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SoMuchFattitude 11-26-2012 01:34 PM

Oh dear god talk about a week!

DH and I took last week off - we both worked Monday and then said, "Let's have a staycation" So - I've been in a food/booze induced coma for a week. On the bright side, I still worked out some during our Staycation. So - I'm proud of that.

I'm still battling the scale and my addiction. I weighed in on Thanksgiving as promised and was up 3lbs. I'm not shocked considering how much I've eaten and had to drink and partied and played and screwed around. :lol: I'm also PMS'ing. I'm probably more around 214 - which is where I was 1.5 weeks ago. At this point - I'd just like to get through the holidays without gaining too much. I bake - I bake A LOT during the Holidays.

This week I'm back to being sober sally Mon - Fri and then probably Party Paula come the weekend. Story of my life.

In more exciting news I've planned my menu for the month of december which should help.

beahawkins 11-26-2012 08:38 PM

Quiet Ballerina: Ahh!!! Congrats!!!! That is so awesome. Your new furniture is cute! I am really wanting a wii system too. My cousin is giving me her wii fit stuff tomorrow... I am just missing the actual system lol.

Fattitude: That is awesome that your menu is already planned. I am at the mercy of my stepmother. I hate using someone else's kitchen. So, I give up cooking.


Well, I just measured my body to see what size I needed to buy for a dress

modcloth raspberry iced tea

and I am down like 5 inches from my initial measurements!!! I haven't been able to work out much because I have a gross chest cold that seems to be going around. My asthma decided to kick in. I am just hoping it is over before finals cause I need some cram time. I have a horribly insulated room but I bought flannel sheets on black friday. And normally (in heated bedrooms) they make me feel too hot but they are so warm!!!! I am just happy. And black friday boosted my spending addiction. I need to stop spending. But it's so much fun and everyone has a sale! ergggg...

rainbowstripe 11-27-2012 02:13 AM

Quiet Ballerina Yay congrats on sorting out the apartment situation, that is awesome. And also on the purchase of your Wii - I love mine, though I must say my boyfriend uses it a lot more than me.

SoMuchFattitude I am the same as you..sober mon-fri, come the weekend I just want a drink sometimes. And to also eat more food and worse food than usual. Your staycation sounds really good.

beahawkins That dress is cute! I've never ordered from Modcloth but I want to one day. Hope you feel better soon!

~I'm trying to avoid dropping off here like I've done every time I've tried to restart being active in the forums in the past year or so...so I'm checking in again.
We don't really do thanksgiving in NZ but it was a pretty big food weekend anyway with my dad's birthday and the first bbq of summer as well.
Got some Christmas shopping done as well, also ordered some stuff online last night - only to receive the confirmation email which says none of it will ship until December 17!! I'm so annoyed because all the items said that they'd ship in 1-2 business days and I paid extra for faster international shipping to make sure I'd have them by Christmas, and now I probably won't. URGH.

In terms of weight... I don't really know. It's up, for sure, but I had a super salty meal on Saturday night and I didn't exercise all weekend, so who knows. I'm trying to stick on plan this week, but last night I had to work late so I didn't exercise. I did tonight though. Our work Christmas party is on Friday so I'm SO busy this week organising all the last minute details, and it's definitely not going to be a day I can count calories.

lisa34t 11-27-2012 10:27 AM

Im slowly slippin back into my grove. Made brocolli cheese soup last night, pretty sure it was low cal, but didnt calculate a total. I was kinda just trying out this new recipe. Only 6k steps yesterday but today will be much better! Working on a new meal plan, and gonna do some bulk cooking as well. Im really getting to the point where/ Im like somethings gotta give, THE TIME IS NOW I really want the weight to just start coming off and I know that starts with me and hard work. Im ready! Im ready!

Hawkins- congrats on the measurements!

Rainbow- I understand. Staying accountable on 3fc is a challenge as well! I struggle with that as well.

Somuch- Meal plan for the month??! wow! I STRUGGLE with the week.

SoMuchFattitude 11-27-2012 10:38 AM

QB: Congrats on the apartment! That must be a nice load of stress off of your shoulders for the Holidays!

beahawkins I also spent too much on Black Friday - the upside is that I'm done with Christmas Shopping!

rainbowstripe - The Holidays are such a hard time. I just need to make it to the new year and then I only have the Super Bowl, followed by Valentines' Day, then Spring Break, and then around the corner is the summer which means lazy lazy pool days full of drinking and then football season starts so that means tailgating every weekend...oh boy...it's a year round struggle. :rofl: That sucks about the shipping. I bought a bff a present online and it just got to us but the box is DESTROYED - like to the point where we can't gift it in the box. Like the box the gift is in itself, not the shipping box. It's absurd. DH was not happy. :lol:

lisa34t - I <3 soup. I'm actually making loaded potato soup tonight. mmm..It's cold and rainy here - so perfect! And yes, the month. I'm a foodie and a planner so it works out well for me. lol! It also takes the stress out of everything if I have a plan and know what I'm eating/shopping for, etc. Also - it's easier to say, "Oh - we can't go out tonight because I've bought XYZ for dinner."

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday...where is Friday? I need a vacation after my staycation!

I posted all of the pics of my baked goodies I made in my blog. (Something about posting pics of holiday sweets here didn't feel right. :lol: )

So, I created my December menu and now I've hyperlinked my recipes/notes to a calendar and printed everything. All I have left to do is make my shopping list for each week.

Another packed weekend ahead of us - Saturday we're going to the Outlet Malls with my family and celebrating my mom's bday followed by the College BCS Bowl and then on Sunday I might, just MIGHT get a rest day!

beahawkins 11-27-2012 11:42 AM

RainbowStripe: I would definitely call and b-itch the out. You're paying for expedited shipping and it won't ship for another 3 weeks. no good. they should refund your shipping cost or something. Modcloth is everything that is wonderful about online shopping. If you have a problem with an order they fix it. They once shipped out an exchange order before I even shipped the returning package. and you normally get a little free gift in your package. It's really cool. And the month before Christmas they always seem to have decent sales.

Fattitude: That is crazy that they sent the package like that. Is the actual gift in decent shape?

Well, I am still not feeling too hot. Taking mucinex tylonal severe cold. I haven't been to the gym in a week but today I did a JUSTDANCE workout and that is either WAY harder than running at the gym or I am just feeling really weak. I have not sweat that much in a really long time. It felt good, now to get my breathing on track again. : ( hopefully a breathing treatment won't be needed. I really need to start keeping better track of my water intake. I was doing really well for a while.

I just bought a wii system for my bedroom last night off ebay. We have one in the living room but when you have 6 people in the house it's tough getting t.v. time or even privacy to check your weight without your 13 year old stepsister gawking at the scale. So, now I'm just hoping it works correctly and my cousin is giving me her wiifit board so now I just need the game. Man, I am feeling chatty today!

BleuMaus 11-27-2012 11:56 AM

This week I am totally lacking motivation. Yesterday i did really well because I was at the gym for maybe 2 hours or so but now have to fight the battle of working out at home instead. We are moving and having a home gym put in. nothing all to special. But the two days before that I didn't go to the gym AT ALL. And since my birthday is Saturday I know there will be cake and treats and drinks OH MY! So being disciplined this week is a must.

But for now I'm gunna go wash me some dishes and then head to physcial therapy then the gym. TA~

librarygirl111 11-27-2012 12:38 PM

Hi all,

I am back after a couple of months. I am glad that I am here. I posted on the thread "gained 30 pounds" if you want to hear more of my story. I am really reaching out for support this time. I think I need to focus more energy on finding support in my weight loss efforts. I find it very difficult to talk about outloud.

I am happy that I started after thanksgiving. I had a strange moment at thanksgiving. I asked my Dad to pass a certain dish and he didn't hand it to me. It made me feel like such a fatass. I got the feeling he was ignoring me because he didn't want me to get fatter. As though of a way to say "You don't need any more food".

I don't know if I am making all this up in my head, but sometimes it feels that way. :-(

I am going to go and eat a tangerine now. :-(

I am glad I am here.

Quiet Ballerina 11-27-2012 01:31 PM

SoMuch Great job working out on your stay-cation! I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself into doing that sometimes. :) How do you meal plan for an entire month?? I'm in awe!

beahawkins That you! The chair is SO comfortable. I have a feeling that's going to be my favorite spot. That dress is so pretty!! And wowza! 5 inches?? Awesome!

rainbow Thank you! I'm excited. For both. :) That's so frustrating about the shipping issues! I'm sorry. You can always wrap up a picture of the item. :) Then when the item arrives you can give it to the person. I've had to do that before.

library Welcome! :hugs:

Now that the apartment is officially a "go," I am a machine!
-schedule cable/internet transfer? Check!
-schedule movers for heavy items? Check! (military guys. Yum. Can I request single ones, you think?) ;)
-get a few boxes to pack up items? Check!

I'm so excited to start moving my stuff this weekend!
This week is going to feel very long. Between overtime at work and an extra class this week (a makeup class because of Thanksgiving)....I will be one sleepy girl. And I got my flu shot today. So far the arm is only a little sore, but I think I'm going to be hurting tonight. :(

penmage 11-27-2012 08:10 PM

Hey, SoMuchFattitude, I just realized I'm not going to be able to talk to you until after Saturday... ROLL TIDE :p

lisa34t 11-28-2012 11:01 AM

Ok, SO im going to say things are getting back on track. Broccoli Cheese soup was awesome, everybody who tasted it loved! They couldn’t tell it was low in calories! Printed ups some more recipes. If you have any soup recipes post'em please! Also made a ham & provolone panini on my George foreman....yuM!!!!

Well, I think Im gonna bite the bullet and join a gym. Loving Turbo Fire but my lil one simple won’t allow me to do a 45min workout in his presence. Going home to work out, then driving back across town to pick him up from daycare is simply out of the question. I will mostly do Turbo Fire on the weekend, in between his naps. Working on a meal plan for the remainder of the week ( its never too late). I do plan to continue soups and sandwich combos. Also, Im motivated to get back to walking all my new fitbit friends are out stepping my 10k steps or more! UGH!

Quiet- Im excited for you, a planned move is always exciting!

Library- WELCOME back! Im sure you will get the support you need on this thread! These ladies are awesome!

Bleu- Home gyms are a blessing and a curse! I had one a while back...simple stuff though. I was pumped a first ...then got lazy and equipment got dusty! Good Luck!

bea- I feel chatty on here all the time!!! I hope the Wii works out!

lisa34t 11-28-2012 02:54 PM

On my lunch break...i did it.....i joined anytime fitness.....the pressure is on!

lisa34t 11-30-2012 09:44 AM

Hey! Yall ok?? Well, Im back down to 210.4! So 199 looks like it can be reached by New Years after all! Went to the gym yesterday and totaled more than 16k steps! Whoo. Wont go to they gym today, unless a friend backs out of sushi tonight! Tomorrow is a sure thing!

beahawkins 11-30-2012 01:11 PM

Ballerina: Big comfy chairs are always my favorite spot. You can lean and be kind of squished but still be roomy. lol.

Library: Good Luck!!! Everyone is so helpful. I think I would have given up already without these awesome people.

BleuMaus: hope you found some motivation!!

Lisa: your panini sounds amazing. I would love to have a george foreman... or even some room in the kitchen to use my own stuff without feeling like I am invading my step-mom's area. Good luck with the gym!!!


I am so excited!!! I will pass my horrible algebra class! Yay!!! No more math!!!!!!!!! I am down to 233!!! It's crazy.

I want so bad to move out but it is just not realistic. I miss having my own kitchen and not seeing my a-hole of a stepbrother walk on everyone like he's a beast. douche. I'm going to rant now. He disrespects my father all of the freaking time. He doesn't wash his hands, like ever. I have been doing an experiament. We share a bathroom. I have changed the toilet paper everytime since June. We keep toilet paper in a little cabinet just outside the bathroom. And he knows where it is. So, as of Monday I stopped. I take some in when I need it but then I take the roll back out to the cabinet. He has yet to do anything about it. it is so nasty. I do not like being here. erg. I wish I could just graduate so that I can move on.
ANYWAYS. Have a good weekend!!

So, I am exhausted. I forgot to take my morning meds this morning specifically my nexium. So, now, I am in the 3rd hour of the worst pain ever. There is so much gas pressure in my chest. I can't stop belching, to the point that twice it has caused vomit. And my back is killing me. Oh and I'm hungry because I can't keep anything down! ugh!!! sleep come soon.

cheeriloos 12-10-2012 11:22 AM

Lisa- Yay! you joined a gym You're totally gonna make it to 1derland by new years! keep at it~ 16k steps whew~

Bea- I know its tough living w roomates, family etc when you're not happy. Just focus on you and your weight loss , your bday is comin up and you're gonna look great!~

Went for my walk today I felt really good today, even though i'm one pound lighter than friday..I felt so much skinnier than friday! lol I walked tall the whole time. :D Such a good feeling I hope to get to 205 by christmas . I'm gonna do my best not to mess up my eating , i have een doing that every night for like 3-4 nights . It makes me sad then i'm like oh man I hope that doesnt make me gain. I feel super obsessed about it and wonder if maybe I should go vomit but then i'm like whoa. that would make me bulimic but man sometime I regret eating junk so much i get all weird about it. I'm not gonna do it so i don't start a trend but i see how easy it can be for girls to get started on that bad habit. Thought I'd mention it here cuz I don't really feel comfortable telling anyone I know except my fiance. Even though I didnt do it I feel guilty for even thinking it. Anyhow, how is everybody doing?

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