all of a sudden I was at the bottom of the stairs and couldn't remember walking down - weird.

So glad it's Friday, can't wait to go home. Tried so hard to sleep early last night but boyfriend, who had gone out for a drink with his friend, brought his friend back to ours and unfortunately it's a small house so their noise kept me awake - and I wasn't really able to sleep well for most of the night.

Best thing about today, other than that it's Friday, is that I'm now at 64.5kg! Happy to see a loss! Half a kg is decent :)

rinsmommy 11-08-2012 05:57 PM

Today I went to a Chinese buffet. I had a plate with fried rice, an egg roll, honey chicken, spicy chicken, and sweet and sour chicken. Why am I mentioning this? This is why: I shared my rice with my son and he got most of it while I ate 4 bites and left some on the plate. I ate a little honey chicken and again, left some on the plate. I ate all the spicy chicken which was not breaded. I shared the sweet and sour chicken with my son (4 pieces), and ate 2 of them, leaving the breading on the plate. Finally I ate half the egg roll. This is the first time ever I have gone to a Chinese buffet, gotten food on my plate (that didnt touch each other btw ) and not eaten all of it. Not only that, but I ate less than one plate! I left enough on my plate to make a serving my son could eat. I didnt exactly make the best choices, but I am gonna work it off later before bed. I am just shocked that I followed Paul Mckenna's rules and I actually got full off that little bit of food. I am not going to beat myself up over it, because I know I can make ip for it tonight. Doing my exercises before bed:-)

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