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beahawkins 11-08-2012 09:32 PM

JMKO: I understand about the fried food tummy troubles. : / I can't believe you own a house!!! That is awesome. I can't imagine owning a house for a really long time. Lol. (Sorry, I am a little tired and a lot not articulate...)

Rainbow: OH My Goodness!! Walking Dead is amazing. I almost cried tonight while watching it. When I am sick the only thing to do is just drink hot clear liquids. LOTS of Nyquil. And my grandma has this onion poltis? that is absolutely amazing.

SoMuchFattitude 11-09-2012 08:48 AM

Goooooood Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

JMKO :hug: Good to hear you have a good support system through all of this! Don't feel guilty. Life is life and life happens. 80% is staying on plan and 20% is rolling with the punches.

beahawkins YAAAAAY for your lowest weight ever! Keep it up!

rainbowstripe Hope you're feeling better! And I'da told my DH to gtfo and go somewhere with that noise if I were sick. :lol:


Originally Posted by rinsmommy (Post 4523162)
T I am just shocked that I followed Paul Mckenna's rules and I actually got full off that little bit of food.

I had to look up Paul Mckenna's rules, but it's a lot like intuitive eating. I stopped calorie counting and being a nutjob and literally just listening to my body and I've lost a little over 4lbs in 2.5 weeks and I feel incredible doing it. I've eaten what I've wanted but still respected my body. Nothing has been "off limits" my weight has gone up and down on a daily basis, but I'm still netting a loss. And let me tell you, over the last 3 weeks I've been celebrating multiple birthdays, an anniversary, etc. so there has been an abundance of crap food around. lol


So much for my quiet weekend! LOL DH and I are going to see Jake Owen (country artist) tonight (I think) and then we've got the GA/Auburn game and then the Falcons game. HOWEVER! We both took Monday off of work for our anniversary and we're going to see the new Bond movie and get lunch. I'm super excited!

http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/gene...ght-thing.html - that thread has me all in a tizzy. I mean, I get that I'm not the "norm" but ffs...

zanheltangia 11-09-2012 10:19 AM

Hope everything is going okay JMKO.

And I hope you guys are feeling better, seems to be the time to get sick around here as well. I'm dodging that as well as I can, no fun!

Laundry and scheme-making-day for me. Hopefully plans will actually be made and not just dreamt up this time ;). This "go with the flow" isn't very productive, both at home and at work.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend! I got Veteran's Day to look forward to at my parents' house (Though, honestly, I really should be getting more of my To-Dos done than lazing around with my folks and that right there is why I am going to my parents', I got to live a little right, instead of stressing over my minor things? :D)

Phae 11-09-2012 10:48 AM

Sending out good vibes (:goodvibes:) to those of you facing personal issues or illness.

I'm still sick, which sucks. I've gone through so many tissues I can't even believe it! But I've also been drinking a lot of liquid, so hopefully it doesn't last much longer.

I didn't have work again today! Bah. So I only worked Tuesday and Thursday this week. Oh well, I tried to make the most of it today and went for a REALLY long walk around my "neighbourhood" (it's London, so it's pretty big) and since I live near a park and a canal, I walked through it for a while. I ended up getting a bit lost and way over shooting where I needed to leave the park and cross the street to my flat, but that's OK. I mapped my walk when I got home and it turns out I walked 4 miles! However... I enjoyed it! I felt really free, and it wasn't so tough just walking at a brisk pace. Even with my cold I could handle it! I saw a lot of people running/jogging, and while I'd like to be like that one day, I will really need to work up to it (too many years of inactivity).

Tonight I am going to the filming of a show called 'Watson and Oliver' at the BBC. I have never seen the show but I have been to a filming before and really enjoyed it. It's fun to see all the behind the scenes stuff.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

zanheltangia 11-09-2012 12:05 PM

Oh that is so cool, Phae! I hope you have a good time and beat that cold of yours quickly.

jmko 11-09-2012 02:23 PM

rainbow: I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself, especially since I'm still losing. I was just never an emotional eater. I'm more of an emotional non-eater. I'm always down for weightloss, but I know this isn't healthy.

rinsmommy: Good for you and making healthy(er) choices. It's fantastic that you didn't eat everything on your plate. You made a good choice and still got to enjoy it!

bea: I didn't buy it, my dad left it to me. I did have to throw about $40K into renovations last year, so I might as well have bought it!

SoMuch: Your weekend sounds exciting! I'm so jealous.

zanheltangia: Thank you :) Lucky you! 3-day weekend!

phae: Glad you're well enough to take a walk! Have fun at the shoot!

Nothing exciting going on here. My ex is being a douche and I found out that when he moved his stuff out he took some of my stuff with him. I'm really not too keen on seeing him, so I'm going to call it a loss (for my stuff). I keep telling myself that I'm not going to think about him anymore but it's so tough. You spend so much time with someone that practically everything reminds you of them. Even if it's unrelated. Wtf. It's driving me crazy. Especially now that the weekend is here and I'm finally back from my business trip I'm wondering what I'm going to end up doing. Anyone want to fly down here and keep me company?

Managed to eat part of a salad last night. I felt a little sick the whole time, probably because I don't have much in my stomach. Weighed myself this morning and I'm down to 155.2. As I told rainbow, I'm all for losing weight but I know this isn't healthy. Though, it feels awesome to be this skinny. This morning I put on a shirt I thought I'd never get to wear again!

rainbowstripe 11-09-2012 10:27 PM

rinsmommy You did well at the buffet! Awesome!

beahawkins Cool, I wish I could get back into it! I might have to try after your recommendation.

SoMuchFattitude If only I'd had the energy to get out of bed and tell them to be quiet haha. It's actually just the fried, he is super loud. But it's ok. Your weekend sounds packed! Just took a look at that thread you linked to - wow. I just don't get people judging other peoples lifestyles, so I'm with you. You made a good succinct comment there!

Phae Your walk sounds good! I've been feeling so blocked up that breathing is difficult, so still haven't exercised. Hope the filming was fun and that you feel better!!

zanheltangia Veteran's day with your parents sounds nice :)

jmko Congrats on the loss, and heres to hoping you can start feeling better and getting healthy with it. Breakups are hard, so you have to go easy on yourself. Sorry you're worried about not having much to do this weekend - if I was anywhere even close to being closer, I'd come hang out haha.

Ok, still pretty sick but the weather is so beautiful today it's making me feel far more positive. The weight loss has stuck, which I'm happy about. I went out and bought two dresses even though I probably shouldn't have, and I was so happy to have bought a size 8! Which I think is like a size 6 in US sizes. I know I'm not really that size, because on my bottom half I'm still at least an NZ 12 (US 10), but it still feels good. Actually makes me a little worried that if I get closer to goal I'm not going to be able to find clothes that fit. I have a small frame underneath it all, but I won't let stress over clothes stop me... small people must shop somewhere right?

I also just made a cake, zucchini and carrot and I have yet to frost it with light lemon cream cheese frosting. We're going round to have homemade pizzas with some friends of ours later on tonight, so I thought I'd make something to take. It's fairly healthy as far as cakes go and I've got the nutritional info all sorted.

That's all from me right now (probably way too much anyway!)

Phae 11-10-2012 08:02 AM

jmko - Sorry your ex is being such a douche. Glad you have support to get through it, though!

rainbow - That cake sounds yummy! and I am craving pizza like nobody's business. I might have to make my own.

The filming last night was good - pretty funny - but LONG! They did about 5 sketches and a lot of them had to be done 2 or 3 times. And then we watched a lot of pre-recorded stuff so they could record our laughter/applause. I have no idea when the show will air! However, I like going to the BBC because they have a TARDIS there from Doctor Who so I got my photo with it. :D

I am still super sick! Even worse today than yesterday which sucks because I am going out tonight on a pub crawl for my flatmate's birthday! I won't be drinking... I'll probably just be trying to stay awake!

nightprowler 11-10-2012 02:11 PM

Decided to pop in since its been awhile. I've gone completely off track for an entire month now, and feeling extremely guilty about it!! I havent updated the 30lbs to new years thread because I've decided to drop out, just not going to happen. Although still pushing for as much as possible until then. Shouldn't have let myself derail for so long. Feeling very crappy about the choices I've made lately.

sun 11-11-2012 08:32 AM

sorry no time for personals. DD has pneumonia :( So been up late taking care of her and fighting bingeing mentality, but I am down a lb! So I think that I am doing ok considering.

Hope you are doing well! Keep going!

Phae 11-11-2012 08:48 AM

Hope she feels better soon sun!

Quiet Ballerina 11-11-2012 12:47 PM

A day or two behind...eek....

jmko I'm sorry about things between you and your bf. :( Breakups are always hard, even when the guy is being a jerk. Good for you for changing the locks by yourself! Kudos.

SoMuch Sounds like fun plans for you, per usual. Meanwhile I'm in bed in my PJs at noon... :)
I've been following that thread too. Have written about 6 replies, only to delete them before hitting submit (on purpose). :lol:

rainbow I fell into a ton of spices when a friend moved out of the area; he didn't want to bring them all with him, so he gave them all to me!
Hope you're feeling better. :(

beahawkins Hope you're having fun with your brother! Oh man, I don't want to post spoilers in case others are behind....but man-oh-man...the walking dead.... :shock:

sun That stinks that your little one is so sick.

rinsmommy Great job at the buffet!

Phae Sorry you're still sick. Going to a filming of a show sounds fun!

Still trying to find a roommate....sigh. Any of you gals want to come live with me? Pretty please? ;) I was emailing with one guy, and we seemed to be making progress, but then I emailed him a reply on the 7th and he hasn't responded. I've exchanged a couple of emails with another guy (I know, why all the guys? Absolutely zero females respond to my ads!) who is a possibility. So we'll see. It's so frustrating because I *really* like this apartment and I'm worried that someone is going to rent the unit before I find a roommate!

Things with the boy...hm. Complicated sums it up? :lol:
This post will get way too long if I start talking about it. It's nothing serious.

zanheltangia 11-11-2012 04:17 PM

JMKO - I hope he doesn't bother you in the future. I had a bit more typed up before my computer crashed on me, but I doubt you wanted to read about similar ex-trouble situations from a random online lady anyway ;) It's crazy how many I know, ugh. How was your weekend? I hope you managed to keep busy with something fun.

Rainbowstripe - recipe online, perhaps? omg does that sound good! I think dresses are evil personally, I can never find one that fits both halves (up/down), I always want to take out my sewing machine and FIX 'em! :mad: haha!

Phae, I had a total geek-out when I read TARDIS and photo op in the same sentence. I hope you don't wear yourself out too much, so not fun being sick and exhausted at a get-together :(. If I could find a way, I'd be grinning up and down the streets of Cardiff and London right now as I hunt for locations out of quite a few shows ;). I went once around 2001, haven't had a chance to go out and explore some place different since. Is it difficult to get work in another country? (You're canadian, right? :?:). Look at me quizzing you, ignore that :o haha!

Hiya, Nightprowler! Welcome back :)

, take care of you both! I hope she gets well soon, that sucks!

Quiet Ballerina, I hope you find a good roommate match soon, that can be so hard!

Well, Mommy-Dearest wants to make a whole bunch of different cookies tomorrow. After all my "chores" for her this weekend, it'll be a nice change ;). (she's got a big tupperware container to fill and return to the neighbors, I guess. :dizzy:, and guess who actually does the baking around these parts - me, so my plan is to have a bunch of veggies and fruit cut up and ready for munching, so I get full of that and a good breakfast before getting to work on tasty nibbles that are sure to be taste-tested. Then I'll be leaving them here at my folks and fleeing the county with five or so for work lunchies :devil:). That so beats having the leftovers floating around my house or my work.:p

Well, mom's floating over my shoulder, I think it's a big sign that I need to come over more often to help them out :o. Oops! Hope everyones' weekend was awesome! I now have ceiling fans to wash... I think she misses the "free" labor of when her kids were still in the same county as her. Me thinks I must kidnap my siblings... :dizzy:

sun 11-11-2012 08:41 PM


quiet Ugh About the apartment. I hope you find one soon! Also good luck with the boy. lol

zan how did the baking go? Sounds like you had a good plan. Also hope the fans are sparkling now.

So I am struggling and crocheting up a storm so as not to eat out of boredom and stress here. DD is still sick but doing better on the antibiotics and I am just fried out with caring for her. She is also physically disabled so requires alot of attention or she gets bored being unable to do anything for herself. And my back is still wonky .. feels like I will never be normal and healthy again. sniff. ok pity party over.
on the plus side I counted everything and am not gaining. no evercise yet with the back out but I will get there.
thanks for listening/

rainbowstripe 11-12-2012 02:33 AM

Phae Filming sounds fun! I actually can't remember if I've ever seen something being filmed. I visited the set of one of the few shows made in NZ once, but it wasn't that exciting from memory. Hope you get some relief from the illness soon!

nightprowler Welcome back. Even if you derailed, you're doing the right thing by coming back here again. I always feel that if I'm active on 3FC, I'm more likely to be making better choices in my daily life for my health.

sun Glad to hear the antibiotics kicked in, pneumonia is pretty serious? Good to hear you're not gaining, that's definitely a positive :) Hope things start looking up a bit soon.

QuietBallerina My problem with spices is that I always think I have the ones I need and then when I look, I don't. I have about five different jars of moroccan seasoning, which is RIDICULOUS. I am going to be soon in your position of looking for a flatmate too I think (I can't remember if I told you this already) and oh man it seems like hard work! My boyfriend and I cannot afford this place on our own and our flatmate is looking at buying a house!

zanheltangia The thing with me and dresses is that I ALWAYS buy the same shape. Fitted up the top to the waist and then flared in a bigger skirt. Sort of the 50's silhouette everyone thinks of - because I have a small waist but I carry a lot of fat on my stomach and thighs. If I wanted a different style of dress, I'd probably have to go up at least 2 sizes to fit my stomach and thighs, and it just wouldn't work! Link to recipe here, I found it on Pinterest: http://realmomkitchen.com/7878/carro...eese-frosting/
The nutritional info isn't on there but I just used one of those sites where you can put in all the ingredients and divide by servings (I cut my cake into 24 pieces)

~Monday evening! So my weight is going steady. I wonder if I should stop weighing daily, because sometimes I obsess over the little fluctuations, even when I know I shouldn't.

I eased myself back into exercise today with some Wii Fit. I did 45 minutes, but I feel like I did burn some good calories, especially with the cycling part - walking on the spot feels like it's harder than normal walking!!

I was mostly on track with food over the weekend, the homemade pizzas were piled with veges and I was restrained with the cake, which is good. I took most of it to work today and it was well received - I have two pieces left and I'll probably eat one very soon as dessert.

Made the cajun chicken with red pepper again (ate it last week too), I swear it was hotter this time - but I kind of like eating spicy foods because for some reason they make me feel more full? There must be some kind of scientific explanation, I'm sure I read something about it once.

Plan for the week is to get back into running since last week was basically a write-off exercise wise. I'm finally ridding myself of this cold so I think, come Wednesday, I'll be ready to run! I hardly ever exercise on Tuesdays for some weird reason.

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